Real Name: Wyndell Dichinson

Identity/Class: Enhanced human

Occupation: Professional criminal

Group Membership: Hood's army (worked closely Answer, Lightmaster, Scorcher, Speed Demon, Squid, Spot, White Rabbit);
formerly Hammerhead's "villain army" (Hammerhead, Answer (Aaron Nicholson), Ape-Man, Aura, Clown (Eliot "Crafty" Franklin), Discus (Tim Stuart), Electro (Max Dillon), Great Gambonnos, Man-Mountain Marko, Mauler (Brendan Doyle), Override (Greg Herd), Ringmaster (Maynard Tiboldt), Spot, Squid (Donny Callahan), Trapster, Will O' The Wisp, others)

Affiliations: Ricky Dichinson, Equinox, Ghost-Maker, Goldbug, Grindhouse, Kogar, Shadow Slasher, Shockwave, Spider-Man, Lt. Vazquez,
(formerly) Phillipe Bazin

Enemies: Hammerhead, Heroes for Hire (Black Cat, Humbug, Misty Knight, Orka, Paladin, Shang-Chi, Tarantula, Colleen Wing), Inner Demons, Iron Man (Stark), Mr. Negative, Nico, S.H.I.E.L.D., Vienna, White Dragon;
formerly Spider-Man

Known Relatives: Ricky Dichinson (brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York; formerly, the Far East

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man#81 (October, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Bloodshed possesses superhuman strength (class 50). He is also an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant, due to his street-fighting abilities enhanced by martial arts training in Asia. His costume provided him with enhanced durability. It was outfitted with high-carbon steel shoulder pads, forearm vambraces, and shin guards with sharpened tree spikes, which Bloodshed sometimes used as weapons in hand-to-hand combat.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175 lbs. (188 lbs., in armor)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Web of Spider-Man#81 (fb))- Wyndell coerced his sixteen year old younger brother Ricky to aid him in a car theft. They were stopped by Spider-Man. When the police arrived, Ricky told everything. However, Wyndell, after making bail and attending the arraignement, left town before the trial.

Ricky plead guilty at the trial, received a suspended sentence, and by studying hard, actually became a model citizen. Staying in school, he received good grades, put himself through college, eventually achieving the position of assistant manager at the Johnson Scott Company, trading bonds and securities. However, Ricky became reclusive, paranoid about this past indiscretion catching up with him.

Wyndell, meanwhile, became a mercenary in the Far East, but soon came to work for narcotics dealers.

Soon, a group of American criminals operating out of Thailand offered to make him their superhuman enforcer. Living up to their expectations, Wyndell eventually returned to the U.S., guarding shipments. However, at one point, when the Coast Guard boarded one of the ships, Wyndell, now called Bloodshed, dumped the narcotics.

This angered his employer, Mr. Bazin, who told Bloodshed to acquire $1,000,000 to make up for the lost drugs, or Bazin’s other operatives would punish Bloodshed.

(Spider-Man Unlimited#4 (fb))- After being given this ultimatum, Bloodshed encountered Nico, Bazin's right-hand man. Nico made it clear to Bloodshed that if he failed to collect the money, he'd be dead.

(Web of Spider-Man#81)- With only three days left to acquire the money, Wyndell confronted Ricky in his apartment. He told him that he knew Ricky worked as a broker, and demanded that Ricky use his access to bonds and securities to steal the $1,000,000 for him.

The next day, Ricky, going out for lunch from the building where Johnson Scott had its offices, saw Spider-Man and impulsively called out to him. Realizing his mistake, Ricky denied having said anything and ran away. Blodshed, who had tailed Ricky, took the oppurtunity to attack Spider-Man. Bloodshed mounted a savage attack, but Spider-Man managed to hide and plant a tracer on him.

Bloodshed left to again confront Ricky at his apartment. He trashed the place, warning Ricky not to attempt to contact either Spider-Man or the police. Ricky, after the confrontation, left to get something to eat and mull over his options, and did not notice that the tracer fell off of Bloodshed’s armour.

Spider-Man, following the tracer to Ricky’s apartment, recoginzed Ricky when the latter left the building. Ricky again fled, but Spider-Man, checking the listing in the lobby of the apartment building, saw Ricky’s name. Remembering the name, he discovered by checking through the microfilm library at the Daily Bugle an article from his first few months as Spider-Man that detailled Dichinson’s arrest and trial. Since Wyndell had not attended the trial, the article only referred to Ricky. Spider-Man incorrectly concluded that Ricky was Bloodshed, and went to the Scott Johnson company’s offices to confront Ricky.

However, Bloodshed also chose that time to confront Ricky in his office. Ricky informed Bloodshed that he had had all negotiable securities moved to a downtown vault, hence even killing him would not get Wyndell the money. This infuriated Wyndell, as the deadline that Bazin had set expired that night. Spider-Man arrived immediately after this exchange, and Bloodshed took the oppurtunity to surprise and attack him. He guessed that Bazin would feel pleased to see an enemy neutralized. However, Ricky distracted Bloodshed, enabling Spider-Man to break free. Bloodshed wasdefeated and taken in to police custody.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#4/2 (fb))- Although Bazin was later seemingly killed during a confrontation with his enemy Darkhawk, Bazin's men made several attempts on Bloodshed's life in prison. He finally gave in, and was convinced by Ricky to testify against Bazin's empire, gaining the protection of the Witness Relocation Program. Bloodshed agreed, but only if he was given protection by Spider-Man as well.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#4/2)- While Bloodshed was being transported in a reinforced van, one of Bazin's men fired a bazooka at the vehicle in another attempt. Spider-Man captured the bazooka man, and a gang of Bazin's sent to aid him. Bloodshed, Ricky, and the WPP man, Lt. Vazquez made it out of the burning vehicle safely, and check into a hotel. But waiting in Bloodshed's room was his costume, somehow recovered by the police by Nico, who left a threatening note. Nico also poisoned a meal sent up to him

While Spider-Man and Vazquez checked the food, Wyndell changed into his Bloodshed costume and broke out, intending to find and kill Nico first. Spider-Man followed, and the two fought Nico's men at his base, but Nico escaped, and blew the building up. Spider-Man escaped, but he could find no sign of Bloodshed.

Unseen by Spider-Man or the police, Bloodshed emerged from the shadows, discarded his costume, and set off into the night, intent on one day finding Nico, and settling the score.

(Heroes for Hire II#1) - Bloodshed attended a meeting with Vienna, who offered him and a few other costumed criminals new identities outside of the United States. Heroes for Hire attacked them, but Vienna expected them and the villains gained the upper hand on them with the aid of a few robots. Things changed when Paladin, Orka and Shang-Chi arrived and the villains were soon defeated. Afterwards it was revealed that Vienna worked together with the Heroes for Hire and that the operation was a test for HfH members Humbug and Tarantula.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1) - Bloodshed avoided the authorities.

(Civil War: War Crimes) - Bloodshed joined Hammerhead's "villain army" in order to take advantage of the raging superhero Civil War. Before they could begin doing so, however, their headquarters was raided by Iron Man and a small army of SHIELD agents. Bloodshed's fate in the ensuing melee is unknown.

(Dark Reign: Mr. Negative#1 (fb) - BTS) - Bloodshed joined the Hood's army.

(Dark Reign: Mr. Negative#1) - White Dragon, corrupted by Mr. Negative, returned to the Hood's Hell Kitchen hideout and attacked several Hood agents including Bloodshed. The attack was stopped by the Hood, who shot White Dragon.

  In retaliation the Hood sent Answer, Bloodshed, Lightmaster, Scorcher, Speed Demon, Spot, Squid and White Rabbit to deal with Mr. Negative. After taking care of the Inner Demons they were confronted by Hammerhead and Spider-Man, who had been corrupted by Mr. Negative.

(Dark Reign: Mr. Negative#2) - Spider-Man knocked out Bloodshed.

(Dark Reign: Mr. Negative#3) - The Hood surrounded Mr. Negative with his team including Bloodshed, but before he could finish him off, the Hood got a call from Norman Osborn, who had made a deal with Hammerhead to save Mr. Negative. Nobody paid attention when Spot teleported Negative to safety.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek and Patrick Butler.

Bloodshed received an profile in the Civil War: Battle Damage Report.

by Per Degaton and Prime Eternal

Clarifications: None

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