Membership: Janus, Jude, Shaara

Purpose: Mercenaries

Affiliations: None; formerly employed by Collector

Enemies: Scalleun race, Silver Surfer

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the known universe

First Appearance: Silver Surfer III#61 (January, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Each member of the group is highly trained and skilled in armed and unarmed combat. They use a variety of advanced energy weapons and have access to an intergalactic starship. They also each have an energy siphon which enables them to drain the power of their enemy and add it to their own. As cyborgs, they could be rebuilt from almost any injury.

History: The Collection Agency is a group of cyborg mercenaries, all members of the Kresh race.

(Silver Surfer III#62(fb)) - All three were initially members of a first-wave platoon of Kresh warriors, led by Jude. The platoon was in the midst of a battle against their long-time enemies, the Scalleun race. The platoon was slaughtered by the Scalleun. Janus, Jude, and Shaara were the last 3 left, but they were eventually overcome and left for dead. All three survived and managed to stay alive until they sighted a starship landing. They ambushed and slew the pilot, stole his ship and his energy siphons, and escaped the planetoid. When they returned to their home, they found that the Scalleun had been there first, and exterminated everyone. The three used their military skills, becoming spies, kidnappers, assassins, and warriors for hire.

(Silver Surfer III#61-64) - Having been working for the Collector for some time, the three were sent to a Byrulian spaceport to assist in the Collector's plan to retrieve a virus which caused madness in its victims. The Collector had just duped the Silver Surfer into going after the virus, realizing that the Surfer would become infected with it. The Collection Agency was sent to use extreme prejudice to prevent the virus from spreading and either guide the infected, insane Surfer back to the Collector, or kill the Surfer and retrieve the virus their selves.

The Collection Agency beat the Surfer to the spaceport, and slaughtered everyone there, except one small Mondani child who was infected with the virus. The Agency then attacked the Surfer, and threatened to drain him dry, but he resisted, causing a powerful feedback explosion, which incapacitated the mercenaries, and appeared to kill Jude. The Surfer allowed the virus to infect him in order to save others from it and flew off into space, where after a few psychotic and transcendental episodes, he eventually burn the virus out of himself, killing it.

The Silver Surfer returned to the enraged Collector, but the Agency, having had their spirits broken by the destruction of Jude, refused to battle the Surfer for him. They left to seek their own fates.

Comments: Created by Ron Marz and Ron Lim.

Janus should be differentiated from:

Jude should be differentiated from:

Janus was the largest and strongest of the group, and spoke with a stutter. He usually ended getting the worst of whatever assaults the group endured.

Jude led the team. He had a relationship with Shaara, but usually kept others at a distance from himself. He was skilled tactician and kept the group alive and together. He was blown apart (even decapitated) by the backlash of energy released during their battle with the Silver Surfer. He was seen to have mechanical limbs, and mauy have only had his original head left. His head was subsequently seen in a preservation container and even on top of a rebuilt cyborg body, but it remains to be seen if he is still alive, and/or if his personality and memories remain.

Shaara was an orphan who found her only real home in the military. She had a relationship with Jude, and she nearly sacrificed herself in a futile, suicidal attempt to gain revenge on the Surfer after Jude was destroyed.

Silver Surfer III#61-64 (January-April, 1992) - Ron Marz (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Tom Christopher (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)

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