Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Terrestrial animal mutate (evolved jackal);
    possibly a human mutate, or a cloned human mutate

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: New Men

Affiliations: Jackal

Enemies: Beta Flight (Goblyn, Manikin, Pathway, Persuasion, Witchfire), Miles Warren (Jackal)

Known Relatives: None;
    possibly the Jackal (Miles Warren)

Aliases: Jackal-Man, Jackal-creature, "Son of the Jackal"

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
    the Citadel of Science, Mount Wundagore, Transia

First Appearance: Alpha Flight I#114 (November, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: The Jackal has razor-sharp claws, doused in a lethal poison. It is unclear what he possesses in the way of scientific knowledge, fighting abilities (though he was able to hold a group of hostages apparently unarmed), and other powers and abilities. It is also unclear whether he wears a costume or if that is his true appearance.

    The Jackal-Man possessed enhanced speed, strength, agility, night vision (extending into the infra-red spectrum), and olfactory (smelling) senses. He possessed sharp claws and teeth and was a savage fighter.




(Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb)) - Years ago, Miles Warren served as research assistant to the High Evolutionary. Warren's attention was attracted to a particular jackal, whom he evolved into humanoid form without the Evolutionary's consent. The Jackal-Man manifested a savage "Jekyll and Hyde" personality; though it possessed a significantly high I.Q., it would sneak into the nearby farms at night and slaughter the animals. The local townspeople would organize hunts for the creature, after closing in on the Evolutionary's operations.

(Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb) - BTS) - The High Evolutionary banished Warren from Wundagore after learning of his unauthorized experiments.

(Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb)) - One night, the High Evolutionary discovered that the Jackal-Man had escaped his cell.

(Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb)) - The Jackal-Man stalked Warren, his wife (a local townswoman he had married after leaving Wundagore) and their children, growing jealous and resentful.






(Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb)) - Warren's wife left with their children after Warren's research had begun to overshadow his passion for his family.  Envious of Warren's new life, the Jackal-Man attacked his wife and children before they reached their destination. The authorities notified Warren about the accident, claiming it had been caused by some sort of wild animal, but Warren realized that his past had come back to haunt him.
    Blaming the High Evolutionary for the death of his family, Warren returned to Wundagore and challenged the High Evolutionary's authority over the New Men, leading to the development of the Cult of the Jackal.

(theoretical) - Eventually captured and imprisoned by Warren after he had become the criminal Jackal, the Jackal-Man eventually came to believe himself to actually be Warren's son.
(Alpha Flight I#114 (fb) - BTS) - "After his mother died, Miles Warren kept him locked away from the world, a prisoner, his whole childhood, his whole life, was sculpted for him, fashioned by a madman's hands into his own image."



(Alpha Flight I#114 (fb) - BTS) - The Jackal-Man either evolved into a form similar to the costume worn by the Jackal (a form the Jackal (Warren) would later mutate himself into as well, or took a more human form and merely wore a costume patterned after the Jackal's, or mutated himself into that form. He apparently learned (or obtained) the poison used by the Jackal to coat his claws. "My father taught me well, taught me all the tricks of the trade, except how to live with myself!"

(Alpha Flight I#114 (fb) - BTS) - Escaping and taking the name of the Jackal, he took several hostages in Houghton Chemical Research Facility, Sudbury, Canada. Alpha Flight was called in to stop him, but as the senior team was involved with the events of the Infinity War, the trainees of Beta Flight were sent instead.

(Alpha Flight I#114) - As Beta Flight teleported outside the room the Jackal was holding the hostages, the Jackal reached out and slashed Manikin with his claws, incapacitating him with their poison. Goblyn leapt into the room, but the Jackal, refusing to be caged, to go to prison, threatened to slash open a security guard's throat unless he was granted safe passage out of there. Pathway spoke with the Jackal, empathizing with his pain and confusion, but the Witchfire burst in, demanding the antidote for the poison. When the Jackal prepared to slash the guard's throat, Witchfire struck him with a magical assault that left him incapacitated.

(Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 - BTS) - When asked about the fate of the Jackal-Man, the High Evolutionary responded, "No one knows...there was an unconfirmed encounter in Canada..."

Comments: Created by Simon Furman, Pat Broderick, and Bruce Patterson.
    Revised/revamped by Glenn Herdling.

    Almost everything from the clone saga, including the true origins of the Jackal and Carrion, have been ret-conned and re-ret-conned, so it's anyone's guess what the real deal is. Warren had no other known children, so the story of the Jackal from Alpha Flight I#114 being his son just doesn't seem to hold water. Still, though it is not 100% confirmed that the Jackal-Man is indeed the "son of the Jackal," that's where the evidence points at this time.

    If Warren were actually involved in the early days of the High Evolutionary's work, he would have to be like 100 years old, because that research was conducted in the early 1930s. My guess is that Warren assisted the HE with a newer batch of New Men, sometime just a few years before the modern era.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1, p47 (not including ads), panel 4 (Jackal-Man)
        p48, panel 5 (attacking Warren family)
Alpha Flight I#114, p14, panel 2 (Jackal slashed Manikin)
        p17, panel 4 (Jackal face)

Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (November, 1995)

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