Real Name: Hector Montoya

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Professional criminal, former official for the San Lorenzo Embassy

Affiliations: (former) General Accardo, Forrest Hunt, Santo Angelo contras and unnamed courier;
††† formerly worked with the Costa crime family

Enemies: General Accardo, Forrest Hunt, Jason Hunt, Punisher, Raymond

Known Relatives: Angela Montoya (wife), unnamed son, unnamed child, unnamed father, unnamed mother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City (formerly) San Lorenzo Embassy in New York, Riker's Island

First Appearance: Punisher War Journal I#1 (November, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Hector was strong, and very cabable at using handguns. Besides that he used a special toxin to kill his enemies. The toxin caused the victims to suffer cardiac attacks, and was untraceable in the body. To protect himself from the toxin, he wore gloves.

Height: 6' 2" Weight: 210 lbs.

History: (Punisher War Journal I#3 (fb))- While working at the San Lorenzo embassy in New York City, Hector began working for the Santo Angelo contras as well, by having a courier bringing drugs from Central America to USA, in diplomatic pouches. The drugs were made by General Accardo and his men, transported by Montoya's courier to the embassy in New York City, and Forrest Hunt (an american banker) was willing to exchange the drugs for money with the Costa Mob Family. For the money Montoya bought weapons which were sent to General Accardo in San Lorenzo.

Hector married Angela, an American citizen, and recieved dual citizenship. This meant losing his diplomatic immunity in the US.

(Punisher War Journal I#3 (fb, BTS))- Behind Montoya's back, Forrest Hunt began to talk with the involved parties in the drug traffic, to cut Montoya out of the operation.

(Punisher War Journal I#3 (fb))- Montoya left Forrest Hunt and the courier at his office at the embassy, but he had the office bugged. He learned that his suspicions were correct, that Hunt was to cut Montoya out of the operation. Montoya set up Hunt instead by giving him fake junk.

(Punisher War Journal I#3 (fb, BTS))- The mobs were about to execute Forrest Hunt for cheating them, when Frank Castle and his family arrived. The family was gunned down-- only Frank Castle survived.

(Punisher War Journal I#3 (fb))- Later Montoya also wanted revenge at the courier. In a deserted subway station he tried to kill the courier, but he managed to escape and a witness saw Montoya. Since Montoya's marriage, his diplomatic immunity had been nullified, and he was taken in by the police. He agreed to a charge of attempted manslaughter and was sent to jail.

In jail he decided to be a model prisoner in order to get an early release. In the meantime he also began to plan his revenge. He began to research in the prison library, and discovered a way to mix certain medical chemicals and maintenance supplied into a potion that carried an untraceable heart-stopping toxin right through the skin and into the bloodstream.

(Punisher War Journal I#2 (fb)#3 (fb))- One day at prison, Hector and fellow prisoner Frank Castle were set up and attacked. Both of them were capable of defeating their attackers, and they didn't exchange a word, only a nod as they both left. One of these prisoners was Raymond.

(Punisher War Journal I#1) - Still in prison, Hector sent a "reconciliation" letter to one of his enemies, tainted with his contact poison. As Hector was on the verge of getting out for good behavior, Raymond led the large and powerful inmate, Big Mac, to goad him into a fight, taking† his Walkman and spitting on his family's picture. A guard arrived and stopped the fight.

(Punisher War Journal I#2 (BTS))- Five days later, his enemy received the letter, who died soon after.
††† A day after that Hector sent another "reconciliation" letter to another one of his enemies, who also died soon after.

(Punisher War Journal I#2 (fb, BTS)) - Jason Hunt met Frank Castle in Central Park. He told him about the day Castle's family was wiped out by gangsters. The man they were about to execute was Forest Hunt, Jason's father, who was about to blow the whistle on the operation, drug trafficking through the Santo Angelo embassy. The ringleader of the operation who wasn't there at the time was Hector Montoya.

(Punisher War Journal I#2 (BTS)) - Hector sent a third "reconciliation" letter this time to his enemy General Josť Accardo, claiming he wanted them to allow bygones to be bygones. Accardo read the letter, puts it down on the table, and poured him a cup of coffee. Suddenly he dropped dead, and the letter disintegrated.

Jason Hunt told Punisher that Montoya was to be released from prison the next day, and that Jason had sworn to his father that he would make Montoya pay.

(Punisher War Journal I#2)- While preparing his belongings for departure, Hector was bothered by fellow prisoner Raymond. Raymond told Montoya that he would be in jail for a long time, but Montoya had made some important people mad, and he had to look out for himself and his lovely family. Hector thought to himself that he couldn't jeopardize early release by taking Raymond out, but that now he could, and left his walkman with a note for Raymond. After the release Hector was being followed. He saw the man easily, and was surprised since he heard on the radio that all his letters of "reconciliation" worked. Returning to his home, Hector was reunited with his family. They had a short conversation, as he could still see the man who had been stalking him outside his window. He decided to go after the man. His wife asked him if there was anything wrong, but Montoya told her that everything was fine. Out in the streets he quickly captured the man, learning that it was Jason Hunt. Montoya told Jason that it was Jason's father who was the ringleader and not himself. Suddenly Punisher arrived and stopped the two. Montoya used Jason by pushing him into Punisher, and thereby had a chance to get away. Punisher was quickly after him, but Montoya threw some of his special acid in Punisher's face, and Punisher dropped as Montoya got away.

(Punisher War Journal I#3)- Hector returned home and had his welcome home dinner with his family. His wife was still worried, but Montoya assured her again that nothing was wrong. After dinner he went to the bedroom, planning to do away with Jason Hunt. Later he arrived at Jason Hunt's apartment, and threatened him with a gun. He wanted to know if Jason had been working alone or with someone. Jason's dog attacked Montoya, and suddenly Punisher also arrived, and they began to fight. They crashed through the window and out in the open. Montoya lost his gun, but he told Punisher that now he could get a lethal dose of his toxin instead-- only to learn that the vial containing the toxin had broken and Jason's dog had ripped his gloves, so he now had the toxin all over his hands. He knew he was finished, and decided to run away to spend the last few minutes with his family. Outside, the police had arrived, and they told Montoya to freeze. But Montoya kept running and was gunned down.

Comments: Created by Carl Potts and Jim Lee.


Angela Montoya is the wife of Hector, and he received American citizenship by marrying her. They have two children. Hector's parents are also still alive and well. Hector's family remained mostly oblivious to his life as a murderer, right up to his death. - Punisher War Journal I#2, 3

NOTE: The second child isn't seen in the story, but Microchip mentions that Hector Montoya was married and had two children, and in Punisher War Journal I#2 Angela Montoya had brown hair but in Punisher War Journal I#3 she had blond hair. Hmmm, wonder if they're one and the same...

by The Beetle

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Punisher War Journal I#1-2 (November-December, 1988) - Carl Potts (writer/pencils), Jim Lee (inks), Don Daley (editor)
Punisher War Journal I#3 (February, 1989) - Carl Potts (writer/pencils), Jim Lee (inks), Don Daley (editor)

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