Real Name: Mordonna

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (unrevealed) magic user (presumably)

Occupation: Agent of Hela

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Hela

EnemiesExecutioner (Skurge)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Impersonated Enchantress (Amora)

Base of Operations: Hel;
   formerly presumably one of the other Nine Realms (see comments)

First Appearance: (Posing as Enchantress) Thor I#361 (November, 1985); (true form) Thor I#362 (December, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Mordonna presumably had magic abilities that allowed her to perfectly shapeshift into the form of another being. She could also presumably mimic the voice. She presumably could read other people's mind as well (how else could've she have known about Enchantress' connection to Heimdall at this point).
   Or it was all Hela's doing and Mordonna had no special abilities at all.

Height: Unrevealed (6'3"; maybe variable; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (450 lbs.; maybe variable; by approximation)
Eyes: Unrevealed (variable)
Hair: Black (variable)

(Thor I#361) - Mordonna posed as the Enchantress (Amora) and approached the Executioner (Skurge), who had fallen behind a bit after he and an army of Asgardian warriors, including Thor and the Einherjar, had entered Hel. As Enchantress she hugged and kissed Skurge and claimed that she had been sent to Hel after Heimdall had slain her after discovering that she would stay loyal to Skurge. She calmed Skurge, who wanted revenge on Heimdall, and convinced him to stay with her and not go with the other Asgardians because she needed him more than Thor. Skurge left with her.

(Thor I#362) - Thor and the Einherjar were on their way out of Hel with the stolen souls from Midgard (Thor had defeated Hela in the previous issue to free the souls), when Hela appeared to them and returned Skurge, who had abandoned them at the start of their journey through Hel, and the false Enchantress to them because she wanted Thor to take all his fellow warriors back to the realm of the living. When Thor saw Enchantress with Skurge he knew why he had abandoned them and Skurge even told him that he would always stay loyal to her, but Balder questioned if the woman at Skurge's side even was the true Enchantress because everything in this realm belonged to Hela. The false Enchantress asked Skurge not to listen to Balder, which backfired because Skurge trusted Balder because he never lied. He struck the false Enchantress with his axe, which could cut through any disguise, and revealed Mordonna's true form. Mordonna immediately claimed that she had previously warned him to be careful and that now everyone would know that Skurge had betrayed the other Asgardians. She feigned that she would protect Skurge from the consequences and that eternal pleasure would be the reward for his services to Hela. Skurge tried to attack her and still promised his fellow Asgardian warriors that he had not betrayed them, but Hela was in on the ruse and told Skurge that it was too late because Thor already knew that Skurge was a traitor. She teleported Mordonna to safety before she could get harmed and promised to do the same for Skurge, who was adamant that he thought he was traveling with the true Enchantress. Hela kept going with the ruse and promised that Skurge would sail the Naglfar with the dead against Asgard, which angered him so much that he destroyed the Naglfar ship with his axe. This led to a big fight with Hela and her hordes of undead and ultimately led to Skurge sacrificing his life to hold back the undead hordes. Meanwhile Mordonna was presumably secure somewhere else in Hel.

Comments: Created by Walter Simonson.

My first thought when I saw her name was that it was a play on Morgana aka. Morgan Le Fay.

Her ears look pointed in the main image. Maybe she was a Light Elf.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Mordonna should not be confused with:

images (without ads)
Thor I#362, p4, pan1 (main)
Thor I#361, p5, pan4 (with Skurge; impersonating Enchantress)
Thor I#362, p4, pan2 (head shot)

Thor I#361-362 (November-December, 1985) - Walter Simonson (writer/artist), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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