Real Name: Hrimhari

Identity/Class: Asgardian Wolf-God

Occupation: Prince, adventurer

Group Membership: Presumably one of the Asgardian Wolf Gods, or another race of Wolf-People in Asgard
leader of a pack of one of the above

Affiliations: Tiwaz, the New Mutants (esp. Rahne/Wolfsbane), Volstagg's children, the Warriors Three (especially Hogun), X-Men

Enemies: Frost Giants, Hela, Hive-Trolls, Loki, Rock Trolls

Known Relatives: Fenris Wolf (father or ancestor, see comments)

Aliases: Bleakhart, Frosthair (See Comments), Prince of Wolves, The Wolf Prince

Base of Operations: The Enchanted Forest, Asgard

First Appearance: New Mutants Special Edition#1 (1985)

Powers/Abilities: Hrimhari has two forms, that of a wolf, and that of a wolf-human hybrid. He has at least enhanced human strength, speed, etc. He also has sharp claws and teeth, enhanced olfactory (smell) senses, and night vision extending into the infra-red spectrum.

As a native of Asgard, he is apparently immune or highly resistant to aging and conventional disease.

History: Hrimhari is one of the Wolf Gods of Asgard and is likely centuries or millennia in age. Little of his past has been revealed, though he has had at least one past encounter with Hogun the Grim, whom he regards as a true friend. In addition, he is known to many throughout Asgard as a being of unquestionable honor.

(New Mutants Special Edition#1) - The New Mutants were brought to and scattered across the realm of Asgard by the efforts of Loki and Amora the Enchantress. Wolfsbane found herself in the Enchanted Forest, where she was soon on the run from a trio of Giants. Hrimhari leapt to the rescue, biting at the giants' feet and tripping them up, so that Rahne could escape with him. Rahne was very attracted to the Wolf Prince--feelings she had never known before--but she had to leave to try to find her friends. Hrimhari followed her, but was helpless to stop save her when Magik/Illyana--under the spell of the Enchantress--captured her. The New Mutants managed to defeat the Enchantress but remained trapped in Asgard.

(X-Men Annual#9) - The X-Men traveled to Asgard to rescue the New Mutants. Upon arrival they stopped a band of Trolls who were capturing a wolf (they thought it might have been Rahne), who turned out to be Hrimhari. From his mind, Rachel Summers learned that he had met Rahne, and a group of X-Men followed him to the Enchantress' castle, where they found Rahne and some of the other New Mutants. However, almost immediately after this, they were all captured by Loki, who used a pair of Collars of Obedience to bind Rahne and Hrimhari to his will, as the monstrous wolves, Grimfang and Bleakhart. They were then put under the control of the Rock Troll Rugri, and sent to track down the remaining, unimprisoned X-Men and New Mutants. Rahne was soon after freed from the Collar by Cannonball, using an enchanted sword from the dwarf Eitri. Hrimhari remained under Loki's control until Loki was finally forced to concede defeat.

At the conclusion of the struggle, the mutants all returned home, though Rahne and Hrimhari were heartbroken to part.

(New Mutants I#80 (fb) - BTS) - Hela took control of the Valkyrior of Asgard, and sent them to capture the wolves of the Enchanted Forest, in hopes of forcing them to serve as scouts for Hela's army. Hrimhari held them off while his people fled but was ultimately captured and thrown into prison by some trolls serving Hela.

(New Mutants I#80) - When Dani Moonstar was affected by Hela's spell over the Valkyries, the New Mutants returned to Asgard in an effort to save her. They found Hrimhari, wounded and imprisoned, and freed him. He convinced the New Mutants that they must travel to the city of Asgard and inform Odin of Hela' plot to take over the Nine Worlds. As they left, Hela cast a spell which separated them, with Hrimhari, Boom Boom, and Warlock on the outside, and the rest trapped inside.

(New Mutants I#82) - Hrimhari, Boom Boom, and Warlock fled, escaping from Hela's winged demons, and made their way to the Asgardian place royal but found Odin hibernating in his Odinsleep. They were then discovered by one of Odin's guards. Thought to agents of Loki, the trio was thrown into the dungeon. They were freed by the children of Volstagg and sent to recruit the aid of Tiwaz. They had nearly reached Tiwaz's dwelling, when they were caught in a net and captured by a Frost Giant serving Hela.

(New Mutants I#83) - Working together, they escaped from the Frost Giant's grasp, and then Tiwaz appeared and imprisoned the Frost Giant in a block of ice. Tiwaz brought them into his cave, warmed them up and advised them on the true extent of Hela's threat.

(New Mutants I#84) - Tiwaz revealed the location of the Warriors Three and sent Hrimhari and the two New Mutants to free them from the Hive Trolls. They did so, though it required Tiwaz' magic to shrink Volstagg the Enormous, so that Warlock could fly him away. In addition, Hrimhari convinced Ula, queen of the Hive Trolls, that Hela was behind the recent attacks on her kingdom, thus recruiting her to join them against the death goddess. The whole group traveled to Asgard, where they met with Balder and planned a counter-attack against the forces of Hela. However, Hela initiated a pre-emptive strike against Asgard.

(New Mutants I#85) - Hrimhari fought alongside the New Mutants, the Hive Trolls, and the forces of Asgard against Hela's possessed Valkyrior and other agents. Though he was injured, the forces of good succeeded in defeating Hela's plot by destroying the Deathsword she had empowered to slay Odin.

(New Mutants I#86) - The Warriors Three brought the injured Wolf Prince back to the palace, where he and the others were healed with a magic elixir of life.

(New Mutants I#87) - Hrimhari enjoyed the victory feast in Asgard but was sad to learn that Rahne had to return to Earth once more.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont and Art Adams.

The Wolf Gods were revealed as descendents of Fenris Wolf in Thor Annual#12

Dagda79: What If II#12 showed an alternate Earth (or Asgard, in this case) where the mutants decided to stay, and Hrimhari died in this alternate Earth.

Believe it or not, there's actually a website dedicated to Hrimhari:
Gained from an ancient English vocabulary page, this site says Hrimhari's name is old English for Frosthair and also tells of his past life on Earth.

Also, per our own Valerio, here's some more fanfic on Hrimhari:
Click on the 'Heroes' icon (Cap Shield) and Campioni (The Champions) is there.
For Power Pack (a fictional team incuding Hrimhari): click on 'e' and then on 'Strange Tales'

New Mutants#81 told an out-of-sequence tale, involving Magma's encounter with Hercules, and is unrelated to the Asgardian adventure.

Why doesn't Rahne ever go back to Asgard and get some wolf-lovin'?

Hrimhari supposedly died during the Ragnarok in Thor II#85.


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