Real Name: Korvus

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Shi'ar)

Occupation: Freedom fighter;
    former prisoner, slave

Group Membership: Starjammers (Ch'od, Cr+eee, Havok, Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey), Lilandra Neramani, Polaris, Raza, Sikorsky)

Affiliations: D'bek, Glitter, Guardians of the Galaxy (Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Major Victory, Rocket Raccoon), Horse, B'ket Imstari, Inhumans (Black Bolt, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Lockjaw, Medusa, Triton), Inhuman Elite (Albakor, Dorhun, Triton, others), Jat, Kree, Ronan the Accuser, X-Men (Ariel, Blindfold, Colossus, Cyclops, Darwin, Doctor Nemesis, Emma Frost, Frenzy, Gambit, Havok, Madison Jeffries, Magneto, Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey), Nightcrawler, Northstar, Polaris, Psylocke, Professor X, Rogue, Warpath, Wolverine);
    formerly Ka'ardum, K'tor

EnemiesAraki, Darkhawk (Chris Powell), D'ken, Deathbird, Fraternity of Raptors (Talon), Friendless, Grad Nan HoltImperial Guard (Astra, Black Light, Earthquake, Electron, Fang, Flashfire, Gladiator, Hodinn, Hussar, Impulse, Magic/Magique, Manta, Mentor, Neutron, Nightside, Oracle, Plutonia, Pn'zo, Schism, Scintilla, Shapeshifter, Smasher (Salac Tuur), Squorm, Starbolt, Strontian (Xenith), Symbiote, Titan, Uncreated, Voyager, Warstar, White Noise), Ka'ardum, K'tor, Sovel Redhand, Scy'ar Tal, Shi'ar Empire, Shi'ar Death Commandos (Blackcloak, Colony, Devo, Flaw, Hypernova, Krait, Offset, Sega, Shell, Warshot), V'tal, Vulcan;
    formerly X-Men (Darwin, Havok, Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey), Nightcrawler, Polaris, Professor X, Warpath)

Known RelativesRook'shir (ancestor, deceased), mother, brother (unnamed, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile;
    formerly Phygim prison

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men#478 (November, 2006)

Powers/Abilities: Korvus wields the Blade of the Phoenix, which possesses a portion of the power of the Phoenix (also called the Phal'kon). With it, he can fly and seemingly has super strength. He is resistant to energy blasts, and can project energy blasts of his own. His durability also seems to be enhanced. The extent of these abilities is likely unrevealed. Korvus possesses a mental link to Marvel Girl, and shares her memories and feelings. He is highly familiar with Shi'ar technology, including warp drives. Korvus once had a device in his brain which was used to control him, but it was negated. Korvus can track  Marvel Girl by the Phoenix tattoo on her back. Korvus possesses the standard abilities of the Shi'ar race. After the Phoenix Force officially left Korvus, he was left with only a remnant of its power. He can still wield his massive sword.

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 207 lbs.
Eyes: Blue-gray
Hair: Black


(Uncanny X-Men#478/#481 (fb) - BTS) - Though the Shi'ar have denied it for centuries, one of their race once wielded the power of the Phoenix (called the Phal'kon by the Shi'ar). Rook'shir wielded the universal power through a giant blade, called the Blade of the Phoenix, and devastated much of the Shi'ar Empire until the Imperial Guard was formed to defeat him. A fraction of his power remained in the blade, which could only be lifted by a direct descendant of Rook'shir. Many of the Shi'ar focused on wiping out Rook'shir's descendants, hoping that the blade would never be lifted again. At some point, Vice-Chancellor K’Tor, a loyalist of D’Ken, continued the tradition of slaying all the descendents of Rook’shir. He killed several young men and sterilized their mother. He kept the last descendant, Korvus, as a slave, and Korvus was tortured as he worked on mechanical constructs. When he reached adulthood, Korvus was imprisoned in the high security prison on the moon of Phygim. A device was placed in Korvus' brain that could be triggered if he tried to escape.

(Uncanny X-Men#478) - K'tor approached Korvus in prison and offered to commute the rest of Korvus’ sentence if Korvus would act against Marvel Girl.

(Uncanny X-Men#479) - K’Tor allowed Korvus to take the Blade of the Phoenix and Korvus left to slay Marvel Girl. He took a ship and tracked down the X-Men (by tracking Marvel Girl’s Phoenix brand, to which he was drawn). Korvus landed on their ship and easily thwarted the combined X-Men with the Blade. When he tried to slay Marvel Girl, however, she grasped the Blade and the two of them had access to each other’s memories, reliving each other’s lives in essence and forming a close bond between them. He chose to ally with the X-Men after that. Marvel Girl helped negate the device in Korvus' brain. Meanwhile, Professor X (with Darwin close behind) was captured by the Shi'ar.

(Uncanny X-Men#481) - Korvus taught the X-Men that their jumpship had the potential of opening a stargate using their own mutant power sources. Korvus worked on fixing the ship while the X-Men sent out a distress signal to the Starjammers. Korvus and Marvel Girl continued experiencing their mental bond, drawn together, and began a romantic involvement.

(Uncanny X-Men#482) - Though it severely weakened them, the X-Men and Korvus managed to use the ship’s stargate and they were picked up by the Starjammers. They used their allies to find Lilandra’s holding place, in the Starways, and planned their attack. Lilandra was to be tried and executed for treason. As the Starjammers, X-Men, and Korvus attacked the Starways, savagely attacking the Shi’ar soldiers, one of her guards liberated Lilandra.

(Uncanny X-Men#484 (fb)) - Korvus and Marvel Girl became more romantic with each other. Lilandra convinced Corsair to help her liberate Major-General Ka’ardum from his prison, assuming his aid would convince other Shi’ar to join her against D’Ken. 

(Uncanny X-Men#484) - The Starjammers, the X-Men, Lilandra, and Korvus stormed the Asteroid Archipelago, savagely attacking the forces there. Korvus shut off all distress signals, then commandeered a hovercraft with Warpath at his side. After a deadly battle, they managed to rescue and recruit Ka'ardum.

(Uncanny X-Men#485) - Ka’ardum recruited many others to their side, and the allies attacked D'Ken's forces at the wedding of Deathbird and Vulcan, on the planet holding the M'krann Crystal.  the wedding finished, the Starjammers, X-Men, and Ka’ardum’s forces attacked and a savage battle ensued. The Imperial Guard launched to the defense of the planet, and Vulcan, in a fury, tossed Professor X into the Crystal to drive him mad, though Darwin leaped in behind the professor. As the battle raged, Vulcan shockingly murdered D'ken and proclaimed himself emperor.

(Uncanny X-Men#486) - Vulcan then killed Corsair. The battle continued and Korvus fought Gladiator after shaving off much of Deathbird’s wings with his sword. The X-Men managed to harm Vulcan while Darwin and Professor X (his telepathy restored by the Crystal) escaped. They teleported back to the ship for medical help, then Lilandra programmed the jump-drive to take the ship back to Earth, then teleported back to the planet. The ship took Warpath, Hepzibah, Nightcrawler, Darwin, and Professor X back to Earth, leaving them no way to return. Meanwhile, Deathbird ordered her forces to retreat, wanting to live to fight another day. Havok, Polaris, Korvus, and Marvel Girl joined the Starjammers, planning revenge on Vulcan.

(X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Starjammers waged war on the forces loyal to Vulcan, using Lilandra's expertise and Ka'ardum's forces and military strategy. They were successfully able to recruit many of Vulcan's loyalists over to their side, and set their home base up on the Clench world, Standing Still. Feeling conflicted, Marvel Girl called things off with Korvus, but still felt herself attracted to him.

(X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#1) - Cutting off a Shi'ar supply line, the Starjammers tried convincing the captain to surrender, but he refused. Raza, Korvus, Havok, Marvel Girl, and Polaris leapt into battle while Ch'od remained on the ship. The captain finally surrendered when he learned that Korvus and Lilandra were present. They continued strategizing and Havok determined that if they could cut off Vulcan's forces at Feather's Edge, they could finally take the fight to Chandilar. The Starjammers and Ka'ardum were impressed with Havok's strategy, but he had little faith in himself. Back on Standing Still, Korvus and Havok discussed leadership qualities and Korvus' relationship challenges. The Starjammers lead their forces against Feather's Edge before realizing it was a trap. As they considered retreat, they were surrounded by a new force, the Scy'ar Tal, who shockingly destroyed Vulcan's ship. Korvus intuited that the name Scy'ar Tal meant "death to the Shi'ar."

(X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#2) - Havok and Marvel Girl tried making contact with the Eldest, the leader of the Scy'ar Tal, who refused to aid their war against Vulcan and vowed death on all Shi'ar. He showed Marvel Girl the history of the Scy'ar Tal, whose race had once been brutalized and scattered by the Shi'ar. As the Starjammers struggled to strategize, the Scy'ar Tal shot a homing beacon that allowed a star to teleport onto Feather's Edge, destroying it. When the Starjammers were unable to stop the weapon, they fled. During this conflict, Korvus tried his best to watch out for Marvel Girl and keep her safe. As the Starjammers wondered what to do next, Vulcan, Deathbird, and the Imperial Guard (Gladiator, Manta, Nightside, Oracle, Starbolt, Titan, Warstar) teleported aboard the Starjammers' ship.

(X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#3) - After Oracle blocked Marvel Girl's telepathy and Vulcan blocked Havok's energy attack, the Starjammers heard Vulcan's offer of an alliance against the Scy'ar Tal. While the Starjammers felt that Vulcan was bad, they recognized the vast threat of the Scy'ar Tal as well, and Vulcan left to let them think things over. They discussed plans with Ka'ardum and Lilandra, feeling that it would only be a matter of time before Vulcan betrayed them, and Havok and Marvel Girl wondered if the Scy'ar Tal had a valid claim on the M'kraan world, though Lilandra was adamant they did not. Despite all their reservations, Havok decided the Starjammers would ally with Vulcan. Korvus rushed to check on Marvel Girl when she was overcome with nightmares of the Shi'ar Death Commandos, enemies who'd killed most of her living family. Korvus left her alone as she asked, but reminded her of how much they shared and how much he still cared about her.

  Lilandra and Ka'ardum learned that Vulcan, Deathbird, and the Imperial Guard had offered an alliance against the Scy'ar Tal, which Ka'ardum thought was an act of weakness. They discussed plans with the Starjammers, feeling that it would only be a matter of time before Vulcan betrayed them, and Havok and Marvel Girl wondered if the Scy'ar Tal had a valid claim on the M'kraan world, though Lilandra was adamant they did not. Despite all their reservations, Havok decided the Starjammers would ally with Vulcan. They went to Vulcan's ship, where Araki entered with his private guard, the Shi'ar Death Commandos (Blackcloak, Colony, Devo, Flaw, Hypernova, Krait, Offset, Sega, Shell, Warshot). Marvel Girl grew furious and lashed out in a powerful attack, sending the Commandos scattering and threatening Araki's life, even accusing him of running the secret order of the Shi'ar and ordering the death of her family, until Polaris stopped her. After the Commandos left, they started a planning session and Havok insisted they destroy the Finality weapon, which had destroyed Feather's Edge, first. Vulcan ordered the Starjammers and Imperial Guard (joined by Scintilla) to go after the weapon while Ka'ardum lead the fleet to defend the M'kraan Crystal.

(X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#4) - While Havok and Vulcan fought the Eldest on the Finality station, the Starjammer and the Imperial Guard fought off the surrounding Scy'ar Tal ships. At one point, Gladiator, Oracle, Nightside, and Mentor of the Guard narrowly saved the Starjammers from being shot down. When Vulcan finally defeated the Scy'ar Tal by destroying their hive mind, he turned his forces on the Starjammers. He captured Havok while Electron, Manta, Plutonia, and Flashfire attacked the Starjammers' ship.

(X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#5) - Korvus and the others continued fighting the impossible battle as Polaris declared that the Finality needed to be destroyed at all costs. The Imperial Guard quartet soon attacked and Korvus fought off Flashfire until Polaris realized the weapon had been activated and ordered Korvus and Marvel Girl to go after it. They pursued it, Korvus on his own ship, but Gladiator fought off Marvel Girl, leaving Korvus to go after it alone. He nearly reached it until Ka'ardum betrayed him and shot Korvus down. The weapon went off and the rest of the team was captured, leaving Marvel Girl and Korvus in space with Lilandra looking for them.

(X-Men: Kingbreaker#1) - Korvus, Marvel Girl, and Lilandra battled a Shi'ar fleet, including V'tal, to liberate the Starjammer ship, though Korvus disagreed with leaving their enemies alive as they escaped. They hid on the fringes of the M'Kraan planet, where Sikorsky tended to Korvus' wounds and they struggled to decipher where their captive teammates were hidden.

(X-Men: Kingbreaker#2) - After the learned the captives were on the ocean world, Kr'kn, the Starjammers prepared for battle in the Clench system. A new deadly Imperial Guard (Hodinn, Pn'zo, Symbiote, Strontian, Uncreated) attacked. Korvus barely held off an energy attack from the Strontian before Marvel Girl broke up the fight. Korvus was electrocuted by the Pn'zo, who charged his sword, before toppling Pn'zo only to be hit by a telepathic attack from the Uncreated, who demanded to know the location of the Phoenix, his god. When the Hodinn prepared to explode, the Starjammers narrowly escaped, leaving many on the planet behind to their fate.

(X-Men: Kingbreaker#3) - The Starjammers attacked Kr'kn, fighting through the Shi'ar forces, and teleported to the planet below, only to find Havok, Polaris, Raza, and Ch'od already free and fighting against guards and escaped prisoners alike. As they debated strategy, Pn'zo, Symbiote, Strontian, and the Uncreated attacked. The Uncreated immediately leapt at Korvus again, getting into his thoughts once more. Vulcan soon arrived with Gladiator, Oracle, Starbolt, Titan, and Warstar to settle accounts.

(X-Men: Kingbreaker#4) - The Hodinn and Marvel Girl went plummeting down to Kr'kn, where Manta, Smasher, and Mentor had joined the others in battle. Gladiator slammed Havok into the wall, but backed off when he saw the Strontian, who he'd once helped imprison. Horrified, Gladiator attacked her as the rest of the Guard launched into action. As Raza struggled to free himself from the Symbiote, the Guard easily overwhelmed the Starjammers until Polaris knocked them aside with a metallic attack. When the Hodinn crashed among them, Havok easily drained the being of all his excess power, glorying in his newly restored cosmic energies that restored Havok to full power. As the horrified Guard rushed forward to kill the weakened Hodinn, Vulcan was hit by a massive energy blast from Havok. Marvel Girl held off Starbolt while Warstar attacked Ch'od. Gladiator finally stopped battling the Strontian at Deathbird's orders. The Starjammers suffered a tremendous setback when the Phoenix Force abruptly left both Marvel Girl and Korvus. Struggling to even raise his blade, Korvus chopped Pn'zo in half after Marvel Girl was stabbed through the shoulder. Deathbird launched herself at Lilandra, who stabbed her sister through the abdomen with a large blade, putting Deathbird into a coma. Overwhelmed, Lilandra quickly had the Starjammers teleported away to safety, leaving a furious Vulcan behind as well as a Symbiote-infected Raza. The Starjammers decided to go to the Inhumans and the Kree empire for help.

(War of Kings#1) - With the Shi'ar in hot pursuit, the Starjammers rushed to the Kree empire, saved by the Inhumans (Black Bolt, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Lockjaw, Medusa, Triton) in the nick of time. Later, the Starjammers attended the wedding of Crystal to Ronan the Accuser before a huge contingent of the Imperial Guard (Astra, Black Light, Earth Quake, Fang, Flashfire, Gladiator, Hussar, Impulse, Magique, Manta, Neutron, Nightside, Plutonia, Schism, Scintilla, Shapeshifter, Smasher, Squorm, Starbolt, Titan, Voyager, Warstar, White Noise) attacked. During the massive battle, Korvus held off Starbolt and Fang with his heavy sword. When the Guard teleported away, Korvus panicked that they'd kidnapped Lilandra.

(War of Kings#2) - The Starjammers barely escaped from an attacking Shi'ar warship, with the aid of the Inhuman Elite (Triton, Dorhun, Albakor, others).

(Guardians of the Galaxy II#13) - The Starjammers picked up a group of Guardians of the Galaxy (Rocket Raccoon, Drax the Destroyer, Major Victory, Groot), and they planned to liberate Lilandra.

(War of Kings#3) - Havok, firing a major blast against Gladiator, attacked along with Polaris, Korvus, Marvel Girl, and Groot, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, and Major Victory of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Using a bluff and a telepathic attack, Rocket and Marvel Girl held Gladiator down while Electron held off Korvus by charging his sword, though Groot then defeated Korvus with a blow. Plutonia phased through Major Victory, but the coldness in his suit disarmed her. Smasher accessed hyper-speed from his exo-specs, but Drax easily beat him unconscious. Gladiator woke up from the ruse and nearly defeated the Starjammers and the Guardians before Lilandra convinced him to join her side. He killed Smasher and announced his new allegiance.

(War of Kings#4) - Gladiator and the Starjammers met with Councilor D'bek, with whom they interrupted a speech of Araki's in order to proclaim Lilandra ruler of the Shi'ar once again. They fought back Araki's secret order and Lilandra announced her return to rule with mighty cheers from the crowd. As Chandilar broke out in war around them, Lilandra, flanked by the Starjammers, headed toward the temple to claim her right to rule. The Shi'ar Death Commandos then attacked, Sega permeating the crowd with his clouds. Blackcloak killed D'bek with a thrown spear. Marvel Girl furiously hit Devo with a telekinetic blast as Polaris used magnetism to crush Krait's wings. Lilandra stabbed Offset with a spear as Korvus and Marvel Girl tried to get her to cover. As the Commandos began reigning death on the crowd, Gladiator quickly took down Hypernova and Warshot before Flaw attacked him. As Blackcloak held off Gladiator with his spear's energy blast, Araki ordered the others to kill Lilandra. One of the Fraternity of Raptors hid himself in the crowd and fired multiple shots, one of them killing Lilandra during the chaos. Commandos in this mission: Blackcloak, Devo, Flaw, Hypernova, Krait, Offset, Sega, Shell, and Warshot.

(War of Kings: Ascension#3) - The Starjammers and Gladiator leapt to attack Talon.

(War of Kings: Ascension#4) - During the battle, Korvus slashed at Talon with his sword as Talon (having switched back to Darkhawk) claimed to be innocent. He soon disappeared when Shi'ar military ships arrived.

(War of Kings#5) - As Chandilar erupted into civil war, the Starjammers and Gladiator fought savagely to finish off the Death Commandos and protect the innocent. Marvel Girl and Gladiator successfully killed Araki and Blackcloak. Korvus comforted Rachel, who didn't feel any better after avenging her family.

(X-Men I#256 (fb) – BTS) – The Starjammers landed on a space station in which the Shi’ar were battling the Grad Nan Holt, an insectoid race of whom telepathic member Friendless took mental control of all parties and made them fight each other. He put the Starjammers under his control in fighting the Shi’ar, but knocked Marvel Girl out.

(X-Men Legacy I#250/2) – Korvus, Havok, and Polaris held off their foes while Marvel Girl sent a telepathic message for help.

(X-Men Legacy I#254) – Korvus, Polaris, and Havok stood with the ranks of the Grad Nan Holt against the Shi’ar, as the station continued plummeting toward the sun.

(X-Men Legacy I#255) – They rounded up the prisoners, including Imstari who said he could save the space station, and brought them to Friendless. At the orders of the Grad Nan Holt, Korvus slew all the prisoners but Imstari with his blade. Magneto, Gambit, and Frenzy walked in as Friendless forced Imstari to stab himself; more Shi’ar attacked, and the Starjammers were forced to fight the X-Men.

(X-Men Legacy I#256) – Gambit held off Korvus until the Grad Nan Holt overwhelmed the X-Men. They were soon joined by Marvel Girl, Rogue, Sovel Redhand, Jat, Horse, and Glitter, and the Starjammers’ minds were returned to them. Rogue devised a plan to save the space station.

(X-Men Legacy I#257) – As they worked to find a ship to escape in, Korvus watched Marvel Girl’s body so she could scout for Friendless. As they fled from an antimatter cascade, Sovel Redhand betrayed them in an attempt to stop Rogue from saving their lives.

(X-Men Legacy I#258) – As they fled from the antimatter, Rogue teleported them to her sip, where Korvus was concerned about Rachel. Magneto put his helmet on her to block her from telepathy, allowing Rachel to awaken. They narrowly defeated Friendless and saved their ship, passing through a wormhole to Earth, which Korvus was despondent about. Rogue teleported the other aliens back, promising to find them a ship and a captain soon.

(X-Men Legacy I#259) – On the mutant home of Utopia, Rogue realized that in passing through the wormhole they’d picked up a psychic mutant presence, of which large portions were manifesting in Korvus’ sword. They soon discovered the presence was Ariel. Korvus was confused over Cyclops and Wolverine’s falling out.

(X-Men Legacy I#260) – Korvus, extremely annoyed with being stuck on Earth, briefly picked a fight with Warpath. Rogue soon convinced him to take Redhand’s position as leader of the starship scavengers, and teleported him there after they rescued Ariel.

Comments: Created by Ed Brubaker, Billy Tan, Danny Miki, and Allen Martinez.

Korvus has an entry in X-Men: Messiah Complex - Mutant Files.

Profile by Chadman.

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