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Real Name: Miles Warren

Identity/Class: Human mutate/technology user

Occupation: Terrorist;
    former biochemistry professor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Mateo Caldron, Carrion (Miles Warren clone), Carrion (William Allen), Carrion (sentient virus), Chance (Nicholas Powell), Cult of the Jackal (Anubia, Caiman, Harrier, Piranis, others), Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius), Electro (Francine Frye), Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Grizzly (Max Markham), Guardian (Peter Parker clone), Leonard Kornfeld, Detective John Laviano, Lizard (Curt Connors), Rhino (Alexei Sytsevich), Scorcher (Steven Hudak), Scorpion (Mac Gargan), Spiderzons, Swarm (Fritz von Meyer), Tarantula (Anton Rodriquez), Seward Trainer, White Rabbit (Lorina Dodson);
    formerly High Evolutionary (Herbert Wyndham), Jack (Peter Parker clone), Jackal (Miles Warren) of Earth-65, Jackal-Man, Benji Jones, Punisher (Frank Castle), Queen (Ana Soria), Scrier (Samuel Fox), Anthony Serba, Spider-King (Steve Rogers), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spidercide, Tarantula (Kaine Parker)

Enemies: Abby-L (Gwen Stacy clone), Alpha (Andy Maguire), Betty Brant of Earth-65, Joan Conway, Ghost-Spider (Gwen Stacy) of Earth-65, Glory Grant of Earth-65, Hammerhead, Helix (Rafael Carago), High Evolutionary (Herbert Wyndham), Jack, Jackal (Miles Warren) of Earth-65, Jackal-Man, Benji Jones, Paula Lake, Ned Leeds, Alice Maguire, Ray Maguire, Mechanic (Reiss), Mister Sinister (Nathaniel Essex), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Punisher (Frank Castle), Queen (Ana Soria), Riptide (Janos Quested), Dr. Yesenia Rosario, Anthony Serba, Scarlet Spider/Jackal (Ben Reilly), Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker), Scrier (Samuel Fox), Shriek (Frances Barrison), Spider-Man (Otto Octavius), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spidercide, Venom (Flash Thompson), Mary Jane Watson of Earth-65

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York

Known Relatives: Raymond Warren (brother), Monica Warren (wife, deceased), unidentified son and daughter (deceased), Gwen Stacy/Joyce Delaney, Abby-L, "Spider-Gwen", and numerous other Gwen Stacy clones (clone "daughters", mostly deceased), Carrion, Warren Miles, and numerous other Miles Warren clones (clone "brothers"/"sons"), Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man, clone "son", deceased), Kaine Parker (Scarlet Spider, clone "son"), Spidercide (clone "son", deceased), numerous other Peter Parker clones (clone "sons", all deceased), Spiderzons (clone "daughters", all deceased), Alpha-Males (clone "sons", all deceased)

Aliases: Professor Guarinus

Base of Operations: Earth-65;
    formerly Empire State University;
    formerly New U Technologies offices, San Francisco, California;
    formerly an abandoned Dow Chemical factory in New York;
    formerly an abandoned school in Brooklyn, New York;
    formerly an abandoned Project Rebirth base beneath Central Park, New York;
    formerly an underground lab beneath Shea Stadium, Queens, New York;
    formerly an underground lab in Brooklyn, New York;
    formerly a lab in the Catskill Mountains;
    formerly New Wundagore, Transia;
    formerly Mount Wundagore, Transia

First Appearance: (Warren) Amazing Spider-Man I#31 (December, 1965);
    (Jackal) Amazing Spider-Man I#129 (February, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Warren is a scientific genius. Via a cloning process of his own design, he can create human clones almost indistinguishable from their counterparts, complete with all of the original subject's memories and knowledge. Warren's clones are frequently unstable, however, and often succumb to clone degeneration, disfiguring or killing them. He has mutated himself, giving him Class 10 strength, superhuman speed and agility, and a bestial appearance, including sharp teeth and claws; his claws are either soaked in a tranquilizing substance, or secrete it naturally. He can take a formula that allows him to maintain a human appearance. Before his mutation, Warren was a superb athlete, having peak human strength and agility. His costume was equipped with negatively-charged electro-prods in the gloves, and he doused his claws in a knockout drug. He occasionally wore a jetpack and used high-tech firearms.

Height: 5'10
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green, formerly gray, formerly black

(Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb)) - Miles Warren worked as an assistant to the High Evolutionary in his Mount Wundagore citadel, helping to evolve animals into New Men. Warren took a particular interest in a jackal, which he evolved into a near-human appearance without the Evolutionary's permission. The jackal-man was highly intelligent, but savage and cruel; its nighttime raids on local farms attracted unwanted attention to the Evolutionary's experiments. Learning of this, the Evolutionary banished Warren from Wundagore.

(Web of Spider-Man I#125/1 (fb)/Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb)) - Warren married a local woman, Monica, and had two children. He continued his research without the Evolutionary; it eventually consumed all his attention, prompting Monica to leave him with the children. Soon, however, Warren was notified that Monica and the children had been killed in a car accident caused by a wild animal - which Warren realized had been caused by the resentful jackal-man. He went to Wundagore and challenged the Evolutionary, who he ultimately blamed for the accident, and challenged his leadership of the New Men. He led a faction of New Men out of Wundagore, promising to make them fully human.

(Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb)) - In the ensuing years, Warren became a professor at Empire State University in New York City, and returned to the New Wundagore settlement every summer, attempting to bring them closer to humanity. One year, he tried injecting them with a DNA serum (an early version of the Carrion virus) which did succeed in making them human - until it ravaged their bodies, transforming them into living corpses before mercifully killing them. He eventually decided that cloning was the solution, and left New Wundagore for years while he worked on the problem.

(Punisher: Year One#1) - Despite not being a medical doctor, Warren was called in to the short-staffed Mt. Sinai Hospital when Dr. Treaks called in sick. He was displeased, especially since the hospital was full of police officers and surrounded by reporters, thanks to the hospital's newest patient: war hero Frank Castle, who had been injured in a botched Mafia hit that also killed his entire family. He discussed the case with Detective John Laviano, and informed him that another witness to the incident, Forrest Hunt, was still alive.

(Untold Tales of Spider-Man#25 (fb)) - Miles' brother Raymond wrote a recommendation for one of his high school students, Peter Parker, to Miles. Miles read it with interest.

(Untold Tales of Spider-Man#25) - Raymond introduced Miles to Parker during a tour of the ESU campus. He told Parker that ESU would be lucky to have him as a student, and dismissed Parker's money concerns, telling him that a smart man never gives up...until he was distracted as he caught a glimpse of Gwen Stacy walking by outside.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#149 (fb)) - Warren fell in love with Stacy, a new student in his class, from the moment he saw her.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#31) - Warren scolded Parker, who had enrolled in his class, when his experiment exploded.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#39) - Warren conducted another class.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual '96/1 (fb)) - Warren called Norman Osborn, who had been backing his research, about additional funding. Osborn's secretary told him that Osborn was in a meeting.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#48) - Noticing that Parker looked unwell in class, Warren sent him home.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#50) - After an exam, Warren talked to Parker after class. He told Parker that his grades had been slipping; Parker promised to buckle down.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#53) - Running into Parker at the school gym, Warren invited him and a guest to a science exposition that evening. That night, Warren drove Parker and his plus-one, Gwen Stacy, to the exposition, where a new missile defense system, the Nullifier, was being displayed. Before long, Dr. Octopus attacked, hoping to steal the device. As the panicked crowd fled, Warren got Gwen to safety, but lost track of Parker (who had leapt into the fray as Spider-Man). He drove the duo to the Coffee Bean, and mused on what a fascinating psychological subject Spider-Man would be. He dropped them off, and headed home to grade term papers.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#63) - Warren tried to pry an oral report out of a distracted Parker.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#88) - Warren asked Peter to see him, and told him that his constant absences were affecting his grades. He asked Parker if he was having any problems he could help with, but Peter insisted that there was nothing he could talk about.

(Spider-Man: Death & Destiny#1) - After assigning his class genetics homework, Warren had the late-arriving Peter stay after; noting his recent history of missed classes and failing grades, he told Parker that his scholarship was in jeopardy. He gave Parker a few more days to finish his work, and also gave him his card, in case he ever needed to talk. Later, Peter, still suffering from trauma after the death of George Stacy, called Warren.

(Spider-Man: Death & Destiny#2) - Despite it being the middle of the night, Warren awoke, and took Parker's call. Despite Parker telling Warren he was at his aunt's house, Warren's Caller ID let him know that he was really calling from an auto body shop (which Parker had raided as Spider-Man); as soon as Parker realized his mistake, he hung up. Later, Parker handed in his paper, which Warren told him was one of the best papers he'd ever read.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#114) - Warren stopped Gwen on campus, asking after Peter, who he hadn't seen in a week. She told him that it was due to his Aunt May's disappearance, and that Gwen blamed herself for driving her away.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#149 (fb)) - After learning of Gwen's death, Warren was despondent, and blamed Spider-Man for her demise. The next day, his lab assistant, Anthony Serba, showed him a frog he'd successfully cloned. Warren hatched an idea, planning to clone Gwen and Peter Parker (as he suspected the latter of having a connection to Spider-Man); he gave Gwen and Peter's cell samples to Serba, claiming they were from a rat. Weeks later, Serba reported to Warren in a panic that the clones he was growing were human, and had to be destroyed immediately. In a blind rage, Warren tried to silence Serba, and accidentally broke his neck. He took Serba's body and disposed of it in the school's incinerator, all the while telling himself that he hadn't killed him. On his way back to his lab, he passed by an open door, where a professor was discussing the jackal, the "most cowardly of predators." Warren convinced himself that the Jackal had killed Serba; suffering a total mental breakdown, he began tending to his clones, fashioning a costume and equipment, and training physically so he could become the costumed Jackal.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#126) - Warren saw Peter at ESU, and sharply requested that he actually attend the class he'd signed up for.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#127) - Warren ran into Parker on campus, and told him that if he kept missing lectures, he'd fail Warren's class. Peter, who was pursuing the Vulture (Clifton Shallot) at the time, ran off before Warren could continue.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#129 (fb)/Spider-Man vs. Punisher#1) - The Jackal learned of the Punisher and watched him in action before introducing himself and convincing him that they sought the destruction of the New York underworld; he told the Punisher of Spider-Man, who he accused of murdering Norman Osborn. The Punisher agreed to make Spider-Man his next target.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#129) - The Jackal watched gleefully as the Punisher tested his concussion rifle on a plaster statue of Spider-Man.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#129 - BTS) - The Jackal slashed the Punisher's ally the Mechanic at Reiss Armories to death with his claws, hoping to frame the Punisher for the crime.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#129) - The Jackal hid in a chimney and watched as Spider-Man fought the Punisher on a rooftop; when Spider-Man gained the upper hand, the Jackal leapt out of the chimney and slashed the back of Spider-Man's head with his electric claws, sending him toppling over the side to his presumed death. The Jackal fled the scene, making sure to leave a gun with the Reiss Armories nameplate on it to lead the police to the murder scene. Later, at the ESU campus, Warren ran into Mary Jane Watson, where he offered his apologies to Peter, having learned about the Vulture situation. Back at the Jackal's lair, the Punisher lashed out at the Jackal for letting Spider-Man seemingly fall to his death, as the Punisher was unconvinced of his guilt; the Jackal let the Punisher storm off to see the Mechanic. The Jackal followed him, and secretly watched as a surviving Spider-Man battled the Punisher at Reiss Armories, but was disappointed to see both men emerge alive.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#130) - The Jackal arranged to meet with the mobster Hammerhead at a snowy construction site; the Jackal proposed an alliance, but did so while wounding the gangster's fragile ego, making him lash out in rage. The Jackal scampered away, content that Hammerhead had reacted just as he'd wanted, igniting a war between Hammerhead and Doctor Octopus which the Jackal hoped would destroy Spider-Man.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#136 - BTS) - The Jackal watched Parker's apartment from afar with a telephoto lens; he saw Parker throw a webbed-up bundle onto his roof. The Jackal retrieved the bundle and found Parker's spare Spider-Man costume inside, fueling his suspicions that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#141 (fb)) - Parker failed Warren's class, but Warren let Peter register for it again.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#140 (fb)) - The Jackal constructed a strength-enhancing costume for ex-wrestler Max Markham, making him into the costumed Grizzly; he then sent him after Spider-Man.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#139) - After placing a spider-tracer on the Grizzly, Peter Parker followed him to a townhouse in Washington Square; when he knocked on the door under the pretense of using the phone, the Jackal knocked him out. He awoke to see the Jackal and Grizzly looming over him.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#140) - The Grizzly carried Parker to the Jackal's lab, where the Jackal locked a brace to Parker's arm; the harness served as a tracking device, with which the Jackal intended to follow Parker and eventually learn Spider-Man's identity. The Jackal then dumped him, unconscious, in the Daily Bugle's lobby; when he came to and tried to remove the device, the Jackal told him (via a built-in speaker) that the device would destroy his arm if he attempted to remove it. This was a bluff, however; Parker removed and destroyed the device and tracked down the Grizzly. The Jackal was watching him, however, and saw him change into his Spider-Man costume, proving Warren's suspicions.

(Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal#1 (fb)) - Warren was approached by the Scrier, one of Osborn's costumed agents, who gave Warren the resources to perfect his cloning process.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#141) - When Parker fell asleep in class, Warren had a talk with him, reminding him that he was already on his last chance in the course. He told Peter to live up to his potential, and said he could always come to him if he had any problems.

(Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal#1 (fb) - BTS ) - Warren hired another assistant to replace Serba, Seward Trainer. Unbeknownst to Warren, Trainer was stealing Warren's files to build his own reputation; the Scrier discovered this and brought Trainer into Osborn's service in exchange for keeping the theft secret from Warren (who Trainer feared, having learned of Serba's murder).

(Scarlet Spider II#2 (fb)) - The Jackal produced several dead clones of both Parker and Stacy.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#399 (fb)) - The Jackal's further experimentation produced two misshapen, but living, clones of Parker. Warren wiped their minds, dubbed them Jack and the Guardian, and assigned them to guard his upstate New York lab.

(Spider-Man I#60 (fb)/Spider-Man I#61 (fb)/Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal#1 (fb)/Scarlet Spider II#2 (fb)) - Warren finally created a living Parker clone, but he soon developed the telltale disfiguring scars of clone degeneration. Warren tried to kill the clone, who he dubbed "Kaine," but he escaped. Warren was despondent following this failure, but the Scrier promised to provide more technology to perfect the cloning process.

(Spider-Island: Deadly Foes#1 (fb)) - Osborn's first living clone of Gwen Stacy was also flawed. Infected with the Carrion virus, the clone went rogue and became known as "Abby-L."

(Amazing Spider-Man I#149 (fb)/Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal#1 (fb)) - With the Scrier's aid, Warren finally produced a flawless clone of Gwen Stacy.

(Web of Spider-Man I#117/2) - Warren watched as a perfect Peter Parker clone finally emerged from his clone casket. When the frightened clone refused to obey his commands and instinctively lashed out at him, Warren went berserk and attacked him. After subduing him, Warren locked the clone in a cell. Over the course of several weeks, he shaped the clone's mind via psychoactive drugs and hypnosis until it resembled Peter Parker's. One day, however, the clone resisted the drugs, struck Warren, and escaped into the night.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#394/2) - The Jackal took the Gwen clone and pursued the Parker clone to the top of a skyscraper with his jetpack. The Jackal tried to convince him to come back with him, but he remembered the Jackal was his enemy, and attacked him. He quickly overcame the villain, stopping only when he saw the Gwen clone. Overcome by his feelings for her, he was easy prey for the Jackal, who slashed him across the back with his drugged claws. The Jackal grabbed both of them and flew off, one step ahead of the security guards who had just arrived on the roof.

(Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal#1 (fb)) - With the Parker clone complete, Scrier took his leave of Warren. Both men suspected their paths would cross again.

(Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb)) - The Jackal visited New Wundagore, telling his New Men that he had successfully cloned humans. He collected some of his equipment, and told them that he would soon return for them - but if he didn't return, they should continue his experiments.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#142 - BTS) - Warren released the Gwen clone to the outside world, where she soon sought out Peter Parker.>

(Amazing Spider-Man I#143) - When Peter was called away to Paris on Bugle business, he requested a short leave of absence from Warren; the professor, noting Parker's improved marks, granted it.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#146) - In his lair, the Jackal contemplated the final phases of his plot against Spider-Man. Later, he tracked down the Scorpion to the mobster Santonio's estate in Monticello, New York; after a brief scuffle, the Jackal told the Scorpion that Spider-Man could be found in May Parker's hospital room and sent him on his way.

(Spider-Man I#51/2) - The Jackal continued to manipulate the Peter clone's mind, giving him all of the original's memories and wiping away his memories of his creation and imprisonment. Dressing him in the costume he'd stolen from Parker, he placed him in his ESU lab and commanded him to wake up. The clone briefly regained consciousness, but Warren put him back to sleep so he could make some final adjustments.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#147) - The Jackal arranged with the Tarantula to help him break out of an upstate penitentiary; as the Tarantula scaled the prison walls, the Jackal was waiting for him in a getaway van. Back in the city, the Jackal disguised himself as a bus driver and surreptitiously took over a city bus; the Tarantula lured Spider-Man into battle and made sure that they both crashed into the vehicle. As the two battled in the aisle, the rest of the passengers fled, but one woman got on - the clone of Gwen Stacy! The Jackal tore off his bus driver mask and sped to the Brooklyn Bridge, where the Tarantula tagged Spider-Man with his drugged boot-tip. The trio took the unconscious Spider-Man to the top of the bridge, where the Jackal chained him up. When he awoke, the Jackal accused him of Gwen Stacy's murder, took credit for the creation of her clone, and had the Tarantula kick Spider-Man off the bridge.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#148) - With Spider-Man presumably dead, the police surrounded the bridge. Using a modular jetpack hidden in the Gwen clone's coat, the trio flew off to the Jackal's lair. Later, Peter and his Bugle colleague Ned Leeds came to see Warren at ESU, having figured out that Gwen had been cloned from the cell samples taken during Warren's class. Warren lied and pretended the cells had been stolen by Anthony Serba, then sent the Tarantula to ambush Spider-Man at Serba's abandoned apartment while he kidnapped Leeds. After Spider-Man defeated the Tarantula, the Jackal slashed Spider-Man with his drugged claws. Before Spider-Man lapsed into unconsciousness, the Jackal explained why he never triggered his spider-sense: it only protected him against his enemies, not his friends - and Professor Warren had always been his friend!

(Amazing Spider-Man I#149/Spectacular Spider-Man II#217/2) - The Jackal brought the unconscious Spider-Man to an abandoned tenement in Lower Manhattan, where he restrained him next to a dummy of Ned Leeds. Spider-Man quickly broke free of his bonds, but the Jackal soon subdued the still-woozy Spider-Man, forgoing his claws to beat his student in a physical fight. He then explained his origins to the defeated Parker, and told him to meet him at Shea Stadium at midnight. Warren then fled out the door.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#31 (fb)/Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand#1 (fb)) - While preparing for the confrontation at Shea Stadium, Warren took a genetic sample from himself and injected it into a clone casket to prepare another clone of himself as a contingency plan; it was intended to incubate for five years, then emerge carrying the Carrion virus the Jackal intended to use to destroy mankind.

(Web of Spider-Man I#125/2 (fb) - BTS) - To live out the normal life he'd desired, Warren created another clone of himself, dubbed "Warren Miles," and programmed him to seek out the Gwen Stacy clone. He intended for them to marry, even going so far as to provide a cloned wedding party.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#149) - Spider-Man arrived at the stadium at midnight, and was ambushed by the Jackal, who slashed him with his drugged claws.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#399 (fb)/Spectacular Spider-Man II#228 (fb)) - The Jackal implanted both Spider-Men with hypnotic suggestions to journey to his lab in the Catskills in five years' time; he also implanted false memories and, in the real Peter Parker, he implanted a command to kill the one he loved the most when given a particular vocal command.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#149 - BTS/Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal#1 (fb)) - As the two Spider-Men battled, Warren slipped away, replacing himself with a clone. The Gwen clone overcame her hypnotism and jolted the Warren clone back to reality. He saved Leeds from the explosion but was caught in it himself. Meanwhile, the real Jackal examined both Spider-Men, who had been knocked unconscious. He used his equipment to determine which Parker was the original, but the Jackal's equipment had been sabotaged by Trainer; it told him the real Parker was the clone, and vice versa. As part of a larger plan to strip what he thought was the real Parker of his identity, he injected the clone (who he thought was the real Parker) with a serum that simulated death. When the real Parker dumped the "corpse" into a smokestack, the Jackal retrieved it and left the clone in an alley, but left the corpse of another, failed clone in the smokestack.

(Spider-Man: The Jackal Files#1 (fb)) - The Jackal began growing another Peter Parker clone at his Catskills lab, hyper-evolved by ten thousand years to have complete molecular control over his body.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#399 (fb)) - The Jackal placed himself in a cellular regeneration tank in his Catskills base; over the next five years it genetically restructured his body into a superhuman man-jackal hybrid. From within the tank, he kept tabs on his foes - both Peter Parker and the clone, who dubbed himself Ben Reilly and later adopted the costumed identity of the Scarlet Spider. He also began formulating a plan to reshape the human race with his cloning technology.

(Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb) - BTS) - The New Men of New Wundagore rejoined the High Evolutionary's people on New Wundagore, but some formed the Cult of the Jackal to venerate their old master. They learned of Warren's "death" and held a memorial service.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#31 (fb) - BTS/Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand#1 (fb)) - Warren's contingency clone became the living corpse Carrion; it was accidentally awakened by ESU student Randy Vale and eventually perished in battle with Spider-Man.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual II#9/1 - BTS/Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb) - BTS) - The High Evolutionary faked Miles Warren's journal and hid it in his lab, then had his men abduct the Gwen Stacy clone and subject her to faked tests, all to "prove" to the Cult of the Jackal that Warren had never produced clones.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#399) - Five years passed, and Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider were compelled to find the Catskills lab, as the Jackal had intended. Jack ushered them to his tank, where the Jackal emerged in his new form. He battled both to a standstill as a test of his new body, then commanded Jack to fetch his clothes. As he dressed, he explained how he had survived, and how he had spent the past five years. He examined the Guardian, who had recently succumbed to clone degeneration and died; then, as he babbled on about his cloning process, he claimed that Peter and Ben were both clones! The revelation prompted a short scuffle among the two, but when Peter demanded proof, the Jackal opened up another pod that he claimed contained the real Parker - but instead contained Gwen Stacy!

(Spider-Man I#56) - Spider-Man attacked the Jackal, who claimed the woman in the pod was the real Gwen; soon, however, the Gwen clone distracted him. Ben then confronted the Jackal, who took him aside and told him that he was the original, and that Peter was the clone. All the while, Jack pestered the Jackal about clone degeneration, which he feared would be in his future, until the Jackal forcefully flung him away. When Peter returned to talk to the Jackal, Warren reversed course, and claimed that Peter was the real Parker. He also claimed that the High Evolutionary had been lying when he told Parker that Warren had never created true clones.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#222) - The Jackal and Jack returned to the wrecked Catskills lab, where they found Kaine poking through the wreckage. After witnessing a third Peter Parker emerge from a pod, the Jackal fought Kaine until they were interrupted by the arrival of Scrier, who the Jackal hadn't seen in years. Scrier promptly disappeared again, making the Jackal wonder if his visit had something to do with Judas Traveller (who was also accompanied by a Scrier, although the Jackal did not realize they were two different individuals) and his recent attack on the Ravencroft Institute. He and Jack took the surviving equipment and relocated to a lab in an abandoned Brooklyn warehouse, using short-lived genetic constructs to set it up. Dismissing Jack's concerns about his own cellular degeneration, the Jackal plotted to find out what Scrier had learned in Ravencroft. Finding Ben Reilly watching a basketball game coached by Flash Thompson, the Jackal and Jack crashed it, unleashing the monstrous Genetrix upon Thompson's terrified students. Reilly confronted him as the Scarlet Spider, but the Jackal just mocked his costume.

(Web of Spider-Man I#123) - The Jackal tossed Reilly out a window and attacked Thompson, but the Scarlet Spider returned and saved him. As the Spider battled the unstable Genetrix, the Jackal sent Jack into the fray - only for Reilly to save him from the Jackal's uncontrollable creation. The Jackal used the distraction to slash Reilly across the back, and soon gained the upper hand, but as soon as Flash evacuated his students, the Spider knocked the Jackal out of the fight. The police shackled him and arranged for him to be transported to Ravencroft, just as he'd planned. As he was taken away, he saw Jack handing a disk (containing information proving that Reilly was the real Parker) to the Spider; displeased at his disloyalty, he triggered Jack's denegeration, killing him.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#223/1 (fb)) - At Ravencroft, the Jackal easily escaped his cell, rewiring the security camera to show a looped video of him sleeping. He slipped out every night, reading Ravencroft director Dr. Ashley Kafka's files, and returned before morning.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#400/1) - Locked in a Ravencroft cell, the Jackal howled and screamed to be released. He briefly paused to tell a guard that he was only there for his own purposes, and he could escape at any time - and then went right back to screaming.

(Spider-Man I#57/1) - At Ravencroft, Dr. Kafka interviewed the Jackal. He complimented her appearance, and she attempted to steer the conversation towards Gwen. He began to stress his restraints, prompting Ravencroft security director John Jameson to take Warren to his cell. Back in his cell, the Jackal mused that he couldn't have planned it better.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#223/1) - During another therapy session with Kafka, the Jackal sung a little ditty about killing both Spider-Men, and began ranting about genetically re-engineering the human race. Kafka had Jameson took him away. The Jackal then slipped out of his cell. He passed by Carnage, who threatened him from his cell, en route to Kafka's files. From them, he learned of fellow inmate Shriek, who had recently absorbed the Carrion virus from its latest host, Malcolm McBride. He attacked her in her cell, then extracted the virus from her. He knocked out a guard and taunted Carnage, then escaped.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#225/1) - The Jackal learned of the death of Warren Miles, the clone he'd programmed to marry his Gwen Stacy clone, and the apparent involvement of a new Green Goblin, and was infuriated - both at the destruction of his "fantasy" and at the possibility that some competitor had cloned one of the Osborns. He followed Spider-Man, and observed his alliance with the heroic Goblin while they battled the homicidal Firefist. Once the Jackal was satisfied that the Goblin wasn't an Osborn, he returned to his lair, where he was greeted by the Parker clone who'd emerged from the pod in his Catskills lab.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#226) - The Jackal and the clone watched TV coverage of Parker's murder trial (the murders in question actually having been committed by Kaine). The Jackal, having nearly perfected his Carrion virus, assigned him to acquire ribonucleic nanocontagium, a needed component for the virus, from a Genetech complex in Sayville, Long Island.

(Spider-Man: The Jackal Files#1) - The Jackal programmed the Parker clone with knowledge of Spider-Man's friends and foes. As his ultimate weapon against his spider-y foes, the Jackal dubbed him Spidercide.

(New Warriors I#61 - BTS) - At the Jackal's command, Spidercide stole the nanocontagium and evaded the New Warriors, with the help of several of the Jackal's mutated clone creations.

(Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha#1) - The Jackal and Spidercide released the improved Carrion virus in Springville, Pennsylvania, killing all but one of its 2601 residents in three minutes. As emergency crews moved in, the Jackal learned that one resident had survived, and sent Spidercide to retrieve him. Meanwhile, the Jackal returned to New York after sending Ben Reilly a postcard, and hunted down Spider-Man, who had recently learned from Seward Trainer that he was the clone, and that Ben Reilly was the real Peter Parker - which the Jackal believed to be true, as well. Finding him despondent atop the Empire State Building, the Jackal battled Spider-Man, soon overwhelming his distraught foe - until he offered him a place by his side, helping him better mankind. Spider-Man reached out his hand, and accepted...

(Web of Spider-Man I#126) - As a SWAT team stormed the observation deck, Spider-Man fled with the Jackal in tow. They swung down to the streets below, only to be ambushed by the Punisher. The Jackal selflessly took a bullet to the chest for Parker, prompting Spider-Man to go berserk on the Punisher. With Castle defeated, Parker took the Jackal back to his lab, where the Jackal had Spider-Man load him into his cellular regeneration pod, but not before making him promise to continue his work. Safely within the pod, the Jackal mused that it couldn't have gone any better if he'd planned it.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#404) - Kaine, angry that the Jackal had corrupted Parker, pulled Warren out of his pod and confronted him. The Jackal briefly fought him, but then offered to cure his clone degeneration, and took him to see Peter, Spidercide, and Ben Reilly. The Jackal delighted in having all of his "sons" together, and told Ben that he was free to go live his life. Enraged, Ben attacked the Jackal, prompting Peter and Kaine to defend Warren. With Ben restrained, the Jackal offered him a place by his side, as well, but he refused, and the Jackal slashed him with his drugged claws. Spidercide offered to kill him, but the Jackal suggested he kill Kaine instead. Kaine stalked off, and Warren had Spidercide drag Ben off to a cell, where Warren unleashed an army of mindless clones on him.

(Spider-Man I#61) - The Jackal sent Peter to find the Gwen Stacy clone so he could discover why she hadn't succumbed to clone degeneration. Before Parker's return, Warren prepared several Gwen clones, but they all degenerated immediately; he dismissed them as unable to compare to the "real" Gwen clone.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#227) - The Jackal examined the Springville survivor, Rafael Carago, noting that the Carrion virus, instead of killing him, had made his genetic structure as twisted as a veritable helix. Soon, Ben and Kaine's battle with the Spider-Man clones spilled over into the Jackal's lab; Warren called for Spidercide, but he wasn't there. He eventually found the clone stealing Warren's files and sending them to Scrier; offended, the Jackal tried to trigger Spidercide's degeneration, but Scrier had removed it. He attacked the Jackal, only for Kaine, who still felt a twisted sense of loyalty to Warren, to intervene. Spidercide fatally wounded Kaine, but was then tackled out a window by the Scarlet Spider, leaving the Jackal alone with the dying Kaine. Kaine told Warren that he'd saved him because he'd given him life, which the Jackal found pathetic, dismissing Kaine as a "beaker of bad chemicals." However, the Jackal still believed he could be useful, and loaded him into a regeneration pod. Now knowing that Scrier was plotting against him, the Jackal moved to enact his final plan immediately, setting a mass of degenerated clones on Reilly before departing.

(Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Omega#1) - The Jackal and a squad of Jacks journeyed to the Daily Bugle building. The Jacks placed his Carrion virus bomb in the ventilation system; the Jackal planned to kill everyone at the Bugle, replace them with clones, and then repeat the process at other major media outlets to conceal his ongoing plot to conquer humanity. As he activated it, he was attacked by Scrier and Spidercide. As he battled Spidercide, the two crashed through J. Jonah Jameson's office window, bringing the Scarlet Spider into the fight. Spidercide gained the upper hand and pinned the Jackal to a wall, but the Jackal used a hidden firearm to dissolve the wall, sending both of them falling out of the building. Ben snagged both of them with weblines, but Spidercide clawed his away trying to kill the Jackal, and fell to his death. Despite the rescue, the Jackal held Reilly at gunpoint, planning to kill him as well, but the newly-arrived Spider-Man knocked the gun away. The Gwen clone, who had arrived with Peter, attacked the Jackal, intending to kill him; to prevent more chaos, both Spider-Men webbed the Jackal up on the roof. As they tried to deal with the virus bomb, the Jackal, aided by the Jacks, worked his way free of the webbing, only for Gwen to grab the Jackal's gun and train it on her creator. Before she could pull the trigger, Mary Jane arrived on the roof, distracting her; the Jackal took advantage and knocked the gun away, accidentally throwing her off balance and into an antenna, which toppled over, leaving Gwen clinging precariously to it as it hung over the side of the roof. The Jackal crawled out onto the antenna to save Gwen, but it snapped, and Peter, still weary from the fight, missed him with a webline. As he fell to the streets below, the Jackal cried out "When the dream ends...the nightmare begins!" He died on impact.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#228 - BTS/Web of Spider-Man I#129 - BTS) - The Jackal's codeword activated Parker's desire to kill the one he loved the most - Mary Jane. Eventually, Parker overpowered the Jackal's programming via force of will.

(Peter Parker: Spider-Man I#75 - BTS/Amazing Spider-Man IV#22 (fb)) - The Jackal, or a clone thereof, took a sample from Ben Reilly's degenerating corpse shortly after he died.

(Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand#1 (fb)) - The Jackal's body was taken to a S.H.I.E.L.D. bio-hazard facility in Bethesda, Maryland. There, S.H.I.E.L.D. researcher Dr. William Allen was exposed to a Carrion virus vaccine within Warren's body, transforming him into a new version of Carrion and infecting him with Warren's consciousness.

(Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand#1) - Allen set Warren's body on fire to ensure that only he would have its power, then fled. Allen had his own plans for his new powers, but Warren commanded him to destroy Spider-Man, insisting that only then would he reveal all of his secrets. After one unsuccessful attempt to kill him on Broadway, Allen lured Spider-Man to the Empire State Building, where Warren struggled with Allen for control of Allen's body until Spider-Man defeated them and handed Allen over to S.H.I.E.L.D.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#659/2 (fb)) - The Jackal survived in a further-mutated body. He dropped out of sight for years, but continued to experiment; one such experimentation resulted in a crash in worldwide bumblebee populations.

(Amazing Spider-Man - BTS/Spider-Island: Deadly Foes#1/2) - After Kaine, having sacrificed himself to save Spider-Man from the Kravinoff family, was buried on Hart Island, the Jackal found his grave and waited for him to rise from the dead. When he clawed his way out of the grave, having regenerated with secondary spider-like mutations, the Jackal promptly slashed him with his drugged claws, then dragged him back to his lab beneath the former Shea Stadium. The Jackal began experimenting on him to enhance his new mutations, only to be surprised by Abby-L. Warren set Kaine, now mutated into the monstrous Tarantula, on Abby-L, but she promptly killed him with the Carrion virus and then turned on the Jackal, taunting him by telling him that she'd killed Warren's "perfect" Gwen clone. In the chaos, the lab began to burn, and a piece of equipment fell, trapping the Jackal and Abby-L. The Tarantula returned to life, further mutated, and chose to save the Jackal, rather than Abby-L, from the exploding lab, now seeing Warren as his father. Afterwards, the spider-powered Queen came to see the Jackal, telling him that the battle with Abby-L had been a test, and he proved worthy of her gift - a vial of genetic material. The Jackal readily accepted it, and formed an alliance with the Queen to radically transform the world...

(Amazing Spider-Man II#659/2/Amazing Spider-Man II#673 (fb)) - The vial contained a sample from a husk Parker had left behind when the Queen transformed him into a giant spider. The Jackal released a horde of bedbugs on Manhattan, all infected with a virus developed with the material from the husk; it gave anyone they bit spider-like powers.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#660/3) - The Jackal observed one of the new spider-powered individuals, high school bully Richard Davies, as he accidentally killed another student and fled.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#663/3) - In Hell's Kitchen, the Jackal recruited spider-powered drug dealer Mateo Caldron after he escaped Cloak and Dagger.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#666) - Jackal and Tarantula watched Leonard Kornfeld take out a pair of Mob debt collectors with his new powers. After he was finished, the Jackal handed him a card and told him to meet him tomorrow at the Blind Spot Bar. The duo then returned to Warren's lab, where they were greeted by the Queen and her new captive, Steve Rogers. The Queen urged him to use the same procedure on Rogers that had turned Kaine into the Tarantula. The Jackal balked, worried at how powerful he'd be, but the Queen insisted that she could control him. The Jackal did as she asked, transforming Rogers into the Spider-King.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#667) - The Jackal convened a meeting of spider-powered criminals at the Blind Spot. When they began to fight amongst themselves, the Jackal had the Tarantula and Spider-King quell the violence. He then persuaded all the criminals present to join him in a display of mass mayhem, and provided them all with Spider-Man costumes to wear.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#668) - The Jackal watched the chaos unfold on TV as he implanted the Spider-King with two thousand mutated spider embryos, all infected with the virus.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#669) - The Jackal hired Chance, Scorcher, and White Rabbit to look in on his old ESU lab, where they were defeated by Peter Parker and Carlie Cooper. The Jackal, amused, watched it all via surveillance cameras, and informed the Queen that everything was going according to plan.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#670) - With Manhattan's spider-powered residents transforming into spider-monsters as the infection progressed, the Jackal, Tarantula, and the Queen took in some fresh air in Central Park. They were joined by the Spider-King (actually Venom in disguise, having defeated the Spider-King and foiled the Jackal's plan to have him release the mutated spiders outside Manhattan); when the Queen asked if there was any hope for a cure, the Jackal assured her there wasn't.

(Venom II#7) - The Jackal examined a mutated spider in his lab.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#671) - As the Queen felt some of her subjects slipping away, she concluded that the humans had found a cure. The Jackal, knowing that the cure was being worked on at Horizon Labs, where Peter Parker worked, sent Tarantula there to destroy it. With the Jackal monitoring him via a monitor strapped to his chest, the Tarantula got into the lab, thanks to a DNA scanner keyed to Parker, and prepared to release a toxin into the cure Horizon had brewed. Spider-Man intervened, but the Tarantula's mutated might soon got the better of him, as the Jackal taunted him. However, when Spider-Man's lost spider-sense was restored, he handily defeated the Tarantula, tossing him into the cure vat, which broke the Jackal's control over him and restored him to human form in the process. Infuriated by yet another failure, the Queen turned her sonic scream on the Jackal, reducing him to a pulp.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#673) - Using a stolen Damage Control truck, the Jackal (who had left a clone to die in his place) collected some of the remains of the Queen, who had transformed into a gigantic spider-monster before being slain by Kaine. Selecting a segment rich in bone marrow, the Jackal had great plans for her genetic material...

(Amazing Spider-Man II#692/1 (fb)) - The Jackal cloned several Spiderzons from the Queen's genetic material.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#692/1) - The Jackal watched news reports about Alpha, a new super hero created by one of Peter Parker's science experiments with "Parker Particles," with interest.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#693) - Using a Warren clone and a Spiderzon, the Jackal kidnapped Alpha, his parents, his agent, and his latest teenage conquest, taking them all to an abandoned school in Brooklyn. There, he shackled Alpha and produced several clones of him, the Alpha-Males, which he intended to mate with his Spiderzons to produce a new race of superbeings. As he explained his plan to Alpha, the Spiderzons arrived, bearing an unconscious Spider-Man. The Jackal couldn't resist taunting his former student - only for Parker to reveal he'd been feigning unconsciousness! He belted the Jackal, who dissolved into sludge - only for yet another Jackal clone to emerge from the shadows. He released the Alpha-Males and set them loose on Spider-Man...only to learn that Alpha's powers didn't affect his DNA, making them nothing but clones of an ordinary teenager. Undaunted, the Jackal began draining the Parker Particles from Alpha, but he broke free and angrily destroyed the Alpha-Males. Disappointed, the Jackal triggered the rapid clone degeneration of the Spiderzons and himself.

(Avenging Spider-Man#16) - The Jackal broke into one of Mister Sinister's labs, defeating his Marauder Riptide to do so. Using the knowledge found within, he devised a new plan to acquire more genetic material from Spider-Man (who he did not realize had been usurped by Otto Octavius); for phase one, he cloned a monstrous "Gwen-Spider" hybrid, which subsequently battled Spider-Man (Octavius) and the X-Men. The Jackal was pleased with how it fared, but concluded he had much more work to do...

(Superior Spider-Man Team-Up#1 (fb)) - As phase two of his plan, the Jackal created a new Carrion clone and unleashed it on New York City.

(Superior Spider-Man Team-Up#1) - Carrion, having been on a whirlwind infection tour of New York's super heroes before being defeated by Spider-Man, returned to the Jackal's base in an abandoned chemical plant. The Jackal initiated phase three of his plan - go kill Spider-Man!

(Superior Spider-Man Team-Up#2) - Working with Carrion, a Warren clone, and a new Gwen Stacy clone, the Jackal created a series of arachnid clones infused with DNA from the X-Men. The Jackal sent them to seek out Spider-Man and Kaine, the latter of whom had become the new Scarlet Spider. Once they'd battled for a while, the Jackal went out with the rest of his cloned entourage to collect them; thanks to an ambush by the Gwen clone, both of them were quickly brought to heel.

(Scarlet Spider II#20/1 (fb)) - While Spider-Man and Kaine were unconscious, the Jackal took them to his lab and collected all manner of DNA samples and bodily fluids from them.

(Scarlet Spider II#20/1) - When Spider-Man and Kaine awoke, the Jackal taunted them about the genetic material he'd harvested from them; before long, Kaine broke free, and soon freed Spider-Man to battle the Jackal and his clones. Incensed over the theft of his DNA, Spider-Man damaged a hydrogen tank, setting fire to the factory. Fearing for the safety of his stolen cell samples, the Jackal rushed into the fire to save them.

(Scarlet Spider II#20/2) - The Jackal survived the resulting inferno, but his Warren clone, the mutant Spider-clones, and all of the new Parker samples did not. Pulling a surviving canister of Kaine's genetic samples out of the rubble, the Jackal proposed Spidercide 2.0...

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#22 (fb)) - Warren developed a new cloning process, one that used DNA from dead individuals to retain all of the subject's memories up until their death. He tested it on the sample he'd taken from Ben Reilly, creating a seemingly-perfect Ben Reilly clone. Seeing that there was still a degradation problem at the molecular level, he electrocuted the clone and started over again. The process was a success, as Reilly remembered being electrocuted - and so Warren proceeded to put him through a torturous series of deaths and resurrections, killing him twenty-three more times in various ways. Eventually, Reilly snapped and broke out of his clone pod, capturing Warren and placing him among Warren's other Warren clones, so that the real Warren had no idea whether he was real or another clone. Dedicating himself to conquering death itself, Reilly became the new Jackal, with Warren and his clones as his assistants; he built a company, New U, and began resurrecting people with Warren's new technology.degradation

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#17) - Warren and his clones were present at New U when the Jackal initiated his new Prowler clone into his service.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#19/1) - Warren and his clones attended to the Jackal as he contacted J. Jonah Jameson in an attempt to get him to endorse New U.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#20) - Warren and his clones met with the grave robbers Burke and Hare to purchase Otto Octavius' corpse - even though the Jackal hadn't ordered it from them. They brought it back to New U and assisted the Jackal in cloning it - only for the Octavius' consciousness, which had survived in a miniature robot and had engineered the whole affair, to jump into the tank and possess the clone.

(Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy#1/1) - When Spider-Man infiltrated New U, Warren (or one of his clones) stumbled on him and alerted security, including the Rhino, Electro, and Doctor Octopus.

(Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy#2) - Warren and his clones accompanied the Jackal and "Gwen Stacy" (actually her spider-powered Earth-65 counterpart in disguise) as they gave Spider-Man a tour of New U.

(Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy#3) - Warren and his clones reminded the Jackal of a meeting he had with New U's backers, then accompanied him to visit Doctor Octopus, who was working on a new proto clone.

(Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy#4) - Warren (or one of his clones) assisted Doctor Octopus and the Lizard in studying Kaine, who New U had captured. Another Warren brought in Octavius' ex-lover, Anna Maria Marconi, to assist them. However, soon Octavius and the Jackal began arguing - which soon devolved into an all-out brawl. Octavius triggered a device that made all of New U's clones degenerate...

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#24) - As the other clones began to degenerate, Warren realized he wasn't - and therefore, he was the real Warren. He donned the Jackal's costume and headed for Reilly's safehouse - a replica of the Parker home located in suburban San Francisco. He doused Reilly's anti-degeneration pills, fake IDs, and cash in benzene and waited for Reilly to arrive - when he did, the Jackal tossed a match on the pile, setting it and the house on fire. He battled Reilly, who defeated him and left him in the burning house to perish.

(Marvel Team-Up IV#1) - The Jackal attacked the ESU Technology and Innovation Expo to steal Dr. Yesenia Rosario's Polyphasic Remote Neural Net Dual Transponder ("Polly") device, intending to use it for his cloning experiments. However, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel defended her, and subdued the Jackal - only to accidentally activate the device, swapping their minds.

(Marvel Team-Up IV#2) - The Jackal returned, and tied up Dr. Rosario while looking through her files.

(Marvel Team-Up IV#3) - The next day, the mind-swapped Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man came to see Dr. Rosario, and found the Jackal in her lab. Ms. Marvel (in Spider-Man's body) battled the Jackal, but he knocked her into a power box; angered, Spider-Man (in Ms. Marvel's body) knocked him out with a giant fist. Later, he was webbed up and carted away by the police.

(Ghost-Spider#2 (fb)) - As "Professor Guarinus," Warren became a professor at Empire State University, even landing a spot on the Ethics Committee.

(Ghost-Spider#3 (fb)) - Australian ESU student Benji Jones figured out that Guarinus was really Miles Warren, and confronted him - but instead of turning him in, she asked for a serum that would help her advance the cause of animal conservation.

(Gwen Stacy: Ghost-Spider#10 - BTS) - Warren hired Swarm to steal thylacine DNA to make the serum for Jones.

(Ghost-Spider#1) - Earth-65's Gwen Stacy accidentally knocked into "Guarinus" on ESU's campus, and helped him up. As she ran off, he recognized her.

(Ghost-Spider#2 (fb)) - Warren asked Jones to befriend and spy on Stacy for him.

(Ghost Spider#2) - Warren made small talk with another ESU staffer, but had to run back to his lab, as the formula that allowed him to maintain human form was wearing off. He took another dose, and planned to no longer be the last of his kind. Later, Jones reported in to him on Stacy's latest activities.

(Ghost-Spider#3) - Jones reported in to Warren, and he gave her the serum, transforming her into a humanoid thylacine. He demanded that she bring Stacy back to him. Later, she reported back that Stacy was the super hero Ghost-Spider, and that she originated from an alternate Earth, but was angry that his serum wore off in an hour. He was angered by the fact that she hadn't brought Stacy to him...

(Ghost-Spider#4 (fb)) - Warren apparently killed Jones and left her body in a dumpster.

(Ghost-Spider#4) - Warren followed Stacy on campus, seeing her change into her costume and enter a dimensional portal. The next day, he transformed into his Jackal form and stealthily chased her down, leaping through the portal behind her before it could close and landing on Earth-65.

(Ghost-Spider#5) - Warren disrupted a mugging by Man-Wolf's gang, asking where he could find Ghost-Spider. As they were uncooperative, he allowed himself to be captured and taken to their hideout. There, he was surprised to find out that Earth-65's Miles Warren was one of Man-Wolf's lieutenants. The two of them wanted to get Spider-Woman - Warren-616 because he was obsessed with her, Warren-65 because he simply wanted her gone. They captured her using a staged hostage situation, then brought her to their lair, where they strapped her to a gurney. Warren-616 tried to use Gwen's dimensional travel device to go back to 616, but found it only worked for her. As he expressed his love for her, Warren-65 laughed - until Stacy's bandmates, finding her via an app on her phone, started pounding on the door. Angry and embarrassed, Warren-616 tore out Warren-65's throat, killing him. He grabbed Mary Jane Watson as a hostage, but she elbowed him in the midsection, and Gwen webbed him up. However, while they were distracted, the Jackal slashed free of his bonds and escaped. Later, he tracked down the Man-Wolf's gang and implored them to take him to their leader...

(King in Black: Gwenom vs. Carnage#1 (fb)) - The Jackal acquired some of the nano-spiders that comprised Ghost-Spider's symbiote costume, and captured Gwen's bandmate Mary Jane Watson. Curious as to the resulting union of two things with a bond to Stacy, he infected Watson with the spiders, transforming her into Carnage. The resulting link, however, transported her from Earth-65 to Earth-616, where Gwen was.

Comments: Miles Warren created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The Jackal created by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, Frank Giacoia, and Dave Hunt.  

I love the Jackal. Most of Spider-Man's other villains have some sort of aim beyond being Spider-Man villains, whether it be money, power, or killing all humans, but the Jackal's sole motivation (with the exception of his ill-advised detour into world domination in the '90s) is messing with Spider-Man. And that's great. The Jackal also has a sense of humor, albeit an extremely goofy one, which sets him apart from most of Spider-Man's enemies, many of whose idea of a joke is to call Spider-Man a meddling insect every so often.

Amazing Spider-Man I#153 has a Roger Slifer-written text page, Of Jackals and Juxtaposition, that attempts to explain some discrepancies in the original clone storyline of the '70s. I've relied on it heavily for this profile.

Given that he's a biology professor, Miles Warren sure has no idea what a jackal looks like. They aren't green, for starters, and they definitely don't have poisonous claws...

As you might expect from a comic written in the mid-'70s, the biology used in the Jackal's initial appearances is...a wee bit out of date. The concept of memory RNA as a mechanism to store actual memories is totally discredited.

Miles Warren has appeared three times in TV adaptations; the first two times, the show ended before he could become the Jackal. In the '90s Spider-Man: The Animated Series, he was voiced by Jonathan Harris (Lost in Space's Dr. Smith), and in Spectacular Spider-Man, he was portrayed by Brian George (Babu Bhatt on Seinfeld). Finally, in 2012's Spider-Man series, he appeared and got to fight Spider-Man as a real-deal green-furred Jackal - although due to there already being another Miles on the show (in the form of Miles Morales), he was referred to as Raymond Warren, like his brother in the comics.

The Jackal's Shea Stadium hideout will soon be a topical reference - the former home of the New York Mets was demolished in 2009.

Miles Warren's appearance in Punisher: Year One is pretty ludicrous - even Warren says it's ridiculous that he's there. He's clearly there as a jokey reference to the Punisher's first appearance, and maybe also as a tie-in to the then-current Clone Saga. He's also dramatically green-lit in his first on-panel appearance, and he calls the media "jackals," in case you didn't get it.

The Jackal's most recent Handbook profile is ambiguous as to whether the Professor, a Jackal-esque criminal who encountered the Punisher and Daredevil in the 2005 Daredevil vs. Punisher miniseries, is the real Jackal, who was believed dead at the time, or a clone of him. Given the Jackal's subsequent reappearance sans the Professor's ailments and appearance, and the Professor's seeming lack of interest in screwing with Peter Parker or even in cloning anybody, I'm going to say that the Professor was a clone.

In Alpha Flight I#114, the Jackal is said to have a son who took up his father's mantle as the Jackal; Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 retcons that into being the Jackal-Man. However, that issue also puts the idea out there that the Jackal-Man was really an inhuman alter ego of Warren's, which would explain how a middle-aged college professor was able to go toe-to-toe with Spider-Man. However, if that was true, then the guy from Alpha Flight couldn't have been the Jackal-Man, because Warren was chilling in a regeneration tube at the time.

Thanks to Ron Fredricks for the cleaned up main image.

This profile was completed 7/29/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

The Jackal has no known connections to:

Monica Warren

(Web of Spider-Man I#125/1 (fb)/Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb)) - During his time working with the High Evolutionary on Mount Wundagore, Miles Warren met and married Monica, a local Transian woman. They soon had two children, a son and a daughter. However, Warren's research took precedence over his family, and Monica left him with the children. As she left, however, their car was attacked by the jackal-man, one of Warren's resentful experiments. Monica and the children were all killed.

--Web of Spider-Man I#125 (fb)/Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb)

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