Real Name: Hrinmeer

Identity/Class: Light Elf/Fire Demon hybrid

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Cerberus, Pluto (former) Loki

Enemies: Harokin, Loki, Sigyn, Thor

Known Relatives: Skulveig (father), Aeltri (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in Asgard
Formerly, Muspelheim

First Appearance: Thor Annual#18 (1993)

Powers/Abilities: The Flame possesses enhanced strength and immunity to flame.

The Flame wears a suit of armor, and bears the sword of Skulveig, which can burst into flame. At one time, he had the sword dipped in poison from the fangs of Cerberus, which made the blade a potent transmitter of poison. At all times, the Flame has a plume of fire emanating around his hair.

Height: 6'7"
Weight: 524 lbs.

History: (Thor Annual#18 (fb)) - Hrinmeer was born to the Light Elf Aeltri, after she had been raped by the Fire Demon Skulveig. Skulveig found Hrinmeer's appearance disgusting, and forced him to wear at all times a mask to hide his features. Hrinmeer's childhood was lonely, and he was put down upon by other children. Finally grown to an adult, he became a ferocious warrior, and took up Skulveig's sword, calling himself "The Flame."

After slaying Skulveig, the Flame rode into Asgard and began massacring entire villages. This caught the attention of Odin, who dispatched Thor to defeat the Flame before more lives were lost. Thor caught up to him in Nidavellir, and the two engaged in combat. In the course of their battle, the Flame's helmet was knocked off and Thor was surprised to see that he was a handsome man. But the Flame refused to believe Thor's words, and continued their battle, finally being knocked into a fiery pool by Thor, where he was seemingly slain.

(Thor Annual#18/2) - However, because of his Fire Demon heritage, the Flame survived his plunge, and eventually brought himself to the surface. There he met Loki, who returned his mask to him. Loki offered to give the Flame whatever he wanted in exchange for destroying Thor, and the Flame agreed.

(Thor Annual#19) - As part of his bargain with Loki to destroy Thor, Pluto sought out the Flame to assist him. Although the Flame was angry that Loki had left him in Nidavellir ever since their first encounter, he agreed to Pluto's scheme, and was presented with Cerberus to serve as his steed. Cerberus and the Flame managed to locate Thor and stab him with his sword, having been dipped in poison from Cerberus' fangs. Thor fell unconscious and the Flame was about to slay him, when Pluto contacted him and told him to kill him in front of Odin instead. The Flame agreed, and he and Cerberus set off for Asgard.

Arriving in Nastrond, the Flame attacked the Asgardians he found there, who included Sigyn, wife of Loki. The Flame revealed his face to her to startle her, and Pluto obligingly created an illusion of a hideous face so that Sigyn would react appropriately. Enraged, the Flame chased after her to kill her. Mortified by what his bargain with Pluto had resulted in, Loki helped revive Thor so that he could save Sigyn from the Flame. Thor did so, and the Flame was again defeated.

(Thor II#82) - The Flame again served Loki in his assault upon Asgard, but was opposed by the forces of Harokin. Harokin gave his life to slay Hrinmeer, plunging the sword of Skulveig into his chest.

Comments: Created by Ron Marz, Tom Grindberg and John Nyberg.

Flame's height and weight come from the trading card included in Thor Annual#18.

Hrinmeer's dead body possibly perished during the Ragnarok in Thor II#85.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Thor Annual#18, page 10, panel 1
Thor Annual#18, page 37, panel 1

Thor Annual#18 (1993)
Story 2: Ron Marz (writer), Tom Raney (artist), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Thor Annual#19 (1994) - Roy Thomas (writer), Jerry DeCaire (pencils), Romeo Tanghal (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Thor II#82 (September, 2004) - Michael Aven Oeming & Daniel Berman (writers), Andrea Divito (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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