Real Name: Glorianna O'Breen

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Photographer

Group Membership: Formerly Daily Bugle

Affiliations: Robert Asbury, Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Thor/Odinson), Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Becky Blake, Brian, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Hannigan, Kathy Malper, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Dr. Ephesus Sadd, Tina, Ben Urich

Enemies: Blanders, the Cossack, Crossbow (Jason Praed), Lois Franklin, Skeeter Frizzel, the Gael (Paddy O'Hanlon), Hegerfors, Kai-Shek, Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Kinjorge Tribe (Chief Micah, others), Kruel (Victor Krueller), Burley Mudd, Drawley Mudd, Harbor Mudd, Junius Mudd, Nuke (Frank Simpson)

Known Relatives: Fergus O'Breen (uncle), Debbie Harris (aunt), Foggy Nelson (ex-uncle)

Aliases: Glori O'Breen, Old Woman of Beare

Base of Operations: New York City, New York;
   formerly Northern Ireland

First Appearance: Daredevil I#205 (April, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Glorianna O'Breen is a talented photographer with a keen eye. She has had connections to the mafia and criminal underworld, helping IRA terrorists from Northern Ireland illegally enter and leave the United States as the Old Woman of Beare.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

(Daredevil I#205 (fb) - BTS) - Glorianna O'Breen grew up with her father, Fergus, working for the IRA Glori loved taking photos as a child.

(Daredevil I#340 (fb) - BTS) - As a young woman, Glori went to New York City to take a chance on herself. Suffering from a lack of self-confidence, Glori purchased some negatives from a homeless woman. She used the photos to submit an application to the newspaper. She was hired and given her first assignment, to take photos in a rural town in Pennsylvania.

(Daredevil I#340 (fb) ) - Glori was in a diner called "Ghost of a Chance" when Victor Krueller came flying through the glass window. With Karen Page, Kathy Malper, Foggy Nelson, Robert Asbury, and Ben Urich, O'Breen saw Wilson Fisk come in. Glori kept her camera taking photos as the following scene played out.

(Daredevil I#341 (fb) ) - Kingpin savagely beat Krueller, seemingly killing him, then he ordered his man Kai-Shek to burn the diner down, including the patrons.

(Daredevil I#342 (fb) ) - Kingpin had Asbury, O'Breen, Urich, Malper, Nelson, and Page all drugged and returned to their homes.

(Daredevil I#205 (fb) - BTS) - When the authorities suspected Fergus of being a traitor, Fergus worried for his own safety and that of Glorianna, who was back in Ireland. He sent Glorianna to New York City to stay with her Aunt Debbie Harris, now married to Franklin "Foggy" Nelson. Fergus cryptically told her that she could discover the identity of the real traitor if she looked into her camera. Before she left, Glorianna had been taking photos of a friend's garden party, hoping to sell some pictures to a magazine.

(Daredevil I#205) - Glorianna rushed to the home of Foggy and Debbie, and told them about her father's dire warnings. She held her camera, wondering if there were clues to the real traitor. Debbie said they couldn't accommodate Glorianna, but gave her keys to Matt Murdock's apartment to stay. Outside, doorman Hannigan identified Glorianna for a few men who sought to kidnap Glorianna. They forced her in the back of a car, then Daredevil stopped the men, who crashed their car. As the men explained that they were IRA agents seeking to protect Glorianna from the threat of the assassin, the Gael, Glorianna took Daredevil's picture. Daredevil excused the agents, then walked Glorianna to Matt's home, instructing her to stay in the guest room. Daredevil found one of the agents killed by the Gael, and he burst in on the hapless Mary Alice as he searched for the killer. That night, Matt told Glorianna she'd need protection. Paddy O'Hanlon called to inform Glorianna that Fergus had been killed by the Gael in Ireland. She collapsed into Matt, sobbing. Later, Paddy showed up at her home and took her elsewhere by force. Daredevil found O'Hanlon's name scratched into Glori's camera, where Fergus had etched it, and he rushed to save her. The Gael, after bragging about all his kills, prepared to kill Glori slowly, but Daredevil rushed in, finding the Gael's hand on Glori's throat. Gael forced Daredevil to put on handcuffs, then knocked him down with a thrown vase, but the hero managed to knock the Gael out. Grieving, Glori admitted how much she was hurting, and she didn't think she could ever forgive the Gael.

(Daredevil I#223 (fb) - BTS) - Fergus left Glori a nice camera in his will.

(Daredevil I#206 (fb) - BTS) - Glorianna stayed with Matt as she grieved, and began looking for a new apartment.

(Daredevil I#206) - Glorianna helped Matt set up for his Christmas party, wearing a lovely dress, and she gave him a gift, a Rodin-designed statue, the Kiss. When guests arrived, she took their picture, and Aunt Debbie insulted Glori's appearance. Glori saw Foggy Nelson and Becky Blake before Chief Micah and the Kingorge Tribe burst in, determined to take over the party. When the men began accosting and teasing the women, Glori stood up for Becky (who was in a wheelchair), but one of the men put a knife to her neck. Matt was knocked into the Christmas tree and the power went out. Daredevil arrived and defeated Micah and his men.

(Daredevil I#207) - Matt helped Glori find a new apartment, but she was shocked at the cost of lodging in New York City, far above what she'd pay in Ireland. After giving her a radio as a housewarming gift, Matt invited Glori to dinner, and she happily agreed. They stopped by the hospital, where Micah was recovering, and Micah had called a press conference in which he stated Daredevil had been the instigator. When Debbie stopped Foggy from telling the truth to the press, Glori was horrified at Debbie.

(Daredevil I#210 (fb) - BTS) - Glori's photography supplies arrived from Ireland. She bought Matt a scarf to thank him for his help.

(Daredevil I#210) - Matt dropped by and Glori gave him the scarf, then kissed him, shocking Matt. He left awkwardly, leaving her expecting a thank you.

(Daredevil I#211) - Matt showed up at Glori's apartment bleeding, claiming he had received a knife wound. Glori tended to him as Matt talked about his old teacher, Stick, then Matt rushed out, ignoring Glori's warning that he had lost too much blood and should sleep on her couch instead.

(Daredevil I#212) - Glori went to check on Matt after he'd been embarrassed publicly by Foggy, then she saw Foggy come and apologize, saying Debbie was behind it all.

(Daredevil I#216 (fb) - BTS) - Matt and Glori began spending more time together.

(Daredevil I#216 (fb) - BTS) - Glori formed the identity of the Old Woman of Beare in order to help IRA terrorists get out of the country and resettle. She began having clandestine meetings, wearing a dress and veil, and developed a reputation for herself. Crossbow reached out to her, and the Old Woman agreed to meet him at Delahanty's days later.

(Daredevil I#217 (fb) - BTS) - As the Old Woman, Glori focused mostly on aiding members of the IRA in getting in and out of America.

(Daredevil I#216) - After lunch with Matt, Glori snapped photos of civilians, forgetting about Matt being blind for a moment. They realized they were both busy the next few nights and kissed, promising to get together a few days later.

(Daredevil I#216 - BTS) - The Gael escaped from jail, killing four, including Dr. James. He then began killing some of the Old Woman's contacts, promising them he would go after both the Old Woman and Glori O'Breen next.

(Daredevil I#216) - Glori stayed away from her apartment for a night, then showed up at Delahanty's in her Old Woman costume, in a black dress with a black hat and face veil. She left her ally Brian guarding outside, ignoring his warnings about the Gael as she wanted to be there to help others. Inside, the Gael attacked her, removed her dress, and locked her in a closet. The Gael, dressed as the Old Woman, killed everyone who entered the bar as Glori helplessly listened from the closet. Daredevil and the Gael battled briefly, then Gael fell unconscious. Daredevil released Glori, who fled from the room in a panic, still wearing a wig. She called out to Brian to fire at the hero as she fled down the street, muttering about the horror the Gael had put her through. When she calmed, she collapsed into Daredevil in tears.

(Daredevil I#217) - Daredevil questioned Glori about her activities as the Old Woman. She asked him why he wore a mask, but he evaded her question and then sent her home in a cab.

(Daredevil I#217 - BTS) - Glori packed up her apartment, determined to return to Ireland to avoid the Gael. She left a note behind for Daredevil.

(Daredevil I#217) - Glori was calling to say goodbye to Matt when she heard about the Cossack attacking the city, and she hung up the phone and rushed to the airport. When she got there, the Cossack flirted with her, but she shoved him off. Then the Gael attacked Glori, pulling her into a closet to kill her, but just then the Cossack activated his machine and everyone in the airport went blind. Daredevil stopped the Cossack, defeated the Gael, and saved Glori. The blindness soon wore off.

(Daredevil I#218 (fb) - BTS) - Glori's Visa expired, and she decided to go home to Ireland to think about things.

(Daredevil I#218) - Matt took Glori to the airport for her trip home. She promised she was done with her work as the Old Woman and needed to think about her life path, also needing time to see if she had feelings for Matt or not.

(Daredevil I#222) - On her flight back from Dublin to New York City, Glori saw Junius Mudd draw a gun and try to hijack the plane. She leapt at him, causing the gun to go off, and it punctured a case containing fear gas which then spread through the plane.

(Daredevil I#222 - BTS) - The plane crashed in New Jersey. Mudd took Glori and Dr. Ephesus Sadd (designer of the fear gas) back to his home in the swamp, where they met his brothers, Harbor, Drawley, and Burley.

(Daredevil I#222) - Junius planned to marry Glori off to his brother Drawley, who was mentally ill, and then kill her after the ceremony. They forced her to dress in their dead mother's wedding dress. Sadd set off his fear gas at the ceremony, and Glori inhaled as she tried to escape. When Daredevil and Black Widow attacked, she saw them as a threat and lashed out, but Black Widow knocked Glori unconscious with a nerve pinch, then she and Daredevil defeated the Mudd brothers.

(Daredevil I#223) - Glori's camera, the one left by her father, was snatched by a thief, Skeeter Frizzel, on the streets. Crying, she cancelled her plans with Matt that evening, and he briefly teased her for being scared as she'd been through more in the swamps. Matt promised to look into finding the camera. Matt showed up at Glori's apartment the next day with his sight somehow restored, and he kissed and hugged her passionately. Matt was overwhelmed by her beauty and by her stunning photography, and she spent the day showing him her favorite sights in the city. At the top of the Empire State Building, she promised to show Matt all the sights of the world as he shed tears about seeing the world for the first time since he'd gone blind as a teen. Matt rushed off for a "client meeting", not explaining to Glori how his sight had returned, and he went off to refuse his new sight (which had been a gift from the Beyonder). Daredevil later got Glori's camera back.

(Daredevil I#226 (fb) - BTS) - Glori waited for Matt to contact her for days, but he never did. She left him one angry message.

(Daredevil I#226) - Furious and determined to give Matt a piece of her mind, Glori went to his office and found Foggy and Becky were boxing things up, closing the place down due to financial struggles. Foggy told Glori over coffee about going to college with Matt, and she voiced her fury over Matt's inconsistencies, including being left at the Empire State Building when Matt could surprisingly see without explanation. Foggy hinted that Matt had deep secrets that were only Matt's to share. Foggy took a long walk with Glori, telling her about Matt's bravery and heroism during their college years.

(Daredevil I#227 (fb) - BTS) - After more attempts to reach Matt, Glori recorded him a cassette tape. She stated she was tired of waiting for him to open up and asked him not to call her, then sent the tape in the mail. She returned home and found her apartment robbed and ransacked, and her photos ruined.

(Daredevil I#227) - Glori called Foggy for help. In tears and exhausted by feeling unsafe in New York, she said she couldn't stay at her apartment that night. At Foggy's home, they cozied up next to the fire, and Glori reached for Foggy's hand, but he quickly excused himself and went to sleep on the couch. The next morning, Glori made him breakfast. She answered Foggy's phone and heard Matt ask for Foggy.

(Daredevil I#228 (fb) - BTS) - Glori and Foggy started spending more time together.

(Daredevil I#228) - Glori saw Foggy hanging a lightbulb before falling, and she rushed to him, worried. Matt called just then and said cryptic things to Glori, and he called again later, saying awful things to her, thinking she was now in a relationship with Foggy. Foggy and Glori worried about Matt, not sure if he was okay or not. Glori felt like she was back in Ireland, waiting for news after an IRA bombing.

(Daredevil I#229) - Glori and Foggy went Christmas shopping. When a man grabbed Glori's purse, she and Foggy fought back, and she muttered about how horrible this city was. Later, Glori heard Foggy on the phone with his mother, telling her how he had met a new girl. Foggy gave Glori an expensive necklace, then the two kissed.

(Daredevil I#230) - Glori congratulated Foggy on accepting a new high-paying job. They both realized Matt had been missing for eleven days, since his apartment burned down.

(Daredevil I#232) - Glori took pictures of civilians, capturing their artistic images. Glori got a job at the Daily Bugle and called to tell Foggy, who was surprised. Foggy confided that he was beginning to doubt the ethics of his job. Glori was assigned to take pictures of Ben Urich's interview with the criminal Lois Franklin at the local jail, and they were flanked by Blanders, Officer Coogan, and Officer Hegerfors. When Blanders flirted with Glori, she rebuffed him. In the cell, Coogan drew a gun and killed Lois and Hegerfors as Glori snapped photos. Urich managed to down Coogan and then beat him to death with Coogan's own gun. Blanders, Glori, and Urich later went to Urich's favorite dive diner, where they were processing events when Nuke opened fire on the streets, bullets hitting the diner. Urich told Glori to grab her camera.

(Daredevil I#233) - Glori fearlessly took pictures of Nuke's carnage, even as Nuke was electrocuted in phone wires during a battle with Daredevil. Urich shoved Glori out of the way of an explosion, catching his own jacket on fire in the process. Glori was shot, then she saw the Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man) arrive to apprehend Nuke and get her medical help. In all, hundreds of civilians were killed in the attack. Glori got medical care at a nearby church and was tended to by nuns. She mentioned how the attacks made her think of life in Ireland. Foggy rushed to check on Glori, and she assured him she was okay and asked him to deliver her roll of film to the Daily Bugle. Ben got the story published with her photos just in time.

(Daredevil I#248) - Glori visited Foggy's new posh office and heard about his work defending the pollutions of the chemical company Kelco Industrials. She wondered about the moral implications and what Matt might say about it all.

(Daredevil I#250) - Foggy took Glori to Kelco's waste disposal yard in New Jersey, and he realized how many regulations they were violating, resulting in extreme environmental threat. Glori took pictures of the yard with her camera. Glori again questioned Foggy's ethics in defending the company, and he stated that everyone deserves a defense. He then wondered if Glori was planning on using those pictures in her paper, but she assured him she wouldn't put him at risk.

(Daredevil I#251) - When a Kelco plant was destroyed, seemingly by an activist group, Foggy watched the investigation, encouraging Glori to take pictures to help his case. She again questioned his ethics, this time saying he was different than he used to be.

(Daredevil I#254) - Glori developed her recent photos, growing disgusted at the filth of New York City, and she contemplated using her photos to take down Kelco, knowing it might hurt Foggy but not wanting to lose her own integrity.

(Daredevil I#256) - Foggy had a rough day in court, when he saw Matt on the opposing counsel, and he came home being hard on himself. Glori comforted Foggy, tickling him, telling him she loved how handsome and fat he was. When Matt showed up berating Foggy for his decisions and then offering him a job, Glori yelled at Matt at the door, accusing him of being jealous for her relationship with Foggy and then calling Matt cruel. She admitted she had photos that could tank Kelco, but she had chosen not to use them as they would hurt Foggy. She then reminded Matt that the Kelco case wasn't finished yet.

(Marvel Illustrated: The Swimsuit Issue) - Peter Parker, Glorianna O'Breen and Lance Bannon took photos of the openeing concert at the Super Olympics.

(Daredevil I#290 (fb) - BTS) - Glori left Foggy.

(Daredevil I#340) - Glori and Bugle employee Tina broke into Matt Murdock's apartment, after Matt was outed as Daredevil and reported murdered, to investigate his death. Inside, they found Kruel (Victor Krueller), who savagely attacked. Glori called out to Tina for help, but Tina fled, screaming out an apology. Kruel smashed her against the floor then threw her from the window, and Glori's life flashed before her eyes before she hit the ground. Before she died, she imagined Daredevil swinging by and saving her at the last minute.

Comments: Created by Denny O'Neil (writer), William Johnson (penciler) & Danny Bulanadi (inker).

Glorianna's family connection to Foggy Nelson was never really explained. Her father was Fergus O'Breen, so we can presume that her mother was the sister of Debbie Harris, who was the wife of Foggy Nelson. After Foggy and Debbie broke up, Glori dated Foggy for a time, meaning she dated her mother's sister's husband...but the comics never commented on this. If this is all true, then it is possible that Debbie's father, Bernard Harris, is Glori's grandfather.

Glorianna's death was so completely unnecessary. A developed character with history killed by a one-off villain, killed in a gruesome way to push forward a storyline that was easily forgotten. Violence against women is a big problem in the media, and the women in Daredevil's life, for the most part, have met very gruesome ends, unnecessarily.

The only people she was helping resettle were IRA members, which makes them by definition terrorists (NOT "refugees"), and even then, the only IRA members who would need that help were those either already wanted by the authorities, which means they were at bare minimum suspects in specific terrorist incidents, or those coming into/out of the US to carry out IRA missions - e.g. terrorist acts on U.S. soil. So not even just regular people who might agree with the IRA's cause. And they weren't coming to resettle - otherwise they wouldn't need help getting out of the country; they were coming there either to evade the British authorities or to carry out terrorist acts.

Supermegamonkey says it very well: The Widow tells DD that Glorianna is "the soul of innocence. She never committed a terrorist act in her life". No, all she did was help terrorists enter and leave the country. If Matt Murdock is ok with that, i think we're going to have to re-evaluate his sense of justice a bit. I guess it depends on your/O'Neil/Murdock's view of the IRA.

Sadly, much as I love a lot of Denny O'Neil's work, he clearly had a blindspot for the IRA, given the description of the Gael including the comment "He used to work for the IRA, and then he turned bad." That's a bit like "He used to work for ISIS, and then he turned bad."

Profile by Chadman.

Glorianna O'Breen should not be confused with:


(Daredevil I#216) - At Delahanty's, Brian met with the Old Woman of Beare, and wondered if she should be there giving the danger of the Gael being loose, but she wanted to be able to help her people as needed. Soon, the Old Woman, out of her dress and in her underclothes, came running out with Daredevil after her, and she screamed for Brian to fire at him, but Daredevil evaded the gunfire.

--Daredevil I#216


(Daredevil I#205) - Doorman Hannigan identified Glorianna O'Breen as having visited Foggy and Debbie Nelson.

--Daredevil I#205

Dr. James

(Daredevil I#216) - Dr. James and his medical staff received a patient from the local jail, the Gael, who had badly burned his face and would need multiple surgeries. The Gael attacked from the medical bed, killing James and three others, then escaping.

--Daredevil I#216

Mary Alice

(Daredevil I#205) - Mary Alice had just gotten engaged when Daredevil briefly burst into her room.

--Daredevil I#205

Fergus O'Breen

(Daredevil I#205 (fb) - BTS) - Fergus O'Breen was a long-time member of the IRA, and a father to Glorianna. When the authorities suspected him of being a traitor, Fergus worried for his own safety and that of Glorianna. He sent Glorianna to New York City to stay with her Aunt Debbie Harris, now married to Franklin "Foggy" Nelson. He told her that she could discover the identity of the real traitor if she looked into her camera, where he'd scrated the name Paddy O'Hanlon, the real identity of the assassin, the Gael.

(Daredevil I#223 (fb) - BTS) - Fergus left Glori a camera in his will.

(Daredevil I#205 (fb) - BTS) - The Gael murdered Fergus.

--Daredevil I#205 ([Daredevil I#205 (fb)], [Daredevil I#223 (fb)], [Daredevil I#205 (fb)]


(Daredevil I#340 (fb) - BTS) - A student at Antioch, Tina got an internship at the Daily Bugle.

(Daredevil I#340) - Working with photographer Glorianna O'Breen, Tina broke into Matt Murdock's apartment (Matt had been outed as Daredevil in the newspaper before reportedly being murdered). Inside, Kruel attacked Glori, who called out to Tina for help. Tina fled as she screamed out an apology.

--Daredevil I#340 ([Daredevil I#340 (fb)], Daredevil I#340

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Daredevil I#205, p11, pan1 (Mary Alice)
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