Real Name: C'cil and B'nee

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (race of origin unrevealed)

Occupation: Members of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Group MembershipImperial Guard

AffiliationsAraki, Arc, Asgardians of the Galaxy (Angela, Destroyer/Kid Loki, Executioner (Skurge), Throg, Thunderstrike/Kevin Masterson, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde), Astra, Avengers (Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Hyperion, Thor), Berman, Binder, Blackthorn, Commando, Cosmo, Deathbird, Delphos, D'ken, Earthquake, Electron, Fang, Fantastic Four, Flashfire/Tempest, G-Type, Gamora, Gladiator, Hobgoblin/Shapeshifter, Hussar, Impulse, Ka'ardum, Kid Gladiator, K'ythri, Mandroids, Manta, Layla Miller, Moondancer, Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox), Neosaurus, Nightside, Nova Corps, N'rill'iree, Oracle, Samédàr, Schism, Scintilla/Midget, Sea Spine, Sharra, Shi'ar Death Commandos (Blackcloak, Colony, Devo, Flaw, Hypernova, Krait, Offset, Sega, Shell, Warshot), Sp'yxx, Squorm, Starhammer, Strong Guy (Guido Carosella), S.W.O.R.D., Titan, Vulcan, Voyager, Warbird (Ava'Dara Naganandini), Webwing, White Noise, Zenith;
formerly Black Light, Magic/Magique, Mentor, Lilandra Neramani, Neutron/Quasar, Plutonia, Praetorians (Pn'zo, Strontian (Xenith), Symbiote, Uncreated), Smasher (Vril Rokk), Smasher (Salac Tuur), Smasher, Starbolt, Trypthe, Voltar;
(other units) Earthquake, Electron, Flashfire, Gladiator, Hussar, Impulse, Manta, Shi'ar, Vulcan

Enemies: Asgardians (Cul Borson, Fandral, Heimdall, Hildegarde, Hogun, Sif), Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Dr. Pym, Falcon, Gilgamesh, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Living Lightning, Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter, USAgent/John Walker, Wasp, Wonder Man), Blastaar, Blast Rockers Empire, Builders, Cerise, Destroyer, Eson, Gambit (Remy LeBeau), Guardians of the Galaxy (Angela, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord), Hodinn, Inhumans (Black Bolt, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Lockjaw, Maximus, Medusa, Triton), Izumbard, Jason of Spartax, Rick Jones, Kree, Liberator, Lobo (DC), Naglfar Armada, Nebula, K'rk N'Kzaii, Rogue (Anna LeBeau), Ronan the Accuser, Scy'ar Tal, Spaceknights (Rom, Scanner, Seeker, Trapper), Starjammers (Binary, Ch'od, Corsair, Cr+eee, Havok, Hepzibah, Korvus, Marvel Girl/Rachel Grey, Lilandra Neramani, Polaris, Raza), Thor (Jane Foster), Warskrulls, Xandra, X-Men (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Henry McCoy, Cable, Colossus, Cyclops, Forge, Gambit, Jubilee, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Phoenix/Jean Grey, Psylocke, Rogue, Sprite/Kitty Pryde, Storm, Wolverine), X-Men (xenoform), X-Men (Angel (teen), Beast (teen), Cyclops (teen), Jean Grey (teen), Iceman (teen), Shadowcat, X-23);
formerly Ka'ardum;
(other units) Darkhawk (Chris Powell), Fraternity of Raptors (Talon), Nova Corps (Josh, Lindy Nolan, Nova Prime/Richard Rider, Tre Owens, Malik Tarcel, Suki Yumiko, others)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Shi'ar Empire

First Appearance: X-Men I#137 (September, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Described as twin automated beings, the mechanoids B'nee and C'cil make up the Guardsman Warstar. The larger mechanoid, C'cil possesses enhanced strength and durability, while the smaller, B'nee, has the ability to electrically shock an opponent with his touch. B'nee is capable of speech while C'cil is not. B'nee generally rides in a pouch on C'cil's back, an area C'cil cannot reach with his arms. When one mechanoid is knocked out, the other becomes easier to defeat, though their exact connection remains unrevealed. They have used a Shi'ar anti-gravity device to fly in battle. It is unknown if B'nee and C'cil represent an alien race on the Guard, or if they are constructs. It is also unknown if there are others like them. Warstar has the ability to trap enemies in energy fields, and has a rapid plasma-cannon.

Height: 2'2" (B'nee); 7'2" (C'cil)
Weight: 75 lbs. (B'nee); 340 lbs (C'cil)


(Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard#4 (fb) - BTS) - Warstar (C'cil and B'nee) were only one Warstar unit that served for the Imperial Guard among hundreds of others.

(X-Men I#137) - Lilandra sent the Imperial Guard against the X-Men (Angel (Warren Worthington), Beast (Henry McCoy), Colossus, Cyclops, Phoenix, Storm, Wolverine) on the moon to give the Shi'ar rights to slay the Phoenix. If the X-Men won, the Shi'ar would leave the Phoenix to them. A massive battle broke out and the Imperial Guard soon won. Guard members in this mission: Earthquake, Gladiator, Hussar, Manta, Smasher, Starbolt, and Warstar. During the battle, Warstar implored the mutants to surrender. Colossus attacked C'cil, burying him in a wall, while B'nee defeated Beast with an electric shock.

(Uncanny X-Men I#157) - Members of the Guard were assigned to assist Lord Samédàr in attacking the Earth. Nightcrawler and Shadowcat convinced Gladiator, N'rill'iree, Oracle, and Starbolt that Dark Phoenix was attacking the ship, then had Oracle read their minds to prove that Samédàr was acting against Lilandra's orders. Other members of the Guard loyal to Samédàr attacked and a fight ensued, during which Gladiator easily knocked aside Warstar, until a Brood weapon attached to B'nee knocked them all unconscious. Samédàr prepared to destroy the Earth with the four guard members, two X-Men, and Captain K'rk watching, but Lilandra revealed herself and stopped him. Guard members in this mission included: Blackthorn, Fang, Gladiator, Hussar, N'rill'iree, Oracle, Quasar, Starbolt, Warstar, Webwing, and others.

(Rom Annual#4) - In far space, Guard members Binder, Chakar, Kwill, and Voltor were killed by the maddened Spaceknight Pulsar. Former Shi'ar ally Dr. Tyreseus donned Pulsar's armor and, calling himself Liberator, began slaying Shi'ar ships. Members of the Guard were sent to investigate, and battled other Spaceknights, Rom, Scanner, Seeker, and Trapper. During the battle, Warstar punched Seeker, but was then waylaid by Seeker's hunter-seeker missiles. Gladiator ended up aiding the Spaceknights in destroying the Liberator. Guard members in this mission: Electron, Gladiator, Magic, Manta, Oracle, Tempest, and Warstar.

(X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers#2) - Members of the Imperial Guard participated in an initial assault on the Starjammers (Binary, Ch'od, Corsair, Cr+eee, Hepzibah, Raza) at Deathbird's orders. When Binary blew a hole through the ship's wall, they briefly tried to save the Shi'ar on board. C'cil blocked the hole while B'nee worked to restore the ship (using Manta's light to see), but Deathbird ordered them to teleport away, leaving the soldiers to their fate. They battled with the Starjammers and Warstar traded blows with Ch'od. Zenith was killed during the battle. Guard members who participated in this assault: Hussar, Manta, Quasar, Warstar, and Zenith.

(Uncanny X-Men I#275) - The Imperial Guard was attacked by a group of Warskrulls posing as the Starjammers. The Guard seemed to be winning until the X-Men (Forge, Gambit, Jubilee, Psylocke, Storm) joined the fight against them, and the Guard was quickly overwhelmed. Guard members in this mission: Earthquake, Gladiator, Mentor, Oracle, Smasher, Tempest, Titan, and Warstar.

(Captain America I#398) - Warstar, described as “twin automations”, punched through a window at a diner in Benson, Arizona, where Jones sat with Captain America. C'cil grabbed Jones and B'nee warned him not to struggle. Captain America attacked and B'nee surprised the hero, leaping free and grabbing his foot. After shocking Captain America with voltage, B'nee was knocked aside by Cap's shield. Cap leaped on C'cil's back and drove his shield into C'cil's shoulder joint, forcing C'cil to drop Jones (and C'cil couldn't reach its arms around to hit Cap).  B'nee leaped on Cap's back, but got hit in the head and fell unconscious. C'cil stopped fighting to tend to B'nee. Electron, Oracle, and Tempest grabbed Jones and departed, leaving Warstar behind.

(Avengers West Coast#80) - Warstar followed Cap to the Avengers (Captain America (Steve Rogers), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Living Lightning, Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), USAgent, Wonder Man) compound, then to a Kree base, where the Guard and Jones were fighting Kree Sentry 372. C'cil attacked Captain America again while B'nee zapped Iron Man. C'cil tried to sneak up on Wonder Man, but slipped on Cap's thrown shield. The Guard escaped to their ship and returned to Shi'ar space, but Warstar was captured.

(Avengers West Coast#81) - Warstar was held in stasis in miniaturized state alongside the Shi'ar soldiers (one of whom was Hobgoblin in disguise) by the Avengers (Dr. Pym, Falcon, Gilgamesh, Mockingbird, She-Hulk, Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), USAgent, Wasp). Nightside and Scintilla freed the captives from Project: PEGASUS and restored them to natural size. When the Avengers attacked, C'cil traded blows with She-Hulk until B'nee zapped her, temporarily defeating her. Warstar then helped Nightside by distracting Gilgamesh, who managed to knock out C'cil while She-Hulk hit B'nee with a piece of machinery. Warstar and Nightside were recaptured.

(Quasar#33) - Members of the Imperial Guard attacked Quasar and Her when the heroes neared the Guard ship. He boarded their ship and the Guard agreed to release Atlas to him (Warstar retrieving the captive on Oracle's orders) so as not to damage the ship. Quasar quickly departed before they could pursue him. Guard members in this mission: Electron, Hobgoblin, Manta, Neutron, Nightside, Oracle, Scintilla, Starbolt, Tempest, and Warstar.

(Inhumans IV#4) - Lilandra represented the Shi'ar Empire on the planet Kritnah in the marriage ceremony with Emperor Eson of the Spartoi while the Imperial Guard stood by. Black Bolt moved to attack Lilandra, who set up a shield and activated the Guard against the Inhumans. Karnak toppled C'cil while B'nee leaped free. After combining again, Warstar battled Gorgon. Black Bolt screamed, seemingly slaying Lilandra. The Guard moved in at full force. The Inhumans teleported away, escaping. Lilandra's form was revealed to be Hobgoblin, who appeared to be dead. Lilandra, as a hologram, revealed herself and told the Spartoi that the union was off due to their atrocities. Jason of Sparta was blamed for being behind it. Members of the Guard in this mission: Astra, Delphos, Earthquake, Fang, Flashfire, Gladiator, Hobgoblin, Hussar, Mentor, Neutron, Nightside, Oracle, Smasher, Starbolt, Titan, Warstar, and others.

(Uncanny X-Men I#387 (fb) - BTS) - Hussar, Warstar, Neutron, and Webwing were expelled from the Guard for unknown reasons revolving around treason. When Earth became a prison planet, they were sent there to serve their time. They allied with the D'Bari Starhammer and agreed to go after the X-Men.

(Uncanny X-Men I#387) - Starhammer's Mandroids attacked the X-Men (Beast, Cable, Gambit, Phoenix (Jean Grey), Rogue) in New Orleans, with the former Guardsmen acting as backup. Cable flew at Warstar in a random pattern, not allowing C'cil to get a lock on him, then knocked Warstar out with a telekinetic burst. The Guardsmen, all defeated, were left tied up.

(JLA/Avengers#1) - The Imperial Guard fought Lobo. Members of the Guard in this mission: Astra, Fang, Electron, Flashfire, Hobgoblin, Hussar, Impulse, Magique, Manta, Mentor, Neutron, Nightside, Oracle, Scintilla, Smasher, Starbolt, Titan, Warstar.

(Uncanny X-Men I#485 (fb) - BTS) - Under unknown circumstances, Hussar was accepted back into the Guard.

(Uncanny X-Men I#485) - Members of the Guard stood guard at the wedding of Deathbird to Vulcan, D'ken acting as new emperor having ordered it. The X-Men (Darwin, Havok, Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey), Polaris, Warpath), Starjammers (Ch'od, Corsair, Cr+eee, Hepzibah, Raza), Korvus, Lilandra, and the armies of General Ka'ardum attacked, and the Guard fought against them. Warstar briefly fought Ch'od. Vulcan then assassinated D'ken.

(Uncanny X-Men I#486) - Vulcan murdered Corsair and proclaimed himself emperor. Deathbird ordered the Guard to follow Vulcan's orders, and they were soon ordered to retreat. Guard members in this mission (and last): Earthquake, Electron, Gladiator, Magique, Manta, Mentor, Nightside, Starbolt, and Warstar.

(X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#2) - The Scy'ar Tal waged war on the Shi'ar and destroyed the planet Feather's Edge. Vulcan, with Deathbird and the Imperial Guard (Gladiator, Manta, Nightside, Oracle, Starbolt, Titan, Warstar) teleported aboard the Starjammers' ship.

(X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#3) - Vulcan held off Havok's energy attack while Oracle blocked Marvel Girl's telepathy. Vulcan offered an alliance against the Scy'ar Tal, claiming that they were the bigger threat, then left with his allies to let the Starjammers think things over. Vulcan, Deathbird, and the Imperial Guard (joined by Scintilla) greeted the Starjammers, who agreed to the alliance. Deathbird had reservations, but Vulcan quelled them. Soon, Araki entered with his private guard, the Shi'ar Death Commandos (Blackcloak, Colony, Devo, Flaw, Hypernova, Krait, Offset, Sega, Shell, Warshot). Marvel Girl grew furious and lashed out in a powerful attack, sending the Commandos scattering and threatening Araki's life, even accusing him of running the secret order of the Shi'ar and ordering the death of her family, until Polaris stopped her. After the Commandos left, they started a planning session and Havok insisted they destroy the Finality weapon, which had destroyed Feather's Edge, first. Vulcan ordered the Starjammers and Imperial Guard to go after the weapon while Ka'ardum lead the fleet to defend the M'kraan Crystal. They soon arrived at the Finality, where they found dozens of stars ready to be used as weapons.

(X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#4) - Vulcan summoned the Imperial Guard (Earthquake, Gladiator, Starbolt, Titan, Warstar) to defend him against the Eldest. The Eldest chided the Guard for serving their Shi'ar enslavers and easily defeated most of them until Havok suggested that he, Gladiator, and Vulcan focus their energy attacks on Eldest simultaneously. The Eldest fell dead, but another of the Scy'ar Tal turned into the new Eldest. Finally, thanks to Havok, Vulcan realized that the Eldest was drawing his powers from the energies of his people, so he manipulated those energies and cut off the hive mind of the Scy'ar Tal. The battle quickly turned to the Shi'ar's favor. Vulcan slew the rest of the Scy'ar present, captured Havok with a blast, and vowed to kill the others.

(X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#5) - With Earthquake seemingly dead, Mentor analyzed the Finality weapon and determined its capabilities and superior functioning. The Scy'ar Tal were finally destroyed after Mentor activated the weapon, even though Havok managed to destroy the Finality weapon. Deathbird lead the rest of the Imperial Guard and defeated the Starjammers, then teleported back to save Vulcan from Havok. The Imperial Guard (Electron, Flashfire, Gladiator, Manta, Mentor, Nightside, Oracle, Plutonia, Scintilla, Titan, Warstar) stood by Deathbird, Araki, and Ka'ardum as the Shi'ar cheered on Vulcan. The Starjammers (Ch'od, Havok, Polaris, Raza) lay captive.

(X-Men: Kingbreaker#3) - Vulcan ordered the Imperial Guard to intervene in a battle between the Starjammers (Ch'od, Havok, Lilandra, Marvel Girl, Korvus, Polaris, Raza) and new Guard members Hodinn, Pn'zo, Strontian, the Symbiote, and the Uncreated. Guard members present: Electron, Flashfire, Gladiator, Manta, Mentor, Nightside, Oracle, Plutonia, Scintilla, Starbolt, Titan, and Warstar.

(X-Men: Kingbreaker#4) - Joined by Smasher (Salac Tuur), the Guard fought off the Starjammers, who eventually escaped after putting Deathbird into a coma. During the battle, Warstar briefly battled Ch'od, and the Hodinn and Pn'zo were killed. Later, Vulcan authorized the Imperial Guard to join the military in expanding the Shi'ar empire.

(War of Kings#1) - Vulcan surveyed, with Gladiator, the assembled Imperial Guard. Mentor reported they were all battle ready and Vulcan announced his intentions to attack the Kree. They soon engaged in a massive battle with the Inhumans and Starjammers, successfully capturing Lilandra before retreating. Members of the Guard in this mission: Astra, Black Light, Earthquake, Electron, Fang, Flashfire, Gladiator, Hussar, Impulse, Magique, Manta, Mentor, Neutron, Nightside, Plutonia, Schism, Scintilla, Shapeshifter, Smasher, Squorm, Starbolt, Titan, Voyager, Warstar, and White Noise.

(War of Kings: Who Will Rule?#1) - Under Mentor's lead several Imperial Guard members (Astra, Black Light, Earthquake, Fang, Hussar, Impulse, Neosaurus, Neutron, Plutonia, Schism, Smasher, Squorm, Starbolt, Titan, Warstar) attended Lilandra's funeral. In front of the Inhuman Royal Family Mentor declared the Imperial Guard rulers of the Shi'ar Empire. Medusa attacked Mentor and Smasher, causing a big brawl between the Inhumans and the Imperial Guard. Gladiator hit the ground with a devastating punch, knocking out everyone around him, and asked everyone present to show some resepect for Lilandra. Crystal then gave Gladiator the sceptre and asked him to rule the Shi'ar Empire. The Imperial Guard bowed before him, accepting his rule.

(Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard#1) - When the planet of Izumbard refused to create more warships for the Shi'ar, the Imperial Guard (Earthquake, Electron, Flashfire, Neutron, Plutonia, Titan, Voltar, Warstar) were sent to quell the riots. During the fight, Warstar handled the armored warriors, but Voltar was killed in battle. Another branch of the Guard (Commando, Fang, Gladiator, Hussar, Manta, Starbolt) soon arrived to aid in the battle. Later, at their barracks, they proposed a toast, and Manta recognized the loss of Voltar. Fang expressed his distaste with Gladiator on the throne, but Neutron defended Gladiator, causing Warstar to tease Neutron about the black hole singularity inside him. After Mentor, Oracle, and Smasher interrupted the fight, Mentor told them that they'd just volunteered for a special strike force mission due to their bad behavior. The next day, they learned they'd be going for recon into the Fault, the rip in time and space, alongside Ch'od and Raza of the Starjammers.

(Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard#2) - After being briefed by Gladiator, the Imperial Guard (Fang, Flashfire, Hussar, Manta, Mentor, Neutron, Oracle, Plutonia, Smasher, Starbolt, Warstar) were sent into the Fault to investigate, with Ch'od and Raza among them. The ship was soon under attack by energy leeches and the crew struggled to stay in the air. When one breached the ship, Mentor ordered Warstar not to fire on it, but to instead trap it in a force field, in which the creature fed upon itself. Mentor recommended the ship run on silent so as not to attract more leeches, and Ch'od reluctantly agreed. Within minutes, a giant ship approached, and they prepared the Starjammer for battle. The ship, bio-organic in nature, fired on them, and then caught them in a tractor beam, pulling it inside. As they battled off biological monsters, Oracle surmised they were aboard a rotting corpse that was seeking to use its enzymes to kill them.

(Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard#3) - Over the following six hours, as the dead ship grew around the Starjammer, the Guard worked to repair their ship. As Warstar and Neutron checked in with the scouting party, Oracle soon discovered the ship had been killed while running from something else. As enzymes attacked them, Warstar hit many of them with his plas-cannon. They realized they need to rush away before they were digested, and they narrowly escaped. They soon came across a massive field of debris. They followed an energy signature, hoping to find Vulcan, when Warstar and Neutron were hit by a massive energy burst. When the air cleared, they saw Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) there, with a massive biological entity pursuing him.

(Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard#4) - Oracle managed to send a telepathic call for help through Quasar's quantum powers into the M'Kraan Crystal, reaching Gladiator. . The Guard hid themselves in the debris zone and outside, the Guard (Fang, Flashfire, Neutron, Smasher, Starbolt, Warstar) worked on gathering debris to act as a buffer and shield around their ship (Warstar primarily focused on the mines). Soon, Fang proposed a final toast of Aedian Psi-Wine, away from Mentor, and suspecting they might all die. On the ship, Ch'od realized someone had sabotaged their ship, and Mentor realized it must be the new Smasher, who was soon revealed as Talon of the Fraternity of Raptors. Talon had retrieved two amulets of power from the Fault and claimed he could use them to give the team greater firepower for the coming battle. Outside the xenoform beings attacked in the form of the X-Men and Starbolt was quickly killed in battle. Gladiator then arrived to aid them.

(Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard#5 (fb)) - Gladiator had more of the Guard (Arc, Black Light, Commando, Electron, G- Type, Moondancer, Titan, Voyager, White Noise) assembled at his order, to rescue the stranded team (Fang, Flashfire, Hussar, Manta, Mentor, Neutron, Oracle, Plutonia, Warstar), with Ch'od, Raza, Talon (previously thought to be Smasher), and Quasar, from within the Fault. Voyager, with great strain, opened a gateway to within the Fault, then stayed behind while Moondancer used her powers to guide them through the debris and to the ship, which was surrounded by bizarre and deadly xenoform beings patterned after the X-men.

(Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard#5) - The two sides of the Guard savagely attacked the aliens, killing them swiftly and decisively. Mentor soon reported to Gladiator that "an abominable universe of reciprocal otherness" was upon them from the other side of the Fault, full of cancerous aggression and new physical laws. Talon then ensured them that using his amulets would allow them to create two more Raptor beings, and Mentor and Plutonia volunteered, becoming Strel and Kyte respectively. During the battle, Black Light and Neutron were killed; Warstar surmised that this may be the first time he would run out of ammunition. The combined Guard narrowly escaped a savage telepathic attack when Ch'od and Raza launched the Symbiote (formerly of the Praetorians) at the Xavier being the attack had originated from. After they successfully escaped, Gladiator reported their success to the Inhumans, and announced the pending war with the Fault universe. While honoring their newly dead (joining the ranks of thousands of others) on the mausoleum world of Elysialla VII, the Guard stood with newly appointed members in the roles of Mentor, Neutron, Plutonia, Smasher, and Starbolt. Fang recited the Guard's oath. "I will not falter, and I will not swerve. From the rising of the suns to the setting of the stars. With Sharra and K'ythri to guide me, I will serve out the term of my duty with courage and conviction for it is the greatest honor any being of any species can know to be allowed to guard the Imperium of the Shi'ar and stand, each of us, as a light in the darkness. So I make my oath of allegiance."

(Thanos Imperative#1) - Gladiator, Warstar, Hussar, and the new Smasher fought valiantly against the deadly Cancer-beings coming into the universe from the Fault.

(Thanos Imperative: Devastation#1) - Araki reported to Gladiator that Cosmo was there to see him, while Warstar stood nearby.

(Wolverine and the X-Men Annual#1) - At the Imperial Guard training school, Kid Gladiator provided his report to the others about his time on Earth. In earshot were Titan, Warstar, the Manta trainees, the Fang trainees, and the Smasher trainees, including Subguardian Smasher-7. Other trainees included those seeking to become Starbolt, Oracle, Plutonia, Neutron, Flashfire, Hussar, Electron, and others, but Kid Gladiator was the only one in his program. Against his father's orders, he joined the Smasher trainees (including numbers 10, 11, and 12), the Avengers, and the Imperial Guard (including Monstra and Arc).

(All-New X-Men I#23) - The Imperial Guard (Astra, Oracle, Titan, Impulse, Manta, Smasher, Electron, Plutonia, Mentor, Hussar, Flashfire, Scintilla, Warstar) and the Shi'ar Death Commandos (Krait, Flaw, Devo, Offset, Sega, Colony, Hypernova, Warshot) were ordered by Gladiator to stand by while they put the young teenage Jean Grey on trial for crimes she would commit in the future as the Phoenix.

(Guardians of the Galaxy III#12) - The Imperial Guard (Manta, Electron, Titan, Flashfire, Warstar, Smasher, Plutonia, Oracle) trained on Chandilar, then prepared to stand guard at the trial of Jean Grey.

(All-New X-Men I#24) - The Imperial Guard (Oracle, Warstar, Impulse, Mentor, Manta, Hussar, Flashfire, Plutonia, Smasher, Astra, Electron, Titan, Scintilla) stood by at the trial, debating among themselves the guilt of Jean Grey, who pushed her powers to the limits and briefly defeated the entire team. When the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Starjammers arrived, they fought the Guard.

(Guardians of the Galaxy III#13) - The Imperial Guard (Plutonia, Oracle, Flashfire, Gladiator, Manta, Smasher, Warstar, Titan, Impluse, Mentor, Electron) and Krait of the Death Commandos faced against the Starjammers, the X-Men, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, but the Guard was stopped nearly single-handedly by Jean Grey, who manifested a new power source. Oracle ordered the Guard to retreat, and Gladiator reluctantly agreed.


(Mighty Thor II#15) - Gladiator, Kid Gladiator, Warbird, the Shi'ar, and a contingent of the Imperial Guard (Warstar, Smasher/Isabel Kane, Neutron, Manta, Starbolt) went to Asgardia, where they confronted Heimdall before other Asgardians and Thor (Jane Foster) rushed in to face them. The Shi'ar snagged Thor and returned her to Shi'ar space, where Sharra and K'ythri were prepared to face her in M'Kraan Palace. More members of the Guard (Webwing, Hussar, Oracle, Hobgoblin) met them there.

(Mighty Thor II#16) - The Imperial Guard (Smasher/Isabel Kane, Starbolt, Neutron, Manta, Hussar, Hobgoblin, Oracle, Warstar) saw Sharra and K'ythri challenge Thor to a contest. When Gladiator tried standing up for them, they humbled him physically.

(Mighty Thor II#17) - Gladiator (and Kid Gladiator) led the Imperial Guard (Astra, Plutonia, Hobgoblin, Starbolt, Oracle, Manta, Neutron, Fang, Electron, Warstar, Webwing, Hussar, Smasher (Isabel Kane)) against the Asgardians, but the Destroyer was unleashed to fight them back.

(Mighty Thor II#18 - BTS) - Gladiator kept the Imperial Guard off to the side during the battle between gods.

(Guardians of the Galaxy IV#17) - S.W.O.R.D. turned Gamora over to the Imperial Guard (Gladiator, Titan, Manta, Watstar, Oracle, Impulse, Astra) for containment, but she had changed places with Crewman Berman and escaped.

(Mr. and Mrs. X#1) - The Imperial Guard (Astra, Flashfire, Hussar, Manta, Warstar) went to the planet Che'ar, where they arrested Cerise and seized the package. Gambit and Rogue attacked and battled the Guard. Rogue escaped by absorbing Astra's powers.

(Mr. and Mrs. X#2) - The Imperial Guard (Astra, Flashfire, Hussar, Manta, Warstar) kept Gambit and Cerise captive aboard the mutants' ship, then fired on a ship above planet Che'an, Cerise escaped her shackles and used a teleporter to take all of the Imperial Guard across the galaxy.

(Mr. and Mrs. X#3) - The Imperial Guard members (Astra, Flashfire, Hussar, Manta, Warstar) reported back to Gladiator and Oracle on Chandilar; Gladiator pretended to punish them while Oracle let Cerise go. Later, the new Nightside stole the egg from the ship and returned it to Chandilar through the Darkforce Dimension.

(Mr. and Mrs. X#4) - The Imperial Guard (Astra, Electron, Flashfire, Hussar, Manta, Nightside, Pulsar, Titan, Warstar) attacked Rogue, Gambit, Cerise, Xandra (the hatched egg), and the Starjammers on the Artsturd 'Kle moon over Chandilar. Deathbird and her rebel army arrived soon after wounding Gambit, then Rogue and Xandra seemed to explode.

(Mr. and Mrs. X#5) - Oracle joined the Imperial Guard (Astra, Electron, Flashfire, Hussar, Manta, Nightside, Pulsar, Titan, Warstar) in mourning the seemingly lost Xandra. Oracle secretly gave condolences to Cerise, then the Guard departed peacefully.

(Asgardians of the Galaxy#2) - On Chandilar, Gladiator assembled the Imperial Guard (Warstar, Manta, Neutron, Smasher (Izzy Kane), Oracle) to stand against Nebula, who unleashed the Naglfar Armada against them, including an undead Thor.

(Asgardians of the Galaxy#3) - The Imperial Guard were overwhelmed by the Naglfar Armada's powers. Neutron was felled by an undead Odin. The Asgardians of the Galaxy arrived to help end the fight, then the Nova Corps showed up.

(Guardians of the Galaxy V#1) – Gladiator led Flashfire, Manta, Titan and Warstar in quelling a Shi'ar uprising.

(Silver Surfer: Black I#1) – The Imperial Guard (including Warstar) were among those who were sent through time and space after the battle.

(X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic#95) - The Imperial Guard (Fang, Astra, Manta, Warstar, Electron, Smasher, Gladiator) aided the Fantastic Four, Multiple Man, Layla Miller, and Strong Guy in fighting Blastaar and the Blast Rockers Empire, evil pirate versions of Multiple Man.

(Children of the Vault I#2 (fb) - BTS) - A group of brainwashed backup Superguardians (for Manta, Oracle, Smasher, Warstar, Titan, Scintilla) were mind-controlled by a rogue faction of the Shi'ar (possibly the Kin Crimson) into destroying Earth.

(Children of the Vault I#2 - BTS) - The Superguardians were defeated by the Children of the Vault in Nairobi.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin.

Warstar had a partial entry in OHotMU Deluxe Edition#6 and one in the OHotMU Master Edition.

The Imperial Guard was a takeoff of DC's Legion of Super-Heroes. Warstar is based on the DC character Duo Damsel. They were named after the cartoon characters Beany and Cecil.

In Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard#4 it was revealed that C'cil and B'nee were only one of several hundred Warstar units (though they are the most prominent).
--Markus Raymond

Though it isn't clear from Nova IV#26 itself, Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard#4 had Mentor confirming he was working with B'nee and C'cil, so they look to still be alive and that would make the Warstar from Nova IV#26 a different Warstar.

Appearances of other Warstar units (at least those that were clearly other units):

(Nova IV#24) - The Imperial Guard (Earthquake, Electron, Flashfire, Gladiator, Impulse, Manta, Warstar) attacked a faction of the Nova Corps on a Shi'ar fringeworld, killing many. The Nova Prime, Malik Tarcel, battled Gladiator directly until the rest, including Suki Yumiko and Josh, surrendered. Strontian and the Praetorians came to take over, then, killing all but Tarcel, who was taken in for interrogation.

(War of Kings: Ascension#4) - When two of the Fraternity of Raptors, Darkhawk and Talon, battled on Vulcan's ship, Hussar and two Warstars attacked, but the battle was taken outside quickly.

(Nova IV#26) - Warstar led a group of Shi'ar against members of the Nova Corps (including Tre Owens and Lindy Nolan) on a devastated Kree world, but the Nova Prime (Richard Rider) slew Warstar.

Thanks to Ed Zybul for pointing out a small mistake in the comments.

Profile by Chadman.

Warstar has no known connections to

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