Real Name: Marvin Flumm

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Professional criminal, terrorist;
former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, shoe salesman

Group Membership: Formerly High Council of A.I.M. (Yelena Belova, Andrew Forson, Graviton/Franklin Hall, Jude the Entropic Man/Yagzan, Superia, Taskmaster), Hood's Army (Answer/Aaron Nicholson, Armadillo/Antonio Rodriguez, Blackout, Blood Brother, Brothers Grimm/Percy & Barton Grimes, Bulldozer/Henry Camp, Bushwacker/Carl Burbank, Centurius, Chemistro/Calvin Carr, Controller/Basil Sandhurst, Corruptor, Crossfire/William Cross, Crusader/Arthur Blackwood, Cutthroat/Daniel Leighton, Deathwatch, Dr. Demonicus/Douglas Birely, Grey Gargoyle/Paul Duval, Griffin/Johnny Horton, Jonas Harrow, Hood/Parker Robbins, Ironclad/Mike Steel, Jigsaw/Billy Russo, John King, Living Laser/Arthur Parks, Mandrill/Jerome Beechman, Madame Masque/Whitney Frost, Mister Fear/Alan Fagan, Mister Hyde/Calvin Zabo, Piledriver/Brian Calusky, Purple Man/Zebediah Killgrave, Razor-Fist (Douglas Scott), Recession Raider, Scarecrow, Squid, Thunderball/Dr. Eliot Franklin, Tiger Shark/Todd Arliss, Vapor/Ann Darnell, Wrecker/Dirk Garthwaite, Vector/Simon Utrecht, Wizard/Bentley Wittman, X-Ray/James Darnell), MODOK's 11 (Armadillo/Antonio Rodriguez, Living Laser/Arthur Parks, MODOK/George Tarleton, Nightshade/Tilda Johnson, Puma/Thomas Firehart, Rocket Racer/Robert Farrell, Spot/Johnathan Ohnn, Ultra-Adaptoid (posing as Chameleon)) New World Order (Juggernaut/Cain Marko, Piecemeal, Red Skull/Johann Shmidt), New Enforcers (Blitz, Controller/Basil Sandhurst, Dragon Man, Dreadnought, Eel/Edward Lavell, Fixer/Paul Ebersol, Madame Menace/Sunset Bain, Mr. Fear/Alan Fagan, Plant-Man/Samuel Smithers, Super-Adaptoid, Tangle, Thermite/Sam Yurimoto, Vanisher), Resistants (Crucible/Byron Calley, Meteorite/Ned Lathrop, Mist Mistress, Occult/Peter Quinn, Paralyzer/Randall Darby, Quill), Hydra (Blackwing/Joe Manfredi, Commander Kraken, Dreadnought, Jessica Drew, Fixer/Paul Ebersol, General Wyndham, Jackhammer, el Jaguar/Ramon De Rico, Kingpin/Wilson Fisk, Man-Killer/Katrina Van Horn, Supreme Hydra/Silvermane/Silvio Manfredi)

Affiliations: Absorbing Man (Carl Creel), Adaptoid, A.I.M., Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo), Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Blastaar, Boomerang (Fred Myers), Bullseye, Computrex, Constrictor (Frank Payne), Cottonmouth (Burchell Clemens), Crimson Dynamo, Deathlok the Demolisher (Luther Manning of Earth-7484), Diamondback (Debbie Bertrand), Dr. Doom (Victor von Doom), Electro (Max Dillon), Fin Fang Foom, Fixer (Paul Ebersol), Goldbug, Grim Reaper (Eric Williams), Groupmind, Justin Hammer, Headlok (Murray Singleton), Hobgoblin, King Cobra (Klaus Voorhees), Lady Octopus, Living Laser (Arthur Parks), M.O.D.O.K. (George Tarleton), Mole Man (Harvey Elder), Earth-807128's New Defenders (Hooded Man, Hulk Jr., Lightwave, Natalie X, Psionics, Alex Ultron), Nightshade (Tilda Johnson), Norman Osborn, Matthew Power, Professor Power (Anthony Power), Puma (Thomas Fireheart), Quasimodo, Rhino (Alexsei Sytesevich), Rocket Racer (Robert Farrell), Satan (Marduk Kurios), Scorcher, Scorpion (Mac Gargan), Shocker (Herman Schultz), Sleeper robot, Spider-Slayer Mark 20, Spot (Jonathan Ohnn), William Stryker, TESS-One, THEM, Tinkerer (Phineas Mason), Titania (Mary MacPherran), Trapster (Peter Petruski), Tyrannus, Lucia Von Bardas;
formerly Bulldozer (Henry Camp), Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Purple Man (Zebediah Killgrave), S.H.I.E.L.D. (Niles Nordstrom, others), Super-Adaptoid, Wizard (Bentley Wittman), Wrecker (Dirk Garthwaite)

Enemies: Avengers (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Captain America/Sam Wilson, Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Dr. Druid/Anthony Druid, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan, Namor/Namor McKenzie, Nova/Sam Alexander, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Spider-Man/Miles Morales, Thor/Jane Foster, Vision/"Victor Shade"), Avengers Academy (Finesse, Hazmat, Justice/Vance Astrovik, Mettle, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Reptil, Speedball/Robbie Baldwin, Striker, Tigra/Greer Nelson, Veil, Wasp/Henry Pym), Avengers Unity Division (Cable/Nathan Summers, Deadpool/"Wade Wilson," Dr. Voodoo/Jericho Drumm, Human Torch/Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Rogue/Anna Marie, Synapse/Emily Guerrero), Beetle (Abner Jenkins), Blood Rose (Richard Fisk), Bulldozer (Henry Camp), Captain America (John Walker), Cardinal (Donald Clendenon), Jimmy Carter, Chance (Nicholas Powell), Cyclone (Pierre Fresson), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Diamondback (Rachel Leighton), Theresa Durand, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Sue Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Freedom Force (Avalanche/Dominic Petros, Blob/Fred Dukes, Crimson Commando/Frank Bohannon, Destiny/Irene Adler, Mystique/"Raven Darkholme," Pyro/St. John Allerdyce, Spiral/Rita Wayword, Stonewall, Super Sabre), Funtz, Guardsmen (Billy Fredricks, Chris Fallon, Howard Samuels, others), Hairbag, Harry, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Impossible Man, Javelynn, Kobik, M (Monet St. Croix), Micronauts (Acroyear, Biotron, Bug, Marionette, Microtron, Arcturus Rann), "Foggy" Nelson, Next Wave (Agent X, Snare, Turk), Old Man Logan of Earth-21923, Purple Man (Zebediah Killgrave), Pyro, Sauron, Shang-Chi, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Black Widow/Natasha Romanova, Nick Fury, Nick Fury II, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Maria Hill, Daisy Johnson, Niles Nordstrom, Erik Selvig, others), Snowfall, Roxxon (Barnes, Brewer, Gadsden, Tyler, others), Songbird (Melissa Gold), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Super-Adaptoid, Steven Tuval, Ultra-Adaptoid, Weapon X-Force (Domino/Neena Thurman, Lady Deathstrike/Yuriko Oyama, Mystique/"Raven Darkholme," Omega Red/Arkady Rossovich, Sabretooth/Victor Creed), Wrecker (Dirk Garthwaite), X-Men (Armor, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Emma Frost, Professor X/Charles Xavier, Wolverine/James Howlett);
formerly Controller (Basil Sandhurst), Plant-Man (Samuel Smithers)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mr. Katz, Minister of Public Affairs, "Sir," Think-Tank

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: (unidentified): Strange Tales I#141 (February, 1966);
(identified only as Mentallo): Strange Tales I#142 (March, 1966);
(real name revealed): Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7 (March, 1983);
(as Think-Tank): Captain America I#346 (October, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Mentallo possessed rudimentary telepathic skills, which he could sometimes boost with technological means, allowing him to read thoughts, project images, control minds and sense weaknesses. Without enhancing tech, his powers were more limited to a few people at a time and he could project telepathic energy into objects and read them as well. He had access to great technological assets, many designed by the Fixer and S.H.I.E.L.D, including flying discs and thought projection helmets. With enhancing equipment, Mentallo was able to battle Professor X on the astral plane, where he took the form of a red monstrous bird. Mentallo's powers were easily blocked with the right telepathy equipment. As Think-Tank, Mentallo sat in a mobile tank unit equipped with extending mechanical arms and weaponry. Using an A.I.M. machine, Mentallo was briefly able to join together all the human minds on Earth, forming a "world wide web" but Iron Man, using anti-telepathy technology, wrested control of it from Mentallo. Mentallo had stolen secrets from the minds of others like Mr. Fantastic. For a time, Mentallo transferred his mind into the body of Headlok while his own body was in stasis but he was unable to use his telepathy while he maintained the control. When Kingpin ordered Mentallo to give Theresa Durand false memories, he spent a lot of time in her brain, briefly granting her low level telepathy. Mentallo more recently learned how to transfer his mind into nanobots, giving them instructions. Using tech, Mentallo was once able to control all of the monsters on Monster Island. Working with A.I.M., Mentallo was once able to help the minds of the artificial intelligence minds of the Iron Patriots achieve sentience. Mentallo briefly experienced a power boost from Satan, greatly enhancing his abilities and giving him a more demonic appearance.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7 (fb) – BTS) – Marvin Flumm was born in Watford City, North Dakota. In adolescence, his mutant powers of telepathy manifested but he never chose to do anything with them except read the occasional mind, instead taking a job as a shoe salesman. In time, he was recruited by Niles Nordstrom, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who had detected his powers, to work with the agency's newly organized ESP Division.

(Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11#2 (fb) – BTS) – Training as a S.H.I.E.L.D. ESPer, Flumm learned how to implant psychic disguises first thing.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7 (fb) – BTS) – Flumm conceived of the criminal identity of Mentallo and began plotting to take over S.H.I.E.L.D. and use its resources to gain political power.

(Micronauts I#25 (fb) – BTS) – Flumm discovered that S.H.I.E.L.D. planned to kick him out for being "useless," despite his work with his fellow ESPers.

(Strange Tales I#141 (fb) – BTS) – When S.H.I.E.L.D. agents caught on to Flumm's criminal plans, Flumm fled, leaving behind his work, including Operation Brain-Blast, a project to design machines that could read thoughts. Flumm went into hiding.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7 (fb) – BTS) – Flumm stole a S.H.I.E.L.D. battle-suit including telepathy-enhancing equipment in a helmet and he became Mentallo full-time.

(Strange Tales I#141) – Flumm was awakened by intrusive thoughts and he realized that S.H.I.E.L.D.  was pursuing him. Realizing he needed to strike back at S.H.I.E.L.D. before they found him, he projected his thoughts outward, wearing a red helmet, and mentally monitored the Fixer as he escaped from jail. Having aspirations to rule mankind, Flumm planned to recruit Fixer.

(Strange Tales I#142) – Anticipating an attack from Mentallo, S.H.I.E.L.D. ESPers tracked him. Mentallo read Fixer's thoughts and donned an underwater suit, swimming toward Fixer's base and bypassing all of his traps. Mentallo impressed Fixer and the two joined forces. They soon used Fixer's giant ship, one that was partially designed by the mysterious group THEM. Using Mentallo's skills and Fixer's weapons, they broke through S.H.I.E.L.D.'s defenses and overcame S.H.I.E.L.D. They placed a helmet on Nick Fury that would make them able to control him.

(Strange Tales I#143) – Mentally controlling Fury, Mentallo and Fixer wore "scramble helmets" to block the S.H.I.E.L.D. psi-division from finding them. While keeping a back-up H-Bomb, they removed Fury's helmet, the two villains continually arguing about who was superior. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents attacked, forcing Mentallo and Fixer to remove their helmets, leaving them vulnerable to psi-attacks. The villains were overwhelmed and soon imprisoned. Mentallo was worried his powers were now gone.

(Daredevil I#121 (fb) – BTS) – Hydra formed a new team of division chiefs, with Mentallo being selected for the Surveillance division. Other divisions were led by Blackwing, the Fixer, the Dreadnought, Commander Kraken, Man-Killer, el Jaguar, the Fox and Jackhammer.

(Daredevil I#122 – BTS) – Mentallo monitored the fight of Black Widow and Daredevil against el Jaguar and Blackwing. He reported into the Supreme Hydra, who was secretly Silvermane.

(Daredevil I#123) – Mentallo, Dreadnought and Silvermane kept "Foggy" Nelson captive in the Hydra base underneath Shea Stadium and soon Daredevil and Black Widow were brought in by Blackwing, Man-Killer and el Jaguar. When S.H.I.E.L.D. attacked, Silvermane blew them up but soon realized he had only hit LMDs. "Foggy" Nelson grabbed a gun and freed Daredevil and Black Widow then the heroes gained the upper hand. Mentallo was frightened of his powers being impacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. again and he was soon arrested.

(Marvel Spotlight I#32 (fb) ) – European Hydra faction leader Count Otto Vermis assigned Flumm to mind probe Jessica Drew's thoughts and alter her memories to turn her into the perfect assassin for Hydra. (retold in Spider-Woman: Origin#2; see comments)

(Marvel Two-in-One I#26 (fb) – BTS) – Fixer teamed up with Hydra then recruited Mentallo, helping to restore his powers to working order. Mentallo attacked S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, making them see illusions of giant spiders and alligators.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#27 (fb)) – While robbing a safe, Mentallo read Spider-Man's mind, taking memories even the hero couldn't recall and learning about the existence of the Time Platform in the Baxter Building and the existence of Earth-7484's future Deathlok the Demolisher.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#26) – Mentallo read Nick Fury's mind from far away and learned that he'd recruited the Thing. Fixer and Mentallo, who bragged that he was the strongest telepath in the world, rode on flying discs and attacked a S.H.I.E.L.D. station, with Mentallo using the Fixer's tech to help him mentally control the agents into fighting each other. After knocking Fury unconscious, they kidnapped Thing, putting him under their control and invaded the Baxter Building. They found the Time Platform but Fury attacked, wearing a helmet that blocked telepathy. As the mind-controlled Thing battled Fury, Fixer summoned Deathlok the Demolisher from Earth-7484's future then turned him against the heroes.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#27) – Mentallo scared Fury and Thing with a mental projection of a dinosaur and the villains escaped, convincing Deathlok to come with them. They made plans to sell him to another criminal organization, though they argued about who had contributed more. They went to the Presidential inauguration in Washington DC, where they saw the Human Torch pass before sending Deathlok to assassinate Jimmy Carter, the President elect. The Fantastic Four attacked and Human Torch blocked Mentallo's powers. Mentallo and Fixer were both apprehended but Fixer refused to take off Deathlok's control device. As they were turned over to S.H.I.E.L.D., they realized that Carter had been the Impossible Man in disguise.

(Captain America I#238 (fb) – BTS) – While in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, Mentallo was found comatose, badly impacted by a brain hemorrhage, with a metal slug left near his body. Soon, agents began going through the same thing.

(Captain America I#238) – Nick Fury reached out to Captain America, who soon discovered the mutant Snowfall was behind the attacks.

(Micronauts I#25 (fb)) – Hydra freed Mentallo and Fixer from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, where they had been in a cell that blocked their powers. The villains were taken to a base and given replicas of their costumes. Mentallo was ordered to read the minds of the S.H.I.E.L.D. ESPer unit. Computrex, an artificial intelligence designed by Fixer, helped probe the minds as well and they soon realized the ESPers were looking into a sub-atomic realm, where they were afraid of a massive threat.

(Micronauts I#24) – After Computrex developed sentience and launched an attack in the Microverse, Mentallo observed the defeat of Computrex at the hands of the Micronauts.

(Micronauts I#25) – Frustrated over the destruction of Computrex, Fixer and Mentallo hunted down the Micronauts, wanting revenge. Fixer designed a Menta-scope for Mentallo to attack the heroes but Mentallo wanted to gather intel from them instead. Mentallo assaulted the tiny heroes with his mind but two telepathic Micronauts held off Mentallo's mental attacks while Bug hit him directly. The Micronauts' Commander Rann then forcibly read Mentallo's mind, leaving him crying out and collapsing from the strain.

(Marvel Team-Up I#118 (fb) – BTS) – Mentallo remained comatose for months, his mind overloaded by the Micronauts' attack. Eventually, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents working for Professor Power took Mentallo to Power, who sought to awaken Mentallo so that Mentallo could use his telepathic powers to awaken his son, Matthew Power, from his coma.

(Marvel Team-Up I#118) – Wearing protective equipment designed by Fixer, Professor Power lured Professor X to his headquarters, seeking to use his telepathic powers to reawaken Mentallo. Trapped in one of Fixer's machines, Professor X’s powers were weakened while Mentallo's were boosted. They battled on the astral plane, where Xavier took the form of a bestial man and Mentallo appeared as a red bird. Xavier shot Mentallo's form down with an astral dagger.

(Avengers I#287 (fb) – BTS) – Recovered, Mentallo was asked by Fixer to join him in a new plot.

(Avengers I#287) – Fixer wore a helmet to block Mentallo's thoughts then trapped Mentallo against a magnet, revealing himself as the Super-Adaptoid. Mentallo was overwhelmed after reading the robot's mind and was forced to send a telepathic summons out to the Avengers. The Avengers defeated the Adaptoid's weapons then found Mentallo, who had been tortured and was overwhelmed. Mentallo collapsed.

(Captain America I#346 (fb) – BTS) – Flumm was relocated to the Vault and put under the watch of the Guardsmen.

(Captain America I#346) – The Resistants (Crucible, Meteorite, Mist Mistress, Occult, Paralyzer, Quill) liberated Mentallo from the Vault then returned him to their base, inviting him to join them and choose a new code name. Mentallo chose Think-Tank, adopting a Resistants uniform with a silver helmet, and he sat in a mobile tank equipped with extending arms and weaponry. The Resistants sought to liberate the mutant Quicksilver from his court trial but Mentallo realized it was actually Mystique in disguise and that Freedom Force was waiting in ambush. The Resistants attacked, flying in on a rock controlled by Meteorite, and Captain America (John Walker) fought back. Think-Tank found Captain America's thoughts and instincts nearly too much for him to read. Despite taking a shield to the face, he opened fire on the hero and accidentally shot Meteorite, sending the rock crashing to the ground.

(Avengers: Deathtrap-The Vault GN (fb) – BTS) – Mentallo went back to the Vault.

(Avengers: Deathtrap-The Vault GN) – In the Vault, while being experimented on willingly, Mentallo cried out in pain as a surge of power passed through his head. Truman Marsh, the warden, saw that it impacted power levels throughout the prison. Later, Mentallo hit Guardsman Samuels with a hallucination but other Guardsmen, including Billy, knocked him out. Later, Iron Man used one of the Controller's discs on Mentallo, forcing him to mentally subdue prisoners who were rioting, ending the riot completely.

(Incredible Hulk Annual II#18) – As Hulk and Thing arm-wrestled in the Last Chance Bar, Mentallo took control of Fixer (making him call him "sir") and either ordered or mentally influenced several villains into attacking the heroes, including Blastaar, Absorbing Man, Mole Man, Quasimodo, Rhino and Tyrannus. When that didn't work, Mentallo blew the bar up but the heroes weren't harmed.

(Incredible Hulk II#403 (fb) – BTS) – Mentallo joined the Red Skull's New World Order team alongside Juggernaut and Piecemeal.

(Incredible Hulk II#403) – Red Skull captured the Hulk then enhanced Mentallo's powers with technology and ordered him to brainwash the Hulk. Mentallo assaulted the Hulk with mental images of his foes but Mentallo was quickly overwhelmed by the strength of Hulk's will. Following Red Skull's orders to press forward, Mentallo hit Hulk with images of his father and childhood until Hulk finally submitted to the will of the Red Skull.

(Incredible Hulk II#404) – Still strapped into Red Skull's machine, Mentallo kept mental hold on Hulk as he battled the Avengers. Hulk began fighting for control and, as the Red Skull turned the machine to maximum power, Mentallo was overloaded and defeated.

(Captain America I#411-414) – Mentallo checked into a hotel at Boca Caliente for the A.I.M. Weapons Expo, where he watched Crossbones (secretly a disguised Captain America) battle several villains before being exposed as Captain America. The villains there fought Captain America and his allies Falcon, Diamondback and Shang-Chi.

(Web of Spider-Man I#99 (fb) – BTS) – Seeking to form a criminal underbase in New York City, Mentallo joined with Controller, Fixer, Madame Menace, Dreadnought, Mr. Fear, Blitz, Dragon Man, Eel, Plant-Man, Super-Adaptoid, Tangle, Thermite and Vanisher in forming the New Enforcers. 

(Web of Spider-Man I#100) – Spider-Man defeated the field agents of the New Enforcers, leaving the inner circle of the group, including Controller, Fixer, Madame Menace, Mentallo and Mr. Fear, to continue to plot.

(Avengers Unplugged I#4) – Mentallo attended the wedding of Absorbing Man and Titania.

(Iron Man/Captain America '98 Annual (fb)) – On S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most wanted list, Mentallo teamed himself up with A.I.M. He stole the idea for a stasis field from the mind of Mr. Fantastic then had A.I.M. boost his powers to be able to read the minds of everyone on Earth, forming a telepathic "world wide web."

(Iron Man/Captain America '98 Annual (fb) – BTS) – Captain America burst into the base despite Mentallo predicting his moves. Mentallo trapped him in the stasis field then connected himself to the minds of everyone on Earth. Tony Stark (Iron Man) had protected himself with anti-telepathy technology and he found his consciousness pulled near that of Mentallo. Stark managed to waylay Mentallo with a mental blast from his anti-telepathy Starktech then he took over the telepathic web and erased the knowledge of his true identity from every mind on Earth before destroying the web. S.H.I.E.L.D. intervened and rescued the human minds that had been bound to Mentallo's machine. Mentallo collapsed, his brain overloaded, into another coma.

(Thunderbolts: Life Sentences #1 (fb)) – Mentallo was kept in stasis at Seagate Prison. In time, Justin Hammer, from afar, wore a device that woke up Mentallo's mind, even though his body remained comatose.

(Thunderbolts I#26 (fb) – BTS) – Justin Hammer used Mentallo to keep telepathic contact with other prisoners, orchestrating plots.

(Thunderbolts I#26) – Mentallo reached out to the Beetle (Abner Jenkins) for Hammer but Beetle refused the offered alliance.  

(Thunderbolts: Life Sentences#1) – In Seagate prison, Mentallo, in stasis, heard that Justin Hammer had died. Mentallo telepathically stopped Bulldozer, Wrecker, Chance, Plant-Man and Boomerang from assaulting Hawkeye. Hawkeye later reached out telepathically to Mentallo, who linked Hawkeye's mind to guard Harry. Mentallo offered to keep Hawkeye safe if Hawkeye promised to help him escape jail. When Hawkeye was assaulted by Chance and Cardinal in the prison gym, Mentallo did nothing to stop them to teach Hawkeye a lesson. Later, he contacted Hawkeye in his cell and the hero agreed to the deal.

(Thunderbolts I#53) – At Seagate, from stasis, Mentallo monitored Hawkeye's movements, taunting the hero with reminders that they would soon be escaping together.

(Thunderbolts I#54 (fb) – BTS) – Mentallo influenced guards, including Funtz, to arrange a prison transfer for Hawkeye.

(Thunderbolts I#54) – Mentallo told Hawkeye about his upcoming transfer, for which he'd doctored the transfer list.

(Thunderbolts I#55) – Hawkeye was transferred along with Headlok (secretly possessed by Mentallo), Plant-Man and Cottonmouth.

(Thunderbolts I#56) – An earthquake shook the prison transport van and Hawkeye, Headlok/Mentallo and the others were inside.

(Thunderbolts I#57) – Hawkeye found the van driver dead and the guards unconscious. Mentallo revealed that he was in control of Headlok. When Cottonmouth tried to run, he activated the power-blocking security manacles they all wore, causing a feedback loop that knocked all four out.

(Thunderbolts I#58) – The four criminals realized they would have to stick together to escape. Heading out to find clothing, Headlok/Mentallo stated he could lead them to Justin Hammer's greatest weapon.

(Thunderbolts I#60) – Outside of Pittsburgh, in regular clothes and sharing a car, the four escapees prepared to check all of Justin Hammer's facilities. Headlok/Mentallo showed Hawkeye a news headline that said the Thunderbolts were dead. A Guardsman (Chris Fallon) soon found the criminals and attacked.  

(Thunderbolts I#61) – After Plant Man activated mold spores in Fallon's mouth in an attempt to incapacitate him, accidentally triggering Fallon's asthma and killing him, Headlok/Mentallo suggested using the Guardman's tech to free them from their shackles but it didn't work. Later, in Nebraska, Mentallo witnessed Cottonmouth trying to gnaw Plant-Man's arm off to remove the prison power blockers.

(Thunderbolts I#63 (fb) – BTS) – Headlok/Mentallo traveled west across the country with the others, looking for the weapon at Justin Hammer's various facilities. Finally, they made a deal with Hammer's ally Carpenter, who promised to get the manacles off of them but instead, he gave them access to their powers again while keeping the neuro-shock features in place. Cyclone attacked, seeking to steal the weapon (a disc) and Mentallo revealed he couldn't use his telepathic powers while maintaining control of Headlok's body. Soon, Songbird intervened and locked the men in sound cages. Headlok/Mentallo was returned to prison.

(Bullseye: Perfect Game#2 (fb) - BTS) - His mind was returned to his own body. Out of stasis Mentallo was released.

(Bullseye: Perfect Game#2 (fb) ) - Bullseye bought a psi-device from Mentallo that would help him to think like somebody else.

(Secret War I#5 (fb) – BTS) – Flumm was given a tech-enhanced suit by the Tinkerer, bankrolled by Lucia von Bardas.

(Secret War I#3) – Mentallo was among a group of super-villains who ambushed Nick Fury, Captain America, Daredevil and Spider-Man, all of whom had been involved in Nick Fury's earlier secret war on von Bardas.

(Secret War I#4) – The Fantastic Four arrived to aid the heroes. Von Bardas intervened, triggering a chain reaction that would cause all of the armors being used by Mentallo and the other villains to explode.

(Secret War I#5) – S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Daisy Johnson stopped the chain reaction when she seemingly killed von Bardas. Mentallo survived and was taken to the hospital.

(New Avengers I#1 (fb) – BTS) – Mentallo was imprisoned in the Raft.

(New Avengers I#1-3 – BTS) – Mentallo was among the Raft inmates freed by Electro.

(New Avengers I#4 – BTS) – The Avengers reviewed the list of escapees and noted Mentallo among them.

(X-Men: The 198 Files – BTS) – Mentallo was included in the government report on the world's remaining mutants post-M-Day.

(Spider-Man: Swing Shift) - Mentallo was present at the Bar with No Name alongside a number of other super-villains. He took part in a bet involving a fight between Spider-Man and Overdrive.

(Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11#1) – Using the alias Mr. Katz, Mentallo used his powers to clean-up at a casino blackjack table until the casino owner, Purple Man, had him pulled aside and threatened. Mentallo only escaped by using his powers. Mentallo was summoned by a floating mental image of the Fixer (a ruse by M.O.D.O.K.) and offered five million dollars for a job. At the meeting place, he saw Puma, Rocket Racer, Armadillo, Spot, Living Laser, Nightshade and Chameleon (secretly the Ultra-Adaptoid) and a fight briefly broke out over a pile of money before their leader, M.O.D.O.K., revealed himself, wanting to recruit the lot for a giant con job. Mentallo was suspicious but M.O.D.O.K. reassured him telepathically.

(Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11#2) – M.O.D.O.K. explained how the group would be stealing from the Infinicide, a fortress from an alternate far future that would only be in sync with Earth for mere moments. Mentallo began wondering if he could collect a bounty on M.O.D.O.K. from A.I.M. Exploring the others' thoughts, Mentallo was overwhelmed by Living Laser's thoughts, read Puma's recent background and found "Chameleon"'s brain locked up tight before M.O.D.O.K. gave Mentallo the assignment of disguising Chameleon's thoughts during the heist. He helped plant a psychic cover in "Chameleon"'s mind then he saw "Chameleon" use his "spider-sense." Mentallo confronted Chameleon, thinking he was secretly Spider-Man, but was then shocked when "Chameleon" manifested the Human Torch's powers, seemingly burning Mentallo and tossing his charred body into the river.

(New Avengers I#35 (fb)) – A surviving Mentallo attended a meeting organized by the Hood to take advantage of the split in the superhero community caused by the Superhuman Registration Act. Attendees of the meeting included: Answer (Aaron Nicholson), Armadillo (Antonio Rodriguez), Blackout (Lilin), Blood Brother, Bushwhacker (Carl Burbank), Chemistro (Calvin Carr), Controller (Basil Sandhurst), Crusader (Arthur Blackwood), Cutthroat (Daniel Leighton), Crossfire (William Cross), Deathwatch, Doctor Demonicus (Douglas Birely), Foolkiller (Kurt Gerhardt), Grey Gargoyle (Paul Duval), Griffin (John Horton), Jigsaw (Billy Russo), John King, Madame Masque (Giulietta Nefaria), Mandrill (Jerome Beechman), Mister Fear (Alan Fagan), Mister Hyde (Calvin Zabo), Nitro (Robert Hunter), Purple Man (Zebediah Killgrave), Recession Raider, Squid (Don Callahan), Tiger Shark (Todd Arliss), the U-Foes (Ironclad/Michael Steel, Vapor/Ann Darnell, Vector/Simon Utrecht, X-Ray/Jimmy Darnell), Wizard (Bentley Wittman) and the Wrecking Crew (Bulldozer/Henry Camp, Piledriver/Brian Calusky, Thunderball/Eliot Franklin, Wrecker/Dirk Garthwaite). He joined the Hood's Army.

(Fantastic Four III#558 (fb) – BTS) – In the Raft, Mentallo had an intense dream about the new enemies of the Fantastic Four, Earth-807128's New Defenders, and their relationship to Dr. Doom.

(Fantastic Four III#558) – Mr. Fantastic visited Mentallo, who hinted at the secrets of the New Defenders but the villain didn't reveal much.

(New Avengers I#56) – Hood's Army, including Mentallo, stood over the fallen outlaw Avengers and tried to make a deal with Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers.

(New Avengers I#57) – The Dark Avengers agreed to recruit Hood's Army, including Mentallo, if they surrendered their technology and resources but the outlaw Avengers managed to escape.

(New Avengers Annual I#3) – Following the orders of Norman Osborn, Mentallo invaded Hawkeye's mind, making him relive his worst nightmares and memories in an attempt to get intel on the location of the other outlaw Avengers. As the Dark Avengers rushed off to follow the intel, Mentallo kept searching Hawkeye's mind, hoping to find the identities of his allies, but the outlaw Avengers arrived and Mockingbird kicked Mentallo in the jaw.

(Avengers Academy I#6) –  When Mentallo escaped a prison transport van and mentally put the guards to sleep, members of Avengers Academy attacked. He turned them against each other but Reptil shifted forms and bit Mentallo, defeating him.

(Heroic Age: X-Men#1 – BTS) – Captain America included Mentallo in his journal on the world's remaining mutants.  

(Astonishing X-Men III#36) – Roxxon hired Mentallo to help them secure Monster Island so they could dig for oil. Mentallo, however, used a tech-enhanced helmet to expand his telepathic control of the monsters on the island and he inspired them to kill the Roxxon executives, including Tyler, Barnes and Gadsden. Mentallo then sent Fin Fang Foom to attack Tokyo.

(Astonishing X-Men III#37) – Mentallo established contact with Brewer of Roxxon, demanding eight hundred million dollars or he would unleash more monsters on the world. Meanwhile, the X-Men battled Fin Fang Foom in Tokyo.

(Astonishing X-Men III#39) – The X-Men (Armor, Emma Frost, Cyclops, Wolverine) defeated Fin Fang Foom then flew to Monster Island, where Mentallo mentally controlled monsters into attacking their ship. Emma Frost stayed in diamond form to avoid the feedback of Mentallo's helmet. After sending a monster courier for his money, Mentallo surrounded himself by monsters in a cave to confront the X-Men.

(Astonishing X-Men III#41) – Sick of his failures and of being underestimated, Mentallo restrained Wolverine and Emma Frost, planning on setting off explosives to bury them in a volcano after his got his money but he realized more X-Men were on the island. Mentallo tried detonating the explosives, but Wolverine had deactivated them, then Cyclops destroyed Mentallo's helmet, stopping him from controlling the monsters. Anxious about returning to prison, Mentallo manipulated Cyclops into firing on his teammates then he fled. Avoiding monsters, Mentallo was then seemingly crushed when the container with eight hundred million dollars was dropped on him from above.

(Secret Avengers II#2) – Andrew Forson, Scientist Supreme of A.I.M., put out a call for talent in helping him rule the new A.I.M. Mentallo joined up, accepting the title of Minister of Public Affairs. Other new members on the council included Jude the Entropic Man, Graviton, Superia, Yelena Belova and Taskmaster.

(Secret Avengers II#3) – Forson summoned Mentallo, who had been wondering if he belonged in A.I.M. Forson recounted Mentallo's history and motivations, and he wondered if Mentallo might be better at the creation of the new mind instead of manipulation of minds already established. He then showed Mentallo the stolen Iron Patriot armor prototype.

(Secret Avengers II#4 (fb) – BTS) –Mentallo worked with Andrew Forson to grant the artificial intelligences sentience then they sent them forward with the orders to protect humanity.

(Secret Avengers II#4 – BTS) – The Iron Patriots began killing terrorists, which resulted in civilian casualties. The Hulk decimated many of them and Maira Hill publicly proclaimed that Mentallo had been mind-controlling Hulk at the time.

(Secret Avengers II#8) – Mentallo saw Taskmaster turn TESS-One against some of the A.I.M. operatives then Mentallo played ping-pong with Taskmaster.

(Secret Avengers II#16 (fb) – BTS) – Mentallo figured out how to upload his mind into nanobots then he began experimenting with them.

(Secret Avengers II#12) – The High Council met to discuss projects and they discovered that Forson had been keeping things from them, such as Mockingbird's infiltration of the island. Mentallo found himself ambivalent, not believing in the cause but not wanting to abandon the project because it was something to do. When Jude confronted Mentallo, pointing out that Flumm was falling apart, Mentallo asked him not to speed up the process.

(Secret Avengers II#13) – When Hawkeye was apprehended, Mentallo briefly controlled the Adaptoid unit to hit him.

(Secret Avengers II#14) – Mentallo was meditating in the morgue when an A.I.M. agent brought in the corpse of Taskmaster. Mentallo was sad, remembering the fun times they had spent together.

(Secret Avengers II#15) – Feeling like things had gone too far, Mentallo stopped the agent controlling the Adaptoid, inadvertently saving Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury II.

(Secret Avengers II#16) – Mentallo learned Taskmaster was alive and he controlled nanobots to help Taskmaster revive before having them write a note for Taskmaster. Mentallo retired to the beach, ordering the nanobots to go deep into the ocean, where he could explore through them. He left his mortal body back on the shore.

(Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business GN (fb) – BTS) – Mentallo was placed in an asylum in Tunisia and he slowly went mad over time, unable to escape. As he was surrounded by paranoid prisoners and his powers were otherwise blocked, he became more and more crazed.

(Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business GN (fb)) – Kingpin reached out to the mad Mentallo, revealing he was behind his isolation and imprisonment. Kingpin informed Mentallo that he now worked for him and that he had a new life ready for him.

(Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business GN (fb) – BTS) – Wanting to access an ancient Egyptian tomb full of Nazi gold that could only be accessed by the DNA of Richard Parker, Kingpin ordered Mentallo to mentally manipulate Theresa Durand into thinking she was the sister of Peter Parker, in a long plot to get the two of them to the tomb. Theresa briefly received low level telepathy from all the time Mentallo was spending in her brain.

(Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business GN) – In Cairo, Mentallo begged Kingpin to let him go but Kingpin refused. Mentallo kept track of the Parkers for Kingpin. At the Nazi holding in Cairo, Mentallo read Spider-Man's mind and realized he was Peter Parker. Kingpin confronted Spider-Man and Theresa, revealing the truth about Mentallo's supposed ruse. Parker opened the tomb, which unleashed a Nazi Sleeper robot, and it collapsed the tomb around them. In the chaos, Theresa hit Mentallo over the head with a rock. After the Sleeper was defeated, Mentallo lashed out with psionic energy, altering the memories of Kingpin, the mercenaries and Theresa, causing them all to forget Spider-Man's true identity. Mentallo then collapsed, nose bleeding, in a vegetative coma again.

(Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha#1 (fb) – BTS) – Mentallo was placed in the Pleasant Hill prison, where his memories and personality were replaced by Kobik. He became a programmer of some kind.

(Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega#1) – Mentallo and the other criminals had their true memories restored. They prepared to take revenge under the leadership of Baron Helmut Zemo.

(Illuminati I#6 (fb)) – Mentallo was among the villains who held their ground in Pleasant Hill.

(Captain America: Sam Wilson I#7) – When Baron Helmut Zemo staged a revolt at Pleasant Hill, Mentallo stood by his side. The villains turned the table on S.H.I.E.L.D., keeping agents captive.

(Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega#1) – The villains, including Mentallo, fought S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers and their Unity Division. Many of the villains escaped.

(Illuminati I#7) – Mentallo attended a meeting with other criminals, held by the Hood, who wanted to kill the families of the heroes but other villains turned against him.

(Star-Lord II#5) – Black Cat ordered Mentallo and others to attack Javelynn but Earth-21923's Old Man Logan helped her fight back.

(Weapon X III#24 (fb) – BTS) – Under the direction of the cyborg Reverend William Stryker, Mentallo formed a cult, mind-controlling the rich into giving over their money.

(Weapon X III#27 (fb) - BTS) - After his recruitment by Stryker, Mentallo experienced a boost in his powers from demonic influences, as Stryker had made a pact with Satan himself.

(Weapon X III#22 (fb) – BTS) – Mentallo got the mutant M under his control then convinced her to lure Sabretooth him. Mentallo also hired Deadpool as back-up.

(Weapon X III#22) – While pretending to initiate M into his new religion, Mentallo saw Sabretooth and Mystique attack, soon joined by their teammates in Weapon X-Force (Domino, Lady Deathstrike, Omega Red). Deathstrike managed to free M from Mentallo's control then Deadpool intervened.

(Weapon X III#23) – Deadpool battled Weapon X-Force and the heroes soon fought their way through Mentallo's mind-controlled minions then the cyborg William Stryker revealed himself, suspending the heroes and Deadpool (who'd joined with them) in mid-air.

(Weapon X III#24) - Controlling the crowd with his mind, Mentallo incited a riot of captive criminals, including Pyro, Hairbag, Sauron, and agents of Next Wave against Weapon X-Force (which now included M and Deadpool), who remained free from his mind control. Stryker joined the battle, but Lady Deathstrike exploded a bag of Nuke pills over the crowd, increasing aggression and turning them against Mentallo.

(Weapon X III#25) - Mentallo checked on Stryker, who was channeling Satanic energies. The mutants and mercenaries attacked anew, and Mentallo was kicked aside by Mystique, who had briefly posed as a cult member. Soon, Stryker was killed by the mercenaries, and most of the mutants fled.

(Weapon X III#26) - Mentallo ordered members of the cult to kill themselves in order to resurrect Stryker.

(Weapon X III#27) - Mentallo sensed the resurrection was struggling and he ordered more cult members to their deaths, then Weapon X-Force attacked again. Mentallo called upon Satan to grant him more power, and he, with a new devilish appearance, was able to hold the mercenaries off. Sabretooth returned to life and rushed at Mentallo blasted Sabretooth with psychic energy, taking away his inverted heroism and returning him to his natural bestial state. Sabretooth was tossed in a death machine, then Lady Deathstrike seemingly killed Mentallo by slashing her claws through his center.

(House of X#4) - Mentallo was among the mutant villains welcomed to the new mutant nation of Krakoa.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia.

The Spider-Woman: Origin series by Brian Michael Bendis was a big retcon to Spider-Woman's origin and showed Mentallo serving Hydra's Herbert Wyndham, who is usually known as the High Evolutionary. It also turned her father into an evil Hydra agent experimenting on his own daughter and turned anything involving the High Evolutionary into mere memory implants.

Mentallo has had very little character motivation except for hating on S.H.I.E.L.D., wanting world domination and sometimes just wanting to be left alone. In the Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11 series, he used a lot of Yiddish words like bubulah and meshugge.

In Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11#2, Mentallo is seemingly killed and his body tossed into a river but he later shows up alive in subsequent issues. Mentallo likely created a mental illusion that his death had happened in order to survive without injury. Also, in Fantastic Four III#558, Mentallo suffered an intense dream. This was likely caused by Mentallo telepathically gathering intel.

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