Real Name: Ichabod Rasputin

Identity/Class: Human; possible magic-user

Occupation: Former High Priest of Tavi;
    former grammar school teacher

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange), Fangor, Fival Fuvnik, Tavi

Enemies: Pretty much everyone he's ever met

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: High Priest of Tavi, Priest of Purity

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Iron Man I#56 (March, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Rasputin claims to have great occult knowledge and abilities. He wielded the Tavistick which he also claimed to have great power. The only time he actually did anything was after the staff and he had been electrified; using the Tavistick, he apparently animated Fangor, though he had no control over the monster. The Tavistick was shattered in the ensuing chaos.


(Iron Man I#56 (fb)) - Rasputin has long been a worshipper of Tavi. He saw himself as holding the key to saving mankind.

(Iron Man I#56 (fb)) - As a grammar teacher, he tried to impart his occult theories to eager young minds, telling them that Tavi would come back and step on them, but he was fired when the principal learned of his unorthodox curriculum.

(Iron Man I#56 (fb)) - Determined to punish society for its crimes against him, Raputin spent all of his waking hours studying Tavi. Eventually he located the formula to recreate the mystic Tavistick. However, his efforts to accomplish this caused an explosion, blowing up a wall and traumatizing three old ladies standing outside. He was imprisoned for a time.

(Iron Man I#56 (fb)) - Upon his release, Rasputin had face his angry landlord, who demanded to be paid for his wall, even striking the angry little man at one point.

(Iron Man I#56 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually, Rasputin succeeded in recreating the Tavistick. He knew one day it would work, and on that day, he would have his revenge on the whole world.

(Iron Man I#56) - In Central Park, Rasputin cursed a crowd of people as infidels, warning them that the day of nightfall was coming. He threatened to be able to summon forth demons with his Tavistick and to heap doom on all the Earth. He eventually left in disgust when people mocked and began hurling food at him. He continued on to a new sculpture about to be unveiled and attempted to interrupt the ceremony, demanding that the statue remain covered. When he got in a television cameraman's face, the man shoved him; when Rasputin began waving his Tavistick around it smacked into the camera, and Rasputin was nearly electrocuted. Still smoldering, Rasputin fled from the irate cameraman, but suddenly the Tavistaff began to glow. As the statue, Fangor, was unveiled, Rasputin raised the Tavistick and spoke the forbidden words, "Frabnoil Otni, Bovine Tavi!" At Rasputin's command, Fangor came to life and went on a rampage. Iron Man showed up and battled Fangor, but in the resulting fight, Rasputin's Tavistick was shattered. As Fangor ran amok, Rasputin fled, only to be hit by an approaching police car.
    Rasputin abandoned his fruitless quest and drowned his sorrows at an Orange Julius stand in Greenwich Village, where a passing Dr. Strange told him to cheer up, as there was always tomorrow.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber and Jim Starlin.

Just thought I'd point out that this issue followed the introduction of Thanos of Titan in the previous issue. Thanos is better, I think.
Nonetheless, it's a good, solid Gerber tale.

Dearth means "scarce supply or lack."

Bovine means of or pertaining to cows...I don't know if the other words mean anything.

Rasputin's first name was revealed in OHOTMU A-Z Hardcover#1 in the Angels entry.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Fangor has no known connection to:

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Iron Man I#56 cover (Fangor)
        p6, panel 1 (Tavistick)
        p7, panel 2 (Rasputin face)
            panel 3 (younger Rasputin)
            panel 9 (Fasputin body)
        p8, panel 6 (Fuvnik)
        p13, panel 2 (Fangor vs. Iron Man)

"All the Evils of Man"

    A statue constructed by Fival Fuvnik as evil's nameless appellation and appearance. Rasputin somehow apparently brought the statue to life (though it could have been coincidence). It weathered a number of assaulted from Iron Man to little effect until the hero hurled an unstable-freon mini-bomb atop the statue, rendering it brittle. With a final power drive, Iron Man shattered the statue into inert pieces, ending its threat.








    Rather than rampaging mindlessly, Fangor could think and speak, and it also breathed. It was about 20' tall, composed of stone, and possessed superhuman strength and durability.


Rasputin also called it "Creature of Stone," "Soul of Evil," and "Plunderer of Purity."


I'd guess that some demon or other magical creature was summoned to animate Fangor, but that's just a guess.

--Iron Man I#56






Fival Fuvnik

The sculptor of Fangor, it was how he conceived evil's nameless appellation and appearance. He wasn't seen after Rasputin animated Fangor.


--Iron Man I#56





The Angel of Dearth

He? was worshipped devoutly by Rasputin. He may have granted his disciple the power via the Tavistick to animate Fangor, or he may have had nothing to do with it, or he may not even exist.

There is no image, as Tavi was never pictured.

According to our myth-expert, Will U, there is no mythological basis for Tavi. If you google it, you'll find Riki-Tiki-Tavi, but that's about it.

--Iron Man I#56 - BTS


"The dreaded winged skull shaft that makes rock walk and clouds talk."

Rasputin learned how to re-create this alleged item of power from an occult text, though his earliest effort caused a powerful explosion. Once he had constucted the Tavistick, he had intended to use it to gain vengeance on the world, but it didn't work. After Rasputin was electrocuted while holding the Tavistick, it began to glow, and then he apparently used it to bring Fangor to life. However, the Tavistick was shattered minutes later, and after Fangor was destroyed, Rasputin apparently abandoned the worship of Tavi.

--Iron Man I#56 (56(fb) - BTS, 56

Iron Man I#56 (March, 1973) - Jim Starlin (plot/pencils), Steve Gerber (plot), Mike Esposito (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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