Squorm attacks the Xavier Institute with Gladiator

Real Name: Squorm

Identity/Class: Alien & alien technology user, member of Shi'ar Galactic Empire

Occupation: Superguardian

Group Membership: Imperial Superguardian Elite

Affiliations: Arc, Astra, Black Light, Blimp, Cosmo, Earthquake, Electron, Fader, Fang, Flashfire, Gladiator, Hobgoblin/Shapeshifter, Hussar, Impulse, Manta, Mentor, Monstra, Neosaurus, Neutron, Nightside, Oracle, Plutonia, Schism, Scintilla, Smasher, Stuff,Starbolt, Titan, Voyager, Vulcan, Warstar, White Noise;
formerly Smasher (Salac Turr)

Enemies: Inhumans (Black Bolt, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Lockjaw, Maximus, Medusa, Triton), Kree, Cassandra Nova, Ronan the Accuser, Starjammers (Ch'od, Havok, Korvus, Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey), Lilandra Neramani, Polaris, Raza);

formerly mutants at the Xavier Institute, especially Beast, Cyclops, Xorn (Kuan-Yin)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Shi'ar Galactic Empire;

formerly Shi'ar Superdestroyer above Earth;
formerly Xavier Institute, Salem Centre, New York State, U.S.A.

First Appearance: New X-Men I#123 (April, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Squorm was a liquefied sentient life-form from the Shi'ar Imperium, and was steel blue in color. It was housed in red bulbous armor about 4.5' tall, which permitted it to fly and float, and featured a dome-like visor plus two thick short arms and legs. The armor also had two long 4' gold coils that tapered off behind it and hung loosely, but were connected to openings either side of the visor that may have been a weapon or helped with breathing. A loss of internal liquid caused it to lose consciousness.

Height: 6'
Weight: Indeterminate

Squorm helps capture Cyclops and XornHistory: 

(New X-Men I#123 - BTS) - The Shi'ar Empress, Lilandra, her mind controlled by the villainous Cassandra Nova, who inhabited Charles Xavier's body, arrived in lower Earth orbit with a team of Superguardians, including Squorm, under the leadership of Gladiator. Cassandra Nova used Lilandra to enforce the power of the Imperial Superguardian Elite to attack the X-Men, using a lie that the mutants were infected and had to be exterminated.

(New X-Men I#123) - Using the element of surprise, Squorm, Arc and Monstra downed an X-Wing Mark 8 that was carrying Cyclops and Xorn (Kuan-Yin). Returning to the Superdestroyer, the Superguardians kidnapped the two mutants to use as samples for supposed "thought-plague contamination". Beast rips Squorm open

From an external observation deck of the Superdestroyer, which was parked over a think blanket of cloud, Gladiator led Arc, Cosmo and Squorm in an attack against the Xavier Institute, arriving in fiery trails on the Mansion grounds.

(New X-Men I#124) - Squorm entered the Xavier Institute to help destroy the mutants there. Monstra was felled by Beast, but she was able to alert Squorm and Manta for assistance. Manta instead flew off in search of Phoenix (Jean Grey), leaving Squorm by itself. Beast slashed at Squorm's external armor, piercing it, splashing Squorm's liquid body across the room. Its intellect degrading, Squorm fell to the ground, bleeding blue fluid.

(New X-Men I#133 - BTS) - Squorm left Earth along with the rest of Lilandra's Superguardians bound for Shi'ar space after the increasing and repeated manifestation of the Phoenix force in Jean Grey.

(War of Kings#1) - Vulcan surveyed, with Gladiator, the assembled Imperial Guard, taking special notice of Neutron, Plutonia, Manta, the new Smasher, Squorm, and Starbolt. Mentor reported they were all battle ready and Vulcan announced his intentions to attack the Kree. They soon engaged in a massive battle with the Inhumans and Starjammers, successfully capturing Lilandra before retreating. Members of the Guard in this mission: Astra, Black Light, Earthquake, Electron, Fang, Flashfire, Gladiator, Hussar, Impulse, Magique, Manta, Mentor, Neutron, Nightside, Plutonia, Schism, Scintilla, Shapeshifter, Smasher, Squorm, Starbolt, Titan, Voyager, Warstar, and White Noise.

(War of Kings: Who Will Rule?#1) - Under Mentor's lead several Imperial Guard members (Astra, Black Light, Earthquake, Fang, Hussar, Impulse, Neosaurus, Neutron, Plutonia, Schism, Smasher, Squorm, Starbolt, Titan, Warstar) attended Lilandra's funeral. In front of the Inhuman Royal Family Mentor declared the Imperial Guard rulers of the Shi'ar Empire. Medusa attacked Mentor and Smasher, causing a big brawl between the Inhumans and the Imperial Guard. Gladiator hit the ground with a devastating punch, knocking out everyone around him, and asked everyone present to show some resepect for Lilandra. Crystal then gave Gladiator the sceptre and asked him to rule the Shi'ar Empire. The Imperial Guard bowed before him, accepting his rule.

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison (writer), Ethan van Sciver with Tom Derenick (pencils) & Townsend, Miki, Hanna, Florea (inks).

Squorm initially appeared to be a trainee Superguardian, as it displayed little fighting skills against the X-Men.

Profileby Grendel Prime.


Squorm has no known connections to:

New X-Men I#123, p22 (main);

p18, panel 3 (headshot);
New X-Men I#124, p15, panel 4 (ripped).

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War of Kings#1 (May, 2009) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Paul Pelletier (pencils), Rick Magyar (inks), Bill Rosemann (editor)
War of Kings: Who Will Rule?#1 (November, 2009) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Paul Pelletier (pencils), Andrew Hennessy (inks), Bill Rosemann (editor)

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