Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Yann) robot

Occupation: Inapplicable

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Yandroth

EnemiesVictoria Bentley, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Voltorr

Base of Operations: Yandroth's headquarters, Yann dimension

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#165 (February, 1968)

Powers/Abilities: Yandroth created Voltorg with atomic electrodes. "In his hands, he wields the fateful lightning of the universe that binds--or destroys--all matter! His is the power to hurl stars from their paths--to shrivel vast mountains into dust--or to obliterate human life as easily as one might step on an anthill." Through his electrodes, Voltorg sent forth mighty atomic blasts that he fired at his prey. Voltorg was programmed to follow Yandroth's orders, viewing the world through his video receptors. When contact with Yandroth was broken, or when disoriented, Voltorg ran rampantly destroying anything.




History: (Strange Tales I#165 (fb) - BTS) - Voltorg (also called Voltorr) was created by Yandroth, Scientist Supreme, to be used as a last resort to battle any attacking foes. Equipped to wield atomic electrodes, Voltorg was given the power to destroy anything, and was to be controlled by Yandroth solely.

(Strange Tales I#165) - When Dr. Strange pursued Victoria Bentley to Yann, where she'd been captured by Yandroth, Strange battled Yandroth to the brink of defeat. With no other options, Yandroth released Voltorg to destroy Strange.

(Strange Tales I#166) - Strange initially blacked out Voltorg's senses, causing Voltorg to begin firing its beams randomly around it. Seeing that everything could be destroyed, Strange released Voltorg from the spell, and Voltorg shot Strange. Voltorg was distracted by several images of Strange briefly, but pursued Strange through Yandroth's headquarters firing several blasts. Strange destroyed Voltorg's video receptors, melting the robot's face. Voltorg ran rampant again, destroying himself as he crashed through a wall, in pieces.










Comments: Created by Jim Lawrence and Dan Adkins.

Voltorg was named Voltorr in his initial appearance. The dimension Yann wasn't named until Defenders volume 2.

Profile by Chadman.






Voltorg/Voltorr has no known connections to

images: Strange Tales I#165, p11, pan1
Strange Tales I#166, p4, pan2

Strange Tales I#165 (February, 1968) - Jim Lawrence (writer), Dan Adkins (penciler/inker), Stan Lee (editor)
Strange Tales I#166 (March, 1968) - Jim Lawrence (writer), George Tuska (penciler), Dan Adkins (inker), Stan Lee (editor)

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