Real Name: Carl Denti

Identity/Class: Human extraterrestrial technology-user;
    identity known to Iron Man/Tony Stark (at least, if not the entire Superhuman Initiative) and the Punisher (Frank Castle);
    citizen of USA

Occupation: Vigilante, special agent, security consultant

Group Membership: Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI);
Commission on Superhuman Activities (CSA);
    former leader of the Firing Squad (
Mariah Ellenthrope, Jack Farley, Cosmo Stephanopolous)

Affiliations: Bella Donna Boudreaux, the Reverend William Conover, Valerie Cooper, Fred Duncan, Gambit (Remy LeBeau), Punisher (Frank Castle), S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Kymberly Taylor,
    formerly Anwar Anubar, Sekmeht Conoway
, Elysian Guard (Mariah Ellenthrope, Jack Farley, Cosmo Stephanopolous), Elysian Enterprises

Enemies: Georges Batroc, Cable (Nathan Summers), Chamber (Jono Starsmore), Crossbones (Brock Rumlow), Fireballs (Jack Farley), Humanity's Last Stand, Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde), Humanity's Last Stand's Mutant Liberation Front (Blastfurnace, Blindspot/Kylie Kopeiken, Burnout/Kristine Calverly & Megan O'Toole, Corpus Derelicti/Michael Black & Adam Fisher, Deadeye/Mark Randall & Jay Burnell, Thermal/Molly Peterson), Rogue (Anna Marie), Sabretooth (Victor Creed), Skin (Angelo Espinosa), Tower (Edward Pasternak), Simon Trask, White Queen (Emma Frost), X-Cutioner ("New Son"), X-Man (Nate Grey) of Earth-295, X-Men (Angel/Warren Worthington, Colossus/Peter Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Storm/Ororo Munroe), Maximilian Zaran;
    formerly Gambit;
Mariah Ellenthrope, Cosmo Stephanopolous

Known Relatives: James Denti (father, deceased); Emily Denti (mother), unidentified extended family (veterans dating back to World War I, most presumably deceased)
    unidentified ex-wife

Aliases: None;
    referred to by ?? as "FBI guy" and "X"

Base of Operations: Pentagon
    at least formerly a forgotten sub-basement of FBI headquarters, Washington, DC;
    formerly an Oklahoma missile silo;
    formerly a space station near an unidentified black hole in an unidentified sector of space;
    formerly Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York;
    born in Oskaloosa, Kansas

Education: Masters of Arts in psychology

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 (1993)x-cutioner-denti-genx16

Powers/Abilities: Carl Denti is intelligent enough to study, understand and improve a variety of technology, even extraterrestrial.

    He is also a trained fighter with years of self-guided experience.

    Following the death of his mentor, Fred Duncan, Denti acted on suspicion and fears against mutant-kind, initially targeting killer mutants who had escaped justice. He expanded his sights to target mutants suspected of such crimes and eventually to any potential outlaws, but as he met more mutant heroes, he began to question his beliefs and mission. Inadvertently killing two of his associates while obsessed with his mission led Denti to give up his killer vigilante identity, and through his experiences with Gambit, he came to appreciate that even outlaws might be noble.

    As X-Cutioner, he carried a variety of power lances, including a Shi’ar psilance, a Z’nox energy weapon capable of piercing Colossus’ armored hide (and temporarily preventing him from returning to his flesh and blood form), and another that ejects a projectile restraint gel, similar to Skrull restraints. Some of his lances project powerful concussive force blasts or devastating heat/energy blasts able to instantly fry a human being.

    His clawed gauntlets released painful neuro-charges on contact and contain wrist-mounted Shi’ar plasma slicer missiles.

    X-Cutioner’s Siris force field (obtained from Factor Three, pre-budget cuts), Culthan prison guard helmet and Shi’ar omnium-mesh (impact absorbing) battle armor can withstand repeated superhuman strikes from beings as powerful as Colossus.

    His armor granted him enhanced strength (lifting somewhere

    His Z’nox sensors could penetrate most terrestrial cloaking devices while Sentinel Mark I bioscans pinpointed mutant locations and identified mutants by their DNA.

    His Sidri cloaking device can fool most Earth technology, but does not disguise natural scent.

    X-Cutioner used prototype Sentinel propul-units for short flights and could teleport through time and space via Culthan stargate (although Denti was not shown to be able to use it to travel through time) or by “piggybacking” on another system, such as Cable’s "Bodyslide" technology.
    While out of costume, Denti sometimes wore a small teleporter that he could use to transport to and from his base to retrieve his armor before teleporting again to whatever location he desired.

    X-Cutioner had access to other equipment, such as brainwave-linked laser-equipped anti-gravity drones, strength-enhancing gloves and boots, chest-mounted energy blasters, and handheld stargate devices.

    He could analyze various forms of technology and energy, allowing him to mimic or utilize energy signatures, such as"piggybacking" on Cable's "Bodyslide" technology, which he could use to access the Xavier Institute without setting off alarms.

    He has used explosive charges to fake his own death.

    Denti at least formerly maintained a secret sub-basement in Washington, DC’s FBI headquarters, and formerly had bases in an Oklahoma missile silo and a space station near unidentified black hole, which he accessed via stargate.

    Denti's memberships in the FBI and CSA allow him access to government funds with proper approval as well as allowing him to supersede local police authority.

x-cutioner-denti-pun3-15-denti-faceHeight: 6'; (armored) 6'1";
Weight: 210 lbs.; (armored) 230 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown with white hair on temples

Gambit III#5 (fb) - BTS) - Carl Denti came from an Army family active since World War I.

(Gambit III#5 (fb)) - On Carl Denti's 12th birthday, a priest and a soldier came to his door, and he watched from the stairs as they told his mother that his father had been killed in action. It was described as accidental and tragic "friendly fire."

(Gambit III#5 (fb)) - Some of Carl's soldier family members heard things that indicated falsehoods in the account of his father's death.

(Gambit III#5 (fb) - BTS) - At age 16, Carl tried to learn about his father's death but found the details to be classified.

(X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes: X-Cutioner entry) - Denti got an MA in Psychology at Syracuse University.

(Gambit III#5 (fb) - BTS) - After putting in 10 years at the FBI, Carl Denti achieved the security clearance necessary to learn the truth: His father had lost control of himself and his sense of place and then shot his own men for refusing to follow his orders, and his lieutenant had fatally shot him point blank from behind.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 (fb) - BTS) - Carl Denti worked with and was mentored by Fred Duncan in the FBI.

(Generation X I#17 (fb) - BTS) - Denti had 20 years of service to his country.

(Gambit III#5 - BTS) - Denti apparently never fell in love.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 (fb) - BTS / X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes: X-Cutioner entry) - While Denti was in his early 40's, Duncan died, and Denti obtained all of the alien and other advanced technology Duncan had stockpiled during his exploits involving the X-Men.x-cutioner-denti-uxan17

(Gambit III#5 (fb) - BTS) - On some level, Denti disagreed with mutants being considered the next step in human evolution, considering them rather a cancerous aberration that should be removed from the face of the planet.

(Punisher III#13 (fb) - BTS) - The Punisher (Frank Castle) was an inspiration to Denti; he considered killer mutants should be dealt with in the same fashion as the Punisher dealt with organized crime.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 (fb) - BTS / Gambit III#18 (fb) / X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes: X-Cutioner entry) - Seeking to avenge Duncan's death, Denti adopted the costumed identity of the X-Cutioner to eliminate murderous mutants, at least some of whom were described in Duncan's files as escaping justice.

(Gambit III#23 (fb) - BTS) - Carl Denti culled the armor and weaponry of Culthan security officers (possibly Heth'sa) to become the X-Cutioner. 

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 (fb) - BTS / Gambit III#18 (fb) / X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes: X-Cutioner entry) - Denti trained for months with his arsenal, believing he was prepared for every eventuality.

(X-Man#11 (fb) - BTS) - Denti established a base within the FBI headquarters to which he only had access.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17) - In San Miguel, el Salvador, as Tower abused some locals following his participation in some local war, X-Cutioner used some explosive weapon to kill Tower.

    When the waitress Tower had threatened thanked him, X-Cutioner noted he couldn't accept her gratitude for taking a life, but he promised he would never forsake humanity the way it had forsaken him. He advised them not to fear him as he only killed mutants who killed another person.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 - BTS) - Some of the people of San Miguel saw the X-Cutioner as a savior, others insisted he was a demon, while others remembered only Tower's burnt corpse.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17) - After Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde) -- dying from the Legacy virus and under care on Muir Island -- had unwittingly drawn X-Men Lucas Bishop, Jean Grey, and Iceman into an illusory world within his mind, X-Cutioner arrived to execute Mastermind.

    As Denti scaled a mountain and contemplated his origins, Colossus confronted him, shattered the outcropping on which he stood. While Denti considered that his omnium mesh would absorb the brunt of the impact, Angel/Archangel caught him and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt; however, while noting that the terms hero and villain were subjective, he incapacitated Worthington with a neuro-charge from his gauntlet. Mocking Denti's offer to stay out of his way and avoid harm, Colossus repeatedly beat on X-Cutioner but found him protected by a combination of force field and body armor. X-Cutioner caught Colossus' punch and hurled him away before drawing a Z'nox energy staff, with which he incapacitated Colossus, apparently both denting and slicing his metal face, neck, and chest, and leaving him unable to return to human form.

    Confronted by Storm, X-Cutioner revealed his name and mission, noting he would kill anyone who got in his way. As she buffeted him with powerful winds, he noted he would have to reread Duncan's dossier on Ororo Munroe. Forming a force field, he told her of his preparations, but as she unleashed a powerful lightning bolt, she advised him that no simulations could prepare him for the power of Storm. x-cutioner-denti-ux310

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 (fb) - BTS) - Leaving behind a damaged weapon, X-Cutioner teleported away while releasing an explosive blast, intending to make it appear he had been disintegrated.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 - BTS) - Considering that she had only electrified the ground around him, Storm suspected X-Cutioner had faked his death.

(Uncanny X-Men I#310 (fb) - BTS) - While the White Queen (Emma Frost) was comatose and in Xavier School's medical lab as a result of injuries sustained in a Sentinel attack that slaughtered the Hellions (circa Uncanny X-Men I#281), the X-Cutioner targeted her for various past crimes (as well as blaming her for the Hellions' deaths).

(Uncanny X-Men I#310 (fb) - BTS) - By monitoring Cable's "bodyslides" (use of his teleportation technology via the Professor/Ship computer (later Prosh)), Denti determined a means to use it to "piggyback" the signal and similarly teleport himself to follow Cable.

(Uncanny X-Men I#310) - Targeting the White Queen (Emma Frost) -- whom he considered responsible for the deaths of the Hellions, at least -- X-Cutioner locked on Cable's bodyslide/teleportation technology and secretly "piggybacked" the signal into the Xavier School / X-Mansion when Cable traveled there to confront his father, Cyclops (Scott Summers).

(Uncanny X-Men I#310 - BTS) - Although entry in this fashion and the X-Cutioner's own Sidri cloaking device allowed him to evade detection by the Xavier School's security system, he was detected by then X-Men prisoner Sabretooth who reported the finding and the location of the highly-armed intruder to Cyclops.x-cutioner-denti-xman11

(Uncanny X-Men I#310) - As X-Cutioner raised an energized fist over Frost, Cyclops blast knocked him away. As Cable rushed forward and grabbed him, X-Cutioner teleported beyond Cyclops, noting he had piggy-backed on his signal and could follow him anywhere. However, reacting swiftly, Cable smashed X-Cutioner with a large bank of mechanical equipment. As X-Cutioner got back up, Cyclops and Cable simultaneously blasted him (Cable with a wrist-blaster weapon), and X-Cutioner teleported away. 

(X-Man#11) - X-Cutioner targeted Rogue for the death of Cody Robbins (the boy who had eventually died after kissing her when her powers first surfaced), tracking her to a North Carolina beach where she had encountered Nate Grey (aka X-Man of Earth-295, the "Age of Apocalypse").

    Firing a blast from his lance that knocked Rogue off of her feet, X-Cutioner introduced himself and announced his intentions. X-Man told X-Cutioner he would have to go through him first, and when X-Cutioner told him he would if the "punk" got in his way, but X-Man blasted him away with a powerful telekinetic burst.

    Surprised by the power and confused as his sensors' bio-readout suggested the kid to be Cable (of whom X-Man was an alternate dimensional counterpart), X-Cutioner resolved to take him down and then analyze the remains. However, Nate instead knocked him back with a telekinetically-enhanced punch before grabbing the lanced and breaking it over X-Cutioner's head.

    Considering the decreased force of this second assault, X-Cutioner punched Nate back and asked if he was running out of steam. Advising Nate that power meant nothing without control and stamina, X-Cutioner fought back with a restored (or replaced?) lance and a series of punches and kicks. However, with Nate on his knees, Rogue -- who had been occupied flying some innocent kids a safe distance away -- came crashing down on X-Cutioner, smashing his face into the sand.

    Though Rogue tried to explain that what had happened with Cody was an accident she had since regretted, X-Cutioner leapt to the attack once more, only to be dropped again by combined punches of Nate and Rogue.

    Rogue warned X-Cutioner that if he came looking for her again, she would not be so kind, but X-Cutioner -- as he teleported away -- told her that the next time she'd never hear him coming.

x-cutioner-denti-genx17(Generation X I#16 (fb) - BTS) - X-Cutioner targeted Generation X member Skin for the murder of Angelo Espinosa (Skin actually was Espinosa, who had faked his own death to avoid having to testify with his lover, Tores, who was suspected of murder).

(Generation X I#16) - As Skin and his teammate Chamber drove from Boston's Massachusetts Academy to West Chester, New York's Xavier's School, to seek aid for Chamber, X-Cutioner blocked their path on the Massachusetts Turnpike, running them off the road. X-Cutioner then introduced himself and announced his intentions and motives.

(Generation X I#17 (fb)) - After X-Cutioner identified himself and noted his mission and reasons, Skin dropped a lit match onto the puddle of fuel leaking from the car, causing an explosion to get some distance between them.

(Generation X I#17 - BTS) - As the injured Chamber didn't need to breathe, Skin pushed him into a pond (or some other body of water) to hide him.

(Generation X I#17) - X-Cutioner confronted Skin anew, and Skin denied his involvement but refused to supply further clarification, instead ripping out a support strut to the building (some sort of fair/circus structure) on which X-Cutioner stood, causing it to collapse around him.

    X-Cutioner emerged from the rubble soon after, unharmed and somewhat annoyed, although expressing doubts in his mission. Analyzing a sample of Skin's excess skin, X-Cutioner found it to be almost identical to samples on record from Angelo Espinosa.

    Skin subsequently led X-Cutioner into a wax museum, where X-Cutioner taunted him as a coward for hiding. When X-Cutioner finally located and blasted at Skin, his target dodged and then mocked his mission and questioned whether he was right about his accusations.

    X-Cutioner indeed questioned his mission, trying to convince himself that he hadn't thrown away 20 years of service to the USA just to become a murderer. With X-Cutioner distracted, Skin extended his finger around his helmet, blinding him, and then triggered X-Cutioner's energy lance. Bouncing off various mirrors, the energy built progressively in power before finally striking and incapacitating the X-Cutioner.

(Punisher III#12 (fb) - BTS) - Carl Denti was assigned to bodyguard pro-mutant political candidate Reverend William Conover following multiple death threats.

x-cutioner-denti-pun3-12(Punisher III#12) - As Reverend William Conover appeared before a Congressional Committee, Denti introduced himself. Although Conover tried to decline his protection, Denti informed him it was required by the FBI. They were then confronted by SHIELD agent Kymberly Taylor, who had also been assigned to protect Conover.

    As Denti and Taylor argued over who was covering Conover, Deadeye (a cybernetic assassin posing as a mutant as part of Humanity's Last Stand's false Mutant Liberation Front) teleported in to kill Conover. The Punisher, requested by SHIELD's GW Bridge to protect Conover, knocked Conover out of Deadeye's path, after which Deadeye was transported away by his superiors.

    Denti, Conover, the Punisher, and Taylor subsequently met and discussed plans/options. When Deadeye returned and attacked anew, Denti pretended to be knocked out, after which he transformed into the X-Cutioner.

(Punisher III#13 (fb) - BTS) - X-Cutioner located Deadeye and the Punisher's battle by the Lincoln Memorial via police reports.

(Punisher III#12) - X-Cutioner fatally blasted Deadeye as Deadeye threatened to kill the Punisher, after which he introduced himself to Castle.

(Punisher III#13) - X-Cutioner assured the Punisher he had nothing to fear from him and that he was in many ways inspired the Punisher, noting that they both addressed those whom the law could not or did not touch. Departing before the authorities to could arrive, X-Cutioner suggested they ally and that the Punisher made certain a full autopsy on Deadeye was performed.

    X-Cutioner teleported back to his FBI HQ sub-basement base, after which he removed the teleporter retrieval unit he had hidden under his clothes as he suspected he would be examined medically after having been seemingly knocked out by Deadeye's attack. He then considered that his mutant-tracking equipment had not registered Deadeye, wondering if his scanners were being jammed.

(Punisher III#13 - BTS) - As Deadeye was brought in for autopsy, Blastfurnace teleported in and incinerated Deadeye's body to prevent the autopsy.x-cutioner-denti-pun3-14

(Punisher III#13) - As Agent Taylor and the Punisher argued about whether the X-Cutioner was working with either of them, Denti noted that the X-Cutioner's teleport device was completely different than the Mutant Liberation Front's. However, when Castle and Taylor questioned how he knew this, Denti changed the subject as Conover attempted to depart, and Conover was convinced to allow Castle to follow him in an effort to prevent harm to innocent bystanders.

    Denti was in the building as Conover worked a soup kitchen, and he identified the suspicious arrival of an overcoat-wearing MLF member Corpus Derelecti, noting the flying gizmos around him to be the same as those Deadeye used. Denti advised Castle to get Conover to safety, but then Taylor crashed through a window, leading to a confrontation with Corpus Derelecti.

    As people panicked and fled, Denti could neither get a shot at Derelecti, nor could he teleport away amongst the crowd. Punisher then sent Denti to get Conover to safety while he engaged Derelecti.

    After the Punisher incapacitated Derelecti, Blastfurnace arrived and incinerated Derelecti. Denti shot Blastfurnace in the back before evacuating with Conover, Punisher, and Taylor; he criticized Taylor's using her weapon in the crowd, but Castle defended her actions as a rookie mistake. They were then confronted anew by Blastfurnace.

(Punisher III#14) - When Blastfurnace blew out the wall of the building upon which Denti and the others were standing, Denti remained on the roof and then teleported away after the others safely reached ground. He then returned as the X-Cutioner to aid the Punisher against Blastfurnace, blowing a small hole into its chest armor, which the Punisher then filled with water via a fire hose, and the steam pressure caused the Blastfurnace armor to explode; X-Cutioner was slashed in the side of the leg by a piece of the armor, after which he teleported away.

    When Denti rejoined the group shortly thereafter, the Punisher noted him to be in pain, and Denti told him he had been hurt when the roof collapsed. Denti then ordered every fragment of Blastfurnace to be analyzed in the FBI lab, but Taylor took a piece to be analyzed separately by SHIELD in case the MLF destroyed the FBI samples.

    When Conover refused to go into protective custody and insisted on rejoining his mission's people who were waiting for him in Oklahoma, Denti argued that this would put innocents at risk, but Castle convinced him that Conover could make his own choices and that they would all accompany him via train.

(Punisher III#14 (fb) - BTS) - Denti requistioned a special train for the transport. 

(Punisher III#14) - Aboard the train, when Taylor suggested Denti relax and enjoy the scenery, Denti noted to Taylor that there would be heck to pay with his superiors in the FBI for this expenditure. He further questioned why the MLF would be trying to kill the pro-mutant Conover instead of the anti-mutant presidential candidate, Graydon Creed; how himself, Taylor, and Castle were really stopping the MLF; and whether Conover wasn't perhaps in on the plot. Taylor simply replied that she was going to a move to a less paranoid section of the train. x-cutioner-denti-pun12-uncostumed

    Shortly thereafter, the train was assaulted by the MLF's speedster, Burnout, who got past all three defenders and slew the train's engineers before pushing the train to maximum throttle. Castle instructed Denti and Taylor to get Conover to safety while he engaged Burnout, but Burnout took off after Conover as Taylor sped away with him by motorcycle. After Denti and Castle found the engineers dead and the controls smashed, a new Deadeye appeared and deposited explosives on the tracks on a bridge, blowing it up a short distance in front of the train.

(Punisher III#15) - The Punisher advised he and Denti jump into the water below; presumably wishing to be left alone to teleport away, Denti told Castle he couldn't swim, but Castle told him to learn quickly. Denti joined Castle in jumping before the train fell through the damaged bridge, and Castle watched as Denti vanished in a flash of energy, teleporting away.

    As the X-Cutioner, he teleported to Taylor and Conover's location, seconds too late to stop Burnout from teleporting away with Conover after having caused their motorcycle to crash.

(Punisher III#15 (fb) - BTS) - Denti was informed that Blastfurnace had destroyed the entire lab that had been analyzing the destroyed Blastfurnace armor.

(Punisher III#15) - Informing Castle of the "new" Blastfurnace and the armor's destruction, Denti noted his suspicion that Blastfurnace might be pure super-heated plasma, with the armor only being a containment suit. He continued that there was no explanation for Deadeye's appearance, wondering if they were clones, nor for their capture rather than execution of Conover; however, Castle then interrupted him by putting his gun to Denti's head, informing him that he knew he was the X-Cutioner and insisting Denti explain about his teleportation equipment and whether he was allied with the MLF or not.
    Denti explained his origins and again noted the Punisher to be an inspiration.

    After Denti noted that his mutant tracking equipment couldn't sense the MLF, Castle reasoned that they were most likely not mutants and rather empowered by their suits or drugs.

(Punisher III#15 (fb) - BTS) - Hoping to smoke out the MLF, Castle had Denti call together a press conference, noting that he had a theory he hoped to prove that the mutants were not involved in Conover's disappearance.

(Punisher III#16 (fb) - BTS) - Castle further planned to allow Denti to be captured so he could gain the MLF's base's coordinates.

(Punisher III#15) - Denti spoke at the press conference as planned.

(Punisher III#15 - BTS) - Although suspecting this to be a trap, Simon Trask insisted the MLF capture Denti (to learn what he knew) and kill anyone who protected him.

(Punisher III#15) - As the Punisher and Taylor watched from above, Denti walked the streets. When Burnout showed up to capture him, all three pinned her in crossfire until Blastfurnace, Deadeye, Thermal, and Blindspot all showed up. Although Castle took down Deadeye, Burnout held Denti with blades against his neck, threatening to kill him, but Blindspot reminded her that their orders were to take him back to their base, and, with Blastfurnace carrying the subdued Deadeye, all four MLF members teleported away with Denti.

    Upon arriving in the MLF base, Denti was surprised to see Simon Trask, head of Humanity's Last Stand, as their leader.

(Punisher III#16 (fb) - BTS) - Trask had Denti beaten when he refused to provide information on what he knew about the MLF.

(Punisher III#16) - Telling Denti they no longer needed his information following the assassination of Graydon Creed, as he planned for a few MLF terrorist attacks to push the country into a gene war. Trask then instructed Burnout to take Denti to the cells and kill him. Taunting Burnout's addiction and withdrawal, Denti shoved her head against a wall, stunning her so that he could teleport away.

    Returning to his base, Denti donned his X-Cutioner

(Punisher III#16 - BTS) - Trask had Blastfurnace incinerate Burnout for her failure.

(Punisher III#16) - Returning to Castle and Taylor, X-Cutioner told them he had located the MLF base in the East Buffolk, Oklahoma compound (he told Taylor that Denti had carried a homing device).

    After Castle had the others contact reporters Ben Urich and Trish Tilby to report the truth on this MLF, X-Cutioner transported himself, Castle, and Taylor to the MLF base. While Taylor went to evacuate the base, X-Cutioner accompanied Castle to the central complex, warning of a concern that his teleporter may not be able to handle getting Castle out of there after rescuing Conover. After fighting their way past Deadeye, they located Conover. As Castle provided cover, X-Cutioner prepared to free Conover, using ultra-sonics to incapacitate the new Burnout when she arrived and assaulted him. Teleporting Conover to safety, X-Cutioner greeted Tilby and told her Conover could give her the story. However, when X-Cutioner tried to teleport back in, his teleporter began to short out. He was only able to get Taylor to safety before Trask detonated the facility rather than let the Punisher capture him.

(Punisher III#17 (fb) - BTS) - Punisher escaped the exploding facility.

(Gambit III#1 (fb) - BTS) - After archeologist Sekmeht Conoway's investigations had led her father's company, Elysian Enterprises, to the twelfth and final temple of the twelfth and final child of Chinese ruler Gharba-Hsien (an alias for the External/immortal mutant Saul) that allegedly had information on and/or portions of a powerful extraterrestrial spacecraft (perhaps associated with the virtually omnipotent Celestials), the Chinese government requested the United States send an agent to "protect the site." The US government sent their Superhuman Investigations Team's Carl Denti (presumably unaware that Denti was also the X-Cutioner).x-cutioner-denti-gam3-1-uncostumed-full-distant

(Gambit III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Denti was briefed that internal security measures had been encountered in the previous temples. He also heard that Sekmeht was a maverick.

(Gambit III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Denti arrived at the 12th temple and was introduced to Conoway and Elysian Enterprises security force, the Elysian Guard (Mariah Ellenthrope, Jack Farley, Cosmo Stephanopolous).

(Gambit III#1) - When Sekmeht's father, Anwar Anubar, questioned the need for this level of security, Denti introduced himself to Anubar. Commenting on the internationl collaboration, Sekmeht noted that "fear makes a great detente." Denti advised her that it was more about power and knowing how to control its use and abuse.x-cutioner-denti-gam3-5-stand

    Denti then questioned Farley about the internal security, and Farley noted how they had lost 10 people to the temples' security measures. When Denti questioned whether Sekmeht was reckless, she assured him she dreamed big and schemed bigger, and she further noted that she thought someone who monitored superhumans would have a more open mind. She then shared what she had learned about the 12th temple's safeguards from a scroll they had discovered in the 8th temple.

    After Elysian agents reported that sensors had detected movement inside the temple, Anubar ordered his agents to scramble to intercept, and he asked if Denti would care to join them. Denti replied that he wouldn't miss it, but secretly wished that he could intervene as the X-Cutioner. Sekmeht's notation of an energy discharge convinced Denti of superhuman involvement, and he observed as Gambit exited. Pursuing Gambit, Denti was surprised when he vanished from an open snow-covered plain, noting he must have teleported or had help (he accessed one of New Son's warps).

(Gambit III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Denti arranged with Anubar  to coordinate transport of the sarcophagus retrieved from the temple. When the Croatian government gave clearance for a convoy to carry it from Elysian Enterprises Propulsion Research Facility in Croatia's Velbeit mountains, Denti resolved to assist as the X-Cutioner.

(Gambit III#1) - Denti informed Anubar and Sekmeht that he had dispatched a freelance operative to assist them.

(Gambit III#1 (fb) - BTS) - X-Cutioner arrived at the Elysian facility and took the driver's seat of one of the vehicles surrounding the truck carrying the sarcophagus. The Elysian Guard members drove the truck and operated two other such vehicles.

(Gambit III#1) - After announcing departure in 30 seconds, Denti started the truck and took off. As Gambit arrived on top of the truck via riding a motorcycle down after having leapt off a mountain, X-Cutioner fired on him and informed Anubar of the assault, noting Gambit to be a "dead man walking." Gambit took out the Guard and the rest of the convoy/security, but when he entered the truck carrying the sarcophagus, X-Cutioner sprayed him with some sort of binding adhesive. When Gambit accused him of bigotry, X-Cutioner assured him he only wanted to take down "perps," leading Gambit to note that he sounded like a cop. Having decided the spaceship was too dangerous for anyone to possess, Gambit spat some kinetically charged gum into X-Cutioner's face, causing an explosion that sent X-Cutioner flying out of the truck.

(Gambit III#1 - BTS) - As Rogue flew in and rescued Gambit, he blew up the truck, destroying the sarcophagus.

    Anubar fired Ellenthrope, Farley, and Stephsnopolous.

(Gambit III#2 (fb) - BTS) - Denti contacted and made arrangements to meet with Mariah Ellenthrope, Jack Farley, and Cosmo Stephanopolous.

(Gambit III#2) - After literally keeping Ellenthrope, Farley, and Stephanopolous in the dark for a period of time, Denti appeared before them as the X-Cutioner. Noting that his failure in the recent joint venture made him feel a certain amount of responsibility for their terminations. He therefore offered them (and himself) a measure of redemption for that failure and an opportunity for justice to be served on the mutant who made fools of them, was a member of the criminal X-Men, and who was quite possibly an accessory to murder. When he asked if they would like to help him nail Gambit to the wall, they smiled. Beneath his mask, Denti smiled as well, pleased to have three more bullets to load into his gun...

(Gambit III#4 (fb) - BTS) - X-Cutioner supplied Ellenthrope, Farley, and Stephanopolous with weaponized suits derived from alien armament

(Gambit III#4) - The recipients expressed their appreciation for their "toys," and X-Cutioner noted that they were getting more proficient with the equipment. Though he noted that he thought they were ready, he reminded them that Gambit was cunning as a fox; he further advised that they could most easily catch him by luring him into a trap, with the bait being his teammate and would-be lover, Rogue.

(Gambit III#5 (fb) - BTS) - Gambit made Denti question his beliefs about mutants and his mission in general.

(Gambit III#5 (fb) - BTS) - Denti dubbed his trio of agents his Firing Squad.x-cutioner-denti-gam3-5-unmasked-holdingmask

(Gambit III#5 - BTS) - On Denti's 43rd birthday, he had an agent (Mariah Ellenthrope (?) or some other woman) ambush Rogue, transporting her via stargate ricochet to Beta-Lumaris and then Zeta-Rigel-2 (ultimately arriving at a long-dead space station in deep space). Rogue was hooked up to technology that apparently neutralized her powers.x-cutioner-denti-gam3-5-blast-rogue

(Gambit III#5 - BTS) - Denti prepared a stargate on Earth to take Gambit to the X-Cutioner's base; the stargate was programmed to lock out the genetic patterns of anyone but Gambit.

(Gambit III#5 - BTS) - X-Cutioner sent Gambit the coordinates to a stargate to take him to Rogue, and Gambit was joined by Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, and Charles Xavier in flying there via the X-Mens Blackbird jet.

(Gambit III#5) - X-Cutioner told Rogue that she deserved better than being used as bait, but that he deserved better than having to use her this way. When he further noted that LeBeau was reckless and would take the bait, she advised him that getting the mouse into the maze was one thing, while getting him to run it was a different matter.

(Gambit III#5 - BTS) - Accompanied by Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde, Gambit alone was transported by the stargate.

(Gambit III#5) - As Gambit was transported, X-Cutioner noted that he was doing this for justice, and Rogue told him to say it enough times and he might start believing it.

    As X-Cutioner expected, Gambit took down Ellenthrope, Farley, and
Stephanopolous despite the advanced technology with which he had supplied them. As Rogue mocked him, Denti considered that he'd strike her if she wasn't so darned cute, after which he vowed to himself to accept the truth about his motivations after taking down Gambit; although he wasn't sure what that was. Gambit got past X-Cutioner's assaults but was zapped by the synaptic scrambling field surrounding Rogue.

    As X-Cutioner mentally debated whether he should kill Gambit at close range, Rogue broke free. Though X-Cutioner blasted her with his Z'nox staff, a recovered Gambit kicked the weapon out of X-Cutioner's hands and then turned it on X-Cutioner, stunning him. With his mask seared onto his face, his vision blurry, hearing shot, and in almost paralyzing pain, Denti saw a male and female approaching him; believing this to be Rogue and Gambit and not wanting to be unmasked, Denti fired his staff, apparently killing
Ellenthrope and Stephanopolous as they sought to aid him (Farley, having seen the base to be falling apart, had already fled to save himself).

    Hearing the stargate activate as Gambit and Rogue escaped, X-Cutioner pulled off his mask and saw that he had killed his own agents, much like his father had done. Denti then realized that while he had always believed in law and order, he had created the X-Cutioner when law and order restricted him from fulfilling his beliefs, and that when the X-Cutioner had failed to fulfill those beliefs, he had created an excuse in Gambit. Considering that as he had broken laws, his civilian identity would arrest him, and that since he had committed murder, the X-Cutioner would kill him, he decided that justice was served as the hull of the space station collapsed on him into a black hole.

(Gambit III#18 (fb) - BTS) - Denti appreciated that he had disregarded evidence and due process in his relentless pursuit.

(Gambit III#18 (fb) - BTS) - Although Denti had chosen to die, that choice led to a burning desire to "do it all over again...to do it right." His fail-safe systems kicked in and teleported his body out of the armor shell and back to Earth.
    He assumed that the armor fell into the void of the black hole.

(Gambit III#17 (fb) - BTS / Gambit 2000 (fb) - BTS) - The New Son obtained the X-Cutioner armor and adopted the identity as part of his plot force Gambit to push his powers to higher levels.

(Gambit III#17 (fb) - BTS) - After discovering evidence of mercenaries Georges Batroc and Maximilian Zaran assaulting Gambit, the Commission on Superhuman Activity arranged their release so they could tail them and learn if a contract had been placed on Gambit's life. Denti was chosen to monitor the two criminals and Gambit.

(Gambit III#17) - At a meeting of the Commission, Valerie Cooper announced how Denti had been assigned to continue the tail of Batroc and Zaran.

    In Manhattan, as Gambit -- after a series of other conflicts -- fled from Fireballs (a costumed Jack Farley), Denti drove up and told Gambit to get in, as there were more people coming after him. After Gambit accepted the offer, Fireballs reported their location and actions, and they were subsequently confronted by the X-Cutioner (secretly the New Son, occupying X-Cutioner armor), who showed up in front of their car, forcing them to stop.
hold gun on Crossbones

(Gambit III#18) - Denti pulled his gun and ordered the X-Cutioner to freeze, as he was under arrest. After firing a single shot and appreciating -- at both Gambit's advice and his own experience -- that the bullets wouldn't do any good against the X-Cutioner, Denti fled on foot with Gambit. Fireballs targeted them as well, and Denti was impressed as the exhausted Gambit manipulated the two attackers against each other.

(Gambit III#18) - After an eight minute high-speed run to the Fulton Fish Market, Denti expressed that since they had to stop at the water's edge they were sitting ducks. Although Gambit revealed a Guild boat docked there that they could take to the Staten Island safehouse, Denti expressed concerns that being in the middle of the water would leave them vulnerable. He was interrupted by a dagger to the forearm, thrown by Zaran (who was aiming for Gambit, but Denti apparently got in the way), who then confronted them alongside Batroc. Gambit swiftly took out both attackers, but the boat was destroyed as well.

    They were next confronted by Crossbones, and after Gambit charged Crossbones guns, Denti punched the surprised Crossbones in the face (apparently while Gambit kicked him in the head at the same time), but Crossbones then swung Gambit into Denti, knocking both men to the ground. As Gambit engaged Crossbones anew, Denti put a gun to the back of Crossbones' head, instructing him to give them to a count of 60 to get away.

    Gambit led Denti to hide out in a cemetery, where Denti noted that Gambit was fine while using his powers but exhausted thereafter. Gambit shared his true exhaustion and the weight/burdens he carried, and Denti saw a lot of similarities between himself and Gambit. They were interrupted by X-Cutioner and Fireballs. After Gambit took down Fireballs, Denti arrested him, leaving Gambit free to focus on X-Cutioner. Curious at who was in the armor, Denti was pleased to realize he didn't want the armor back for himself and was satisfied with just being himself again.

    Meanwhile, the Thieves and Assassins Guilds' members teamed up against X-Cutioner, although damage to his weaponry caused a building to collapse on Gambit and Bella Donna Boudreaux.

(Gambit III#19) - Standing over the wreckage and using a scanner to confirm Gambit's survival, Denti appreciated that Gambit was a man of honor, principle, and courage; as Gambit nonetheless was an outlaw, Denti considered whether he should allow the NYPD to arrest him when he was freed from the wreckage. x-cutioner-denti-gam3-18-unmasked

    After Gambit blasted free of the wreckage, Denti prevented Gambit's arrest, telling the NYPD that Gambit had been working on assignment with the Commission on Superhuman Activity, and he reaffirmed Gambit's assertion that Bella Donna had been working with Gambit.

(Gambit III#23 (fb) - BTS) - Under unrevealed circumstances, the X-Cutioner armor ended up in a missile silo in the Oklahoma plains.

(Gambit 2000) - As Gambit and Angel publicly battled as part of a plot ultimately intended to allow them to confront and oppose the New Son, Denti watched from a car in the streets, wondering why they were fighting and considering that this made him less convinced to give the whole group of X-Men the benefit of the doubt.

(Gambit III#21 (fb) - BTS) - Posing as Charles Xavier, the Courier (Jacob Gavin, Jr.) contacted Carl Denti at his office at the Commission of Superhuman Activities, requesting to see some of Fred Duncan's files.

(Gambit III#21 (fb) - BTS) - Fontanelle dropped a subconscious memory into an unidentified person, arranging for that person to call Carl Denti at a specific time to arrange an urgent meeting.

(Gambit III#21) - Denti met with "Xavier" in the Pentagon, wondering what Xavier would say if he knew that he had been the X-Cutioner and that he knew Xavier had founded the X-Men; meanwhile, Courier Gavin wondered what Denti would say if he knew his real identity.

    As planned by Courier and Gambit, a phone call distracted Denti, who gave "Xavier" the go ahead to use his computer and get started.

(Gambit III#21 (fb) - BTS) - The unidentified person manipulated by Fontanelle arranged the meeting with Denti.

(Gambit III#21) - Denti excused himself to attend to "something."

(Gambit III#21 - BTS) - After Denti's departure, "Xavier" researched information on Black Womb and Amanda Mueller.

(Gambit III#21 - BTS) - After Gavin was discovered and taken captive by Mystique, Gambit arrived at the Pentagon, posing as Robert Lord, an attache to Senator Kennedy, for a meeting with Denti (as arranged by Theoren Marceaux).
    After meeting with Mystique, Gambit arranged Gavin's release.

(Gambit III#23 (fb) - BTS) - During the events of Maximum Security, disgraced Culthan former prison guard Heth'sa was relocated to Earth as part of a plot to distract humanity to prevent them from interfering with intergalactic affairs. He sought to access the X-Cutioner armor.

(Gambit III#23 (fb) - BTS) - Heth'sa tracked the armor's teleport signal from New York to a missile silo in the Oklahoma plains; unable access the site without alerting the authorities  he confronted Gambit and members of the Unified Guild of Thieves and Assassins in New Orleans, telling them they called the man who wore his uniform "X-Cutioner."

    Explaining his desire to use the armor's components to teleport himself back to Culth to make amends for his previous wrong-doings, Heth'sa convinced the Guild to aid him. 

    Approaching the armor, Heth'sa deactivated the gravimetric stasis shell containing it and removed a disc containing the armor's memory archive.

    Noting that no normal Terran computer would be able to read it and wishing Gambit the best of luck, Heth'sa activated the armor's space-time transit mechanism and traveled via stargates to planet Cultha's past, at the time of his disgrace.

(Gambit III#23 - BTS) - Via donning the X-Cutioner helmet, Gambit identified the location and time period of Heth'sa's travel and followed him there.

(Gambit III#23 - BTS) - In the time of the violent riot on the orbital penitentiary on which Heth'sa worked, Gambit arrived, using his powers to disable some weaponry so he could locate Heth'sa. After the X-Cutioner helmet tracked the temporal energies to Heth'sa's location, Gambit removed the helmet.

(Gambit III#23) - After Gambit explained that Heth'sa could not be allowed to change the timestream and instead offered him what appeared to be Heth'sa's past self's helmet. After present-Heth'sa donned the helmet, Gambit was returned to the present.

(X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes: X-Cutioner entry) - Presumably working for both the CSA and FBI, Denti apparently regained the X-Cutioner armor at some point;

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Iron Man (Tony Stark) considered him for the Fifty State Initiative.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Jason Pearson, and Mark Farmer.x-cutioner-denti-cardfront

    X-Cutioner was one of the character from Marvel's 1993 Annuals, all of whom got their own trading cards. X-Cutioner was one of the few of these characters who had any significant impact on the Marvel Universe -- along with Legacy/Genis-Vell/Captain Marvel, Kyllian, and maybe the Irish Wolfhound.

   Gambit III#1 revealed the critical information that Denti wears white jockeys, considering himself a traditional kind of guy.

    Colossus was still feeling the effects of the X-Cutioner's attack in Uncanny X-Men#301. By Excalibur #71, Colossus has joined the Acolytes after Illyana's death; Kitty lured him to Muir Island, where the X-Men captured and forcibly healed him.

    Since Denti had retired as the X-Cutioner, the profile should probably be titled Carl Denti...but where's the fun in that?

    This profile was completed 12/16/2020, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

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