Real Name: Edward Catherwood

Identity/Class: Human, British citizen

Occupation: Butler

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Avengers (Black Widow/Natalia Romanova, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hercules/Heracles, Sersi, Vision/"Victor Shade"), Sir Clive Bentley, Victoria Bentley, Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia), Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange)

Enemies: Achmed and his accomplice, Blood Wraith (Sean Dolan), Morgan Le Fey's messenger

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Garrett Castle, Washington, D.C., USA; formerly Bentley Manor, London, England, UK; Victoria Bentley's Flat, London, England, UK

First Appearance: Strange Tales II#12/2 (March, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Beyond the normal mental and physical capabilities for a human his age, Catherwood was exceptionally loyal and faithful to the Bentley family.

Height: 6'2" (by approximation)
Weight: 200 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Gray

History: (Strange Tales II#12/2) - Victoria Bentley's butler, Edward Catherwood, assisted her in attempting to use the Crystal of Bas-Lyonesse to determine the source of dark mystical forces looming over Bentley Manor. Although Victoria had no formal training in the mystic arts, Catherwood had served as the assistant to her father, Sir Clive Bentley, who was an accomplished sorcerer. Nonetheless, the spell backfired and the crystal burned Victoria's hands. Shortly thereafter, the impending danger was revealed: Dr. Strange arrived and robbed Victoria of all of her mystical abilities.

(Strange Tales II#18/2) - Catherwood looked after Victoria Bentley as she recuperated from the loss of her mystic powers at the Hotel Resplendent in Southern England. Dr. Strange came to apologize, but an unforgiving Catherwood struck him a brutal blow with the back of his hand. Doc restored all of Victoria's lost powers and then some, and Catherwood looked on as Doc and Victoria shared a tender moment.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme I#1) - Dr. Strange cast a spell that made the entire world believe he was dead. In the illusion, Victoria Bentley and Edward Catherwood were among those who attended the fictitious funeral service.

(Black Knight II#1) - Catherwood assisted Victoria Bentley as she cast a mystic spell using the Crystal of Bas-Lyonesse that reanimated the body of the Black Knight. The Knight's body was not inhabited by the spirit of Dane Whitman, but rather by that of his ancestor, Sir Percy of Scandia, the first Black Knight. Sir Percy battled an evil demon and Catherwood received a minor injury but recovered fully.


(Avengers Spotlight I#39) - Upon the Black Knight's return to Garrett Castle Washington D.C., Catherwood greeted him and stabled his winged horse Valinor. Later, Catherwood admitted a Mrs. Blackwood, who had come seeking the Knight's aid for her deranged husband Arthur, the Crusader, whom she feared was guilty of murder.

(Avengers I Annual#22) - Following the reception of an Avengers Priority Alert, Catherwood saddled the Black Knight's winged horse Valinor and brought him up from the Garrett Castle stables. In the Knight's absence, Achmed and another intruder broke into the castle. Catherwood tried to defend the castle using the Knight's Power Lance but was overpowered. The villains were eventually killed by Blood Wraith who was himself defeated by the Avengers.

Comments: Created by Peter B. Gillis, Dan Lawlis and Randy Emberlin.

Catherwood's hair erroneously appeared brown at one point during his Avengers Annual#22 appearance. - Proto-Man

Profile by Clay Jodee.

Edward Catherwood has no KNOWN connections to:

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