Real Name: Emily Guerrero

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Inhuman) mutate

Occupation: Super hero

Group Membership: None; Avengers Unity Squad (Beast/Hank McCoy, Cable/Nathan Summers, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Deadpool/"Wade Wilson", Doctor Voodoo/Jericho Drumm, Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Rogue/Anna Marie, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Wonder Man/Simon Williams)

Affiliations: Avengers (Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hercules, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Lightning/Miguel Santos, Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan, Thor/Jane Foster, Vision, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Wasp/Nadia Van Dyne), Belle, Devil Dinosaur, Elektra (Elektra Natchios), Emerald Warlock, Fangs of the Serpent, Forey, Ghost Dancer, Hellion (Julian Keller), Harris Hutchley, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Inhumans (Grid/Dinesh Deol, Inferno/Dante Petruz, Karnak, Lockjaw, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Moon Girl/Lunella Lafayette, Mosaic/Morris Sackett, Quake/Daisy Johnson, Reader, Triton), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Red Wolf of Earth-51920, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Jim Hammond, Maria Hill, others), Shield (Bolten Dinn), Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd), Spear (Alkyra Thash), Rebecca Stevens, Thing (Ben Grimm), U.S.Avengers (Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Citizen V/Roberto Da Costa, Enigma/Aikku Jokinen, Dr. Toni Ho, Red Hulk/Robert Maverick, Squirrel Girl/Doreen Green), Vision, Voyager ("Valerie Vector"), Wasp (Janet Van Dyne)

Enemies: Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo), Black Order (Black Dwarf, Black Swan/Yabbat Ummon Tarru, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Supergiant), Bloodlust (Beatta Dubiel), Challenger, Cytorra, Graviton (Franklin Hall), the Hand, Juggernaut (Cain Marko), Kobik, Lethal Legion (Blood Brothers, Captain Glory/Gla-Ree, Drall, Ferene the Other, Mentacle, Metal Master/Molyn), Mindblast (Danielle Forte), Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Squadron Supreme (Blur/Jeff Walters, Doctor Spectrum/Nenet, Hyperion/Mark Milton, Nighthawk/Raymond Kane, Power Princess/Zarda Shelton), Slyde (Jalome Beacher), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), a Super-Adaptoid, Toad Men, Ultron/Hank Pym, Wrecker (Dirk Garthwaite)

Known Relatives: Shredded Man (Ivan Guerrero, grandfather), unidentified brother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Uncanny Avengers III#1 (December, 2015)

Powers/Abilities: After undergoing Terrigenesis, Synapse developed psychic abilities. Synapse has used her powers to mentally influence flocks of birds, spark the pain receptors in the minds of villains, speed the healing of allies, block the optic nerves of others, cause others to sleep or wake, disrupt the balance to the inner ear, keep others calm, block the abilities of others, and enter or read the minds of others. Synapse has synesthesia, the ability to associate sensory experiences with colors and smells; when someone is lying, she smells strawberries, and when they tell the truth, she smells seaweed.

Height: 5'10" (by approximation)
Weight: 135 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

(Uncanny Avengers III#6 (fb) - BTS) - Emily Guerrero grew up in a family that was half-Irish, half-Mexican, and they settled in New York City after her grandfather, Ivan, relocated there.

(Uncanny Avengers III#4 (fb) ) - After undergoing Terrigenesis, Emily emerged from her Terrigen cocoon and felt an immediate affinity for the psychic presence of animals, while Ivan could sense plants. Emily's brother remained in his cocoon.

(Uncanny Avengers III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Using the name Synapse, Emily was recruited to serve in the Avengers Unity Squad, which included team leader Steve Rogers (the elderly former Captain America), Rogue, Doctor Voodoo, the Human Torch, and Spider-Man (Peter Parker), as well as Deadpool, who was funding the team and covering the costs of their headquarters, the Schaefer Theater. When she went through orientation, Rogers asked her not to date members of the team.

(Uncanny Avengers III#1) - The Avengers Unity Squad responded to the threat of a Super-Adaptoid. When Synapse couldn't influence the robot's mind, she instead took control of the pigeons around them and surrounded the Adaptoid with them, overwhelming its sensors, while the others defeated it. Angry about Deadpool being on the team, Spider-Man quit, then the others held a press conference, where they were asked questions about working together when the Terrigen Mists were poisoning Earth's mutants. Emily joined Quicksilver for dinner in New York when she received a telepathic flash of danger in Boston, and the team soon assembled there to discover a landscape overcome with harsh vegetation, including horrific dogs and giant bees, and Synapse realized the creatures had no souls or psychic resonance.

(Uncanny Avengers III#2) - Rogue demanded Synapse use her powers to stop the mutated animals, but Synapse explained that she couldn't. When she saw a baby overcome with plant-life, Synapse used her powers to bolster the baby's immune system, freeing her. Synapse soon sensed that Quicksilver was in danger.

(Uncanny Avengers III#3) - Synapse kept the Avengers Unity Squad in telepathic contact as they worked to save civilians. Cable arrived, warning of a dire future. Synapse tracked a coming threat by mentally interfacing with a bird. The Shredded Man attacked and the team battled him, but they were overwhelmed by neurotoxins and psychoactive spores. Immune to the plants, Synapse rushed forward to confront the Shredded Man, and she was shocked to see it was her grandfather.

(Uncanny Avengers III#4) - Synapse realized that the Shredded Man was planning a global extinction and she attacked him. Synapse broke Ivan's neck, though he easily healed himself. Emily was prepared to kill him, but Cable stopped her. He explained that he was from a future where the Shredded Man had killed all of humanity except for Inhumans, and Cable had designed an immunity for humans as well as a separate toxin that would make Inhumans vulnerable. Shredded Man stated that he was prepared to die for his cause, but Cable hit Synapse with it instead. Unwilling to watch Emily die, Shredded Man withdrew his attack on Boston, then he gave up his physical form, promising he would return. As the world returned to normal, Synapse asked Cable to keep the identity of her grandfather a secret from the others. Later, she told Rogers she needed to talk to him.

(Black Knight III#1) - The Avengers Unity Squad ventured into Weirdworld to find the Black Knight.

(Black Knight III#2) - After sparring with dragons, the Avengers Unity Squad found Black Knight with his aids, including Spear (Alkyra Thash) and Shield (Bolten Dinn), as well as civilian Rebecca Stevens. Synapse tried reading Black Knight's mind, but he'd been corrupted by the Ebony Blade.

(Black Knight III#3) - The denizens of Weirdworld closed in, including the Toad Men, as the Avengers Unity Squad moved to arrest Black Knight.

(Black Knight III#4) - Black Knight's allies attacked, flanked by the Fangs of the Serpent (descendants of Hydra agent that got trapped on Weirdworld in 1945), and a battle ensued. In the end, they left Black Knight on the throne under supervision.

(Black Knight III#5 (fb) ) - Captain America was corrupted by the Ebony Blade and used it to defeat the Avengers Unity Squad. They ended up giving the Blade back to the Black Knight.

(Uncanny Avengers Annual II#1) - Ghost Dancer and the Emerald Warlock tasked the Avengers Unity Division with fighting criminals around the world that had been infected with the Von Hate zombie virus.

(Squadron Supreme IV#1) - Synapse stood with the Avengers Unity Squad as Jim Hammond recounted how the Squadron Supreme had killed Namor.

(Squadron Supreme IV#2) - The Avengers Unity Squad confronted Nighthawk of the Squadron Supreme.

(Squadron Supreme IV#3) - The Squadron Supreme assembled to fight the Avengers Unity Squad. When Synapse took over Doctor Spectrum's mind, Power Princess attacked, and Quicksilver grabbed Synapse to move her out of the way, but Blur attacked him. When Hammond and S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived, the Squadron Supreme fled.

(Uncanny Avengers III#6 (fb) - BTS) - Emily ignored several calls from Medusa, inviting her to the Inhuman city of Attilan.

(Uncanny Avengers III#6) - Emily looked into the news on the Shredded Man at Apollo Coffee, then she saw Medusa, Karnak, and Triton outside, and they took her back to New Attilan, where Hellion attacked. Despite being hit by debris, Emily managed to reach out to Hellion and calm his mind, turning off his powers, realizing he was a victim of the M-Pox. Medusa revealed she knew about the Shredded Man, and, when Medusa mentioned Emily's brother, Emily decided to leave New Attilan. She was invited to return any time.

(Uncanny Avengers III#7) - Cable began working with Synapse on honing and understanding her powers, and he helped her realize she had synesthesia, the ability to associate sensory experiences with colors and smells; she realized when someone was lying, she smelled strawberries, and when they told the truth, she smelled seaweed. Synapse joined Cable, Rogue, and Deadpool in battling the Wrecker, but the villain told a frightening story of having his identity erased in a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison called Pleasant Hill, and Emily sensed he was telling the truth. Emily detected Maria Hill in Wrecker's transport, and Hill confirmed his story, though Emily sensed both truth and lies in her statements. The Avengers Unity Squad turned against the attacking S.H.I.E.L.D. forces, and Synapse put one agent to sleep during the battle. They let Wrecker go, telling him to search for leads on the Red Skull. Just then, another Maria Hill attacked them.

(All-New, All-Different Avengers#7) - Kobik manipulated the villains Mindblast and Bloodlust into posing as Maria Hills, who then steered the Avengers Unity Squad and the new Avengers into battling. Synapse worried when the Avengers' plane crashed, then Kobik pulled them all into Pleasant Hill, giving them new names and memories.

(Uncanny Avengers III#8) - In Pleasant Hill, Emily trained in boxing at the local gym. The other members of the Avengers Unity Squad and Ms. Marvel gathered and helped clear their minds, restoring their real identities. Kobik attacked them again.

(All-New, All-Different Avengers#8) - Synapse and the other heroes had their memories restored, as did the super-villains contained in Pleasant Hill.

(Captain America: Sam Wilson#8) - Synapse stood in Pleasant Hill, ready for action.

(Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega#1) - Synapse joined the united Avengers teams in Pleasant Hill as they sought to stop Baron Zemo from manipulating Kobik. During the subsequent battle, Synapse stopped Slyde from escaping.

(Uncanny Avengers III#9) - The Avengers Unity Squad confronted Hank Pym, who'd combined himself with Ultron. Pym fled, and Synapse confirmed that he did have human brain functions.

(Uncanny Avengers III#11) - Ultron/Pym attacked the Avengers Unity Squad, Vision, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Wasp, and Synapse was shocked to see a boring machine cause Deadpool a lot of pain, and Ultron break Quicksilver's leg.

(Uncanny Avengers III#12 - BTS) - Ultron was defeated when the heroes took the fight into space.

(Civil War II#1) - Synapse was one of dozens of heroes who responded to the threat of the Celestial Destructor.

(Uncanny Avengers III#14 (fb) - BTS) - Synapse helped mentally boost Quicksilver's natural healing process.

(Uncanny Avengers III#14) - Synapse and Deadpool picked up Quicksilver and they soon joined their team, Silver Surfer, Thing, and others at the funeral of the Hulk (Bruce Banner).

(Civil War II: The Fallen#1 (fb) ) - Synapse was among the heroes who attended the funeral of the Hulk.

(Uncanny Avengers III#15) - Doctor Voodoo alerted the Avengers Unity Squad (now including Wasp) to the threat of the Hand seeking to resurrect the Hulk in Japan. In Japan, they teamed with Elektra and fought the Hand. Synapse took over one ninja's central nervous system before Deadpool saved her from arrows fired at her. They tracked the Hand to their base, where Synapse took over the optic nerves of one ninja to give him vertigo, but they were too late to stop Hulk from being resurrected to serve the Hand.

(Uncanny Avengers III#16) - Cable joined the fight as Synapse failed to put the Hulk's mind to sleep. The team worked to aid civilians, then fought the Hulk again.

(Uncanny Avengers III#17) - During the fight with Hulk, Synapse rendered him blind, and she later disrupted his balance by blocking his inner ear. Doctor Voodoo soon returned Hulk to death.

(Uncanny Avengers III#18) - Emily was finished boxing when Quicksilver (under control of the Red Skull) showed up, disoriented. She realized how stressed he was just before he punched her into unconsciousness.

(Uncanny Avengers III#19) - Red Skull kept Emily locked in a mental vision, where he tried being the Shredded Man, telling her to commit suicide. Soon, Red Skull took mental control of the team and sent them to hunt down Deadpool.

(Uncanny Avengers III#20) - Red Skull forced the heroes to fight Spider-Man and Deadpool, and Synapse briefly influenced their minds.

(Uncanny Avengers III#21) - Rogue, after blocking Red Skull's telepathy, defeated him, freeing the others. Synapse found Cable defeated, his mind seemingly wiped clean. Soon, the team went to track Rogue, who had the unconscious form of the Red Skull.

(Uncanny Avengers III#22) - The Avengers Unity Squad chose to disband, and Synapse wondered if time-travel to warn Cable about his fate was possible.

(Uncanny Avengers III#23) - Synapse visited Cable in the hospital to try and re-awaken his mind. Unable to connect to him, she instead interfaced with Belle, the A.I. he wore on his techno-organic arm, and entered his dreams that way. After confronting dream versions of Stryfe and the Shredded Man, Emily awakened Cable, restoring his mind to his body. She saw a future in his mind in which she became an old woman, and he assured her that she would chart her own life course, confessing part of the reason he had stayed around was to help train her in the use of her powers.

(Secret Empire#0) - Synapse joined the Avengers Unity Squad in helping fight the forces of the Hydra.

(Uncanny Avengers III#24) - The Avengers Unity Squad was trapped together under the Darkforce dome in New York City, and Synapse was overwhelmed by the emotions of the civilians around them. Rogue was flying and carrying Synapse when a monster attacked, and she briefly dropped Synapse before catching her. Synapse charged into a burning building, then telepathically summoned Rogue to help her save civilians.

(Uncanny Avengers III#25) - Doctor Voodoo was possessed by a demon who corrupted him, and Synapse tried to hack into his mind while the Human Torch battled possessed civilians. Doctor Voodoo's spirit soon entered Synapse's body, with her permission, and he cast spells to drive the demon out. Synapse was exhausted when the fight was over.

(Uncanny Avengers III#26) - When Scarlet Witch joined the team, Synapse watched many of the others struggle with the decision. When Graviton attacked, tearing apart the mansion around them, Synapse was shocked when Quicksilver forcibly dressed her in her costume at super-speed.

(Uncanny Avengers III#27) - Synapse invaded Graviton's mind and knocked him to the ground as the team fought him. When Rogue absorbed Graviton's powers, she nearly went mad, but Synapse was able to calm her mind. Graviton was soon defeated.

(Uncanny Avengers III#28) - Harris Hutchley presented the Human Torch with legacies from the Fantastic Four, as Synapse watched. Quicksilver invited Synapse out for a meal, and just as he was confessing his feelings for her, they were summoned back to the destroyed mansion, where they saw Doctor Voodoo and the Scarlet Witch summon the Cytorra (servants of Cytorrak) to rebuild the mansion for them. Then Juggernaut attacked.

(Uncanny Avengers III#29) - Quicksilver rushed Synapse into battle, telling her to assault Juggernaut as he removed his helmet, but Juggernaut had a second helmet on and he swiftly punched Emily aside. After Juggernaut was defeated, Emily was rushed to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with broken bones and internal injuries. The doctors stabilized her, and recommended she be taken to the Inhumans for further treatment.

(Uncanny Avengers III#30) - Synapse woke up in the hospital, being tended to by an Inhuman doctor, and Hellion, who was volunteering at the hospital. She found that Quicksilver had left her a letter, one that said he wished her well, that he had feelings for him, and that he needed time for himself.

(IVX#3) - Synapse joined Grid, Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, Mosaic, Reader (with Forey), and Quake in defending Jersey City during the Inhumans' battle with the X-Men.

(Extraordinary X-Men#19) - Synapse was present during a major battle with the X-Men.

(Foolkiller III#4) - Synapse played chess with Quicksilver.

(IVX#4) - Synapse saw Mosaic return from a mission, possessing the teenage Cyclops, and the Inhumans prepared for their next battle.

(IVX#5) - Synapse teleported with Reader into the World to save Karnak, and then she used her powers to reawaken Lockjaw, who'd been drugged. Later, she joined a group of Inhumans in the Phillipines, where they prepared for the final conflict.

(IVX#6) - Synapse stood with the Inhumans in the final conflict with the X-Men.

(Inhumans Prime#1) - Synapse worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. to close a file on Maximus the Mad.

(Mosaic#7 (fb) ) - Synapse stood with Iso, Ms. Marvel, Inferno, and Grid while Mosaic was sent on a mission.

(Avengers I#675) - When a tidal wave hit San Diego, Synapse (still weak from her injuries) worked to keep civilians calm while her teammates stopped it. Later, the various Avengers teams (including the U.S. Avengers, the Avengers Unity Squad, Occupy Avengers, and the main Avengers) assembled at Avengers Mansion to discuss the worldwide threat of the Challenger. Voyager arrived and they all remembered her as being part of the original Avengers team.

(Avengers I#676) - Synapse strategized with Voyager and the Avengers teams about how to protect the world from the natural disasters occurring everywhere. The Black Order then destroyed the Mansion.

(Avengers I#677) - The Avengers teams relocated to their back-up base, where they split up into teams. Falcon took Human Torch, Red Hulk, Synapse, and Wonder Man to Peru. In Cisco, they found members of the Black Order (Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw) and the Lethal Legion (Captain Glory, Drall, Ferene the Other) in combat.

(Avengers I#678) - Due to the Human Torch's impulsiveness, Synapse and the others ended up in combat with the Black Order and Lethal Legion members. Synapse did a mind scan, and screamed out in pain as she realized the identities of the villains they faced, and she determined they were fighting over an alien artifact. The Avengers worked to save civilian lives. Synapse worked to keep Ebony Maw from possessing the others, while Human Torch seized the artifact.

(Avengers I#679) - The Human Torch was seemingly killed by the artifact, and the villains departed, as Synapse and the others watched.

(Avengers I#680) - In Peru, Synapse checked on Red Hulk, who was struggling to control his powers. Scarlet Witch, Citizen V, and Doctor Voodoo arrived via teleportation, sending Red Hulk back to base.

(Avengers I#681) - Synapse joined Citizen V, Wasp, Doctor Voodoo, Falcon, and the Scarlet Witch in fighting the Blood Brothers, Captain Glory, Drall, Metal Master, Ferene, and Mentacle over another Pyramoid in New Mexico. During the battle, Synapse read Glory's mind to evade his gunfire. Synapse read Glory's mind and realized that Earth was being waged as a piece in a game between the Grandmaster and the Challenger. Hawkeye, Wonder Man, and Red Wolf then arrived to aid the others.

(Avengers I#682) - After evading blasts from the Metal Master, Synapse and the others saw Red Wolf sacrifice himself to grab the next Pyramoid, seemingly dying.

(Avengers I#684) - In the aftermath of the battle, Synapse and the others received a distress call from Toni Ho.

(Avengers I#685) - Synapse and the others rushed back as they heard the Hulk was attacking their base. Synapse saw Scarlet Witch cast a hex that might help.

(Avengers I#687) - Synapse checked on Quicksilver, worried he was pushing himself too far. She let him know she had no hard feelings about her past injuries.

(Avengers I#688) - With the Challenger unleashed on Earth, Quicksilver wanted the chance to outrun the alien's beacon and to try to free the other Avengers. With Scarlet Witch pushing the limits of his powers magically, Synapse unleashed his mind's potential, then she kissed him before he ran away. Quicksilver was soon believed lost. The Avengers assembled to defeat the Challenger.

(Avengers I#689) - The Avengers attacked the Challenger. During the fight, using one of Squirrel Girl's ideas, Synapse used Falcon's mental connections to birds to find a way into Challenger's mind, bypassing his natural defenses, and then she stimulated his pain receptors. Scarlet Witch enhanced the powers of the Avengers.

(Avengers I#690) - The Avengers helped clean up the wreckage.

(Despicable Deadpool#300) - Deadpool battled the Unity Squad, including Synapse, making them all vomit with a bio-weapon.

(Quicksilver: No Surrender#2) - Doctor Voodoo, Synapse, and Scarlet Witch sat in Avengers Mansion seeking to find a way to restore Quicksilver to normalcy, realizing he'd been lost in hyper-speed.

(Quicksilver: No Surrender#3) - Still at hyper-speed, Quicksilver moved Synapse and the other Avengers out of the way during a battle.

Comments: Created by Gerry Duggan and Ryan Stegman.

Synapse's brother was referenced as having undergone Terrigenesis, but the plot was never followed up on.

Profile by Chadman.

Synapse has no known connections to:

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