Real Name: Va Nee Gast

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (unidentified race) energy manipulator

Occupation: Elder of the Universe

Group Membership: Elders of the Universe (Challenger, Collector/Taneleer Tivan, Contemplator/Tath Ki, Gardener/Ord Zyonyz, Grandmaster/En Dwi Gast, Possessor/Kamo Tharnn); infiltrated the Avengers

Affiliations: Avengers (Beast/Hank McCoy, Brother Voodoo/Jericho Drumm, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Citizen V/Bobby DaCosta, Enigma/Aikku Jokinen, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hercules/Heracles, Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Lightning/Miguel Santos, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Rogue/Anna Marie, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Squirrel Girl/Doreen Green, Synapse/Emily Guerrero, Thor/Jane Foster, Vision/"Victor Shade," Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Wasp/Nadia, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Dr. Toni Ho, Edwin Jarvis, Red Hulk (Robert Maverick), Redwing;
formerly Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast)

Enemies: The Black Order (Black Dwarf, Black Swan, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Supergiant), the Challenger, Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast), Hulk (Bruce Banner), the Lethal Legion (Blood Brothers, Captain Glory/Glah-Ree, Drall, Ferene the Other, Mentacle, Metal Master/Molyn)

Known Relatives: En Dwi Gast (Grandmaster, father)

Aliases: Valerie Vector

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout outer space;
briefly the Avengers auxiliary headquarters

First Appearance: (behind the scenes, seen only as an after image statue of herself): Marvel Legacy I#1 (November, 2017);
(fully seen): Avengers VI#675 (March, 2018)

Powers/Abilities: Voyager could move through space by generating teleportational portals with a max size being capable of teleporting nearly twenty individuals at once, though teleporting large groups left her physically drained. This power granted her not only the ability to move through space but also through memory, allowing Voyager to set afterimages into a being's mind, affecting their memory enough to unquestioningly believe whatever memory she had placed to be the truth and cause them to see physical after images of memories she had created.

Voyager could communicate telepathically with other beings within a maximum range of at least the galaxy in which she resided.

As an Elder of the Universe, Voyager could survive unaided in the vacuum of space.

Height: 6'0" (by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (see comments)
Eyes: No visible irises (glowing pink)
Hair: White

History: (Avengers VI#684 (fb)) - The daughter of the Elder of the Universe known as Grandmaster, Va Nee Gast traveled the cosmos with her father, eagerly watching his every move. Often telling Va Nee about the honor in games and that Va Nee would someday be experienced enough to beat even him, the Grandmaster claimed he never cheated and, together with Va Nee, the Grandmaster gambled on supernovas as the stars raced toward extinction.

(Avengers VI#685 (fb) - BTS) - Once, the Grandmaster took Voyager to the planet Xerces, a world so close to its sun that it was plagued by perpetual and violent earthquakes.

(Avengers VI#684 (fb) - BTS/Avengers VI#687 (fb)) - At one point, the Grandmaster won an entire planet so that Va Nee could help end their wars or protect them from Galactus, worried more about the game itself and leaving the winnings to Va Nee. In preparation for a game against his returned fellow Elder Challenger, the Grandmaster granted Va Nee the power to move through space as well as memory. Knowing that Va Nee could alter memories, the Grandmaster planned to have her act as his secret advantage in the game against the Challenger by infiltrating Earth's Avengers, going unnoticed by the Challenger as she became lost in a sea of potential game playing "pieces" while she positioned the team in the Grandmaster's favor. While determining what lies she would create within the Avengers' minds, Voyager researched Earth's Professor Arthur Vector and tied her false origin story to Vector's life in an effort to disguise who her true father was. Creating a lie in which she was a founding Avenger that had battled Loki with the other original Avengers, Voyager began using her powers to make the Avengers believe she had always been among their number.

(Marvel Legacy I#1 - BTS) - As she continued the manipulation of the Earth-616 Avengers' memories, Voyager secretly created a mental after image of a statue of herself appearing among the founders statue on the grounds of Avengers Mansion. Noticing the statue and feeling that something was off, butler Edwin Jarvis dismissed the feeling as a simple trick of the mind and supposed everything was as it should be.

(Uncanny Avengers III#30 - BTS) - Following the rebuilding of Avengers Mansion after it was destroyed, Edwin Jarvis insisted that the founders statue be placed in the exact place where it once stood and soon, construction workers succeeded in placing the statue, complete with the Voyager statue as part of it, in its original location as the Avengers met up with one another.

(Avengers VI#675) - With the Earth pulled from its orbit during a cosmic game between the Elders of the Universe Grandmaster and Challenger, causing the Earth to suffer various natural disasters, Voyager summoned every active Avenger to Avengers Mansion. Unaware who had summoned them or what was going on with the Earth, the available Avengers, affected by Voyager's memory tampering, saw Voyager and were surprised to see her "return." When Scarlet Witch remarked that she always knew Voyager would someday return when she was most needed, Voyager claimed she would always be there and remarked that they always said "once an Avenger..."

(Avengers VI#676) - Falcon asked Voyager what the Avengers' next move should be but Voyager admitted that she had just called the team together and that she wasn't about to just barge in and take over. Claiming it had been a long time and that there were Avengers who likely didn't even "remember" her, Voyager was assured by several Avengers of her status as a founding and renowned Avenger, each recalling false memories of Voyager founding the Avengers, staying with them with the other founders left and her seeming death battling Victory the Electromagnetic Man. Voyager then claimed that rather than dying, she had been removed from normal existence, where she remained for years until the Earth from taken from its orbit, an event that jolted her back into existence. Explaining to the Avengers that she immediately realized Earth's need of them upon her return, prompting her to summon all active Avengers, Voyager perpetuated the lie that she had been out of action for years and deferred leadership of the team over to its current leaders, Rogue, Falcon and Citizen V. Voyager then stood by as Falcon and the other Avengers worked on strategies to deal with the Earth being taken from its orbit and when Avengers argued with one another, Falcon remarked to Voyager that the team didn't need one single voice, only to work together, and Voyager agreed, asking if the heroes who had been frozen in stasis shortly after the Earth's theft had been taken care of. After learning that the heroes were being cared for, Voyager announced her agreement with Rogue that the Avengers should be split into small groups to maximize their resources in covering the natural disasters affecting Earth. She then explained that communication would be a problem with communications being down but her speech was interrupted when the Challenger's champions, the Black Order, appeared and destroyed Avengers Mansion.

(Avengers VI#677) - Acting instinctively, Voyager surrounded all of the Avengers into a teleportational field and transported them all to an old Avengers auxiliary headquarters. Upon arrival, Voyager informed the Avengers what she had done and where they were before collapsing in physical exhaustion. Scarlet Witch rushed to Voyager's aid but she assured Scarlet Witch that she would be fine after resting a moment, explaining that she had never transported such a large group before. A short time later, two cosmic pyramoids appeared on Earth and began causing serious natural disasters in their vicinity, the Avengers began strategizing and Citizen V asked Voyager if she could act as transport to the pyramoids' locations. Agreeing to help, Voyager soon teleported one Avengers squad to Rome, Italy then immediately returned to the Avengers auxiliary headquarters, where Falcon asked the status of the situation in Rome. Voyager informed Falcon that it was troublesome and when Falcon asked if they could handle it, Voyager reminded him that they were Avengers and handling things was what they did. Voyager then transported Falcon's Avengers squad to Cusco, Peru, where members of the Challenger's Black Order were battling the Grandmaster's champions, the Lethal Legion.

(Avengers VI#678) - Voyager watched as Falcon asked her to see about the Rome squad sparing any backup and after Synapse managed to gather the names of the Lethal Legion via psychic link, Voyager teleported back to Rome to check in with the other Avengers squad. Finding the area devastated, Voyager soon learned that Quicksilver had been placed in stasis like several other Avengers. Rogue quickly asked Voyager to transport the injured Cannonball and the frozen Quicksilver back to the Avengers auxiliary headquarters and Voyager explained that she likely wouldn't be able to teleport back until she rested. Rogue had Voyager go anyway, however, feeling that Quicksilver's injuries couldn't wait, and assured Voyager the Rome squad would be fine. Barely making it back to the auxiliary headquarters, Voyager explained that Quicksilver had been placed in stasis before collapsing from exhaustion. Scarlet Witch was working on restoring the frozen Vision, who briefly questioned who Voyager was before returning to stasis as Scarlet Witch focused her attention on Quicksilver.

(Avengers VI#680) - After recovering, Voyager returned to Rome and informed Rogue's Avengers squad that Avengers ally Dr. Toni Ho had discovered two more pyramoids and when Hercules asked Voyager to give Rogue a moment to mourn Human Torch, Voyager asked what had happened. Lightning then informed Voyager that Human Torch had seemingly been disintegrated after grasping one of the pyramoids and a saddened Voyager remarked to Rogue that there was nothing she could say that would help. Rogue then suggested Voyager not say anything and when Rogue admitted she was tired of playing defense and wanted to beat the bad guys, asking if her plan was clear, Voyager could only reply "crystal." Voyager then revealed that the two new pyramoids had been spotted in New Mexico and Anarctica before explaining that Citizen V had asked Voyager to bring Rogue's squad back to base. Rogue refused and her squad stood by her decision, prompting a quiet Voyager to prepare to teleport them away. Before she could do so, Falcon contacted Voyager over their communicators and asked if she could get his squad back to base but Voyager admitted that she could not, as she only had enough energy to either teleport Rogue's squad to Anarctica or both squads back to the auxiliary headquarters before having to rest for half an hour. She then remarked that she knew which decision made more sense to her before Falcon cut communication. As soon as Voyager got Rogue's squad to Anarctica, Rogue and her teammates rushed into battle against the Challenger's Black Order and Voyager jumped into battle herself, punching Ebony Maw. Voyager then watched as Rogue absorbed the powers and memories of Corvus Glaive, seemingly killing him moments after.

(Avengers VI#681) - Shocked at how Rogue had seemingly killed Corvus Glaive, Voyager confronted Rogue and remarked on how Rogue's skin had become cracked and her eyes had went foggy. Rogue explained that it was a side effect of her absorption of Corvus Glaive's power and revealed her newfound knowledge about the Grandmaster and Challenger's cosmic game, in which Voyager and the Avengers were caught up in. Claiming she was too drained to teleport Rogue's squad and the knocked out Black Order back to New York all at once, Voyager suggested she return to the auxiliary headquarters alone to recharge and find out where Rogue's squad was most needed. As Thor wished Voyager godspeed, Voyager teleported away and returned to the Avengers auxiliary headquarters, where Dr. Toni Ho commented that Voyager looked white. When Dr. Ho mentioned her theory about Voyager's teleportational powers and how they related to work done by Dr. Arthur Vector, Voyager claimed Dr. Vector was her father and recounted a false origin story to Dr. Ho in which she told Dr. Ho that her parents were deceased. After pretending to think of her past as an Avenger fondly, Voyager claimed she felt rested and asked to be sent back out into the field.

(Avengers VI#683) - When Edwin Jarvis regained consciousness following a hospitalization, he attempted to warn Beast and Wasp (Nadia) that something was wrong but Voyager appeared and announced that she would handle the final pyramoid within the hospital. As Beast and Wasp praised Voyager's arrival while affected by Voyager's memory tampering, Jarvis exclaimed that Voyager was false and had never been an Avenger. Awakened by Jarvis' words, Beast and Wasp recalled the truth but before they could act, Voyager smiled and teleported away with the final pyramoid.

(Avengers VI#684) - While the Challenger and Grandmaster discussed Voyager's taking of the final pyramoid, Beast and Wasp (Nadia) spoke with the recovering Edwin Jarvis, realizing that Voyager's status as a founding Avenger and her history with the team had been a lie all along. Unaware of what had transpired, the Avengers within the auxiliary headquarters detected a large energy and Dr. Toni Ho confirmed it was Voyager. Appearing within the headquarters with her true, blue-skinned appearance, Voyager smiled at having broken the rules to the Grandmaster's game and warned the Avengers to stay back as she locked herself within the headquarters' secure storage alongside the pyramoid. Once inside the storage area, Voyager thought back on her true origins as the Grandmaster's daughter and how she was tired of simply being her father's ace in the hole during his games, only to be shuffled aside afterwards. Having seen where Voyager went, the Challenger sent a resurrected Hulk to acquire the final pyramoid and Dr. Toni Ho called any and all Avengers to return to the auxiliary headquarters to guard the pyramoid as a bargaining chip.

(Avengers VI#685) - When the Challenger's Black Order began to gain the upper hand in the game between Challenger and Grandmaster, Grandmaster telepathically reached out to Voyager, requesting that she re-enter the game since the winning point was within his grasp while she had the final pyramoid. Assuring Grandmaster that she did hear him, Voyager remarked that she was not the Grandmaster's puppet while the Avengers battled the attacking Hulk outside the secure storage area. Thinking back to when the Grandmaster had taken her to the planet Xerces, Voyager thought about the Hulk felt worse than Xerces' perpetual earthquakes and admitted to herself that she had seen a planet like Earth, whose indigenous inhabitants fought so strongly against certain death. Having her legends of the courage of Earth's beings, Voyager was impressed to have experienced the courage firsthand. She was soon shocked when the Hulk defeated Vision by shattering the solar gem within Vision's forehead. When the Black Order's Black Swan and Proxima Midnight arrived as well, Hulk was free to attack the door to the Avengers auxiliary headquarters' secure storage, terrifying Voyager inside.

(Avengers VI#686) - As Wonder Man engaged the Hulk and more Avengers arrived, speaking about teamwork, Voyager overheard events outside and considered the concept of teamwork, soon realizing that life wasn't a game to them and no single one of them was ever truly the winner. Eventually, Hulk defeated most of the Avengers and tore into the secure storage area where Voyager was protecting the final pyramoid. Announcing that she would not let the Hulk claim the final pyramoid and that she had made a choice to aid the Avengers, Voyager attempted to fight back against the Hulk but was easily punched to the side as Hulk instead destroyed the final pyramoid rather than claiming it. With Voyager's memory alterations now removed as Voyager sided with the Avengers, Rogue angrily confronted Voyager and demanded to know who she really was. Shrugging off the Grandmaster's telepathic summons, a scared Voyager tried to explain that she had realized what being an Avenger truly was and how she no longer wished to fool the team. Revealing how the Grandmaster had hid her within the Avengers' ranks as a piece in his game against the Challenger, Voyager revealed that the Grandmaster was also her father, statements which were viewed from afar by the Challenger, who attacked the Grandmaster and accused him of stacking the deck in his favor.

(Avengers VI#687) - As the Avengers realized everything they recalled about Voyager was false, they questioned Voyager about her involvement in the Grandmaster's game and Citizen V asked Voyager if she truly understood what she had done by helping the Grandmaster. Insisting that everything wasn't her fault and she had to speak with her father, Voyager attempted to open a portal to teleport away but Falcon had Scarlet Witch block the teleport. Brother Voodo quickly placed Voyager under a spell and Voyager complied, admitting that she wanted to help anyway. Voyager then revealed the entirety of the Grandmaster's plan to have her infiltrate the Avengers and how they were all caught up in his game against the Challenger. After explaining all of the details of Grandmaster and Challenger's game, Voyager revealed that she had been trying to reach out to Grandmaster but found only emptiness and warned that if the Challenger had beaten Grandmaster, the entire universe would be in danger. Moments later, as the Challenger began to appear on Earth, natural disasters began occurring all over the globe and Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp, dismissed any feelings of anger she had at Voyager for manipulating the Avengers and asked for help against the Challenger.

(Avengers VI#688) - Sensing that the Challenger was now on Earth, Voyager revealed that the device, dubbed the World-Engine, keeping Earth's rotation normal aboard the Grandmaster's satellite must be damaged, causing the natural disasters surrounding the Challenger's arrival, and could cause the Earth to tear itself apart if not repaired. Having overheard the conversation, the Hulk, now in control of his own mind and no longer a pawn of the Challenger, leaped away to confront the Challenger while Voyager teleported a small squad of Avengers to the Grandmaster's Cosmic Game Room, where they hoped to repair the World-Engine. Upon seeing the World-Engine, Voyager informed the Avengers that it would continue to spin until it lost power and destroyed the Earth along with itself then revealed that it could be powered up using electricity. Lightning and Thor volunteered to help with that task and Voyager then explained that strength was also needed to hold the device enough to keep Earth's rotation normal. After Hercules and Citizen V volunteered to keep the rotation going, Voyager teleported back to the Avengers auxiliary headquarters to inform the other Avengers of the situation. While there, Voyager witnessed the return of Earth's heroes who had been held in stasis. A confused Squirrel Girl then asked who Voyager was and Voyager admitted she was the hero Earth needed at the moment and used her powers to telepathically summon any who called themselves Avengers. Together with the newly summoned and recently from stasis Avengers, Voyager led them into the fray against the Challenger.

(Avengers VI#689) - Once in the midst of battle, Voyager took cover as many of the Avengers were easily swatted aside by the Challenger. Rushing to Voyager, Wasp (Nadia) asked if Voyager was capable of teleporting the Challenger into the sun and Voyager admitted that while she had never used her powers on another Elder before, she would try. Before she could do so, however, the Challenger spotted her and blasted her down. Angry at her for acting as the Grandmaster's hidden game piece, the Challenger grabbed Voyager and reminded her how much of Earth's destruction was her fault for going along with the Grandmaster's plan but the Avengers came to Voyager's defense. As the Avengers fiercely fought the Challenger, Voyager sensed that they were destined to lose. Overhearing her concerns, Beast suggested Voyager use her memory altering powers to remind each of the Avengers to rally the team and make them remember what it meant to be an Avenger. After showing the Avengers their most heroic memories, the team rallied and were able to defeat the Challenger and Voyager subsequently teleported the Avengers inside the Grandmaster's Cosmic Game Room back to Earth, smiling in the hope that she was on the road to becoming a much better person.

(Avengers VI#690) - After the rebuilding had begun on Avengers Mansion, some of the Avengers met with Voyager inside the rubble and she apologized, admitting that there was no proper way to say farewell after what she had put the Avengers through. Captain America reminded her that Grandmaster had started all their troubles, not Voyager, but she argued, claiming she had carried out deceptions in his name. Looking at the fallen Challenger, Voyager revealed that, as an Elder of the Universe, she would do what she could to make amends, starting with attempting to rekindle the kindness that the Challenger once possessed. Citizen V and Wonder Man both then vouched for Voyager, admitting that they were proud to have fought alongside her and offered her Avengers membership, but Voyager declined, feeling as if she had not yet earned her place among the team. Promising that if the Grandmaster returned to plague the Avengers again, she would return and seek justice for any damaged he caused, Voyager said her goodbyes and thanked the team for inspiring her to be more. Through the Avengers, Voyager remarked that she saw a brighter future for herself that gave her hope and teleported away with the Challenger in tow. A short time later, in outer space, Voyager showed the captive Challenger memory footage of the Avengers rebuilding Avengers Mansion, complete with a new statue on their grounds. Angered at being held captive, the Challenger promised that when he broke free of his shackles, he would kill Voyager and the Grandmaster, prompting Voyager to admit that there was no saving the Grandmaster but the good man who became the Challenger could still be saved. Proclaiming Voyager to be a fool, the Challenger again promised to eventually break free of his shackles but until then, he asked that Voyager keep showing him footage of the Avengers, as he'd like to see what happened next.

Comments: Created by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub and Pepe Larraz.

Voyager's lie/memory manipulation of the Avengers reflected Earth-17122, in which the events Voyager told the Earth-616 Avengers actually occurred. In other words, on Earth-17122, Voyager really was founding Avenger Valerie Vector, daughter of that reality's Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Vector, and she really did disappear during one of the Grandmaster's game while fighting Victory the Electromagnetic Man, only to resurface in the modern day to aid the Avengers.

In Avengers VI#685, assistant editor Alanna Smith had this to say about the creation of Voyager:
"We knew that, to be believed as a core founding Avenger, Voyager would have to look like she stepped right out of the Marvel Silver Age and into a world of contemporary heroes, where she'd stand out in the same way that all of the founders do in their classic duds. And who better to create that look than the magic Michael Allred?"

Michael Allred followed up Alanna's comments by saying the following:
"Watta thrill to be asked to design Voyager! It was such a kick to put my brain in that 'timeless Marvel Bullpen mode' and work to design a lost classic character and attempt to have her slide right in there.

The biggest challenge was choosing colors that fit into the overall vibe we were going for, but also be completely unique and not redundant or similar to other existing characters. Fortunately, I can look up and yell for my partner in crime, Laura Allred, the best colorist in the biz (brownie points!), to come help out. I hope folks will dig her as much as I dug bringing her to life."

Michael Allred's original sketches of Voyager are included here in this comments section for comparison between his design and the final version drawn in the comics by different artists.

In Avengers VI#687, Alanna Smith elaborated more on Voyager's creation:
"When we went into the story retreat for NO SURRENDER, the idea of the Grandmaster planting a daughter among the Avengers had already come up in pre-planning--but what would that mean for our heroes, and who would that character be? Could she be his herald? A piece of him? A remnant of SECRET WARS, or a byproduct of Kobik's meddling? And yikes, what were we going to call her...?

We were in the thick of MARVEL LEGACY at that point, so initially, we were calling her 'Legacy, the Lost Avenger.' But it didn't feel right, and the more we leaned into her positioning herself as a founding Avenger, the more we wanted her to have a classic name and identity--something simple and clear that also--maybe--evoked the naming convention of Elders of the Universe like her father.

The idea of her being a teleporter came to us pretty quickly--it's a classic, straightforward power that the original Avengers lacked, and it would give us a way to ferry our NO SURRENDER heroes around the world without too much fuss.

I was scrolling through my phone, looking up synonyms for 'teleport' and 'travel' and anything else I could think of, when I saw it: Voyage. Was there anything to 'Voyage?'

Someone piped up that calling her 'Voyager' would fit the Elder naming convention, and I remember either Mark or Tom coming up with the name 'Valerie Vector' on the spot, which I can now only hear in the old-timey radio announced voice they used to say it. 'VAL-erie VEC-tor!!!'"

Interesting note is that Alanna Smith's write-up in Avengers VI#687 was accompanied by a list of potential names including Teleporter, Apex, Transit, Portal Princess, Sojourner and the aforementioned Legacy the Lost Avenger.

While it can be approximated that Voyager was typically around 6'0" in height, her weight was unable to be determined, as she likely weighed more than a typical human, being not only an alien, but also an Elder of the Universe.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Voyager has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Avengers VI#684, p16, pan1 (Voyager crouched down, main image)
Avengers VI#684, p19, pan1 (Voyager, headshot)
Avengers VI#684, p19, pan2 (Voyager as a child)
Avengers VI#675, p30, splash page (Voyager in human disguise, among the Avengers founders statue)
Avengers VI#677, p4, pan2 (Voyager using teleportational powers)
Avengers VI#680, p3, pan2 (Voyager remarking on how clear Rogue's plan was)
Avengers VI#681, front cover (Voyager powering up)
Avengers VI#681, p6, pan3 (Voyager in human disguise, headshot)
Avengers VI#683, p18, pan2 (Voyager with pyramoid)
Avengers VI#685, "The Assembly" page (Voyager original sketches)

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