Real Name: Li-Peng Kai

Identity/Class: Human/Criminal

Occupation: Smuggler, leader of own smuggler-ring

Group Membership: Leader of own smuggler-ring (Chang, Sklar, Black Jack Blue)

Affiliations: Bloodshed, Equinox, Ghost-Maker, Goldbug, Grindhouse, Shadow Slasher, Shockwave,
Formerly Shen Kuei (The Cat)

Enemies: Heroes for Hire (Black Cat, Humbug, Misty Knight, Orka, Paladin, Tarantula, Colleen Wing), Shang-Chi, MI-6, Shen Kuei, Shen Kuei’s brother, Vienna

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hong-Kong area

Appearances: Master of Kung-Fu#63 (April, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Instead of his left hand, he has a weapon, which has blades as well as can be transformed into a blaster, blaster blown up

Weaknesses: Blind on his left eye

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Master of Kung Fu#62 - BTS) - Sends off his men to get some stuff at the Jade Peacock.

(Master of Kung Fu#63) - Sir Denis sends his old friend Black Jack Tarr to Hong-Kong to infiltrate the smuggler-ring lead by Kogar. Black Jack Tarr using the alias Blue, tries to get into Kogar’s organizations and succeeds when he meets two of Kogar’s men, they blindfold Black Jack and knocks him down, for Black Jack not to know where they’re taking him. The two men takes Black Jack to Kogar secret base. When they arrives, Black Jack manage to defeat the two men, Kogar watching and is impressed by Black Jack immediately hires him.

(Master of Kung Fu#65) - Talks with Black Jack, reveals he was behind the bombing of the Jade Peacock, in order to blame put the blame of Juliette. Suddenly a man arrives, at first he is shot upon, but they learn that it’s Chang one of the men who were at the Jade Peacock. Chang tells Kogar than two of his men were killed in a fight with a young Chinese. Later Kogar and his men comes to Shang-Chi’s house, where Shang-Chi is reunited with a surprised Black Jack.

(Master of Kung Fu#66) - Learns that Shang-Chi and Black Jack knows Juliette, tests Black Jack’s loyalty, by threatening to kill Shang-Chi, Black Jack tells him that he don’t mind if he kills Shang-Chi. Satisfied with that, Kogar starts to attack Shang-Chi. Before Shang.-Chi can defeat his attacker, some of Juliette’s men arrives, Shang-Chi escapes with Juliette in a boat. Kogar sends his men to get the two.

(Master of Kung Fu#67) - Kogar’s stuff is revealed to be microdots containing plans to build a neutron bomb. Shang-Chi comes back to the base, revealing that he has grown tired of being Juliette’s protector and that he wasn’t to join up with Kogar. Kogar is surprised.

(Master of Kung Fu#68) - Kogar accepts Shang-Chi’s offer to join them, and tells Sklar to show Shang-Chi to his new quarters. When Sklar comes back, Kogar orders Black Jack to kill Shang-Chi. Suddenly Shen Kuei arrives, revealing that they were once partners. Kogar decides to put his newest recruit to a test and demands to see Shang-Chi. When Shang-Chi arrives, he tells him to fight Shen Kuei to the death. During the fight Kogar talks over himself when he accidently reveals that he was responsible for the death of Shen Kuei’s brother not Shang-Chi.

(Master of Kung Fu#68/Master of Kung Fu#71 (fb) ) - Shang-Chi, Shen Kuei,  Clive Reston, Black Jack Tarr and Melissa Greville all participate in the final battle against Kogar.

(Master of Kung Fu#68) - Kogar’s weapon is blown to pieces, and Kogar’s secret base is destroyed.

(New Avengers Most Wanted Files - BTS) - Kogar was reported as having remained in prison since his initial capture.

(Heroes for Hire II#1) - Kogar attended a meeting with Vienna, who offered him and a few other costumed criminals new identities outside of the United States. Heroes for Hire attacked them, but Vienna expected them and the villains gained the upper hand on them with the aid of a few robots. Things changed when Paladin, Orka and Shang-Chi arrived and the villains were soon defeated. Afterwards it was revealed that Vienna worked together with the Heroes for Hire and that the operation was a test for HfH members Humbug and Tarantula.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1) - Kogar was imprisoned in Negative Zone Prison Alpha.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench & Jim Craig

Kogar received an entry in the Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1.

Profile by: The Beetle

Chang has no known connection to:


Black Jack Tarr is not to be confused with:



One of Kogar’s men, escaped a fight with Shang-Chi, told Kogar about the chinese who has stopped their plans

- Master of Kung Fu#65 (62-bts






Kogar’s “right hand”, Sklar is a small guy, he uses a sword as his weapon

- Master of Kung Fu#63 (65, 66, 67, 68



Black Jack Blue


Black Jack Tarr working under cover in the organization as Black Jack Blue




Singer at the Jade Peacock, former lover of Shen Kuei who was used by Kogar, she later became romantically involved with Skullcrusher before returning to Shen Kuei









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