Real Name: Cole Yorby

Identity/Class: Human (Old West Era)

Occupation: Professional gunfighter

Affiliations: Amos Clanton, Rawhide Kid

Enemies: Rawhide Kid

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in the American west

First Appearance: Rawhide Kid I#69 (April, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: The Executioner is a notorious gunman, extremely capable with a firearm, and a fast draw.

History: (Rawhide Kid I#69 (fb))- One day in the desert, the Executioner came upon the Rawhide Kid battling a band of Apaches. He lent his gun to the Kid's aid, and together they drove the Apaches off. The two men exchanged pleasantries, but neither one became aware that the other was an infamous gunman.

(Rawhide Kid I#69)- Some time later, the Executioner sought the Rawhide Kid out, and challenged him to a shoot-out. When the Kid saw who he was, he refused, unwilling to fire upon a man who once saved his life. The Executioner threatened to shoot him in the back, but the Rawhide Kid knew he wasn't the kind of man who could go through with it.

Later, the Executioner hired himself out to a wealthy rancher named Amos Clanton. Clanton wanted to obtain the Lazy-B ranch and had attempted to drive them off with bands of mercenaries, but because the Rawhide Kid was working on that ranch, the attempts had failed. The Executioner at first refused the job when he learnt that he was going up against the Rawhide Kid because he already knew that the Kid wouldn't fight him, but Clanton convinced him to goad the Kid until he reached his breaking point.

The Executioner caught up with the Rawhide Kid in a bar, and challenged him again. The Kid again backed down, so the Executioner threw a drink in his face. Still, the Kid refused to fight him. Finally, the Executioner threatened to kill some of the Kid's friends, and the Kid finally agreed to his challenge. They went out into the streets, and with little effort, the Rawhide Kid shot the Executioner down.

At the sight of this, Amos Clanton opened fire on the Kid, but the Kid dodged his shot then shot and killed him. He then went to the side of the Executioner, and asked him whey he had insisted on fighting him. The Executioner replied, "You're still young, Rawhide...but wait...wait till the years pass...and the gun fights add up...and night becomes your worst enemy...for that's when you see the ghosts of men you've sent to untimely deaths! ...And then you contract a painful a fatal illness which makes each day a living hell!" The Rawhide Kid understood-- the Executioner wanted to die in a gunfight. "And you pick the fastest gun around for the job! The Rawhide Kid! So you see, Kid, you've repaid a debt! I saved your life, and in've given me the one thing I wanted end to mine..."

Cole Yorby, the Executioner, died.

Comments: Created by Larry Lieber and John Tartaglione.

by Prime Eternal

The Executioner should not be confused with:

Rawhide Kid I#69 (April, 1969) - Larry Lieber (writer/pencils), John Tartaglione (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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