Real Name: Charlie Snow

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Reporter

Group Membership: Daily Bugle staff

Affiliations: Betty Brant, Ken Ellis, Peter Parker, Joe Robertson, Ben Urich, Angela Yin

Enemies: Tommy Fude, Sundown (David Lowell), Titania (Mary McPherran)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Charley

Base of Operations: Daily Bugle offices

First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up I#79 (March, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Snow is a capable reporter, although some of his abilities have been sapped by age and alcoholism.

History: (Daily Bugle #3 (fb) ) - Veteran Bugle reporter was one of the best and brightest staffers at the Daily Bugle, but eventually lost the passion he'd once had for his job, and descended into alcoholism.

(Marvel Team-Up I#79) - Hearing of a disturbance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (caused by Kulan Gath), Joe Robertson sent the only two non-drinkers at the Bugle Christmas party to the scene - Charlie Snow and Peter Parker. They drove over in a Bugle radio car, only finding out en route that Parker's friend, Mary Jane Watson, had tagged along in the back seat. Once they got to the museum, however, they were stopped by the police; while Snow was stymied, both Parker and Watson slipped past the barricades.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#136 - BTS) - Snow wrote a front-page article about Spider-Man's encounter with Electro on a morning show; Snow called Spider-Man a coward for refusing to fight the villain.

(Web of Spider-Man I#59) - Snow was among the Bugle employees who gathered in the Bugle offices to meet new owner Thomas Fireheart, and listened to him pitch his new pro-Spider-Man agenda. Before long, however, the meeting was interrupted by the marauding Titania. Snow was endangered by the battle until Spider-Man took the fight outside. He watched from the Bugle's windows as Spider-Man and Fireheart (as the Puma) defeated the villainess in the streets below.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#415 - BTS/Green Goblin#12 - BTS) - Snow was in the vicinity of Central Park when the psychic entity Onslaught set up his base there.

(Daily Bugle#1) - Snow showed a visitor around the Bugle offices.

(Daily Bugle#2) - Joe Robertson called Snow into his office to ask about Snow's article on the Mayor's new homeless initiative. Much to Robertson's displeasure, Snow didn't have it done. He gave Snow an ultimatum - if it wasn't done the next day, he was to hand his notes over to Ken Ellis. Snow returned to his desk, poured some booze into his coffee, and tried to get to work. He had difficulty starting, though, and when Ellis came over to help, Snow exploded, calling Ellis a vulture and tossing his notes at him. Snow went down to Clancy's Bar to brood; Ellis tracked him down there, having found that Snow had barely written anything. Snow cursed out Ellis again, telling him that he'd forgotten more about reporting than Ellis would ever know. Ellis left, disappointed. Later, Snow tried again to write the article.

(Daily Bugle#3) - When Betty Brant disappeared, Jameson called a Bugle staff meeting to investigate; he initially assigned a newly-sober Snow and Ben Urich to go through her Rolodex to look for a lead, but when word came down about a disturbance at the Food Factory restaurant, Jameson sent Snow to check it out. Once there, he snuck around back, and saw owner Tommy Fude holding Betty at gunpoint. Joe Robertson called him on his cellphone to tell him that the Food Factory was probably involved with Betty's disappearance; Charlie looked up from his phone to see the barrel of Tommy's pistol. Fude held both reporters at gunpoint until Fude's mob contact called him to tell him their deal was off. Fude sent Snow out to talk to the police; the relieved Snow took a drink. 

(Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#2) - Snow watched the surveillance footage of the original Hobgoblin murdering Jason Macendale in prison. Given both men's involvement with the death of Bugle reporter Ned Leeds, Jameson declared that the story was the Bugle's top priority, and assigned Urich, Snow, and photographer Angela Yin to the case.

(Amazing Spider-Man '97) - Peter Parker gave Snow a tip that David Lowell, formerly the villainous Sundown, had been released from prison. He got Lowell's address from a contact in the parole office, then met up with Parker to track Lowell down. Finding Lowell outside his apartment building, Snow began aggressively asking him questions about his criminal career; despite Lowell's obvious frustration and Peter's warnings, Snow pressed on until Lowell lashed out and blasted both reporters across the street. Peter positioned himself to cushion Snow's impact, then ran off after Lowell, vowing to ask Ben Urich for help next time.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin.

Interesting that Snow is described as a "non-drinker" in MTU #79, but in the Daily Bugle miniseries he's a problem alcoholic. Maybe he was on the wagon at that point?

Weird pattern of appearances here. Three scattered minor appearances in the '80s, then a whole bunch in 1996-97.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Charlie Snow, Bugle reporter, has no known connections to

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Amazing Spider-Man '97, p24, pan1 (main image)

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