Real Name: Tyrone Jessup

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (New Universe) human, paranormal

Occupation: Soldier, former runaway, former student

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record

Group Membership: Paranormal Platoon, Psi-Force

Affiliations: Andrew Chaser, Mona Freemont, Gridlock, Dave Landers, Medusa Web, Metallurge, Jackie Prentiss, Emily Proudhawk, Emmett Proudhawk, Eugene Proudhawk, Psi-Hawk, Colby Shaw, Skipper, Jeff Walters

Enemies: Bazooka, Bloodhound, Colonel McIntyre Browning, CIA, Seth Cleveland, "Cool," Mr. Flowers, Foundations Inc., Sgt. Haldeman, Bill Holstrum, House Master, KGB, Mind-Wolf, Bert Olson, Pit Bull, Michael Proudhawk, Rodstvow, Derek Shiningstar, Skits, Father Suniyoshi, Doug Tanner, Jake Travest, Serge Vladimiroff

Known Relatives: Lowell Jessup (father), Jean Jessup (mother), Richard Jessup (brother)

Aliases: Voyager

Base of Operations: Fort Benning, Georgia
formerly Sanctuary, San Francisco, California

Place of Birth: Scarsdale, New York (March 3, 1970)

Religion: Baptist

Extent of Education: Scarsdale High School (incomplete)

First Appearance: Psi-Force#1 (November, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Tyrone Jessup has the psionic ability to project his consciousness into the electromagnetic wavelength. While in this form, Jessup can fly at any speed up to that of thought, and he can disrupt electrical systems in machines as well as living beings. Through practice, he has learned how to absorb large amounts of electricity and release later. Jessup usually assumes an ethereal-like form which resembles his normal physical form while using his power, but has also learned how to project his power as blasts of electrical energy. Possibly due to the fact that he is in the electromagnetic spectrum, Jessup can speak while using his power.

When assembled with the other members of Psi-Force, Jessup can summon the Psi-Hawk.

Height: 6'3" Weight: 175 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Black

History: (Psi-Force#6 (fb)) - Growing up in Scarsdale, Tyrone was close to his younger brother Richard, an aspiring artist, but they were both troubled by the deteriorating relationship between their parents, and Tyrone's father pressured him too much in basketball.

(Psi-Force Annual#1 (fb)) <7/22/86> - One day while Tyrone was riding his bicycle, the White Event occurred, and he was so startled that he fell off the bike. That evening, Jessup's astral form left his body for the first time, and saw a band of robbers downstairs in his home, stealing from his family. He returned to his own body just in time to see the robbers escaping, and realized it hadn't been a dream. A few hours later he managed to will his power to function.

(Psi-Force#3 (fb)) <7/25/86> - Tyrone was telepathically compelled by CIA agent Emmett Proudhawk to go to San Francisco's Sanctuary runaway home, where he was gathering other teeangers with psionic powers.

(Psi-Force#1) <08/3-6/86> - Tyrone helped Emmett and Anastasia Inyushin escape from KGB agents and returned to Sanctuary with them. Now that he had all five members of Psi-Force gathered, Emmett explained to them how they needed to protect each other. When Anastasia tried to turn herself over to the KGB, Emmett forced Tyrone and the others to track her down, but they wound up in a confrontation with the KGB in which Emmett was killed by Mind-Wolf. Wayne then led the others in using Emmett's medallion to summon up the Psi-Hawk for the first time, and the Psi-Hawk destroyed Mind-Wolf's mind. Crawley convinced the others that they should bring Emmett's body back to Sanctuary.

(Psi-Force#2) <8/7/86> - The teens were pursued by the police and CIA on their way back to Sanctuary, and were finally apprehended outside of the building with Emmett's body. When the CIA demanded to know the secret of their powers, Wayne had them create the Psi-Hawk, but they were all shot as the Psi-Hawk was created. The Psi-Hawk fought off the CIA, erased all knowledge of Psi-Force from their minds, then used Anastasia's powers to heal all five teens. Only the "Skipper," a CIA friend of Emmett's was allowed to retain his memories of them.

(Psi-Force#3) - While Tyrone was out in his astral form, a punk at Sanctuary called "Cool" threatened his unconscious body, but Colby Shaw drove him off. Tyrone went to school with the others and was threatened after class by Cool, but Wayne saved them. Wayne began to wonder about how Emmett brought them together, and Tyrone learned from Skipper that Emmett had manipulated them into coming to San Francisco. They summoned the Psi-Hawk to ask it for guidance, but it just wrapped five branches together as a symbol. Wayne left the group was but was compelled to return by a tampering Emmett had made to him, and he returned to the others just in time to save them from Cool and his gang, but made it clear that he was only back because he had no choice.

(Untold Tales of the New Universe: Psi-Force#1) - Psi-Force met Michael Proudhawk, cousin of Emmett, who had the ability to generate a Psi-Hawk by himself. He attempted to recruit Psi-Force into the CIA, but they refused and their respective Psi-Hawks fought each other. When Proudhawk's Psi-Hawk was beaten, he was placed into a comatose state.

(Psi-Force#4) <10/20-26/86> - When Kathy tried to leave Psi-Force to rejoin her family, Wayne forced her to meet with the other four in an attempt to bring her back to Sanctuary, but she refused. When she went home, she found Olson showing her parents photos of her using her powers, advising them to turn her over to the government, and Kathy struck him down with her powers. The others came to her aid, as Anastasia healed Olson's wounds and Wayne erased Olson and her parents' memories. Kathy reluctantly returned home.

(Psi-Force#5) <11/9-15/86> - Jessup and the others were stalked by Thomas Boyd, an agent of Derek Shiningstar. Boyd posed as a runaway and befriended Crawley and Jessup before turning on them and using his powers to drain them of energy. He also managed to get the drop on Ling and Tucker, but when he had to face Anastasia, her healing powers made her immune to him, and their powers locked them in a circuit until Anastasia won. Tucker tied up Boyd while he retrieved Crawley and Jessup, but Boyd disappeared.

(Psi-Force#6) <12/24-25/86> - On Christmas Eve, Tyrone decided to return to Scarsdale to check in on his family. He watched in astral form as Richard nearly ran away from home, and revealed his powers to Richard in order to talk him out of it. Tyrone had to leave when "Cool" and his friends threatened his body back at Sanctuary, and he returned in time to drive off Cool. Colby Shaw was annoyed by their antics, and told all five teens to leave the day after tomorrow. An hour later, they were on the road, hitchhiking. Tyrone sent his astral form back to Scarsdale again to watch as Richard went home and his family seemed to be mending their problems.

(Psi-Force#7) - The teens traveled to Seattle, Washington, where they wound up at the Sanctuary home located there, run by Mona Freemont. They befriended Jackie Prentiss and Doug Tanner, but later learned that Tanner was using girls at the Sanctuary for "auditions" with film producers that left them beaten up (presumably raped). After Jackie was beaten by Tanner, Anastasia healed her, and they learned that Kathy had gone to an audition. They rescued Kathy from Tanner, and Crawley destroyed Tanner's house in order to warn him against returning to Sanctuary. Afterwards, the five decided to return to San Francisco and deal with their problems.

(Psi-Force#8) - The teens went on a tour of the Alcatraz prison, but were ambushed there by Thomas Boyd. They summoned the Psi-Hawk to help fight him, but when Boyd realized he could absorb the Psi-Hawk's energies, he drained on it until it vanished, and all five teens were knocked out. He drained enough energy to keep Tucker, Ling and Crawley unconscious while he waited for Shiningstar's men to pick them up. As he waited, Anastasia and Tyrone tried to reason with him, but he considered them both brainwashed by Proudhawk. When the CIA men came with guns to kill the teens Boyd turned on them, and formed the Psi-Hawk with Jessup and Inyushin to drive them off. Boyd realized that he wasn't safe with Shiningstar, but didn't feel safe with them either, and left. The five teens decided to look up Emmett's grandmother for help.

(Psi-Force#9) - After Alan Moran, a resident of Sanctuary, committed suicide, Wayne was overcome with guilt because he thought he had made Alan kill himself. Crawley ultimately helped Wayne come to terms with his guilt.

(Psi-Force#10) - In Arizona, at last on their way to the Proudhawks, Kathy was annoyed by a redneck named Bill Holstrum and some of his friends, and the teens drove them off with their powers. They went to the Apache reservation where Emmett's brother Eugene and grandmother Emily lived, but Eugene was suspicious of them because of his brother's death. Emily began to try and help them determine what their destinies were, but when Holstrum came to the reservation for revenge and hurt Eugene, they summoned the Psi-Hawk to drive Holstrum and his friends off. The Psi-Hawk used Anastasia's powers to heal Eugene, and he was amazed to see that it resembled Emmett. Although Emily was now uncertain about the teens, Eugene gave them his complete support.

(Psi-Force#11) - Eugene helped train the teens with their powers and told them about Emmett's past, particularly about his friend Derek Shiningstar. Wayne began to drift away from the others when he became involved with Jenny Skytower, a girl on the reservation, but when an agent of Shiningstar set off dynamite in a cave where Eugene and the other four were training, Wayne revealed his powers to Jenny as he helped coordinate the rescue effort. Jenny left Wayne because she was afraid he might have used his powers to make her love him. Eugene finally decided that it was time for them to return to San Francisco.

(Psi-Force#12) - Anastasia became involved in a cult run from Haven House, led by Father Suniyoshi, who used Anastasia's abilities to drum up financial support. The others suspected that Anastasia was in trouble and came to investigate, and when Anastasia tried to leave the cult, they revealed their true colors, and tried to force her to stay. Father Suniyoshi threatened Anastasia, but the police had been called by Colby Shaw, and they broke up the cult.

(Psi-Force Annual#1) - When Boyd sent the teens a letter asking for help against the CIA, they discussed whether or not they could trust him. With Colby's help, they found floppy discs that Emmett had left at Sanctuary, and read his files on Boyd. They learned that Emmett had named them Psi-Force, and saw each of the codenames Emmett had for them. Jessup's codename was "Voyager." They ultimately aided Boyd against the CIA, and the six of them formed the Psi-Hawk to battle the agents, but the Psi-Hawk exhibited wild behavior, and turned on them when they tried to calm it down. Crawley realized that the Psi-Hawk could only merge five minds, and had Wayne knock him out so that the Psi-Hawk would vanish. Crawley decided that Boyd needed the others and that he could manage all right on his own, and left the group so that they would be able to function.

(Psi-Force#13) - Anastasia was visited by Grigori Mironenko, an old family friend, who asked her to come to the Russian Consulate to help heal his wife, but it was actually a ploy by Vladimiroff to recapture Anastasia. The other members of Psi-Force broke into the grounds and brought in the State Department. Ultimately when Mironenko realized that Vladimiroff had infected his wife just to capture Anastasia, he let Anastasia off of the consulate grounds.

(Psi-Force#14 (fb)) - One month earlier, Tyrone was seen in his astral form by Seth Cleveland, a terrorist. Cleveland became obsessed with Jessup, and began to monitor him, eventually learning who he was.

(Psi-Force#14) - While Tyrone was in astral form searching for Crawley, his body was stolen by Cleveland, who demanded that Jessup spy on a meeting and report on it to him in order to get his body back. While the rest of Psi-Force tried to learn Cleveland's identity, Jessup attended the meeting and learned that Cleveland was after a truck containing nerve gas, and needed to know what route it was taking. Unwilling to share the information, they tried to find Cleveland first, but Boyd took over the situation by finding Cleveland's family and holding a gun on them to make Cleveland turn Jessup's body over. Boyd had wanted to prove himself to the others, but Jessup was furious when he got his body back, because he thought Boyd had crossed the line. Tucker wiped the minds of Cleveland, his family, and his associates.

(Psi-Force#16) - Psi-Force allowed themselves to be studied by the scientists of Foundations Inc., but when Tyrone learned that they intended to operate on them, Wayne used his telepathy and learned they intended to abuse their powers, and they escaped from the facility, with Wayne erasing the memories of the head, Dr. Emilio Licciardo.

(Psi-Force#17) <10/19/87-11/25/87> - Jessup joined the others in a confrontation with Troublemaker, a paranormal working for the mercenary Medusa Web organization, and confronted him at Golden Gate Park, where Ling managed to hold him with her telekinesis and Boyd beat him until he gave the location of the Medusa Web's cameras. Psi-Force destroyed the camera's films, unaware that Medusa Web member Imprint had recorded everything with his powers. That evening at Sanctuary Jessup was in his astral form when the Russian paranormal Rodstvow unleashed a blast that destroyed Sanctuary.

(Psi-Force#20 (fb)) <11/25/87> - Kathy tried to lift herself and Tyrone out of the building before Rodstvow destroyed it, but Tyrone was caught on the window just as the entire building went up.

(Psi-Force#18) <12/12-18/87> - In his astral form, Jessup met Andrew Chaser, a reporter researching Psi-Force for a book, and Chaser took him to view his body at St. Francis hospital, where it was treated for burns. Tyrone learned that Wayne was alive and in Seattle, but was being pursued by the Medusa web. Jessup arrived in time to save Wayne and his new girlfriend Lindsey Falmon from Electrique, a Medusa Web member whose electrical form was completely disrupted by Jessup. Jessup also exhibited an inexplicably loud scream that broke glass, and shorted out the Medusa Web member Thunder Head's apparatus that allowed him to magnify his own voice. Lindsey turned out to be a paranormal as well, and after escaping the Medusa Web, they decided to head for Canada to escape their pursuers.

(Psi-Force#19) <1/2-5/88> - Jessup flew over the remains of Pittsburgh, and was made sick to his stomach by the scene of destruction. Unknown to him, he was recorded by military spy technology.

(Psi-Force#20) <2/15-16/88> - In Victoria, British Columbia, Tyrone confronted Imprint, Backfire and Thunder Head of the Medusa Web, and learned that the Medusa Web wanted to employ Psi-Force as agents. They told him that Kathy, Anastasia and Boyd were alive, and that the Medusa Web would help rescue them if they joined. Jessup met up with Tucker and Falmon, altering his appearance to look like a normal person, and told them about the Medusa Web's offer. Later, he visited Andrew Chaser for information, and learned that Boyd had been drafted. He then stopped at St. Francis to visit his body, and entered it, but when he found that he couldn't move his legs he exited his body.

(Psi-Force#21) <2/29/88> - When Tucker was captured by Jake Travest in the MAX armor, Jessup came to his rescue, shorting out the armor by passing through it.

(DP7#23/Psi-Force#23) <4/4/88> - Jessup, Tucker and Lindsey broke into Fort Benning to breakout Boyd, and had to fight their way past Jeff Walters, Gridlock, Bazooka and the Pit Bull. Dave Landers helped the four escape the base.

(Psi-Force#24) <4/5/88> - Boyd, Falmon, Jessup and Tucker broke Ling and Inyushin out of the hospital and decided that their next mission should be to confront the CIA directly and settle matters with them. They entered CIA Headquarters, but found the halls littered with bodies of victims of Rodstvow. Some nervous soldiers shot at them, and everyone except Jessup was wounded. Jessup defeated the soldiers, and Anastasia gave her life to heal the wounds of the others. When Rodstvow himself appeared, they used Emmett's medallion to create the Psi-Hawk, placing their own bodies into comas; Jessup's astral form was used to create the Psi-Hawk's body.

(Psi-Force#25) <4/5/88> - The Psi-Hawk fought Rodstvow through Washington, D.C., and they even turned the Washington Monument into a weapon to hit Rodstvow with. They tried to destroy Rodstvow but he proved more powerful than they expected, and the Psi-Hawk was destroyed.

(Psi-Force#26) <6/24/88> - Tyrone's physical body finally awoke at St. Francis, with Chaser at his side, but federal agents immediately placed Jessup under arrest for six counts of felony assault, and forced him to enlist in the military. Tyrone was sent to Fort Benning.

(Psi-Force#27/2) - At Fort Benning, Tyrone was forced to use a wheelchair, and he was taunted by Pit Bull and Bazooka, who accidentally knocked him off of a roof, but Gridlock and Metallurge saved him. Tyrone was brought by Sgt. Haldeman to see Bloodhound, and when he claimed that he lost his powers when the Psi-Hawk was destroyed, Bloodhound stated otherwise, as he could identify him as a paranormal by smell. Sgt. Haldeman entered Jessup's mind to see his fears, and it shocked Tyrone into releasing his astral form as a blast of electrical energy at the two soldiers. Haldeman demanded that Tyrone learn to control his new powers.

(Psi-Force#28/2) - Now using a walker, Tyrone was sent to see his family, and his father was outraged by Andrew Chaser's book on Psi-Force because of the damage to the family's reputation. Tyrone accidentally harmed his father with his powers, but apologized, and his father hoped that they might have another chance to make amends later.

(Psi-Force#29/2) <10/23/88> - Now able to stand, Tyrone was placed in a training session against Jeff Walters, Metallurge, Bazooka, Pit Bull and Gridlock. He managed to best all of them, but refused to be a part of Haldeman's outfit.

(Psi-Force#32 - text) <4/1/98> - In a Playboy magazine interview, Wayne Tucker mentioned that Tyrone had eventually returned to the ranks of Psi-Force.

Comments: Created by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson.

Tyrone received an OHOTMU-style biography in Psi-Force#21.

Tyrone's absence from The War mini-series after being set up as a member of the Paranormal Platoon can be filed under "missed opportunities."

by Prime Eternal

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