Real Name: Yagzan (that's the name of the former owner of his skeleton anyway)

Identity/Class: (Yagzan) Human cultist; US citizen (presumably legally deceased);
    (Jude) Artificial creation (constructed from decaying material)

Occupation: (Jude) Harbinger of entropy;
former Minister of Health for A.I.M.;
    (Yagzan) former scientist

Group Membership: (Jude) formerly High Council of A.I.M. (Yelena Belova, Andrew Forson, Graviton/Franklin Hall, Mentallo/Marvin Flumm, Superia/Deidre Wentworth, Taskmaster/Tony Masters)
    (Yagzan) former leader of the Cult of Entropy (Akar, Kammar)

Affiliations: (Yagzan) Glob/Golden Brain (Joseph Timms; former pawn);
    former associate of Professor Gordon Marshall
    (Jude) Victorius (Victor Conrad) and the Cult of Entropy, Cosmic Cube (creators)

Enemies: (Yagzan) Glob/Golden Brain, Man-Thing, Professor Marshall, Paul Benton and others involved with Omegaville;
Avengers (Black Widow/Natasha Romanova, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Captain Universe/Tamara Devoux, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Hyperion/Marcus Milton, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Nightmask/Adam, Shang-Chi, Smasher/Izzy Kane, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Starbrand/Kevin Connor, Sunspot/Roberto DaCosta, Thor Odinson, Wolverine/James Howlett), Man-Thing (Ted Sallis), Thing (Ben Grimm), Victorius, Jo and Mac (victims), life in general

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Great Yagzan; Brother Jude

Base of Operations: (Jude) at least formerly AIM Island (Barbuda);
    (Both) a swamp outside of Citrusville, Florida ("The Man-Thing's swamp")
Jude - MTIO42



First Appearance: (Yagzan) Giant-Size Man-Thing I#1 (August, 1974);
    (Jude) Marvel Two-In-One#42 (August, 1978)

Powers: Yagzan had some unspecified scientific training, as well as low level psychic powers, which enabled him to form a mental link with the Golden Brain. Yagzan used the Brain to unrevealed effects, although it did demonstrate the ability to create a golden energy form similar to its original Glob-form in the hands of Akar.

    Yagzan had a scimitar, which was used mostly for ritual, although his actual fighting skill was not observed.

    Yagzan had the control of a group of death-loving fanatics, which ain't too shabby.

    Semi-solid, Jude is resistant to conventional injury.

    Jude can entrance others, causing them to see him (and death and decay) as beautiful.

    While victims were in this state of bliss, his entropic powers would cause them to decay into dust.

Height: (Yagzan): 5'8''; (Jude): 6'2''
Weight: (Yagzan): Brown; (Jude): Unrevealed
Eyes: (Yagzan): Brown; (Jude): Black
Hair: (Yagzan): Bald; (Jude): None


Yagzan - profile


(Giant-Size Man-Thing#1 (fb) - BTS) - Yagzan (presumably his last name) was a former associate of Professor Marshall, possibly indicating that he was involved in some form of scientific training.

(Giant-Size Man-Thing#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Yagzan came to be the leader of the Cult of Entropy (he may have founded it), which believed that all things were in the process of decay, and sought to speed up that process.

(Giant-Size Man-Thing#1 (fb) - BTS) - Yagzan found the Golden Brain, which was the last surving remnant of the Glob, after it had been blown up in a battle with the Hulk. The Brain was unable to reform itself further and its body had begun to die. Yagzan located it and removed it from the body. Yagzan nursed the Brain back to health and encased it in a globe where it could thrive. He imbued the Brain with a part of himself, forming a mental link with it and enabling him to control it.

clay covering Yagzan(Giant-Size  Man-Thing#1) - Yagzan sent the Golden Brain with some of his Cultists, intending them to use its power to prevent the construction of Omegaville, an energy project that would work counter to the Cult's goals. The Man-Thing got involved, and in the process of fighting against him, the Golden Brain began to heat up suddenly. Burning his hands, the Cultist Akar dropped the Globe and it sank into the swamp. Paul Benton and Dr. Marshall, the heads of the Omegaville project, escaped as the Cultists watched the Brain sink.

    The Brain reformed its human body from clay, but lost its memory in the process, and joined the Omegaville project, which had gotten underway without the interference of the Cult. Yagzan was furious and killed Akar for his failure (this should have been a gift to an Entropist, but they never seem ready for it when it's their turn). He then led the Cultists into the swamp, tracing his mental link to the Brain's new body. Yagzan summoned the man who was the Golden Brain, and attempted to force him to revert back to the Brain. Instead, the man turned into a clay version of its Glob-form. Disappointed, Yagzan accepted this form, and sent the Glob to destroy Omegaville...and he did.

    Of course, the Man-Thing showed up again, and Yagzan redirected the Glob to attack it, instead. The Man-Thing succeeded in smashing the Glob, leaving it in a formless puddle of clay on the swamp floor.

    Yagzan ran over to the puddle and grasped at it, trying to force it to reform and serve him further. The Glob felt Yagzan's mental link, and reacted with hatred over what Yagzan had done to it. The Glob used the last of its energy to seep up over every inch of Yagzan, suffocating him as he lay covered in the clay of his former pawn.

Yagzan skeleton(Incredible Hulk II#197) - The Hulk wandered into the Man-Thing's swamp, where he encountered the ruins of Omegaville and the skeleton of Yagzan, as well as the Man-Thing, and the human form of the Glob (who had reformed). "Hulk does not like dead bones. They make Hulk feel cold."

(Iron Man Annual#3) - The creators of Omegaville brought Tony Stark to the ruins of their former project, hoping to convince him to invest in renewing it. And, of course, Yagzan's skeleton was still kneeling there.

(Marvel Two-In-One#43 (fb)) - Victorius, the new leader of the Cult of Entropy, obtained the Cosmic Cube. Victorius used the Cube to reform the remains of Yagzan into a being unlike any other. He called the Earth itself to congeal about Yagzan's skeletal form, and the soil, slime, and stone coalesced into a form which personified the philosophy of the Cult: Jude the Entropic Man. Jude soon encountered two young lovers (Jo and Mac) making out in the swamp, and gave them the "entropic embrace of the ages," leaving them as dust.

(Marvel Two-In-One#42-43) - Captain America and the Thing traced the Cube's energy to Victorius, Jude, and the Cult.

    Victorius succumbed to a challenge to fight Captain America without the Cube. The emotions generated by those near the fight drew the attention of the Man-Thing. As the two fought back and forth, the Man-Thing came forward and grasped the Cosmic Cube. At the same time, Jude convinced Victorius that the combat was pointless, after which Jude turned his entropic powers against the two heroes.

    The Thing tossed Cap out of the way, and was engulfed inside the form of Jude himself. Ben escaped, but the entropic energies removed from him the form and power of the Thing. Ben Grimm and Cap fought against Victorius, and he argued against their philosophy. They fought Jude with such force, and demonstrated such will, that he saw that perhaps mankind was not yet ready for him. crystalline

    Victorius, meanwhile, flipped-out when he saw the Cube in the mindless Man-Thing's hands, and tried fruitlessly to pry the Cube from its claws. Jude decided to give his gift of entropy to someone who would appreciate it, Victorius himself. Jude reached for Victorius, who did not want death for himself, and was terrified. Jude's entropic energies, the power of the Cosmic Cube, and the energies of the Man-Thing ("Whosoever knows Fear...Burns at the Touch of the Man-Thing") interacted quite violently, releasing a powerful burst of energy.

    All that was left was a radiant crystal of the forms of Jude and Victorius, which released energy that stimulated the plant growth about them.

    The Man-Thing reformed, and approached the crystalline form, the energies of which began to cause it to return to human form. However, unable to comprehend what was going on, the Man-Thing lost interest and wandered away, reverting fully into its swamp form.

(Secret Avengers II#2 (fb) – BTS) – Jude the Entropic Man joined the new government of A.I.M. as the Minister of Health.

(Secret Avengers II#2) – The New High Council of A.I.M. met on Barbuda, the new A.I.M. Island.Judeupdate.png

(Secret Avengers II#8) – A scientist visited Jude in the Cathedral in which he had housed himself. Jude showed him “the secret knowledge hidden within all men,” then consumed the man, whose flesh withered away to dust.

(Secret Avengers II#12) – Posing as Andrew Forson, Mockingbird called a meeting of the High Council to discuss the Extremis and nanobot projects, then “he” asked for more time to work on them.

    Jude and the other leaders later met to discuss Forson’s inadequacies as a leader.

    Jude later approached Mentallo, wondering if he truly believed in their cause.

(Avengers World I#2) – Superia, Graviton, and Jude oversaw the captivity of Avengers members Smasher, Cannonball, and Sunspot. With Forson, Jude oversaw Smasher being overwritten with biotechnology, and they called her their Messenger.

(Secret Avengers II#15) – Sensing that A.I.M. was about to be defeated, Superia wondered if they could stop it, but Graviton and Jude assured her that the end was inevitable.

(Avengers World I#5) – On Barbuda, Superia, Graviton, and Jude met with Forson to discuss A.I.M.’s expansions, and they prepared to utilize the controlled Smasher against the attacking Avengers.

(Avengers World I#6) – Jude was present when the Avengers attacked Barbuda.

(Avengers World I#9) – Jude interacted with the leadership of A.I.M. on Barbuda.

(Avengers World I#10) – Jude, Superia, and Graviton stood with Forson as he assembled A.I.M.’s soldiers on Barbuda.

(Avengers World I#14) – Jude stood with Graviton, Superia, and Forson before Barbuda fell, with A.I.M. defeated by the Avengers.

Comments: Yagzan was created by Steve Gerber and Mike Ploog.
    Jude was created by Ralph Macchio and Mr. Miyagi...no wait, it was Ralph, Sal Buscema, A. Alcala, and S. Grainger.

    Gerber? The Giant-Size Man-Thing story was Gerbest!

    I know Jude was the author of the New Testament Epistle of Jude in the Bible, and there's the Beatles song, "Hey Jude."...any other reason for this name you know of?

    The Cosmic Cube that Victorius used is the one that went on to become Kubik.

    Yagzan and Ploog...names that are fun to say.

    Jude had a profile in 2010's Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update#1.

    Original profile by Snood. Updated with 21st century appearances by Chadman.

Clarifications: Jude the Entropic Man should not be confused with:

Giant-Size Man-Thing I#1
Incredible Hulk II#197
Marvel Two-In-One#42
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update I#1: Jude entry
Secret Avengers II#8, p16, pan4 (Mister of Health)

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