Real Name: Hubert Carpenter

Identity/Class: Enhanced… err… Altered Human

Occupation: Mass-Destructionist (in his own words), former cab driver

Group Membership: Terrible Two (White Rabbit/Lorina Dodson)

Affiliations: Bob: Agent of Hydra, Goldbug, Mr. Fish (Bill Norris), Peepers, Spectre of Mass Destruction (actually Deadpool)

Enemies: Arcade, Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Defenders (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Henry McCoy, Iceman/Robert Drake), Frog-Man (Eugene Patillo), Leap-Frog (Vincent Patillo), Mr. Roderick, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Known Relatives: Humbert Carpenter (uncle)

Aliases: The White Rabbit called him nimwit. I think it suits him fine.. He also considered the names: The Crimson Turkey, Captain Stoat, Squirrel Man, and The Masked Tapir (yes, seriously).

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York

Base of Operations: New York; formerly based out of the basement of the Home Economics Building of Brooklyn University

First Appearance: Defenders I#131 (May, 1984)





Powers/Abilities: Proportionate strength, agility and speed of a walrus. Since he’s smaller than walruses, that means he’s weaker (but still pretty strong), slower and less agile than them. He has the wonderful ability of making every opponent lose focus and start laughing uncontrollably whenever he speaks.

See the proportion?

   He temporarily wielded a hammer, which possessed mystic powers under the full moon (only under the full moon).

Height: 6'
: 360 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black



History: (Defenders I#131) - The Walrus was created when his Uncle Humbert, a janitor, had a go at some technology, and after many tries managed to give Hubert (the nephew) super-powers. Humbert claimed to be the greatest scientific mind of their age, but it took over ten years for him to successfully empower Hubert. Along the way there were a few pitfulls. They once tried Zeta-Beams which only altered the molecular structure of his underwear. There were other problems, too, but we need not get into those.
    Anway, they finally succeeded with Humbert's Omicron Ray generator. While Uncle Humbert considered a field trial for his nephew, Hubert was stuck trying to come up with a name. After years of trials, he'd exhausted the names of animals he could have the proportional strength of, up to the letter "W." He was stumped until he saw a poster of his favorite band, The Beatles, who's album "The Magical Mystery Tour" gave him the inspiration he needed. He would become a creature of the night! "I--Am--The Walrus! Goo-Goo-Gah-Joob!"
    Anyway again, since Hubert was stupid enough to allow his uncle to experiment on him, so when his uncle pointed him toward evil ways, he gladly went on a spree of mass destruction. Uncle Humbert saw that the Beast was lecturing at Brooklyn University, and so sent Hubert to destroy him. Quoth Humbert, "You must prove yourself the greatest product of modern science! Kill him--and we'll be on the Phil Donahue show within a week!"



Hubert attacked the Beast, who was assisted by his friends, the Angel and Iceman, all part of the New Defenders. These guys failed to take him seriously (I wonder why?), and the Walrus actually smashed the met of the air (from one of Iceman's ice-ramps) with a big tree he'd uprooted. The heroes were momentarily stunned, but the Walrus' last big meal started to catch up with him. Frog-Man (who'd been present, and had been turned down for a membership in the Defenders a few minutes before) tackled the Walrus, but was swatted away. Frog-Man's attack didn't hurt the Walrus in the least, but the combination of too many "Kwikkee Burgers" and the fading power of the Omicron rays...that's what did him in. The Walrus passed out, and Frog-Man got the credit for defeating the villain who'd overpowered the Defenders.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#185) - In his second appearance (last to date) he was contacted by the White Rabbit to form the Terrible Two, whose goal was set on killing Frog-Man II, since he had defeated her as well. In fact, her idea was to form the Terrible Four, but Speed Demon and Yellow Claw, the other guys who Frog-Man II defeated, didn't want to tarnish their reputation by associating with her.
Now, once again we have the Walrus being talked into something stupid, as he starts wreaking havoc in Brooklyn. The White Rabbit follows his lead, and tells the reporters who arrive to cover the story, that they won't stop unless Frog-Man II surrenders to her. Spider-Man is dining at Eugene's house, because he couldn’t say no to an invitation from Eugene, and sees that on TV. He swings for Brooklyn, with Leapfrog I (Vincent Patilio) secretly on his trail, and Frog-Man II secretly on the trail of them both. Spidey dodges a punch from the Walrus, bragging about how fast he was, to which the Walrus responds:
"Yeah, well - Don't underestimate ME, pal! For your information, I've got the proportionate speed, strength and agility of a WALRUS!"

With this, both Spider-Man and I started to laugh. Since Hubert is smaller than a walrus, he just stated he's slower and less agile than any normal walrus. He gets mad and punches Spidey, who was too busy bent over laughing to avoid it. As Spidey gets up, Leapfrog I arrives and announces himself as Frog-Man.He dodges the Walrus' attempts to punch him and knocks him down with a powerful hook. The Rabbit tries to kill Leapfrog I, but she's knocked out by the arriving, clumsy, and out of control Frog-Man (Eugene). The Walrus gets up, and Spidey sees it as an opportunity to shine, since he’s been surpassed by a couple of frogs on live TV: he taps him with one finger and the Walrus goes down for the second and last time tonight.

(Daughters of the Dragon#4) - The Walrus visited an exotic dance club with Mr. Fish (Bill Norris), and watched an overweight dancer.

(Fear Itself: Deadpool#1 (fb) - BTS) - The authorities were unable to find the Walrus (maybe because they didn't really care).

(Fear Itself: Deadpool#1 - BTS) - Looking through supervillain files Deadpool considered Walrus pathetic enough to be the wielder of his fake Asgardian hammer (unbeknownst to him the hammer was actually a weapon against werewolves and had mystical powers, but only under the full moon).

(Fear Itself: Deadpool#1) - Posing at a monster truck show as a maintenance worker Hubert pumped bees into the tires and put flaming bees in the tank alongside the gasoline. Though the latter didn't explode like he expected, the former blew up the tires and swarmed the audience after the monster truck crashed. Laughing at the mass destruction Hubert put on his Walrus costume, smashed the locker of his boss Mr. Roderick and stole fifty dollars and a video rental card from his wallet. He still didn't get why the flaming bees weren't flying around on fire, but was happy with his loot.

   Walrus went to Video Delight to rent a movie. He saw a report about the Asgardian hammers and the Worthy on TV and imagined the mass destruction he he could do with such a weapon. Flying over Walrus with a hang-glider Deadpool dropped his fake next to Walrus, who picked it up and took it to his hotel room. He tested his mighty hammer by smashing a toilet using it, but remembered that he could do that before. Because he was not so sure about that he tested his strength by going next door to smash the toilet there. Returning to his room he was confronted by the Spectre of Mass Destruction, who was actually Deadpool in a Halloween witch costume. The Spectre told Walrus that been chosen as one of the bearers of a Hammer of Mass Destruction. When Walrus told him that the hammer wasn't doing anything special the Spectre told Walrus that its potential still needed to be unlocked and that he, the Spectre, would guide Walrus in doing that...in Cimarron, New Mexico (Deadpool hoped the people would then pay him take down Walrus. He didn't know Cimarron was targeted by werewolves and that the hammer was to be used as weapon against them by his former associates Larry and Marv.)

(Fear Itself: Deadpool#2) - Deadpool erm the Spectre of Mass Destruction led Walrus to several houses in Cimarron, New Mexico to strike fear into the people, which Walrus did by smashing beds, a room filled with Cable merchandise, a radio tower and stealing food from the fridge. The next day the local militia went after Walrus, who hit, ordered by the Spectre, an X on the ground beneath his feet to unleash the fool power of the hammer. Hitting the ground caused the explosives Deadpool had hidden to detonate, taking down the militia. The Spectre then told Walrus that he didn't need the Spectre's guidance anymore and left the town to Walrus to terrorize further. A short time later while Walrus destroyed a water tower Deadpool arrived on a horse to come to the rescue. The townspeople hired him and Walrus immediately smashed him in chest with the hammer. Deadpool healed up and beat up Walrus, but when the full moon appeared on the sky the hammer started to glow and Walrus, now wielding an actual magic hammer, whacked Deadpool over the head.

(Fear Itself: Deadpool#3) - Unable to heal from the injury inflicted on him by the mystical weapon Deadpool fled and put on the Spectre costume again and tried to convince Walrus to stop using the hammer or give it back to the Spectre, but Walrus recognized his voice as Deadpool's and took of his mask. Angered by the deception Walrus kept beating on Deadpool with the hammer until Deadpool gave up. Walrus celebrated his victory over a geniune hero. Outside the town Deadpool ran into his former associates Larry and Marv, who told him that the hammer was actually a weapon against werewolves that were going to attack Cimarron pretty soon. With nothing left to destroy Walrus considered attacking the locals, but before he could do that Deadpool ran him over with Larry and Marv's car. Walrus ripped through the car with the hammer and hit Deadpool again, but the blow was blocked with a Cimarron sign. Annoyed by Deadpool's contant prattling Walrus angrily continued his attacks when a child (and Deadpool fan) called him a doofus. Walrus bit Deadpool with his costume's fangs and kept beating him up with the mystic hammer. Unable to beat him with fair methods Deadpool convinced Walrus there was gold in the sheriff's vault. Heading to the cells in the sheriff department to ask about the gold Walrus did notice that his hammer stopped glowing (no more full moon shining on it, no more powers). When the sheriff told him there was no gold Deadpool had already arrived to shoot Walrus twice with a shotgun. Deadpool returned the hammer to Larry and Marv, who didn't need it anymore because the night was over and the werewolves had not killed the people of Cimarron (though they had stolen gold from the mayor's office...no payment for Deadpool). The Walrus survived and was taken away in an ambulance.


(Amazing Spider-Man IV#1/4 - BTS ) - White Rabbit, Walrus and Goldbug banded together to concoct an outlandish scheme involving the drinking water. They were found out by the authorities who tracked them down and sent in Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) to deal with what they called "some ridiculous thing".

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#1/4) - White Rabbit, Walrus and Goldbug were spending the day at her apartment when Spider-Woman suddenly kicked in their front door. Spider-Woman beat the criminals up with her groceries, all the while continuing to talk to Carol Danvers on her phone. After defeating them, she waited for the cops to arrive.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#1/6) - On their way to the newly rebuilt Ryker's, their transport had also picked up two goblins and Ox, another old Spider-Man foe. After White Rabbit and the others were stripped of their attire and weaponry, they were placed in their holding cells. The superhuman criminals however were placed in special containment units that allowed the Regent to siphon off their powers.

(Unbelieveable Gwenpool#13) - Stuck in Arcade's Dungeons & Dragons-inspired Murderworld in Staten Island Walrus sat at a campfire with Bob and Peepers. He was scared of the unkillable beast others were talking about. Bob pointed out it was just Deadpool and asked Walrus to stop mythologizing him. When Deadpool and Batroc crashed through the ceiling they avoided the battle.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#37) - Walrus attended the fake funeral of Squirrel Girl and talked with Goldbug.

(Amazing Spider-Man V#17 (fb) - BTS) - Walrus was among the animal-themed villains captured by Taskmaster and the Black Ant on behalf of Arcade and Kraven the Hunter, then placed inside Central Park after being in stasis for a time.

(Amazing Spider-Man V#17) - Hunter-Bots controlled by Arcade's clients at the Plaza Hotel advanced on the villains in Central Park, including Walrus.

(Amazing Spider-Man V#18) - Walrus fled from Hunter-Bots.

(Scarlet Witch III#2) - Walrus hung out at the Bar With No Name in West New York, New Jersey until it was attacked by Scythia, who was searching for Darcy Lewis.

Comments: Created by Peter Gillis (writer), J.M. DeMatteis (writers) & Alan Kupperberg (artist).

Although it isn't mentioned, his intelligence must also be proportionate to that of a walrus. Naive and dumb... very dumb

Fat and dumb. Also wears ridiculous costume made to resemble a walrus, complete with tusks and a big rainbow colored "W" on his chest.

Did I mention he’s really dumb?--How dumb is he? Well, as pointed out, if he had the proportionate strength of a Walrus, he'd be weaker than one, because he's smaller. He's actually somewhere in the class 5-10 range, able to smash a hole through a solid brick wall with minimal effort.

Walrus got his own entry in the Spider-Man - Back in Black Handbook.

Created through a brilliant example of international collaboration, via Henrique Ferreira and Jeff Christiansen (Snood). Updated by the European Union of Markus Raymond and MarvellousLuke.

Clarifications: The Walrus shouldn’t be confused with:

A real Walrus. They’re stronger, quicker, smarter, and can learn nifty tricks.


Which one is the comics character? Can you figure it out?




He was probably one of the many unidentifiable villains seen at the end of Amazing Spider-Man V#16 (April, 2019) trapped in energy cages on a mountainside in South Africa, but we don't know for sure.

Humbert Carpenter

Uncle Humbert was a would-be mad scientist, but he was hampered by faulty calibrations, erratic instruments, denials of his grants, only being able to get a job as a janitor--that sort of thing. Along the way, he must have been mutated as well. While testing Hubert's new powers, he lifted a large oak beam and smashed it into him. When questioned how he did that, he quickly changed the subject. Anyway, Humbert directed his nephew by radio in his attack, but...
Walrus: "Woo Woo! Mass Destruction!"
Humbert: "No, No Hubert! NOT more Mass Destruction! Destroy the Defenders! Mass Destruction is only the Six O'Clock news!"
Woman next to Humbert: "Mister, would you mind getting your hand away from there?"
Anyway, after the Walrus passed out in mid-fight, Humbert took off, planning further attempts at more permanent powers...and a better name: "Let's see--Weasel Man--The Caped Wombat--Captain Wildebeest--that sounds good..."

--Defenders I#131

Defenders I#131, p12, pan7 (main image)
Defenders I#131, p19, pan1 (head shot)
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