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Real Name: Lorina Dodson

Identity/Class: Human, technology user, citizen of the USA

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: Menagerie (Hippo/Mrs. Fluffy Lumpkins, Panda-Mania, Skein/Sybil Dvorak)
                                    formerly Hood's army (Answer/Aaron Nicholson, Bloodshed/Wyndell Dichinson, Lightmaster/Edward Lansky, Scorcher/Steven Hudak, Speed Demon/James Sanders, Squid/Don Callahan, Spot/Johnathon Ohnn), Terrible Two (Walrus/Hubert Carpenter), White Rabbit Gang

Affiliations: Arcade, Mallory Book, Chance (Nicholas Powell), Goldbug, Rose (Phillip Hayes), Mad Hatter and Dormouse;
    employed by Jackal (Miles Warren), Mr. Pain & Owl (alongside Black Talon/Barone, Dragonfly, Gibbon, Nekra, Roughouse, a Scrier, Shocker, Slyde, Terraformer, Tiger Shark, Titania, Trapster)

Enemies: Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Bobby Carr, Carlie Cooper, Civa, Frog-Man (Eugene Paul Patilio), Gibbon (Martin Blank), Grizzly (Maxwell Mark), Hammerhead (Joseph), Howard the Duck, Inner Demons, Jackpot (Sara Ehret), Leapfrog (Vincent Patilio), Mr. Negative (Martian Li), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man (Otto Octavius), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Spot (Johnathon Ohnn), Tigra (Greer Nelson), Underworld (Jack Dio), Mary Jane Watson, White Dragon, Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)

Known Relatives: Lewis Dodson (husband, deceased)

Aliases: "Thumper," Queen of Crime, Mistress of Mayhem

Base of Operations: New York
                                  Boston, Massachusetts (place of birth)

First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up I#131 (July, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: White Rabbit's main weapon is an umbrella which fires razor-tipped and explosive "carrots," flares or gas. It also houses a mini-cannon and can extend a razor-sharp tip for close combat. Her boots contain jets which enable flight, and she has also used rabbit-shaped Bunny Mobiles and "Flying Hare" blimps (equipped with giant explosive carrot bombs) for transportation. Her more bizarre accoutrements include a heavily armed giant robot rabbit and gigantic, carnivorous Genetically Modified Killer Bunnies.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Strawberry blonde
Hair: Blue


(Marvel Team-Up I#131 (fb) - BTS) - The White Rabbit is a clear example of a nutcase. As a child, she belonged to a rich family, who wanted to give her an upright education. She was mostly secluded and "protected", in order to become a "proper lady". Having nowhere to turn, she found her refuge in books, until she read Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. That book was more than a simple refuge for a troubled mind; in her own words, it saved her soul.

(Marvel Team-Up I#131 (fb) - BTS) - She grew up into a futile and melancholic 25 year-old woman married to an 82 year-old multi-billionare geezer. She could have anything money could buy, but she longed for the thrill of danger, mayhem, and adventure, which her husband couldn't give her. She eventually got rid of him, though his death was assumed to be natural (she assures he died happy... I wonder) and then used his fortune to become the White Rabbit, based on the character from the book

(Marvel Team-Up I#131) - She started her villainous career by robbing several fast-food restaurants. Why fast-food? As I said, "the White Rabbit is a clear example of a nutcase". Her biggest problem was that when she tried to rob Kwikkee Burger, Eugene Patilio was in the restaurant. You don't know who Eugene is? He's none other than the Fabulous Frog-Man! While he dodged the bullets from the White Rabbit Gang, the White Rabbit herself abandoned her men, leaving them to handle Frog-Man. Of course, Frog-Man eventually handled himself (check his profile if you don't understand why), and he only survived because Spider-Man intervened. After that, she went to her next target with a renewed Gang: A book fair. On her way, she was spotted by Spidey and Frog-Man, and after a funny battle, her jet-boots failed and she crashed to her first defeat.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#185) - A few years later, she returned with a different plan: She wanted to execute revenge on Frog-Man. With that, she contacted Speed Demon, Yellow Claw and the Walrus, the other guys who were (sort of) defeated by Frog-Man. The first two scoffed at her proposal, only the dumb-as-a-rock Walrus agreed. They started spreading chaos and mayhem in Brooklyn (surprisingly, in front of Kwikkee Burger) to attract Frog-Man, but they attracted one frog too many, because Eugene's dad, the original Leapfrog, also showed up and he controlled the suit much better than his son. Of course, Spidey also appeared, and once again Frog-Man scored a clumsy victory, by falling on the Rabbit's back when jumping out of control.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#253) - In her third and final storyline to date, she and her gang were robbing a bank, when the gargantuan Grizzly and his partner, Gibbon the monkey boy, showed up to stop her. They were captured, and three issues later she attempted to ransom the duo demanding 1 billion dollars for their lives, or she'd feed them to her genetically altered killer bunnies (Monty Python, anyone?)! The Mayor thought that 1 billion was too much, and made a counter-offer: $2.50! She rejected it and took the Flying Hare to bomb the city. She raised the ransom request to 5 billion and returned to her hideout, while a stealthy Bombastic Bag-Man (Peter with a bag on his head. Hey, it's the middle of Identity Crisis, and he had none of the other costumes with him!) climbed aboard the Hare.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#256) - When the Hare arrived back at the hideout, the White Rabbit dropped Grizzly and Gibbon into the bunnies' pit, and the Bag-Man took out the White Rabbit Gang. When he faced the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse, the White Rabbit's sidekicks, they said they were only hired actors, because not a single super-villain wanted to work with the Rabbit. She showed up with a giant Rabbit-Robot and blasted Bag-Man away. Of course, Peter's was just pretending, because he saw Grizzly and Gibbon leaving the pit and wanted to give them the victory. It seems that the Gibbon's natural affinity with animals convinced the killer bunnies to chew their chains. The Grizzly, afraid to be called sexist if he didn't give the Rabbit equal treatment, K.O.'ed her with a nice punch.

(Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six novel) - White Rabbit and her gang tried to rob a Fifth Avenue currency, but Spider-Man stopped them in less than a minute.

(Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6) - White Rabbit was present at the auction of the Venom symbiote.

(Marvel Knights Spider-Man#12 - BTS) - She may also have been present at the auction of the Scorpion suit.

(Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury) - Another bank robbery by White Rabbit was interrupted by the Grizzly, but she escaped and the police arrested Grizzly by mistake.

(Underworld#4-5) - The White Rabbit was part of the army of super-villains sent by the Owl's agent, Mr. Pain, to take down Underworld.

(Claws#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point White Rabbit became Arcade's partner in crime and life. With a Kraven robot they tricked some rich adrenalin-junkies into paying them a lot of money for hunting Wolverine and Black Cat on Murder Island.

(Claws#1 - BTS) - Together they brought Wolverine and Black Cat to Murder Island where the Kraven robot and the hunters already waited. Through Arcade's cameras the evil couple was able to observe the situation all the time.

(Claws#2) - White Rabbit and Arcade watched the hunt until Black Cat shot the Kraven robot and the hunters fled. Arcade wanted to stay to finish the game when Wolverine realized that he was behind it, but White Rabbit suggested to leave with the hunters' money and asked Arcade if the hunt was more important to him than she was. Arcade did the right thing and went with her and the money, but not before he detonated the boat that was supposed to get Wolverine and Black Cat off the island.

(Claws#3) - Back in Arcade's apartment in Manhattan White Rabbit tried on a new outfit. Arcade was mean to her when she asked him if it made her look fat, but he tried to explain to her why any answer he could give was wrong. She didn't seem to understand him, but they still left together to celebrate the death of Black Cat and Wolverine at the opera. They entered the elevator, it rumbled and suddenly they heard Wolverine's voice who told them that they were going for a ride (he pulled the elevator with a helicopter out of the building). First they tried to get out of the elevator, but White Rabbit and Arcade soon gave up and played cards while Wolverine and Black Cat told them how they got off the island. The elevator's voyage ended in the Savage Land where the villains were released. Black Cat took White Rabbit's coat and then left with Wolverine, who didn't tell the villains where they were. White Rabbit was surprised that Wolverine didn't kill them and thought that the goat was cute that was left with them. A Tyrannosaurus appeared and Arcade knew that they were in the Savage Land. He called White Rabbit stupid when she thought they were in Universal Studio's theme park and she got angry. She saved the goat while Arcade ran away.

(Wolverine & Black Cat: Claws II#1 (fb) - BTS) - White Rabbit and Arcade survived as they were supposedly saved by tribal warriors. The warrior happily danced while White Rabbit sat on her own throne. The goat was at her side while Arcade was kept over a fire because White Rabbit was still angry at him for calling her stupid.

(Wolverine & Black Cat: Claws II#1) - White Rabbit stole a jewel from a statue of the tribe's god and they hunted Arcade and her until they reached a spacecraft......(see comments)

(Wolverine & Black Cat: Claws II#3) - Arcade tried to contact the alien inside the ship while White Rabbit was scared of the ship's death ray. Inside the ship were Wolverine, Black Cat and the alien Civa. The former two had just returned from a future where Martians had invaded Earth. They were sent there by Arcade and White Rabbit and had now returned to stop this from ever happening. Arcade and White Rabbit fell into the swamp after Wolverine zapped the ship's energy weapon. Black Cat shot a flying dinosaur's nest to drop eggs on White Rabbit and Arcade, who were then carried away by said flying dinosaur.

(She-Hulk II#16) - Back in civilization White Rabbit fired her lawyer Mallory Book.

(Dark Reign: Mr. Negative#1 (fb) - BTS) - White Rabbit joined the Hood's army.

(Dark Reign: Mr. Negative#1) - White Dragon, corrupted by Mr. Negative, returned to the Hood's Hell Kitchen hideout and attacked several Hood agents including White Rabbit. The attack was stopped by the Hood, who shot White Dragon. In retaliation the Hood sent Answer, Bloodshed, Lightmaster, Scorcher, Speed Demon, Spot, Squid and White Rabbit to deal with Mr. Negative. She maniacally attacked innocent people with her machine gun umbrella. After taking care of the Inner Demons they were confronted by Hammerhead and Spider-Man, who had been corrupted by Mr. Negative.

(Dark Reign: Mr. Negative#2) - Spider-Man webbed up White Rabbit's umbrealla, which exploded and knocked her out.

(Dark Reign: Mr. Negative#3) - The Hood surrounded Mr. Negative with his team including White Rabbit, but before he could finish him off, the Hood got a call from Norman Osborn, who had made a deal with Hammerhead to save Mr. Negative. Nobody paid attention when Spot teleported Negative to safety.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#1/1) - White Rabbit took advantage of the riots in Lower Manhattan and went on a crimespree in Upper Manhattan, but Tigra caught her.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#605 (fb) - BTS) - White Rabbit became a Mutant Growth Hormone dealer and provided MGH to actor Bobby Carr, needed it to gain the strength he needed to play Steve Rogers. When the DEA discovered Carr's drugs at JFK airport he made a deal with them and promised to give up his dealer White Rabbit.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#605) - White Rabbit somehow learned of Carr's betrayal and decided to make an example of him to protect her business and to show her clients that their secrets were always safe with her. She and her gang used knockout gas on an LA club where Carr and MJ were celebrating Carr getting the role of Rogers. Still high on MGH Carr escaped White Rabbit when she tried to overdose him, but her men caught him again. Meanwhile MJ overpowered one of White Rabbit's girls and put on her costume. She surprised White Rabbit and her men and escaped with Carr after blasting White Rabbit with the club's cream machine. White Rabbit and her crew were arrested afterward.

(Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot#2 (fb) - BTS) - White Rabbit became a dealer for Rose's designer drug Ebony, a pharmacalized version of Corruptor's DNA.

(Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot#2) - Jackpot and Spider-Man took down one of the Rose's Ebony dealers, the super villain White Rabbit, but failed to elicit any information from her.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#668 (fb) - BTS) - Jackal hired White Rabbit, Scorcher and Chance to protect his old lab at Empire State University and gave them spider-powers.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#668) - Peter Parker and Carlie Cooper went to Warren's old lab at ESU where White Rabbit and her two allies were already waiting for them.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#669) - White Rabbit, Chance and Scorcher attacked Peter and Carlie. When White Rabbit kicked Carlie, he realized that White Rabbit possessed spider-powers. Peter used the techniques he learned from Shang-Chi to defeat White Rabbit, Chance and Scorcher all by his own. Peter webbed them up and Carlie carried them to a special containment unit. Jackal had watched the whole fight through a security camera.

(Superior Spider-Man#4) - White Rabbit and two henchmen tried to rob a truck driver, but when Spider-Man (Octavius) appeared they quickly surrendered because they didn't want to end up beaten to a pulp or nearly dead like Boomerang and Vulture.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - Finding out that an auction house was about to auction of a fortune in Faberge eggs she planned to pull a heist. To do so she recruited several animal themed superhuman criminals to form the team, the Menagerie. On the team where Panda-Mania, a panda themed girl with superhuman strength, Hippo, a hippo evolved by the High Evolutionary and Skein, the former Gypsy Moth who refused to return to her old alias despite the theme. After successfully stealing the Faberge eggs the group tried to escape.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1/1) - As they escaped into the streets, Spider-Man appeared to foil their plot. Panda-Mania and Hippo hefted cars to blockade the street, preventing the cops from following them, but Spider-Man took down Rabbit and the others in rapid succession.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual III#1/1) - After robbing the Diamond district, White Rabbit and the Menagerie were well well on their way to escape when Spider-Man caught up with them. Though they were upset the wallcrawler never left them alone, they were unable to fight him off. Spider-Man made short work of them.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#16) - White Rabbit was seen in the Slide-Away Casino along with several superhuman criminals.

(Howard the Duck V#4/2) - In an effort to improve her "Alice in Wonderland" stick, the White Rabbit decided she needed special cakes that would make her small. Aware of the existence of Pym particles, she anonymously hired private investigator Howard the Duck to steal the formula. However, Howard contacted Ant-Man and together they decided to take down this anonymous client. Howard arrived at the White Rabbit's base and was immediately captured by the Rabbit who revealed her plan. But when she saw the formula was nothing more than recipe for cake before Ant-Man revealed himself, she decided to surrender.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#20.1) - The White Rabbit was seen fighting the Spot in the Third Precinct. This was just one of the many fight in an ongoing gang war started by Mister Negative and his Inner Demons.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#1/4 - BTS ) - White Rabbit, Walrus and Goldbug banded together to concoct an outlandish scheme involving the drinking water. They were found out by the authorities who tracked them down and sent in Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) to deal with what they called "some ridiculous thing".

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#1/4) - White Rabbit, Walrus and Goldbug were spending the day at her apartment when Spider-Woman suddenly kicked in their front door. Spider-Woman beat the criminals up with her groceries, all the while continuing to talk to Carol Danvers on her phone. After defeating them, she waited for the cops to arrive.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#1/6) - On their way to the newly rebuilt Ryker's, their transport had also picked up two goblins and Ox, another old Spider-Man foe. After White Rabbit and the others were stripped of their attire and weaponry, they were placed in their holding cells. The superhuman criminals however were placed in special containment units that allowed the Regent to siphon off their powers.

Comments: Created by J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Kerry Gammill (pencils), Mike Esposito (inks).

The first time around somebody else used White Rabbit, she got an eating disorder and a costume that made her look like one of Hefner's bunnies. At least she got a new partner in the end...the goat.
   The warriors at the end of Claws looked like Fall People (the mohawk), but I could be wrong. --Markus Raymond

Wolverine & Black Cat prevented Arcade & White Rabbit from tricking Civa into giving them her teleportation device, which created an alternate timeline. This also creates a paradox because if Wolverine & Black Cat had never traveled into the future they would've never met Civa and would've never prevented Arcade & White Rabbit from sending Wolverine & Black Cat into the future:
(Wolverine & Black Cat: Claws II#1) - Arcade and White Rabbit made contact with Civa, the alien inside the ship. She came to Earth to recruit warriors to battle the Martian invaders, who would soon come to Earth. Arcade and White Rabbit stole a teleportation device from Civa and used it to get back to New York City where they took revenge on Wolverine and Black Cat. White Rabbit got her fur coat back and stabbed a waiter in the back when he wanted to ask Wolverine and Black Cat for a help. Wolverine and Black Cat defeated the villains and Black Cat took the teleportation device from Arcade as the villains expected. Arcade and White Rabbit watched as the device activated to transport Wolverine and Black Cat into the future.

White Rabbit received her own entry in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update#2. In this entry her real name was revealed.

Thanks to Stella Holley for pointing out the missed Superior Spider-Man appearance.

White Rabbit's appearances from Marvel Team-Up I#131 till Underworld#5 have been covered by Henrique Ferreira, Claws#1 till Amazing Spider-Man I#669 have been covered by Markus Raymond and Amazing Spider-Man III#1 till Amazing Spider-Man IV#1/6 have been covered by MarvellousLuke.

Profile by Henrique Ferreira & Markus Raymond

The White Rabbit has no known connections to

Dormouse, her assistant has no known connections to

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