victoriabentley6.jpgReal Name: Victoria Bentley

Identity/Class: Human magic user;
    citizen of the UK

Occupation: Heiress, sorceress

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Avengers (Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Crystalia Amaquelin, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hercules/Heracles, Sersi, Vision/"Victor Shade"), Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia), Edward Catherwood, Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Marrina, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Valinor, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)

EnemiesAchmed and his accomplice, Balor, Baron (Karl) Mordo, Blood Wraith (Seth Dolan), Crusader (Arthur Blackwood), Dormammu, Dreadknight (Bram Velsing), the Fomor demons (apparently posing as Cernunnos, Taranis, Morrigan, Lug, Bellanos), the Living Tribunal, Lord Nekron, Mordred, Morgan Le Fey, Morgan Le Fey's messenger, Nebulos, Ningal, Voltorg, Wicker Man, Yandroth

Known RelativesSir Clive Bentley (father, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsSpirit world within the Ebony Blade;
    formerly Bentley Manor London;
    formerly Victoria's London Flat;
    formerly Garrett Castle;
    formerly Otherworld;

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#114/2 (November 1963)

Powers/Abilities: Victoria was gifted with a natural aptitude for mysticism. She may have inherited this ability from her father Sir Clive Bentley who, with the assistance of his butler Catherwood, was an accomplished sorcerer. However, Victoria never received any formal training in the mystic arts. Rather, her mystic powers were stolen from her by Dr. Strange. After he returned her powers, Victoria found they were increased, and she became able to execute significant mystic spells such as using the Crystal of Bas-Lyonesse to view events that were distant in space and time, exchanging places with spirits from the Domain of the Dead and sending psychic messages.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair: Brown

(Strange Tales I#114/2) - Baron Mordo disguised himself as Sir Clive Bentley, and lured Dr. Strange into a trap in Bentley's London castle. Doc projected a mystic call for help which was detected by Bentley's daughter, Victoria, thanks to her latent mystical abilities. Miss Bentley rushed to Doc's aid and, after a brief battle, the Baron was defeated. Afterwards, Victoria asked Strange to help her develop her mystic abilities, but Doc felt that doing so would make her an enemy of Mordo, and he advised her to wait for a time that was less dangerous.

(Strange Tales I#157/2-159/2 - BTS) - In the process of defeating the evil demon Zom, Dr. Strange and the Ancient One unintentionally released the dormant powers of Black Magic in all of Earth's mystics. These mystics gathered together in a group called the Circle Sinister under the mental control of Baron Mordo. Victoria Bentley was among the mystics of the Circle Sinister.

(Strange Tales I#160/2) - Dr. Strange sought Baron Mordo's aid because the Living Tribunal had threatened to destroy the Earth to cleanse it from the evil forces released during the defeat of Zom. Strange channeled the powers of the Circle Sinister into Mordo, but Victoria Bentley's good nature reasserted itself, and she began resisting the evil impulse to obey the Baron.

(Strange Tales I#161/2) - Having returned to her London flat, and still fighting the control of Baron Mordo, Victoria Bentley struggled to remember her previous encounters with Mordo and Dr. Strange. But, no sooner had Victoria regained her memory than she was transported the World of a Million Perils by the extradimensional being Nebulos to be used as a hostage in his battle with Dr. Strange.

victoriabentley2.jpg(Strange Tales I# 162/2) - Victoria Bentley remained in the captivity of Nebulos on the World of a Million Perils while Dr. Strange traveled to Earth to battle Baron Mordo. After Doc defeated Mordo, and saved the Earth from the Living Tribunal, Nebulos transported himself and Doc to the Planets Perilous.

(Strange Tales I#163/2 - BTS) - On the Planets Perilous, Dr. Strange and the Living Tribunal battled Nebulos, who perished in the conflict. Before his death, Nebulos sent Victoria Bentley to the planet ruled by Yandroth, self-proclaimed Scientist Supreme, to be held hostage.

(Strange Tales I#164) - Following the defeat of Nebulos, the Living Tribunal transported Dr. Strange to Yandroth's planet so he could rescue Victoria Bentley. Yandroth informed Doc that Victoria was his captive, he had no intention of releasing her, and that he intended to make her his queen.

(Strange Tales I#165/2) - Victoria Bentley remained captive as Dr. Strange battled Yandroth. Doc defeated Yandroth easily, but as the Scientist Supreme lay helpless and defeated, he released his robot Voltorg, - the menace beyond any other - the most awesome weapon of all!-

(Strange Tales I#166) - As Dr. Strange and Voltorg exchanged blows, Yandroth snatched Victoria Bentley and fled to his teleportation chamber. Doc destroyed Voltorg, but by the time he reached the chamber, Yandroth and Victoria were in final countdown inside the teleporter. Doc tried to set the teleporter destination to Earth and jumped in, but it was too late. When he arrived on Earth, Yandroth and Victoria were nowhere to be found. Instead, Doc was at Stonehenge where he found none other than his mentor, the Ancient One, who had seemingly died at that very spot in an earlier battle with Zom.

(Strange Tales I#167/2) - The Ancient One brought Dr. Strange up to speed on what had transpired since his apparent death at the hands of Zom: The Ancient One had deceived Zom into believing he had been imprisoned in the rocks of Stonehenge so Doc could restore cosmic balance to the Earth and address the concerns of the Living Tribunal. After the update, Doc and the Ancient One then returned to the master's sacred temple in Tibet and searched for Yandroth and Victoria Bentley whom they located in the Dimension of Dreams. The Ancient One transported Doc to the Dream Dimension, but no sooner had he arrived than he met an onslaught from Yandroth and an assemblage of dream apparitions.

(Strange Tales I#168) - While Dr. Strange waged a battle on two fronts against Yandroth and the apparitions of the Dimension of Dreams, the Ancient One struggled to maintain a mystic link that was the only means to return Doc and Victoria Bentley to Earth. With the Ancient One's strength fading fast, Doc was forced to end the conflict quickly: he let Yandroth fall into oblivion, saved Victoria from the apparitions, and the Ancient One returned the two to Earth with moments to spare.

(Dr. Strange I#171) - Following the guidance of the Ancient One, Dr. Strange summoned the Herald of Satannish, who informed him that Clea, though banished from Earth by the Spell of Vanishment, was still alive. The Ancient One had also told Strange that he could only travel to the Realm Unknown, where Clea was, by acting in consort with another female with whom he held a mystic rapport. Therefore, he summoned Victoria Bentley, who agreed to help despite the fact that she too harbored romantic feelings for Strange. The two of them traveled to the Realm Unknown, but were both quickly captured (as was Clea), by Dormammu who was believed to have been destroyed.

(Dr. Strange I#172) - As Dr. Strange battled the Dread Dormammu in the Realm Unknown, Victoria Bentley and Clea, watched helplessly. The Dread One temporarily prevailed and left Doc in the captivity of one of his demon servants, but Doc destroyed the demon, and he and Clea had an affectionate reunion as the broken-hearted Victoria looked on. Meanwhile, Dormammu marshalled his forces, including his sister Umar, and began his invasion of Earth, only to be met immediately by Dr. Strange.

(Dr. Strange I#173) - Having been rescued from the Realm Unknown by Dr. Strange, Victoria Bentley and Clea materialized in Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange, meanwhile, was defending the Doorway of the Dimensions from Dormammu and his horde of "groveling grotesqueries." Once again, Dormammu temporarily constrained Doc, but Victoria and Clea planted a suggestion in the mind of Dormammu's treacherous sister Umar, and she freed the mystic master. Then, Strange pushed Dormammu through the Doorway and into the Earth dimension where the Dread One was weakened by the effects of breaking his own vow never to invade Earth. Strange triumphed and Dormammu retreated to the Dark Dimension.

(Dr. Strange I#174) - Victoria Bentley accompanied Dr. Strange to London at the invitation of one Lord Nekron, a minor dabbler in the mystic arts. At the evening's meal, Victoria fainted after being served a drugged drink by Nekron who intended to barter Strange's soul to Satannish in return for fame and everlasting life. In the ensuing battle Strange accelerated time to the point where Satannish returned to consummate his deal with Nekron, who had yet to secure the agreed upon soul. Satannish departed taking Nekron's soul instead, and Strange returned to America, leaving the wistful Victoria behind.

victoriabentley3.jpg(Dr. Strange I#178) - During one of the many parties she threw to distract herself from her unrequited love for Stephen Strange, Victoria Bentley met her new neighbor, Dane Whitman, the Black Knight. Strange showed up at the party uninvited (and in astral form, no less), still completely oblivious to the feelings of the beautiful Miss Bentley. Amazingly, Strange seemed more interested in the Knight, and the two of them skipped out of the party for an adventure with Tiboro in the Sixth Dimension.

(Marvel Premiere#10) - Deep within the mind of the Ancient One, Dr. Strange battled Shuma-Gorath for the fate of the cosmos. As the universe shuddered, mystics all over the world, including Clea, Baron Mordo, and Victoria Bentley, sensed what others could not: Stephen Strange battled for the soul of mankind.

(Dr. Strange II#36) - Dr. Strange and Clea arrived at Garrett Castle, home of Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, and received a warm welcome from Victoria Bentley. In fact, the welcome Victoria gave Doc was a little too warm as far as Clea was concerned. The mystic couple were returning the Knight's body, which had been earlier turned to stone by the Enchantress, to England. While Doc and Clea were conducting a mystic ritual to contact Whitman's spirit in the twelfth century, Victoria snuck a peek at the stone body only to discover that Whitman's features had been replaced by those of the demon Ningal.

(Dr. Strange II#37) - In Garrett Castle, Dr. Strange and Ningal traded blows while Victoria Bentley and Clea took turns vying for Doc's attention. During lulls in the battle, Victoria threw herself at Doc while Clea harried the two of them with withering barbs of disapproval. Eventually, Clea had enough and silenced Victoria with a mystic muzzle. As a backdrop to the drama, Doc defeated Ningal who relinquished possession of the Black Knight's granite body.

 (Mighty World of Marvel #13 (fb) - BTS) - Mad Jim Jaspers used his reality warping powers to seize control of the U.K. and turn it into a fascist state where super-powered humans were kept in concentration camps. Imprisoned in one of the camps, Victoria Bentley met telepaths Betsy Braddock and Alison Double. Both were suffering from psychic trauma, especially Betsy, who had been linked to her lover Tom Lennox's mind when he died. Victoria served as a source of care and comfort for them.

 (Mighty World of Marvel #13) - When Jaspers was defeated, the camp fences were dragged down and the inmates freed. Victoria helped the two telepaths as they stumbled out of the camp; their departure was covertly watched from Otherworld by Captain Britain, Captain U.K. and Roma, the last of whom noted that Victoria was eminently suited to care for Betsy while her spirit mended.

 (Mighty World of Marvel #16 (fb) - BTS) - Under Victoria's care, the two telepaths recovered swiftly. Alison's physical health improved daily, while Victoria helped Betsy regain her emotional and mental strength, and how to use Tom's death to turn her telepathy into a powerful weapon. Eventually, both had recovered enough to leave Victoria's care and return to Betsy's family home, Braddock Manor.

victoriabentley4.jpg(Dr. Strange II#68) - Dr. Strange arrived at Garrett Castle in response to a summons from Victoria Bentley who was concerned about the troubling behavior of Dane Whitman, the Black Knight. Victoria was concerned for Whitman's welfare but she admitted to herself that her feelings for Stephen were deeper than they could ever be for Dane Whitman. Strange deduced that the Knight was suffering trauma from his bloody sojourn in the twelfth century Crusades as well the curse that inhabited his Ebony Blade. He forced the Knight to confront his demons, and Dane rejected the curse of the blade. By doing so he achieved retribution for himself and for his ancestor Sir Percy of Scandia, the first wielder of the Ebony Blade.

(Strange Tales II#12/2) - At Bentley Manor, Victoria Bentley and her butler Catherwood sensed the onset of a dark mystic energy. The darkness was due to the arrival of Dr. Strange who had tainted himself with the heavy use of black magic. Victoria confided her love to Strange, but he had only come seeking power. Still, she offered him anything she had, and Strange drained her of all of her magic. Strange departed, leaving the forlorn and desolate Victoria behind as Bentley Manor burst into flames.

(Strange Tales II#13/2) - As Dr. Strange returned to battle the forces of evil that he had loosed upon the world, he reflected on Victoria Bentley and how he had betrayed her.

victoriabentley5.jpg(Strange Tales II#18/2) - After the stripping of her mystic powers by Dr. Strange, Victoria Bentley convalesced at the Hotel Resplendent in southwest England. Victoria's recovery did not progress quickly because the void left by her missing powers had been occupied by dark mystic forces. Although he possessed the power to dispel these forces, Strange chose a different way to heal Victoria. He lowered his defenses, giving the embittered Victoria the opportunity to destroy him if she wished. Victoria professed her love for Stephen yet again, but Stephen told her honestly that he did not love her; he loved another. Victoria was overwhelmed with grief and anger, but chose not to strike back at Stephen. Victoria's mystic powers returned even stronger than before, and the two shared a moment of closeness and friendship as Catherwood looked on.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#1- BTS) - In Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, Wong's fiancee, Imei Chang watched a video recording of Strange's funeral which was attended by many of Earth's super-powered and mystical individuals including Victoria Bentley, Catherwood and the Black Knight.
    However, none of the events in the video ever occurred. Rather, Stange's death was a pretense facilitated by a spell to conceal his whereabouts during his recent battles with ancient evils.

(Black Knight II#1) - Victoria Bentley and Catherwood cast a mystic spell using the Crystal of Bas-Lyonesse that reanimated the body of the Black Knight. In this instance, the Knight's body, which had been turned to metal (via the curse of the Ebony Blade), was inhabited by the spirit of his ancestor, Sir Percy of Scandia, also known as the Black Knight. Sir Percy repelled the attack of a demon sent by Morgan Le Fey and Sir Mordred after which Victoria briefed him on the emerging threat posed by the two evil sorcerers.

(Black Knight II#2) - Victoria Bentley and the Black Knight (Percy in Whitman's body) secured the aid of Captain Britain and then three of them flew to the former site of Morgan Le Fey's castle on the Irish coast. There, Victoria removed the Black Knight's helmet, and the Knight reverted to the identity of Dane Whitman. The grateful Whitman confessed that he had loved Victoria since she and Dr. Strange saved him long ago at Garrett Castle, and Victoria seemed on the verge of reciprocating. Just then, however, another of Mordred and Morgan's villains, Dreadknight arrived and attacked. Whitman began reverting to metallic form so Victoria and a young Irish boy, Sean Dolan, replaced the helmet restoring Sir Percy to the Knight's body. Sir Percy defeated Dreadknight, and the group continued their search for Mordred and Morgan Le Fey.

(Black Knight II#3) - Victoria Bentley and Sir Percy next turned to Dr. Strange for help locating Mordred and Morgan Le Fey. Strange transported himself, Percy, and Sean Dolan to the Celtic Netherworld where they were attacked by the Celtic demon Balor. Strange and Percy were on the verge of being defeated and killed by Balor when they were rescued by Brunnhilde the Valkyrie who had been summoned by Victoria Bentley. As the four prepared to return home, Morgan and Mordred released their Celtic Fomor demon army to overrun the Earth.

(Black Knight II#4) - Dr. Strange, Sir Percy, Valkyrie and Sean Dolan engaged Morgan Le Fey and Sir Mordred's Fomor demon army in battle to prevent Earth from becoming a Celtic Netherworld. The battle swayed back and forth, but the heroes, apart from Sir Percy, were eventually trapped inside a gigantic flaming demon called the Wicker Man. To save his allies, Sir Percy swore fealty to Morgan and Mordred. However, Sir Percy then removed his helmet, reverting the Black Knight to the Dane Whitman identity. Percy's spirit merged with the Black Knight's blade and Whitman, who was not bound by Percy's oath, destroyed the Wicker Man and averted disaster. Victoria Bentley and Dane Whitman, now restored to flesh and blood, embraced and looked forward to where romance might lead them.

(Avengers Spotlight#39) - After the Black Knight was arrested for suspicion of murder, Victoria Bentley had him released from police custody. Afterwards, at Garrett Castle, Washington, D. C., the Knight and Victoria received a request for aid from a Mrs. Blackwood who feared that her deranged husband Arthur Blackwood, the Crusader, was the actual murderer. The Knight tracked Blackwood down and the two battled. Just as Blackwood prepared to strike the Knight dead, his step-daughter Jenny intervened, and Blackwood returned to his senses.

(Avengers Annual#22) - As the Black Knight departed Garrett Castle on his winged horse Valinor, Victoria Bentley bade him farewell and quietly admitted to herself that she loved him. Shortly thereafter, Achmed and another intruder broke into the castle seeking the Black Knight's Ebony Sword. The intruders overcame both the Knight's squire Sean Dolan and butler Catherwood, but were unable to acquire the sword which could only be drawn from its mystic lodging by one who was worthy. The intruders threatened Victoria, but she sent a mystic plea for help to Sean. The young squire successfully drew the Ebony Blade, but its curse transformed him into the demonic Blood Wraith. The combined might of the Black Knight and the Avengers staved off Blood Wraith's attack, but the demon escaped with the Ebony Blade upon the winged horse Valinor.

(Avengers I#366) - Sean Dolan was an innocent bystander at an attempted bank robbery by two would-be super-villains called Flame and Foam. Sean drew the Ebony Blade, thus transforming himself into Blood Wraith, and promptly killed the buffoons. Deadpool appeared on the scene and the two battled over the contents of the robbery. Meanwhile, Dane Whitman confessed to Victoria Bentley that he was romantically involved with not one, but two, of his fellow Avengers, Crystal and Sersi. The world-weary Victoria accepted the news stoically and told Dane that he was not the first to treat her so coldly. Her lot in life was to love super-powered heroes, but the heroes always seemed to go for the super-powered heroines. Whitman received an Avengers alert notifying him of Sean's whereabouts, and, thankful for the excuse to leave, rushed to his aid. Victoria overheard the alert and followed secretly. When the Knight arrived on the scene, the conflict degenerated into a free-for-all and in the confusion Blood Wraith accidentally stabbed Victoria, killing her. Deadpool escaped with the blade, and Blood Wraith followed. As Blood Wraith prepared to strike Deadpool down he realized that the blood lust had left him and that Victoria had sacrificed herself to save Sean's soul from the curse of the blade.

(Namor the Sub-Mariner #61) - Prince Namor was slain in battle with Blood Wraith and his soul was relegated to the spirit world of the Black Knight's Ebony Blade. There, Namor, Sir Percy of Scandia, Victoria Bentley and Blood Wraith's alter-ego Sean Dolan, battled an army of dark souls who had also died as victims of the blade. Ultimately, The Atlantean Andromeda, knowing that the blade would accept her soul in exchange for Namor's, sacrificed herself so that he might live.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

    In Strange Tales II#12/2 Victoria is incorrectly referred to as Sir Clive Bentley's niece when she is actually his daughter as established in Strange Tales I#114/2.

    In Strange Tales II#13/2 Victoria's image is shown, but it is only a memory in Dr. Strange's mind. Therefore, this appearance is classified as BTS.

    Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#1 shows Victoria attending Dr. Strange's funeral, but since the funeral never actually occurred and was merely an illusion created by Doc's spell, this appearance is classified as BTS.

    In this reviewer's opinion the finest portrayal of Victoria Bentley is the two part story in Strange Tales II#12 and #18 by Peter B. Gillis. This brief tale built upon steady character development by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas and Roger Stern over the preceding 25 years. It poignantly culminated the two defining elements of Victoria's character; these being her unfulfilled desire to develop her mystic abilities and her unrequited love for Stephen Strange.

Donald Campbell on Victoria's degree of kinship to Clive:
I was recently rereading Strange Tales II#12 when I noticed that Victoria Bentley's butler, Catherwood, mentions to her that "Sir Clive was always pleased that his niece displayed strong latent occult power." I found this confusing since I had thought that Victoria's first appearance in Strange Tales I#114 had established that Sir Clive Bentley was her long-dead father. I assumed that writer Peter Gillis had made a mistake but then I reviewed the first story more closely and found something odd.

On the first three pages, Sir Clive Bentley and/or his castle in London are mentioned three times. However, on the fourth page, Victoria Bentley is twice described, once by herself and once by Baron Mordo, as the daughter of the late Lord Bentley. This is a discrepancy because the titles "Sir" and "Lord" are not interchangeable. A simple solution would seem to be that Clive Bentley could have been a member of the British peerage (and thus "Lord Bentley") who had also been knighted (and thus "Sir Clive Bentley"). However, since Peter Gillis has always been a continuity-conscious writer, I began to wonder if maybe his mistake in the more recent story was actually a retcon that had been too subtle to be noticed.

What If...Victoria was Sir Clive's niece? That would mean that the "Lord Bentley" who was her father was not Sir Clive but his brother. And that idea actually works or, at least, does not contradict any established continuity. Maybe Lord (No First Name) Bentley was Victoria Bentley's father who died in that castle in London ten years before she first met Doctor Strange. After his death, his brother Sir Clive began living there until his own (unrecorded) death. Meanwhile, Victoria refused to enter the place where her father had died until Strange (actually, his "mental projecto-image"/ethereal self) was forced to compel her to do so in order to save him from Mordo's death-trap candle.

The two scenarios seem equally plausible to me but the retcon idea has a slight advantage in that it doesn't require an explanation for why Catherwood would state that Victoria was Sir Clive's niece if she was actually his daughter.

Anyway, do you know of any stories in which it was definitively stated that Clive Bentley was Victoria Bentley's father? I haven't read about one-third of the stories in which she's appeared so I could easily have missed something. I'm also curious if it was ever established that Victoria had inherited her father's title (whatever it was) and was officially "Lady Bentley." In Doctor Strange II#68, a local veterinarian, Doctor Macrae (or MacRae), does address her as "Your Ladyship" but I don't know of any other in-story evidence.

To be clear, I'm not suggesting that Stan Lee intended anyone other than Sir Clive to be Victoria's father, I'm just wondering if Peter Gillis noticed Mr. Lee's mistake and tried to fix it with a retcon.

Profile by Clay.

Victoria Bentley had no KNOWN connections to:

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