Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Mutated human; technology user

Occupation: Alleged former engineer;
    former HYDRA agent; mercenary

Group Membership: Silvermane's HYDRA (former employer - Engineering section chief),
    Doctor Octopus' Masters of Evil (Doctor Octopus, Absorbing Man, Gargantua, Oddball, Powderkeg, Puff Adder, Shocker (Herman Schultz), Titania (Mary McFerran)),
    Power Tools (Drill, Buzz-Saw)

Affiliations: Fasaud, Jack O'Lantern, Dr. Karl Malus, Poundcakes (would-be girlfriend), R.A.I.D., Shockwave

Enemies: Anaconda, Asp (Cleo Nefertiti), Battlestar, Black Mamba, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Daredevil, Guardians of the Galaxy (Major Victory, Nikki, Martinex, Yondu, Charlie-27, Talon), Magus and his "Infinity War" doppelgangers, Poundcakes, SHIELD I, Ethan Thurm, Union Jack (Chapman), U.S. Agent (John Walker/Jack Daniels)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile;
formerly a HYDRA base beneath Shea Stadium;
    later Power Broker Inc.

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Daredevil I#121 (May, 1975);
    (actual appearance) Daredevil I#123 (July, 1975)

Powers: Jackhammer wears devices on his hands that increase the concussive force of his blows by generating pulsed vibrations on contact. After working for Power Broker, Inc., Jackhammer received strength augmentation, giving him Class 10 strength and enhanced human durability, speed, and stamina. He has claimed to be a skilled engineer, but the Power Broker treatment may have decreased his intelligence.

History: Nothing is known of Jackhammer's history prior to his appearance as a member of HYDRA. Like other members of Silvermane's HYDRA, he may have had an unrecorded career as a costumed criminal.

(Daredevil I#118-122 - BTS, 123) - Jackhammer served as the Engineering Chief for Silvermane's HYDRA, and claimed that he had designed and built their base underneath Shea Stadium. In the final battle against Daredevil, the Black Widow, and SHIELD, he attacked Daredevil only to be swiftly defeated in hand-to-hand combat.

BTS - Silvermane's HYDRA disbanded shortly after its crushing defeat. Jackhammer, once free of custody, received strength augmentation from Power Broker, Inc., and became one of their agents.

(Captain America I#371) - Jackhammer enraged the Grappler Poundcakes by making romantic advances on her in public. The fight that ensued was swiftly broken up by Ananconda of the Serpent Society, and both Jackhammer and Poundcakes were blasted into unconsciousness by the Asp and driven off to be dumped somewhere. The Serpent Society members did this in order to ensure that their colleague Diamondback's date with Captain America would go uninterrupted.

(Captain America I#373/2-378/2) - Jackhammer, as part of Power Broker, Inc.'s first group called the Power Tools, was sent to abduct Battlestar as a test subject for an experimental de-augmentation process. Though Battlestar managed to defeat two members of the group, Jackhammer forced him to surrender by taking Ethan Thurm hostage. Later, he helped kidnap the Red Zeppelin and other Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation stars as further test subjects. Though they successfully de-augmented Battlestar and the others, Battlestar managed to break free and threatened Karl Malus. The Power Tools were about to attack Battlestar when his former partner, USAgent, broke in to Power Broker's complex and swiftly beat them all into unconsciousness. Jackhammer and the others were then forced to observe as Battlestar and the others they had captured were re-augmented.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#28-29) - Jackhammer acted as a member of Doctor Octopus' Masters of Evil grouping, who sought to loot Avengers Mansion using the chaos of the Infinity War as a cover. However, Jackhammer and the other Masters of Evil were held off by the visiting Guardians of the Galaxy. When evil doppelgangers of the heroes and villains began appearing, the Masters allied with the Guardians to fight them off. After the last of the doppelgangers vanished, Octopus attempted to rally the Masters against the Guardians, but Jackhammer and the others, enraged that Octopus would have them turn on heroes who had just helped them survive their duplicates, instead drove Octopus himself off.

(Captain America I#412-414) - Jackhammer and the other Power Tools were among the villains attending the AIM Weapons Exposition on Boca Caliente. They watched Captain America, disguised as Crossbones, participate in a match against several mercenaries, and were among the villains who rushed the stage after his imposture was revealed in an unsuccessful effort to capture or kill the Captain.

(Union Jack II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jackhammer was hired by R.A.I.D. and helped into London by Fasaud.

(Union Jack II#2) - Jackhammer participated in an attack on civilians in the slowly flooding Thames Tunnel. He was hitting the tunnel wall repeatedly and was then knocked out by Union Jack, who entered the tunnel through the hole Jackhammer had just opened.

Comments: Created by Tony Isabella and Bob Brown

    I have two theories regarding Jackhammer and his membership in both HYDRA and Malus' Power Tools -- the one I like is that Jackhammer was a minor-league villain before his HYDRA membership. After being beaten so humiliatingly by Daredevil, he took on Power Broker's treatment in an effort to boost his power and his career. But unfortunately, as the Broker's treatment sometimes does, the effects lowered his intelligence while boosting his strength. Malus and the Broker, needing henchmen, recruited a few partners for Jackhammer and used him as part of the Power Tools.

    Alternately, it may be that the Power Tools were a pre-existing gang or team of villains, of which Jackhammer was part. He could have left them briefly to join HYDRA under Silvermane, and later rejoined them when they all took strength augmentation and worked for Malus and Power Broker, Inc. to pay for the treatments. In either case, the sudden change in his personality and intelligence is probably due to unforeseen side effects of the enhancement process. (According to the OHOTMU, fully half of the recipients are mentally or physically damaged by the process; Misfit, of the Night Shift, is a prominent example of this.) I really have to doubt that two separate people would willingly pick that costume and even grow that goatee.
    Plus, as Omar pointed out, it was continuity master Gruenwald who used him...

Profile by Omar Karindu

Clarifications: Jackhammer is not to be confused with:

The Power Tools are not to be confused with:

Doctor Octopus' Masters of Evil should not be confused with:

Union Jack II#2, p4, pan1 (with Jack O'Lantern)

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