Real Name: Theresa Burke

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Editor in chief;
formerly co-editor;
formerly reporter;
formerly photographer

Group Membership: Woman Magazine

Affiliations: Carol Danvers, J. Jonah Jameson, Joe Robertson

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Seattle;
formerly New York

First Appearance: Ms. Marvel I#8 (August, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: No special powers. Tracy was a skilled and experienced reporter.
Weaknesses: Tracy had problems with alcohol.

History: (Ms. Marvel I#8) - Theresa "Tracy" Burke was one of the most famous photographers and journalists in the world and also Joe Robertson's friend but she had some problems with alcohol and disappeared from the journalism world.

    Many years later, Joe Robertson suggested to Carol Danvers to meet Tracy. The two met in a bar where some robbers harrassed Carol. Carol knocked them down and Tracy had to stop her before she wounded them seriously.

(Ms. Marvel I#9) - Tracy Burke was engaged as "Woman" co-editor, she suggested to focus the second issue on the Skylab and Carol agreed. She also helped Carol to solve the staff problems when she was missing due to her job as Ms. Marvel.

(Ms. Marvel I#10) - Tracy tried to take the responsibility for the approval of the second issue cover, but Gene refused her proposal because he wanted Carol's approval only.

(Ms. Marvel I#11) - Tracy organized Carol's travel to Cape Canaveral, where Carol had to complete the article about the Skylab. Tracy knew that the management didn't go well for the magazine but she still supported Carol.

(Ms. Marvel I#14) - On Carol's request, Tracy and Frank Gianelli investigated Maxwell Plumm's activities. That night, at the Daily Bugle, they found a connection between Plumm and a creditor, the gangster named Dominic Varone. A burglar tried to steal some documents from Carol's office but had to flee.

(Ms. Marvel I#15) - Jean DeWolff interrogated Gianelli and Burke about the burglary, but Gianelli lied saying that he didn't know the burglar, who actually was Geoffrey Ballard.

(Ms. Marvel I#17) - Tracy was aware of the expense problems in which "Woman" was and of Carol's great amount of work and stress to make the magazine continue, so, when Gianelli proposed her to do something to cheer Carol up she agreed. All the "Woman" staff participated in the snow-ball-war gift for Carol; it was Saint Valentine's Day.

(Ms. Marvel I#22) - Jameson dismissed Carol and Tracy was offered Carol's editorial role.
    That night, Tracy went to the surprise party for Carol and talked to her. Carol was happy for her and told her to accept.

(Iron Man III#11) - Years later, Tracy settled in Seattle working for the magazine "Tech Support" as editor-in-chief and was happier with her new job than working for Jameson.
    She was contacted by Carol Danvers, whose still unpublished science-fiction romance Tracy had read. Tracy liked Carol's story very much. The two friends met for a lunch and Tracy accepted to give to Carol some freelance jobs and also proposed to present her some publishers from New York, sure that they would have been happy to print Carol's book. Tracy noticed that Carol drunk too much.

(Iron Man III#23) - Tracy went to visit Carol and found her drinking again. She tried to reason with her but didn't succeed. Leaving Carol's flat Tracy met Tony Stark and asked him to help Carol with her problem.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), Jim Mooney (pencils), Joe Sinnot (inks).

Profile by Spidermay.

Theresa "Tracy" Burke has no known connections to

Iron Man III#23, p10, p1 (Tracy Burke, full body)
Iron Man III#23, p10, p2 (head shot)
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