Real Name: Skurge

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Asgardian) god/storm giant hybrid; magical weapon user;
    citizen of Asgard and Jotunheim;
    active at least late 1st millennium or early second millennium AD and modern era; likely active in eras in between, but activity not documented

Occupation: Warrior, warlord
    former co-ruler of Casiolena's realm

Group Membership: Einherjar;
    frequent partner of Amora the Enchantress;
    former member of Baron (Heinrich) Zemo's Masters of Evil (Baron Zemo/Heinrich Zemo, Black Knight/Nathan Garrett, Enchantress/Amora, Melter/Bruno Horgan, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), and the Mandarin's Minions (Elendil, Enchantress/Amora, Living Laser/Arthur Parks, Power Man/Erik Josten/later Atlas and others, Swordsman/Jacques DuQuesne);
    the Executioner that was a member of the Grandmaster's Legion of the Unliving was a simulacrum of Skurge, presumably created by the Grandmaster

Affiliations: Agnar of Vanaheim, Avengers (Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Hercules/Heracles/Alcaeus, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Starfox/Eros, Vision/"Victor Shade," Wasp/Janet Van Dyne), Balder Odinson, Beta Ray Bill, Casiolena, Eilif Dragonslayer, Eitri, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, She-Hulk/Jen Walters), Gunnhild ("Hildy") & other children of Volstagg, Harokin, Heimdall, Hermod, Hrimhari, Karnilla, Kindra, Kevin & Micky Mortensen, New Mutants (Boomer/Tabitha Smith, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Rictor/Julio Richter, Sunspot/Roberto Da Costa, Warlock of the Technarch, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair), Odin Borson, Asgardian Rock Trolls, Thor Odinson, Sif, Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson), Tiwaz/Buri (indirectly; aided New Mutants in opposing Hela), Tyr, US 101 Air Assault ("Screaming Eagles"), Warriors Three (Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg), Roger Willis; unspecified allies in Earth-6676's 25th century against Arrkam;
    Valkyrior (Mirage, Mist, others) - in that Skurge's efforts helped liberate them from Hela's control;
    formerly an army of magically animated suits of armor, Casiolena and her forces, Fragon the sorcerer, Giants of Jotuneheim, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Immortus, Kroda the Duelist (and, presumably, by association, Magrat the Schemer, & Snaykar the Skulker), Mandarin;
    intermittently Loki Laufeyson;
    unwitting ally of Zarrko the Tomorrow Man;
    former pawn of Dr. Victor von Doom;
        allies in the sense that they were fellow victims of the Emotion Charger and used to assault the wedding of Reed and Sue Richards: Attuma and his barbarians of Skarka, Batroc the Leaper, the Beetle (Abner Jenkins), Black Knight (Nathan Garrett), Cobra (Klaus Voorhees), Esteban Diablo, Eel (Leopold Stryke), Electro (Max Dillon), Amora the Enchantress, Grey Gargoyle (Pierre Duvall), Grogoom, Human Top (David Cannon, later Whirlwind), HYDRA, Kang the Conqueror, Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android, Mandarin, Melter (Bruno Horgan), Mr. Hyde (Calvin Zabo), Mole Man (Harvey Rupert Elder) and his Moloids, Plantman (Sam Smithers), Porcupine (Alex Gentry), Puppet Master (Phillip Masters), Red Ghost (Ivan Kragoff) and his Super-Apes (Igor, Miklho, Peotor), Scarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton), Super-Skrull (K'lrt), Trapster (Peter Petruski), and Unicorn (Milos Masaryk)

EnemiesArrkam of Earth-6676's 25th century and his forces, Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Bloodaxe (Skurge's own evil imbued within his axe), Brokar, Defenders, Alvin Denton, Dr. Stephen Strange, Fire Demons of Muspelheim (aka Sons of Muspell), Jane Foster, Giants of Jotunheim (particularly the Storm Giants), Hela and her servants, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Immortus, Invisible Girl (Sue Storm; later Sue Richards and Invisible Woman), Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Mordonna, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Barbara Denton Norriss, a Space Phantom in the form of Paul Bunyan, Surtur, Teen Brigade, Thing (Ben Grimm), Two-Headed Troll of Travasaak, Uatu the Watcher, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde), Vertiplasm, Wonder Man (Simon Williams), X-Men (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey);
    formerly Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Hercules/Heracles/Alcaeus, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Thor Odinson, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne), Balder Odinson, Beta Ray Bill, Rick Jones, Karnilla, Odin Borson, Thor Odinson, Thor (Eric Masterson), Thor of Earth-8710 (Dargo Ktor), Valkyrior (Mirage, Mist, others), Warriors Three (Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg);
    intermittently Loki Laufeyson

Known Relatives: Unidentified father (storm giant), unidentified mother (goddess)

Aliases: The Evil One, Hans Grubervelt

Base of Operations: Valhalla, a sub-dimension within the greater dimension of Asgard;
    formerly Hel, also a sub-dimension within the greater dimension of Asgard;
    formerly based out of Central Park in Manhattan, New York for a few days/weeks;
    formerly an unidentified Asgardian nether realm (ruled by Casiolena);
    formerly an unidentified region on Earth-6676 in the 25th century;
    formerly Zemo's South American jungle base;
    formerly a home within an unspecified region of Asgard;
    born in Jotunheim, Asgard dimension

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery I#103/1 (April, 1964)

Powers/Abilities: Skurge's hybrid nature as Asgardian god and Storm Giant granted Skurge vast superhuman strength (significantly greater than a conventional Asgardian god), enabling him to lift approximately 65 tons or to beat a 3 ton iron wrecking ball to the thickness of a manhole cover with four blows. His skin and muscle were far more dense and/or durable than human, enabling him to resist 0.50 caliber machine gunfire, temperature extremes from -100 to 2000 Fahrenheit. He had virtually inexhaustible stamina, not tiring appreciably from any exertion, and was slightly faster than human (enhanced human); he had athletic agility and reflexes. He could heal much more rapidly than human, and was resistant to most conventional disease; on at least one occasion, after being nearly over-powered and beaten, he could draw on his own godly life force to restore himself to peak fighting condition. Although not truly immortal, he aged much more slowly than human, with a lifespan of perhaps millennia.

    Skurge has the visual acuity of a hunting falcon, enabling him to discern at 100 feet what the average human can at 10 feet. He can easily single out one face among a crowd (allegedly of millions).

    While in Casiolena's nether realm, he "gained favor in this unnatural land, and thus gained unnatural power" (whether due to the realm's properties or due to abilities granted by Casiolena), allowing him to fire energy blasts from his hands, sufficient to stun Namor (who was at least partially weakened by water deprivation). He also apparently could enchant prison cells to prevent the inhabitants from escaping; these enchantments were apparently only effective against known abilities -- for example, if someone gained new powers after being placed in the cell, that person could escape.

    Skurge is an experienced equestrian, sufficiently skilled to lead large armies astride flying horses. He is an experienced military strategist.

    Skurge had sufficient training to pilot Heinrich Zemo's airship.

    Skurge wielded a double-bladed ax with a 3' handle and a blade two feet wide at its greatest width; it weighs 280 lbs. Via a combination of mental command and movement of the blade, Skurge can cause it to cleave small rifts in the fabric of space (via hyperspace) or even between dimensions of his own choosing. By spinning the ax around himself, he can create rifts large enough to pass himself or another being across space or between dimensions. By a simple slicing motion, he can create a small rift through which he can draw energy or materials from other locations, such as blazing stellar-like heat/light (and allegedly the energy of an exploding sun); intense cold (along with ice) from Earth's arctic region; destructive blasts; or energy that sapped the Hulk's gamma ray-powered strength. Most significantly, the ax can cut through dimensions to release the energy that binds the nine worlds together in Hel or other realms.
    Though the ax itself was highly durable, it's handle was destroyed on multiple occasions, limiting its use. On one occasion, Hercules physically fused the broken handle back together, but the nature of its recovery on other such occasions is unrevealed.

    Skurge's gloves were allegedly made of "meteorite metal," which granted them great durability while enhancing Skurge's striking force.

    Skurge was experienced with automatic weapons, able to prove an effective marksman despite overwhelming odds/forces.

    While in Earth-6676's 25th century, Skurge commanded an army of undefined size, and utilized massive 30-50' tall tripod walkers that could fire energy blasts able to devastate a city. His troops wielded stun guns, to which Skurge or other immortals (of Asgard, at least), were apparently immune, but could at least knock a fighting-mad Hulk to the ground.

    Skurge's evil deeds over his lifetime somehow accumulated in his ax, granting it a malevolent persona that influenced those who held it, driving them to violence and potentially even evil acts.

In addition to abilities Skurge demonstrated with his ax, Bloodaxe (Jackie Lukus) also demonstrated a number of additional abilities -- I have not personally verified all of these, as Bloodaxe is beyond the scope of this profile, but they were derived from Bloodaxe's Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe entry:

The Bloodaxe can "slash through space" to draw matter from other places, using cold from the Arctic to create a frozen blast capable of encasing a foe in ice. It can project Asgardian mystical energy (pure enchanted force), which can damage astral forms as it works simultaneously on the ethereal and physical planes; similarly, it can cleave through an astral energy bolt or smash magical shields, including Juggernaut's helmet. It can project flame and/or searing heat through solid pavement, stone and iron; and gale force winds, capable of sending cars into the air. When hurled, it can fly with amazing accuracy and return to the bearer.
    The ax can
detect targets through solid substances to aid in battle; can create a whirlwind by spinning the axe on the chain; and teleport across dimensions.
ax is bulletproof, causing projectiles to ricochet away, or it can use magnetic force to capture bullets and shoot them at targets. It was durable and powerful enough to chop through a building with a single slice.   
    It was attached to Bloodaxe via a chain that mystically lengthened as needed.




Height: 7'2"
Weight: 1100 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black (balding, or partially shaved, with mustache +/- goatee; see comments)




(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#17 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge was the illegitimate son of a Storm Giant of Jotunheim (one of the nine worlds of the Asgardian cosmology) and a goddess born in Skornheim, a land within the Asgardian continent/landmass.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#17 (fb) - BTS) - Ostracized by the Storm Giants because of his relatively diminutive size, Skurge turned against them.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#17 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge grew up to be a great warrior and giant-killer. It was through the widespread killing of his father's people, the Storm Giants, that he gained the epithet, "The Executioner" during one of the many wars between Jotunheim and Asgard.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#17 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge was made a citizen of Asgard, but he chose to lead a solitary life there, in part due to his grim disposition, and in part because he did not feel himself truly accepted by the Asgardians as one of them.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge lived in solitude for many years.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#17 (fb) - BTS) - Although Skurge found pleasure in exercising his skills as a warrior, the only real source of joy in his life was his passionate devotion to the beautiful Amora the Enchantress. Amora was physically attracted to Skurge, who in effect became her love-slave. She never treated him as her equal and often withheld her favors from him in order to keep him in thrall, so he would do what she commanded in hope of ingratiating himself with her.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Allegedly, Amora imbued Skurge's ax with its space and dimension-cleaving powers.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#15/2 (fb) - BTS) <"Many years ago," before Thor gained Mjolnir> - Loki allied with Skurge, Amora, and the giants of Jotunheim, intending to have Amora seduce and manipulate Thor into removing a gem sealing a gate to Jotunheim on Earth.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#15/2 (fb) - BTS) - Thor accompanied Amora, Skurge, and "others from Asgard's darker side" to a Nordic tavern on Earth.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#15/2 - BTS) - Fearing the young Thor might be manipulated by these dark forces, Odin sent Volstagg to visit Thor and help advise/guide him to tread carefully and return home soon.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#15/2) - As Skurge and Thor arm-wrestled, Skurge urged Thor to surrender, but when Amora promised to kiss the victor, Thor swiftly pinned Skurge's arm. Skurge stormed off, decrying that only a fight to the death was the true measure of worth of man or god.
    Skurge then secretly met with Loki, asking how long he must endure this farce; Loki encouraged Skurge to wait until they had accomplished their task.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#15/2 - BTS) - Before Amora could kiss Thor, however, Volstagg arrived/interrupted; feeling Thor's youth and inexperience would protect him somewhat from her charms while Volstagg's age would make him putty in her hands, Amora turned her attentions to Volstagg. Amora manipulated Volstagg into removing a large gem that sealed a gate to Jotunheim, while Thor followed behind in secret, suspecting mischief.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#15/2) - As Thor prepared to intervene, Skurge ambushed Thor, who narrowly dodged an ax-stroke that might have slain him. Thor drew his sword, which Skurge shattered with a single strike of his ax, but then Thor rushed forward and grappled with Skurge for the ax. As the giants rushed forward, Volstagg clumsily/luckily delayed and hurt a few of them, and Thor punched out Skurge. The giants fled back into Jotunheim and shut the gate when Thor confronted them.

(Journey into Mystery I#103 (fb) - BTS) - For ages, more than anything else, Skurge had desired to possess Thor's mystic hammer, Mjolnir.

(Avengers I#10 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge slew the two-headed Troll of Travasaak.



(Fantastic Four I#405) - Skurge was one of many heroes and villains summoned from across time and realities by Zarrko the Tomorrow Man to oppose the Fantastic Four. Skurge confronted the Thing (Ben Grimm), but before the battle had progressed significantly, Ant-Man (Scott Lang) stole Zarrko's Time Displacement Dial, which sent Skurge and the other time-displaced beings back to their native times.









(Thor I#440) - Zarrko the Tomorrow Man summoned Skurge forward from time to his time cube/radical time stabilizer to oppose the "Thor Corps," an alliance of Thor (Eric Masterson), Beta Ray Bill, and Dargo Ktor, the Thor of Earth-8710. One by one, Skurge fought off the variant Thors, expressing disgust at their usurping the form of the true Thor as well as the craven disrespect he felt they exhibited.








However, Masterson and Dargo joined forces, knocking Skurge into the air with a shock wave, then smashing him back and forth with their hammers before dropping him with combined strikes.
    With Skurge's defeat, Zarrko returned him to his native time.






(Journey into Mystery I#103/1 - BTS) - Given leave by Odin to drive the love of Jane Foster from Thor, Loki enlisted Amora the Enchantress to seduce him; eventually, she realized that Thor would only succumb to her charms once Jane Foster was dead.




(Journey into Mystery I#103/1) - Amora traveled to Skurge's abode to enlist him to slay Jane. Pleased to see Amora having come to him, Skurge hoped this meant that she would be his at last, but she teased him that it would not yet be so; but, if he accomplished a simple task for her, she would look upon him with greater favor. Skurge vowed he would battle all of Asgard to win her heart, and Amora gave him a picture of Jane she had taken from Don Blake's desk and sent Skurge to Earth to make it so that Blake would never set eyes on her again. Without delay, Skurge departed on his mission, traveling down Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge.




(Journey into Mystery I#103/1 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge arrived in Manhattan, his immense frame, armor, and battle ax causing a panic.

(Journey into Mystery I#103/1 - BTS) - The police commissioner informed Thor of the threat that seemed right up his alley; recognizing this as the "awesome Executioner," Thor told the commissioner to order his men to stand back and have the crowds dispersed, as he could best deal with the threat alone. The commissioner agreed to give Thor 15 minutes before moving in.

(Journey into Mystery I#103/1) - Using his superhuman falcon hunting eyesight, Skurge located Jane Foster in the crowd, and seized her by the arm. Electing to fulfill Amora's request without killing Jane (perhaps because he feared Thor's wrath?; or perhaps he was still noble enough not to slay an innocent woman), Skurge used his ax to cut through time and space, and then hurled Jane into an extradimensional "limbo" (perhaps true Limbo?). Arriving an instance too late, Thor attacked Skurge, striking his ax with force sufficient to knock Skurge to the ground. After revealing Jane's fate, Skurge hurled his ax at Thor, striking and releasing "the devastating energy of an exploding sun"; surprised that Thor was only stunned, Skurge nonetheless felt that he could finish the weakened Thor, but Thor recovered and knocked him back. Skurge used his ax to cover Thor in a thick layer of ice summoned from the arctic, which Thor swiftly shattered. When Skurge threatened to banish Thor extradimensionally, Thor knocked the ax from Skurge's hands, then forced Skurge to his knees and announced a reckoning. Skurge agreed to return Jane to Earth if Thor would give him Mjolnir, in return; otherwise, Skurge vowed she would be lost forever (see comments).
    Wishing to recover Jane and knowing that Skurge would be unable to lift Mjolnir, Thor agreed. Caring little for Jane's fate, Skurge elatedly returned Jane, but was surprised to find he could not pick up Mjolnir. Enraged at Skurge's betrayal, Amora began transforming Skurge into a tree (or perhaps his arms into tree branches and his legs into stone), or, more likely, causing the illusion of this. Skurge released Thor from his pledge to give him Mjolnir, and with Amora focused on Thor, Skurge began to return to his normal form. Via whirling Mjolnir, Thor created a vortex that cast the two of them back to Asgard.

(Journey into Mystery I#104) - Loki chastised Amora and Skurge for being outwitted by Thor and bungling his perfect plan. He ordered them both out of his sight.


(Avengers I#7) - In Asgard, Odin punished Amora and Skurge for their recent actions by banishing them to Earth; while Amora pleaded for mercy, Skurge silenced her, considering they were lucky to have escaped with their lives after attacking Odin's son. By Odin's order, Skurge was stripped of his helmet and ax, but Skurge felt that, with his great strength, he wouldn't need those items; he further hoped that he could prove himself and win Amora's heart. Meanwhile, Loki hoped that their presence on Earth would further danger Thor.
    Traveling down Bifrost, Amora and Skurge soon arrived in Manhattan, where they unwittingly wandered into the middle of a street, their costumes, appearance, and size disrupting traffic. When a police officer threatened Skurge, Amora cautioned Skurge to still his anger and obey; both agreed they needed to learn the customs of Earth. Nonetheless, as a crowd gathered, Skurge scattered them with a wave of his hands; soon after, however, they stumbled across a newspaper referencing Zemo and the Masters of Evil, and Amora thought Zemo might be able to aid them.
    Amora sent mental projections of herself and Skurge to Zemo in his South American base, convincing him to travel to New York to meet them and that they could help him defeat Thor -- in this fashion, they joined the Masters of Evil (though Radioactive Man, Melter, and Black Knight were imprisoned at the time).

(Avengers I#7 (fb) - BTS) - Per Zemo's command, Skurge disguised himself as Hans Grubervelt and met with Captain America (and Rick Jones), claiming to have been the second-in-command to Zemo and to be seeking to repent. He would then tell Captain America of Zemo's base in an uncharted area of the Amazon jungle, leading Captain America to depart to confront Zemo -- with Giant-Man and Iron Man out of the area, this would leave Thor alone to face Skurge and Amora.



(Avengers I#7) - Skurge did as planned, meeting with Captain America as Grubervelt (see comments) and revealing his false history with Zemo.

(Avengers I#7 (fb) - BTS) - "Grubervelt" gave Captain America specific details to help him find Zemo.

(Avengers I#7) - After Captain America departed with Rick to seek out Zemo, Skurge removed his Grubervelt mask and noted his success.

(Avengers I#7 - BTS) - Amora ensorcelled Thor, making him believe the demonic Avengers (perhaps paralleling reality-64087) to be his enemies.
    While Zemo ambushed Captain America upon his arrival, Thor summoned Giant-Man and then ambushed him (and the Wasp) as well; this latest attack drew the attention of Iron Man.

(Avengers I#7) - Watching from a distance, Skurge hoped Zemo would destroy Captain America while the other Avengers would destroy themselves. However, Amora's interference enabled Captain America to escape a trap and board Zemo's ship bound for New York City, and Iron Man freed Thor from Amora's influence. While Skurge responded that only his brute strength would be sufficient, Amora feared his harming Thor, whom she hoped to one day make her own.
    When Zemo's ship arrived, Skurge assaulted Cap (the mere touch of his hand being of a pressure equal to one hundred Gs (one hundred times the force of gravity)), incapacitating him and saving Zemo from him. Skurge discarded Captain America on the street and rushed into Zemo's ship with Amora, but as they took off (looked like Skurge flew the ship!), Thor encircled the craft within a space warp created by Mjolnir, which might unpredictably send them to a different city or a different universe.

(Avengers I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Zemo's aircraft was trapped between the Sixth and Seventh dimensions.

(Avengers Classics#7/2) - Within that interdimensional space, Zemo's aircraft was wrapped up within the tentacles of the massive and lonely Vertiplasm. Skurge mocked Zemo for being unable to drive off the creature, but after Zemo called Amora a useless cow when she could not do so either, Skurge threatened to kill Zemo. Skurge then offered to leave the ship, tethered only by a hyper-alloy lifeline around his waist, to drive off the Vertiplasm; Skurge sought to both save and impress Amora. As Zemo urged Skurge to remove the alien tendrils from the hull so they could fire their thrusters, Skurge took umbrage at Zemo's treatment, demanding he not be spoken to as if he were an infant.
    Exiting Zemo's ship, Skurge began to tear apart the Vertiplasm's tentacles. Meanwhile, Amora sought to advance her relationship with Zemo, in hopes of using his schemes to gain influence over Thor. Observing this through Zemo's ship's window, Skurge furiously tore the Vertiplasm's tentacles, freeing Zemo's ship and allowing him to flee the Vertiplasm. Initially dragged by the lifeline, Skurge, soon re-entered Zemo's craft, noting with rage how Zemo now referred to Amora as "my dear," when he had been so abusive to her; Skurge further wondered if Zemo had hoped he would not return. Amora eased Skurge's rage by hugging him and telling him that his failure to return would have meant that the Vertiplasm would destroy them; and Zemo assured Skurge that they had had only enough power for a single jump and could not wait until Skurge was on board. While Amora further praised Skurge's courage and might, wishing that all of Asgard knew of his deeds, Zemo added that the hyper-alloy eliminated any danger to Skurge being left behind. Nonetheless, Skurge advised Zemo it would be wise for him not to address Skurge for a while; he remained tired of Zemo's voice and was still looking for something to smash. After Zemo noted that he had attained sufficient momentum that Amora might try another spell, Skurge stormed off, noting that it was his honor to protect Amora; but when she responded to him, he told her to leave him be.

(Avengers I#9) - His aircraft still trapped between the Sixth and Seventh dimensions, Zemo demanded Amora and Skurge find a way home, as they had been less concerned with the passage of time due to their immortal natures. Skurge angrily grabbed Zemo for speaking to them thusly, but Amora calmed Skurge, reminding him they needed Zemo, and then Amora found a spell that returned the trio and the aircraft to Zemo's South American base. When Zemo noted how he had hidden in the base for decades, Skurge -- twisting an iron bar to prove his point -- told Zemo he should fear no one anymore with him and Amora as allies.

(Avengers I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Zemo shared with Skurge and Amora his plans to defeat the Avengers.

(Avengers I#9) - Per Zemo's plans, Skurge and Amora, in human/civilian garb, paid the bail for Simon Williams after he had been accused of stealing to prevent bankruptcy due to Tony Stark's inventions making Williams' patents worthless. They convinced Williams to come to South America to gain great wealth and power. After witnessing Zemo's ion ray treatment that transformed Williams into Wonder Man, Skurge questioned how one man could challenge the Avengers. Angered at how Amora complimented and looked at Wonder Man, Skurge nonetheless was defeated by Wonder Man in a combat trial. Skurge feared that Wonder Man was too strong and that they wouldn't be able to control him, at which point Zemo revealed that the treatment would kill Williams without a weekly antidote only Zemo possessed; Skurge reluctantly acknowledged this as satisfactory for now.
    Zemo, Skurge, and Amora subsequently arranged a confrontation with the Avengers via a bank robbery. As Skurge battled Iron Man, Wonder Man arrived, as planned, and made short work of the Masters of Evil, though they escaped in Zemo's aircraft after Zemo set off a smoke bomb.

(Avengers I#9 - BTS) - As planned, the Avengers welcomed Wonder Man into their ranks.

(Avengers I#9) - Despite this, Skurge announced that it would not be a victory until he had defeated Thor with his own two hands.

(Avengers I#9 - BTS) - Wonder Man told the Avengers he had been kidnapped by Zemo and mutated during an experiment; he had escaped, but was dying.
    Eventually, after gaining the Avengers' confidence, he abducted the Wasp and brought her to Zemo's base as a hostage.

(Avengers I#9) - Skurge stood by as Wonder Man sent an alert message to the Avengers that he (along with the Wasp) had been re-captured by Zemo.
    As Iron Man arrived first, Skurge prepared to ambush him, but Zemo instead trapped Iron Man with a giant magnet. Captain America arrived soon after and knocked back Skurge by swinging into him with both feet. Ultimately, Wonder Man facilitated the Masters defeating the Avengers; however, upon learning Zemo intended to kill the Avengers, Wonder Man freed Thor despite Skurge's efforts. Thor stunned Skurge, and as the other Avengers rallied, Amora released an enchanted mist that facilitated their escape.

(Avengers I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge escaped through Zemo's secret passage, while Zemo attempted to lead the Avengers into a trap; although the trap failed, Skurge, Zemo, and Amora escaped.

(Avengers I#10) - As Zemo expressed frustration at having been defeated by the Avengers at every turn, Skurge noted that if Odin had not removed some of Skurge and Amora's powers, they could have beaten the Avengers with ease. Noting that "ifs" did not win battles, Zemo considered seeking another powerful ally, despite their recent experiences with Wonder Man.

(Avengers I#10) - <Reality-64110 overlap> - Amora was mentally contacted by Immortus, who used the connection to transport himself to their side. When Immortus noted his plans to join the Masters, eventually intending to claim that century, at which point he would allow them to serve as his underlings, an annoyed Zemo sent Skurge to show Immortus the error of his ways; but Immortus deflected Skurge's assault with a force field and then summoned "Paul Bunyan" (subsequent stories would reveal this to have been a "Space Phantom" in Bunyan's form). Though Skurge swiftly toppled the giant by uprooting a section of flooring, "Bunyan" swatted Skurge back and then threatened to tear the castle down around him, at which point Zemo stopped the fight to preserve his castle. Zemo then offered Immortus a chance to prove his loyalty by destroying one of the Avengers, to which Immortus happily agreed; as Immortus faded away, Skurge noted that he still didn't trust him.
    After Immortus transported Captain America into the past, Zemo led the other Masters to assault the Avengers while they were down a man, and Skurge reluctantly acknowledged that Immortus had done what he had promised. Skurge led the assault on the Avengers in their own mansion, breaking down their meeting room door and then tackling Iron Man and denting his armor with a strike of his hand; he noted that he accomplished this because his gloves were made of meteorite metal. As Skurge pummeled Iron Man repeatedly, Iron Man tried to strike back with his repulsors, only to find they were not working; he surmised a power circuit must have been damaged during the last exchange of blows, after which Skurge struck again, further damaging Iron Man's armor.
    However, Captain America, having escaped being trapped in the past, then arrived, and he attacked Skurge, goading him into a rage before knocking him back via his shield into Giant-Man's arms. After Giant-Man smashed Skurge into a stone wall, the Avengers rallied before the Masters, and Amora cast a spell, turning back time to before they had met Immortus; this diverged the Immortus encounter and subsequent Avengers battle to Reality-64110 (though, due to the time travel and temporary reality overlap, some of those present would recall the battle at least in vague terms).

(Avengers I#10) - When Immortus attempted to establish contact with Amora, Skurge urged her to break contact; Zemo regretted that they had come so close to victory (all three recalled the events despite the divergence).

(Hulk Smash Avengers#1) - Following a violent confrontation as the Avengers unsuccessfully tried to convince the Hulk to rejoin them, Amora mystically located the Hulk for Zemo, who believed the Hulk could help them destroy the Avengers; Skurge -- who somehow held his battle ax (see comments) -- cared little for any of the team but Thor. Neither Amora nor Skurge felt a need to ally with the Hulk, Amora considering the Hulk repulsive, and Skurge feeling the Hulk's mortal strength paled before a warrior born of Asgard. Zemo countered that they needed to seize every advantage to defeat the Avengers.
    Amora transported Skurge and Zemo from Zemo's South American base to the American southwest where they appeared before the Hulk, whom Zemo convinced to join with them to destroy the Avengers.
    As the Avengers accompanied US military forces (see comments) in tracking the Hulk, they were ambushed by the Masters of Evil (Amora, Skurge, Zemo) and the Hulk; Skurge confronted Thor, noting how his "almighty battle-ax" had long thirsted for his blood. Thor fought back, but urged Skurge to cease the battle, as it was unseemingly for two immortals to fight at the bequest of such as Zemo. Skurge countered that he fought because Thor's father, Odin, had banished Skurge from Asgard, and because Thor had stolen the heart of Amora, the only goddess Skurge had ever loved; when Thor explained that Amora meant nothing to him, Skurge countered that he must thus strike for both Amora's honor as well as his own. Frustrated, Thor downed Skurge with Mjolnir; as he fell toward the jagged rocks far below, Skurge noted he was content to die in the service of Amora. Thor saved Skurge, telling him to have hope that he might someday be welcomed back to Asgard by Odin, but Skurge warned Thor that he should have let him die, as the Avengers would have cause to fear as long as he lived.
    Ultimately, however, when Zemo took Rick Jones hostage and threatened to kill him to further torment Captain America, the Hulk turned against Zemo. As the battle turned against them, Amora magically transported herself, Skurge, his ax, and Zemo to safety.

(Avengers I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Zemo sent Skurge and Amora to Manhattan to await his order to free two other members of the Masters of Evil: The Black Knight and the Melter.

(Avengers I#15) - Steve Rogers spied Skurge and Amora in a car, and he followed them until Amora discovered his presence and thwarted Rogers' progress, allowing them to escape.
    Both Asgardians had grown tired of waiting until Zemo contacted them, instructing them to implement the plan; Skurge angrily responded to Zemo's query whether they remembered their roles, telling him that immortals never forget. Claiming that the Avengers had defeated them in the past by luck, Skurge noted that finally defeating them would be doubly sweet. Skurge subsequently accompanied Amora to dematerialize the wall of the cell holding both the Black Knight and Melter -- which neutralized their abilities, hence they had been left in full costume -- and Skurge explained they had both the Knight's winged steed, Elendil, and his lance, urging them to hurry before the guards arrived. After Amora explained Zemo's plan (including his having captured Rick Jones to lead Captain America into a trap at his South American base), Skurge urged the Black Knight to take to the air and destroy the approaching Avengers ship (Tony Stark's XL-750 Hunter rocket plane); though Thor thwarted this attack, the Melter struck the ship, and then Amora immobilized it in mid-air. After Giant-Man jumped to the ground and identified Skurge and Amora, the pair fled, but the Wasp knocked over a can of grease in their path, causing Skurge to slip and fall. Though Amora immobilized the Wasp, the Asgardians fled from Giant-Man, as per Zemo's plan, and reunited with the Melter and Black Knight.
    When Thor, Iron Man, and Giant-Man confronted the four Masters of Evil, Skurge warned Thor that a battle between their gathered forces in this populated city would injure scores of people; however, when Thor recognized that the Masters were seeking to catch them off guard, Skurge turned to brute force, and the teams prepared to battle.

(Avengers I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Zemo apparently perished in battle with Captain America.

(Avengers I#16) - Per Iron Man's advice, Thor instituted "Plan D," using Mjolnir to create a vortex to transport the Masters to the "Reverse Dimension." Recognizing what was happening, Skurge and Amora fled and urged their allies to do likewise, but the Black Knight and Melter were transported away along with the Avengers to the Reverse Dimension, where their weapons turned against and they were easily captured.
    Realizing they could not face the combined forces of the Avengers, Amora and Skurge fled.
    Later, after Giant-Man, Iron Man, Thor, and the Wasp had elected to take leaves of absence from the Avengers, while Captain America remained to guide/train new recruits Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch, Skurge noted that no matter how the Avengers' roster changed, they must be destroyed.

(Journey into Mystery I#116 (fb)) - To distract Thor from his impending trial contest against Loki, Loki persuaded Amora and Skurge to visit and threaten Jane Foster.

(Journey into Mystery I#116) - As their trial started, Loki showed Thor a vision of how Skurge and Amora were confronting and threatening Jane Foster at the office of Don Blake.

(Journey into Mystery I#116 - BTS) - While viewing Earth, Balder learned of Loki's plot.

(Journey into Mystery I#116 - BTS) - Informing Odin of Loki's plot, Balder gained Odin's leave to assure that no harm befell Jane Foster.

(Journey into Mystery I#116) - As Jane Foster fled into a crowd, Skurge instructed Amora to hold Jane while he drove away the crowd with a lamp post he uprooted. When the crowd rallied despite this, Amora used her sorcery to make their pursuers fall asleep. Observing this outside his window, a Teen Brigade member attempted to alert the Avengers, but failed to reach them; he similarly failed to reach Daredevil and the Fantastic Four.
    As Skurge dragged Jane down the sidewalk, Balder confronted him and Amora, ordering Skurge to turn and face him.

(Journey into Mystery I#117 - BTS) - Odin gave Thor leave to travel to Earth to prove that Loki had cheated.

(Journey into Mystery I#117) - As they grappled, Skurge asked why Balder was concerned with the fate of this Earth mortal, and Balder explained that she was the beloved of his friend. After Amora tried to distract Balder with a falling marquee, Thor arrived, and Skurge hurled a piece of masonry at a passing water truck, causing a water geyser to erupt to occlude Thor's vision so Skurge could escape his wrath. As he fled, Skurge urged Amora to release Jane Foster, as they must escape immediately; Amora followed this instruction, and as she and Skurge fled, Thor departed -- with Jane safe in Balder's arms -- to prove Loki's duplicity.

(Fantastic Four Annual#3) - Seeking to defeat the Fantastic Four on the wedding day of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, Dr. Victor von Doom used his Emotion Charger to fan the flames of hatred in the heart of "every evil menace in existence," causing them to disrupt the ceremony and destroy the heroes.

(Marvel: Heroes & Legends#1) - Wearing his helmet and wielding his ax (see comments), Skurge assaulted the X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl). Iceman shielded Beast from an axe strike, after which the Angel lifted Skurge into the air, causing him to drop his helmet and ax (which lodged in the street). Angel flew Skurge to the height of some of the local several story buildings and then dropped him onto a car, which Marvel Girl then wrapped around Skurge like a strait jacket.

(Fantastic Four Annual#3) -With Amora at his side, Skurge located Captain America while the hero battled the Cobra; Skurge called out Cap's name, giving Cap a chance to swing the Cobra around to block the Executioner. Despite Amora's urging him to destroy Cap, Skurge remained unable to land a single punch on the faster or more agile hero. When Amora told Skurge to stand aside so she could cast a spell on Cap, Skurge refused, determined to strike the hero.

(Fantastic Four Annual#3) - The battle soon escalated as a massive force of heroes gathered to stop the multitude of villains, with Skurge next contending with the Thing. Ultimately, however, Reed used Uatu the Watcher's Sub-Atronic Time Displacer, which sent Skurge and the other villains back to where they had been before the Emotion Charger had drawn them in, with no memory of the attack having occurred.




(Tales to Astonish I#76/2 (fb) - BTS) - For reasons unrevealed, Skurge arrived in the 25th century of the alternate reality of Earth-6676, where he was known as "the Evil One," and he became the leader of a group of warriors who opposed King Arrkam, who apparently ruled a region that included what was once Washington, DC.

(Tales to Astonish I#76/2) - From within one of several giant tripod walker war-machines, Skurge led an assault on Arrkam's forces. The Hulk (Bruce Banner) (who had been transported there from Reality-616's modern era by the T-Gun) jumped on top of Skurge's tripod, and Skurge emerged from its hatch and confronted him.

(Tales to Astonish I#77/2) - Skurge attacked the Hulk atop the tripod, and when the Hulk noted his intent to smash until someone returned him to his own century, Skurge stated he had the power and knowledge to bridge the gap of time, to span the ages at will, but told the Hulk the secret would never be his. When the Hulk angrily battered Skurge, the Executioner apparently drew on his godly life force to replenish himself, after which the two combatant's brawling led them to fall off the tripod and crash on the Earth below. Spotting their master battling the Hulk, Skurge's forces had a tripod fire its stun gun, to which Skurge himself was immune (allegedly as were any immortals of Asgard); Skurge was surprised when the Hulk arose after the blast, and he struck savagely, knocking the Hulk down. Enraged, the Hulk struck back, ripping the ground up from under Skurge's feet.  Skurge's forces then unleashed heat blasts against the Hulk, but at Skurge's order, they then attacked Arrkam's city. Skurge intended this victory to allow him to return to Asgard as a conquering hero after also destroying the Hulk; unwilling to allow Skurge to destroy the city, the Hulk attacked and crippled multiple tripods, causing the others to flee. Marveling at how powerful the Hulk was, especially for a mortal, Skurge planned to return at a later date and crush him completely to be worthy of his Executioner title; however, when Arrkam's forces opened their gates and sent out their troops, Skurge noted how they surrounded the Hulk and hoped they might finish the Hulk for him. However, while Arrkam demanded the Hulk's surrender, noting how the Hulk was too powerful to be permitted to roam free, the affects of the T-Gun faded, and the Hulk returned to his own time/reality.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#17: Executioner entry (fb) - BTS) - Skurge returned to his own time and reality.

(Avengers King-Size Special#1 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge regained his ax and helmet.

(Avengers King-Size Special#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Mandarin teleported Skurge and Amora into his base and recruited them into his minions -- which also included Power Man (Erik Josten; later Atlas and others, empowered some time before by Amora using Zemo's ion ray treatment), and Swordsman (Jacques DuQuesne)

(Avengers King-Size Special#1) - Skurge and the other minions met the Mandarin's final recruit, Living Laser (Arthur Parks); when Parks referred to the others as ten-time losers, Skurge and the others threatened to teach him otherwise, but the Mandarin silenced them. To ensure the others' cooperation, the Mandarin pretended to summon Namor the Sub-Mariner (actually just an image of him) and then destroy him when "Namor" refused to serve him. The Mandarin then showed his minions an immense synthetic diamond that would allegedly serve as the ultimate weapon, making them the undisputed masters of the planet.

(Avengers King-Size Special#1 (fb) - BTS) - To power his weapon, the Mandarin dispatched his minions across Earth to procure large amounts of actual diamonds. Skurge and Amora were sent to "the Asian sub-continent," where they were aided in their efforts by an army of Asgardian trolls.

(Avengers King-Size Special#1 - BTS) - As the series of attacks began, Nick Fury of SHIELD informed the Avengers, who split up to oppose each threat. Hercules and the Scarlet Witch were sent to Asia, where they engaged the army of trolls.

(Avengers King-Size Special#1) - After the trolls fled from Hercules, Skurge prepared to battle Hercules mano a mano; when the Mandarin berated him for straying from the plan (allowing Hercules and the Scarlet Witch to learn the plot's mastermind), Skurge destroyed the Mandarin's communication device, to Amora's approval. Feeling it not fitting for the battle to occur on Midgard (Earth), Skurge transported the four of them to the Citadel of Silence, a "world between worlds...in a city hovering on the abyss between the what-has-been and the never-shall-be...whose gleaming streets have been ever deserted, as if waiting since time out of mind for this fight of fights" via his ax. There Skurge and Hercules battled while Amora challenged the Scarlet Witch. Skurge enraged Hercules by claiming he would not escape "as did the craven Thor," and Hercules eventually shattered Skurge's ax's handle with his adamantine mace, but Skurge lunged forth and throttled Hercules, who thought he had not felt such a powerful grip since last he battled Thor. Amora magically created a frost giant replica and sent it against the Scarlet Witch, but both Amora and Skurge noted that only another Asgardian could overcome such a challenge. Hercules stunned Skurge with a punch to the jaw, breaking his grip, after which he heard Skurge explain the frost giant's weakness; Hercules hurled Skurge against the Frost Giant, destroying the latter while stunning both Skurge and Amora in the energy backlash.

(Avengers King-Size Special#1 (fb) - BTS) - As Thor had directed, Hercules bound both Skurge and Amora with Amora's hair.

(Avengers King-Size Special#1) - Fusing Skurge's ax handle back together, Hercules departed with the Scarlet Witch, leaving Skurge and Amora to await Odin's judgment; Skurge cursed himself for allying with a female, whose rash actions had brought them to ruin.

(Incredible Hulk II#102 (fb) - BTS) - Amora and Skurge plotted to conquer Asgard via allying with the Asgardian trolls (the alliance with the trolls being Skurge's idea) in tunnels in a bottomless cavern.

(Incredible Hulk II#101 - BTS) - Loki transported the Hulk to Asgard and then blasted him as he leapt over a bottomless chasm.

(Incredible Hulk II#102 - BTS) - As he fell, the Hulk reverted to Bruce Banner.

(Incredible Hulk II#102) - One hundred feet below the top of the chasm, Amora and Skurge observed the falling Banner. Skurge cared little for the mortal's fate, figuring the chasm would carrying him back to Earth; but Amora hoped the mortal could give her news on Hercules, for whom she had fallen in love. Despite Skurge's arguing that the longings of her female heart would interfere with far more important matters, Amora snared Banner and brought him to them. Skurge vowed she would regret this action, which would delay their scheduled invasion of Asgard.

    After Banner explained he did not know Hercules, Amora agreed to let Skurge kill him. However, as Skurge raised his ax, he was shocked to see Banner turn into the Hulk. Amora told him to stand back while her spells halted the creature, but Skurge refused, noting his need to use his enchanted ax to slay the Hulk to avenge his previous defeat. Dodging the ax strike, the Hulk smashed Skurge back with a powerful punch, but Skurge released mystic energy from the axe that caused the Hulk's strength to rapidly fade. As Skurge boasted of how this victory would match his victory over Asgard, the Hulk rallied to smash his fist on the ground -- jarring the ax from Skurge's hand -- and grabbed Skurge's leg. In response, Amora unleashed the troll legions, and Skurge urged them to slay the Hulk swiftly as they needed to invade Asgard in seconds. However, the Hulk smashed back the trolls and then shattered the gate from which they had emerged, trapping them behind tons of rock.

    As Amora deflected falling rocks from Skurge, she warned him he was wasting time in his vengeful ways when all that mattered was their conquest of Asgard. As Skurge acknowledged the wisdom of her words, Amora blew a horn signaling the trolls to attack Asgard. Skurge then led the Asgardians in the assault, while Amora cast a spell that would make the Asgardian gods stand helpless before the troll hordes. However, the Hulk clawed his way to the chasm's top and then began leaping towards the troll army. Their army numbering in the thousands (at least by the Hulk's counting!) and the warriors all armed, the Hulk smashed the ground, knocking Skurge and the troll army off balance, causing many of the trolls to flee. The Hulk jumped into a crack in the rock he had created and -- with mystic aid from Odin's Sceptor (sic) of Strength -- created a massive rent in the ground into which fell many trolls (and possibly Skurge -- I didn't see him fall in, but he wasn't seen in the rest of the issue), whom the Hulk covered with tons of rock.

    Amora vengefully tried to strike the Hulk dead, but Odin revived the Hulk with his power; the Hulk misconstrued Odin's Sceptor as a weapon, but Odin was convinced to dispatch the Hulk back to Earth.

(Avengers I#83 (fb)) - For their crimes in assaulting Asgard, Odin banished Amora and Skurge to "the most barren of nether worlds," with the warning that if they did flee those realms, their powers would be halved.

(Avengers I#83 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge and Amora thrived for a time. Skurge was apparently espied by the ruler of the regions from afar, who was intrigued by him

(Avengers I#83 (fb)) - One day, Skurge was summoned by Casiolena (unidentified at the time) appearing from out of mist, proclaiming herself to be the region's ruler and asking Skurge to reign by her side as her sovereign. When Amora asked Skurge what about her, Skurge reminded her that she had once pined for Hercules, and now she could do likewise for the Executioner. Skurge and the mysterious woman vanished, leaving Amora alone in darkness and despair.

(Defenders I#4 (fb) - BTS) - While in Casiolena's nether realm, Skurge "gained favor in this unnatural land, and thus gained unnatural power," allowing him to fire energy blasts from his hands

(Defenders I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge spent months training Casiolena's troops in battle.

(Defenders I#4 (fb)) - Amora -- via adding her power to the flames from Garrett Castle's enchanted brazier -- returned to Casiolena's realm along with the ensorcelled Black Knight (Dane Whitman) and his winged horse, Aragorn. Skurge sided with Casiolena, who struck first and incapacitated Amora, and Skurge's warriors overwhelmed the Black Knight.

(Defenders I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Amora and the Black Knight were imprisoned within a cell, and Skurge's enchantments prevented their escape.

(Defenders I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Weeks later, via flames from Garrett Castle's enchanted brazier, Bruce Banner and the maddened and nearly inert Barbara Denton Norriss were transported to Cassiolena's realm. Skurge and his forces easily incapacitated Banner, and they imprisoned Banner and Norriss in a cell.

(Defenders I#4) - Pursuing the Hulk, Namor and Dr. Strange encountered the brazier and were similarly transported to Casiolena's realm and confronted by Skurge and his soldiers. Skurge exhorted his legions to victory, and the wizard Fragon neutralized Dr. Strange's powers, allowing him to be easily captured. When Namor began mowing the warriors down, Skurge -- disgusted with his troops -- blasted Namor, staggering him so that he could be felled by a mace strike to the back of his head from one of Skurge's warriors.

(Defenders I#4 - BTS) - Namor and Dr. Strange were imprisoned alongside Banner and Norriss, after which Amora empowered Norriss, bonding her to the form and power of Brunnhilde the Valkyrie, who freed the other five from their cells.

(Defenders I#4) - One of Skurge's warriors informed him of the escape, and Skurge angrily ordered their recapture. After Amora and Dr. Strange subdued Fragon, Skurge arrived with other troops, and he stunned Namor with a blast from his battle ax. With a blow from his ax, Skurge toppled the Hulk, and then a near-miss blast from the axe knocked the Black Knight off balance. Valkyrie then knocked the ax from Skurge's hands, and as he angrily charged her, she caught him off guard with a powerful blow that knocked him back towards the recovered Hulk and Namor, who struck the airborne Skurge with a powerful combined punch; thus weakened, Skurge finally dropped after the Black Knight struck him with the flat edge of the Ebony Blade. After Amora subdued Casiolena, Skurge - seeing no reason to remain in a realm of the vanquished -- accepted Amora's offer to return to her side and depart with her. Before teleporting away with Skurge, Amora kissed the Black Knight and turned him to stone.

(Marvel Two-In-One#7 (fb) - BTS) - Amora and Skurge sought Celestia Denton (the mother of Barbara Norriss)'s harmonica (which was connected to the powerful force of the metaphysical destiny) to enable them to return to and conquer Asgard.

(Marvel Two-In-One#7 - BTS) - Impersonating the Valkyrie, Amora abducted Alvin Denton (Celestia's husband and Barbara's father) who held the harmonica, though Amora and Skurge could not access its power until destiny had worked its own will.

(Marvel Two-In-One#7 (fb) - BTS) - Amora then bound Alvin in a mystic prison that prevented Dr. Strange from detecting Alvin. Seeking to kill Strange's ally the Thing to prevent him from interfering with their plot to obtain the harmonica, Amora then mystically generated an illusory Zero gas station, in which Skurge posed as the seemingly sleeping attendant. Amora led the Thing to the Zero gas station to seek directions to Cobbler's Roost.

(Marvel Two-In-One#7) - Catching the approaching Thing off guard, Skurge punched him out of the station and then followed up with attacks using a powerful mace. Dodging that attack, the Thing knocked down Skurge (though the Thing did not know who he was fighting), but Skurge explained only that the Thing had been lured there to die; as Skurge pulled himself to his feet, however, Amora struck down the Thing with a mystic blast from behind.

    Denton led the Thing to Cobbler's Roost, where he found his daughter, Barbara, but she retained no memories of him. After Barbara returned to her Valkyrie form, Amora and Skurge teleported in and reverted Valkyrie to the insane Barbara. Amora noted that Alvin's reuniting with Barbara represented the fulfilling of his destiny, which would make the harmonica's power accessible to her; however, Denton instead claimed a new destiny to save his daughter. Alvin Denton blew the harmonica, tearing Earth asunder as it matched his destiny of seeing his whole world destroyed. Hoping to convince Denton to save them, Amora restored the Valkyrie's form, power and mind, but Denton suffered a heart attack and dropped the harmonica. Skurge and the Thing dove for the harmonica, which landed on a chunk of rock. They fought evenly, but the Amora attacked the Thing as well; unable to fight Amora who had empowered her (or any woman), Valkyrie dove to attack Skurge instead. The Thing stubbornly weathered Amora's mystic blasts, fighting his way to recover the harmonica and blow it, restoring reality. The Thing then joined with Valkyrie to flatten Skurge with a combined punch.

(Defenders I#20) - As the Thing consoled Valkyrie over the death of Alvin Denton (her last connection to a past she could not remember), a recovered Skurge jumped him from behind, taunting him that he should not mourn the fallen until his own hide was safe. Disgusted with Skurge's disrespect for the dead, the Thing hurled him away to smash into and shatter a tree. Picking up the fallen tree trunk, Skurge voiced no respect for a carcass and a deep and abiding loathing for all things weak. When Skurge rushed the Thing with the tree trunk, however, Amora formed a mystic barrier into which he smashed; explaining that it was folly to fight on once the prize was lost, Amora teleported herself and Skurge away.

(Thor I#256 (fb) - BTS) - Amora and Skurge, or their forces, apparently attacked and critically injured Brokar of Asgard.

(Thor I#256 - BTS) - Brokar made it to Asgard and warned Balder of Amora and Skurge's actions before dying.

(Thor I#258 (fb) - BTS) - Amora and Skurge led an army outside Asgard city's gates while Odin was missing (having been captured by the Deonists)

(Thor I#258) - As Skurge began pounding on the gate, Balder and Karnilla rushed to the defense. Skurge shattered the gate as they arrived, and he and Amora announced their intent to conquer or destroy Earth.

(Thor I#259) - Skurge ordered Balder to surrender the city to them, or they would unleash their silent army and take the city by force. When Balder refused, Skurge angrily shattered a column, swearing that Asgard would be in ruins when they were done; he and Amora departed.

(Thor I#260 - BTS) - Secretly investigating the silent army while in disguise, Balder learned the soldiers were actually empty but enchanted suits of armor.

(Thor I#260 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge and Amora discovered Balder's presence, and Amora struck him from behind with a mystic blast.

(Thor I#260) - Complimenting Amora on her assault, Skurge agreed that their master (Loki) would be pleased with them, especially when Skurge brought him Balder's head. When Balder arose and met him in combat, Skurge bragged that no warrior could overcome him in battle as his second strike knocked down Balder. Nonetheless, as Balder dodged further attacks, Skurge was impressed that Balder weathered such assaults without crying out. Balder eventually kicked Skurge off his feet and then shattered Skurge's axe with his next sword-strike. Fearing Skurge might lose to Balder, Amora magically enhanced Skurge's power, and he assaulted Balder with renewed fury, noting how he still sought vengeance for his humiliation at Balder's hands when he and Amora had abducted Jane Foster (see comments). Balder fell before Skurge's strike, but before Skurge could finish Balder, the sorceress Karnilla arrived and blocked Skurge's attack, after which Skurge fled before her mystic bolts. When Amora attacked Karnilla, Skurge attempted to strike her from behind, but the recovered Balder grabbed Skurge's leg and pulled him down.

(Thor I#260 (fb) - BTS) - Balder subdued Skurge.

(Thor I#260 - BTS) - Balder and Karnilla were then seemingly confronted by Thor (actually Kroda the duelist impersonating Thor via Loki's magic), who told them he had come seeking their unworthy lives.

(Thor I#261) - Still posing as Thor, Kroda accused Balder and Karnilla of having only defeated phantasms, as (presumably due to Loki's magic) the forms of Amora and Skurge faded away, "as if they had never been, for in truth, they never were." Realizing she would have known if they had only been fighting illusions, Karnilla correctly suspected there was more to the situation than meets the eye.

(Thor I#264 (fb) - BTS) - Kroda, as Thor, treacherously felled Balder and Karnilla. With Amora's aid, Loki erased Karnilla's memory of this and sent her back home while Balder was imprisoned within Asgard's dungeon, deep beneath the palace imperial.

(Thor I#264 (fb) - BTS) - Loki seemingly defeated and then banished the silent army, earning Asgard's support, after which he and Amora cast a spell that made the Asgardians retain their loyalty to Skurge without remembering why.

(Thor I#263) - The true Thor and his allies returned to Asgard with Odin, who lapsed into the Odinsleep to recover from his recent ordeal. As Thor and company entered the throne room, Skurge and Amora met them as they stood before Loki, who had claimed the throne.

(Thor I#264) - Alongside Amora, Kroda, Magrat the Schemer, and Snaykar the Skulker, Skurge stood by as Loki used a false document to seemingly confirm his right to rule with Odin indisposed. As Thor and his allies departed, Loki instructed Amora and Skurge to deal with Odin in a certain fashion to assure Loki retained the throne.

    After Loki or Amora opened a portal into Odin's bedchamber, Amora lowered ropes into the room that ensnared Odin's bed. As Skurge lifted the bed and the inert Odin out of the room, he noted how long his vengeful heart had awaited this moment, but Amora reminded him that Odin was not theirs to dispose of or they would risk their lives at Loki's hands. Skurge acknowledged, though he did not like it; he further added that perhaps the time would come when the balance of power shifted again...and when it did, they would be waiting.

(Thor I#265 (fb)) - Alongside Amora, Skurge carried the bed chamber into the catacombs and ultimately into the bowels of Asgard, powered by troll-built generators.

(Thor I#264 - BTS) - Discovering Odin missing, the Warriors Three followed the trail left behind by Skurge and Amora.

(Thor I#264) - The Warriors Three confronted Skurge and Amora before the two were ready to oppose them. Skurge prepared to flee with Amora, but Hogun hurled a dagger that snared Skurge's tunic, pinning him to a wall; and before Skurge could free himself, Hogun and Fandral dove upon him, demanding to know Odin's fate. Skurge forced his attackers off, but as he announced how he would finish them, he stumbled back into a raging fire pit, stopping his fall on a cross brace; Fandral and Hogun offered to rescue him after he had revealed Odin's whereabouts. Amora struggled free from Volstagg and prepared to free Skurge until she tripped on the dagger Hogun had hurled into the floor, causing her to fall into the fire pit and knock Skurge deep into it along with her.

(Thor I#350) - When Surtur threatened to destroy Asgard and perhaps the entire universe, Skurge, along with Amora, Tyr, and others who had opposed Asgard in the past (not including Loki), answered Odin's summons to the Plain of Vigrid. There they joined Odin's army in preparation to travel to Earth and oppose Surtur and his Sons of Muspell (fire demons of Muspelheim). The armies traveled down Bifrost and arrived in Manhattan amidst the Fimbulwinter (magical blizzard) brought about by the shattering of the Cask of the Ancient Winters, and they attacked the Sons of Muspell there alongside the Avengers. In battle, Skurge and Amora agreed that their foes seemed endless in number, and Amora briefly departed on a futile quest to enlist her sister, Lorelei, to their aid.
    Ultimately, however, Surtur duped Thor into summoning a massive rainstorm to quench the flames brought about by the fire demons, after which Surtur used the subsequent rainbow to travel to Asgard.

(Avengers I#249 - BTS) - Skurge was among the forces of Asgard and Earth (including the Avengers and Fantastic Four) in battling the Sons of Muspell in Manhattan.

(Thor I#351 - BTS) - Thor placed Beta Ray Bill in charge of Asgard's forces as he departed to Asgard to help Odin against Surtur.

(Thor I#351) - Skurge listened intently as Beta Ray Bill explained how Skurge, Tyr, and Harokin would lead the forces to overcome the Sons of Muspell.

(Thor I#352) - As per Beta Ray Bill's plan, Harokin and the Einherjar (Asgard's honorable dead, brought forth from Valhalla) charged the Sons of Muspell, then fled upon encountering overwhelming numbers, leading the fire demons to pursue. The Einherjar led the fire demons between two large towers (see comments), at which point Skurge and Tyr led two powerful armies to flank and slaughter the fire demons; regrouping, the Einherjar turned and joined the assault as well. With the demon forces weakened, Beta Ray Bill flew Reed Richards up to the demon's gate, which Richards shut down, cutting off further fire demon influx to Manhattan.

(Thor I#352 - BTS) - Skurge presumably accompanied Beta Ray Bill and Asgard's forces when Richards used the demons' gate to travel to the demons' main gate to Earth in the Sahara desert, where they were confronted by an even larger and seemingly endless sea of fire demons.

(Thor I#353 - BTS) - Skurge was presumably amongst Asgard's forces -- as well as the Avengers and in the Sahara desert as the Sons of Muspel pressed them back towards the main gate, which led to Muspelheim itself. The heroes gained a reprieve as Balder and Karnilla arrived, with Karnilla bringing in her own demon-servants, and the new arrivals slaughtered the fire demons. Amora transmitted Beta Ray Bill's thoughts to Karnilla, and her forces drove the fire demons toward the massive gateway, which Hercules, the Vision, She-Hulk, and Beta Ray Bill had toppled, thus trapping the fire demons in Muspelheim. Bill led Asgard's forces to rout the remaining Sons of Muspell.

(Thor I#354 - BTS) - Skurge was presumably amongst Asgard's forces as the remaining fire demons were consumed by their own flames as they were cut off from their own power source (with Surtur having been banished by Odin).
    Asgard's forces relocated to Central Park, Manhattan, where they were forced to make base as Bifrost, their means of returning to Asgard, had been shattered by Surtur.

(Thor I#360 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge was pained by the prolonged separation from Amora.

(Thor I#359) - Skurge was with Asgard's forces as Beta Ray Bill (on Earth) combined Stormbreaker's magical power with Mjolnir's (with Thor on Asgard), creating a warp allowing the warriors of Asgard to return there from Central Park.

(Thor I#360 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge searched Asgard to be reunited with Amora.

(Thor I#360) - Skurge located Amora as she tried to initiate a romance with Heimdall, who was at long last free of being the guardian of Bifrost. Annoyed at Skurge's interference, Amora excused herself and Skurge from Heimdall; when Skurge told her he could not stand being without her for so long, she told him he needed to learn to stand on his own two feet again, as she turned his legs into tree trunks, rooting him to the ground. A spell of silence kept him quiet as she returned to Heimdall after telling him the spells would expire, eventually. As she left, she warned him not to trouble her again when she was with another man...or it would be worse for him.
    Amora assured Heimdall that Skurge had departed for another part of the forest; she recommended Heimdall forget Skurge, as she already had.

(Thor I#360 (fb) - BTS) - Amora's spells faded.

(Thor I#360) - Later, when Thor prepared to lead a force of warriors to Hel to retrieve the souls of mortals dispatched by the Svartalfheim (Dark Fairies) serving Malekith, Skurge approached Thor. Expecting trouble from his long-time enemy, Thor was surprised when Skurge told him he needed to ride into Hel with him; when Skurge assured Thor he would not regret it and that it was something he needed to do, Thor realized that, like himself following a recent conflict with Sif, Skurge needed to turn to battle to soothe his aching heart.

(Thor I#361/Thor I#362 (fb) - BTS) - Alongside Asgard's warriors serving under Thor, Skurge bypassed the great hound Garm and entered caverns to Hel -- Skurge noted that the blackness of the Helway hardly matched the blackness in his heart; he further mused how his plight mirrored Thor's. Together, the warriors crossed the Gjallerbru, the bridge across the river Gjoll, the boundary of Hel itself. Once inside Hel, Skurge was confronted by the dead spirit Mordonna, who impersonated Amora and told Skurge she was there because Heimdall had jealously slain her when he found she would remain true to Skurge. Though Skurge wished to make Heimdall pay, "Amora" told him that she did not wish to ever be parted from him again; she urged him to stay there with her and assured him that Thor did not need help from anyone.

(Thor I#362 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge wandered off with "Amora," abandoning his allies.

(Thor I#361 - BTS) - Thor discovered the deception when a seeming Sif offered to do his every bidding, and he realized the real Sif would never submit thusly; Thor then dispelled the illusions, saving many Asgardians from being pushed off a cliff into the pits of Hel by the spirits. Thor eventually challenged Hela to trial by combat for the humans' souls; he won, though he suffered a major injury to his face in the process. Thor departed with the forces of Asgard after having Balder make certain Hela's servants were preparing the mortals souls to go with them.

(Thor I#362) - As Thor and his allies prepared to depart, Hela -- hoping to goad Skurge into some rash action that would release her from her oath to allow Thor and his allies to depart with the mortal souls -- summoned Skurge and "Amora." Skurge acknowledged that Amora commanded his heart before all other loyalties, and told Thor that he would stand beside her against any that tried to stop her. When Balder reminded him that in this place all things were Hela's and that nothing was what it seemed, Skurge used his ax, despite the assurance of "Amora," to cut through any disguise and reveal the true being beneath. "Amora" was revealed as Mordonna, who pretended as if Skurge was her actual ally and that he had unwittingly exposed his betrayal. Skurge denied any such betrayal and tried to strike Mordonna, but Hela pulled her away, and told Skurge he would be next, sailing the Naglfar -- a ship composed of the fingernails of the dead for millennia, on which the dead would sail to and destroy Asgard and its gods -- to lead the dead to destroy Asgard. Enraged at their efforts to play him for a fool, Skurge hurled his ax and destroyed Naglfar, though his ax was seemingly destroyed in the process.

(Thor I#362 - BTS) - A furious Hela announced that she had agreed to allow Thor to leave with the mortals' souls, but that he would do so as a corpse. As Hela's forces attacked, Thor and the warriors of Asgard fled, though the Einherjar used mortal automatic weapons to mow down their dead pursuers. Hela simply revived her fallen and sent them in pursuit of the Asgardian liberators, who forced their way past a shield-wall held by all those the heroes had slain in the past.



(Thor I#362 / Thor: God-Size Special#1 (fb)) - As they crossed the Gjallerbru, Thor announced his plan to hold off their pursuers as the others made their may through the narrow Helway tunnels, but Skurge -- laden with guilt, regret, and remorse -- struck down Thor from behind; though the other heroes assumed his actions to be traitorous, Skurge explained that everyone had laughed at him, even Amora whom he loved; except Balder. Their laughter had hurt him inside, causing him to die a little; with his ax destroyed, he considered that he might be already dead; regardless, he would stay behind, and the last laugh would be his; he further asked that Balder and Thor have a drink when next they were in Asgard and laugh Skurge's last laugh together.

    Insisting he would hold the bridge, he requested as much ammunition as the heroes could spare and an extra weapon or two; finally, he told Skurge to bid Thor farewell for him and to apologize for having struck him unfairly. As Balder led the warriors away, he promised Skurge he would have that drink with Thor. As Hela's forces rushed forward, Skurge turned his thoughts from Amora and focused on what he did best.







(Thor: God-Size Special#1 (fb)) - Skurge met the ceaseless armies of Hel with a grin and a gun and the grit to stand against Armageddon. He fired until he had no more bullets, after which he swung his rifle like a club; and when the rifle fell apart in his hands, he used those hands as ferociously as he used his guns.





(Thor I#362 / Thor: God-Size Special#1 (fb)) - Though they seemed numberless, none of Hela's forces set foot upon the Gjallerbru, though Skurge perished in the effort.

(Thor I#362 - BTS) - Skurge's efforts allowed the gods to escape back into the world of the living.

(Thor I#362 - BTS) - Skurge's actions became legend across the nine worlds: "He stood alone at Gjallerbru."

(Thor I#382 (fb) - BTS) - Hela kept Skurge imprisoned in Hel.

(Thor I#382) - His body nearly pulverized yet still alive due to Hela's curse, Thor animated the Destroyer and sent it to Hel to force Hela to restore him. As the Destroyer threatened to destroy Hel, Skurge approached and asked Thor to cease the actions that threatened the nine realms. Though Thor was in control, he pretended the Destroyer held sway and he swatted Skurge away.

(Thor I#382 (fb) - BTS) - Though dazed, Skurge realized that the Destroyer would have slain him rather than merely stun him. Realizing there was no reason to discuss the matter further, Skurge recovered in silence.

(Thor I#382) - After a terrified Hela restored Thor's form, he apologized to Skurge and offered to make whatever reparations Skurge requested, but Skurge explained he had already figured out what had happened. Skurge asked Thor if he had had the drink to him that Balder had promised. Acknowledging that time was ever against them, Thor explained that they had not yet done that. Skurge named that as his price of reparations: Thor, Balder, the Warriors Three, and whoever else would have a drink in peace, rejoice in life, and remember Skurge. Thor promised to do so.

    Acknowledging Skurge's spirit of living despite being trapped in Hel, Hela released him to Valhalla, where he would be with other kindred spirits. As he vanished, Skurge wondered whether a living heart beat beneath Hela's frozen breast.

(Avengers Annual#16 - BTS) - In an effort to manipulate Death to permanently exile him from her realm, making him effectively immortal, the Grandmaster -- having captured Death -- agreed to a contest of champions against the Avengers. He apparently created a group of simulacra (see comments) of dead or seemingly dead foes (or former allies) of the heroes, to oppose them as the Legion of the Unliving. Amongst these doppelgangers was one of Skurge, who battled and was defeated by Thor -- who speculated that this was but a shade impersonating the true Skurge -- in a Hellish realm.
    Hawkeye apparently duped the Grandmaster into losing in a contest of chance, allowing Death to exile him as planned.

(Thor I#402) - When Amora grieved for the apparent death of her sister Lorelei as a result of the recent war against the forces of Seth, the Ennead/Heliopolitan/Egyptian serpent god of death, Skurge appeared to her and told her that Lorelei could be saved at a great price; he further added that he had missed her.

(Thor I#402 - BTS) - Meanwhile, "Brute" Benhurst, who had been fired by construction foreman Jerry Sapristi for being drunk on the job, attempted to kill Sapristi in a drunken rage, but was subdued by Sigurd Jarlson (secretly Thor) and taken to prison by the police.

(Thor I#402) - When Hela came for Lorelei, Amora insisted Skurge fight her and save Lorelei, but Skurge acknowledged that none could defeat Hela; however, he revealed Amora could save Lorelei by sacrificing herself in Lorelei's stead. Skurge encouraged Amora to do this, the act of total love and unselfishness redeeming her entire misspent youth and allowing her to take his hand and join him and the honored dead in Valhalla. Terrified, Amora refused, allowing Hela to claim Lorelei, after which Skurge, rejected and spurned, angrily smashed his ax into the ground and accused her of missing her chance at eternal happiness. Skurge told her he wouldn't wait for any longer, though his love for her was such that he could forgive her even this; however, could she forgive herself?

(Thor I#402 - BTS) - Taking Skurge's ax, Amora traveled to Earth to find a new champion who could protect her and would sacrifice himself for her when her time came.

(Thor I#403 - BTS) - Amora gave Skurge's ax to Benhurst, transforming him into a doppelganger of Skurge's Executioner form and allowing him to escape the prison. As the Executioner, Benhurst attacked Thor as a test of his might for Amora. Weakened and concerned about fighting Skurge who had last been his comrade in arms, Thor realized it was not Skurge when Benhurst assaulted the young Kevin Masterson; after this, Thor made short work of Benhurst, who was knocked unconscious and dropped the ax, which was reclaimed by Amora. Benhurst reverted to normal.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#12 (fb) - BTS) - During the Acts of Vengeance, Amora was enlisted, presumably by the Prime Movers, to assault Dr. Strange, who was relatively inexperienced in opposing her and might fall prey to her methods.
    Amora granted the Executioner's ax to another man (possibly Benhurst -- we only see him unmasked/back to normal when he was face-down in the ground, but he had a similar hair color and pattern of baldness), granting him the power and form of the Executioner to aid her.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#12 - BTS) - Having already once kissed Strange, Amora drew him to a meeting in a skyscraper. When another man wandered up there and flirted with Amora (in her disguised mortal alias of Amora Incantare), this Executioner was prepared to slay the man, but Amora drove the man away before the Executioner had to act.
    Soon after, Strange's disciple, Rintrah, who had taken Strange's form in hopes of protecting his seemingly ensorcelled master; protected by the true Strange, Rintrah collapsed before Amora could fully sap his power, after which the Executioner offered to toss "Strange" over the roofside, since she had him and didn't need Strange. Amora still desired to sap Strange's power first, but then the real Strange appeared. The Executioner attacked at Amora's urging, but Strange deflected his attack, then levitated both the Executioner and the masonry he had shattered, preventing either from landing on the ground (or passersby). When Amora attacked, however, Strange found himself overwhelmed by their combined assaults, and his shields weakened under the Executioner's repeated strikes. However, Stranger's "wife" Clea arrived (having been previously warned by Rintrah) and subdued Amora, allowing Strange to easily incapacitate the Executioner. Separated from the ax and Amora's power, the man collapsed into the ground and reverted to normal.
    Strange recalled Amora having previously turned a mortal into the Executioner, but he was uncertain whether this was that man or another person altogether, perhaps some poor soul she had cruelly yanked from a homeless shelter.

(New Mutants I#83 (fb) - BTS) - When Hela plotted to slay Odin, she enslaved the Valkyrie and imprisoned the Einherjar, including Harokin and Skurge.

(New Mutants I#83) - Barely resisting Hela's influence, the Valkyrie Mist led Sunspot and Wolfsbane to free the Einherjar, and Mist exhorted Skurge and the others to take up their weapon and assault Hela in her lair. Skurge picked up a battle ax (possibly not his own ax) and led the assault against Hela, which distracted her sufficiently that Cannonball and Rictor could steal Hela's Deathsword.

(New Mutants I#85 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge and the rest of the Einherjar were apparently defeated by Hela and her forces, and they were reimprisoned, alongside the dwarves Eitri and his daughter, Kindra.

(New Mutants I#85) - Eitri modified an old rusty key to fit the lock of the cell imprisoning himself, Kindra, and the Einherjar, and used it to set them free. Skurge told Eitri this partially redeemed him (Eitri had forged Hela's mighty Deathsword, with which she planned to slay Odin, though it was under the duress of threat of death of Kindra). Skurge then exhorted his men to grab their weapons and then travel through the mystic warp and out upon the fields of battle. When one of the warriors noted that he still felt Hela's dark spells tugging on them, endeavoring to keep them there and sapping their strength, Skurge encouraged that they must fight the foul magic and make good their escape...for the sake of Asgard in order to stop the evil wrought by Eitri.

(New Mutants I#85 - BTS) - Kindra questioned how Eitri could let Skurge speak of him thusly, but Eitri encouraged her to blame them not, as their anger would strengthen them for the coming battle. He then hinted that he had forged a flaw into the Deathsword, and he intended to sacrifice himself to take advantage of that fact.

(New Mutants I#85) - Skurge led the Einherjar (who still wielded the automatic weapons they had obtained from Earth) to join the flight, aiding numerous Asgardians who were threatened at being overwhelmed. Skurge explained how Eitri had freed them, but how he had also forged the Deathsword, though any additional revelations were drowned out in the crash of collapsing rubble and the clang of battle.

(New Mutants I#85 - BTS) - Eitri succeeded only in marking the flaw in the Deathsword, but this allowed Cannonball to shatter it, sparing Odin and releasing all those under Hela's influence.

(Thor I#449 - BTS / Thunderstrike I#22 (fb) - BTS) - As Leena Moran, Amora summoned Skurge's axe in her apartment, and prepared to bring it to Heimdall to help him defend himself from a treacherous assault by Karnilla; but she was assaulted by Skoll of the Wolf-Gods, an agent of Karnilla, and both Amora and Skoll vanished in a mystic blast. Coming to visit "Leena," Jackie Lukus happened upon the fallen axe, picked up, and was transformed in another mystic energy burst.

(Thor I#450/3 (fb) - BTS) - Transformed into a duplicate of the Executioner, complete with helmet and masculine form, Jackie traveled to the rooftop and attached an old motorcycle chain she found to the ax's base.

(Thor I#450/3 - BTS) - After testing her new powers as the Executioner, Jackie was driven by the ax to engage a group of criminals fleeing from the police. After subduing the criminals, she used the ax's power to alter her form into one of her own choosing: Bloodaxe, the Executioner (see comments).

(Thunderstrike I#23 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge sensed as his ax progressively transformed Bloodaxe into a more violent and murderous being.

(Thunderstrike I#22 - BTS / Thunderstrike I#23 (fb) - BTS) - Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson) defeated Bloodaxe, who was revealed as Jackie Lukus after being separated from the axe. Feeling the ax would aid him against Seth, the Ennead/Heliopolitan/Egyptian Serpent God of Death, Thunderstrike took up the ax himself, and swiftly fell under its malevolent influence as well as being physically transformed to some degree.Masterson expected to be overwhelmed by ax's power, but expected that the Avengers could subdue him and separate him from the ax.

(Thunderstrike I#23 (fb) - BTS) - Skurge sensed as his ax progressively corrupted Thunderstrike.

(Thunderstrike I#23) - As Thunderstrike, wielding both his hammer/mace and Skurge's ax, savagely battered Seth, Odin traveled to Valhalla and met with Skurge, who already realized the reason for his visit.
    Meanwhile, Thunderstrike/Bloodaxe destroyed Seth's form and dispatched him from Earth, then assaulted the Avengers (including Thor), who sought to make him see reason.





(Thunderstrike I#24) - Within Valhalla, Skurge prepared to fulfill his final responsibility as, on Earth, Thunderstrike/Bloodaxe began to overwhelm the Avengers. Traveling to confront Eric Masterson's persona (either entering Masterson's mind, or contacting him via the ax...or something), Skurge attempted to help guide Masterson to understand the stake of things and to resist the ax's influence. The two were joined by Sparky, the Lightning Kid, Masterson's personal avatar, who helped Masterson realize they were all in his own mind. At that point, Bloodaxe manifested in Masterson's mind and attacked them; Skurge explained that they must stand together to defeat Bloodaxe's evil, and criticized Masterson's plan for the Avengers to save him as flawed and arrogant.
    Frustrated at Masterson's hesitation to confront Bloodaxe, Skurge attacked Bloodaxe himself, shattering Bloodaxe's helmet, which revealed an evil/demonic version of himself. Bloodaxe reminded Skurge that he had perished nobly, but that the evil men and gods do is not casually forgotten, and that Skurge's own evil festered within the ax; Bloodaxe blamed Skurge for bringing Thunderstrike to this moment. At that moment, Masterson leapt at Bloodaxe and stole the Thunderstrike mace from his hand, but Bloodstrike stretched out a dark limb that grabbed and engulfed Masterson. Though Skurge felt that all was lost, Masterson continued to fight to protect all of his friends and allies, and anyone else who needed it. Thunderstrike then manifested on Earth, opposing the Bloodaxe persona in the air above his body, and ultimately Masterson sacrificed his life to destroy Bloodaxe.
    Thunderstrike arrived in Valhalla, alongside Skurge, following his death. Thor greeted Thunderstrike, but Masterson wanted to return to his true/original form, and to pass on to Heaven; Odin facilitated this.

(Thor II#35 - BTS/Thor II#45 (fb) - BTS) - Hela imbued one of her demons with the form and power of Skurge, then sent it to Earth where it possessed the comatose form of Dr. Keith Kincaid.

(Thor II#36-41 - BTS) - Kincaid (possessed by the Skurge imposter) encountered Amora (who was posing as Christine Collins, the co-worker of Jake Olson); encountered and slew Marnot (the humanoid incarnation of Odin's raven Hescamar); and imprisoned Amora when she learned his seemingly true nature as Skurge.

(Thor II#43 - BTS) - Wielding Skurge's ax and in his form, the demon imposter attacked Thor Girl (the weakened incarnation of Tarene). Having accessed the Odin-power, Thor was warned of this assault, recognized the imposture, and overpowered the imposter; Thor brought the imposter to Hela's realm, exposed the demon's true form, claimed the "Bloodaxe" for himself, and returned to Asgard.

(Thor II#49-BTS) - Gravely wounded and sorely challenged by Desak despite the Odin-power, Thor was saved when Thialfi brought him Skurge's ax, which Thor used to seemingly slay Desak (though the Spirit of the Jewel, a future incarnation of Tarene saved Desak).

(Thor II#50-BTS) - Holding the Bloodaxe despite the horror of the citizens around him, Thor kissed Amora passionately before returning with her to Asgard.

(Thor: God-Size Special#1 (fb) - BTS) - Feeling a great love and longing for Skurge, Amora cast a spell upon Yggdrasil, the World Ash, to cause him to be reborn through it. As Skurge's re-creation began, reality was threatened and began to warp, causing others to remember Skurge as he existed in different realities.

(Thor: God-Size Special#1) - After Balder and Thor both remembered Skurge as different people -- Balder remembering him as a merry, chubby poet with a taste for mead and maidens (as he existed in Reality-92120); and Thor remembering him as a cobbler and old friend of Odin who had allowed the young Sif, Thor, and others to run rampant through his shop, but died before Thor or the others reached warrior age (as he existed in Reality-71902-- they both assumed Loki was responsible. They confronted Loki, who revealed she (Loki was possessing Sif's form at the time) remembered Skurge as an old crone of unrevealed origins who lived at the well of Urd, scaring off children that strayed too close (as Skurge existed in Reality-12752). After Balder realized that all three of their visions involved Hela or Hela, Thor led the trio to Hel to confront her; though she remembered that he stood alone at Gjallerbru, she remembered nothing else, and realized her mind had been tampered with as well. Ultimately, Thor, Balder, and Loki discovered Amora working her magic on Yggdrasil, which threatened all reality. Loki magically granted to Thor the ax of Skurge, after which Thor explained to Amora the risk to all reality. Though the process had gone too far for Amora to stop, Thor -- knowing that to return in such a fashion dishonored Skurge -- used the axe to destroy the wooden form of Skurge just before it could emerge from Yggdrasil.

    Upon returning home, Thor led the Asgardians in a great mead hall to raise a glass and toast Skurge the Executioner for his stand on Gjallerbru.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (Master of Fantasy), Jack Kirby (Master of Picto-Drama), and Chic Stone.

    Journey into Mystery I#103 described the Executioner as a "demi-god with the heart of a serpent, the power of a Goliath, and the eyes of a hunting falcon."
    Journey into Mystery#104 referred to both Skurge and Amora as demi-gods. I guess that fits for the common description of someone who is only half god (and half giant).
    But what's Amora's deal?

    Early appearances made the black on Skurge's head appear to be hair. At some point, the lines became more crisp, as if they were tattoos or some other marking.

    Mjolnir could transport Thor to Asgard, so I'm not quite sure why Thor risked giving up Mjolnir and potentially leaving himself vulnerable to Skurge in his Donald Blake form within 60 seconds. Perhaps finding Jane in the vast Limbo, or determining which limbo realm she was in, was much more difficult. Or perhaps Stan forgot...nah, couldn't be!

    Skurge is 7'2" tall (I was mis-remembering him as 8' tall). When he confronted Captain America as Grubervelt, seemingly only wearing a mask, he seemed to be the same height as the 6'2" Captain America; presumably that was an illusion or other magic of Amora, or perhaps Zemo's mask had properties that either made Skurge seem smaller or actually made him smaller. Or, Captain America was so caught up in his hatred of Zemo that he didn't think anything of the over 7' tall guy he encountered.

    There's not anything to confirm the timing of Skurge's appearance in Thor I#440, but he's wearing his helmet and wielding his axe, which were stripped from him for a time after his first appearance(s) in Journey into Mystery#103-104, and he didn't wear his helmet commonly after that appearance. The Marvel Chronology Project places it prior to JiM#103-104, and I can't see any reason to disagree. If you see contradictions, let me know.

    I'm not sure why Skurge's appearance in Fantastic Four I#405 (where he was pulled forward in time) is noted by the MCP as being between Hulk Smash Avengers and Avengers I#15. Skurge had his helmet and his axe (see the above comment), so I'd have thought it had to take place either before JiM#103, or after ... where he regained it.

    In Fantastic Four Annual#3, Skurge was not wearing his helmet or wielding his ax, but in the expanded/overlapping/tribute Marvel: Heroes & Legends#1, he indeed had his helmet and ax. Did Amora retrieve the helmet and ax for him? Were they illusions or magical doppelgangers generated by Amora? Artistic license? Error? Perish forbid.
    Additionally, in Heroes and Legends, Skurge lost the helmet and ax in battle with the X-Men, which would at least explain why he didn't have it by the end of the story or in subsequent stories.
    Further, in that same issue, Angel lifted Skurge into the air and dropped him. Skurge weighs around 1100 lbs....which is well above what the young Angel could lift aloft. Maybe Marvel Girl was giving Angel some telekinetic assistance?

    The introductory page of Hulk Smash Avengers#1 notes that the story takes place between Avengers I#7 and #14. Avengers I#9 continues from #7 (with Avengers Classic#7/2 taking place during that same time), and #10 seems to occur fairly soon after #9. The Marvel Chronology Project notes the Hulk Smash issue to take place between #10 and #15 (with the time traveling appearance in Fantastic Four I#405 taking place b/t Hulk Smash Avengers#1 and Avengers I#15), and that makes good sense to me. If you see contradictions, let me know.

    In Hulk Smash Avengers#1, Captain America referred to one of the military forces joining their pursuit of the Hulk as "soldier," which might indicate it was the army; for what's it's worth (nothing?) the early anti-Hulk troops were US Air Force members serving under General Ross, though Project: Greenskin, which evolved into the Hulkbusters, was a joint project including both army and air force; and solider is commonly used to refer to other sections of the US military.

    Also in Hulk Smash Avengers#1, Skurge held his battle ax, which, along with his helmet, had been stripped from him by Odin before he was banished to Earth in Avengers I#7. Did he somehow briefly regain it (perhaps via Amora's magic) for this story only to lose it again (perhaps reclaimed by Odin) before Avengers I#15? Or was it a replica created by Zemo? Or...something else...?

    All the ret-cons make some of the appearances awkward, as Skurge acts as if he did not know who the Hulk was in Tales to Astonish#76-77, despite having previously encountered him in Hulk Smash Avengers#1...or maybe he was just trying to bluff the Hulk with some bravado...or maybe this was another time that Skurge had been pulled forward in time from before his Journey into Mystery#103-104 appearances...then again, Skurge didn't have his helmet or his axe in Tales to Astonish I#76-77, which fits with it being his next chronological appearance (and next published appearance) after Fantastic Four Annual#3, as he was still lacking the helmet and ax Odin had stripped from him in Avengers I#7 before banishing him to Earth. That's not definitive, of course, but the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#17: Executioner entry supported this chronology (as did the Official Marvel Index to the Fantastic Four#3's entry for Fantastic Four Annual#3), so that's the case until/unless proven otherwise.

    Almost exclusively in his early appearances, Skurge's weapon was spelled "ax." I don't recall seeing it spelled "axe" until Incredible Hulk II#102, though I may have missed something. After that, "axe" seemed generally more prevalent.
    Ax is apparently the more common spelling in America, while axe is more common in other English speaking countries. So, I'm going with ax.

    An editor's note in Thor I#260 noted the humiliation Skurge was referencing as coming from Journey into Mystery I#117. Skurge was not really humiliated by Balder in that conflict. Balder confronted Skurge, but Thor arrived before Skurge and Balder could decide any battle, and Skurge fled from the vengeful Thor. Perhaps he simply was angry about having been forced to flee, but that relates more to Thor.

    The Thor: Official Index to the Marvel Universe entry for Thor I#350 notes that Skurge had last appeared in Thor I#277, but that was a "rfb, or reminder flashback," only retelling past events, and was not an actual appearance. The same is true for Avengers I#157, which some sites have included as an appearance. It is only a flashback of already shown events.
    I've also seen him listed for Thor I#490, but I don't even see him shown in that issue at all. I don't see any new info on Skurge in that issue.

    As far as I could see, Skurge's real name was first revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4: Executioner entry, and then first used in a story in Thor I#360.

    The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe hardcover#6: Legion of the Living entry confirmed that the members in Avengers Annual#16 were simulacra created by the Grandmaster, with the possible exception of the synthetic Hyperion, whom the Grandmaster had previously created. The Avengers: Official Index of the Marvel Universe confirmed this.

    In her lamentations for Skurge in Thor God-Size Special#1, Amora noted that he was "like a puppy sometimes. And like a mule other times. The only thing I loved more than pushing him away was pulling him back again."

    Though I am covering many of them here, fully detailed and complete appearances of the Executioner's axe and/or his successors -- including "Brute" Behnurst, Bloodaxe, or the demon imposter -- are covered here; they can have their own profiles.



Skornheim vs. Skarnheim

    Skornheim is this “forbidden...land of dark mystery and undreamed of danger...a land where the gods fear to tread...deadly arena for the most spectacular trial of them all...”
This is where the Trial of the Gods in Journey into Mystery I#116 (1965) took place...it’s all lava pits, quicksand, spiny plants, red-hot glowing boulder road, carnivorous plants, and Yagg the Slayer (...of all who intrude in Skornheim).
You can see Skornheim on the map of Asgard in its OHotMU entry, which is derived from a map from Thor Annual#10, IIRC.
It is supposed to be on the outskirts of Asgard, near Jotunheim...at least according to my notes...but not 100% sure where that came from.

    Then, there’s Skarnheim, which was a kingdom ruled by Jolena

    The Executioner’s entry in OHotMU I#4 lists his place of birth as being Jotunheim, but then the history says: “Skurge was the illegitimate son of a Storm Giant and a goddess, born in the Asgardian province of Skarnheim. Ostracized by the Storm Giants because of his relatively diminutive size, he grew up to be a great warrior and giant-killer. It was through the widespread killing of his father's people, the Storm Giants, that he gained the epithet, "The Executioner."
    So, you could take that to mean Skurge was born in Skarnheim, or that his mother was born in Skarnheim.

    OHotMU DE entry also refers to Skurge's place of birth as Jotunheim...but then, the history clarified that his mother was born in Skornheim.
That clarifies things, though it’s still odd that his mother was born in Skornheim...maybe she had a hard life, which led her to lay with a giant...that sounds like it might have been a bit difficult, too.

Skurge, noble warrior or cowardly bully...the influence of Amora and his own ax

    One might speculate that Skurge started out as an ally of Asgard and a more heroic figure, but he likely felt resentment for the real or perceived discrimination he received from the Asgardians (it seems quite likely...the gods and giants tend to hate each other, and they are a fairly simple people led by tradition and long-standing emotions) made him more bitter and angry, and then Amora led him around by the...nose, which probably made him feel the fool and made him even more bitter, though he couldn't help himself. I further speculate that his own resentment and self-loathing led to his evil acts, the nature of which was imbued in his axe...which further added to his negative feelings and behavior.
    Throughout most of his appearances, especially when he was allied with Amora, Skurge was a cowardly braggart and bully. He constantly exhorted his own battle prowess and skill, and his desire to vanquish Thor; but then he OFTEN fled when confronted by Thor or another sufficient challenge.
    It wasn't until Skurge reappeared after a long absence of appearances in Walt Simonson's groundbreaking (I was going to say seminal, but I really think that word leaves too much open to (mis)interpretation) run on Thor that Skurge emerged as a truly heroic figure. Even with Amora by his side (maybe she led him there), when all Asgard (and the whole universe) was threatened, he stood with the Asgardians. With her by his side, he was worried that they might be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless hordes of fire demons of Muspelheim. After she left, he led an army of Asgardians to ambush and defeat the fire demons, urging his warriors forward in hopes that Tyr would not gain all the glory.
    After returning to Asgard, he desperately sought out Amora, only to be betrayed and humiliated. Seeking to lose himself in battle, he volunteered for Thor's mission to Hel to recover the mortal souls sent there by Malekith, only to once again fall prey to his inability to resist Amora (actually Mordonna impersonating Amora). When this treachery was revealed and Hela and Mordonna sought to further manipulate Skurge, his outrage led him to shatter Naglfar, which also destroyed his ax. Free from his ax and bereft of Amora's influence, he achieved a level of heroism for which he will always be legend.
    I really hope no jackass writer ever comes along and turns Skurge into some run-of-the-mill bad guy like he used to be. Really. Lame. Idea.

Profile by Snood.

Skurge, the Executioner,
should be distinguished from:

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