Flame:  Real name unknown.  Flame was a human male that seemed somewhat slow-witted, speaking in stereotypical, African-American broken English (*sigh*).  Flame carried a flamethrower designed by Foam which fires a stream of green flame, capable of melting plexiglass or inflicting serious harm upon human flesh.  The Blood-Wraith's Ebony Blade was able to harmlessly absorb this flame. 

Foam:  Real name: Emil (last name unknown).  Foam was the brains of the Plug-Uglies.  He designed and built the weapons they used.  Foam used a gun that fired foam "made from organic polymers that multiply when exposed the the air, blanketing you in a constricting sheet of unbreakable living cellophane" (his words, not mine).  Despite his boast, the Ebony Blade easily ripped through the foam.  Although he was short and fat, Foam proved to be a surprisingly agile foe and good hand-to-hand combatant. 

Purpose:  Seekers of the "ultimate weapon" left behind by Tolliver, also sought by Deadpool.

Affiliations: None known, possible associates of Tolliver.

EnemiesBloodwraith, Washington D.C. Police.

Base of Operations: Unknown. Active in Washington D. C.

First Appearance:  Avengers I#366 (September, 1993)




History:  Nothing is known of the Plug-Uglies before their ill-fated robbery of Tolliver's safe deposit box.  They were apparently very close friends; Foam referred to Flame as his "brother" despite the unlikeliness of any blood relationship.  How they found out about Tolliver's treasure hunt is also a mystery.

(Avengers I#366/2) - The Plug-Uglies robbed a bank in downtown Washington D.C. in an attempt to find the "Ultimate Weapon" mentioned in Tolliver's will.  The teller hit the alarm and summoned the police.  The Uglies then took her hostage and made their way out of the bank.  Flame shot a police officer in the face with his flame, while Foam encased the other in his foam, causing him to begin to suffocate.  Sean Dolan, aka the Blood Wraith happened to be passing by in his human guise when the teller begged for his help.  He challenged the Plug-Uglies, and when they refused to surrender, he transformed into the Blood Wraith and freed the imprisoned officer.  Undeterred, Foam attacked him and knocked him to the ground, but the Wraith summoned the Ebony Blade and slit his throat, killing him and stealing his soul.  Seeing his "brother" die, Flame attempted to flee, but the Wraith threw the Ebony Blade at him.  The Blade struck the power pack for Flame' gun and caused it to explode.  The explosion killed Flame too quickly for the Blade to claim his soul. 

COMMENTS:  Created by Glenn Herdling and Mike Gustovich.

The "ultimate weapon" of Tolliver (aka Tyler, aka Genesis) turned out to be Zero--Snood.

These guys are very dead.  They could've provided a decent workout for Spider-man, Daredevil, or Moon Knight, but I doubt they'll ever return.  (I was thinking more along the lines of Squirrel Girl, or maybe Frog-Man--Snood).

Profile by Chuck D



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Avengers I#366, p34 (main image)
  p37, pan1 (Foam)
  p41, pan4 (Bloodwraith kills Foam)
  p42, pan6 (Flame dies as well)

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