Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human cyborg

Occupation: Mercenary, smuggler

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Beetle (Janice Lincoln), Giant-Man (Raz Malhotra), Grizzly (Max Markham), Magician (unrevealed), Machinesmith (Samuel Saxon), Ms. Thing (Darla Deering), Slug (Ulysses X. Lugman), Voice (Jason Cragg), Whirlwind (David Cannon)

Enemies: Captain America (Sam Wilson), Crossfire (William Cross), SHIELD;
    formerly Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

Known Relatives: None


Base of Operations: Miami, Florida

First Appearance: Astonishing Ant-Man#3 (February, 2016)

Powers/Abilities: The Hijacker's bloodstream is laced with nanites that allow him to seize control of and enhance any vehicle he touches. He also carries a blaster pistol.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Unrevealed

(Astonishing Ant-Man#8 (fb)
) - A wannabe criminal had two super villain identities, but ended up abandoning both; in one of them, he once encountered Jessica Jones.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#3 (fb) ) - For his third try, the criminal acquired nanites from the villain Overdrive, and gained the ability to seize control of any vehicle. He took on the name and costume of the deceased super-criminal Howard Mitchell and became the new Hijacker.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#3) - Hired by the Slug via the Hench app, Hijacker attacked a SHIELD transport ship shipping out of Miami, intending to steal its cargo - a Giganto egg. He blasted the captain and took control of the ship, only for Captain America and Ant-Man to ambush him. The Hijacker battled Cap, but was soon defeated; meanwhile, Ant-Man accidentally retrieved the wrong crate from the ship, and the Giganto egg hatched, although Ant-Man managed to shrink the creature down before it could level Miami. The Hijacker was arrested by SHIELD and interrogated; he gave up everything he knew about the Slug and the Hench app. What he didn't know, however, was that the Slug had hired him as a diversion to draw attention away from his drug shipments.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#8 (fb) ) - Out of custody, the Hijacker robbed a Miami pedestrian mall; attempting to escape, he was unable to find any vehicles to escape with. He finally settled for a pedi-cab with two dismayed passengers in tow, leading the police on a high-speed chase that ended when he blasted a police car, causing a massive explosion. As he outraced the fiery blast, he received a summons on his Hench app.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#7) - The Hijacker played cards with fellow villains Whirlwind and Voice in a pool hall as they waited for their employer.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#8) - The trio was joined by the new Magician; learning that he was new to super villainy, the Hijacker and the others tried to give him a primer on the basics as they played cards; don't work for super-Nazis, avoid Daredevil and the Punisher, and hire an accountant. However, they quickly turned on their new compatriot when they saw he had a card up his sleeve. Before they could brutalize him too badly, however, the Beetle commanded them to stop; they assumed she was their new employer, but soon learned that it was actually Ant-Man. They attacked, but Ant-Man initially had the upper hand, and dodged Hijacker's blast, making him shoot Whirlwind instead. They eventually had the hero at their mercy, but Beetle once again made them stand down, as Ant-Man explained that he had a job for them...

(Astonishing Ant-Man#9) - After a brawl with his fellow villains over their cut at Lang's secret lab, the Hijacker met the rest of Ant-Man's crew, including Grizzly, Machinesmith, Giant-Man, and Ms. Thing; the Grizzly asked him to take a look at his Ford Taurus. Ant-Man explained his plan to rob Cross Technological Enterprises' Miami campus; the Hijacker believed they needed more time to plan, but Ant-Man insisted it had to be that night.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#10) - After the crew completed their heist, Hijacker was waiting for them, driving a stolen CTE truck. Ant-Man hadn't returned, however, and soon his daughter, Stinger, who the heist had been a pretense to rescue, boarded the truck, asking for help rescuing her father. The Hijacker, the Voice, the Magician, and Whirlwind absconded with their loot, having no interest in a rescue mission.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#11 (fb) ) - Crossfire, cousin of CTE CEO Darren Cross, located and captured the Hijacker, lashing him to a tree on the Cross estate.

(>Astonishing Ant-Man#11) - Crossfire presented the trussed-up villain to Darren, who pleaded for his life, inadvertently babbling about Lang's secret lab.

Comments: Created by Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas.

I wonder if Hijacker's previous identities ever made it on-panel - he could have been any number of one-appearance masked gimmick villains...

Profile by Minor Irritant.

The Hijacker should be distinguished from:

...but has no known connections to:

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Astonishing Ant-Man#10, p4, pan4 (main image)
Astonishing Ant-Man#8, p14, pan4 (in action)

Astonishing Ant-Man#3 (February, 2016) - Nick Spencer (writer), Ramon Rosanas (art), Wil Moss (editor)
Astonishing Ant-Man#7 (June, 2016) - Nick Spencer (writer), Ramon Rosanas (art), Wil Moss (editor)
Astonishing Ant-Man#8 (July, 2016) - Nick Spencer (writer), Brent Schoonover (art), Wil Moss (editor)
Astonishing Ant-Man#9-11 (August-October, 2016) - Nick Spencer (writer), Ramon Rosanas (art), Wil Moss (editor)

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