Real Name: Ferene

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (unidentified race) humanoid

Occupation: Former champion of the Grandmaster

Group Membership: Lethal Legion (The Blood Brothers, Captain Glory/Glah-Ree, Drall, Mentacle, Metal Master/Molyn)

Affiliations: Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast), Lethal Legion (The Blood Brothers, Captain Glory/Glah-Ree, Drall, Mentacle, Metal Master/Molyn)

Enemies: The Avengers (Falcon/Sam Wilson, Hercules/Heracles, Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Lightning/Miguel Santos, Rogue/Anna Marie, Synapse/Emily Guerrero, Thor/Jane Foster, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), the Black Order (Black Dwarf, Black Swan, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Supergiant), Red Hulk (Robert Maverick), Voyager (Va Nee Gast)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Soul of Iron" (meaning of her name in her native language), "the Last Name You Will Ever Speak" (meaning of her name to Corvus Glaive, according to Ferene herself), "Victim" (what her name apparently means in Corvus Glaive's native language)

Base of Operations: Ala's Bar, Knowhere

First Appearance: Avengers VI#676 (March, 2018)

Powers/Abilities: Ferene the Other's superhuman powers were not entirely clear. What was known for sure was that she was capable of flight and had some degree of enhanced (or even superhuman strength), sufficient enough to carry the superhumanly strong and durable Drall with one hand while flying.

Ferene was a quite skilled and agile fighter and carried two curved swords that could apparently cut through even psychic projections, causing them to dissipate.

She had claimed to be able to sense the fighting spirits of her combatants.

Height: 5'7" (by approximation)
Weight: 150 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Unrevealed (see comments)
Hair: Black (see comments)

History: (Avengers VI#687 (fb)) - For a game against his fellow Elder of the Universe, the Challenger, the Grandmaster chose Ferene to be a part of his champions, the Lethal Legion.

(Avengers VI#681 (fb)) - Ferene the Other was gathered by the Grandmaster, who grouped her with the other Lethal Legion members he had chosen. Tasking Ferene and the other Lethal Legion members to act as pawns in his game against fellow Elder the Challenger, the Grandmaster warned Ferene and the others that should they lose the game, they would be returned to face certain death, and only defeating the Challenger's champions, the Black Order, would the Lethal Legion be allowed to live.

(Avengers VI#676) - Ferene the Other was transported to Wadi el Rayan, Egypt on Earth alongside her Lethal Legion teammates and the Challenger's champions, the Black Order. The Black Order immediately began a battle with the Lethal Legion and during the scuffle, Corvus Glaive attempted to slash Ferene, who easily dodged the blade. After a weapons impact from Proxima Midnight and Drall created a shockwave that knocked all present down, the Grandmaster and the Challenger telepathically reminded the combatants that the rules of engagement had to be followed and that the two groups of champions were not allowed to engage one another until the first pyramoid was activated. After the two groups parted ways, Ferene confided in the Lethal Legion's leader, Captain Glory, that she sensed the Black Order's spirits to be quite formidable

(Avengers VI#677) - When the Challenger activated the fire pyramoid in Cusco, Peru, Ferene accompanied Captain Glory and Drall to the pyramoid's site, where they battled the Black Order once more. This time, Ferene fought Ebony Maw while Captain Glory traded blows with Proxima Midnight.

(Avengers VI#678) - Ferene hit Ebony Maw with a fierce blow as a squad of Avengers arrived on the scene. As the battle continued, the Avengers' Synapse attempted to read the mind of the Black Order's Ebony Maw, learning the names of Ferene, Captain Glory and Drall before the mental backlash became too much for her to handle. Ferene next switched to battling Corvus Glaive, who asked if her name had any significance. Explaining that her name meant "Soul of Iron" and it would be the last name Corvus Glaive would ever speak, Ferene prepared to attack Corvus Glaive again but he recovered and used his staff to bury Ferene's face in the ground, claiming that in his tongue, her name meant "victim." Before Corvus Glaive could kill Ferene, however, Avengers ally Red Hulk shoulder charged Corvus Glaive, announcing that no one dies under the Avengers' rules of engagement. Ferene remained grounded and unconscious while the Avengers' Human Torch touched the fire pyramoid, seemingly killing him.

(Avengers VI#679) - Recovering, Ferene commented on the unexpected outcome of Human Torch grabbing the pyramoid and remarked to the Avengers' Wonder Man that it seemed the point belonged to the Avengers. Confused, Wonder Man asked what Ferene was talking about. With the pyramoid taken off the board, the Lethal Legion and Black Order retreated, with Ferene flying off with Drall and Captain Glory following behind.

(Avengers VI#680) - After a squad of Avengers took down many of the Black Order, leaving only the ghostly Supergiant, Ferene snuck up behind the grumbling Supergiant and disippated her, whispering "shhh" to Supergiant before remarking about how the prize was close at hand and victory belonged to the Lethal Legion.

(Avengers VI#681) - After the Avenger Rogue absorbed the life essence of Black Order member Corvus Glaive, she saw his memories, including a recent image of Ferene the Other and the Lethal Legion. As Rogue realized the danger to Earth really was just a game between two Elders of the Universe, the departing Ferene confirmed Rogue's words and announced that everyone was pawns in the cosmic game. Going for a pyramoid, Ferene exclaimed that the Lethal Legion would emerge victorious, no matter the cost. She then touched the pyramoid, scoring a point for the Lethal Legion, and was seemingly eradicated.

(Avengers VI#682) - Rather than being killed by touching the pyramoid, Ferene was transported into the Grandmaster's Cosmic Game Room and imprisoned within a giant crystal alongside others who had touched the pyramoids. She remained there while the Grandmaster and the Challenger argued over their game.

(Avengers VI#689) - Ferene remained in her crystal alongside Human Torch, the Black Order's Black Dwarf and Avengers ally Red Wolf as the Avenger Lightning confronted the defeated Grandmaster, who considered Ferene and the other captives nothing more than scored points. Ferene remained, motionless and trapped, as Lightning played the Grandmaster in a game of Poker for the freedom of his Avengers allies who were trapped in the crystals alongside Ferene.

(Avengers VI#690 (fb) - BTS) - Ferene was apparently freed from her crystal prison following the Grandmaster's defeat.

(Avengers VI#690) - Preparing to leave the Lethal Legion following a celebration at Ala's Bar on Knowhere, Ferene was asked if she was leaving the group by her teammate Mentacle. When Ferene replied in the affirmative, Captain Glory asked her what the hurry was. Confused, Ferene asked what Captain Glory meant and he suggested the group stay together and see what happened. After Metal Master agreed that they should continue combining their might, Ferene thought about the proposal.

Comments: Created by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub and Pepe Larraz.

Ferene's eyes (if any) were constantly covered by a white cloth so her eye color was not able to be determined.

Ferene's hair was sometimes drawn as if it were some sort of metallic part that clipped onto her head but other times, it was correctly drawn as a small bit of black hair. In the flashback in Avengers VI#687, it was drawn as a yellow plate on her head instead of black hair...

Profile by Proto-Man.

Ferene the Other has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Avengers VI#676, p12, pan3 (Ferene jumping, main image)
Avengers VI#680, p19, pan4 (Ferene headshot)
Avengers VI#676, p10-12, splash page (Ferene, turned to the side)
Avengers VI#679, p4, pan3 (Ferene flying)
Avengers VI#681, p7, pan4 (Ferene going for a pyramoid)
Avengers VI#689, p10, pan3 (Ferene in yellow crystal)

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