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Real Name: James Nicola Bradley

Identity/Class: Human mutant, technology user

Occupation: Scientist; former Nazi-hunter, terrorist, adventurer, doctor at Mercy Hospital and other facilities, roboticist

Group Membership: None
formerly X-Force (Boom-Boom/Tabitha Smith, Cable/Nate Summers, Colossus/Peter Rasputin, Domino/Neena Thurman, Forge, Hope Summers, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock), X-Club (Beast/Hank McCoy, Box/Madison Jeffries, Dr. Kavito Rao, Dr. Yuriko Takiguchi), Battle-Axis (the Human Meteor, the Spider Queen, Strongman, Volton, Skyshark)

Affiliations: Abira, Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Thor), Blade (Eric Brooks), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Dracula, Dr. Lionell, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Sue Richards, Mr Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Alelytys Forrester, Future Foundation (Doctor Doom/Victor von Doom, Invisible Woman/Susan Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Molly Hayes, Phineas T. Horton, Hrimhari, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Korvus, Lida, Legion (David Haller), Logomancer, New Mutants (Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Cypher/Douglas Ramsey, Karma/Xi'an Coy Manh, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Magma/Amara Aquilla, Sunspot/Roberto da Costa, Warlock), Kate Kildare, Briar Raleigh, Storm (Ororo Munroe of Earth-12245), Mary Strong, Thor, X-Force (Bishop/Lucas Bishop, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Puck/Eugene Judd, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Spiral/Rita Wayword), X-Man (Nate Grey), X-Men (Angel/Warren Wothington III, Ariel, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Danger, Dazzler/Alison Blaire, Domino/Neena Thurman, Fantomex, Frenzy/Joanna Cargill, Emma Frost, Gambit/Remy LeBeau, Havok/Alex Summers, Hope Summers, Husk/Paige Guthrie, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Jubilee/Jubilation Lee, Magneto/Erik Lehnsherr, Marvel Girl/Rachel Summers, Namor McKenzie, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Polaris/Lorna Dane, Professor X/Charles Xavier, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Rogue/Anna-Marie, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Warpath/James Proudstar, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett), X-Men students (Anole/Victor Borkowski, Armor/Hisako Ichiki, Blindfold/Ruth Aldine, Bling!/Roxy Washington, Cipher/Alisa Tager, Crosta, Dust/Sooraya Qadir, Elixer/Josh Foley, Gentle/Nezhno Abidemi, Graymalkin/Jonas Graymalkin, Hellion/Jullian Keller, Indra/Paras Gavaskar, Loa/Alani Ryan, Match/Ben Hamill, Mercury/Cessily Kincaid, No-Girl/Martha Johansson, Onyxx/Sidney Green, Oya/Idie Okonkwo, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Primal/Teon Macik, Prodigy/David Alleyne, Rockslide/Santo Vacarro, Stepford Cuckoos/Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe Cuckoo, Surge/Noriko Ashida, Trance/Hope Abbott, Transonic/Laurie Tromette, Velocidad/Gabriel Cohuelo, X-23/Laura Kinney, Zero/Kenji Uedo)
formerly Aarkus the Vision, Golem (Jacob Goldstein), Stratocorp, Vanisher ("Telford Porter")

Enemies: Aarkus the Vision, Adversary, Avengers (Beast/Henry McCoy, Black Panther/T'Challa, Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Daredevil/Matt Murdock, Giant Man/Hank Pym, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Iron Fist/Danny Rand, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Red Hulk/Thunderbolt Ross, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde), Bastion, Blastaar, Dark Avengers, Dragoness (Tamara Kurtz), Evolutionaries, Feral (Maria Callasantos), Genetikorps, Godzilla, Johann Goldstein, Golem (Jacob Goldstein), H.A.M.M.E.R., Hellfire Club (Black Bishop/Maximilian Frankenstein, Black King/Kade Kilgore, Lord Molyneux, Salome, Cornelius Shaw, White King/Manuel Enduque, White Queen/Wilhelmina Kensington), "Hellverine", Herr Nachtersteller, Human Council (Graydon Creed and unrevealed others), the Invaders (Blazing Skull/Mark Todd, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, Miss America/Madeline Joyce, Silver Scorpion/Elizabeth Barstow, Sub-Mariner/Namor McKenzie, Whizzer/Robert Frank), Kosmic Kommandant, Kruun, Litterbug, Lobe, Mr. Sinister (Nathaniel Essex), Neo (Backhand, Flare, Orb, Pillar, Repulse, Sinew, Singularity, Stare), Norman Osborn, Predator X, Purifiers, Reavers (Bonebreaker, Pretty Boy, Skullbuster and unidentified others), Sapiens League, Selene, Sentinels, Sebastian Shaw, Stinger (Wendy Sherman), Stratocorp, Mr Strickland and his unidentified group, Stryfe (Nate Summers), Vampire Nation, Xarus

(ACE magazine) Abbu ben Alla, Bumps Burke, Dr. Conn and his henchmen, Clive Howard and his spy ring (Dimout, Rocco, others), McNulty and Mirch, Dr. Ogden, Dr. Riek and his henchmen, the Surgeon, Blackie West and his henchmen, X2, unnamed insurance executive and accomplices, unnamed foreign agents

Known Relatives: Nicola Bradley (father, deceased), Catherine Price Bradley (mother, deceased), John & Mary Price (maternal grandparents, deceased), Jim Hammond (Human Torch, android co-creation), Volton (adroid creation), Mary Strong (former fiancee)

Aliases: Doctor Death (codename used as Axis operative)

Base of Operations: X-Bunker, Nebraska
formerly Utopia, coast of San Francisco Bay, California;
formerly Graymalkin Industries, Marin Highlands, San Francisco, California;
formerly Buenos Aires, Argentina;
formerly Mission District, San Francisco (place of birth)

First Appearance: (historic) Lightning Comics I#6/3 (published by Ace Magazines, cover-date April 1941); (Marvel, Doctor Death) Invaders II#1 (May 1993), (Marvel; Doctor Nemesis) Uncanny X-Men I#504 (2009)

Powers/Abilities: Doctor Nemesis' mutant intellect allows him to master many different medical and scientific disciplines and easily comprehend and operate complex machinery. Nemesis rebuilt eyes can detect genetic abnormalities up to 200 meters away and see the infrared and X-ray spectrums. An accomplished inventor, Nemesis created several biochemical compounds, notably one significantly extending his life span; over 100 years old, he appears roughly half his age, requiring regular injections to stay young. Nemesis has also created a concentrated truth serum, a "super-sedative" and other volatile compounds, and invented several hypodermic-based weapons that fire darts loaded with his so-called "science narcotics."

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond; formerly dyed black


(Uncanny X-Men I#512) - James Nicola Bradley was born on December 1st, 1906. His parents were unaware the doctor performing the delivery was in fact the future grown-up version of James Bradley who'd traveled to the past to honor a promise he'd made to his mother. James' mother Catherine died during childbirth because of blood loss incurred by placenta previa. With his father gone too, James was raised by his grandparents John and Mary Price.

(Lightning Comics III#1/4 (fb) - BTS / Invaders II#3 (fb) - BTS) - During his medical studies, he was mentored by a Dr. Lionell, a physician who received medical honors during World War I. Completing his degree, Bradley entered the field of medicine. Bradley also became the "silent partner" of Professor Phineas T. Horton and worked with Horton on the creation of androids. The two men worked together on the android who would become known as the original Human Torch, while Bradley worked mostly alone on a second android.

(Marvels Project#1 / Invaders II#3 (fb)) - In 1939, Bradley warned Horton against publicizing their work due to the unexplained phenomenon by which exposure to air caused the Torch to burst into flames. However, Horton sought money and publicity for his work and revealed his creation to the public anyway. Outraged, Bradley dissolved their partnership and departed, taking with him the second, unfinished android.

(Invaders II#3 (fb)) - At some point during the next two and a half years he completed work on the second android, who (unaware of his true nature) briefly acted as the superhero Volton from late 1941 to early 1942.

(Lightning Comics I#6/3 (fb) - BTS) - Early in 1941, Bradley, now a doctor at Mercy Hospital and a co-worker of nurse Mary Strong, decided to embark upon a career as a costumed crimefighter. Arming himself with a hypodermic gun and wearing a surgical mask over his face, he took the identity of Doctor Nemesis.

(Lightning Comics I#6/3) - Called to the scene of a train wreck with Mary and other medical personnel, Bradley (already active as Doctor Nemesis but as yet unknown to the public) used his costumed identity to clear passenger Mack Keller of wrongful murder charges, exposing the true criminal, Bumps Burke.

(Lightning Comics II#1/3) - Doctor Nemesis exposed the criminal practices of contractors McNulty and Mirch.

(Lightning Comics II#2/3) - Doctor Nemesis prevented a trio of foreign agents from attacking an important government official at Mercy Hospital.

(Lightning Comics II#3/3) - Doctor Nemesis stopped Blackie West and his gang from committing crimes with a knockout gas formula stolen from the murderered professor Forte.

(Lightning Comics II#4/3) - Doctor Nemesis exposed an automobile insurance scam managed by an insurance executive and his accomplices.

(Lightning Comics II#5/3) - Doctor Nemesis uncovered an extortion operation run by Dr. Conn of Mercy Hospital.

(Lightning Comics II#6/3) - While treating a malady at Camp Williams alongside several other doctors, Bradley discovered that the disease was being spread by the Nazi bacteriologist Dr. Riek. As Doctor Nemesis, he defeated Riek and his henchmen.

(Lightning Comics III#1/4) - While working at City Hospital on a cure for a "black plague" with Dr. Lionell, Bradley discovered that the criminal called the Surgeon was spreading the plague throughout the city via trained rats. Doctor Nemesis defeated the Surgeon and exposed him as Dr. Blackston, the superintendent of City Hospital.

(Invaders II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Under unrevealed circumstances, Bradley was approached by agents of the Third Reich to become an operative of the Axis powers. Bradley, feeling that his talents had gone unappreciated and perhaps disillusioned by his encounter with the Surgeon, agreed to organize several other costumed crimefighters into a unit called Battle-Axis, whose purpose would be to manipulate the US into abandoning the war effort. Bradley embarked on "Project Mojave," an elaborate scheme whereby a device called an oscillotron would cause a severe earthquake on the west coast, destroying war industry plants, releasing poison gas from underground storage, and theoretically causing the US to withdraw from the war in order to deal with the homefront crisis. As the leader of Battle-Axis, Bradley took a new name, Doctor Death, and developed a more advanced form of hypodermic weapon. Although Mary Strong remained unaware of Bradley's double identity, it may be that he became more remote to her as a result of his new activities. Despite their mutual attraction, she became engaged to a man named Clive Howard, who unknown to her was an Axis operative himself.

(Invaders II#1) - On June 22, 1942, at New York Harbor, after the Invaders attacked a Nazi u-boat, Battle-Axis counterattacked, with Doctor Death rendering Captain America unconscious with one of his hypo-darts. Battle-Axis next attacked the Whizzer and Miss America; they managed to abduct the Whizzer, although Miss America evaded capture.

(Invaders II#2) - After Battle-Axis's arrival in Hollywood, California, Doctor Death, having apparently kidnapped scientist Dr. Johann Goldstein some time earlier, accompanied by the Golem clashed with the Torch and the Sub-Mariner; the fight ended with both heroes unconscious, and Doctor Death ordered the Golem to bring the Torch with them, while leaving the Sub-Mariner to burn (although he was rescued shortly thereafter by the Blazing Skull).

(Invaders II#3) - In Battle-Axis's secret base beneath the Mojave Desert, Doctor Death and the other members of Battle-Axis elaborated on their background and plans to a captive Torch and Whizzer. When the Invaders entered the base, they were fought to a standstill by Battle-Axis, until Doctor Death, using the "dimension smasher" created by Professor Enoch Mason (another scientist forced into his employ), summoned the extradimensional Aarkus (a.k.a. the Vision) and forced him to defeat the Invaders.

(Invaders II#4) - Doctor Death explained his plans to the captive Invaders, but when he departed to tend to his plans, the Invaders managed to escape and again engaged the Battle-Axis in battle. During the melee, Death managed to activate the oscillotron, only to be struck down by Volton (who had learned that Doctor Death had concealed Volton's true android nature from him) and left for dead. The fighting continued until Namor destroyed the oscillotron, while the Vision, deciding against further alliance with Battle-Axis, teleported the poison gas away with him.

(post-Invaders II#4 / pre-Super Mystery III#3) - Doctor Death survived Volton's attack and managed to escape Battle-Axis's base after the others had departed, apparently returning to New York City.

(Super Mystery III#3/3) - Having evidently repented of his work for the Axis, Bradley returned to his identity of Doctor Nemesis and exposed a plane-destroying spy ring (Dimout, Rocco, and others) run by Mary Strong's fiance, Clive Howard. Following the exposure of Howard's activities, Mary was reconciled with Dr. Bradley.

(Super Mystery III#4/3) - Doctor Nemesis discovered that the swami called Abbu ben Alla was attempting to mesmerize Mary Strong into committing murder; Nemesis prevented the effort and defeated Ben Alla.

(Super Mystery III#6/2) - Attending a party thrown by Dr. Clark, Bradley discovered murder at the party and, as Doctor Nemesis, exposed the killer, Dr. Ogden.

(Super Mystery IV#1/2) - Dr. Bradley, now engaged to Mary Strong, was aboard a subway train when it was stopped by an armless man running across the tracks; the man was a leper who had escaped from the lair of the Japanese agent X2 by literally tearing his arms off. X2 was collecting blood plasma from lepers to poison American blood supplies. After he caused the leper to be electrocuted on the subway tracks, Bradley became Doctor Nemesis and defeated him in battle, learning the details of his plan before X2 threw himself on the third rail.

(Uncanny X-Men I#504 (fb) - BTS) - After the war many nazi superscientists wound up in Argentina and would continue their experiments. Determined to hunt them down Doctor Nemesis moved to Argentina.

(Uncanny X-Men I#504 (fb) - BTS) - During one of his nazi hunts Dr Nemesis stopped Herr Nachtersteller who created dozens of tube-grown supernazis who were part of the Futurfuhrer's Genetikorps. Dr Nemesis drove his thumbs into his eyes, possibly killing the nazi scientist.

(X-Men: Blind Sience#1 (fb)) - At an unspecified time Doctor Nemesis fought nazi dolphins.

(X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Smoke & Blood#1 (fb) - BTS) - Doctor Nemesis slaughtered Nazi Dinosaurs.

(X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Smoke & Blood#1 (fb) - BTS) - Doctor Nemesis reverse-engineered Aryan Influenza.

(X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Smoke & Blood#1 (fb) - BTS) - Doctor Nemesis sabotaged the SS clonebabs of Peru.

(X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Smoke & Blood#1 (fb) - BTS) - Doctor Nemesis outplayed the Kosmic Kommandant at Quantum Chess.

(Uncanny X-Men I#504 - BTS) - X-Men senior members Angel and Beast decided to put together a science team tasked with solving the mutant birth crisis. Since the Scarlet Witch caused millions of mutants to lose their powers by casting a reality altering spell, an event that came known as M-Day only one mutant (Hope Summers) had been born. Beast knew of James Bradley and decided to invite him to his X-Club, named after Charles Darwin's regular dinner club with people who shared a belief in his theories.

(Uncanny X-Men I#509 (fb) - BTS) - Beast knew Bradley was a first-generation mutant, something that would presumably help them in their quest for finding an answer to the mutant genocide.

(Uncanny X-Men I#504) - Bradley agreed to meet the two X-Men on the terrace of a local cafe in Buenos Aires where he shared tales of his nazi-hunting days. The smug and overconfident Bradley wasn't planning on joining the X-Men, stating there were perfectly good genocidal maniacs right there at home. Having had enough of the stream of insults Angel was about to leave although Beast stopped him, realizing he needed Bradley's intelligence to solve their impending genocide. Beast practically begged the man to help them when Bradley suddenly pulled a gun. Both X-Men were unaware of the speeding car about to hit them, driven by two tube-grown supernazi's part of the Futurfuhrer's Genetikorps. Bradley declared he was about to be assassinated and fired two shots from his gun loaded with dangerous narcotics at the car, seemingly killing the supernazis. The car stopped right in front of Bradley who knew the threat had subsided. Bradley explained the origin of the tube-grown supernazis when Beast suddenly grabbed him by the arm. Beast told him that eing the world's leading supernazi hunter was just the icing on the cake, as far as they were concerned they needed his intellect and sense of duty to stop this slow-moving mutant genocide. With a slight grin on his face, Bradley shook Beast's hand, declaring that the X-Men had found their genius, Beast then explained he was just one and others had to be sought out as well.

(Uncanny X-Men I#505) - Bradley joined Beast and Angel in their search for Madison Jeffries, another possible invitee to the X-Club. When they located him outside of Old Crow, Yukon in Canada he was being chased by machinations of his own creation. After blowing up the doors of the compound they found him and extended the invitation which Jeffries gladly accepted.

(Uncanny X-Men I#506) - Bradley, Beast, Angel and Madison Jeffries arrived on Kunashir Island in Japan to extend an invitation to Dr. Yuriko Takiguchi. However, Jeffries quickly realized that by walking on the beach they had triggered a motion sensor which had sent a signal to the holding pens, releasing crab-like creatures. Confident as ever Bradley pulled his guns to fight the creatures but he ended up injured by one of the creature's giant claws. Bradley was rescued by Angel who took him into the air, while Jeffries and Beast found a way inside. Once they entered the compound, the X-Club was "welcomed" by Dr. Yuriko Takiguchi himself who greeted the mutants as comrades, believing the Russians had invaded his land and come to take him to their masters. Speaking fluent Japanese, Beast explained their reasons for coming after which Takiguchi realized his error. Takiguchi explained he truly believed them to be the Russians and had initiated a self-destruct event, afraid he and his work would fall into the wrong hands. Bradley and the others then saw this "self-destruct event", the towering Godzilla ready to destroy them.

(Uncanny X-Men I#507) - While the X-Club wondered what they could do as Godzilla was about to kill them, Angel decided to step up. Shifting into his lethal, metal winged Archangel persona, Warren took to the sky and killed the creature by entering its mouth and flying straight through its head. Beast was shocked his friend had kept such a secret from him and was furious, ordering the group to return home. Upon arriving at the X-Men base at Graymalkin Industries, two students asked Beast who his friends were, leading them to announce themselves as the X-Club.

(Uncanny X-Men I#508) - After giving the X-Club a tour of the Graymalkin Industries base, Beast showed them to their science lab where they met up with the X-Club's final member Dr. Kavito Rao. She welcomed the men and proposed to get to work and save mutantkind. Three pots of coffee later the group was still debating whether or not they could solve the crisis. Bradley noted that he believed in science and that science could solve this problem.

(Nation X#3/3 (fb)) - Doctor Nemesis was seen calling Madison Jeffries who stood silently watching as his estranged wife Diamond Lil' arrived on Utopia.

(Uncanny X-Men I#509 (fb) - BTS) - The X-Club succeeded in sending a machine to the future.

(Uncanny X-Men I#509) - Bradley's prickly personality didn't make him too popular on Utopia. He mocked Madison Jeffries when the quirky technopath told him he'd had an interesting talk with Forge's coffeemaker. Dr. Kavita Rao commented that it had to be hard to be so difficult all the time, wondering if Nemesis never worried he'd end up all alone and unloved knowing so many of his former colleagues would use his grave for a toilet. Before Bradley could react Beast entered their lab. Jeffries told everyone about the machine they'd sent into the future, wondering if they could also send it to the past, sometime before Scarlet Witch's reality altering spell. Rao and Takiguchi picked up on Jeffries train of thought and decided it best to study the parents of a first generation mutant to see what genetic indicators and eccentricities made such an evolutionary leap possible. Takiguchi noted if anybody knew a couple about to give birth to a first-generation mutant a century ago, prompting Beast to look at Nemesis. Bradley then revealed he was born in 1906 and was a first-generation mutant himself. He had been using an aggressive array of bizarre narcotics of his own invention to keep himself young and vital. Bradley revealed he was born in San Francisco and would continue to aid the X-Club in finding a resolution. The X-Club agreed to their plan and prepared a ways to travel to the past.

(Runaways III#10) - Bradley and the X-Club met the young mutant Molly Hayes when she received a tour of the facility from Wolverine. However, the young mutant wouldn't stop talking which irritated Bradley who noted he would dissect her if she wouldn't shut up.

(Uncanny X-Men I#510) - Bradley and the X-Club were quarantined to the vault when the X-Men came under attack from the Sisterhood of Mutants. When they were released from quarantine Bradley met up with the other X-Men and had a slight altercation with Wolverine. However, Cyclops stopped the two from bickering and explained why the X-Club had been quarantined, deeming them valuable assets he didn't want to be endangered by combat.

(Uncanny X-Men I#512) - Beast called a meeting of the X-Club, to further discuss their plan to travel back to 1906 and study the parents of a first generation mutant to discover a way to reverse the mutant decimation event. During the meeting, Beast revealed that the machine they'd previously used to travel forward could be modified to go back as well, allowing them 32 hours in the past. Moments later, Angel arrived with Psylocke, announcing she'd be joining the X-Club on their trip to the past. Ready to go, Bradley revealed just why they were going back to 1906: they were going after his parents Nicola and Catherine Bradley. By studying their genetic material, they could determine what genetic match caused the creation of homo superior.

(Uncanny X-Men I#512 - BTS) - Bradley and the X-Club succesfully used the time machine to travel back to 1906. In San Francisco's Mission District, they quickly located the Bradley family home.

(Uncanny X-Men I#512) - Somewhat afraid to face a mother he'd never met since she died giving birth to him, Bradley chose to stay behind while the X-Club went up to the Bradley residence. Psylocke used her telepathy to make the group appear like plainclothes civilians of the era, nevertheless Catherine Bradley answered the door by pulling two guns on them. She made it clear they weren't interested in whatever the travelers came to do, disappointed the X-Club returned to their base to discuss their plan. With only fifteen hours left it was decided the group would split up and approach one of the Bradley's independently; Takiguchi, Rao and Angel would go after Catherine while Beast, Jeffries and Psylocke would find Nicola. Nemesis explained he would ghost both teams, but preferred to stay out of it and handed both teams vials for them to collect their blood.

(Uncanny X-Men I#512 - BTS) - The X-Club was unaware Nicola Bradley was in the middle of creating a generator-battery which would supply San Francisco with clean and free wireless electricity. His creation also attracted the attention of Cornelius Shaw and Lord Molyneux, leader of the Hellfire Club who wanted to use his invention as a power source for their mechanical creation, the Sentinel.

(Uncanny X-Men I#512) - Much later that night Nemesis was contacted by Takiguchi, Rao and Angel who'd just rescued Catherine from a group of Hellfire Club goons who wished to kidnap her. Although the goons were defeated Catherine collapsed and started losing blood. Nemesis was called to rescue his own mother.

(Uncanny X-Men I#512 (fb) - BTS) - Catherine was placed in her bed while Nemesis examined the unconscious woman and discovered she suffered from placenta previa. Nemesis nevertheless took a sample of Catherine's blood for later study.

(Uncanny X-Men I#512) - Nemesis sat beside his mother when she regained consciousness, after he explained what had transpired he revealed she was suffering from placenta previa and had to be confined to bed as her life depended on it. When she asked about her baby's health Nemesis told her his heartbeat sounded strong, meaning he was a fighter. Surprised, the weary Catherine asked how on earth a doctor could determine the sex from the sounds of a heartbeat, prompting Nemesis to call it a hunch. He then promised to stay with her during the pregnancy. Nemesis quietly left the room to talk to Takiguchi, Rao and Angel, revealing his mother would die in childbirth. However, before they could do something they witnessed Nicola and their friends being chased by a giant Sentinel. Shaw had succeeded in stealing Nicola's power source and now planned to use his Sentinel to kill the mutants. The X-Club joined forces and successfully destroyed the Sentinel. When it was destroyed, one of the machine's steel blades fatally injured Nicola. Catherine had witnessed the fight and although having promised to remain in bed ran to her husband's side. While Nicola lay dying Nemesis remembered his mission and quickly took a blood sample of Nicola's after which the man asked for his name. Nemesis revealed he was called James, prompting Nicola to reply that was a fine name for a boy. As the X-Club's time was running out he quickly handed the samples to Catherine ordering her to bury them in the Golden Gate Park after which the X-Club were transported to their own time.

(Uncanny X-Men I#512) - Back in the present, Nemesis and the X-Club visited Golden Gate Park to retrieve the vials only to find they couldn't get to them because the immovable Dreaming Celestial was blocking their path to the buried samples. Nemesis reasoned the spacegod had deliberately chosen to stand on the spot where the past and future of mutantkind evolution was determined.

(Uncanny X-Men I#512) - Nemesis returned to 1906, keeping his promise to Catherine to be at her side during childbirth. Placenta previa once again caused her to have fatal blood loss during delivery, still Nemesis managed to deliver his younger self. Born an orphan, Nemesis handed the baby over to his grandparents John and Mary Price..

(Dark Avengers / Uncanny X-Men: Utopia#1) - When the Humanity Now! Coalition marched on San Francisco, they found themselves opposed by anti-Proposition X protestors. As violence and riots erupted, Cyclops dispatched his X-Men to restore order. Later that day Bradley and the X-Men watched a news report about the situation. That night Norman Osborn (head of the national peacekeeping organization H.A.M.M.E.R.) publicly branded Cyclops an instigator and deployed his "Dark Avengers" to quell the conflict and arrest anyone who stood in their way.

(Uncanny X-Men I#514 - BTS) - To safeguard the future of the X-Men and mutantkind Cyclops sent the X-Club on a secret mission while they fought Norman Osborn's regime. His plan was for the X-Club to locate Magneto's old base Asteroid M on the bottom of the ocean and transform it into an independent nation for mutantkind to live on.

(Uncanny X-Men I#514) - Bradley, Rao and Jeffries were accompanied by Psylocke when they boarded a sub just off the coast of the Pacific Coast where they found Asteroid M. Jeffries commented the X-Club had taken three days to build a machine that would make the asteroid float up to the surface and now needed three more days to make it work.

(Dark Avengers I#8) - Bradley and Rao watched from the sub while Psylocke and Jeffries in diving-suits placed the devices on the asteroid. Once they had finished and returned to the sub they explained all of the devices had been installed and ready for activation. Just then Bradley injected himself with his biochemical compound to keep his vitality. After he'd done so they activated the devices which caused the asteroid to float towards the surface. Mere minutes later, the X-Men and newschoppers witnessed Asteroid M rising to the surface after which Pixie teleported the X-Men to it. There Cyclops, Emma Frost and Namor the Sub-Mariner took to the cameras declaring they rejected Norman Osborn's pogrom against mutants: if the people of the United Stated wanted them to leave, they would go.

(X-Men: Legacy I#227) - Bradley was present when Onyxx and Ariel arrived back at the X-Men's HQ during their war against the H.A.M.M.E.R. and the Dark Avengers.

(Dark Avengers / Uncanny X-Men: Exodus#1) - The final showdown between the X-Men and Osborn's Avengers took place on Utopia, the former Asteroid M that floated in the waters around San Francisco. After defeating Osborn's Avengers and X-Men the real X-Men decided to leave San Francisco and moved to their own nation which they called Utopia. The next day Bradley joined Emma Frost and Elixer to tell Cyclops he had to stop daydreaming because they would need to build an entire city.

(Dark Reign: The List - X-Men#1) - Norman Osborn wanted to get revenge on Namor the Sub-Mariner. To achieve this, he turned Namor's deceased wife Marrina Smallwood into a giant monster. For nine days the monster would feed on Namor's people the Atlanteans, prompting Namor to ask the X-Men for help. After seeing the corpse of one of the Atlanteans, Bradley figured someone had made something to eat his kind. Before he could continue Cyclops spotted a pattern in the attacks and noted it was heading east, towards Utopia. Cyclops quickly devised a plan to stop it.

(Uncanny X-Men I#515) - Bradley was called in when Psylocke discovered Dr. Yuriko Takiguchi had quietly passed away. Beast and the X-Club ultimately decided it was best to cremate Takiguchi on Utopia, Bradley and Jeffries decided to use the blast furnace on sublevel seven. Later that day Bradley and the other residents of Utopia gathered at Takiguchi's memorial.

(New Mutants III#5) - Doctor Nemesis and the X-Club succeeded in fixing Legion's fractured psyche. By terraforming David Haller's psyche they managed to catalogue, isolate and imprison his varios personalities, locking each of them in their own cell. This allowed David to take full control of himself for the first time in years. Haller's friends the New Mutants were present to keep an eye on things, but Doctor Nemesis wasn't to keen on answering any of their questions. Bradley noted that Legion's powers allowed him to bend time to his will, which would prove beneficial to the 99% of mutants with a now dormant X-gene. Keeping him away from his work was therefore almost a crime. Taking the hint, the New Mutants left the lab.

(X-Force III#19) - After saving Surge from exploding (due to an overload caused by the Sapiens League), Elixer (Josh Foley) was overtaxed and left comatose. Doctor Nemesis oversaw his recovery in the X-Men's medic bay. Bradley noted he couldn't wake the boy, since it would cause long-term problems.

(X-Men Legacy Annual I#1 - BTS) - When the X-Men had become aware of super-villain Emplate's presence on Utopia they gathered all mutants to warn them of the predatory mutant. During the gathering, Cyclops ordered Doctor Nemesis and Madison Jeffries to find a way to stop Emplate from traveling to their dimension. Cyclops then ordered the students to pair up in groups, making them less vulnerable. Eventually, Emplate succeeded in kidnapping the student Bling!

(X-Men Legacy I#228) - Onyxx, Hellion and Rockslide quickly made their way to Cyclops to tell of Bling!'s abduction. Prompting Cyclops to ask Doctor Nemesis and Jeffries how their firewall was coming but while they explained how difficult it was another student, Trance (Hope Abbott) saw Emplate's floating lighthouse base. She, however, was the only mutant present who could see the floating lighthouse. It was decided Rogue would borrow her powers to rescue Bling!.

(X-Men Legacy I#229) - While X-Men's resident teleporter Ariel watched, Doctor Nemesis and the X-Club constructed a device that would stop Emplate from escaping to another dimension. To test the device Doctor Nemesis ordered Ariel to teleport back to the mainland. When her attempt failed, they had proof their device worked. Doctor Nemesis and Jeffries made their way over to Cyclops, revealing their "dragnet" was effective, however, Cyclops had a hard time understanding Bradley's scientific babbling.

(X-Men Legacy I#230) - Cyclops ordered Doctor Nemesis to activate the "dragnet". The device successfully trapped Emplate's floating lighthouse base, forcing it to appear above Utopia. Just then Madison Jeffries activated another function of the device causing the lighthouse to collapse so the X-Men could rescue Bling!. When she was saved, Doctor Nemesis asked Cyclops if they should kill Emplate. Cyclops decided against it and stood by as Emplate was "spit back" into his home dimension.

(X-Necrosha#1) - Doctor Nemesis was in the X-Men's medic bay when X-23 was brought in, missing an arm. Surprised the girl had cut out her two adamantium claws, Cyclops ordered Doctor Nemesis to put them back in. But before they could get to work, X-23 and Wolverine noticed the smell of death, unaware Selene's army of the dead had arrived to attack Utopia.

(X-Force III#21) - Feral (Maria Callasantos) was among the many deceased friends, foes, allies and X-Men acquaintances revived by magic and the transmode virus, pressed into service as Selene's Undead Army. Doctor Nemesis protected X-23 and the comatose Elixer from her attack. Not much later they witnessed Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair) and Hrimhari (decendent of the Fenris wolf) escaping from Scaleface. Nemesis didn't recognize the lycophants and tried to kill them, but was stopped by X-23. Once she'd explained who Wolfsbane was, they helped the injured mutant onto a bed. Just then the Vanisher teleported in, looking for Elixer.

(X-Force III#22) - To stabilize Wolfbane's condition, Doctor Nemesis injected her with a concoction of his own creation. As a result, Rahne went to sleep but also returned to her human form. Nemesis spotted her sore stomach and, after performing a med-scan, concluded she was pregnant with a non-mortal baby that was killing her. Seemingly unable to deal with the news Hrimhari fled away.

(X-Force III#23) - Wolfsbane went into cardiac arrest, prompting Doctor Nemesis to try and revive the girl. Just then, Doctor Nemesis, X-23 and the Vanisher were unaware time was stopped as Hrimhari had returned with the Goddess of Death, Hela. Hrimhari asked Hela to save Wolfsbane's life. Hela agreed to help the wolfman in return for his soul. Hrimhari accepted, but instead of saving Wolfsbane he chose to save Elixer. Hela honored the request and revived Elixer. As soon as the normal flow of time resumed, Hrimhari quickly ordered Elixer to use his mutant powers to save Wolfsbane. Unaware of all this, the newly recovered Nemesis was shocked to see Elixer suddenly awake. The young mutant quickly put his hands on Wolfsbane to successfully revive her. When Wolfsbane asked what had happened to Hrimhari, Elixer revealed he had seen a giant woman dressed in all green, Wolfsbane immediately realized what had happened. Wolfsbane, X-23, Elixer and the Vanisher then set out to join the rest of X-Force to defeat Selene once and for all.

(New Mutants III#8) - Sunspot and Danielle Moonstar of the New Mutants suddenly rushed into Doctor Nemesis' medic bay with the heavily injured Magma. Without hesitation Doctor Nemesis grabbed an extraordinary large needle containing a serum that would reactive a mutant's power. When he injected Magma with the serum her epidermis converted to a molten, flowing self-sealing state that healed her.

(X-Force III#25 - BTS) - X-Force seemingly destroyed Selene ending her undead threat.

(X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas#1) - The X-Men were out and about building a lush and green environment on Utopia. Doctor Nemesis helped as well, he was was rebuilding several large conveyance vehicles to help the X-Men set up large structures. While doing so, he was interrupted by the young Pixie who told him Cyclops was looking for him moments before Scott and Emma Frost arrived on the scene themselves. Cyclops want Doctor Nemesis to help Madison Jeffries with the last of the retrieval, however Doctor Nemesis had other plans in mind: he wanted to head south to fix the buoyancy unit. Just then another tremor occurred that had the entire island trembling. Doctor Nemesis joined Angel as they set out to fix the unit.

(Uncanny X-Men I#516) - Bradley and the X-Men witnessed the arrival of Magneto on Utopia, fearing the worst the X-Men were in for a shock when Magneto kneeled before Cyclops asking to follow his leadership. Later that day he witnessed the arrival of Scalphunter who flew a plane over Utopia carrying a number of Predators X, the nigh unstoppable mutant-hunting creatures.

(Uncanny X-Men I#517) - Teleporting aboard Scalphunter's plane, Nightcrawler spotted the Predators and quickly teleported back to land where he warned Cyclops to shoot the plane down. Bradley stood beside Cyclops when he shot the plane down. However, the creatures survived and found their way to Utopia. Bradley wasn't seen when the X-Men fought and killed the creatures.

(Uncanny X-Men I#518 (fb) - BTS) - Bradley and the X-Club researched the corpes of the Predators X, hoping to find out who built them.

(Psylocke I#1) - Bradley was called in to perform some test on Betsy's Braddock old body to determine if it was in fact hers. Bradley noted it was a match, right down to the DNA. He did mention that though the body was real, her purple hair color wasn't.

(Nation X#1/3) - Stinger took Dr. Kavita Rao hostage, threatening to kill her if she didn't get to speak to Iceman. At the same time, she used her electrical powers to hold off the likes of Sunspot, Doctor Nemesis and Magma. When Iceman showed up, they finally had a heart-to-heart, with Wendy admitting she needed to be assured by a hero that everything is going to be okay. Shifting to his human form, Bobby held the sobbing girl in his arms and did just that.

(Uncanny X-Men I#518 (fb) - BTS) - The X-Club discovered that Utopia sinking, but rather than inform Cyclops they first decided to come up with a solution to the problem.

(Uncanny X-Men I#518) - Bradley and the X-Club decided to ask the newly arrived Magneto to help them with the problem because he had created Asteroid X. Delightful as ever, Bradley leaned over and asked Magneto if he was the "good you" or the "homocidal maniac everything thought he was". If he was the latter he was here to ask him for help. Magneto stood up and offered his hand in friendship, hoping to help the X-Club where he could.

(Uncanny X-Men I#519) - Back in Utopia's engineering room the X-Club watched while Magneto attempted to generate enough power to keep the island afloat, acting like a human dynamo. His efforts proved futile, Kavita Rao concluded that it was impossible for the master of magnetism to keep this up for 19 hours a day, even with outside help. Disappointed, Bradley asked the occupied Madison Jeffries a question. Madison then informed the others of his discovery: Utopia had been invaded by a nano-swarm: millions of recording nanobots, sent to spy on the X-Men. Magneto decided to take control and ordered the X-Club to deal with the nano-invasion while he would deal with the sinking island, although Bradley was very skeptical about his plan.

(New Mutants III#9) - After the ordeal of Necrosha, Doctor Nemesis and Danger were tasked with researching the bodies of Warlock and the recently revived Cypher. Doctor Nemesis concluded no traces of Eli Bard's malignant techno-organic virus were found. When asked how Cypher's t/o infection had retreated to the point of being virtually imperceptible, Cypher noted he'd hacked it's code.

(Uncanny X-Men I#520) - While Magneto asked for Namor's help in finding a resolution to Utopia sinking, Doctor Nemesis attended a senior staff meeting. After the opening remarks, Doctor Nemesis explained that Utopia's engines were contuining to fail so the island was still sinking. Even his most workable solution would involve factories all over the world building new engines which would bankrupt Angel and that would still hold off the inevitable for about 3 weeks. Just then Magneto walked in ready to reveal his plan: erect a massive support pillar, designed and constructed by the Atlanteans who would build their city, New Atlantis, near the base. This way the Atlanteans would protect the pillar and the X-Men would protect the Atlanteans. Magneto, however, didn't receive applause. Cyclops simply asked him to follow him out the room. In the hallways, Cyclops explained Magneto was undermining the chain in command, asking Magneto what he truly wanted. The X-men's old archenemy answered "trust", however, Cyclops bluntly reacted with a simple "no". Determined to gain Cyclops' trust, Magneto went about his day.

(Nation X#3/3) - Doctor Nemesis attended the memorial service for Diamond Lil' who was killed by Mortis during Necrosha (as seen in X-Force III#23).

(Uncanny X-Men I#521) - Newly arrived Atlantean mutant Crosta was welcoming Atlantean families who had moved to New Atlantis. After directing a family to the citizen intake center Crosta was surprised when one of the X-Men's underwater crafts approached him. Madison Jeffries and Doctor Nemesis of the X-Club were looking for the person in charge of the construction to assist them in finishing the massive support pillar. After explaining Namor was in charge, he decided to personally fetch the king.

(Uncanny X-Men I#521 - BTS) - Meanwhile, Cyclops and Emma Frost noticed Magneto had gone missing. They found him on top of a mountain mediating surrounded by an impenetrable forcefield. Frost quickly realized Magneto was searching for something. But when she proved unable to read his mind, Cyclops tasked the X-Club to find out what he was up to.

(Uncanny X-Men I#521) - Doctor Nemesis and the X-Club discovered Magneto was using his abilities to locate Kitty Pryde who was phased inside a massive bullet shaped projectile hurtling across the galaxy. Exerting his magnetic control on an interplanetary level, Magneto forced the bullet to return to Earth.

(Uncanny X-Men I#522) - The X-Club monitored the bullet's trajectory, concluding it had changed direction and was heading towards Earth at nearly the speed of light. Doctor Nemesis and the X-Club didn't trust Magneto and thought the arrival of the bullet would surely mean the Earth's destruction. Cyclops arrived at their lab to hear about their findings after which he ordered the group to make the bullet invisible from every single long range deep space sensor and other prying eyes to avert global panic. To achieve this, the X-Club used the Stepford Cuckoos and Danger, combining psychic trickery and computer hacks to obfuscate the truth. However, the plan didn't fool everybody: Reed Richards realized what they were doing and contacted Doctor Nemesis through video screen. Doctor Nemesis revealed the truth of their plan to the leader of the Fantastic Four, after which Richards revealed he'd learned Kitty Pryde was still alive and the bullet remained phased. Richards then noted that they should've asked for permission instead of apologizing after the fact, thinking it to be about time the X-Men stepped out of the shadows. Later that night when the bullet flew over Earth, Magneto successfully retrieved her from inside the projectile after which he fainted. Kitty Pryde appeared to be safe but when she was about to hug Colossus she appeared to be unable to make her body solid and was unable to speak. The X-Club took both the unconscious Magneto and the intangible Kitty Pryde in who was placed in a containment unit.

(Cloak and Dagger IV#1 (fb) - BTS) - Doctor Nemesis performed several tests to determine if Utopia's newest resident Dagger (Tandy Bowen) was a mutant.

(Cloak and Dagger IV#1) - Doctor Nemesis came into the X-Men's Danger Room to check on a training session between Dagger and several students. Dagger used her abilities to defeat Rockslide after which Storm stopped the session. With the program ended, Doctor Nemesis walked into the room as well asking to get a word with Dagger to discuss the results to her tests. He revealed the tests concluded she wasn't a mutant: her powers were the result of the drugs she and Cloak were injected with. Dagger was disappointed, because she finally believed she'd found the place were she belonged. Dagger asked Nemesis if there were any other tests they could run, referring to the fact Beast had been working on a cellular test. Nemesis commented that she should be happy with the news. Several days later Dagger stormed into Cyclops office with the news Cloak had been missing for three days. He had been lured into a trap by his friend Tia and captured by a group led by Mr Strickland looking to teach Cloak to not use his powers. However Cyclops had more important matters to deal with and asked Dagger to leave. Doctor Nemesis was present with several X-Men discussing an unidentified airborne threat when Dagger came in looking for help. When Storm gave Dagger the cold shoulder she turned to Doctor Nemesis who told her that he couldn't help her. Without the help she so desperately needed, Dagger used her light powers to find Cloak, and finally located him in South Boston where he was kept prisoner in the South Boston Senior High School. Feeling for the girl Doctor Nemesis decided to follow Dagger and took Anole with him, the duo witnessed how she managed to free Cloak and convince him of who he was, Cloak then immediately turned on Strickland's men who used advanced weaponry to subdue them. Taking their cue Doctor Nemesis and Anole entered the building and used a device to cancel out Strickland's "smart dust", after which they attacked Strickland and his men. Just then Tia arrived by teleportation, attacking Dagger, however, Cloak quickly took hold of his former friend as the group realized she also had powers. Tia looked for Strickland to help her subdue her powers but the men had already fled the scene after which Cloak asked her to come back with them to the X-Men for help. Tia noted she would rather die and escaped as well. With the threat dealt with, Doctor Nemesis proposed the group returned to Utopia, however, Dagger revealed she and Cloak weren't joining them and left the X-Men.

(Nation X#4/2) - Doctor Nemesis was present during a senior staff meeting when Emma Frost was dozing off into her thoughts, fighting the Kraken alongside Namor.

(X-Men: Legacy I#234) - Doctor Nemesis was seen walking around Utopia when Rogue accidentally picked up a stray thought of his: "I don't work with children or animals".

(Second Coming: Prepare#1) - Doctor Nemesis and Dr. Kavita Rao were seen operating on Karma.

(X-Men: Second Coming#1) - Doctor Nemesis was present during a senior staff meeting when Cyclops reported on the deaths of Onyxx, Meld and Diamond Lil' which occurred during Necrosha. Cyclops pressed that every single attack on mutantkind could very easily wipe them out and they just had to hold out, prompting Doctor Nemesis to take the floor. Doctor Nemesis revealed there was no "holding out", he concluded that there were only 181 mutants left on the planet, not enough mutants to perpetuate a species. At the current rate of deaths they sustained Doctor Nemesis gave mutantkind about seven years before becoming extinct. Unable to deal with this kind of news Cyclops blew a hole in the roof. Just then, the Stepford Cuckoos arrived, revealing Cable had returned with Hope, the first mutant born after the Scarlet Witch's reality altering spell. Realizing they would be a target for several anti-mutants group, Cyclops planned for his X-Men to find Cable and Hope and bring them to Utopia.

(Uncanny X-Men I#523) - Doctor Nemesis and the X-Club were present while Emma Frost and Cyclops monitored the X-Men's progress on finding Cable and Hope. After the X-Men had run into the Sapiens League they discovered Bastion was behind the attack.

(X-Men: Legacy I#235) - After Cyclops sent Rogue to assist the X-Men out in the field, Doctor Nemesis tracked her movements turning it into a grid reference for the other X-Men.

(X-Force III#26) - After receiving information from his New Mutants squad Cyclops informed Doctor Nemesis of the importance of several towers spread across San Francisco (part of Bastion's secondary plan).

(Uncanny X-Men I#524) - Cypher again reminded Cyclops of Bastion's towers, urging Cyclops to go and destroy them. However, Cyclops tasked the X-Club to go and figure out what the towers were and why Bastion had built them. Once they would've gathered that information they would be tasked with destroying the towers. Later that night Doctor Nemesis was present during the memorial service for Nightcrawler, who'd been killed by Bastion while protecting Hope.

(New Mutants III#13) - Discovering that Bastion has constructed an oil rig just off the coast of San Francisco, Cyclops deployed the X-Club to investigate. Upon arriving, they found the rig was outfitted with a hi-tech tower and a countdown timer rapidly approaching zero. The X-Club realized too late that they may be in over their heads.

(X-Men: Blind Sience#1) - As the timer sped towards zero Doctor Nemesis and Madison Jeffries tried to escape but were unable to find a way out while Dr. Kavita Rao went into shock. When the timer hit zero, there wasn't an explosion. Instead, the threesome was teleported away. While they believed they were in another dimension they were actually stuck in an illusion created by Human Council's Graydon Creed, in an effort to gain Rao's hope serum which eliminated the X-Gene from a mutant's dna. While both Madison Jeffries and Doctor Nemesis had no clue what was going on, Rao knew. That's why she didn't create the hope serum but another volatile concoction. Then when the X-Club thought they returned to their own Earth they found themselves in the presence of Graydon Creed and the Sapiens League ready to take Rao's hope serum. Shocked he didn't see through the illusion, Doctor Nemesis blamed himself after which Rao revealed she knew and as the Sapiens League were about to take the containers, the volatile concoction caught fire. Realizing the oil rig would catch flame and explode the threesome made a run for it.

(X-Men: Legacy I#236) - With only a few seconds left before the oil rig would explode the X-Club successfully escaped by jumping into the sea. In an effort to exterminate all mutants on Utopia, Bastion, the super-sentinel from the future enveloped the X-Men's base Utopia within an impenetrable energy dome. Doctor Nemesis, Dr. Ravita Rao and Madison Jeffries were on the outside of the dome and immediately examined the dome. However, within minutes the Avengers arrived offering to help them. Captain America took a look at Nemesis and noted they had once met, but before Nemesis could give a straight answer he returned his attention to the dome. Both Iron Man and Thor proofed unable to create an opening in the dome, meanwhile inside the dome an army of killer robots were released to kill the mutants.

(X-Men: Hellbound#1) - Doctor Nemesis checked into the infirmary where he examined Karma who had lost her leg in a fight against Cameron Hodge.

(Uncanny X-Men I#525) - Doctor Nemesis was still standing outside the dome alongside the Avengers when the Fantastic Four arrived. Nemesis discussed the event with both Tony Stark and Reed Richards, two of the smartest people on Earth. He explained there was a holocaust going on inside the dome prompting Captain America to take charge. Captain America ordered Nemesis and Stark to figure out and define the dome, probing it for weaknesses while Thor and Thing would use their raw strength to smash a way through the dome. After an hour of the two superhumans attacking the dome it had only been depleted by 15%, Iron Man reasoned it would take at least a full day to get inside the dome.

(X-Force III#28) - When the X-Men eventually defeated Bastion, he shattered into countless pieces, as well as the dome. Doctor Nemesis had joined Reed Richards in the Fantasti-Car flying over the Golden Gate Bridge to see what had happened.

(X-Men: Second Coming#2) - Doctor Nemesis went back to work in the infirmary to care for the various people injured during Bastion's attack. Beast helped Nemesis, checking on Archangel's damaged wings.

(Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age) - Doctor Nemesis joined Rogue and Hope Summers for some examination at the Baxter Building. After Hope had undergone several tests, Reed Richard told Nemesis that nothing was wrong with the girl and that he only required some vaccinations and dental work.

(Uncanny X-Men I#526/1) - Doctor Nemesis accompanied Rogue and Cypher as they brought Hope back to her birthplace, Cooperstown, Alaska. During their trip Cypher discovered Hope's real last name was Spalding and her parents were deceased, murdered by the Purifiers along with 264 other people. That night when the group stayed in a local motel, Cypher managed to track down Hope's maternal grandmother.

(Uncanny X-Men I#526/1 (fb) - BTS) - Realizing Hope might need some closure Nemesis secretly called her grandmother and arranged a visit to the graveyard the following morning.

(Uncanny X-Men I#526/1) - The next morning the group visited the grave of Hope's mother and witnessed how her grandmother arrived as well. Nemesis and the other decided to stand down and let the two get to know each other. After spending the afternoon with her grandmother Hope decided she had enough and returned to the group. While returning to Utopia the group decided to help Iceman and Angel with the emergence of a new mutant in Vancouver. Doctor Nemesis stood by as Hope tried helping Laurie Tromette. By touching the girl, she "fixed" her and brought out her mutant abilities.

(Uncanny X-Men I#526/2) - Doctor Nemesis watched over the exhausted Magneto, ordering the master of magnetism to observe bedrest so he could have a chance to recover from his injuries. Unable to help the X-Men rebuild Utopia, Magneto saw Nemesis watching a group of young superheroes on the news and asked them who they were. Nemesis explained they were the Young Avengers and found it strange he'd never heard of them since it was generally assumed Wiccan and Speed were his grandsons.

(The Death of Dracula#1 - BTS / X-Men III#1 - BTS) - Sick of hiding in the shadows Xarus, the son of Dracula had prepared a coup and took over his father's role as Lord of Vampires. He successfully had gathered the different vampire sect to come together as a single vampire nation and had the Mystikos sect develop a light-bending pendant that would allow vampires to survive direct exposure to sunlight. Xarus saw mutantkind as the answer to the vampire's future. If he could turn the X-Men, they would become an unstoppable force. The Mystikos sect also manufacture a special vampire virus that would partially turn humans into vampires. To spread the virus, Xarus ordered one of his own to sacrifice himself like in a kamikaze stunt, targeting depowered mutant Jubilee.

(X-Men III#1) - Xarus and the Vampire Nation successfully infected Jubilee with the vampire virus after a vampire let himself explode to release the virus. Back on Utopia, Doctor Nemesis and Dr. Kavito Rao examined Jubilee and discovered she was infected with the vampire virus and was rapidly transforming. Doctor Nemesis then alarmed Cyclops to the bigger picture as the virus had been manufactured and the bombing was more than a simple act of terror, the vampires wanted to spread the virus. When Cyclops asked if he could cure Jubilee he noted that he could... with ten years and billion dollars in funding. As of now the young Jubilee would stay infected. The next day Doctor Nemesis informed Cyclops about on his new findings of the virus and noted the virus wasn't contagious. In the meanwhile Cyclops had send his X-Men to investigate.

(X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Smoke & Blood#1 (fb)) - Wolverine, Colossus and Blade returned to Utopia with a large ferocious vampire they caught in the city for the X-Club to examine. The vampire still wore a light-bending amulet around his neck but when Wolverine took it from the creature it started to smoke. The X-Club quickly took the vampire inside the compound to stop it from burning. Beside the vampire the X-Men also found five humans who'd came into contact with the vampire virus, who were displaying signs of being infected.

(X-Men III#2) - Doctor Nemesis continued his examination on Jubilee to monitor the progress of her contamination when he asked her how she felt. Jubilee revealed she felt a mysterious voice calling her, but when she told Jubilee to fight the feeling she noted she didn't want to fight it. Doctor Nemesis then joined a senior X-Men meeting to discuss the vampire threat and were joined by famous vampire hunter Blade who revealed Xarus was behind the attack. In an effort to stop Xarus and save their friend Jubilee the X-Men decided to resurrect Dracula. That very night Jubilee indeed answered the call and arrived at Xarus' mansion, still scared and misunderstanding her feelings. Xarus appeared from the shadows offering his hand and the answers to all of her questions, which Jubilee hesitantly accepted. Begging and crying to stop the emptiness inside of her, Jubilee gave herself to Xarus who then sunk his teeth into her neck.

(X-Men III#3) - On Cyclops' orders Doctor Nemesis injected Wolverine with a special serum. It would allow Cyclops with the mere push of a button would reactivate Wolverine's healing factor if he would succumb to the vampire infection. Wolverine, however, was unaware of this plan. Once Wolverine left to go and find Jubilee, Namor returned with Dracula's severed head.

(X-Men III#6 (fb)) - Cyclops had the X-Club examine Dracula's dismembered body in the hope of creating a contingency plan.

(X-Men III#3) - The X-Men successfully resurrected Dracula but when Cyclops wanted to talk business Dracula asked to be released first, Summers agreed and he was released from his bounds. Now in their midst Summer showed Dracula they counted at least twelve-thousand vampires within a five-mile radius, unclear what the X-Men's leader exactly wanted him to do Summer replied he just wanted him to follow his heart. Shocked by the crude remark Dracula choose to show himself out. In the meanwhile, Wolverine was taken prisoner and turned into a vampire, under the control of Xarus.

(X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Smoke & Blood#1) - Doctor Nemesis spoke with Emma Frost about the progress the X-Club was making with the vampire beast they'd brought in earlier. Nemesis revealed Rao had created a serum that would tackle vampirism at a moleculair level while Jeffries had constructed minuscule parvodrones which could carry the serum. After their talk Nemesis returned to the laboratory complex to find something had gone haywire, the vampire had escaped and already killed one of the five humans. Determined to keep the threat under control he entered the lab and shut the lab down, sealing them in quarantine. Nemesis was unaware that Rao had already shot the vampire with the serum although the vampire had telepathically put Jeffries under his control forcing the technopath to keeping the vampire alive. Nemesis sadly arrived to late having to witness another human to be killed by the vampire, opening fire on the beast it transformed into mist and escaped. After a quick meeting it was decided Nemesis would watch the three remaining humans while Rao and Jeffries would look into a way to destroy the beast. While the three civilians pondered the situation Nemesis noticed the room was slowly filling with a strange mist, realizing it was§ the vampire he shoved a chopstick into his gun waiting for the vampire to form itself. Just as the vampire took form again Nemesis shot the chopstick through it's heart, although the vampire didn't die. Shocked the vampire didn't die Nemesis failed to realize one of the humans throw another one right in front of the beast only to be eaten alive. As Nemesis and the two remaining citizens ran away Bradley realized what had happened and telepathically reached out to Emma Frost commanding her to hit Jeffries parietal cortex with a psychic spike. Frost hit Jeffries with the psychic spike thus severing his connection to the vampire causing the minuscule parvodrones to activate the serum and successfully destroying the vampire and those under his command. Sometime later that day Nemesis joined Jeffries as they brought the vampire's corpse to an incinerator.

(X-Men III#5) - While the X-Men prepared for the coming fight against Xarus and his Vampire Nation, Doctor Nemesis handed Cyclops the device with which he could reactivate Wolverine's healing factor. During the assault Xarus released his ultimate weapon, Wolverine. However, Cyclops simply pushed the button on the device and released Wolverine from Xarus' influence. Now reunited with the X-Men the heroes tore through the vampire siege, defeating Xarus' forces. Enraged by his defeat Xarus ordered to send the second wave in, however Brad reminded him there was no one left. Xarus' rage turned to shock when Dracula arrived, having been resurrected by the X-Men. Vlad triumphantly walked around the war room, taking delight in the shock on his minions' faces.

(X-Men III#6 - BTS) - Surprised his father had been resurrected Xarus ordered his men to kill him at once, but the sight of the one true Lord of Vampires scared all of the sect leaders. Just than the X-Men joined by Blade came crashing in, Xarus took the opportunity to grab a sword and attack his father. The two fought but Dracula clearly had the upper hand and after throwing him on the floor he grabbed ahold of Xarus' head and tore it right off his body. Next, Dracula turned his attention to the X-Men and Blade who just witnessed what had happened. However, Cyclops decided to play his ace and reveal they had kept Dracula's dismembered body for seventeen hours in which his X-Club researched him. Dracula stared Cyclops in the face calling it a bluff, but since he liked Cyclops' style he choose to leave and put his house in order.

(X-Men: To Serve and Protect#1/1) - The young Anole and Rockslide were about to flee Utopia to fight crime in San Francisco, the two tried to sneak out when Doctor Nemesis suddenly walked by. Doctor Nemesis wasn't particularly interested in the two and told them to leave before he would amputate something from them.

(Heroic Age: X-Men - BTS) - While researching Earth's mutants as part of his then-new role within the government, Steve Rogers read up on Doctor Nemesis' history, remarking that Bradley had certainly spent decades of mending his mistake of leading the Battle-Axis.

(Uncanny X-Men I#531) - When Utopia was under attack by an artificially created flu by Lobe, Doctor Nemesis joined Rao and Cyclops for a video-meeting with X-Men's PR specialist Kate Kildare. The meeting, however, failed to be useful as humankind would even panic over a normal flu, let alone a mutant flu. Cyclops then ordered Doctor Nemesis and Rao to deal with the situation.

(Uncanny X-Men I#534) - Doctor Nemesis medicated all of the infected to the best of his abilities so they could join Cyclops in his fight against Lobe. To proof it worked he showed off Anole to Cyclops, Anole had been showing symptoms the longest.

(X-Men: Legacy I#243) - After the X-Men fought and eventually rescued their former teammate Omega Sentinel, Cyclops sought out Doctor Nemesis to discuss the events. Doctor Nemesis and Cyclops agreed she found her humanity back, Cyclops then asked Nemesis to complete his tests.

(X-Men: Legacy I#244) - Doctor Nemesis and the Stepford Cuckoos were hard at working repairing Legion's shattered mind while Professor X looked on. Realizing Xavier was skeptic about their work he ordered the girls to show him around in Legion's mind. Once inside they revealed that the once chaotic mindscape had been transformed in a place were all the sub-selves were catalogued in different boxes, unable to influence Legion.

(Generation Hope#4) - With the appearance of several new mutants Doctor Nemesis was tasked with examining the Lights and finding out the extend of their powers. First he turned to Laurie revealing that beside being ordinarily blue she possessed general physiological enhancement and flight, her body had reactive properties even at transonic speeds that would alter her appearance. Hearing Nemesis speak the words transonic gave Laurie the idea to call herself Transonic. Next Nemesis turned to Teon explaining he could still parse complex ideas but simply no longer cared about them in favor of hyperefficient processing of his primary survival instincts. Nemesis, however, had failed to reach any conclusions regarding Hope and revealed he would have to do more tests. Next in line was Idie, Nemesis took hold of the girl and explained that she was a temperature manipulator concluding her powers worked magnificently. Last in line was Gabriel, thinking the boy to be very interesting he wanted to test his hypothesis and asked them to step outside to the beach. There on the beach Nemesis asked Gabriel to run as fast as he could over the water, since the speedster would just skim the surface, but when Gabriel tried he didn't skim the surface and fell into the water. Nemesis knew this would happen and had proofed his hypothesis, explaining Gabriel wasn't a speedster but a localized time-manipulator, he would speed up but not run any faster. Nemesis then ordered the boy to get out of the water as headmaster Cyclops needed a word and called Gabriel speedy gonzales, triggering an angry reaction from the boy. Gabriel used his abilities to beat up Nemesis and push his head in the sand after which he and the Lights left.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual II#3) - Doctor Nemesis helped Jeffries build a portal to grant the X-Men access to Limbo. During the final part of it's construction the team was interrupted by a fight between Cyclops and an enraged Hope, since Cyclops didn't let her Light team go on missions. Even more chaos was added when Namor entered the lab, enraged Jeffries had taken some of his Atlantean technology for their experiment. But just as Jeffries slams the final part into the machine using a ranch the portal seemingly explodes, causing Nemesis, Namor, Cyclops and Hope to be teleported not to Limbo but the Negative Zone. Although the four of them were unaware where they actually were Nemesis decided to follow Namor who was on the lookout for water to replenish his strength while Hope and Cyclops continued their squabble. While Cyclops and Hope got themselves captures by Blastaar's loyal followers Nemesis and Namor were attacked by a giant kraken-like monster. Nemesis decided to sit back and watch the ever-so proud Namor fight the monster, who even drew Namor's blood. But when even his mightiest blow didn't defeat the beast Nemesis decided to help Namor after all, hitting the beast with his chemical cocktail which quickly defeated it. Namor wasn't pleased at Nemesis' action and grabbed the scientist by the throat commanding him to stay away from him after which Namor flew away.

(Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Annual#1 - BTS) - Emma Frost and Pixie travelled to New York to get the Avengers help in rescuing Cyclops and the others. With the Avengers gone Steve Rogers decided to step in and rescue the heroes.

(Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Annual#1) - Determined to find the X-Men a way back home Doctor Nemesis used one of his devices to search for life and stumbled upon a fortress. Greeting the grotesque-looking alien guard Nemesis hinted at the fact the guard definitely had to take him to the scientists working there so they could cut him up and look at his insides. Something which the guard agreed to.

(Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Annual#1 (fb) - BTS) - Instead of being incarcerated by Blastaar's troops Doctor Nemesis managed to make his way into the citadel and take the alien scientists for hostage himself, threatening to kill them unless they prepared a portal to which they could travel back to Earth.

(Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Annual#1) - Nemesis, while still holding the scientist at gunpoint was told they'd already tried making a portal for Blastaar, with little success. But as Nemesis reads the exact same readings as when they were teleported to the Negative Zone realized they were well on their way to actually complete this version.

(Namor: The First Mutant Annual#1) - Just as Doctor Nemesis was growing impatient on waiting, the alien scientists successfully finished the device and handed it over to him. The device however, could only be used at the main teleportation device in the citadel. But just as the guard started to regain consciousness the other alien scientists realized Nemesis had only been shooting tranquilizers after which Nemesis quickly fled the lab but not before the aliens push the alarm. With a horde of armed alien guards on his back Nemesis quickly grabbed some sort of "space-bike" with which he tries to escape into space while noting the guards' shooting was rather pointless since both them and he himself wanted to get him out of the "cosmic devolutionary stain they called home". Just suddenly right before the guards could hit Nemesis the giant beast who'd previously fought Namor, resurfaced! Realizing the giant beast had in fact become addicted to Nemesis' tranquilizers he decided to let the beast follow him into Blastaar's lair. But upon entering Blastaar's domain Nemesis sees a three-way battle was well on his way between Steve Rogers, Hope and Cyclops versus a dehydrated and berserk Namor (chemically imbalanced and Blastaar. Although amused to see "Princess" Namor get a little humility he warned the others to quickly head out after which the giant monster appears. Unaware of what was really going on with Namor, Nemesis approached the Atlantean with a smug remark after which he was attacked by the mad Namor. Believing at least one of his ribs was broken Nemesis made his way over to Hope and Steve Rogers who just found out the remaining portal had already been destroyed. However, Nemesis used his newly created to teleported the entire group back to Earth.

(Namor: The First Mutant Annual#1) - Hours after their return Nemesis and Frost witnessed how Namor was humbled by Steve's friendship and thanked him, something that made it all worth while according to the ironic duo.

(Wolverine IV#7) - While the X-Men came under attack by a demonically possessed Wolverine (Hellverine), Doctor Nemesis had been ordered to join Fantomex to prepare for a plan b while the X-Men tried to stop Wolverine. Having failed their attacked Emma Frost signaled Doctor Nemesis to start plan b to kill Wolverine.

(Wolverine IV#8) - Doctor Nemesis and Fantomex arrived at Angel Island where they witnessed Storm fighting Wolverine. Storm, however, noticed the men arriving and ordered them to stand down but Doctor Nemesis grabbed his gun anyway and shot Wolverine in the head with a vile of the bubonic plague. Enraged by his attempt at killing her friend Storm engaged Doctor Nemesis calling him a monster, reasoning she would run a lightning bolt through his insides if he were to raise the gun again. Sympathetic as ever Doctor Nemesis asked if she was flirting with him after which he asked Storm to remove her friends. But several other X-Men (Shadowcat, Rogue, Jubilee, Emma Frost) and Melita Garner lay on the ground seemingly unconscious as they had travelled inside Wolverine's mind to find a way to rescue him. Seconds later Wolverine regained consciousness and took out Storm by breathing fire, Doctor Nemesis and Fantomex prepared to attack the man but were surprised when Cyclops showed up, using his optic blast at Wolverine. Doctor Nemesis and Fantomex opened fire but were defeated when Wolverine used his fire-breath once again after which he started to vomit as the bubonic plague had set in, overloading Wolverine's healing factor. Inside Wolverine's mind he had received help from the deceased Nightcrawler and Jean Grey who burned out all of Wolverine's demons, releasing him from his possession.

(Namor: The First Mutant#6) - When the X-Men learned one of their students Alani Ryan (Loa) was able to breath under water while wearing a mystic Atlantean amulet she was about to undergo several tests by the Atlantean Logomancer. Emma Frost joined Doctor Nemesis as they traveled to New Atlantis to monitor the Logomancers examination. When they were in the middle of the tests Namor and Abira arrived to check on the progress. Doctor Nemesis concluded that the Atlantean amulet had permanently changed Alani's physiology as the amulet had reacted with her x-gene, even without the amulet she could now breathe underwater. However, the transformation had not ceased when the Amulet was removed. Within four to five hours, she would be unable to breathe air. Namor decided to reveal the news to Alani himself who went into a shock, inexplicably, ghosts emerged from the amulet and dragged Namor back with them to hell. Psychic probes from Emma Frost determined that Alani had not done anything consciously or subconsciously to cause it. The Logomancer determines that Wolverine's recent escape from Hell had softened the borders between realms, allowing the spirits to use the amulet as a channel to kidnap Namor. Doctor Nemesis, Abira and the Logomancer went to work on retrieving Namor, however, an unexpected guest arrived to offer assistance: Doctor Doom.

(Namor: The First Mutant#7) - Doctor Doom, Abira, the Logomancer and Doctor Nemesis were still working on retrieving Namor when Nemesis received a magical shock from one of the machines. Having had all he could take of magic Nemesis announced he was heading back topside to continue his research on Alani's samples in his own lab.

(Generation Hope#6) - Doctor Nemesis was accompanied by new mutant Oya (Idie Okonkwo) as they witnessed Storm training another one of the new mutants, Transonic (Laurie Tromette). Nemesis had a theory that by pushing Transonic with extreme conditions she would reveal a morphic ability. As the two watched fly against a giant wind tunnel in the X-Lab her body indeed started to morph into a more aerodynamic form. Just then Hope sensed a sixth new mutant had manifested it's powers somewhere on Earth she quickly ordered Velocidad to alert the Lights. Velocidad arrived at the X-Lab alerting Oya to suit up for a mission.

(Uncanny X-Men I#535) - Doctor Nemesis and the X-Club were working in their lab while Kavito Rao continued her examination of Shadowcat. Sometime later Magneto approached Doctor Nemesis asking if he had already examined the Breakworld bullet samples. But Doctor Nemesis hadn't even started prompting Magneto to question him as it had been months. In one of his moods Doctor Nemesis explained metallurgy wasn't on his list since he had loads to deal with like a plague aftermath, mutated mutations, vampires, demon-possessees, more vampires, annoying Limbo godling and a new generation of x-kids to prod with science sticks. Magneto went to see Cyclops about Doctor Nemesis but even Cyclops sided with Nemesis since there were other critical problems than examining space metal.

(Uncanny X-Men I#538) - Learning Warlord Kruun had been attacking the X-Men, Doctor Nemesis joined a group of X-Men to stop the Breakworlder. But before they could attack Kruun he dropped a smokebomb and fled the scene.

(X-Men: Legacy I#247 (fb) ) - Doctor Nemesis was doing his regular exam on Legion when Professor X came in to confront him with what he'd done to his son. Doctor Nemesis explained he was actually curing him since deleting his alternate personalities would allow his mind to repair itself. However, Professor X had discovered that by deleting his sub-personas caused Legion to experience ego death again and again, which would cause him to fight back. Nemesis asked for proof after which Professor X established a mind-link and entered Legions mind. Legion's mindscape looked like a prison camp, with all of the cells which held his sub-personas now held mere corpses. Realizing this had to be something else Nemesis urged Professor X to leave Legion's mind. Professor X, however decided to stay and find out what had happened and was than attacked by a giant psychic antibody. Professor X tried warning Doctor Nemesis but it was already too late. The anti-body took over Legion's mind, using it's reality altering powers and warped reality around the X-Men into a place known as Fortress X (the Age of X).

(New Mutants III#23) - In the warped reality Legacy (Rogue) and Gambit discovered a moment stuck in time when Doctor Nemesis tried to warn Cyclops. In the same room they found a small box containing the real reality.

(New Mutants III#25) - Fearing Magik had become a threat to the X-Men, Cyclops had summoned Doctor Nemesis and several other X-Men in case she would go awol. Doctor Nemesis and the other X-Men had their weapons and powers pointed at Magik while Cyclops interrogated the girl. In the end Magik accepted that they would restrain her.

(Uncanny X-Force I#9 - BTS) - Magneto, a World War II holocaust survivor send Doctor Nemesis on an errand to find the whereabouts of a nazi war criminal. Doctor Nemesis located the war criminal, now an old man in Rio De Janeiro.

(Uncanny X-Force I#9) - Doctor Nemesis returned to Utopia to deliver Magneto the information he sought. Magneto then tasked Wolverine to kill the man.

(X-Men: Giant-Size#1) - Doctor Nemesis was present when Utopia came under attack by a clan of Neo, but as the two groups fought a third arrived, the Evolutionaries. The Evolutionaries quickly deem the Neo offshoot as an evolutionary dead end and obliterate all of them all around the world. Deeming Cyclops unfit as leader of mutantkind the Evolutionaries pledged to kill and replace him.

(X-Men III#12) - Thinking of a way to stop the Evolutionaries, Doctor Nemesis and Dr. Kavito Rao speeded toward the X-Labs.

(X-Men III#13) - The X-Club worked hard on a solution to stop the Evolutionaries but were disturbed by an attack from Dragoness and Litterbug the less savory types living on Utopia. Part of Toad's gang who as a member of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants had met the Evolutionaries but was made to forget the event, Toad's gang now hoped to pressure the X-Men into hoping to pressure them intro revealing why the Evolutionaries had come to Utopia. While Dragoness and Litterbug fought the X-Club Toad, Bliss and Masque broke into Cerebro, attacking resident telepath Irma Cuckoos.

(X-Men III#14) - Help soon arrived as New X-Men members Prodigy, Match, Rockslide and Anole bursted in to rescue the X-Club. During the fight Litterbug fought Rockslide and Match while Dragoness fought Anole and Dr Nemesis. Meanwhile other New X-Men members Dust, Trance, Surge and Pixie defeated the other part of Toad's gang. But couldn't help Irma Cuckoo from finally succumbed to the pressure and unleashed a telepathic blast which caused all present on Utopia to see what had transpired when the Evolutionaries first contacted the X-Men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

(X-Men III#15 - BTS) - The X-Club's plan worked and when activated it defeated the Evolutionaries.

(X-Men: Legacy I#249 (fb) - BTS) - To help Legion control his abilities Doctor Nemesis collaborated with Madison Jeffries and Reed Richards. Together the super geniuses created a special wristband the neural equivalent of a telephone switchboard, Legion could use the wristband to connect with one of his sub-selves and draw its power set without being overwhelmed by its personality.

(X-Men: Legacy I#248) - The X-Men had a meeting to discuss the aftermath of Age of X in which Doctor Nemesis expressed his priority of taking care of Legion. Nemesis planned to brainwash the boy, however, the X-Men didn't want him to implant false memories. Emma Frost expressed she was happy to suppress his memories but not false memories. Later that day Doctor Nemesis and Professor X met up with Legion revealing the device they had build for the boy. To try the device Legion connected to one of his sub-selves and immediately grew into a giant, surprised the device actually worked.

(X-Men: Legacy I#249 (fb) - BTS) - The X-Club tested Legion and his wristband for several days.

(X-Men: Legacy I#249) - Back in the lab Doctor Nemesis ordered Legion to connect with sub-selve 186, summoning Johny Gomorrah's abilities Legion transmuted one of the targets into a pile of salt. Next Doctor Nemesis ordered him to connect with sub-selve 227 but when he tried summoning Time-Sink nothing happened. Unable to understand what could have gone wrong in his perfect plan Nemesis ordered the boy to once again try and connect with sub-selve 227. However, Legion had other plans and connected with sub-selve 1012, connecting with the Delphic an entity to which the team could ask three questions. After asking their questions the X-Club discovered a group of sub-selves were planning a rebellion, Delphic then revealed those part of the rebellion: Endgame, Susan in Sunshine, Time-Sink, Chain and their leader Styx, all of them had escaped Legion's psyche.

(X-Men: Legacy I#250) - Professor X and Doctor Nemesis asked Rogue to come in and help them to recover the six missing entities from Legion's psyche. Since they were able to shield themselves from Xavier's telepathic search they asked Rogue to touch Legion and absorb their memories as to find them. Somewhat shocked by their question Rogue reasoned that Legion had more than thousand personalities making it difficult to find them, to which Nemesis reminded Rogue she once dealt with billions when she absorbed the Hetacomb. Rogue agreed to help and discovered the six had fled his psyche. Cyclops consequently choose a squad of X-Men to deal with Styx and the others.

(New Mutants III#27) - Doctor Nemesis examined the newly arrived Nate Grey who'd been rescued from Sugar Man's clutches by the New Mutants.

(X-Men III#16) - Doctor Nemesis attended a senior X-men meeting when junior X-Men Pixie suddenly rushed in with news the Future Foundation had arrived. The Future Foundation had come to reveal they had picked up a distress call from Lee Forrester, a friend of the X-Men. Forrester had become stuck in another dimension and pleaded for help. Reed Richard then offered to help the X-Men, reasoning they might need their help getting to the strange dimension. Cyclops then completed the team with Doctor Nemesis, Emma Frost, Magneto, Wolverine and Pixie. Using a special submarine supplied by Stanislaus Industries, the heroes managed to travel to the world where Lee was supposed to be. There they encountered a giant dinosaur, after dealing with the beast Cyclops divided the team. Nemesis was to join Richards and Magneto in repairing their submarine and reopen a stable gateway to the dimensional bridge. The others set out to locate Lee, one team of Wolverine, Pixie and the Thing quickly found trouble in the form of the lizard-like invader known as the Scorpius, after dealing with them they found Skull the Slayer who told them Lee had gone missing.

(X-Men III#17) - Doctor Nemesis isolated the coordinates for the dimensional gateway, proofing especially tricky as they exist at the crux of a spatial and temporal intersection. He then informed Reed Richards who he hoped to impress with his smart words, prompting Richards to note he did discover unstable molecules. There was only one minor point in Nemesis plan to create the gateway, he would need an extraordinary amount of power that could power the city of Florida for a year. The geniuses however were unaware a contingent of X-Men and FF'ers visited Stanislaus in the Scorpius stronghold, only to ambushed and imprisoned. Pixie meanwhile teleported Wolverine, Thing and Skull to the nearest Kaddak outpost where they were immediately assaulted by the warrior class Kaddak. The fighting was interrupted by members of the psychic Kaddaks who were ready to kill the heroes, if not for Lee's timely intervention. She berated Skull and the others for blundering in, just as she was finalizing a peace treaty.

(X-Men III#18) - Back at the ship Nemesis, Magneto and Richards were building the dimensional gateway when Doctor Nemesis grew irritated Richard would insist on double-checking Nemesis' calculations. Their little debate however was interrupted by Magneto alerting them to an incoming call from the Thing. Learning the team had gotten into trouble Magneto decided to check on them himself and left the geniuses to themselves.

(X-Men III#19) - While working on the gateway Nemesis and Richard suddenly noticed several vessels arriving, reasoning they would be incarcerated by the aliens Richards quickly gave Nemesis a communications device so he could broadcast as long as possible in the hope their teammates would be listening. The aliens who arrived were the Scorpius and their leader who planned to use the gateway as a means to invader other dimensions. Just than Doctor Doom returned with the X-Men and FF in tow. After a firece battle the Scorpius were defeated, Doom then planned to his orb to power the gateway home, but both superteams insisted he couldn't be trusted with the artifact. Skull offered to stay behind and protect the planet, asking Lee to wield the orb. She accepted and saw the two teams off, thanking them once again for coming to her aid.

((X-Men: Schism#1 - BTS) - X-Men leader Cyclops attended an international arms conference with the goal of eradicating the mutant-hunting Sentinel programs that many countries had secretly held for years. This goal was destroyed by a telepathic terror attack on the summit by mutant teen anarchist Quentin Quire and new waves of anti-mutant sentiment once again swept the globe, causing these nations to bring their Sentinels out of mothballs. The X-Men however, were unaware these events had been manipulated by the new Black King of the Hellfire Club, twelve-year-old billionaire Kade Kilgore.

((X-Men: Schism#1 - BTS / X-Men: Prelude to Schism#1) - Learning most nations had activated their old Sentinels, Cyclops was afraid that the entire world was about to make their big move on mutantkind, fearing the future they'd been told was coming would now truly become a reality. Even tho Sentinels were mere canon-fodder to the X-Men they represented the ultimate terror to the mutant populace. Since Cyclops was the leader of the X-Men and responsible for all the mutants living on Utopia he brooded wether of not they should fight or flee. While Cyclops was deep in thought the other X-Men discussed what they thought of the situation, Doctor Nemesis noted they had about zero chance to survive if all the Sentinels would attack them. The X-Men would then continue on to debate the point.

(X-Men: Prelude to Schism#2) - Doctor Nemesis and the X-Men waited for Cyclops' orders.

(X-Men: Prelude to Schism#3 / X-Men: Prelude to Schism#4) - Still waiting for Cyclops' orders the X-Men's leader took a good look at his X-Men and thought of Doctor Nemesis as a creator, a savant and a willing aide to the cause. Sometime later Nemesis tried to hush an argument between Wolverine and Namor. But than Cyclops had come to his decision, explaining they would stay and defend Utopia.

(X-Men: Schism#2 - BTS) - Cyclops deployed several X-Men teams to the different nations to deal with the Sentinels.

(X-Men: Schism#3 - BTS) - Working in his lab to develop a Sentinel-specific EMP he received a telepathic message from Cyclops who was on his way to save his core X-Men team from an attack by the Hellfire Club. Since he couldn't remain in Utopia Cyclops handed over his command to Nemesis, something he wasn't to pleased about. But when Cyclops arrived at the scene and found his X-Men unconscious on the ground with their faces covered by some sort of parasite he immediately contacted Doctor Nemesis, ordering him to prepare the infirmary. However, just than the Hellfire Club's ultimate plan initiated, a bomb went on after which the debris formed itself into a new gigantic Sentinel, Cyclops quickly ordered to come and assist them in their fight.

(X-Men: Schism#4 - BTS) - Doctor Nemesis and Madison Jeffries travelled to Wolverine's location while Cyclops took his students and fallen teammates back to Utopia.

(X-Men: Schism#4) - Madison Jeffries and Doctor Nemesis stood by as Wolverine attacked the gigantic Sentinel who was absorbing all kinds of debris onto itself to grow even bigger. Doctor Nemesis used a special device to see what the Sentinel was made of while Jeffries attempted to communicate technopathically with the thing, learning it had no mind at all. Nemesis informed Cyclops they were unable to slow the Sentinel down and it would only be a matter of time before it would arrive at Utopia to kill all the mutants. Right after his transmission hit both Jeffries and Nemesis with an electrical charge, rendering them unconscious. Just when the Sentinel arrived at Utopia so did Wolverine who got in a heated argument with Cyclops, since all of the adult X-Men were still scattered around the globe the X-Men's leader was about to send his young students into battle, something Wolverine was against. To stop Cyclops from sacrificing the young students Wolverine wired Utopia with 2000 pounds of plastic explosives planning to blow Utopia to destroy the Sentinel.

(X-Men: Schism#5) - Still on Utopia; Wolverine and Cyclops, once the closest of allies now found themselves locked in deadly battle over the future of the X-Men, while the most powerful Sentinel they ever faced was about to kill them both. But locked in battle the men suddenly noticed their young students were already fighting the Sentinel, Wolverine decided to forgo of is plan and dropper the charger to the bombs and joined the fight. After a fierce battle the two X-Men and their young students won the fight and destroyed the Sentinel. In the days following the attack Doctor Nemesis was seen examining parts of the destroyed Sentinel.

(X-Men: Regenesis) - Following the schism between Cyclops and Wolverine, news that Wolverine had quit the X-Men to start a school where young mutants would be students, not soldiers, reached all the residents on Utopia. At the question wether he would stay on Utopia with Cyclops or join Wolverine, Doctor Nemesis explained he was at a very delicate stage of one of his experiments.

(X-Men: Schism#5 - BTS) - Wolverine left with a large group of the students on the Blackbird, leaving behind a small team of X-Men and several students.

(Uncanny X-Men II#1 (fb) - BTS) - In the preparations of the new status quo Doctor Nemesis reinforced Colossus' chair, in case his Juggernaut-self would make an appearance.

(Uncanny X-Men II#1) - In the first week of the new status quo Madison Jeffries and Doctor Nemesis completed Danger's combat/science analysis modifications.

(Generation Hope#12) - Doctor Nemesis was seen walking around Utopia, heading towards the science labs.

(Uncanny X-Men II#1) - In the second week the X-Men received an urgent message from Abigail Brand, director of SWORD that the Dreaming Celestial in the Golden Gate park was emitting a strange energy signature. While Cyclops and his Extinction Team went to examine the Celestial, Doctor Nemesis kept an eye of it's energy signature from his lab. Having arrived at the Golden Gate park Cyclops and his team witnessed how Mr. Sinister tried to abduct the Dreaming Celestial's head in an effort to use the Celestial's power to reshape an area in his image and create an entire species of Sinisters. Doctor Nemesis kept in touch with Danger while she and the others fought Sinister.

(X-Men: Legacy I#259) - On Utopia, Rogue realized that in passing through a wormhole to escape the Friendless they'd picked up a psychic mutant presence. Cyclops ordered Nemesis to physically scan everyone who was on the space-mission, all of them proved to be negative but Korvus. On closer examination he discovered the psychic mutant presence was manifesting in Korvus' sword. They soon discovered the presence was Ariel, an X-Man who they thought to have died during Second Coming. Doctor Nemesis was present when Rogue opened a dimensional gateway to find Ariel.

(X-Men: Legacy I#260) - Doctor Nemesis, the X-Club and senior members of the X-Men discussed how to retrieve Ariel. Although Madison Jeffries and Nemesis agreed to use the same trick with whom they'd captured Emplate, Rogue decided to take a different route. Nemesis begrudgingly accepted and provided Rogue and her team with a trauma pod which could hold Ariel. Nemesis then joined Rogue, Frenzy, Pixie, Hellion and Marvel Girl through the dimensional gateway where they easily located the woman. With all of them following Rogue's plan Ariel was easily saved and placed in Nemesis' trauma pod with whom they returned to Utopia. Doctor Nemesis and Dr. Kavito Rao performed surgery on Ariel after which the woman regained her consciousness rather quickly, asking what had happened to her Zanotti heals!

(Astonishing X-Men III#44) - Doctor Nemesis witnessed the arrival of the other-dimensional Storm of Earth-12245 and saw how she and Cyclops were locked in battle. The duo left after the fight going on an inter-dimensional adventure.

(Astonishing X-Men III#47) - After their inter-dimensional adventure Cyclops asked Doctor Nemesis and Danger to examine the special box. The duo concluded the box was completely unresponsive and they were unable to find the other dimension, much less return there.

(X-Club#1) - Determined to show the world of the X-Men's good intentions Cyclops tasked Doctor Nemesis and the X-Club to help Stratocorp build an artificial rig 100 miles off Sao Luis, Brazil. The rig would be used as a base for the Stringstar, the planet's first space elevator.

(X-Club#1) - Doctor Nemesis, Kavita Rao, Cyclops and Magneto were present during the official launch of the Stratocorp station, which would link to the Stringstar to orbit the Earth. After an extensive media interview Doctor Nemesis was asked to speak to the press who were unable to understand his scientific explanation. Just than Magneto stepped unto the scene, using his magnetic abilities to lift the Stringstar from the ocean towards space, with Danger, Madison Jeffries and the Stratocorp team on board. While the media coverage continued Doctor Nemesis noticed a group of Atlantean protestors climbing aboard the Stratocorp station after which Cyclops convinced Rao to deal with them. Rao learned the Atlantean protesters believed the X-Men's project caused a dark force to enter their waters after which one of the Atlanteans suddenly mutated into a horrible creature. Doctor Nemesis joined Cyclops as they fought the mutated creature only to see it suddenly swell to enormous proportions after which the Atlantean exploded. Hoping to deal with the situation at hand Cyclops turned to the press explaining the accident had nothing to do with mutantkind after which a group of mutated sea creatures started to appear.

(X-Club#2 (fb) - BTS) - Magneto and Cyclops returned to Utopia to deal with Danger who'd returned from the Stringstar, acting strange, attacking her friends. Meanwhile Doctor Nemesis and Kavita Rao had captured several of the mutated sea creatures so Rao could examine them.

(X-Club#2) - Doctor Nemesis was overseeing the clean-up procedures himself, killing every mutated sea creature in sight while radioing in to Rao. Rao revealed she'd found Terrigen-242 in the animals, a chaotically unstable isotope from the Inhumans Terrigene mists.

(X-Club#2 (fb) - BTS) - However, whilst killing the creatures one of them, an empathic starfish attached itself to Nemesis' head. Unable to remove the animal Nemesis quickly returned to Rao's side.

(X-Club#2) - Arriving at Rao's lab the ever charming Doctor Nemesis ordered her to remove the animal at once after which the duo discovered the starfish stuck on his head projected all of his thoughts. Clearly embarred others could hear his thoughts he planned to remove the animal himself with a scalp. Just than Cyclops, on a video screen ordered him to go and find a cure, thinking the starfish could wait. Doctor Nemesis followed Cyclops' orders put on a deep-sea diving suit and was sent into the water to investigate the source of the problems. While descending towards the seafloor he finally finds a large biomass of several mutated sea creatures converging around a sunken ship called the Angfang, noticing a Stratocorp logo on one of the sunken salvage vessels. Doctor Nemesis, however, was unaware he was being watched by the Stratocorp official and his mysterious superior who listened in on his progress via monitors, afraid Nemesis would uncover their secret he ordered the Stratocorp crew to cut Nemesis' oxygen and communication lines, leaving him floating in the deep sea.

(X-Club#3 - BTS) - In order to save himself from a watery grave Doctor Nemesis successfully captured a mutated hammerhead shark, riding it towards the surface.

(X-Club#3) - In full control of the mutated hammerhead shark, Doctor Nemesis steered the beast towards the Stratocorp base. Quietly sneaking aboard the base making his way through the security guards, whom he soon discovers are all clones. Doctor Nemesis' presence, however, was discovered by the Stratocorp official who then quickly informed his mysterious superior to deal with him. Determined to stop Stratocorp, Doctor Nemesis continued his fight, engaging a large group of clone security officers in battle, until he was shot by the Stratocorp official. Regaining the upper hand and knocking his foe out Nemesis was able to contact his teammates, and inform them of what is transpiring. Nemesis then came across a room at the source of the X-Club's troubles, a large room filled with Nazi flags.

(X-Club#4) - Still in touch with his teammates Doctor Nemesis quickly reported to Kavita Rao on Utopia. Unable to speak with the X-Men, who were dealing with a "pregnant" Danger, Doctor Nemesis decided to solve the Nazi mystery himself. Grabbing the Stratocorp official, Nemesis pulled a gun to the man's head however, the official was then shot dead by his mysterious superior, an ancient Nazi going by the name Schragesturm, announcing he had come to murder this time. Schragesturm revealed his origin to Nemesis, including his Nazi connections and how his consciousness could vibrate across realities. Nemesis, was unaware that Danger was about to give birth to a datagod. Danger and Jeffries then joined Kavita and the mutated Atlantean Lida as the entire X-Men team was transported to Stratocorp by Magik. Schragesturm used Stratocorp's probability engine to start the collapse of reality-616, after which the Nazi disappeared into another reality. Meanwhile the X-Men had arrived at Stratocorp and were attacked by the clones. Just than the mutated Atlantean Lida used her newfound abilities to summon the mutated creatures from the sea to assist them.

(X-Club#5) - While the X-Men and mutated sea creatures battle the clones on Stratocorp, Jeffries takes the heavily pregnant Danger to safety. Blaming herself for being unable to help the Atlantean woman, Lida, who mutated even further, encouraged Kavita to go and do science. Fleeing the battle and entering the Stratocorp building Kavita easily located Doctor Nemesis who believed he had a plan to stop the mad Nazi scientist. Kavita is unsure, but injected Nemesis with some of the Terrigen, enabling him to escape this reality and follow Schragesturm. Doctor Nemesis arrived at the place beyond and between reality, where Schragesturm was. During their battle Schragesturm revealed he planned to collapse their reality into one where < href=">Hitler was murdered early on, so could take his place. However, back on the Stratocorp base Danger had given birth to a malevolent algorithm, Kavita, Danger and Jeffries send the baby to the place between realities, leaving Schragesturm at its mercy, while Doctor Nemesis returned home. Back home Kavita injected Nemesis with her antidote to make sure he wouldn't die like the other mutated creatures.

(X-Club#5 - BTS) - Nemesis' telepathic starfish was removed from his head, he however kept the creature.

(X-Club#5) - Four days after the catastrophic events Nemesis joined Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Kavita, Danger and Jeffries as they returned to the Stringstar base for another press conference. During Cyclops' speech Nemesis watched as Danger interrupted his speech to announce the Stringstar would be used as a place for the Free Inorganic Collective after which she publicly kissed Jeffries.

(Generation Hope#15) - The X-Men incarcerated the former Black King of the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw. Doctor Nemesis had been tasked with examining Shaw, but even before he could start he received a telepathic message from Emma Frost if he'd find anything noteworthy. After debating with Frost Nemesis started his examination.

(Generation Hope#17) - Danger and Doctor Nemesis designed a new living device for No-Girl, the severed brain. However, when Cyclops came to check on their progress he wasn't that pleased at the result. Doctor Nemesis commented that unless he had a spare body stashed away this had to do, Danger added it used Shi'ar technology.

(Uncanny X-Men II#5) - When the X-Men fought a group of bat-like creatures from Tabula Rasa Danger grabbed one of the creatures and uploaded the data to the X-Club. Doctor Nemesis and Dr. Kavita Rao examined the data.

(Avengers vs. X-Men#1 - BTS) - Learning the Phoenix Force was on it's way back to Earth the Avengers concluded it would come for the X-Men's newest recruit; Hope Summers. Fearing Hope wouldn't be able to control the Phoenix and eventually destroy Earth the Avengers made their way over to Utopia to take Hope into protective custody. Cyclops wasn't going to let the Avengers take one of their one resulting in an full-out brawl between both teams.

(Avengers vs. X-Men#2) - During this full-out brawl Doctor Nemesis successfully sedate Quicksilver, the same tactic, however, proofed less successful against Iron Man.

(Uncanny X-Men II#11) - Doctor Nemesis had been tasked with examining Hope now she'd tapped into a part of the Phoenix Force, Nemesis concluded her pulse was different from her previous energy flares. These were directed outwards taking the form of the Phoenix bird. As Doctor Nemesis explained his findings to Cyclops, Emma Frost noted Nemesis wasn't shouting like he usually was. Nemesis explained that in this case it'd be redundant since no matter how small-brained the folk they would understand what it meant.

(Uncanny X-Men II#12) - In an effort to locate Hope the X-Men's leader Cyclops split the remaining X-Men up in different teams after which Ilyana teleported them away.

(Wolverine and the X-Men I#11) - Now on a team with Rachel Summers, Magma and Storm, Doctor Nemesis were teleported to Wakanda the African homeland of the Black Panther to find Hope. Here they fought the Black Panther, Iron Fist, Quicksilver and Black Widow.

(AVX: Vs#5/2) - With no sign of Hope the team decided to return to the X-Men's safe house, just as Storm had fought her husband.

(Uncanny X-Men II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Black Widow hit Doctor Nemesis with a neurotoxin dart, causing him to become delirious. Danger rescued both Nemesis and the unconscious Storm and retreated to one of their safe houses.

(Uncanny X-Men II#13) - Storm took it on herself to look after Nemesis who was delirious while the others continued the fight. During the day Magneto and Psylocke arrived at the safe house as well, somewhat surprised to see Nemesis in this state Storm explained what had happened to the man. The three X-Men shared stories of how they fought friends and foes all while keeping an eye on Nemesis. In the meanwhile the Phoenix Force had arrived on earth but instead of taking Hope the X-Men's leaders took the force for themselves, thus creating the Phoenix Five consisting of Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Colossus and Illyana.

(Avengers vs. X-Men#7) - When the Scarlet Witch had taken Hope from the X-Men, Cyclops decided to hunt down all of the Avengers. As such Doctor Nemesis was placed on a squad alongside Magneto, Armor and Cyclops himself and went to the Arctic Circle. There they fought a group of Avengers consisting of Giant-Man, Beast, She-Hulk, Red Hulk, Valkyrie and a hologram of the Scarlet Witch.

(Avengers vs. X-Men#11) - Realizing the Phoenix Five had become corrupted the X-Men decided to leave them and find Professor Xavier and the underground Avengers. Doctor Nemesis was amongst them when they sought refuge with the Avengers.

(Avengers vs. X-Men#12 - BTS) - After taking all of the Phoenix Force for himself Cyclops had become so corrupted he accidentally killed Professor Xavier in a fit of rage. He was than attacked by Avengers and X-Men alike who eventually managed to defeat him after which Hope took the Phoenix Force for herself. With the help of the Scarlet Witch she then released the Phoenix Force causing the Scarlet Witch's reality altering "no more mutants" spell to be annulled as new mutant signatures began to pop around all around the world.

(Uncanny Avengers I#1) - Doctor Nemesis was present during the memorial service of Charles Xavier.

(Wolverine and the X-Men I#19 (fb) - BTS) - Fantomex told Doctor Nemesis, Headmaster Wolverine of the Jean Grey School was looking for new candidates for teaching positions at the school. Unable to believe the story to be true Doctor Nemesis set out to find out.

(Wolverine and the X-Men I#19) - Doctor Nemesis had an intake with Kitty Pryde where he explained he was convinced Fantomex was just joking. Then realizing he could actually apply for a teaching position Nemesis asked how liberal their policy was on shooting children in the face with hypodermic needles, prompting Pryde to yell "Next!".

(Cable and X-Force I#1 - BTS) - Doctor Nemesis had taken a break from the X-Men and focused on his own research in his private science lab fitted with insane security systems and defense drones.

To be added eventually: Cable and X-Force I#1 - 19, Uncanny X-Force II#16 & 17, X-Force IV#1 - 15

(Magneto III#19 - BTS) - Looking for a way to amplify Magneto's mutant abilities as to stop the incursions from happening Briar Raleigh contacted Doctor Nemesis among others. Doctor Nemesis proposed a plan, however, Magneto eventually choose the plan of infamous villain Sugar Man.

Comments: Created by unidentified writer and Harry Anderson (pencils, inks) for Ace Magazines; adapted for the Marvel Universe by Roy Thomas, Dave Hoover, and Brian Garvey.

  Physician, android designer, dimension piercer...Doctor Nemesis was clearly the Henry Pym of his day.

Roy Thomas had originally intended Battle-Axis to consist of some of the minor wartime heroes of Timely Comics (predecessor of Marvel), but Mark Gruenwald nixed that idea, and super-heroes from now-defunct wartime publishers were used instead; Doctor Nemesis/Death's position as leader of Battle-Axis was probably originally intended for Captain Terror (Dan Kane).

This profile presumes that Doctor Nemesis's Golden Age adventures took place at roughly the same time that they were published (three months prior to an issue's cover-date); although it's possible that those adventures published after June 1942 were actually accounts of his activities prior to leading Battle-Axis, it may be that Doctor Death, who appeared at least somewhat unstable while leading Battle-Axis (inasmuch as his demeanor was more Nazi-esque than that of his teammates), regained his senses (perhaps being literally shocked back to them by Volton) and returned to the side of the Allies as Doctor Nemesis.

It should be remembered that all the non-Marvel adventures listed in the history above, along with details of affiliations, enemies and relations, are unconfirmed. They happened to the original Golden Age character from Ace Magazines. Similar adventures and details are assumed to apply to the Marvel Universe version, but these are not confirmed. - Loki

This wasn't the first time Golden Age characters jumped companies to enter the Marvel Comics universe. Some examples (by no means all of them): The name Spirit of '76 was first used by a Harvey Comics character, something Roy Thomas probably knew when he created his version; the western Ghost Rider (later renamed the Phantom Rider) started out with Magazine Enterprises and was brought to Marvel by Dick Ayers, his original artist. American Ace, a minor Timely/Marvel character, debuted months before the first "Marvel" Comic, in "Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly", a free give-away produced by Funnies, Incorporated, the studio which provided many early Timely Comics stories. But perhaps the most significant Marvel character who began elsewhere was another individual who started in that same give-away...Namor the Sub-Mariner! -- Loki

Purely speculative, but I think that James Bradley went on to take the alias of Eric Krugg (from Journey into Mystery I#77 (February 1962)) in the story "Beware! He Isn't Human!"; Krugg, a builder of monster figures, went on to build an android to take revenge on the woman who spurned his romantic advances. Krugg and Bradley shared similar qualities (moustache, knowledge of android construction, homicidal tendencies), plus Krugg's work clothes looked similar to the Doctor Nemesis costume and Krugg does resemble an older Bradley. --John Kaminski

City Hospital (in Lighting Comics III#1 (June, 1942) could be the same City Hospital that Mister Fantastic (in Fantastic Four I#26 (May, 1964)) was a patient in and the Invisible Girl (in Fantastic Four I#31 (October, 1964)) was also a patient in (all 3 take place in New York City). City Hospital also appears in Thor I#153-155 (June-August, 1968) and Amazing Spider-Man I#160 (September, 1976). Mercy Hospital (in Lightning Comics I#6 (January, 1941)) that Doctor Nemesis works at could have been renamed (when a new wing was added or when it was torn down and rebuilt) as Mercy General Hospital (seen in Avengers I#141 (November, 1975; patients there were the Wasp & Yellow Jacket). --John Holstein

Lightning Comics & Invaders II entries by Ronald Byrd, all other modern appearances by MarvellousLuke

Original profile by Ronald Byrd

Profile redone and updated by Marvellousluke

Doctor Nemesis has no known connections to

Herr Nachtersteller

  Herr Nachtersteller was a nazi superscientist who escaped to Argentina after the second world war. There he would continue his experiments and create dozens of tube-grown supernazi's. These nazi's would be part of the Genetikorps. Herr Nachtsteller was eventually killed by nazihunter Doctor Nemesis who drove his thumbs into his eyes. After his death two of his supernazi's failed at assassinating Doctor Nemesis.

Note: Herr Nachterstellar apparently had big ambitions as his Genetikorps called him the Futurführer.

--Uncanny X-Men I#504 (fb) - BTS


  The Genetikorps were a group of tube-grown supernazi's, created by nazi superscientist Herr Nachtersteller. Two of them were killed by Doctor Nemesis when they tried to murder the nazihunter.

--Uncanny X-Men I#504

Kosmic Kommandant

  The Kosmic Kommandant was outplayed by Doctor Nemesis at Quantum Chess.

Note: We were meant to believe this adventure happened during World War II.

--X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Smoke & Blood#1 - BTS

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Cable and X-Force#3 (March, 2013) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils, inks), Nick Lowe, Jordan White, Tom Brevoort (editors)
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Cable and X-Force#5 (May, 2013) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils, inks), Nick Lowe, Jordan White (editors)
Cable and X-Force#6 (May, 2013) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils, inks), Nick Lowe, Jordan White (editors)
Cable and X-Force#7 (June, 2013) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils, inks), Nick Lowe, Jordan White, Daniel Ketchum, Jennifer Smith (editors)
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Cable and X-Force#10 (August, 2013) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum (editors)
Cable and X-Force#13 (October, 2013) - Dennis Hopeless, Cullen Bunn (writers), Salvador Larroca (pencils), Gerardo Sandoval (inks), Nick Lowe, Daniel Ketchum, Jennifer Smith (editors)
Cable and X-Force#14 (November, 2013) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum (editors)
Cable and X-Force#15 (December, 2013) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Gerardo Sandoval (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum (editors)
Cable and X-Force#16 (January, 2014) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Gerardo Sandoval (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum (editors)
Cable and X-Force#17 (February, 2014) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Gerardo Sandoval (pencils, inks), Nick Lowe, Xander Jaroway, Tom Brevoort, Daniel Ketchum (editors)
Cable and X-Force#19 (March, 2014) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Angel Unzueta (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum (editor)
Uncanny X-Force II#16 (March, 2014) - Sam Humphries (writer), Harvey Tolibao (pencils, inks)
Uncanny X-Force II#17 (March, 2014) - Sam Humphries (writer), Harvey Tolibao (pencils, inks)
X-Force IV#1 (April, 2014) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Rock-He Kim (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum, Mike Marts (editors)
X-Force IV#2 (May, 2014) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Rock-He Kim (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum, Mike Marts (editors)
X-Force IV#4 (June, 2014) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Jorge Molina (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum, Mike Marts (editors)
X-Force IV#5 (July, 2014) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Jorge Molina (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum, Mike Marts (editors)
X-Force IV#6 (August, 2014) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Jorge Molina (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum, Mike Marts (editors)
X-Force IV#7 (September, 2014) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Rock-He Kim (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum, Mike Marts (editors)
X-Force IV#8 (October, 2014) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Rock-He Kim (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum, Mike Marts (editors)
X-Force IV#9 (November, 2014) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Rock-He Kim (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum, Mike Marts (editors)
X-Force IV#10 (December, 2014) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Tan Eng Huat (pencils, inks)
X-Force IV#12 (January, 2015) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Rock-He Kim (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum (editor)
X-Force IV#13 (February, 2015) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Tan Eng Huat, Kevin Sharpe (pencilers), Craig Yeung, Norman Lee (inkers), Daniel Ketchum (editor)
X-Force IV#14 (March, 2015) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Rock-He Kim (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum (editor)
X-Force IV#15 (April, 2015) - Simon Spurrier (writer), Rock-He Kim (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum (editor)
Magneto III#9 (August 2015) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Paul Davidson (pencils, inks), Daniel Ketchum, Xander Jarowey (editors)

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