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Former employees

Woman Magazine

Birchwood, Miriam (Daily Bugle gossip columnist) - by Prime Eternal

Blythe, Jillian (Daily Bugle reporter) - by Grendel Prime

Brant, Betty of Earth-8107 (Daily Bugle employee) - by David Lawrence

Casselman, Russell (Daily Bugle reporter) 

Cooper, Cole (Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Cushing, Kate (Daily Bugle, Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Dillman, Nick (Daily Bugle, Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Dupres, Anthea (Daily Bugle reporter, ClanDestine character) - by MarvellousLuke

Ellis, Ken (Daily Bugle, Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Everhart, Christine (Daily Bugle reporter) - by Prime Eternal

Exmore, Sam (Daily Bugle intern) - by Prime Eternal

Finch (Daily Bugle writer)

Gumpart (Daily Bugle reporter) - by Chadman

Haggerty, Ed (Daily Bugle reporter) - by Prime Eternal

Haight, Jeffrey (Spider-Man character) - by Grendel Prime

Harrington, Sara (reporter, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Harris, Toni (Daily Bugle intern) - by Prime Eternal

Holmes, Russ (Daily Bugle photographer) - by Chadman

Igoe, Max (Daily Bugle reporter) - by Grendel Prime

James ?? (Daily Bugle editor)

Jameson, J. Jonah

Janson (Daily Bugle writer)

Jenkins, Carl (Daily Bugle reporter)

Jim ?? (Daily Bugle reporter) - by Chadman

Karen ?? (Daily Bugle staffer) - by Chadman

Lichtenstein (Daily Bugle writer)

MacIntosh, Ann (Daily Bugle, Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Mackie, Ralph (Daily Bugle, Spider-Man character)

Mercado, Joy (Daily Bugle reporter) - by Will U, Per Degaton & Prime Eternal

Morton (Daily Bugle photographer)

O'Breen, Glorianna (Foggy & Daredevil ex-girlfriend) - by Chadman

O'Reilly, Sean (Daily Bugle reporter) 

Oscar ?? (Daily Bugle intern)

Parsons, Trevor (Daily Bugle reporter) - by Chadman

Price, Bill (Daily Bugle reporter) - by Chadman

Ralph ?? (Daily Bugle building security guard) - by Chadman

Sandra ?? (J. Jonah Jameson's secretary) - by Chadman

Shirley ?? (Daily Bugle employee)

Trilby, Dilbert (Daily Bugle obituary writer) - by G Morrow

unidentified photographer (Daily Bugle)

Williams, Keith (Daily Bugle reporter)

Williams, Spence (Daily Bugle intern) - by Grendel Prime

Workman, Isaac (Daily Bugle employee) - by Grendel Prime

Wormly, Richard (Daily Bugle assistant to editor-in-chief) - by G Morrow

Former Employees

(Included in this list are employees who were either quit or fired from the Daily Bugle, as well as deceased employees)

Ewing, Mark (former Daily Bugle reporter) - by Will U

Fox, Phil (Luke Cage character) - by David Lawrence

Garner, Cliff (former Daily Bugle reporter) - by Will U

Jameson, "Old Man" (Daily Bugle editor and journalist, World War II era) - by Snood

La Grange, Simon (former Daily Bugle reporter) - by AvatarWarlord72

Patton, Jess (former Daily Bugle administrative assistant) 

Ryan, Christine (former Daily Bugle reporter) - by Chadman

Shuriff, Gladys (Daily Bugle bookkeeper) - by Norvo

Sites, C. Thomas (Daily Bugle columnist, World War II era) - by Snood

Snow, Charlie (Daily Bugle, Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Starkey, Rich (Daily Bugle copy boy, Spider-Man character) - by Grendel Prime

Swanson, Paul (former Daily Bugle reporter) - by Markus Raymond

Urich, Phil (Goblin King/Goblin Knight/Hobgoblin/Green Goblin)

"Virgo, Jane" (former Daily Bugle astrology columnist)

Woman Magazine

Alex ?? (handled administrative problems) 

Burke, Tracy (former editor-in-chief) - by Spidermay

Cole, Sharon (photo-journalist) - by Spidermay

Gene ?? (art director) 

Gianelli, Frank (Woman, Ms. Marvel character) - by Grendel Prime & Spidermay

Jill ?? (staffer) 

Lou ?? (member of the editorial staff and reporter) 

Lynn ?? (secretary and archivist) 

Mary ?? (secretary) 

Mortimer ?? of Earth-8107 (J. Jonah Jameson's nephew) - by David Lawrence

Severin, Mary (artist) 

Simon ?? (Spider-Man character)

Sterno (reporter)

Suzie ?? (Daily Bugle receptionist)

Townshend, Tabitha (assistant to the editor) 

unidentified pilot of Earth-8017 (Daily Bugle)

Yin, Angela (photgrapher) - by Minor Irritant

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