Real Name: Darren Agonistes Cross

Identity/Class: Human mutate, technology user

Occupation: CEO of his own company; gang leader

Group Membership: Cross Technological Enterprises (CTE for short)

Affiliations: CTE personnel (employees);
Dr. Erica Sondheim (employee/captive/slave worker); various thugs

Enemies: Ant-Man (Scott Lang); Dr. Erica Sondheim

Known Relatives: William Cross (Crossfire, cousin); Augustine Cross (son)

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Cross Technological Enterprises installations; customized sedan

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere#47 (April, 1979)

Powers and Abilities: Initially, Darren Cross had superb administrative and technical skills; the exact fields are not very clear, but probably include some sort of high technology skills. After an unspecified time (probably a few months) wearing his experimental pacemaker, he developed a handful of superhuman capabilities. The most obvious was strength (somewhere around Enhanced Human), but his speed, senses and healing were also enhanced to superhuman levels.

Weaknesses: Terminal addiction to heart transplants; complete lack of ethics; a strong tendency to brag about his plans; at least a hint of berserker rage; freakish and intimidating appearance that greatly hindered his social capabilities (not that he seemed to miss them much, really).

History: (Marvel Premiere#48 (fb)) - Darren Agonistes Cross was a particularly successful self-made man who headed his own high technology industry. However, he had a heart condition that led him into submitting to an implant of an experimental sophisticated nucleorganic pacemaker that saved his life. However, it worked too well and evenually began to increase the size of his entire circulatory system, and the rest of his body by extension. As a result he mutated into a slightly mishappen brute with superhuman attributes. Since no human heart could keep up with the implant's toll, he was forced to submit to a series of heart transplants. He eventually learned of Dr. Sondheim's heart transplant skills and decided to forcefully get her permanent help. At the same time, realizing that he would never get voluntary donors fast enough to survive, he kidnapped a number of vagants and homeless people and kept them captive as a source of living hearts.

(Marvel Premiere#47 (fb)) - While overseeing Dr. Sondheim's abduction, Darren met and tossed away Scott Lang, who wanted her help in saving his daughter's life.

(Marvel Premiere#47) - His next heart transplant was interrupted by Scott Lang, debuting his new Ant-Man identity in a desperate attempt at finding help for his daughter, Cassie. When his CTE security personnel were defeated by Ant-Man, Darren was forced to act directly.

(BTS) - Dr. Sondheim misdirected Darren into believing he had indeed received a new heart during the interrupted surgery.

(Marvel Premiere#48) - Darren fought Ant-Man (Scott Lang) so that he didn't free Dr. Sondheim -- and to get yet another unwilling heart donor. Ant-Man was briefly captured, but escaped and resumed his fight with Darren, who ended up collapsing from a heart attack.

Comments: Created by David Micheline, John Byrne and Bob Layton.

Darren Agonistes Cross was unwillingly responsible for the existence of the new Ant-Man, because it was his intervention that made Scott Lang resort to extreme measures in order to assure his daughter's heart operation.

Under "Powers" the enhanced healing is a logical extrapolation of mine -- Darren battled Ant-Man literally while getting up from a heart transplant. Since he wanted so much to survive, I can only guess he had already spent enough time to recover from the surgery, which implies enhanced healing if not all-out Wolverine-style instant regeneration. The story also showed his enhanced vision and strength, and (IMO) speed. It is logical to assume that other capabilities were similarly improved, including his other senses -- and for that matter, his metabolism -- I am willing to bet he ate a lot.

Kim the Beetle tells us that Darren's son, Augustine, took over the business after his death.

Profile by Luis Dantas

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Other appearances:
Marvel Premiere#48 (May, 1979) - David Michelinie (writer), John Byrne (pencils), Bob Layton (inks), Roger Stern (editor)

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