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Membership: Chakar (Praetor), Binder, Kwill, Voltor, other unnamed members

Purpose: To serve and protect the Shi'ar Empire

Affiliations: Dakari

Enemies: Pulsar (Spaceknight), Liberator (Tyresius)

Base of Operations: Mobile in the Shi'ar Empire

First Appearance: Rom Annual#4 (1985)


History: (Rom Annual#4) - Chakar's Imperial Guard Cohort had a good reputation in the Shi'ar Empire. They were considered powerful but often, in their missions, they destroyed the specimens their Majestrix would have brought back intact.

    Chakar and his Imperial Guard Cohort were called out by Dakari, commander of a Shi'ar Dreadnought, to protect his spaceship. The Dreadnought had found an alien in the outer space, enveloped in a force field and Dakari wanted to bring him back to Majestrix Deathbird.
    Dakari had the alien beam-transported aboard the ship. The alien was Pulsar, one of the mightiest Galadorian Spaceknights. But Pulsar was dying, after being attacked by a Wraith's Deathwing, and his mental sanity was gone. Once aboard the ship he savagely attacked everybody he saw in front of him. The Guard was prepared to battle but Pulsar's force fields ripped through the Guardsmen's ranks. Binder, Kwill and Voltor hit the Galadorian who still succeeded in blasting two Guardsmen. Pulsar decimated the Cohort then Chakar personally attacked the Spaceknight. After the huge impact between the two warriors, Chakar died while Pulsar was still alive but inert and dying.

    Tyreseus, the physician of the crew, secretly bonded to the Spaceknight's armor, gaining his tremendous power. Seeking revenge against the Shi'ar Empire he destroyed the Dreadnought with all his crew, including the rest of the Chakar's Cohort.


Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Steve Ditko and Al Milgrom (art).

    Before his death, Dakari had no idea about the alien identity or affiliation. After his death, thanks to the special device to read his recent memories, he accused a Spaceknight. Rather strange.

  1. the device contacted Dakari's spirit, and, probably in that state, Dakari knew more than he knew when in life, but he cannot speak so much so he could not spell the word "Tyreseus" or "Pulsar";
  2. the device was a fake, used only to accuse who had to be accused, thus pre-programmed to have a corpse emit the words that the accuser wanted; ROM sense of honor could never have him suspect to a trick like this;
  3. Dakari wasn't dead and he was faking his state to accuse some aliens similar to the one who destroyed his starship.

I'd like the "a" supposition and the idea of such an odd device!--Spidermay

Profile by Spidermay.

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Chakar was a Shi'ar.
He was a Praetor and led a Shi'ar Cohort of Imperial Guardsmen.
He was the most powerful soldier of his Cohort, he probably could fly, even in the outer space, and had probably superhuman strength and a good degree of invulnerability.

    Chakar had performed other missions with his Guardsmen, retrieving specimens for the Majestrix Deathbird but often they destroyed the specimen.

    Chakar was recalled by Commander Dakari to warrant the safety of the Dreadnought from the presence of the alien found in the outer space. 

    Chakar would have preferred to approach the alien outside the spaceship, but Dakari wanted the alien alive and was worried about the Imperial Guard destroying him. Chakar was rather sure about Shi'ar superiority about other races, including the Calurnian race which Tyreseus belonged.
    So, the alien was beam-transported aboard the ship, but he insanely attacked the crew. The Guard was stunned by the sudden attack and some of them were slain by the alien. Then Chakar, who had pledged to protect the spaceship, personally confronted the cyborg. The clash was tremendous. Chakar died but stopped the mad alien.

--Rom Annual#4


Binder was a member of the Imperial Guard.

He could emit plasma beams from his hands. 

Binder tried to defend himself and his companions when Pulsar blindly attacked them but his beams weren't enough to stop the Spaceknight, who, in that moment, was seriously wounded and believed he was fighting his last battle against the Dire Whraits.

Binder probably survived to Pulsar's attack, thanks to Chakar sacrifice, but he died when Tyreseus destroyed the Dreadnought.

--Rom Annual#4


Kwill was a member of the Imperial Guard.

He could blast green rays from his hands, the blasts were stun-spines that disrupted the senses.

Kwill managed to hit Pulsar with his stun-spines, but apparently they had no effect on the Spaceknight.

Kwill died in the explosion of the Dreadnought spaceship caused by Tyreseus in Pulsar's armor.

--Rom Annual#4


Voltor was a member of the Imperial Guard.

He could fire electro-shock bolts form his hands.

Voltor was rather self-confident about his powers, sure that his bolts were more effective than Kwill's spines and that he could have stopped the mad alien. Instead he was struck by a blast from Pulsar and probably died.

He died for sure when the Dreadnought exploded, destroyed by Tyreseus in Pulsar's armor.

--Rom Annual#4



Dakari was a Shi'ar.
He was Commander of a Dreadnought spaceship.

    During one of his missions the Dreadnought detected a force-sphere in the vacuum of the space. Detecting that the being in the sphere was both human and machine, he decided to collect the "specimen" to bring it to the Majestrix Shi'ar. Guessing the danger of approaching a great-force-emitting alien, Dakari called out the Cohort of Imperial Guards led by Chakar, to grant the safety of the spaceship.

    Chakar suggested to approach the alien in the space with his Guardsmen, but Dakari and Tyreseus was afraid that the Guard would have destroyed the specimen.
The alien, Pulsar, was beam-transported on the transporter deck but he suddendly and savagely attacked the crew. Pulsar slaughtered some Guardsmen, Dakari feared about the vessel safety but Chakar stopped the alien personally. After a huge clash, Chakar died. But the alien survived. Tyreseus, physician and healer, sensed that the alien was dying too, so convinced Dakari to perform an autopsy on him. But Tyreseus, seeking vengeance over Shi'ar race, wore the Pulsar's armor. Then he killed Commander Dakari and destroyed the Dreadnought spaceship also killing all the crew.

    Some days later, Dakari's dead body, was found by another spaceship and used as "witness". Using a special device, the Shi'ars succeeded in reading Dakari's last memories before death, and Dakari's dead lips accused a "Spaceknight".

--Rom Annual#4

The deceased's memory reader device

    The advanced Shi'ar science created a device that could discover the most recent memories of a dead Shi'ar. It was capable to "read" the electronic impulse from the brain that constituted his recent memories.

    The device was used by a Coroner on Dakari's corpse. Thanks to it, the Dakari's dead lips spoke few words but enough for the Shi'ar and for Gladiator to guess the name of the killer.

--Rom Annual#4


Rom Annual#4, p4, pan1 (Imperial Guards)
Rom Annual#4, p4, pan2 (Voltor and another Imperial Guard)
Rom Annual#4, p3, pan3  (Chakar, front face shot)
Rom Annual#4,
p2, pan3  (Chakar, profile face shot)
Rom Annual#4, p4, pan1 (Chakar, full body)
Rom Annual#4, p4, pan2 (Binder)
Rom Annual#4, p4, pan2 (Kwill)
Rom Annual#4, p4, pan3 (Voltor, back shot)
Rom Annual#4, p2, pan3 (Dakari, head shot)
Rom Annual#4, p13, pan4 (Shi'ar Coroner using the device on Dakari's body)

Rom Annual#4 (December, 1985) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Steve Ditko (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Mike Carlin (editor)

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