He isn't Sean Murphy but he is identical...SEAN MURPHY

Real Name: Detective? Sean Murphy

Identity/Class: Human, of Irish origins

Occupation: Detective? in the New York Police Department, Homicide Branch

Group Membership: NYPD

Affiliations: Detective Marcella Cellanos

Enemies: Jason Havershaw, Valeri Kasatanov, Skull-Jacket, and probably a lot of other criminals

Known Relatives: Unnamed son

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York, NY, USA

First Appearance: Spider-Man Unlimited#11/1 (February, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Sean Murphy is a normal human, with the training of a normal policeman in the NYPD.

Sean and Marcella waits for Paul ProustHistory: (Spider-Man Unlimited#11/1 (fb) - BTS) - Sean Murphy had some unrevealed problems with his son.

(Spider-Man Unlimited#11/1 - BTS) - Sean Murphy and Marcella Cellanos worked for the Homicide Branch of the New York Police Department; they were assigned to the Havershaw murder.

(Spider-Man Unlimited#11/1) - Sean Murphy and Marcella Cellanos tracked Paul Proust to Brighton Beach in Brooklin, Manhattan, where he entered in a bar frequented by the Russian mob. The two detectives linked the Proust and Black Cat's names to the Russian mob, unaware that Proust was actually being impersonated by Skull-Jacket.

(Spider-Man Unlimited#11/1 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) gave to Murphy and Cellanos some photos showing Jason Havershaw buying drug from the Kasatanov family.

(Spider-Man Unlimited#11/1) - The day after Sean Murphy, Marcella Cellanos, and Ken Ellis went to find Jason Havershaw, with a search-warrant, now suspecting him to be the principal of the murder. While Murphy distracted Jason (actually Skull-Jacket in disguise), Cellanos searched the house and found the real Jason Havershaw. The false Jason transformed into Skull-Jacket and a fight begun. Murphy was stunned by a Skull-Jacket dart. Skull-Jacket disguised himself as Murphy and tried to trick Spider-Man, who had arrived when he heard the shots. Spider-Man's spider-sense helped him to uncover the trick, and the hero knocked Skull-Jacket down with a single KRAKOW.

The criminal was arrested.

Comments: Created by Fabian Niecieza, Dave Hoover and Joe Rubinstein.

Sean Murphy was Marcella Cellano's colleague, but nowhere is said his rank in the Police. He could be Detective but I'm not sure.

Profile by Spidermay


Sean Murphy has no known connections to

Spider-Man Unlimited#11/1, page 8, panel 5 (Skull-Jacket disguised as Sean Murphy)
Spider-Man Unlimited#11/1, page 41, panel 5 (Sean Murphy, head shot)

Other appearances: None

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