Real Name: Kenneth "Ken" Ellis

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Reporter

Group Membership: Daily Bugle staff

Affiliations: Betty Brant, Eddie Brock, Cable (Nathan Summers), Marcella Cellanos, Cole Cooper, Deadpool (Wade Wilson), Green Goblin (Phil Urich), J. Jonah Jameson, Master Programmer, Irene Merryweather, Sean Murphy, Joe Robertson, Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man (Ben Reilly), Charlie Snow, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Ben Urich, Lynn Walsh, Angela Yin

Enemies: Angel Face, Trevor Cole, Donna Diego, Leslie Gesneria, Ramon Hernandez, Jackal (Miles Warren), Joystick (Janice Yanizeski), Carl Mach, Pro, Salt & Pepper, Scarlet Spider (Joe Wade), Skull-Jacket, Terror Unlimited, Mary Jane Watson

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother

Aliases: "Kenny", Dr. Ellis

Place of Birth: Richmond, Texas

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man I#118 (November, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Ellis is a capable, resourceful, and somewhat unscrupulous reporter.  He has a sizable network of sources and informants.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

History: (Amazing Spider-Man Annual '96/2) - Newly hired by the Daily Bugle, Ellis was introduced to Peter Parker, whose work he had been impressed with.  He and Parker went to the scene of a murder (which, unbeknownst to them, had been committed by the Deadmaker) in Brighton Beach, where Ellis tried to charm his way through NYPD officer Marcella Cellanos.  Although he didn't get in, Parker got his pictures and Ellis got a date with Cellanos, during which she verified his info linking the murder to Russian intelligence.  Later, at the Bugle, Joe Robertson congratulated Ellis on his front page, but the moment was spoiled when SHIELD agent Jennifer DeVille entered and told Ellis that his story had endangered the Parker family.

(Venom: Separation Anxiety#1 (fb) ) - At various points in his career, Ellis walked into the middle of drug deals, infiltrated a crime family, and ate lunch next to the Kingpin.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#11 (fb) ) - Ellis helped Cellanos crack the case that made her a homicide detective.

(Web of Spider-Man I#118) - With Venom back in New York City, Ellis canvassed Eddie Brock's old haunts, and was surprised to actually find him in the Our Lady of Saints Church.

(Spider-Man I#52) - Ellis' Venom story made the front page; after receiving a tip about Venom's latest whereabouts, he left the Bugle to pursue it, but was confronted outside by the Spider-clone Ben Reilly, clad in a new costume.  Reilly had read his article, and asked him if he knew where Venom was now.  After getting a non-committal promise for an exclusive interview from the vigilante, Ellis told him that Venom had been spotted at the Roosevelt Island tram terminal.  By the time Ellis made his way over there, it had erupted into a three-way battle between Venom, Reilly, and the symbiote Donna Diego.  After Reilly defeated the symbiotes and rescued the tram's passage, he blew off Ellis' interview request; undaunted, Ellis wrote his article, dubbing the new vigilante the "Scarlet Spider".

(Web of Spider-Man I#119) - Ellis, having noted the wound the Spider received during the battle, put out a reward for information on a young male with a similar injury.  He got a tip from a nurse in the clinic Reilly visited, but by the time his cab arrived there, Reilly had escaped through a vent; furthermore, Ellis had inadvertently led Diego to Reilly's location.

(Spider-Man I#53) - Ellis worked late into the night at the Bugle; Jameson came to see him, and complimented him on his work.  He advised Ellis to stay objective, advice that Ellis privately rejected.

(Venom: Separation Anxiety#1) - Ellis called in several favors and paid off a number of sources to learn the location of the secret facility where Eddie Brock had been taken.  Finding it in New Mexico, Ellis infiltrated the facility as "Dr. Ellis".  Despite his confidence, he was found out, and just as they were about to expel him, Donna Diego and her fellow renegade Life Foundation symbiotes attacked the facility, seeking Brock.  When the symbiotes moved to take Brock away, Ellis claimed to be his doctor; Diego, however, recognized him and took him prisoner.  

(Venom: Separation Anxiety#2) - The symbiotes threw Ellis in a makeshift brig in their hideout; when they tossed Brock in, too, Ellis tried to get an interview, but Brock violently rebuffed him, sensing that his symbiote was coming.

(Venom: Separation Anxiety#3) - Brock escaped, and Ellis followed him, still chasing his story.  Brock saved Ellis from a street gang, and Ellis found them a warehouse to hide out in.  Ellis treated Brock's wounds with a first aid kit, but soon the symbiotes were upon them...

(Venom: Separation Anxiety#4) - Ellis escaped the warehouse and ran right into a team of federal agents on Brock's tail.  They asked for his help, in exchange for getting Ellis out of trouble for infiltrating the New Mexico facility.  Ellis led them to the warehouse, where they found several dead symbiote hosts, a still-living Diego, and no Brock.  The agents told Ellis to scram, and to keep quiet about what he'd heard.

(Web of Spider-Man I#120) - Tipped off by one of Betty Brant's sources that the Scarlet Spider was fighting ARES on the USS Intrepid, Ellis made his way over there to cover the story, even though Brant took his car from the Bugle garage to get there herself.  Once there, he engaged in a little verbal sniping with Brant, then tried to get the victorious Spider to answer a few questions.

(Spider-Man I#54 - BTS) - Finding herself overburdened with work, Brant passed her Scarlet Spider story on to Ellis.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#8) - Upset that Ben Urich had been assigned to cover Terror Unlimited's attack on the city, Ellis took his concerns to Joe Robertson; Robertson rebuffed him, as Urich had more experience, but allowed Ellis to cover the human interest angle of the story.  At the bombed-out remains of the South Street Mission, Ellis arrived just in time to miss the Scarlet Spider, but did learn that Rich Gannon, a man who had been killed in the explosion there, had apparently been a friend of the vigilante.  Ellis tracked down the story, visiting a store Gannon had been chased out of.  Later, he used false police credentials to get into the tower Terror Unlimited was holding hostage; he located Terror Unlimited's leader, who consented to an interview; when the distracted terrorist noted that his hostages had escaped, he blamed Ellis, and threatened to detonate his nuclear bomb unless Ellis told him what was going on.  Spider-Man rescued him, and stopped Terror Unlimited; afterwards, Ellis asked both Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider why they helped out with no promise of reward.  Both told him it was because they cared.  Ellis' story, "Behind the Terror", made the front page.

(Web of Spider-Man I#124) - Ellis attended the police press conference regarding the arrest of Peter Parker on murder charges; while Betty Brant believed Peter was innocent, Ellis was dubious. 

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#9) - When a battle erupted between Kaine, the Scarlet Spider (Peter Parker in disguise) and the Sinister Seven, the Bugle assigned rookie photographer Cole Cooper to work the story with Ellis.

(Spider-Man Super Special#1/3) - Ellis and Cooper covered Shadowforce Alpha's hostage situation at Empire State Hospital.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#225/1) - Assigned to cover the reappearance of the Green Goblin, Ellis pestered Urich about his own assignment, the deadly Firefist; both reporters were totally unaware that the new Goblin was Urich's nephew, Bugle intern Phil Urich.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#226 - BTS) - From the courthouse, Ellis called Joe Robertson, informing him that Parker had been acquitted.

(Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Omega#1 - BTS) - Ellis was in the Bugle's City Room when the Jackal and Spidercide attacked the building, and was evacuated with the rest of the staff.

(Scarlet Spider I#1) - Ellis learned (thanks to the digital entity the Master Programmer) that there was a big party at Jason Tso's Club Noir, to which a number of the city's pre-eminent mobsters had been invited.  Ellis attended with Bugle photographer Angela Yin, and briefly talked with Tso before the hired assassin the Pro booby-trapped two of Tso's bodyguards and sent them in to kill Tso.  Ben Reilly, now a waiter at Club Noir, knocked their grenades aside.  Tso fled in the confusion, but Ellis and Yin followed, and the Scarlet Spider had to save them again when the Pro himself tossed another grenade.  Ellis asked the Spider for an interview, but Reilly, remembering that Ellis had saddled him with "that stupid, pathetic, lame name", refused.

(Web of Scarlet Spider#2) - After another attack on Club Noir, Ellis and Yin came to interview Tso, but he handed them off to his bodyguard, Orlando Kannor, instead.

(Amazing Scarlet Spider#2) - After writing an article linking Tso to organized crime, Tso targeted Ellis, sending his newest enforcer, Ben Reilly, after him.  Blissfully unaware of this, Ellis asked Ben Urich's intern, Phil Urich, for help on the Green Goblin beat.  Phil directed Ellis, who was also unaware that Phil was the Green Goblin, to a west side street corner to waste his time.  As the Scarlet Spider, Reilly tracked him down and tried to talk to him, but was instead attacked by Joystick.  Their battle sent rubble hurtling towards Ellis, but he was saved at the last minute by the Green Goblin, who once more rebuffed his request for an interview and dumped him on a water tower...and left him there.

(Scarlet Spider I#2) - When the Daily Bugle was attacked by the imposter Scarlet Spider, Ellis and Yin covered it from inside the endangered building.  Later, after the real Scarlet Spider drove him off, Jameson ordered Ellis to crucify him.

(Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1) - After making a little small talk with Phil Urich, Ellis pestered his uncle Ben for access to his dead files, looking for a connection between the Scarlet Spider's disappearance, Spider-Man's reappearance, and the Peter Parker murder trial.  Joe Robertson suggested that Ellis leave the Parkers alone, but he pressed on.  Urich suggested he talk to Betty Brant, who had Parker's Portland phone number, and gave him the files

(Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#2) - Ellis called Parker, but got his wife Mary Jane instead.  She hung up on him, and he suspected she had something to hide, as he started to piece together the connections between Spider-Man, the Scarlet Spider, and Parker.  His suspicions were confirmed the next day, when USA Today reported that Spider-Man had been sighted in Portland...

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#11/1) - Ellis covered the murder of elderly philanthropist Andrea Havershaw, and insinuated in his article that she'd been murdered by the Black Cat.  Before he could meet with his police source, Marcella Cellanos, however, he was waylaid and impersonated by Skull-Jacket, the real murderer.  Later, at the Bugle, he tried to convince Joe Robertson to name the Cat in their next edition, but he turned him down.  He then received a call from Spider-Man (now Ben Reilly), who asked to meet him about the Havershaw case.  Ellis showed him a mock-up of the article naming the Cat as a suspect, and gave Spider-Man enough information to persuade him to check out the Cat himself.  Later, Spider-Man gave Ellis some photographs implicating Havershaw's son, Jason (secretly Skull-Jacket in disguise); he gave them to Cellanos, and  accompanied her and her partner, Sean Murphy, to the Havershaw house.  When his charade collapsed, he punched out Ellis, but Spider-Man stepped in and saved the day.

(Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#3) - Ellis called Parker again, leaving a message on his answering machine.  After extensive research on Spider-Man, and being turned down by Robertson for airfare to Portland, Ellis had lunch with Betty Brant, learning that Peter had once "impersonated" Spider-Man to fool Dr. Octopus, and that Peter's uncle Ben had been murdered right around the time Spider-Man stopped making television appearances and became a super hero.  At the Bugle, Robertson turned him down again, and asked him to provide more information on the Havershaw murder, instead.  He stormed out of his office and ran right into Mary Jane, who greeted him rather coldly.  That night, he showed up at the door of the Parker home, brandishing the next day's front page - revealing Peter Parker as Spider-Man!

(Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#4) - Correctly identifying the "front page" as a home-made computer mockup, Mary Jane crumpled it up and threw it at Ellis' head.  She kicked him out, and he left.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#409) - After J. Jonah Jameson witnessed Spider-Man stealing the "Spider-skeleton" from the morgue, Ellis suggested that the original Spider-Man had been killed and replaced by an imposter, while Ben Urich was more suspicious.  Jameson assigned Ellis to cover the stolen body angle of the story.

(Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#4) - After an encounter with the "new" Spider-Man and some gentle urging from Robertson, Jameson killed Ellis' story about the wall-crawler being an imposter.  Ellis confronted Robertson about it, suggesting that he could sell it to another paper.  Ellis tried the Daily Globe, the Times, and Esquire before giving up, as none of them were prepared to accept a story Joe Robertson had declined to publish.  Ellis put on a happy face and went off to finish up his article on the Havershaw murder instead.

(Spider-Man I#66) - Jameson called Ellis, Urich, Yin, and Joe Robertson into his office to see what they'd uncovered on the skeleton story; when he learned that they were all empty-handed, he kicked them out and called up Peter Parker. 

(Spider-Man I#69) - As they entered the Bugle city room, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson passed by Ken Ellis.

(Sensational Spider-Man I#7) - Ellis came to visit Peter Parker in the hospital, along with several of Peter's other friends and co-workers, and met Peter's "cousin", Ben Reilly.  As the nurse shooed them out, new Bugle intern Billy Walters informed Ellis that there was a jumper on a nearby building.  Ellis told Angela Yin (who was also visiting Peter) to grab her camera and go.

(Green Goblin#11) - Ellis and Bugle intern Lynn Walsh covered a deadly escape perpetrated by the psychotic Angel Face.  Knowing that Walsh was a friend of Phil Urich, he asked her to get Ben Urich's files on Angel Face and her enemy, the Green Goblin, from him; Ben Urich gave up the files without a fuss, however.  Unluckily for Ellis, Angel Face also wanted the files, and had her henchwoman Pepper kidnap Ellis and Walsh.  When the Green Goblin came to rescue them, Ellis tried to score an interview with him in mid-battle, but inadvertently stepped into the path of Angel Face's electric prod and was shocked into unconsciousness.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#415 - BTS/Green Goblin#12 - BTS) - Ellis was in the vicinity of Central Park when the psychic entity Onslaught set up his base there.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#14) - Ellis and Parker visited the morgue, where a corpse clad in a Scarlet Spider costume was being examined.  Later, in Jameson's office, Peter convinced Ellis and Robbie that the body wasn't the real Scarlet Spider; Ellis was still present when Spider-Man dropped in and embarrassed Jonah before leaving.  Later, Ellis scooped Betty on the true manipulator behind the faux Scarlet Spider's death, James Johnsmeyer, and his arrest.

(Peter Parker: Spider-Man I#75) - Ellis, along with several other of Peter Parker's friends and colleagues, was invited to a Halloween party at the Daily Bugle - unbeknownst to them all, by Norman Osborn.  After Norman, clad as the Green Goblin burst into the proceedings, Ben Reilly helped Ellis and the others escape the City Room, which Osborn had rigged to explode.  As they gathered outside, they saw Spider-Man speaking to the dying Reilly.

(Daily Bugle#1) - Ellis received a call from a tipster who told him that illegal aliens were being smuggled into New York via the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  Only when Ellis arrived there did he realize that the "aliens" were from Venus - and that his informant was delusional.

(Daily Bugle#2) - At Robertson's orders, Ellis offered to help out Charlie Snow with a story on the city's new homeless initiative.  Snow, then dealing with alcoholism, angrily accused Ellis of being a vulture and tossed his notes at him.  Later, having read Snow's threadbare notes, Ellis tracked Snow down at Clancy's Bar.  Snow again ranted about Ellis, and Ellis left, disappointed.

(Daily Bugle#3) - After Betty Brant went missing, Jameson called a staff meeting, and assigned Ellis to write a background feature on her.  After interviewing several of his Bugle colleagues, Ellis told Joe Robertson that he couldn't write an obituary for a friend.  Robbie told him that as a reporter, this was how to cope with something like this.  Thankfully, the obituary never ran.

(Uncanny X-Men I#346) - Jameson ordered Ellis to get reactions to the growing Operation: Zero Tolerance crisis from the Thunderbolts, Blake Tower, and any remaining Avengers.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#22) - Ellis attended a Roxxon press conference, where he tried to hit on fellow reporter Megan McLaren and witnessed a staged terrorist attack foiled by the Scorpion (Mac Gargan).

(Cable & Deadpool#24 (fb) ) - Ellis spent two months investigating Homeland Security funds that had been diverted into Project: Cone of Silence, a secret military research project to erect a force field around Cable's island nation Providence.

(Cable & Deadpool#24) - Needing a photographer to take a picture of a general involved in the project, Ellis reluctantly accepted Peter Parker's assistance. After retrieving Parker from Jameson's office, Ellis drove him across the Queensboro Bridge, at which point they were ambushed by Deadpool, who tossed Parker out of their van.  Deadpool tried to interrogate Ellis about the project at gunpoint, but Spider-Man intervened, trapping the van in a web and battling Deadpool.  Deadpool's employer, Cable, contacted Ellis, and offered him assistance with the article.  Ellis called Spider-Man off, claiming that Deadpool was with him.  With the crisis averted, Ellis got his shot of the general and exposed the project.

(Cable & Deadpool#28) - Ellis traded information with his old colleague Irene Merryweather, who now worked for Cable; he told her about the public's view of Cable, while she gave him information about the nascent Superhuman Registration Act.

Comments: Created by Terry Kavanagh, Steven Butler, and Randy Emberlin.

Man, Ellis makes a ton of appearances between late 1994 and early 1997, and then it just kinda dries up.  

Given that Ellis is from Richmond, Texas, which is in the greater Houston area, it would have been cool to see him turn up in the Houston-based Scarlet Spider series.

Ellis' dickishness varies from writer to writer. Howard Mackie makes him driven and maybe a little unscrupulous, while Paul Grist's Ellis, from the Daily Bugle mini, is quite sympathetic; Tom DeFalco's Ellis, conversely, is a total dick.  Nicieza, who was probably the fondest of the character, makes him a charming, personable dick.

Ellis had evidently worked at the Bugle for a few years before his first appearance in Web #118 - the story in ASM Annual '96 takes place at some point between Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #7 and ASM #300, which would be a couple years of Marvel-time.

Ellis has brief entries in the Spider-Man Encyclopedia and All-New OHotMU HC volume 11, under Spider-Man's Friends & Associates.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Ken Ellis has no known connections to

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