Real Name: Ahmad Azis

Identity/Class: Human; technology user; Kuwaiti citizen

Occupation: Sheikh; Priest of Anubis; would-be world conqueror

Affiliations: Khalid (agent), a legion of soldiers, Horus (pet falcon); worshipped Anubis

Enemies: Khonshu, Moon Knight, Priests of Khonshu; Hiram Gowdy

Known Relatives: Pharaoh Seti (alleged brother)

Aliases: Araamses; Master (to his agents)

Base of Operations: Failaka Island, Kuwaiti

First Appearance: Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu#1 (Moon Knight II) (June, 1985)




Powers/Abilities: None. Azis uses a golden helmet able to fire laser beams. His jackal-headed staff can project concentrated cyanide gas, which is fatal within seconds.
He was served by a legion of soldiers and his servant, Khalid.
In addition, Azis is extremely wealthy and is a skilled at falconry. His pet falcon, Horus, is trained to attack.



(MK II#1(fb)) - Azis believes himself to be the reincarnation of Araamses, Priest of the Anubis, and brother to the Pharaoh Seti. Araamses spilled blood to seize the Pharaoh's throne after Seti's death, but was captured and buried alive in Set's tomb.
He claims to have been revived/reincarnated/something at the same time that Khonshu's light flooded the same tomb as Marc Spector (when he became Moon Knight). He dwelled among the Bedouin tribes, relearning the desert's ways. He grew strong, becoming a leader, sheikh of sheikhs. From his ancient existence, he remembered royal treasures hidden in the sands, recovered them and turned them into modern wealth. He built himself an extravagant palace, but made no move because he believed that he would be opposed by Khonshu and/or his agents. He sought out the lost statue of Khonshu to make it his.

(MK II#1) - When Marc Spector began to auction off his Egyptian artifacts, Azis decided to stop at nothing to obtain the statue of Khonshu. He had his agents Khalid kill Hiram Gowdy, the expected top bidder, and then he bought it for four million dollars.

Upon obtaining the statue, Azis fully assumed the role of Anubis and initiated his plans to take over the world. He sent Khalid to kill Marc Spector, Khonshu's former defender, to prevent him from interfering, but Spector got the better of him. Following the guidance of the Priests of Khonshu, Spector, as Moon Knight, traveled to Failaka Island, where he was overpowered by Azis' agents.
Anubis the Jackal had Moon Knight bound in mummy wrappings while he revealed his origins, preparing to sacrifice him. Like any bad villain, he talked long enough for the hero to break free. As the moon shone above, Moon Knight's strength was magnified and he tore free from his wrappings. Moon Knight fought off Azis and overpowered his guards, but Azis himself managed to smash him over the back of the head. Azis prepared to incinerate Moon Knight, but, using his new Ankh, Spector smashed Azis' helmet. The damaged laser circuits in the helmet generated great heat, and Azis cast the helmet off. Suddenly, an immense sandstorm whipped up, which not only blinded Azis, but also shattered the pillars in his temple, causing it to collapse on him. The storm continued to increase in ferocity, until it formed a whirlwind, which erased all evidence of Azis' temple.
Spector, unaffected by the storm, credited it to Khonshu, whose statue was similarly unaffected--unlike the temple surrounding it.

Comments: Created by Alan Zenetz and Chris Warner.

Anubis the Jackal should not be confused with:

Horus, Azis' falcon, should be distinguished from:



A loyal servant to Azis, Khalid used his staff to eliminate his opponents. However, Spector, having been given a warning about the Jackal from the Priests of Khonshu, was prepared for his attack and fended it off. After his defeat, Khalid leapt out a window, screaming "Death to Khonshu" as he died.


--Moon Knight II#1







Azis' soldiers


They wore Egyptian garb and were fanatically devoted to him. They generally fought with swords, daggers, and snare-staffs. They kept cyanide capsules in a hollow tooth so that they could kill themselves rather than be captured or questioned.

--Moon Knight II#1









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