Real Name: Forrest Hunt

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Banker

Affiliations: formerly Hector Montoya and his unnamed courier;
worked with the Maggia, specifically the Costa mob;

Enemies: Hector Montoya, the Costa mob (esp. Bruno Costa, Luis Allegre, Byron Hannigan, Kolsky, & Skinner)

Known Relatives: Jason (son); mother (unnamed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: formerly New York City, New York

First Appearance: Marvel Preview#2 (1975),
    (named) Punisher War Journal #2 (December, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: No superhuman powers. Hunt was presumably skilled at banking, and was a little too greedy.


(Punisher War Journal #3 (fb)) - Hunt became involved in an international drug conspiracy, in which he exchanged drugs from Santo Angelo's Hector Montoya's courier for money from the Costa Mob Family.

(PWJ #3 (fb))- Behind Montoya's back, Forrest Hunt began to talk with the involved parties in the drug traffic, to cut Montoya out of the operation.

(PWJ #3 (fb))- Montoya left Forrest Hunt and the courier at his office at the embassy, but he had the office bugged. He learned that his suspicions were correct, that Hunt was to cut Montoya out of the operation. Montoya set up Hunt instead by giving him fake junk.

(PWJ #3 (fb)) - At a Central Park exchange with Bruno Costa and four of his agents, the mobsters discovered that they were receiving a fake shipment and blamed Hunt. They tied up Hunt, hung him upside down from a tree in a secluded area, and they shot him, execution style.

(Marvel Preview#2(fb)/Marvel Super-Action#1(fb)/countless others) - Seconds after Hunt had been shot, the Castle family--looking for a good spot for a picnic--wandered upon the scene. Costa gave the order and his men gunned the Castles down as well and then fled. In their haste, Costa and his men failed to confirm the deaths of their victims, and both Hunt and the father, Frank Castle, were alive.

(Punisher: Year One#1/Punisher War Journal#3(fb)) - Fading quickly, Hunt tried to maintain the respect of his family, telling them that he was helping to buy arms for the Santo Angelo Freedom Fighters when congress cut off aid. He told them that he found that the others were dealing drugs and that Montoya had had the mobsters ambush him.
With his last breaths, Hunt made his son Jason swear not to try to gain revenge.

Comments: Created by Carl Potts and Jim Lee.

No connection to:

Jason Hunt

The son of Forrest, he was engaged to a girl named Laurie. Despite his promise to his father--whom he believed to be innocent--he wanted revenge against Montoya, but feared to act alone. On the annivesary of his father's death, he saw a man flying a kite around the site of his death. The next year he saw the same man again, and realized it was Frank Castle, whose family had been killed in the same conflict. Not realizing Castle was the Punisher, Jason tried to get his help in taking down Montoya, who was to be released on parole. Castle tried to turn Jason away from this path, but to no avail. Castle followed Jason and watched him as he tailed Montoya. Though Jason wasn't sure whether he should act or not, Montoya picked up on his tail and confronted him. Castle saved Jason, who ran off, but Montoya tracked him back to his house. Castle's arrival once again saved him, but Montoya died from accidental contact with his own poison.


--Punisher: Year One#1 - BTS, Punisher War Journal#2 (2(fb)-BTS, 3(fb), 2,3


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