Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Terrestrial plant mutate

Occupation: Eco-terrorist

Group MembershipForce of Nature (Aqueduct, Firebrand, Firewall, Skybreaker, Sunstreak), Initiative

Affiliations: Avengers (Ares, Hawkeye (Bullseye), Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn), Ms. Marvel (Karla Sofen), Sentry (Robert Reynolds), Spider-Man (Mac Gargan), Wolverine (Daken)), Brother Grimm, Freedom Force (Challenger, Cloud-9, Equinox, Think Tank), Gargantua, Griffin, Project: Earth (Omar Barrenos, Li Muan Ho, Michael Shauneghan, Sasha Yamir), Razor-Fist, Scorcher, Shadow Initiative (Badd Axe, Ringer, Warbow), Wizard;
    employed by Mr. Pain & Owl (alongside Black Talon (Barone), Dragonfly, Gibbon, Nekra, Roughouse, a Scrier, Shocker, Slyde, Tiger Shark, Titania, Trapster, White Rabbit)

Enemies: Asgardians, Avengers Resistance (Debrii, Gauntlet (Joseph Green), Justice (Vance Astrovik), Night Thrasher (Donyell Taylor), Rage, Scarlet Spider, Slapstick, Tigra, Ultragirl), Heavy Hitters (Nonstop, Prodigy, Telemetry), New Warriors (Chord, Firestar, Marvel Boy (Vance Astrovik), Namorita, Nova (Rich Rider), Rage, Silhouette, Speedball), Underworld

Known Relatives: Plantman (creator)

Aliases: Sam

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: New Warriors I#7 (January, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Terraformer has a symbiotic relationship with other plants and is able to communicate with them and require them to do his bidding. He can wrap others in roots or vines, and cover people with mold. When dehydrated, he enters a cocoon and regenerates. The extent of his abilities remains unrevealed.


(New Warriors I#8 (fb) - BTS) - A vegetable simuloid created by the Plantman, Terraformer gained sentience and free will. He was recruited by Omar Barrenos of Project: Earth to fight for the environment alongside former villains Aqueduct, Skybreaker, and Firewall as a member of Force of Nature.

(New Warriors I#7) - Protecting a Project: Earth plot in the Brazilian rain forest, Force of Nature questioned and killed a man to discover the identities of arriving Americans, the New Warriors.

(New Warriors I#8) - Force of Nature attacked investigating heroes the New Warriors (Chord, Firestar, Marvel Boy, Namorita, Nova, and Speedball). Terraformer buffeted and restrained Marvel Boy and Speedball, then tied all the subdued heroes up in roots while Project: Earth confronted them.

(New Warriors I#29 (fb) – BTS) – The Force of Nature, with new member Firebrand replacing Firewall, entered war-torn Trans-Sabal to stop the environmental havoc there, including massive oil well fires ravaging the country. They spent several weeks in conflict with the Trans-Sabal army, led by General Halladah who piloted Mandroid armor, and the Peoples’ Armed Front, led by Araq Mezdbadah, trying to protect the interests of the environment. Each member of the Force of Nature ended up adopting a darker persona, using their powers in new deadly ways.

(New Warriors I#29 (fb)) – Project: Earth asked the New Warriors (Firestar, Namorita, Nova, Rage, Silhouette, Speedball) to intervene in a civil war in Trans-Sabal to pull out the Force of Nature. The Warriors arrived as a battle between the Army and the Front was coming to a head. During the battle, Terraformer savagely attacked Firestar, determined not to allow her to dehydrate him again, but Rage knocked Terraformer over.

(New Warriors I#30 (fb)) – Aqueduct, by firing a burst of water, intentionally dehydrated Halladah, killing the general. Terraformer covered Nova in a deadly mold, and Firestar briefly considered hurting Terraformer badly. The Force of Nature continued the fight in the country’s capitol, alongside the New Warriors, until the young heroes chose to leave the country. Terraformer's pleas to end the oil fires went unheeded.

(New Warriors I#36) - Imprisoned in the Vault, Aqueduct, Terraformer, and Skybreaker aided Wizard and Gargantua in a revolt against the Guardsmen to gain better rights for prisoners, Terraformer needing a plant for symbiotic survival. Fellow prisoner Marvel Boy helped secure the plant and the revolt died down.

(Underworld I#4-5) - Terraformer, or another Plantman simuloid still in semi-plant form, was part of the army of super-villains sent by the Owl's agent, Mr. Pain, to take down Underworld.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#26) - Under Norman Osborn's regime, the Force of Nature, with new appointed member Sunstreak, joined up with the Initiative and were assigned to protect the state of Oregon.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#28 (fb) - BTS) - As the Force of Nature settled in, Sunstreak found herself pleased with her new employment, getting a retirement plan and even buying a house.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#28) - When the Heavy Hitters (Nonstop, Prodigy, Telemetry) in Nevada succeeded from the Initiative, Osborn sent in the Force of Nature to straighten them up. Under Sunstreak's leadership, they attacked the heroes on a rooftop. Sunstreak scattered the heroes with a fiery burst, Aqueduct hit Telemetry with a watery blast, Terraformer tried ensnaring Nonstop in his roots, and Skybreaker scattered the news helicopter with bursts of wind.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#32/Siege#1) - The Force of Nature were sent by Osborn, alongside other villainous Initiative recruits and the Dark Avengers, to invade Asgard, which hanged suspended over Broxton, Oklahoma. In the intense battle that followed, Terraformer was slashed in half by an Asgardian sword.

(X-Men Unlimited III#18 - BTS) - At an unrevealed point in time, the Warden of superhuman prison the Dungeon acquired a genetic sample of Terraformer which he later used amongst other samples to become the Human Adaptoid. The Human Adaptoid used Terraformer's abilities to make contact with Krakoa.






Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Mark Bagley, and Larry Mahlstedt.

Profile by Chadman.

Terraformer has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
New Warriors I#29, cover (main image)
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Avengers: The Initiative I#28, p11, pan3 (Initiative lineup)

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