Real Name: Harokin

Identity/ClassExtradimensional (Asgardian) god

Occupation: Warrior;
    former sovereign

Group Membership: Leader of the Einherjar (Eilif Dragonslayer, Hagar, others);
    former leader of a barbarian horde

Affiliations: Aragorn, Avengers (Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Hercules, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Starfox/Eros, Vision, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne), Balder Odinson, Beta Ray Bill, Defenders (Hellcat/Patsy Walker, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde), Eilif Dragonslayer, Eitri, Executioner (Skurge), Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters), Karnilla, Mist, New Mutants (Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Rictor/Julio Richter, Sunspot/Roberto Da Costa, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair), Odin Borson, Sea Reavers, Sif, Thor Odinson, Tyr, U.S. Army, Warriors Three (Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg);
formerly Hela, Valkyrior

EnemiesCasiolena, Demons of Muspelheim, Fenris, the Flame (Hrinmeer), Hela, Hymer, Loki Laufeyson, Danielle Moonstar, Ollerus the Unmerciful, Poppo the Cunning, Trolls, Ulik, unidentified dead from Hel, Valkyrie (Barbara Norriss), Valkyrior, Warriors of Despair, "watch-dragons";
    formerly Thor Odinson, Warriors Three (Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Harkonin (Mist in New Mutants I#83)

Base of Operations: Valhalla;
   mobile throughout the Nine Realms when needed;
   formerly his own kingdom in Asgard

First Appearance: Thor I#129/2 (June, 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Harokin was a natural leader and honorable barbarian warrior. He was an expert in armed combat with swords, axes and hammers. He also proved adaptability to modern weaponry when he became an expert in the use of M-16 machine guns.

    Since his death centuries ago, he lived as one of the eternal warriors in Valhalla that could be called upon by the current ruler of Asgard to fight against massive threats to the Nine Realms.

    Centuries ago, he used the power of Warlock's Eye in a failed attempt to conquer the Nine Realms.

Height: Unrevealed (6'6"; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (640 lbs.; by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#1 - Asgard) - Harokin ruled over his own kingdom (see comments).

(Thor I#129/2 (fb) - BTS) - Centuries ago (according to Thor I#313/2) Harokin was the leader of a barbarian horde. He stole Warlock's Eye from the Temple of Mystics in Muspelheim and used it in his campaign to conquer the Nine Realms. He started by setting Muspelheim aflame (a feat made less impressive by the fact that it was home to fire demons ruled by Surtur).

(Thor I#129/2) - Harokin put Warlock's Eye on his helmet and led his barbarian horde into battle against an Asgardian outpost near Muspelheim. Harokin pushed a hidden stud to activate Warlock's Eye and bath the warriors on the outpost's wall in a paralyzing beam.

(Thor I#130/2 (fb) - BTS) - Harokin had Warlock's Eye hidden at the outpost during victory celebration until he needed it again.

(Thor I#130/2) - Thor confronted Harokin, who was all by himself in a room, and knocked the overconfident Harokin out with ease. Thor realized the resemblance Harokin had to him and decided to pose as him to get his hands on the hidden Warlock's Eye. While posing as Harokin, Thor ordered three of his men to bring him Warlock's Eye to use against Asgard.

(Thor I#131/2 - BTS) - Thor kept posing as Harokin and eventually got his hands on Warlock's Eye and forced the barbarians to surrender. Thor wondered what would now happen to Harokin.

(Thor I#132/2) - Harokin lay in bed nursing his many wounds from his battles. His barbarians began to play the drums of mourning and when the Stallion of Doom arrived at the outpost, Harokin knew that he would die soon. Thor believed he was responsible for Harokin's severe injuries and tried to console him, but Harokin told him that his injuries had added up over time and that he knew he would not ride into battle again.

(Thor I#133/2) - Harokin's men helped him put on his armor and placed him on the Stallion of Doom. Hela arrived with the Valkyries and they led him to Valhalla. Harokin entered Valhalla where he was welcomed by other fallen warriors. Feeling invigorated once again Harokin rode into eternal battle.

(Thor I#154) - Hela showed Thor Valhalla where he could've lived through everlasting battle after his death. Harokin offered Thor to join the Einherjar and become their leader, but Thor denied his offer with a heavy heart and returned to Earth.

(Thor I#251) - While searching for Odin, Thor entered Valhalla and was welcomed by Harokin and the Einherjar among their ranks. They attacked him when Thor revealed that he was not dead and would not join their ranks because he was only there looking for Odin. A battle ensued, and Harokin challenged Thor to loose himself in battle, but Thor was not willing as long as he was on his quest to find his father. Harokin had had enough and attacked Thor, whom he did not want to allow leaving again, but while Harokin wished Thor to lead the Einherjar in the past, he now wanted him as nothing more than a servant. Thor was knocked unconscious temporarily by a bludgeon-bow, but continued his battle against the fallen warriors as soon as he regained consciousness. Hela arrived to check on Valhalla and halted the battle. She allowed Thor to go looking for Odin, but he couldn't find him. Harokin was surprised that she showed mercy and allowed Thor to leave Valhalla again, but Hela revealed that it was not mercy to let Thor leave at that point because of the torments that awaited him among the living.

(Defenders I#66 (fb) - BTS) - In Valhalla, Harokin and the Einherjar joined Hela's war against Ollerus the Unmerciful, who sought to usurp Hela's position as God of Death.

(Defenders I#66) - When Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) returned to Valhalla, Harokin welcomed her in the courtyard of the Great Hall. He was shocked to learn that Valkyrie had learned from the Fates that Hela was going to sentence her to Niffleheim. Harokin believed that the current war probably affecting Hela's mind. Hela and the other Valkyrior arrived, and Harokin asked Hela to not punish Brunnhilde, but Hela made it clear that it was none of his business and that she actually needed Brunnhilde to lead the Valkyrior alongside Harokin's legions against Ollerus' army.

   That afternoon, Brunnhilde and Harokin led their army to the barren wasteland where Brunnhilde scouted ahead to learn that they were in the process of being ambushed by Ollerus' army. She signaled Harokin, who ordered his troops to attack the enemy at the pass, which was Ollerus' plan all along when an earthquake, caused by Ollerus' ally Poppo the Cunning crushed everyone on the battlefield beneath falling rocks.

(Defenders I#67) - Harokin survived and wandered aimlessly with the remnants of his army through the devastated battlefield after their defeat. Harokin couldn't belief that he had lost a battle and was sure that sorcery was involved. The ground rumbled once again when Harokin's warriors encountered Ollerus' moving mountain stronghold. Harokin didn't know how Ollerus was able to bring this moving mountain to Valhalla, but he kind of blamed Hela because the distinction between Hel and Valhalla had been blurred since she took control over both realms, and now undeserving spirits could enter Valhalla.

   Later Harokin made his way on Aragorn, who had followed the mountain stronghold and fetched Harokin to save Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) from a "watch-dragon" after she had escaped her cell. Harokin tossed his sword to impale the "watch-dragon" through the head and catch Valkyrie when the dying creature dropped her. Harokin took Valkyrie back to their forces to prepare them for a new assault on Ollerus' forces.

(Defenders I#68) - Following Hela's orders, Harokin led his army to another battle against Ollerus' army though he had grown pretty sick of Hela. A messenger arrived to tell Hela, Harokin and Brunnhilde that Ollerus' army was an hour away. Harokin orders his army to march to their final battle with Ollerus' army.

   Harokin arrived with his army in the shadow of Ollerus' mountain and ordered his lancers to deal with the cavalry assault. They were surprised when Valkyrie's Defenders teammates (Hellcat, Hulk and Nighthawk) joined the fight against them because they were tricked by the mad Valkyrie (Barbara Norris), whom they believed to be their teammate, to join Ollerus' forces. Harokin was still holding back his elite horsemen because he didn't want to expend all their strength at once and knew that they had to eventually deal with the mountain stronghold. Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) promised Harokin to deal with the sorcerers Poppo and Casiolena inside the mountain and maybe even the other Valkyrie (Barbara Norris). After Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) was knocked out by the Hulk, Ollerus ordered his army to crush Harokin's forces, who desperately fought back. The Defenders soon realized that the Valkyrie they had followed was not their teammate and joined forces with Harokin, who helped Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) to get back to her feet. Harokin once more charged with the remains of Valhalla's army against Ollerus' horde, but this time with the Defenders at his side. Ollerus called the mountain stronghold to use it against Valhalla's army, but the Hulk destroyed it. After the battle for Valhalla was won, Hela decided to leave the realm and banish herself along with Ollerus to Niffleheim. She appointed Harokin to rule over Valhalla and restore it to its past glory. Harokin was saddened that Valkyrie decided to return to Earth with the Defenders and promised her that there would always be a place for her in Valhalla.

BTS - Hela changed her mind or maybe just lied to get rid of the Defenders!

(Thor I#313/2) - Harokin became one of Hela's loyal subjects and led the Einherjar on bat-winged horses into battle against the Valkyries, who attempted to liberate Valhalla from Hela's rule. Leita's sword got stuck in Harokin's chest before he struck her down with his axe. After five of the Valkyries had been slain, Harokin used a power granted to him by Hela to raise the spirits of the fallen Valkyries to slay the other four Valkyries. Harokin mocked them while they died.

(Thor I#350) - Odin gathered the warriors of Valhalla, including Harokin, and brought them to the Vigrid field where the other warriors of Asgard were already waiting.

(Avengers I#249 - BTS/Thor I#350) - Harokin and the Einherjar joined Asgard's army against the Demons of Muspelheim on Earth and fought them alongside the U.S. Army, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

(Thor I#351) - Beta Ray Bill ordered Harokin to charge with the Einherjar the portal the Demons of Muspelheim used to come to Earth and pull the demons guarding it away by feigning to retreat. Harokin didn't like the idea of turning away from battle like a coward, but Eilif Dragonslayer and Tyr convinced him to go through with Beta Ray Bill's plan because he was the one Thor had given command over their army. Harokin agreed to go through with the plan.

   The Einherjar later followed Sif into battle at the portal against the Demons of Muspelheim.

(Thor I#352) - Harokin and Sif led the Einherjar through the ranks of the demons. More demons arrived and Sif ordered Harokin and the Einherjar to fall back as planned while she covered their retreat. Harokin followed her order, and the demons broke rank to follow the Einherjar, luring them into an attack from the flank by the forces led by Tyr and Skurge. Harokin and the Einherjar then turned around to drive the Demons of Muspelheim back to their realm while Beta Ray Bill got Mr. Fantastic to the portal to deactivate it. Beta Ray Bill asked Harokin about Sif's whereabouts. Harokin was surprised that she had not yet returned after securing the Einherjar's retreat.

   Mr. Fantastic soon activated the portal again to allow Asgard's army and the Avengers to reach the source of the demons in the Sahara desert and destroy the portal to Muspelheim there.

(Thor I#353-354 - BTS) - Harokin was presumably part of the battle in the Sahara that saw the Demons of Muspelheim driven back to their realm and their portal to Earth destroyed. He remained trapped on Earth alongside all the other Asgardian warriors due to the Rainbow Bridge's destruction at the hands of Surtur. They were allowed to stay in Central Park, New York City for the time being.

(Thor I#358) - In Central Park Harokin mingled with soldiers that finally prepared to leave after the recent battle against the Demons from Muspelheim. A soldier named Peter had a conversation with Harokin about the battle and how well Asgardians used swords, but Harokin showed interest in firearms because they didn't have anything like it in Valhalla. Peter gave Harokin his M-16 rifle and was sure with a few like these, Valhalla could be cleaned up in no time.

(Thor I#360 (fb) - BTS) - Harokin traded horses for weapons from Earth and mastered them quickly.

(Thor I#359 - BTS) - Asgard's warriors, including Harokin, assembled in Central Park to step through a dimensional rift to Asgard opened by the combined powers of the hammers wielded by Thor and Beta Ray Bill.

(Thor I#360) - Harokin and some of the Einherjar returned to Asgard with boxes filled with M-16 rifles. After Thor announced his plan to free the stolen Midgardian souls from Hela's realm, Harokin showed Thor the weapons he and his men were ready to use in this campaign. Armed with rifles, Harokin and the Einherjar followed Thor to the Hel-hound Garm.

(Thor I#361) - Garm allowed the Asgardians to enter Hel, and Thor ordered Harokin to tell the Einherjar to follow him into the Cave of Darkness. After the cave, they were allowed to pass over the Gjallerbru bridge above the river Gjoll by the mute guardian Modgud. After finally arriving in Hel, some of Harokin's Einherjar fell victim to an illusion set up by Hela that had the souls of their loved ones leading them to the Cliffs of Death. While Thor battled Hela, the dead vanished, and Balder told Harokin to gather the Einherjar and get ready for anything whether Thor won or lost against Hela. Thor won, and Hela agreed to let him take the souls she had stolen from Midgard back to Earth. Harokin and the Einherjar continued following Thor.

(Thor I#362) - On their way through Hel, the Einherjar, Harokin, Balder, Thor and the stolen souls passed the Naglfar. Thor explained to Harokin that the ship would one day sail with the hordes of the dead from Hel against Asgard. Before long, the ship was destroyed by the Executioner (Skurge), and Hela sent Warriors of Despair after them. Harokin and the Einherjar used their M-16 rifles to shoot their way through the Warriors of Despair and broke through their ranks with the stolen souls. Hela then summoned all past victims of the Einherjar to make a stand against them, but Thor urged Harokin and the Einherjar to ride on against these shadows of their past victims. They passed the army of the dead and reached the Gjallerbru bridge. Harokin saw the bridge's guardian Modgud fleeing, but the army of the dead was still behind them. Thor offered to hold them back, but was knocked out by the Executioner. Some of the Einherjar wanted to kill the Executioner for his betrayal and Balder even asked Harokin for his weapon. However, the Executioner explained that he sought to hold back the army of the dead in Thor's place. Balder gave Harokin's weapon and another rifle to Skurge, who ensured the escape of Balder, Thor and the Einherjar from Hel by holding the bridge against the dead and sacrificing his life in the process. Harokin and the Einherjar left the dark cave leading out of Hel after Thor had dealt with the Helhound Garm. After they were finally safe, Harokin offered to accompany Thor with the Einherjar to Earth to return the souls, but Thor planned to do this by himself. Harokin and the Einherjar returned to Asgard to wait for Thor's return and stop Loki from taking the throne of Asgard.

(Thor I#364 (fb) - BTS) - When Thor didn't return from Earth (he had been turned into a frog), Heimdall believed that something was afoul and asked Harokin to pose as Thor to stop Loki from becoming the new ruler of Asgard.

(Thor I#364) - Harokin posed as Thor and arrived at the last moment to interrupt the final decision at the Althing by the lawgiver to give Loki the throne. Loki was rather surprised by Thor's arrival.

(Thor I#365) - The lawgiver welcomed the false Odinson, who apologized for his lateness and claimed that the wounds he had suffered in battle with Hela still needed attention. Loki suggested adjourning the Althing to give "Thor" a chance to heal and the lawgiver agreed. Heimdall took "Thor" to his home and discussed their next step. Loki followed them as a fly to find out what was going on, but Heimdall felt that someone was watching them and retreated with "Thor" to another room. Loki found the Mjolnir replica left behind and formed a plan to use it later to prove himself as worthy to the people of Asgard by lifting it. Heimdall was glad that Loki asked for a recess of the Althing because "Thor" would've asked for the same because they needed time to find the real Thor. Loki finally learned that Harokin was the imposter before leaving Heimdall's home as a fly.

(Thor I#366) - The lawgiver welcomed the people of Asgard back to the Althing with Loki and "Thor" on the stage with him. While the real Thor (in giant humanoid frog form) secretly watched from the top of arena, Loki took the Mjolnir replica from "Thor" during his speech to show to everyone that he was worthy and should be trusted. The plan worked until the real Thor abducted Loki. "Thor" quickly left with Heimdall, who suggested Harokin to get rid of his "Thor" costume and become Harokin again as long as the people were distracted. Heimdall would claim that "Thor" went after the kidnapper. In the end Thor was returned to his true form and suggested Balder should rule Asgard, to which everyone agreed.

(New Mutants I#79 - BTS) - Hela sent the Valkyries to capture the Einherjar for her and bring them to Hel.

(New Mutants I#83 (fb) - BTS) - They ended up imprisoned in Hela's fortress.

(New Mutants I#82 - BTS) - Mist, the only Valkyrie that had not completely fallen under Hela's control due to her faerie blood, planned to free the Einherjar and the Executioner from the dungeons with the aid of the New Mutants (Cannonball, Rictor, Sunspot and Wolfsbane).

(New Mutants I#83) - Mist, Sunspot and Wolfsbane made their way to the Einherjar in the dungeons. After taking out two guards, Mist took the keys from one of them and tried to open the door to the cell of Harokin, Skurge and a few other Einherjar. Harokin didn't recognize Mist at first and was surprised that she had resisted Hela's control until now. Mist told the imprisoned warriors about the Death-Sword and Hela's plan to have Odin slain in his Odinsleep, but dropped to the floor due the pain caused by resisting Hela's control. Wolfsbane caught the keys and freed Harokin, Skurge and the Einherjar. Skurge told the Einherjar to pick up their weapons, and they fought their way through the dead to Hela's throne room. Skurge, Harokin and the Einherjar distracted Hela long enough for Cannonball to steal the Death-Sword before Hela could imbue it with an enchantment. The Valkyrie and former New Mutants member Danielle Moonstar was not distracted by the Einherjar's attack and followed her former teammates Cannonball and Rictor because they had the stolen sword.

(New Mutants I#83 - BTS) - Hela defeated the Einherjar and had them imprisoned again. She then caught up with the New Mutants, regained the Death-Sword and finished the enchantment.

(New Mutants I#85 - BTS) - Harokin presumably fought in the final battle between the forces of Hela and Asgard until the Death-Sword was destroyed and Hela lost control over a large part of her army (see comments).

(Thor I#478 (fb)) - When Odin came to Valhalla to find a replacement for Thor for the coming of Ragnarok, Harokin was sure it would be him and was ready to serve Odin, but Odin took Red Norvell instead.

(Thor II#82 (fb) - BTS) - Harokin and his barbarian hordes answered Balder's call to arms when Loki's armies attacked Asgard.

(Thor II#81 (fb) - BTS) - Harokin and his barbarians fought an army of Trolls to defend Asgard. They were defeated after Loki arrived with Hymer, Fenris and Ulik, who all had hammers similar to Mjolnir. He then witnessed an army of the dead arrive on the boat Naglfar and kill Balder using spears with mistletoe tips.

(Thor II#81) - Harokin told Thor how Asgard was overrun and how Balder had been killed by the dead from Hel armed with spears with tips made of mistletoe dipped in gold. Harokin then joined Thor for Asgard's final battle.

(Thor II#82 (fb) - BTS) - Harokin and his barbarians were cut off from Thor's army during the battle against Geirrodur and his Rock Trolls.

(Thor II#82 (fb)) - Harokin gave his life battling Loki's ally the Flame (Hrinmeer) by plunging Flame's own sword into his chest.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby & Vince Colletta.

    This guy! Janet Van Dyne would be proud of him and his many outfits. Harokin the Fashionable! Harokin of the Runway!

    The position of Harokin's kingdom changed between OHOTMU I#1 and OHOTMU DE#1. In the original OHOTMU the map showed Harokin's kingdom right under Muspelheim, which probably made sense at the time because it wasn't established yet that most realms are not physically connected to each other. In the Deluxe Edition his kingdom is situated to the left of Nidavellir with a passage to Muspelheim in the nearby Forest of the Nightmare Plants.

    He was surprisingly not seen in New Mutants I#85 during the final battle of the storyline. Maybe he was there, but there is no way to tell on which side he fought. He could've fallen under Hela's control at this point or joined Skurge against her alongside other Einherjar.

    Thanks to Ron Fredricks for cleaning up a few of the images.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

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