Real Name: Glory (surname unrevealed) 

Identity/Class: Human (1930s), probable mutant (see comments) 

Occupation: Film performer (see comments), "assistant" to Amazing Cephallo

Group Membership: Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders (Big Earl Kawolski, Boffo, Cephallo, Dominic Fortune, Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan, Erik, Katrina, others) (see comments)   

Affiliations: Gaylord Marcus, Sabbath Raven  

Enemies: Big Earl, Spencer Keene, Keene's goons

Known Relatives: None 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere#56 (October 1980) 

Powers/Abilities: Glory is telekinetic, able to move objects using her mind alone. The full extent of this ability was unrevealed; she only demonstrated manipulating smaller items, but that doesn't mean she couldn't move larger ones, just that she had no need/opportunity to do so during her single appearance.

    She may also have had telepathic or other psychic abilities (see comments).

Height: 5'2" (by approximation)
Weight: 115 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

(Marvel Premiere#56 (fb) - BTS) - Glory was a telekinetic, an ability she used as part of a mentalist act in the Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders. She posed as the assistant for the act's powerless frontman, the Amazing Cephallo, whom she kept around because she considered him cute.

(Marvel Premiere#56) - In 1938, after the circus owner, Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan lost the circus in a bet to businesswoman Sabbath Raven, Dugan introduced Glory and the rest of the circus' main performers to their new boss and her friend, Dominic Fortune, then watched Sabbath reject an offer from wealthy socialite Spencer Keene to buy the circus from her. However, Keene's true motive for trying to purchase the circus was to gain control over Cephallo, as he wanted the mentalist to telekinetically open a boobytrapped safe rigged to explode if their locks were touched.

    With his first route to Cephallo blocked, Keene elected to kidnap his target, having his men take Cephallo's trailer from the circus in the mistaken belief the mentalist was inside it (because of the snores they heard coming from within). Instead they snatched a sleeping Glory, taking her to a dockside warehouse where Keene was keeping the safe. Initially angry that his men had bungled, Keene realized they had inadvertently taken the person he really wanted when Glory telekinetically caught a lighter he threw her way, and she readily admitted she had the real power, not Cephallo.

    At Keene's request (and implied threat), Glory easily unlocked the safe, but seconds later Dugan and Fortune crashed through the warehouse door, coming to rescue Glory, their violent entrance activating the boobytrap's delicate trigger mechanism. Dugan quickly tossed the safe into the sea, sparing everyone from the worst of the explosion.

    After Keene was handed over to the authorities, Gaylord Marcus, head of Movietown Studios, approached Dugan and Glory. Having seen Glory's circus act, he offered a part in one of his pictures for a sizable fee, which Sabbath accepted on Glory's behalf, using it as Dugan's payment to return his circus to him. 

Comments: Created by Len Wein, David Michelinie, Howard Chaykin and Terry Austin.

    Though Glory only demonstrated telekinetic abilities, given she was the secret power behind Cephallo, a "mentalist," and that circus mentalists traditionally perform acts of mind-reading, Glory probably also had some psychic or telepathic powers too. There's no explanation as to the source of her powers, but given she doesn't seem the type to have learned to access mental abilities through mediation and training, she's most likely a mutant. Hmm - a red headed telekinetic mutant. Maybe her surname is Grey?

     Presumably Glory was under contract to the circus, which would explain why Marcus' offer of payment could be accepted and taken by Sabbath; if Glory was a free agent, then any payments would be hers and hers alone. Similarly, there's no evidence that Marcus was offering to hire Glory for more than a single movie, and while it's possible that Marcus wanted Glory to act in his movie, he might as easily have been hiring her to provide special effects, hence why I've left her job description as the vague "film performer" rather than actress. 

Profile by Loki.

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The Amazing Cephallo


    The Amazing Cephallo was the frontman to Glory's mentalist act.

    He was the first to discover Glory's kidnap and reported it to the rest of the circus, including Dugan and his ally Dominic Fortune.


--Marvel Premiere#56


Big Earl Kawolski,
the Sword Swallower


    "Big" Earl Kawolski was the diminutive sword swallower for the Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders. He skimmed the take for the circus, but was caught by Dugan; though Dugan was surprisingly lenient, only bawling Earl out for his crime, Earl harbored a grudge and after witnessing Spencer Keene's anger at having his offer to buy the circus rejected, Earl approached Keene to offer his assistance.

    Keene explained to Earl that he really only wanted Cephallo, so Earl directed two of Keene's thugs to steal Cephallo's trailer, telling them the mentalist was inside as he could hear snoring coming from within. To provide a distraction while the men took the trailer, Earl released a lion from its cage and into the main tent during a packed performance. However, Dominic Fortune killed the beast using one of Earl's swords, while Dugan caught Earl trying to sneak away from the cat cages. At the threat of violence from Dugan, Earl immediately confessed his deal with Keene, and was presumably handed over to the police shortly thereafter.


--Marvel Premiere#56

Boffo the Clown


    Boffo the Clown was one of the main performers in the Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders introduced to Sabbath Raven and Dominic Fortune after Sabbath became the circus' new owner.

    He witnessed Sabbath rebuff Spencer Keene's offer to purchase the circus.


--Marvel Premiere#56

the Lion Tamer

    Erik was a lion tamer and was one of the main performers in the Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders introduced to Sabbath Raven and Dominic Fortune after Sabbath became the circus' new owner.

    He witnessed Sabbath rebuff Spencer Keene's offer to purchase the circus. During a special benefit performance the traitorous Big Earl released one of Erik's lions from its cage and into the main tent, forcing Dominic Fortune to slay it to prevent any of the performers or attendees being injured by the animal.

--Marvel Premiere#56

the Bareback Rider


    Katrina was a bareback horse rider and was one of the main performers in the Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders introduced to Sabbath Raven and Dominic Fortune after Sabbath became the circus' new owner.

    She witnessed Sabbath rebuff Spencer Keene's offer to purchase the circus. Later, when Dominic Fortune spotted a lion Big Earl had released into the main tent during a performance, the adventurer commandeered one of Katrina's horse to race across the circus ring and reach the big cat before it had time to attack anyone.


--Marvel Premiere#56

The Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders


    The Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders was a successful circus owned by Dum Dum Dugan. When Spencer Keene refused to accept that Dugan had no desire to sell it to him, Dugan got so fed up with Keene's persistent pressure that he put the circus up as a stake while visiting the Mississippi Queen gambling ship off the California coast, only to lose it to the house.

    New owner Sabbath Raven initially planned to sell it to Keene to recoup damages caused by Dugan after Keene's thugs attacked him on her ship, but changed her mind after taking an instant dislike to Keene upon meeting him. When Gaylord Marcus made a substantial financial offer to the circus' real mentalist, Glory, Sabbath accepted and counted the payment as Dugan paying his debt to her, thus returning ownership of the circus to him.


--Marvel Premiere#56

Gaylord Marcus

    Gaylord Marcus was the head of Movietown Studios in 1938.

    Impressed after watching Glory's mentalist act during a performance of the Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders, he offered to sign her up for one of his movies, for a "substantial" fee.

--Marvel Premiere#56

images: (without ads)
Marvel Premiere#56, p17, pan3 (main image)
Marvel Premiere#56, p11, pan1 (headshot)
Marvel Premiere#56, p11, pan3-4 (using telekinesis)
Marvel Premiere#56, p13, pan1 (full body shot)
Marvel Premiere#56, p5, pan3 (Cephallo in civilian clothing)
Marvel Premiere#56, p10, pan5 (Cephallo in mentalist costume)
Marvel Premiere#56, p6, pan8 (Big Earl)
Marvel Premiere#56, p5, pan3 (Boffo out of make-up)
Marvel Premiere#56, p17, pan7 (Dugan circus clown, presumably Boffo)
Marvel Premiere#56, p5, pan3 (Erik)
Marvel Premiere#56, p5, pan3 (Katrina, headshot)
Marvel Premiere#56, p17, pan7 (Katrina in costume)
Marvel Premiere#56, p17, pan7 (Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders)
Marvel Premiere#56, p17, pan3 (Gaylord Marcus)

Marvel Premiere#56 (October 1980) - Len Wein and Howard Chaykin (plot), David Michelinie (script), Howard Chaykin (layouts), Terry Austin (finished art), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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