Real Name: Calvin Zabo

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Criminal;
    formerly medical research scientist

Group Membership: Thunderbolts (Batroc the Leaper/Georges Batroc, Figment, Foolkiller/Greg Salinger, Grizzly/Max Markham, Man-Bull/William Taurens, Mister Fear/Larry Cranston, Star/Ripley Ryan, Taskmaster/Tony Masters);
    formerly Army of Evil ( Absorbing Man, Armadillo, Baron Blood, Blackout, Circus of Crime (Bruto the Strongman, Clown, Fire-Eater, Great Gambonnos, Ringmaster, Teena the Fat Lady), Cyclone, Dragonfly, Ferocia, Graviton, Grey Gargoyle, Gypsy Moth, Klaw, Kraven the Hunter, Living Laser, Madame Menace, Nitro, Serpent Solutions (Anaconda, Black Mamba, Boomslang, Bushmaster, Coachwhip, Cobra, Cottonmouth, Death Adder/Theodore Scott, Fer-de-Lance, Princess Python, Puff Adder, Sidewinder/Gregory Bryan, Slither, Viper/Jordan Dixon), Squid, Tiger Shark, U-Foes (Ironclad, Vapor, Vector, X-Ray), Whirlwind, Wizard, Wrecking Crew (Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball, Wrecker), Yellowjacket/Darren Cross), Lightmaster's Masters of Evil (Absorbing Man/Carl "Crusher" Creel, Blackout/Marcus Daniels, Bulldozer/Henry Camp, Piledriver/Brian Calusky, Thunderball/Eliot Franklin, Titania/Mary MacPherran, Whirlwind/David Cannon, Wrecker/Dirk Garthwaite), Thunderbolts (Boomerang, Centurius/ Noah Black, Fixer/P. Norbert Ebersol, Ghost, Juggernaut/Cain Marko, MACH-V/Abner Jenkins, Man-Thing, Moonstone/Karla Sofen, Satana, Shocker/Herman Schultz, Songbird/Melissa Gold, Troll/Gunna);
    formerly Hood's army (Armadillo, Brothers Grimm, Bulldozer, Chemistro, Crossfire, Cutthroat, Dr. Demonicus, Grizzly, Jonas Harrow, Mandrill, Piledriver, Razor-Fist, Scarecrow, Thunderball, Wrecker, others), Lethal Legion (Absorbing Man, Grey Gargoyle, Grim Reaper, Nekra, Tiger Shark, Wonder Man), Masters of Evil (Absorbing Man, Blackout/Marcus Daniels, Bulldozer, Fixer/P. Norbert Ebersol, Goliath/Erik Josten, Grey Gargoyle, Moonstone/Karla Sofen, Piledriver, Screaming Mimi, Thunderball, Tiger Shark, Titania/Mary Macpherran, Whirlwind/David Cannon, Wrecker/Dirk Garthwaite, Yellowjacket/Rita Demara, Helmut Zemo)

Affiliations: Absorbing Man, Atlas (Erik Josten), David Althoff, Armadillo, Avengers (Ares, Captain Marvel/Noh-Varr, Hawkeye/Bullseye, Iron Patriot/Norman Osborn, Ms. Marvel/Karla Sofen, Spider-Man/Mac Gargan, Wolverine/Daken), Baron Von Strucker, Baron (Helmut) Zemo, Batroc the Leaper, Big Roy, Biohazard, Blue Hyde Brigade/Blue Krue (Hernando, Julio, Guero Valdez), Boomerang, Brandon, Sara Carr, Celestials, Vincenzo Cerilli, Marlo Chandler, Cobra/King Cobra (Klaus Voorhees), Daniel Dilllon, Michael Duffy, Electro (Max Dillon), Enchantress (Amora), Enforcers (Fancy Dan, Hammer Harrison, Montana, Ox (Ronald Bloch), Executioner (Skurge), Firebrand, Fixer (Norbert Ebersol), Lemuel Frye, Gaston, Gladiator (Melvin Potter), Glob (Joseph Timms), Grendel’s brother, Guardian Life Insurance Company (see comments), Antonio Guttierez, Hood, Hydra Avengers (Deadpool, Scarlet Witch/Chthon, Taskmaster, Vision/"Victor Shade"), Inspector Abberline, Inspector Williamson, Invaders (Captain America (Steve Rogers), Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Namor), Yegor Ivanov, Jester (Jonathan Powers), Jennifer Johnson, Rick Jones, Klaw (Ulysses Klaw), Kree, Smasher Kreel, Living Laser, Loki, Mauler, McCallum, Mentallo, Mephisto, Mercy, Microchip, MODOK, Monique, Moonstone (Karla Sofen), Morgan, Morphine, Pat Mulligan (Toxin), Nekra, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, New World Order, Nitro (Robert Hunter), Orrgo, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, Outlanders, Owl, Angela Parish, Purple Man, Rocky, Paul Sarker, Scorcher, Scorpion (Mac Gargan), Serpent Society (Anaconda, Bushmaster, Coachwhip, Cottonmouth, Fer-de-Lance, King Cobra, Puff Adder, Rattler, Rock Python), Rosalind Sharpe, Shockwave, Louis Singh, Skrulls, Stilt-Man (Wilbur Day), Sultan Magus, Tiger Shark, Timber, Titania (Mary Macpherran), Trapster (Peter Petruski), Ultron, Venom (Eddie Brock), Watcher, Whirlwind (David Cannon), Wizard (Bentley Wittman)

Enemies:  Adams, Alpha Flight (Guardian (Heather Hudson), Northstar, Sasquatch (Walter Langkowski)), Ant-Man/Slaying Mantis (Eric O'Grady), Assassin (Mr. Kline), Avengers (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Black Widow/Natasha Romanova, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Crystal, Falcon, Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hercules, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Thor/Odinson, Vision, Warbird/Carol Danvers, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Wonder Man), Avengers (Luke Cage, Captain America/James Barnes, Mockingbird, Ms. Marel/Carol Danvers, Ronin/Clint Barton, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Thor/Odinson, Wolverine/James Howlett), Avengers (Hawkeye/Bullseye, Iron Patriot/Norman Osborn, Ms. Marvel/Karla Sofen, Sentry, Wolverine/Daken), Benedict, Black Cat, Boss Cage (future reality), Bosses, Luke Cage, Captain America/Captain (Steve Rogers), Sharon Carter, Cesar, Cucola, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), D-Man (Dennis Dunphy), Dr. Doom (Victor Von Doom), Doombots, Eel (Edward Lavell), Falcon (Sam Wilson), Jane Foster, Free Spirit, Freedom Force (Avalanche, Blob, Crimson Commando, Mystique, Pyro, Super Sabre), Nick Fury, Galvin, Ghost Rider (John Blaze/Zarathos), Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes/Eli Morrow), Heather Glenn, Grumpy, Guardsman Prime, Jordan Harrison, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Dum-Dum Dugan, Glyph, Hit-Monkey, Man-Thing, Manphibian, Jasper Sitwell, Teen Abomination, Vampire by Night, Warwolf/Martin Reyna), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Iceni (Annie Chapman, Catherine Eddowed, Elizabeth Stride), Inhumans (Grid, Iso, Leer, Frank McGee, Naja, others), Initiative (Annex, Batwing, Boulder, Constrictor, Gorilla Girl, Prodigy, Sunstreak, War Machine, Yellowjacket/Criti Noll), Invisible Woman (Susan Richards), Iron Man (Tony Stark), John Jameson, Edwin Jarvis, Artie Jeckle, Colonel Jordan, Ashley Kafka, King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table (Black Knight/Sir Percy of Scandia, Sir Galahad, Sir Gawain, Sir Lancelot), Kobik, Kostmeier, Kraven the Hunter (Alyosha Kravinoff), Lew, Madeline, McGraw, Merlin, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Mr. Fantastic, Moon Knight (Marc Spector), Ethan Myers, Mysterio (Quentin Beck), Nomad (Jack Monroe), Paladin, Pearson, Philip, Phillips, Project: PEGASUS, Punisher (Frank Castle), Redwing, Gwen Reilly, Joe Robertson, Martha Robertson, Bert Rose, Bill Rotsler, Sharman, She-Hulk, SHIELD, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man (Ben Reilly), Spider-Woman imposter (Veranke), Succubus, Symbiotes, Thor (Odinson), Thunderbolts (Atlas/Erik Josten, Citizen V/Helmut Zemo, Joystick, MACH-1, Meteorite/Karla Sofen), Norman Osborn, Radioactive Man, Songbird, Speed Demon, Sun Girl (Selah Burke), Superior Six (Chameleon/Dmitri Smerdyakov, Electro/Max Dillon, Mysterion, Sandman/William Baker, Spider-Man/Otto Octavius, Vulture/Adrian Toomes), Techno, Thunderbolts (Ai Apaec, Ragnarok, Toxie Doxie, Trickshot/Barney Barton), Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Venom (Mac Gargan), the Warriors (Devil Dinosaur, Inferno, Karnak, Moon Girl, Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan, Quake), Werewolf (Jack Russell), Young Avengers (Kate Bishop, Hulkling, Patriot (Eli Bradley), Stature, Wiccan), Baron Heinrich Zemo;
    formerly Avengers (Ares, Captain Marvel (Noh-Varr), Hawkeye (Bullseye), Iron Patriot, Ms. Marvel (Karla Sofen), Spider-Man (Mac Gargan), Wolverine (Akihiro)), Cobra (Klaus Voorhees)

Known Relatives: Daisy Johnson (Quake, daughter)

Aliases: Edward Hyde, posed as Thor

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery I#99 (December, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: A talented biochemist, Calvin Zabo has used different chemical concoctions over the years to transform himself into the monstrous Mr. Hyde, who possesses vast super human strength, durability, and recuperative powers. The chemical transformation involves Zabo's cells manufacturing mutated hormones, added vast bulk through the painful transformation, which takes about 30 seconds. During the transformation, Zabo's skin is stretched over this new bulk, distorting his appearance, altering his appearance and even his fingerprints. As Hyde, Zabo's bestial nature takes over and he becomes savage and ruthless. After his initial transformation, Hyde possessed the power of 12 men, and he subsequently doubled this power by adding an emerald to his serum; he has since become much stronger, though his abilities seem to directly relate to the serum he most recently ingested. Hyde must occasionally ingest a new serum to remain as Hyde; though he generally drinks the serum, he can inject it into his bloodstream as well. Hyde's powers were briefly doubled by Loki. Hyde briefly used Mutant Growth Hormone to enhance his abilities, though an overdose caused him to collapse from vastly increased strength and bulk. Hyde seemingly possesses some sort of healing factor, as he has recovered quickly from severe injuries. He possesses his chemist skills as both Zabo and Hyde, even having created a potion that blinded Daredevil once, canceling out the hero's radar powers; in addition, Zabo successfully designed a serum that would replicate Spider-Man's powers in numerous test subjects. Zabo is also a talented inventor, having created technological weapons such as chemical irritant sprays, a power-sapper, and the Time Reversal Ray, which would allow its user to witness the events of the recent past when it was fired on a subject. It has been theorized that Hyde is much more violent and powerful when a long period of time goes between transformations. Mr. Hyde’s body eventually began producing the transformation serum naturally, making his change back to Zabo difficult.

Height: (Zabo) 5'11"; (Hyde) 6'5"
Weight: (Zabo) 185 lbs.; (Hyde) 420 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: (Zabo) grey; (Hyde) brown

(Journey into Mystery I#99 (fb) - BTS) - Zabo had a reputation for losing every job he'd ever had. For years, he'd been fascinated by they story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and he planned to unlock the powers of human potential through chemicals, giving in to man's base nature.

(Morbius: Bond of Blood#1 (fb) - BTS) - Zabo began researching cellular regeneration on the molecular level, working on occasion with Nobel prize winner Dr. Michael Morbius. Zabo began conducting illegal experiments in a lab in New York City, and he brazenly showed Morbius his lab once.

(Secret War#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Zabo began experimenting on himself, altering his genome. He impregnated a prostitute, Jennifer Johnson, who gave birth to Daisy Johnson. Daisy grew up in foster care and later developed super powers due to her altered genome. She'd eventually become Quake of SHIELD.

(S.H.I.E.L.D. III#7 (fb) ) - Years ago, Calvin Zabo fathered Daisy Johnson with a woman who would turn out to have Inhuman DNA in her system. Zabo had been altering his own DNA for years before he perfected the Mr. Hyde formula, and his own experiments ended up altering Daisy's DNA as well.

(Journey into Mystery I#99 (fb) ) - Zabo visited the famous lame doctor Donald Blake, planning to get a job with him and then return to rob him later. Blake refused to hire him, however, and had nurse Jane Foster show him out.

(Journey into Mystery I#99 (fb) - BTS) - Zabo began working on his chemicals over the following months.

(Journey into Mystery I#99 (fb) ) - Finally perfecting his serum, Zabo drank it and fond himself transformed into a monstrous version of himself, giving him the power of 12 men. He noted that even his fingerprints had changed and planned to commit crimes, then turn back to Zabo before anyone could capture him.

(Journey into Mystery I#99) - Hyde watched Thor leave New York, then he went to find Donald Blake to get his revenge. He smashed into Blake's office and demanded Foster show him into Blake. When she refused, he smashed into Blake's private room, then knocked Blake out the window, noting that Blake had grabbed his cane on the way. Hyde ripped open Blake's safe, stealing its contents, then rushed off. He returned to his headquarters to plot his next heist when he heard on the radio that Thor had saved Blake. Furious, he planned to destroy Thor. The next day, Hyde disguised himself as Thor and broke into a bank, taking a fortune and crushing one of the guard's guns on his way out. The entire city turned against Thor. 

(Journey into Mystery I#100) - Hyde followed Blake and Foster on their date to the Ritz Terrace, where he forced them into his car at gunpoint. He explained that he hated Blake for being honest, hard-working, and successful while he was the evil nature of man personified. He forced Blake to drive them to his deserted castle headquarters, where he tied Blake to a pole and set a time-bomb for 24 hours later. He then forced Foster to accompany him in stealing a Polaris Submarine from the East River Naval Yard, planning on being king of the seas with she as his queen. As he overpowered the guards, Hyde threatened Foster if they didn't back off. As he prepared to take Foster aboard the submarine, Thor attacked. Foster hit Thor square on with a large piece of metal, then rushed into the submarine with Foster with Thor in hot pursuit. Hyde snuck up on Thor, restraining him with jagged metal. Thor flipped Hyde over his shoulder, then Hyde retrieved his handgun, which was blown out of his hand when Thor created a small tornado by spinning his cape quickly. As Foster begged Thor to let Hyde escape so Blake could live, Hyde jumped off the submarine and escaped.

(Journey into Mystery I#105 (fb) - BTS) - Over the following weeks, Zabo worked to make his chemicals even more powerful. He invited the Time Reversal Ray as well, which, when shot at a target, would show images of their last actions moving backwards in time.

(Journey into Mystery I#105) - Zabo was mixing chemicals in his Manhattan apartment when Cobra snuck in through the window. Before he could be attacked, Zabo drank his potion and changed into Hyde. Cobra, shocked, was thrown aside by Hyde, who shrugged off the nerve gas vial Cobra threw. Cobra wrapped himself around Hyde, who knocked him into the equipment. When the villains realized they were both enemies of Thor, they decided to join forces against their foe. Hyde showed Cobra the Time Reversal Ray, demonstrating it on him, and they planned to use it on Thor so they could find his headquarters and attack him at their leisure. Seeking to lure Thor into the Ray's beam, Hyde broke into a jewelry store and the hero attacked him. Hyde used chemical irritant sprays from under his shirt to hit Thor in the eyes, then he quickly escaped by turning into Zabo. Cobra, meanwhile, hit Thor with the Ray. They followed Thor's image backwards in time to the window of Don Blake, zooming in on the logo of the window; they were frustrated that the Ray didn't take them back farther. They rushed to Blake's office and threatened to harm him unless he confessed Thor's whereabouts, but he refused until Foster came in. Foster instructed them to take his walking stick from the cabinet and to tap the cane as they looked out the window; when they did, Blake switched to Thor without them seeing and the can switched to Thor's hammer, pulling a shocked Hyde to the floor. Thor, stating that Blake had run for it, leapt at the villains as Cobra rushed up the side of the building and Hyde fled to the Auto Junk Yard nearby. As Thor followed Hyde, Hyde tried using a small ultra-wave transmitter to attract Thor's hammer, then Hyde fled into the nearby Coliseum, which was showcasing a machine show. Throwing bulky machines at Thor, Hyde laughed that Thor wouldn't hurt innocents while Cobra snuck into a hydraulic hoist machine, ensnaring Thor's hammer. Knowing that man couldn't lift Thor's hammer, they laughed that the machine had it and prepared to attack.

(Journey into Mystery I#106) - Thor knocked the villains off-balance by ripping up the floor, then the hero fled into the crowd. A furious Hyde grabbed a microphone as the police surrounded the building and yelled into it that he would attack the crowd unless Thor showed himself. Blake revealed himself and stated that he would show them how to find Thor if Hyde would retrieve Blake's cane from the hydraulic machine. After Hyde violently silenced the crowd, Cobra worked his way into the complex machine, but couldn't retrieve the cane, so Hyde tore it apart and got it himself. Blake took the cane and fled, soon returning as Thor. As Hyde got a powerful sprayer machine, Cobra evaded Thor's hammer, soon getting caught in its thong and pulled toward the hero. Hyde activated the sprayer, knocking Thor off his feet until the hero destroyed the machine. Thor threw Cobra into Hyde as the police swarmed the building. Realizing he was outclassed, Hyde took the potion that turned him into Zabo and quietly escaped. Cobra was soon arrested. Zabo followed Thor for a time, soon turning into Hyde again, reversing his jacket to complete his costume. He ripped out a lamppost and knocked Thor's hammer away, but the hero rushed at him, tossing Hyde through a wall and punching him repeatedly as he easily evaded Hyde's blows. Within sixty seconds, Thor had spun Hyde over his head and knocked him out against a wall, leaving him to be arrested.

(Journey into Mystery I#110) - Loki paid the half million dollar bail for Hyde and Cobra, making them automatically suspicious. He revealed himself as Thor's half-brother, then cast a magic spell on them to double their power. Loki ordered them to capture Jane Foster and they rushed to do so, Hyde knocking aside a car on the way. Cobra grabbed Foster out of the window and Thor immediately attacked as Cobra passed Foster to Hyde while slithering under a cab. Hyde took Foster with them, making Thor promise to meet them on the same corner in 24 hours. Thor soon found their remote headquarters, not expecting that they had laid traps for him, including stony spikes, tear gas, and explosions. Cobra swiftly evaded Thor as Hyde, with a gas mask, knocked the hero back, seeing Thor buried in rubble after an explosion. Hyde went to retrieve Cobra, but they found Thor missing, tending to Foster, who'd been wounded in the explosion.

(Journey into Mystery I#111) - Hyde and Cobra soon tracked Thor to Foster's hospital room and savagely attacked. Thor batted them aside, blew them off with his winds, then fled with Foster, putting her in hiding. They soon tracked down Thor and tried to use teamwork, but Cobra kept getting in Hyde's way. Frustrated, Cobra flipped Hyde over his shoulder, knocking him into Thor's fist. As Cobra fled, Hyde attacked anew, but Cobra's gas got to him and caused Hyde to briefly flee as well. Thor pursued and threw his hammer at Hyde, who evaded and tried throwing Thor into a powerful blast ray, but Thor maneuvered Hyde into it. Hyde fell unconscious, stiff as a board. 

(Fantastic Four Annual I#3/Marvel Heroes and Legends#1) - Affected by Dr. Doom's emotion charger, several villains swarmed the wedding of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl. Hyde tried intervening in a battle between Captain America and the Executioner and Enchantress, but Hawkeye pinned his hands to the wall with a lock-arrow. Hyde ripped free and soon escaped.

(Daredevil I#30 (fb) - BTS) - Cobra brought Hyde his special chemicals in jail, allowing him to break free. Then Cobra and Hyde robbed a bank, Hyde punching through a wall as they went.

(Daredevil I#30) - Cobra and Hyde continued their crime spree, arguing over who was more powerful and effective all the way. Much later, they saw Thor talking to Daredevil and figured they may as well destroy Daredevil as he may eventually become an opponent of theirs. Daredevil initially evaded their blows, slipping through Hyde's arms and popping up in a tree behind them; Hyde punched the tree in a fury, but Daredevil knocked Hyde into it. Hyde then convinced Cobra to follow him back to his lab, where he had a potion he could use on Daredevil. When Daredevil attacked, Cobra bound him while Hyde tossed a chemical on him that blinded the hero permanently. Though Daredevil was already blind, this potion cancelled out his radar powers. As the police had surrounded them, Cobra and Hyde fled.

(Daredevil I#31) - The police, including Lew, seized Hyde's lab. The duo traveled for another heist, arguing over who was more effective and whether they should have left behind Daredevil. Cobra slithered into a building through a pipe, let Hyde in, then watched as the safe was broken into and the criminals split the cash. As they walked through the city, they saw Daredevil walking and showing off on a high wire and assumed that he'd regained his sight and was coming after them. They fled from cops who'd opened fire, including Len, but Cobra followed Daredevil and realized he was still blind.

(Daredevil I#32) - Cobra returned Daredevil to Hyde and they drove him to their lighthouse hideout in New England, having to take a boat for part of the journey. They promised to make Daredevil suffer before they killed him. They forced him inside, still arguing with each other. Daredevil managed to turn off the generator lights, plunging the room into darkness. Hyde retrieved the antidote for Daredevil's condition so that the hero couldn't get it. Hyde then swung blindly in the dark until he struck Daredevil, who struggled to find the antidote. Hyde nearly hit the hero with a large piece of machinery, then picked Daredevil up to throw him. When Cobra Hyde, Cobra swung a weapon and accidentally hit Hyde instead. Furious, Hyde attacked Cobra briefly before they came to their senses and searched for the dropped antidote. Cobra found it, so Hyde punched him to retrieve it. The antidote went flying and Daredevil found it, regaining the use of his powers. Daredevil knocked Cobra against a wall and captured him, though Hyde escaped.

(Daredevil I#61 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde broke Cobra out of prison, needing his help on a job. They teamed up with Jester (Jonathan Powers).

(Daredevil I#61) - Still arguing over who was the superior criminal, Hyde and Cobra robbed the Guggenheim Museum, easily knocking out the only guard. For Jester's benefit, they stole specific items from the display on the world's most valuable toys, and rushed away even as cops, such as McGraw, investigated.

(Daredevil I#61 (fb) ) - Cobra, Hyde, and Jester traveled to New Jersey and offered to rent a carnival from Lemuel Frye. Frye agreed to steer clear of the carnival for a day, but they caught him peeking in on them later. Hyde promised to pay Frye if he lured Daredevil to them. 

(Daredevil I#61) - The villains laced the entire carnival with death-traps and saw Daredevil approach that night with Frye. Cobra trapped Daredevil in a parachute and Hyde tried hitting the hero, who struck back and evaded. The villainous trio soon pursued Daredevil into the house of mirrors, where he briefly evaded them. When Karen Page arrived with the police, the trio surrendered.

(Captain America I#151 (fb) - BTS) - The Assassin (Mr. Kline) captured Hyde and Scorpion and kept them in suspended animation as part of a personal plot. He used robot duplicates of the villains, who were believed to have been killed.

(Daredevil I#83 - BTS) - Daredevil battled the Mr. Hyde robot.

(Captain America I#151 (fb)) - Scorpion woke up finally, long after Kline's defeat, and broke out of his glass cage. He awakened Hyde, who started attacking him until he realized they were allies. Disoriented, the villains pushed their way out of the mysterious mansion and stole a car. They soon determined SHIELD must have been behind their imprisonment.

(Captain America I#150/151 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde and Scorpion stalked SHIELD Agent Sharon Carter, seeing her with her boyfriend Steve Rogers (#150) and have a private conversation with Nick Fury, SHIELD director.

(Captain America I#151) - Hyde and Scorpion attacked Rogers in the street, hoping to get more information on the organization. Rogers effectively toppled both villains before fleeing, leaving them determined to go after Carter. When they arrived at her apartment, they found Captain America and Falcon there. Hyde, who had to jump out of the way of a swerving truck, shook of Cap's blows then ripped up a lamp post and swung it at the evading hero. Cap hit Hyde, who was distracted by Scorpion's screams, repeatedly until Hyde took the emerging Carter hostage. Hyde knocked her out, then retreated into the sewers as the heroes watched them leave.

(Captain America I#152 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde hired Morgan, who sent Smasher Kreel and Rocky to bring Hyde a truckload of chemicals.

(Captain America I#152) - A frustrated Hyde left Scorpion to question the restrained Carter as he waited for his chemicals to arrive, not knowing Falcon had stopped them. When Cap and Falcon arrived, Hyde grabbed Cap's shield and was shocked when it didn't break. He threw the shield at Cap in frustration, then watched as Scorpion nearly defeated the hero as Falcon fled with Carter. Hyde grabbed Cap in a bear hug and began squeezing, but Cap jabbed Hyde's ribs, breaking some, and knocked Hyde out with a punch.

(Captain America I#252 (fb) ) - Hyde escaped from his restraints by turning into Zabo. He was later arrested when he tried to rob a pharmacy and Cobra left him behind in jail.

(Daredevil I#142 (fb) - BTS) - Cobra and Mr. Hyde corresponded while Cobra was in jail and planned a new heist, wanting to steal a book from Bill Rotsler that contained a magic formula to increase Hyde's powers. Hyde agreed to pick Cobra up when he broke out of jail, and they both agreed to put their disagreements on hold to focus on their partnership.

(Black Widow: Deadly Origin#3 (fb) - BTS) - Owl and Mr. Hyde teamed up to rob a bank in San Francisco.

(Daredevil I#142) - Zabo was released from prison, promising to go straight. He retrieved a vial of his formula, rented a quiet apartment, and turned himself into Hyde. Hyde picked Cobra up at prison as his ally was escaping from jail, and they agreed to quell their arguments during this caper. Stopping to rob jewels on their way to Rotsler's, the arguments ensued, with Cobra continually reminding Hyde of how valuable he was to the partnership and Hyde saying how he didn't need Cobra. Cobra snuck into the Jewel Emporium and let Hyde in. They easily downed a security guard, but the cops, including Lt. Bert Rose, and Daredevil attacked. Hyde grabbed the hero, threatening to tear him apart unless the police backed off. After throwing Daredevil into the police, Hyde followed Cobra into the sewers to escape, tearing up the street to fit through. Having retrieved a needed emerald, Hyde added it to his serum, which took four hours to create. It made him twice as strong and inhuman, though the transformation process was incredibly painful. Hyde and Cobra attacked Rotsler and his girlfriend Sharman, both dressed in jungle garb in their make-shift jungle paradise on the roof. Hyde caught Daredevil and threw him aside while Cobra knocked him out with a sleeping gas grenade. They staked  him to the ground so that the prowling lion could attack.

(Daredevil I#143) - Hyde ordered Cobra to slither down a vent to get the book, but Cobra panicked and returned without it, infuriating Hyde, who hit Cobra in a fury. Daredevil attacked again before getting tossed off the roof. The villains fled, but returned later and forced Rotsler to turn the valuable book of Cagliostro over to them, then returned to their Manhattan labs. They downed more security guards and stole the necessary chemicals they would need to complete the formula, still arguing about who had the superior skills. Just as Hyde was mixing them, Daredevil arrived, quickly leaving Cobra unconscious. In the ensuing battle, Hyde tried tying Daredevil up with Cobra's form, but Daredevil managed to escape and shatter the serum with his billy club. Hyde was soon defeated again.

(Daredevil I#153 (fb) - BTS) - Purple Man used his powers to take over the guards at Ryker's Island and set up a base there. He released Mr. Hyde and Cobra from their cells and ordered them to wait at the apartment of Heather Glenn, where they were to kill Daredevil.

(Daredevil I#153) - Cobra and Hyde attacked Daredevil when he arrived. Hyde furiously charged the hero, narrowly missing him and crashing into the wall. Shoving Cobra aside, Hyde charged Daredevil through the window and fell several stories to the street. Daredevil stopped his fall, but Hyde hit hard, briefly knocking himself out. The duo worked together to take down Daredevil and Hyde finally knocked him out with a punch. When the police arrived, Cobra and Hyde rushed back to Ryker's with Daredevil. Purple Man ordered them to kill the hero.

(Daredevil I#154) - Purple Man took control of the inmates of Ryker's Island and forced them to do his bidding. Cobra, Mr. Hyde, Jester, and Gladiator were sent against the hero while Purple Man kept Heather Glenn hostage. During the battle, Hyde tried snapping Daredevil's neck in a bear hug, but the hero kicked him against the wall. Paladin soon arrived to help Daredevil. and Purple Man and the others were soon defeated.

(Captain America I#291 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Zabo took out a life insurance from the Guardian Life Insurance Company.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#46) - Kept sedated in Ryker's Island, Hyde begged the escaping Cobra to let him out, but Cobra dissolved their partnership and refused.

(Captain America I#251 (fb) - BTS) - Passing messages through inside channels, Hyde offered five million cash and the location of his stash of equipment for someone to free him.

(Captain America I#251) - Batroc the Leaper and his squad of mercenaries used Hyde's power-sapper to free Hyde from prison. He overcame his sedation on Batroc's boat, where he met the beautiful Monique. As Hyde changed into his costume, he revealed he didn't have his five million and then attacked the frustrated Batroc, who evaded until he realized how much more powerful Hyde was. Hyde demanded that Batroc and his men join him in hijacking a Roxxon ship full of offensive weaponry. Using a submarine, Batroc and Hyde stormed the ship and attacked the men, including Pearson. They demanded a billion dollars from Benedict at Roxxon to not detonate the boat; in addition, at Batroc's suggestion, they demanded Captain America be tied on the boat as a hostage. The small ship carrying the money soon arrived with Cap on it. After inspecting the money, Hyde turned on Cap, who triggered a cloud of knock-out gas form the floor. Hyde held his breath and attacked, savagely punching Cap over and over until Batroc stopped him. They tied Cap to the front of the boat and planned to ram it into the docks.

(Captain America I#252) - Hyde grew frustrated again when he couldn't break Cap's shield, so he tossed it to the boat below. As Hyde ruminated about his past, he prepared to evacuate to the sub, blowing up New York as he escaped. Batroc shockingly kicked Hyde in the face and Hyde, furious, threw Batroc through the ship wall and pursued him. They fought briefly until Hyde nearly killed Batroc, but Cap, who'd freed himself, stopped him with a thrown shield. Cap and Batroc teamed up on Hyde, dealing repeated blows while Hyde couldn't manage to lay one. Hyde finally hit Batroc just before getting a shield to the face. When he ripped a pipe free, he was hit by a high-pressure stream of natural gas which froze over him and caused him to fall into the Harbor.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#231) - Mr. Hyde seeking revenge on Cobra for his betrayal searched for him in New York City. He eventually found him fighting Spider-Man and demanded from the hero to hand Cobra over to him.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#232) - After a brutal fight Spider-Man tossed Cobra with webbing on his head to Hyde. Hyde escaped with Cobra stuck to his hand and woke him up to learn where Cobra's hideout was. As Zabo he went with Cobra to his apartment at Park Avenue. Inside Cobra's apartment Zabo transformed into Mr. Hyde to kill his former partner. Spider-Man found thanks to a Spider-Tracer he had attached to Cobra and saved the snake-themed villain from Hyde. Spidey webbed up Mr. Hyde's face and tossed him through the window. Hyde fell down several stories onto the pavement. He got to his feet again, but seconds later he lost consciousness.

(Ghost Rider III#55 (fb) - BTS) - Zabo and new ally Morphine founded the Skin and Bones club at some point. The club catered to the "refined tastes" of those like them, who enjoyed inflicting pain and death for personal enjoyment, and patrons could do so in the club. Zabo grew famous for his "visceral signature", using a sharp blade to expose a length of bone, then scratching his name on it without allowing the victim to die.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#88) - Back in jail, Hyde broke out of his cell and moved to attack Cobra. Guards in riot gear fired tranquilizer gas at him, but they were ineffective. The warden summoned an airlift to evacuate Cobra to safety as Hyde pushed through the guards' electro-shock rifles. As Cobra prepared to board the copter, Hyde broke through to the roof and used a thrown guard tower to destroy the copter. Knocking guards' aside, Hyde grabbed Cobra, unintentionally freeing him from his body shackle. Cobra fled into the river with Hyde pursuing him. Spider-Man and the Black Cat intervened, striking him and evading his blows. Hyde grabbed Black Cat, threatening to break her in two, but Spider-Man knocked him into a wall. Cobra shockingly hit Hyde with several darts, some filled with cobra venom. As Hyde grabbed Cobra, Black Cat knocked the villains into a wall, which collapsed over them.

(Avengers I#271 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde was liberated from a prison transport van by Baron Zemo, who sought to recruit him into the Masters of Evil. The van was found cut in two by authorities.

(Avengers I#273) - Hyde got into a physical fight with Piledriver and tossed him into a wall of machinery. Moonstone was unable to calm him down, but Zemo touched Hyde with a heavy sedative and kept him subdued. Later, at a meeting of the entire team, Zemo revealed their plans to take down the Avengers. That night, they stormed the gates, destroying the security systems on their way in. Hyde personally stopped Edwin Jarvis, the butler, from calling for help.

(Avengers I#274) - When the Black Knight arrived, Hyde tore through the wall and punched him repeatedly. Yellowjacket screamed to let him live and Hyde reluctantly agreed, delivering him to Zemo and the others. Captain Marvel was soon captured by Blackout and Captain America was soon captured as well. When Hercules arrived, Blackout put an impenetrable dome over the mansion. Hyde hit Hercules with a wall of machinery, then savagely beat him into a coma with the Wrecking Crew, Goliath, and Tiger Shark.

(Avengers I#275) - Hyde monitored the status of Zemo's plans, glorying in their successes. To taunt Captain America, Zemo had Hyde destroy Cap's WWII shield, then beat Jarvis repeatedly while Cap and Black Knight watched.

(Avengers I#276) - Hyde kept beating Jarvis until the mansion plunged into darkness. Black Knight attacked Hyde, punching him repeatedly and knocking him into the wall. Captain Marvel came in with Wasp, who zapped him in the eye. Hyde ran into Thor, knocking himself out.

(Avengers I#277) - The Masters of Evil were defeated and arrested.

(Daredevil I#235) - Hearing from his source about an armored truck at the Federal Reserve Bank, Hyde attacked several guards and retrieved the millions inside, bragging about his powers all the way. As a SWAT team assembled, Hyde tried taking a potion to return to Zabo and hide out, but found himself stuck as Hyde. As the police surrounded him, Hyde used his strength to fight free, but had to leave the cash behind. Back at his laboratory, where he realized he'd been remaining as Hyde too much, over-writing his Zabo genome. Highly stressed and frustrated, he failed with one formula after another, determined to take a potion that would keep him as Zabo forevermore. Just as he moved to drink the serum, Daredevil attacked, assuming that Hyde was trying to increase his powers. Realizing he had too many enemies, Hyde destroyed the serum and launched himself at Daredevil, who held him off, evaded his blows, and hit him repeatedly. Hyde destroyed his equipment during the battle, knocking Daredevil out the window and climbing down after him to the street. Hyde pursued Daredevil through buildings and into the subway, where the hero trapped him on the third rail, flipping on the power at the right moment and electrocuting Hyde.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers: Deathtrap: The Vault#1) - When the prisoners at the Vault rushed to breakout, rumors of a bomb going off and killing them all circulated. Venom took control of the prisoners and took hostages. Hyde and Nekra kissed in the corner when She-Hulk and Blob stopped them. Members of Freedom Force and the Avengers demanded answers about Venom, but Hyde refused to crack even when Pyro threatened him with flames. Soon the bomb was dismantled and the villains, subdued with Mentallo's powers, were returned to their cells.

(Iron Man I#228) - In his cell across from Titania, Hyde wondered what the disturbance at the Vault was all about. He was determined to use it to his advantage.

(Captain America I#340) - When the Vault went dark, Hyde escaped from his cell and crashed together the heads of support staff members Adams, Cucola, Galvin, and Kostmeier. He boarded the elevator with Titania, who retrieved the elevator keys and punched Armadillo off, not wanting the lame villain to escape with them, though that didn't stop Armadillo from climbing up the shaft himself. Hyde and Titania, who taunted Hyde with nicknames like Hydey, Jekyll'n, and Naugahyde, fought their way into a truck and rushed down the mountain road. When the Captain, Nomad, and D-Man rushed at them on motorcycles, the truck plowed through, driving Nomad and D-Man off the road, though the Captain landed on their hood. Hyde tried shaking the Captain, who pushed his shield through the windshield while Titania jumped for it. Hyde jumped out w hen he lost control of the truck. He grabbed a piece of the guardrail, wondering if the Captain was actually Captain America, and the hero took Hyde down with a series of blows to the jaw, forehead, knee, and ribs. When Hyde nearly fell down the cliff, the Captain reminded him of his terrible crimes before helping him up. Hyde then surrendered. Vagabond and Armadillo picked them up in a van to return them to jail.

(Avengers Spotlight#26) - When Wizard was battling Guardsman Prime in the Vault, Hyde reached through his bars and held the guard still while Wizard punched him.

(Captain America I#365/2 (fb) - BTS) -Hyde discovered that someone had been destroying all of his hideouts, including his 10th Avenue laboratory. Hyde was furious, vowing revenge.

(Captain America I#365/2) - Two days later, Hyde entered another hideout and found Cobra, who admitted being behind the explosions.

(Captain America I#366/2) -Hyde punched the wall to knock Cobra down, then nearly crushed him with a stone slab. Cobra continued evading until he wrapped himself around Hyde's neck, though Hyde quickly body-slammed him. Hyde held Cobra by the neck, but Cobra spit in Hyde's mouth, claiming the spit was venomous and that Hyde would have to beg for the antidote.

(Captain America I#367/2) - Hyde dropped Cobra and, panicking for his life, begged for the antidote on his knees. Cobra struck Hyde, then gave him the serum, which was actually a powerful sedative. Hyde was put to sleep, never having been poisoned. Soon the cell doors opened and the captives rushed to escape.

(Incredible Hulk II#368) - While riding a train, Hyde stayed in a dark boxcar, eating stray animals for food. Bruce Banner entered the car and Hyde automatically recognized him as the man who changed into the Hulk. Introducing himself as Edward, Hyde taunted Banner about the text of Jekyll and Hyde and how Hyde was actually meant to represent  man in his prehistoric state. Banner tried escaping, but Hyde tossed a knife in his leg, crushed a gun in his hand, slammed him up against a wall, and taunted him further, prompting him to become the Hulk. Wanting to be the only Hyde creature out there, Hyde sought to kill the Hulk, who fought him across the car. The fight lead outside on top of the train until the caboose became dislodged. The Hulk sought to save the people aboard, pleasing Hyde as he had no weakness in caring for others. Hyde fell from the train down a long chasm, laughing maniacally as he fell.

(Ghost Rider III#4) - Due to a head injury after his battle with the Hulk, Zabo found himself unable to change into Hyde. He went to New York, where he flirted with a bar maid, Gina, but she rejected him, considering him a dirty old drunk. When he vaguely threatened her, she hit him and he savagely attacked her. Before he could strike her, a biker named Fraser stopped him and threw Zabo out of the bar. Zabo attacked again, hitting Fraser with a bottle. Fraser, wanting his own revenge, ordered his men to back off, then threw Zabo through the window. Zabo tried running, still unable to change to Hyde, though he could feel it coming closer. He slipped under a fence and hid in a garage, but the biker gang soon surrounded the place, tying up Danny Ketch and his friend Jack to get in. Zabo finally became Hyde and threatened to squash Fraser with a car, who tried to drive a car into Hyde, who easily picked it up. Ghost Rider arrived and tried to stop Hyde and they began battling. Ghost Rider hit Hyde with his penance stare and Hyde, feeling himself turning back to Zabo, tried to flee. Ghost Rider hit Hyde with his bike and into the waiting police cars. Hyde ran, knocking vehicles aside as he vowed revenge.

(Sleepwalker#20) - Hyde played poker in a local super villain bar.

(Ghost Rider III#36) - Confronted by Daredevil at a shelter the Nightmare agent Succubus attempted to drain the life essence of Calvin Zabo. Succubus' attack triggered Zabo's transformation, and the two, along with a now-costumed Daredevil, engaged in a fight in the street outside the building. Dan Ketch came across the conflict, and when Succubus attempted again to take his essence, he reverted to Ghost Rider. While Daredevil then contended with Succubus, knocking her out, Ghost Rider did likewise with Hyde. Shortly after the heroes departed, Succubus came to, and attempted to finish her attempt at taking the unconscious Hyde's life force.

(Alpha Flight I#106) - In Toronto, Hyde battled members of Alpha Flight (Guardian, Northstar, Sasquatch). He resisted most of their blows and threw the super-fast Northstar into an alley. When Hyde taunted Northstar, Sasquatch was furious and slammed Hyde into the pavement, knocking him out.

(Incredible Hulk II#418) - Perhaps seeking to taunt the Hulk, Mr. Hyde, the Wizard, Living Laser, and Absorbing Man took a ship and jumped out at the Vegas wedding of Marlo Chandler and Rick Jones. They showed their invitations (origins unknown) and sat peacefully as Kree and Skrulls arrived and the Hulk briefly fought Mephisto.

(Ghost Rider III#55) - Zabo attempted to enter the Skin and Bones club, but was denied entry until he showed the tattoo the proved him a founding member. He started performing his Visceral Signature on Philip, an unfortunate homeless man, but Jack Russell, in his werewolf form, attacked and flung Zabo and Morphine aside. Zabo turned into Hyde and began battling Werewolf and Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch), breaking through the floor and sending everyone falling into the bar below. Hyde fled as the dark heroes battled the club members.

(Ben Reilly: Spider-Man I#1 – BTS) – Mr. Hyde remained in the care of Ashley Kafka at the Ravencroft Institute.

(Ben Reilly: Spider-Man I#4) – Spidercide let Mr. Hyde and other villains out of their cells. 

(Ben Reilly: Spider-Man I#5) – Mr. Hyde fought guards and briefly Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) before Mysterio knocked Hyde out with gas. 

(Captain America I#434) - After Cobra called to warn him, Hyde found Jack Flag trying to steal a painting from his home in Reno, Nevada. He hit Flag in the back, demanding to know what he was doing there. Flag, who'd been covered in chemicals in his fall, tossed acid in Hyde's face and fled through the window. Hyde followed Flag into the street, pulling his mask off before Flag punched both his eardrums and stole the painting anyway, leaving Hyde behind. Flag realized the chemicals had given him new strength and durability. Hyde followed him to Serpent Society headquarters.

(Captain America I#435) - Hyde attacked Puff Adder and knocked him out. When Anaconda wrapped her arms around him, he bit her and choked her into unconsciousness. Hyde approached Voorhees, who was lounging by the pool, and tossed the two villains into the pool. Voorhees stammered to explain himself as he ordered Gaston to get Hyde a drink. Voorhees offered Hyde, who'd accepted the drink and stripped to his boxers, the chance to retire at his vacation home, but Hyde refused. Flag (dressed as King Cobra) and the Serpent Society (Anaconda, Bushmaster, Cottonmouth, Fer-de-Lance, Puff Adder, Rock Python) brought in a captured Captain America. Hyde continued dipping a choking Cap into the pool, keeping him in for two full minutes once as they demanded how he found the place. Free Spirit, in Coachwhip's costume, attacked, helping Cap get free. The pool drained, taking Cap into a drainpipe in the desert, so Hyde and Cobra jumped in after him, leaving the Society to face Free Spirit.

(Captain America I#436) - Hyde and Cobra attacked the wounded Cap, who was wearing a battle vest to help preserve his life, in the desert. Cap hit Hyde with a cloud of knockout gas from his vest, causing Hyde to stumble blindly and strike Cobra instead of Cap. Cobra was soon put in restraints that Hyde couldn't break because they were too small. Cap collapsed and Hyde moved to pummel him, but airbags from the vest cushioned the blows. Another cloud of gas then knocked Hyde out.

(Daredevil: Black Armor#3 (fb)) - Calvin Zabo took a job working for Baron Von Strucker, who used Zabo's technology to begin powering up civilians that were kidnapped and then forced to battle super-villains. Zabo grew to regret taking the job.

(Daredevil: Black Armor#3) - Among the captive civilians, Zabo shared his regrets with Jack Batlin (secretly Matt Murdock/Daredevil). Daredevil got his black armor back and battled Strucker, then tossed Zabo's serum to him, and he turned into Mr. Hyde to join the battle against Strucker.

(Daredevil: Black Armor#4) - As Mr. Hyde fought Baron Strucker, Daredevil released the captives and they all escaped.

(Avengers Unplugged#4) - Hyde attended the wedding of wedding of Absorbing Man and Titania. During the festivities, several Avengers (Black Widow, Crystal, Giant-Man, Hercules, She-Hulk, Vision) attacked before realizing it was a wedding. Hyde helped Stilt-Man and Wizard topple Giant-Man, and scrambled to retrieve part of Absorbing Man's shattered diamond wrecking ball. 

(Daredevil I#355 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde bought a warehouse headquarters from Harry Osborn.

(Daredevil I#356 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde uncharacteristically took in a runaway named Angela Parish and helped her kick a drug habit. She wrote him a letter thanking him for his help.

(Daredevil I#357 (fb) ) - Seeking to develop some holdings in the city that the Eel had his sights on, Hyde sought to hire the Enforcers (Fancy Dan, Hammer Harrison, Montana, Ox), not knowing that their member Snake Marston was secretly the Eel in disguise. They refused the partnership, infuriating Hyde.

(Daredevil I#357 (fb) - BTS) - Eel, to get revenge, killed Parish, framing Hyde for the murder.

(Daredevil I#353) - Hyde returned to his warehouse, finding Parish dead. Furious and distraught, he began punishing himself with chains and pulleys until Daredevil jumped in to stop him. Hyde shook off a kick and punched Daredevil before the hero hit a nerve cluster that knocked the wind out of Hyde. When the police arrived, Hyde surrendered, daring them to prove he'd committed the murder.

(Daredevil I#354) - Hyde contacted famous attorney Rosalind Sharpe for representation. She appointed Matt Murdock.

(Daredevil I#355) - Hyde met with Murdock, explaining his innocence and taunting the lawyer, who was reluctant to take the case.

(Daredevil I#356) - When Hyde learned he may be charged with kidnapping as well, he smashed the table in a fury, startling Nelson but not upsetting the blind Murdock. Hyde explained that he didn't care about the law, but didn't want to be charged with something he didn't do. He told them where to find Angela's letters.

(Daredevil I#357) - Hyde stood at court, in a shirt and tie and in restraints, with Nelson. When Murdock didn't show, Hyde quietly threatened Nelson if he lost the case. Hyde struggled to maintain his patience through the witnesses, yelling out in one outburst that Nelson helped quiet. As Sharpe and Nelson watched, Daredevil brought in Eel with proof that he was guilty. After a delay, Hyde returned to the streets where he saw a young couple, Artie Jeckle and Gwen Reilly. Daredevil stopped Hyde from attacking and told him that any citizen who saw Hyde would report to Daredevil. Frustrated, Hyde walked away.

(Daredevil I#358) - Hyde, as Zabo, called in to the "Paige Angel" radio show hosted by Karen Page and made cryptic allusions to being forced into hiding by Daredevil's recruitment of civilians to watch for Hyde.

(Incredible Hulk II#458) - Hyde was hired by the New World Order to go after the Hulk. As Zabo, he waited as a passenger on a plane Hulk was stowing away on. When the Hulk finally moved up to the passenger sections, Zabo triggered his watch to inject the serum into his veins and transformed into Hyde. He was furious when operative Mercy had mentally subdued the Hulk. Considering the Hulk his direct opposite, Hyde began battering the Hulk physically and, through Mercy's powers, mentally. Hulk finally started fighting back, battering Hyde through the plane. When Hyde ended up on the wing, he tore it lose and went flying off, leaving the broken plane to crash.

(Incredible Hulk: Last Call#1 (fb) - BTS) - Zabo tried to blend in and meet someone. Hanging out at a local bar, he was enamored when Veronica spilled a drink on him and talked to him for a while. He introduced himself as Cal.

(Incredible Hulk: Last Call#1) - Cal called Veronica at her job, at the suicide prevention line, but she rebuffed him. Angry, he showed up at her work and transformed into Hyde, with surprisingly dark skin, to scare her. Hulk attacked, and Hyde taunted him about his dead wife, but Hulk savagely defeated him.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#433) - Hyde broke into a clothing store and appropriated clothing his size, then changed back to Zabo, triggering the switch from his watch. He put his things in a suitcase and departed as the police arrived. Zabo reflected on how he hated being on the run. All his fake identifications gone, Zabo checked into a hotel using his real name. He struck out at every attempt to get a hold of the New World Order for his payment. Seeing a figure outside his 14th floor window, Zabo changed to Hyde and threw a crate at the intruder (Spider-Man in a hooded sweatshirt), then ran through the door. Spider-Man attacked and evaded Hyde's blows, kicking him repeatedly, as they rode the elevator into the basement. Thinking the attacker was Cobra, Hyde launched a piano at him, nearly killing Joe and Martha Robertson. Frustrated by Spider-Man hitting him repeatedly, Hyde rushed out into the street, where the police were waiting with gas bombs to attack him, but he presumably escaped.

(Captain America III#15) - Hyde and Cobra renewed their partnership and tried robbing the diamond exchange. Captain America easily dispatched Cobra, leaving Hyde to rush at him. Cap hit Hyde as Iron Man arrived. Hyde hefted rubble over his head, but it was dislodged by Cap's shield, then Iron Man knocked Hyde out with a repulsor shot to the face.

(Iron Man III#43 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde was hired by MODOK to ensure that a bomb went off in Iron Man's armor near the Askew Building in Silicon Valley, California.

(Iron Man III#43) - Hyde attacked Iron Man, throwing various pieces of concrete at him in an attempt to trigger the bomb. Iron Man tried sending his own bombs against Hyde, but they fizzled. When Hyde tried throwing a bus at Iron Man, the hero magnetized it away. He then distracted Hyde with illusions of the Avengers, easily shooting Hyde with a repulsor ray to the face after that.

(Captain America III#50/5) - When Hyde, in prison, heard about Captain America supposedly dying, he made a joke, causing another prisoner to toss a rock at his head.

(Tangled Web of Spider-Man#13) - Hyde played pool with Whirlwind at New York City's Bar With No Name, growing frustrated and breaking a cue over an opponent's head. The bar patrons were shocked to hear Norman Osborn brag about a murder. 

(Daredevil II#35) - Hyde, hearing that Matt Murdock had been outed as Daredevil in the newspapers, attacked Murdock's residence, throwing cars and demanding Murdock come out and face him. When Spider-Man attacked, Hyde hefted a car at him, but Spider-Man threw it back with his webbing. Daredevil then arrived and hit Hyde repeatedly with a mailbox. After both heroes punched him more, he was unconscious.

(Avengers III#57 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to quell his addiction to being Hyde, Zabo started using illegal drugs.

(Avengers III#57) - As Hyde made another drug purchase, Captain America, Falcon, and Redwing arrived to arrest him. He quickly administered the Hyde serum and mutated, turning a sickly green and frothing at the mouth. Just then the other Avengers (Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Warbird) arrived. Hyde ran for it, tossing cabs at the heroes to stop them. Unintentionally dousing himself in gasoline, Hyde's clothes started on fire after one of the Scarlet Witch's hexes. As Vision partially solidified in Hyde and Cap's shield hit his face, Hyde fell unconscious.

(Spider-Man: Get Kraven#1) - After robbing a liquor store, Hyde and Cobra were attacked by Spider-Man in Central Park. Hyde crashed into a tree and was webbed in the eyes before Kraven the Hunter aided Spider-Man in knocking the duo out.

(Spider-Man: Get Kraven#1/2) - Hyde was hanging out in a super villain bar when Spider-Man entered. When Hyde made a pass at Kraven's girlfriend Timber, Kraven batted Hyde aside and helped settle the brawl.

(Alias#26 - BTS) - Hyde was incarcerated at Ryker's Island.

(Captain America IV#29 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde was moved to the Raft, but he quickly escaped.

(Captain America IV#29) - Hyde fought Captain America on the rooftops and the hero knocked him several stories to the ground. Cap followed him, then knocked him out with a single punch.

(New Avengers I#1) - Hyde was imprisoned at the Raft when Electro overloaded the systems and freed dozens of criminals.

(New Avengers I#2) - The villains swarmed out of their cells, battling Spider-Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Spider-Woman, Iron Man, Luke Cage, and agents of SHIELD. Hyde was furious to see Murdock, who knocked Hyde back with Cage's help.

(New Avengers I#3) - The massive battle continued.

(New Avengers I#4 - BTS) - Many of the criminals successfully escaped, but Hyde was recaptured.

(Toxin#1) - Pat Mulligan (human half of Toxin) questioned Zabo regarding the whereabouts of the escaped King Cobra, but Zabo, despite his anger at Cobra, refused to participate. His attempt to bargain for release from his inhibitor collar was denied. Mulligan and Zabo discussed the Hyde book and the nature of good and evil, then Zabo tossed some of Cobra's shed skin at Mulligan as he left.

(Young Avengers I#7 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde started harvesting part of his genome to create Mutant Growth Hormone (MGH), an injected drug that gave humans the ability to achieve temporary super powers.

(Young Avengers I#7) - Hyde was furious when a battle between his dealers and Patriot led to his headquarters being exposed. Hyde seized him by the neck just as his Young Avengers teammates, Kate Bishop, Hulkling, Stature, and Wiccan arrived. Bishop shot an arrow into Hyde's arm, so he threw Patriot at them and a fight ensued.

(Young Avengers I#8) - Hyde knocked Hulkling back, then injected himself with MGH, growing more bulky and strong. He threw the giant Stature over his shoulder, then Bishop shot him with several more arrows and drew her bow around his neck to choke him. As the police surrounded the place, Hyde broke the bow and took Bishop hostage, ordering them to retreat. Wiccan magically saved Bishop, then hit Hyde in the face with a blast as Patriot, using MGH to increase his strength, began trading blows with Hyde. Patriot injected Hyde with more MGH, causing his bulk to overload. He collapsed, still breathing but unable to move.

(New Thunderbolts#13 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde got into a confrontation with the Thunderbolts (Atlas (Josten), Joystick, Radioactive Man, Songbird, Speed Demon).

(Irredeemable Ant-Man#8) - Hyde and She-Hulk were in a violent battle in the street when a hero calling himself Slaying Mantis (really Ant-Man) joined the battle. Hyde knocked them both back and continued fighting with She-Hulk as Ant-Man retreated.

(Sensational Spider-Man II#36 (fb) - BTS) - Learning that Spider-Man had publicly revealed himself as Peter Parker, Zabo did an in-depth study of the hero, learning about his upbringing and the source of his powers. Fascinated that a poor youth could act so heroic with added powers, Zabo wondered if other youth would respond similarly in controlled conditions. He set up an elaborate base with several isolated rooms in the sewers beneath New York.

(Sensational Spider-Man II#35 (fb)) - Zabo picked up vagrant Ethan Myers and offered him super powers. He kept Myers isolated over the following weeks while he administered his serums and soon released him into the public with a Spider-Man costume.

(Sensational Spider-Man II#36 (fb) - BTS) - Zabo, fascinated by the good/evil dichotomy in man, continued taking in wayward youth, giving them powers, showing them kindness, and giving them costumes before releasing them in the public. He planned to monitor them after one week. He learned his subjects were being apprehended by the authorities, or being killed, so he decided to escalate his study.

(Sensational Spider-Man II#35) - Zabo forced young Jordan Harrison, a student of Parker's, to get in the car with him, claiming he'd killed Jordan's mom. Jordan reluctantly came with him, leaving his girlfriend Madeline behind.

(Sensational Spider-Man II#36) - Spider-Man, Black Cat, and Curt Connors got involved in apprehending and curing the subjects as Jordan resisted treatments and struggled to leave his isolated room. Noting Jordan's similarities to Parker, Zabo found him the perfect test subject. Recording an audio journal, Zabo was somewhat shocked to see Spider-Man approaching his base. He gave in and drank the serum to change him to Hyde.

(Sensational Spider-Man II#37) - Zabo underwent the painful transformation to Hyde, who put on his costume and soon found Spider-Man next to Jordan's cell. Hyde struck, hitting the reinforced glass and cracking it. He ripped through a wall at Spider-Man, who used his webs to pull the wall down on Hyde. Hyde taunted Spider-Man, who webbed his eyes leaving Hyde to rip the webbing, and his own eyelids, off in response. Hyde and Spider-Man traded blows until Jordan, who managed to escape, approached with a beaker of acid. Disgusted with Hyde, Jordan threw the acid, which burned Hyde's face severely and rendered him blind. Spider-Man then beat Hyde into unconsciousness.

(Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#24) - Spider-Man approached Hyde for help with saving a friend's life, but Hyde refused to help or was unable to.

(New Avengers#35) - Hyde attended a meeting, alongside several criminals, held by the Hood, who was seeking to organize crime in New York. Hood offered them each $25,000 to affiliate with him and several criminals took him up on the offer.

(Avengers: The Initiative#13) - Having been hired to take down the Taskmaster, Hyde joined Cobra, Firebrand, and Mauler in attacking the former villain in Connecticut. They fought members of the Initiative (Annex, Batwing, Boulder, Constrictor, Gorilla Girl, Prodigy, Sunstreak, War Machine, Yellowjacket (Skrull)). During the fight, Hyde was bathed in Sunstreak's flames, then hugged Yellowjacket's leg to spread the fire, but the giant tossed Hyde aside. Overwhelmed, the villains retreated.

(Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness#1 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde formed an alliance with Whirlwind, Boomerang, and Tiger Shark. They sought to manipulate Venom, who'd joined the government-run Thunderbolts team and had nanobots controlling and monitoring his system, into procuring Norman Osborn's fortunes. Hyde dug up the corpse of the Jester (Jody Putt) to learn how to stop the nanobots, which Jester had also been infected with. As distraction Biohazard was liberated from Project: PEGASUS by Mr. Hyde and his allies. Hyde manipulated Biohazard, so that he would give off more radiation, building toward a nuclear explosion.

(Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness#1) - Gargan approached the villains, the nanobots temporarily suspended with Whirlwind's administering of Hyde's prepared serum. They gave him the option to turn off the nanobots whenever he wanted if he did them a favor. They presented him with his file for blackmail and ordered him to bring Osborn to them. Gargan did so that night and they threatened him to reveal his private codes, giving them access to his secrets and money. He shocked them with an exploding laptop, taking down Boomerang, and they realized that Gargan had betrayed them. Whirlwind and Hyde punched and sliced Osborn repeatedly while Venom defeated Tiger Shark, but Osborn tossed a bomb into Hyde's mouth, knocking him out and leaving him spitting up blood. Osborn demanded them all to leave, reminding them that if they crossed him, he would kill everyone they ever loved before torturing them to death.

(Punisher VII#5) - At the Hood's orders, Hyde, Razor-Fist, Grizzly, and the Brothers Grimm attacked the Punisher to protect Microchip. The Punisher hit them all with an alien gun that encased the villains in a dense alien ice and only Hyde broke free. He launched himself at Punisher, breaking through barriers and shaking off artillery. After batting Punisher back, Hyde was defeated with a loud blast of sonics.

(Dark Reign: Lethal Legion#3 (fb) ) - To get his teeth back after the bomb went off in his mouth, Hyde kidnapped men and pulled their teeth out, putting them into his own mouth surgically. He vowed revenge on Osborn.

(Dark Reign: Lethal Legion#1 (fb) ) - When the Grim Reaper formed a new Lethal Legion to fight against Norman Osborn, Hyde, Nekra, Absorbing Man, Grey Gargoyle, Tiger Shark, and Wonder Man all willingly joined.

(Dark Reign: Lethal Legion#2 (fb) ) - Absorbing Man briefly quit the team in protest over Wonder Man's joining, but returned in time for them to attack the Avengers (Ares, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Wolverine) and capture Norman Osborn.

(New Avengers I#56) - When the Hood's powers failed, his army revolted, under the leadership of Jonas Harrow, who used a device to cancel out the powers of the New Avengers (Ronin, Mockingbird, Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage) and Osborn's Avengers (Iron Patriot, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ares, Sentry, Hawkeye), Members of the Hood's army gathered to make their demands, including Crossfire, Cutthroat, the Brothers Grimm, Mr. Hyde, Mandrill, Razor-Fist, Armadillo, Scarecrow, Bulldozer, Piledriver, Wrecker, Thunderball, Chemistro, and Dr. Demonicus.

(New Avengers I#57) - Mr. Hyde watched Osborn agree to Harrow's terms. The power dampener switched off, allowing the New Avengers to escape via a Quinjet that blasted the assembled army of villains.

(Dark Reign: Lethal Legion#3 (fb) ) - Already at odds with the Grim Reaper due to his relationship with Nekra, Hyde made the Reaper more furious when he knocked out Wonder Man and assaulted the captive Osborn. While he and Grim Reaper battled, Nekra freed Osborn in an attempt to keep him safe. Wonder Man soon joined Grim Reaper in battling Hyde. Tiger Shark and Absorbing Man stopped stopped Nekra from intervening in the battle, and they all agreed that Hyde had it coming to him, but they grew frightened when Osborn escaped. He soon returned with the Dark Avengers (Hawkeye, Iron Patriot, Ms. Marvel, Sentry, Wolverine), and the Lethal Legion were soon defeated and incarcerated.

(Dark Reign: Lethal Legion#3 (fb) - BTS) - While incarcerated, Hyde continued brutally assaulting, killing, and raping other inmates, even biting off the hand of Guard Phillips, leaving the guards to throw him in the hole, where he was kept in a dark cell and cut off from all human contact. The guard Mr. Tillis was disgusted with Hyde.

(Dark Reign: Lethal Legion#3) - When Tillis brought the lawyer Mr. Livingston to Hyde's cell, Hyde, refusing to be called Calvin, bragged about his brutality. Livingston questioned Hyde, who grabbed Livingston when he could and would have killed him had gas not been dispelled into his cell.

(Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield?#1) - After escaping from prison, Hyde was rampaging through New York City when Captain America (James Barnes) and Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) attacked. Hyde tossed a motorcycle at them and shrugged off their blows, as they quickly defeated his henchmen. When Cap managed to knock Hyde down with a blow from his bionic arm, and Hyde couldn't get past his shield, Hyde panicked and tried to run for it. He was knocked out, though, when the original Captain America arrived and knocked him out with a shield to the jaw.

(Thunderbolts I#147) - Hyde remained incarcerated at the Raft after a potential breakout.

(Hawkeye: Blindspot#1) - Absorbing Man, Grey Gargoyle, Mr. Hyde, and Tiger Shark reformed a new Lethal Legion. During a robbery, they were attacked by the Avengers (Hawkeye, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Thor). During the ensuing fight, Hawkeye laughingly missed a shot at them.

(Moon Knight VII#1 (fb) - BTS) - Hired by a mysterious benefactor to deliver a dormant Ultron robot, Hyde took the merchandise to San Francisco.

(Moon Knight VII#1) - When two thugs didn't have his money, even when he demanded multiple times. After they threatened him and drew guns on him, he smashed them together violently. Moon Knight then attacked, though Hyde didn't know who he was, and hit Hyde with a few surprise blows, but Hyde then threw the hero into the ocean before tossing a vehicle at him and hitting him with it. One of the henchmen shot Hyde, who then crushed his skull. Hyde got on his power boat (with the Ultron cargo) and began driving away, but Moon Knight attacked again, hitting him with a fire extinguisher and then rushing below the boat. Moon Knight managed to stay alive long enough to escape with the Ultron skull. When Hyde's mysterious benefactor showed up, he blew up the boat in retaliation.

(Journey Into Mystery I#635 (fb) ) - Hyde was in the Raft when minor villain Brandon walked by.

(Thunderbolts I#155) - Hyde was shocked when Songbird and John Walker selected him to be a potential Thunderbolt, in a beta team capacity. He stood alongside other candidates, including Armadillo, Mandrill, Dark Beast, Troll (Gunna), and many more.

(Thunderbolts I#156) - Calvin Zabo was called before Songbird to interview for being on the Thunderbolts team. He assumed that it was due to his intellect, but she gave him the serum that turns him into Hyde, and he philosophized as he drank it. He transformed into a giant version of Hyde and grabbed Songbird in his hand.

(Thunderbolts I#157) - Hyde launched himself at Songbird and the guards, batting Troll aside when she bit him, but she quickly activated the nannites and reverted him to Zabo. She explained that he'd be reverted every time he got out of control. Songbird also theorized that Hyde's violence levels were always worse when he hadn't been transformed for a time. Soon Fixer announced that Hyde, Shocker, Boomerang, Troll, and Centurius were the new Thunderbolts beta team, led by Songbird. After they debriefed on mission assignments, the team was deployed, with Songbird, Fixer, and MACH-V to a mission in Iraq. Hyde, donning a new costume, and the others deployed to Najaf, Iraq, and they were joined by Ghost, Moonstone, Man-Thing, and Satana, and assigned to quell riots. As Songbird gave him orders to not use lethal force, his cane was disintegrated by one of the Iraqis with a strange spell. He was then stabbed in the arm, but it didn't harm him. They soon realized they were facing zombies, and Hyde laughed as Boomerang was dragged beneath the earth.

(Thunderbolts I#158) - Hyde was thoroughly enjoying smashing the zombies as the rest of the team stopped them at the source; Boomerang survived. Fixer heard of a breakout at the Raft and the Thunderbolts were rushed back there through Man-Thing’s transport. They returned to find half of the Raft destroyed, and the villains regretted losing their opportunity to escape. 

(Thunderbolts I#159) - While looking for survivors in the crushed Raft, Hyde lifted a wreckage out of the way, chiding Centurius for giving orders. Hyde, talking in a strange English accent, watched as Boomerang defeated one of the villains. They then rescued several more villains and got them to medics, under Songbird’s orders. As they searched through the catacombs, they were attacked by Big Roy. Shocker blasted him back, but then Hyde swiftly killed him, threatening the others to keep this action silent. After they cleared out the medical ward unit, they had a chance to free themselves of nannites and escape, but Centurius convinced them to wait for a more opportune time, during a mission. 

(Thunderbolts I#160) - Zabo slept while the others plotted their escape.

(Thunderbolts I#161) - The Thunderbolts stood by while Moonstone successfully averted a missile into Lake Michigan. The B-Team was ordered to Chicago, but had no way to get there.

(Thunderbolts I#162) - The B-Team appeared in Chicago to battle hundreds of monstrous mutates. Zabo held back, wondering if he could be of more help in a different capacity and hesitant to drink a larger serum than usual, but Fixer forced him to drink it. A monstrous Hyde soon began tearing into the creatures, including a few that had just murdered a civilian. Soon, overwhelmed by numbers, the villains decided to make their escapes. They moved to kick Fixer out of his facility, so they could get out, but were distracted by a giant Man-Thing, mutated by his absorption of the sea creatures. They took off in Fixer’s ship with Moonstone on board. With Centurius guiding, the villains and Thunderbolts tower soon disappeared.

(Thunderbolts I#163) - The tower landed in Austria, though it was supposed to land in New Zealand, and the villains sought to figure out what was happening. Satana kept Hyde occupied with a succubus spell of pleasure. When a Nazi army approached, she took the spell off Hyde and the villains rushed to attack, Hyde the first to realize that they had gone back in time. As Hyde savagely hit the army, the Invaders (Captain America, Namor) arrived, thinking the villains were heroes.

(Thunderbolts I#164) - Calling themselves “the American Thunderbolts”, some of Hyde’s teammates changed their codenames and costumes, but he refused. The heroes rushed off to storm Baron Heinrich Zemo’s castle while Hyde, at Centurius’ order, captured some  Nazi soldiers to replenish Man-Thing with, bantering with Troll as he did so. Soon Captain America called the Thunderbolts for help.

(Thunderbolts I#165) - The Thunderbolts and Invaders fought against the army of Human Torches, Hyde stomping on one when he could. Centurius instructed Hyde to have the team lure them Torches near the mountaintop where they could extinguish them with an avalanche. Hyde was frustrated, but agreed. When they got the Torches lined up, Hyde punched the mountain and doused them in snow.

(Thunderbolts I#166 (fb) - BTS) - When the Thunderbolts landed in east London in 1888, Hyde was thrilled and rushed off on his own. Satana followed.

(Thunderbolts I#167 (fb) - BTS) - Ancient warrior women, the Iceni, sensed the presence of Satana and possessed London citizens. They lured Hyde in to them, then trapped Satana with a curse when she refused to join them. Hyde spent the next several weeks trying to find the woman, freeing the human souls and killing the Iceni so that he could free Satana. He was confused for Jack the Ripper. He couldn’t find the Thunderbolts to enlist their aid.

(Thunderbolts I#166 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde killed Elizabeth Stride.

(Thunderbolts I#166) - In August, 1888, Hyde ripped apart another woman, Annie Chapman, with Satana watching. Weeks later, he killed Catherine Eddowes. Still later, he killed another woman as the Thunderbolts and inspectors Abberline and Williamson. Hyde tossed a head, then called out to Satana.

(Thunderbolts I#167) - The Thunderbolts attacked Hyde savagely; he managed to cut Fixer’s tech pack and then shrug off Boomerang’s exploding blade before finally tossing the woman’s body into Troll’s axe, freeing Satana who killed most of the Iceni. After depositing bodies in the swamp, they defeated the Iceni and time-traveled again.

(Thunderbolts I#169) - In 537 AD, Satana kept Mr. Hyde occupied with a sex spell until the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, and King Arthur approached. In disguise, the Thunderbolts sued for a truce, but Merlin captured them with his magics and put them in a dungeon (Hyde’s arm was stabbed in the battle). They were imprisoned with dozens of monsters, including Grendel’s brother.

(Thunderbolts I#170) - Ghost revealed he was among them and freed the team. A massive battle between the Thunderbolts and the knights erupted and Boomerang freed the monsters from their cells. Merlin helped stabilize the tower and they returned to the future, a few years prior to their present, and were met by the original Thunderbolts.

(Thunderbolts I#172) - The original Thunderbolts stormed the tower, which was killing civilians, while the future villains entered some underground tunnels (which Hyde pounded into). The Thunderbolts attacked and a massive battle ensued, during which Hyde broke Atlas’ nose, then Atlas smashed Hyde into the floor.

(Thunderbolts I#173) - The battle continued until Satana knocked everyone out and took the future villains back to the tower with her. The Thunderbolts followed and Citizen V agreed to show them to a time machine, having figured out the truth, and they partied, planning to storm Latveria later. They were shocked when Fixer seemed to kill the past Techno.

(Thunderbolts I#174) - With the past Fixer dead, reality began to unravel. Hyde found himself unable to change back to Zabo, and Fixer revealed his body was naturally producing the transformation serum now. To attempt to fix it, they fed the bodies the tower had killed to the time engines, evaporating David Althoff, Paul Sarker, Louis Singh, Sara Carr, Michael Duffy, Daniel Dillon, Antonio Guttierez, and Vincenzo Cerilli. When Fixer sacrificed himself to live in a time loop from the past to the future present, reality was restored.

(Dark Avengers I#176) - The Thunderbolts appeared in the dinosaur age, then back to pre-creation days, passing the Watcher and some Celestials on their journey back. Man-Thing revived with them, able to speak, then they came at odds with fellow time traveler Dr. Doom.

(Dark Avengers I#177) - The Thunderbolts ended up in modern day (but still past) Latveria battling Doombots. They rushed, trying to escape into a portal, and ended up in a future where Boss Cage attacked them.

(Dark Avengers I#178) - Thunderbolts Tower was destroyed. The team found Man-Thing and battled Boss Cage.

(Dark Avengers I#179) - The Thunderbolts continued their battle with Boss Cage. A message from the  past showed them a possible way home.

(Dark Avengers I#180) - Hyde mostly slept while the Thunderbolts worked to identify ways to stop this future from happening. They teamed with the mutant Outlanders against the bosses.

(Dark Avengers I#181) - During their attack on Boss Cage's headquarters, Hyde stopped Troll from killing enemies, wanting to slay them himself.

(Dark Avengers I#182) - The Thunderbolts finally made it back to the present, where they met other members of their team and helped defeat the rogue Thunderbolts Ai Apaec, Ragnarok, Toxie Doxie, and Trickshot. They defeated Sultan Magus and erased the future timeline they'd been in.

(Dark Avengers I#183) - After resolving concerns, the Thunderbolts returned to New York City, then Man-Thing, rather than sending the others back to jail, transported them to his swamp and sent them all on to the place of their fondest desires, Mr. Hyde's being mayhem.

(Superior Spider-Man Team-Up#6 (fb) - BTS) - Wrecker and Thunderball called Mr. Hyde to rejoin the Masters of Evil under Lightmaster's leadership.

(Superior Spider-Man Team-Up#6) - The Masters of Evil (Absorbing Man, Blackout (Marcus Daniels), Bulldozer, Lightmaster, Mr. Hyde, Piledriver, Thunderball, Titania, Whirlwind) battled the Superior Six and Sun Girl. During the battle, Mr. Hyde was buffeted by a giant spider robot. Their new leader, Lightmaster, stole a quantum particle engine, which Sun Girl (Lightmaster's daughter) activated, and the Masters of Evil disappeared.

(All-New Ghost Rider#1 - BTS) - Calvin Zabo escaped from jail. He sent him men to retrieve a blue serum from a vehicle driven by Robbie Reyes, who they killed, but he turned into Ghost Rider.

(All-New Ghost Rider#2) - Calvin Zabo muttered to his Mr. Hyde side. When his men, including McCallum, chased off Ghost Rider, they returned to him and tried stealing from him, so an amped up Hyde killed one as an example.

(All-New Ghost Rider#3) - Hyde ordered McCallum and his men to go after Grumpy, who had stolen some of his drugs.

(All-New Ghost Rider#4) - Zabo continued experimenting on mutating street drugs. He recruited local teens, including Guero Valdez, to help hunt for Grumpy.

(All-New Ghost Rider#5) - Grumpy stood against McCallum and his forces until Mr. Hyde easily killed him, tearing him in half. Later, Mr. Hyde attacked Ghost Rider, and when overwhelmed, he took a handful of pink pills that mutated him out of control then reverted him back to Zabo.

(All-New Ghost Rider#6) - Zabo provided Guero Valdez, Julio, and Hernando with blue pills.

(All-New Ghost Rider#7) - The three teenagers began calling themselves the Blue Hyde Brigade and began dealing the blue pills, which they called Blue Krue, as Zabo monitored them.

(All-New Ghost Rider#9) - The Blue Krue trained more men in blue to join the Blue Hyde Brigade, and Mr. Hyde prepared them to move against Yegor Ivanov to gain control of the underworld. He soon formed an alliance with Ivanov, preparing to unite against Ghost Rider.

(All-New Ghost Rider#10) - Yegor Ivanov told Mr. Hyde about Eli Morrow, a former hitman and serial killer who had been killed, coming after him. Guero Valdez reported that Ghost Rider's real identity was Robbie Reyes, so Hyde planned a trap. Ghost Rider attacked and Hyde was willing to sacrifce Ivanov (who soon escaped). The other Ghost Rider (John Blaze) helped Reyes defeat the Blue Hyde Brigade, and Valdez ended up with a broken back. Hyde was devastated.

(S.H.I.E.L.D. III#7) - S.H.I.E.L.D. sent a team, led by Quake, to apprehend Mr. Hyde, who had taken refuge at a base in Portugal after his defeats in California. Emphasizing that Hyde's powers enhanced not only his strength but his emotional responses (like jealousy and fear), Coulson directed the agents to deactivate Hyde's powers, then Quake was reunited with Calvin Zabo. Daisy (now using the nickname Skye since she was spending so much time in space recently) said that since her exposure to Terrigen mists, her earthquake powers had been in conflict with her personality, causing some aggression and mutation responses in her, and she invited him to help stabilize her. In a lab that used to belong to Arnim Zola, they kept Zabo from being Hyde for several days until Hyde managed to create a new version of his Hyde formula, for Daisy's DNA; he tried giving it to Daisy, but Coulson took it and changed into a strong man; Coulson defeated Hyde, who was sent to prison.


(Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha#1) - S.H.I.E.L.D. captured several villains, reprogramming them with Kobik into new identities and keeping them in the prison, Pleasant Hill. Mr. Hyde was kept there until Fixer restored his mind and had him attack S.H.I.E.L.D. alongside other villains, including Absorbing Man, Atlas, Baron Zemo, Glob, Klaw, Mentallo, Mr. Hyde, Moonstone, Nitro, Orrgo, Scorcher, Shocker, and Trapster.

(Captain America: Steve Rogers I#2 (fb) ) - Mr. Hyde was part of the insurrection of Pleasant Hill.

(Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. I#6) - After being turned back into himself by Fixer, Mister Hyde was knocked out by Warwolf of the S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Howling Commandos.

(Captain America: Steve Rogers#13) - Baron Helmut Zemo formed the new Army of Evil, including Mr. Hyde, Tiger Shark, Klaw, and Living Laser.

(Secret Empire I#0) - Hydra assembled many super-villains, including Mr. Hyde, in a takeover of the United States. In the fight, Hyde sparred with Luke Cage.

(Captain America: Steve Rogers#17) - Mr. Hyde was appointed warden over the New Attilan holding camps, and he performed heinous medical experiments on the Inhumans there.

(U.S.Avengers I#5) - Mr. Hyde attacked the public alongside the forces of Hydra.

(Secret Warriors II#2) - Still representing Hydra, Mr. Hyde led forces to New Attilan, where he arrested Iso, leader of the Inhumans, and ordered the city evacuated.

(Secret Warriors II#3) - Mr. Hyde, Hydra, and the Hydra Avengers attacked a group of Inhumans on the boarder of New Tian, including Quake, Inferno, Moon Girl, Ms. Marvel, Karnak, and Devil Dinosaur.

(Secret Warriors II#4) - Mr. Hyde, Hydra, and the Hydra Avengers battled and then apprehended the group of Inhumans and Devil Dinosaur, then took them aboard the Helicarrier Telemachus. Hyde threatened Quake, but the ship soon malfunctioned and crashed, leaving the heroes to escape.

(Secret Warriors II#5) - Quake’s team, now calling themselves the Warriors, liberated the Inhumans from New Attilan, including Leer. Mr. Hyde tried escaping with a captive Quake, wanting her to join him in creating a new regime, but the Warriors crashed his ship and Quake turned against him, then Karnak temporarily paralyzed Hyde, who sowed discord within the team.

(Captain America IX#7) - Mr. Hyde was locked up in the new prison, the Myrmidon.

(Magnificent Ms. Marvel#9 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde employed Cesar, who tried to steal Hyde's formula.

(Magnificent Ms. Marvel#9) - Hyde tracked Cesar to a hospital in New Jersey and attacked, but Ms. Marvel fought him, sending Hyde rushing outside.

(Magnificent Ms. Marvel#10) - Hyde battled Ms. Marvel in a nearby park, where Hyde put civilians at risk. Discovering her weakness was electricity, Hyde ruthlessly hit Ms. Marvel with it until her Kree suit, the Stormranger, took over and matched Hyde's strength, soon knocking the villan out and then beating him.

(Magnificent Ms. Marvel#11) - Mr. Hyde lay unconscious as Stormranger tried to kill him, and Ms. Marvel protected him, getting him to the police for containment.

(Ruins of Ravencroft: Dracula#1) - Mr. Hyde was transferred to Ravencroft, where he taunted security man John Jameson as he entered.

(Ravencroft#1) - From his cell, Mr. Hyde grabbed guard John Jameson while tossing D-Man aside. Misty Knight responded by punching Hyde back, knocking out his tooth, then the guards tased Hyde. Hyde was taken to solitary.

(Ravencroft#3) - Norman Osborn gave Mr. Hyde a screwdriver in solitary confinement. Escaping, he went after John Jameson, who was with Ashley Kafka, Hyde knocked Misty Knight aside then drove the screwdriver into D-Man's chest.

(Ravencroft#4) - Coyote was among the prisoners released from Ravencroft by the Unwanted.

(M.O.D.O.K. Head Games#2) - Mr. Hyde attended the Criminal Technology Show in Las Vegas, there to bid on new weapons.

(Morbius: Bond of Blood#1 (fb) - BTS) - Hyde escaped from Ravencroft and started working on curing diseases in his lab again. Hyde reverted to Calvin Zabo and realized that the notebooks he needed to change back to Hyde were still under guard at Ravencroft.

(Morbius: Bond of Blood#1) - Morbius showed up in Hyde's lab demanding the cure for a rare blood disorder, and Zabo agreed to help if Morbius retrieved his notebooks. Morbius soon returned the files to Zabo, who gave Morbius a shot that would cure the boy. Zabo wasted no time in making a new serum, reverting to Mr. Hyde as Morbius attacked, reporting that the boy had died from the injection. Hyde attacked Morbius, who reverted Hyde to his Zabo form by biting him, the vampiric hunger that resulted triggering the change.

(King in Black: Thunderbolts#2) - Mr. Hyde was in Ravencroft when symbiotes attacked. Mr. Hyde, Foolkiller, Grizzly, Man-Bull, and Figment fled with the new Thunderbolts (Batroc, Mr. Fear, Star, Taskmaster) in a bus, and they went to find the corpse of the Sentry, which contained energy in it that could potentially harm the symbiotes and their leader, Knull.

(King in Black: Thunderbolts#3) - When Fisk tried to betray the team, they had Figment cast a massive illusion that made it seem as though Taskmaster betrayed the Thunderbolts and the rest died while blowing up the bridge to save the city. The Thunderbolts soon returned to confront the Kingpin, still with the corpse of the Sentry, and they blackmailed him for money and made plans to stay together as a team.

(Deadpool Infinity Comic#2) - Mr. Hyde was attacked in the Bar With No Name by Deadpool and the Invisible Woman, who were seeking information on how to locate the Spot.

(Strange Tales: Thor and Jane Foster Infinity Comic#1) - Mr. Hyde attacked Jane Foster, who changed to Valkyrie and fought back as Thor arrived. Hyde released some of his Hyde formula into the air to make the two of them fight, but they overcame it and he was arrested by Code: Blue.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee & Don Heck.

The Assassin (Mister Kline) used a robot of Mr. Hyde against Daredevil in Daredevil I#83-84.

Mister Hyde was profiled in the original OHOTMU series, in the Deluxe Edition, and in the New Avengers: Most Wanted handbook.

In Captain America I#291 Calvin Zabo's name was seen on a list of the Guardian Life Insurance Company. It is unknwon at which point during his criminal career he bought this policy, but it was pretty sure during his life of crime because he wasn't the only super villain that company dealt with (see Tumbler or Tumbler's brother Michael, the second Tumbler).
--Markus Raymond

According to Conspiracy#1-2 (February-March, 1998) Calvin Zabo was one of the scientists financed by Control. Check out the comments for Mark Ewing and Edward Harrison to learn more.
--Markus Raymond

Mr. Hyde was also in the video game Iron Man and X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal. He doesn't appear in the comic prelude, but is a mini-boss in the first mission. The mission "Nuclear Plant Seige"'s briefing says this.
"Encrypted NRC Cable indicates St. Paul Nuclear Power Plant infiltrated by terrorists. May be part of coordinated attack by Dromak aliens in high Earth orbit. Elite squadron of Armorines dispatched by Pentagon to retake plant. Your assistance requested. End msg."
"Secure reactor core against meltdown and eliminate Melter. "Melter" believed to be barricaded in core destroying vital cooling systems under direction of Dromak Alien Alliance. Full-scale meltdown of core imminent!"
"Vaporize nuclear fuel canisters to prevent use by terrorists. Spider Aliens allied with Dromaks may be after weapons grade plutonium canisters to power weapons systems."
The only mention of Mr. Hyde before the fight against him was a short profile of him and his abilities, and yet doesn't mention why he's there. All Mr. Hyde did was wait in a room for Iron Man or X-O Manowar. He fights the hero only to be defeated. That's pretty much it.
--Cristian Catalan

Special thanks to Stuart Vandal, Rob London, Martin Allen, Markus Raymond, Omar Karindu and Sean McQuaid for their help with this profile!

Profile by Chadman.

Mr. Hyde is not meant to be confused with has no known connections to

Artie Jeckle and Gwen Reilly

(Daredevil I#353 (fb) - BTS) - Gwen Reilly and Artie Jeckle were tired of the world the way it was and were determined to commit suicide together. They went to a rooftop with a grenade and a handgun.

(Daredevil I#353) - Daredevil knocked the weapons out of the hands of Gwen and Artie, then pulled them off the roof to avoid the grenade explosion, narrowly saving them from a car as they fell. He told the teenagers they owed him a favor and he would find them when he was ready to collect.

(Daredevil I#357 (fb) - BTS) - Daredevil pre-arranged to have Gwen and Artie waiting for him in an alley at night.

(Daredevil I#357) - Gwen and Artie waited in the streets until Mr. Hyde nearly attacked them, then Daredevil intervened, making them promise to keep their eyes out for Hyde in the streets. Hyde stormed off, worrying that civilians would be watching out for him.

--Daredevil I#353 ([Daredevil I#353 (fb)], Daredevil I#353, [357 (fb)], 357

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All-New Ghost Rider#9 (January, 2015) - (Felipe Smith (writer), Damion Scott (penciler), Cory Hamscher, Victor Olazaba, Don Ho (inkers), Mark Paniccia (editor)
All-New Ghost Rider#10 (March, 2015) - (Felipe Smith (writer), Damion Scott (penciler), Cory Hamsher (inker), Mark Paniccia (editor)
S.H.I.E.L.D. III#7 (August, 2015) - Mark Waid (writer), Greg Smallwood (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)
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Ruins of Ravencroft: Dracula#1 (March, 2020) - Frank Tieri (writer), Angel Unzueta, Stefano Landini (artists), Devin Lewis (editor)
Ravencroft#1 (March, 2020) - Frank Tieri (writer), Angel Unzueta (artist), Danny Khazem (editor)
Ravencroft#3 (May, 2020) - Frank Tieri (writer), Angel Unzueta, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (pencilers), Scott Hanna (inker), Danny Khazem (editor)
Ravencroft#4 (July, 2020) - Frank Tieri (writer), Angel Unzueta (artist), Danny Khazem (editor)
M.O.D.O.K. Head Games#2 (March, 2021) - Jordan Blum, Patton Oswalt (writers), Scott Hepburn (artist), Annalise Bissa (editor)
Morbius: Bond of Blood#1 (April, 2021) - Ralph Macchio (Writer), Tom Reilly (artist), Danny Khazem (editor)
King in Black: Thunderbolts#2-3 (April-May, 2021) - Matthew Rosenberg (writer), Juan Ferreyra (artist), Jake Thomas (editor)
Deadpool Infinity Comic#2 (October, 2021) - Gerry Duggan (writer), Lucas Werneck (artist), Stephen Wacker (editor)
Ben Reilly: Spider-Man I#1 (March, 2022) - JM DeMatteis (writer), David Baldeon (artist), Danny Khazem (editor)
Ben Reilly: Spider-Man I#4-5 (June-July, 2022) – JM DeMatteis (writer), David Baldeon (artist), Danny Khazem (editor)
Strange Tales: Thor and Jane Foster Infinity Comic#1 (July, 2022) Tim Seeley (writer), Ramon Bachs (artist), Jordan White (editor)
Daredevil: Black Armor#3-4 (March-April, 2024) - D.G. Chichester (writer), Netho Diaz (penciler), J.P. Mayer (inker), Devin Lewis (editor)

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