Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Shi'ar) mutate (see comments)

Occupation: Mercenary, salvage/junker, warrior

Group Membership: Crew of the Tath En'ruh/Boneyard Dog (Horse, Jat Vor-Thrul; presumably formerly Sovel Redhand)

Affiliations: Havok (Alex Summers, to whom she was attracted), Horse, Jat Vor-Thrul, Rogue (Anna Marie) and to-a-lesser degree Rachel Summers-Grey (aka Marvel Girl), and to an even-lesser-degree (allies of convenience) Frenzy (Joanna Cargill), Magneto/Max Eisenhardt, Starjammers (avok/Alex Summers, (Korvus Rookshir, Polaris/Lorna Dane), X-Men (Gambit/Remy LeBeau)
    formerly Sovel Redhand (see comments), Charles Xavier; unidentified first boyfriend

Enemies: Danger, Friendless, Gambit/Remy LeBeau), Sovel Redhand, Charles Xavier (aka Professor X), Friendless-controlled Shi'ar soldiers and Grad Nan Holt aboard the Gul Damar Space Station;
    formerly Rogue (Anna Marie)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None identified

Base of Operations: Last seen on the Gul Damar space station outside Earth orbit (and formerly on the station in the Shi'ar galaxy;
    formerly mobile throughout space in an unidentified starship;
    formerly mobile throughout space in the Tath En'ruh/Boneyard Dog;
    presumably formerly an unidentified Shi'ar world;

First Appearance: X-Men: Legacy#220 (March, 2009)

Powers/Abilities: As a Shi'ar, Glitter possessed both mammalian and avian characteristics. Her body was humanoid body in form, including secondary sex characteristics of mammals, including paired mammary glands and widened hips. glitter-shiar-redhandgroup-xml223-face

    Glitter was enhanced beyond Shi'ar normal levels (see comments); a normal Shi'ar can lift approximately 1 ton, but Glitter's strength level was undefined.

    Intelligent and prudent, Glitter is a highly skilled tactician and combatant. She has substantial knowledge of Shi'ar weaponry.

    She is dangerous in hand-to-hand combat, as well as the use of hand-blaster weapons, and daggers.

    When her abilities were challenged, she would use her electro-gauntlets, activated by a certain code word/phrase, and capable of incapacitating Rogue, at least.

    Glitter had some knowledge/experience in technology and mechanics.glitter-shiar-redhandgroup-xml222-blasting.jpg

    Like her teammates/co-workers, Glitter apparently could activate some type of psi-shield to protect her from telepathic intrusion.

    Like her teammates/co-workers, Glitter's goals were self-preservation first and profit second, and he was generally reluctant to risk his life for others unless there was some profit in it.

    While Glitter was generally all-business, she could be distracted by attraction to another; she described herself as having "broad tastes."

    However, like the other members of her team, she was somewhat bigoted against other races, species, assuming a natural superiority. She considered Earth to be "Stone Age."

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6')
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 205 lbs.)
Eyes: "Light purple" (according to my daughter; my color-vision is weak; they are sometimes drawn as solid white; I think this is just artistic license, but perhaps she can generate a protective coating over her eyes)
Hair: None; black feathers

glitter-shiar-redhandgroup-xml222-fullish(X-Men Legacy#256 - BTS) -
Glitter's first boyfriend was a bombardier, and he allowed her to play with his...<presumably weapons>.

(X-Men: Legacy#220 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Glitter joined the crew of salvage/junkers including Horse, Jat Vor-Thrul, and Sovel Redhand aboard the Tath En'ruh/Boneyard Dog starship.

(X-Men: Legacy#222 (fb) - BTS) - Per Sovel Redhand, his motto (presumably extending to the crew) "No job too small, brute force always an option."

(X-Men: Legacy#222 (fb) - BTS) - Glitter was presumably present on Derumek for unspecified reason, when Sovel Redhand "got stuck in a sentient brothel."

(X-Men: Legacy#220) - As the crew/ship was in deep space, Horse begged Glitter for a dose of happy pills, but she refused, telling him the medicine cabinet was closed and that he was allowed one happy pill daily, per Sovel's orders.

    When Jat discovered highly advanced Shi'ar technology on Earth, Glitter argued that the world was "stone age." Sovel instructed Jat to set a course for Earth so they could recover it. When Sovel couldn't recall what the term was for them to be on the hush, Glitter reminded him it was "silent running."

    They did not realize the target -- Danger, the sentient form of the Danger Room, which had been constructed with Shi'ar technology -- was a sentient, mobile entity.

    As the Boneyard Dog warped into Earth, the ship appeared in the sky in Maynard's Plains in the Australian Outback, firing on Danger (and, indirectly the X-Man Rogue, in her proximity).

    Danger shot the ship, which plummeted directly toward her.

(X-Men: Legacy#222 (fb)) - Danger shot down the Boneyard Dog. After Jat landed the ship safely, Glitter and the others engaged Danger with flow-inhibitors, attempting to shut her down without damaging her. Instead, the inhibitors shut down her higher cognitive functions and reduced her back to her core programming. Danger automatically engaged a program that immersed them in an holographic scenario.

(X-Men: Legacy#221) - Redhand, Glitter, Horse, and Jat were imprisoned in manacles against a wall in a room with Danger's hologram scenario when they were detected by the newly arrived Gambit and Charles Xavier, who broke into their cell. Glitter remained silent (and possibly inert) as Sovel unwittingly mocked their rescuers.

(X-Men: Legacy#222 (fb) - BTS) - Gambit and Xavier freed Glitter and the rest of the crew.

(X-Men: Legacy#222) - Within Danger's hologram scenario, Glitter and the rest of the crew fought alongside Xavier and Gambit against Sentinels.

    After Glitter noted that Earth had looked like a "sweat-stain" from orbit, Sovel -- calling her "my sweetness" -- asked that she not stop shooting, as she was very attractive when she killed things.

    After Xavier read Sovel Redhand's mind and identified him and his crew (and discovered their responsibility in Danger's current state), Sovel -- uncomfortable with telepaths -- instructed his crew to activate their psi-shields.

    When Redhand noted that he had never considered a sentient hologram suite to be a possibility, Glitter noted that this was despite his previous experience with a sentient brothel.glitter-shiar-redhandgroup-xml224-kick

   After Xavier asked if they could find the machine they had met (Danger), Glitter acknowledged that Jat could, as his Dermware was linked to the main scanner array back on the Boneyard Dog.

    En route, Horse told Glitter he needed more happy pills, but she informed him that the pills were on the ship and as as soon as they got back, she would break into the med cabinet for him; "until then, you fly straight."

    After Jat noted as they reached they eye of the storm, Xavier requested Redhand's people clear a way for him to get inside. Horse then tore a path to the ship, allowing Xavier to approach the giant Danger, who was wrapped in a fetal position.

(X-Men: Legacy#223) - At Jat's request, Xavier explained that the alien crew's
assault had fried the subroutines that gave Danger free will and had crippled her reasoning.

    As Xavier prepared to telepathically interface with Danger's CPU and initiate self-repair algorithms, Glitter assured Horse that he could hold out a little longer for his "happy pills," as they were almost done.

    After Xavier ended Danger's program, restoring reality, Redhand shot Xavier in the back with his energy blaster before he could finish the commands to restore Danger's free will (so they could still capture and sell Danger). Jat and Glitter locked their weapons on Gambit, and Glitter encouraged him to draw "one of your little paste-boards" (cards), so she could blow his hand off.  Gambit subsequently feigned peaceful communication until he could touch their weapons, charge them with kinetic energy and blow them up, stunning Jat and Glitter.

    As Horse battered Gambit, Glitter helped Jat to his feet, but Rogue then arrived, entered and took control of the Boneyard Dog, and advised Horse to stop.

(X-Men: Legacy#224) - When Redhand complained to Glitter that Rogue was in possession of his ship, Glitter noted that this was because he was an idiot and hadn't locked the helm.

    Glitter kept her hand pistol locked on the ship as Jat took command of the ship and opened its bay doors, after which she rushed forward, thanking Jat and noting she would take it from there. Impressed that Rogue had taken down Horse (via the ship), Glitter considered that she should shake her hand...and then cut her throat.

    Confronting Rogue, Glitter told her that Redhand didn't let anyone else sit in the captain's chair and that it irritated her that Rogue had gotten to do so before she could. glitter-shiar-redhandgroup-xml224-electroglove

    Glitter than attacked, surprising Rogue with her speed, strength, and prowess. When Rogue fought back, presenting an even struggle, Glitter activated her gauntlet with a Shi'ar word and grabbed Rogue by the neck, apparently electrocuting her into unconsciousness.

    Glitter then dumped Rogue outside, telling Sovel to "do the honors" while she checked the rest of the ship.

    However, Rogue's distraction had allowed Xavier to recover sufficiently to finish speaking the commands to restore Danger's free will. After Danger incapacitated Horse, Redhand called for a blind jump, locking on him, which teleported Redhand, Glitter, Horse, and Jat away.

(X-Men Legacy#256 (fb)  / X-Men Legacy#257 (fb) - BTS) - ) - On the Shi'ar space station Gul Damar, the Grad Nan Holt telepath and former slave known as Friendless took control of the Grad Nan Holt, former slaves of the Shi'ar, leading them to rise up and war against their former Shi'ar masters.

  (X-Men Legacy#255 (fb) - BTS) - Answering a distress call on Gul Damar, Rachel Summers/Grey and the rest of the Starjammers walked into a civil war.

(X-Men Legacy#255 (fb) - BTS / X-Men Legacy#256 (fb) - BTS) - Friendless assaulted Rachel with a powerful mind-punch that knocked out for a week (or, at least an extended period of time); Friendless believed he had slain her. Friendless then placed the other Starjammers under his control.

(X-Men Legacy#254 (fb) - BTS) - After the Shi'ar were defeated in a war with the Kree, Redhand led his crew to the damaged Gul Damar. With the station's defenses down and former slave race the Grad Nan Holt rebelling against the Shi'ar, the crew thought to salvage a large amount of technology.

    However, as Gul Damar's gravitic flux generator had been damaged, local gravity was distorted, and the crew lost control, presumably crashing the ship.

    Finding the unconscious form of Rachel/Marvel Girl and noting that she measured a "9-Tau-9 on the Kiatna psi-scale," Redhand and his crew picked her up.

(X-Men Legacy#250) - Jat noted Rachel's awakening, and while Glitter wished to speak to her, Redhand loaded his weapon, noting that he had been practicing his "Terran," and told her that they had killed her friends and taken their time doing it: "The next word you speak had better be the one I want to hear" (see comments).

 (X-Men Legacy#253 - BTS) - Rogue -- having absorbed a teleporter's power from Legion/David Haller -- locked on to Rachel's location and transported herself, Frenzy, Gambit, and Magneto a couple thousand light years to reach Rachel Grey.

    Rogue was split from her allies, who arrived on a different part of the Gul Damar space station.

(X-Men Legacy#253) - When Rogue appeared aboard in front of them, Jat and Glitter held her at gunpoint.

(X-Men Legacy#254) - Reminded by Jat of their previous encounter on Earth, Glitter asked if she should shoot Rogue, but Redhand decided she might have use as a decoy or living shield; he further instructed Glitter to point a gun at her "in a threatening way." Detecting "suspect energy readings" two levels down and one click over, Jat advised they move on. Noting that Horse was in tertiary withdrawal as they had run out of "happy pills" five cycles ago, Glitter nonetheless convinced him to get up and get moving.

    En route, as Jat began to explain their location and situation, Glitter told him not to talk to the prisoner, noting that Sovel would tell Rogue whatever she needed to know...and that if she asked too many questions, she would zip Rogue's mouth with a flash-seal.

    When Jat later told Rogue some of the history of the base, the Grad Nan Holt, and how his crew had come there; a furious Glitter interrupted, remarking "Ru'kimari!" (presumably a Shi'ar curse) and smacking Rogue across the back of her head with a hand weapon and then asking Jat if he thought Rogue could help them; when he replied "No," Glitter asked if he was trying to get some inter-species romance going. As he tried to explain, "I just--" Glitter cut him off, telling him to tell Rogue nothing. glitter-shiar-redhandgroup-xml258-shinsup

    Soon after, Glitter was summoned by Horse and they and the rest of the crew observed alongside Rogue as the planet Xanthimi was pulled into the sun, a result of the damage to Gul Damar's gravitic flux generator causing the sun's gravity field to spike.

    After secretly plying some more information from Jat, Rogue -- seeking to ensure they rescued her friends and teammates rather than just escaping -- subsequently approached and punched down Redhand. Glitter leveled her pistol at Rogue, but she invoked the rite of Arin'nn Haelar (the Shi'ar battle to the death), challenging Redhand for rule of his crew.

(X-Men Legacy#255) - Redhand instructed Glitter to shoot Rogue repeatedly, but Glitter noted that she would like to but couldn't, as Rogue had rightfully challenged him. Despite his argument that they were scofflaws, Glitter told him that this rule bound them all, although he could nominate her as his champion, which she hoped he would do. Learning he could name a champion, Redhand instead chose the monstrously strong Horse.

    However, Rogue also chose a champion, and a secretly revived Rachel (in Rogue's form) subdued Horse with a touch to the head.

    When Redhand announced that he needed another champion, Glitter told him "Should have picked me first time out, Sovel. I don't do rear guard."

(X-Men Legacy#256) - After Rachel telekinetically sealed a hull breach caused by warring Shi'ar and Grad Nan Holt (in a fight involving the X-Men and Starjammers), Glitter explained the assaults as being from Shi'ar who were very close. Rogue asked if she was certain, and Glitter noted the source to be R'Thil particle cannons, full aperture, and the reverb meant that they weren't properly anchored.

    After Rachel noted the presence of other X-Men (some under mind-control), Rogue instructed Glitter to find the guns and shut them down while she -- at Glitter's query -- would rendezvous with the X-Men.

    Noting that freight platform would give them some height so they could find the Shi'ar positions, Glitter asked if Horse could work the heist; however, when he made it clear he didn't really understand up or down, Glitter decided that she would work the hoist.

(X-Men Legacy#256 - BTS) - After Friendless assaulted Rachel anew, she learned how he had manipulated his own people into war with the Shi'ar, and she cast him out through a rent in the wall into space; all those under his influence regained their own wills.

(X-Men Legacy#256) - Meanwhile, Glitter led the rest of her crew to confront the Shi'ar soldiers working the weapons. Not wishing to participate in a firefight in an external freight bay, the commander of the group ordered all gunners to stand down, allowing Magneto and Polaris to repair the rent in the spacewall.

    Glitter and her crewmates, alongside Rachel and Rogue, joined up with the X-Men and Starjammers. Rogue, who had absorbed the memories and knowledge of a dying Shi'ar scientist (at the expense of losing her teleportational power), revealed the great difficulty it would take to reach and repair the generators (which were 10,000 miles away) in the hour before Gul Damar hit the sun's corona.

    Glitter was silent as Jat and Redhand argued that they should liberate a ship and get clear of Gul Damar. However, Rogue's borrowed knowledge from the Shi'ar scientist instead led her to use the station's flux array to swiftly travel to the generator (her body protected from the damage by absorbing half of the strength and durability of Joanna Cargill, who accompanied her on the mission).

    Feigning a desire to protect his captain, Redhand gave Rogue a "stun baton" (actually one end of a short-range teleport shunt) allegedly in case there was anyone waiting for her by the generators.

  (X-Men Legacy#257) - As the space station approached the sun, Glitter assured the others that in "aught point eight of a cycle" they would hit the solar corona and -- despite the shields -- they would not burn but rather sublime straight into superheated vapor.

    Jat led the others to a dockyard, but they found the ships already destroyed by those under Friendless' control to prevent anyone from escaping death.

    After Magneto generated a fluctuating magnetic wave field to induce a current in any circuitry still capable of operating, Jat sensed multiple workable ships. Glitter identified a Sylvari freighter with hull holes, and when Jat found a Shi'ar scout ship missing its wing assembly, Glitter told him they didn't have enough time; a confident Jat told her to watch her mouth and to watch him work. After Jat restored the one craft, he told Glitter, "Get me a wing, and I'll give you a ship!"

    When Havok questioned whether what Jat was doing qualified as engineering or foreplay, Glitter told him she'd never asked and wasn't about to do so. After directing Havok to blast the wing off another craft, she revisited the topic of foreplay, and when Havok reminded her that they were different species, she replied that she had broad tastes. As Jat finished his work, Glitter noted that the wing was "disgusting, but that it would hold for a parsec or two, ir nobody leaned on it."

    However, a Friendless-controlled Shi'ar leader had a Null Cascade antimatter factory activated and used it against them. As Redhand used the teleport shunt device reach the station's flux array, Glitter charged at him but found him already to have dematerialized.glitter-shiar-redhandgroup-xml258-punchrh

(X-Men Legacy#258) - Glitter and the others fled from the effects of the Null Cascade until Rachel helped Rogue recognize the nature of the teleport shunt, and she transported the rest of the X-Men and Starjammers to the generator alongside herself, Cargill, and Redhand.

    An irate Glitter informed Redhand that, "It looks like you're about to get your brains beaten out.." and, after Jat deactivated Redhand's force field, she swiftly punched out Redhand; she then thanked Jat for introducing her to a new experience, "feeling warm and fuzzy toward a Kree."

    Confronted by his irate crew, Redhand started trying to explain, but Jat neutralized his force field, and Glitter swiftly punched him out.

(X-Men Legacy#258 - BTS) - Rogue and Rachel overwhelmed Friendless and used his intelligence combined with the previously absorbed knowledge of the Shi'ar scientist to fire the Null Cascade into the nearby sun, converting it into a white hole and using it to transport Gul Damar to Earth's orbit.

(X-Men Legacy#258) - Following the successful execution of the plan, Rogue placed Glitter in charge but promised that she would get them a ship and a captain before departing. Jat, Glitter, Horse, and Redhand were left aboard Gul Damar.

Comments: Created by Mike Cary, Scot Eaton, and Andrew Hennessy.

    X-Men had semi-shadowed figures surround Rachel Grey as she awakened, and their appearance, dialog, and behavior pretty clearly fit Jat, Glitter, and Redhand.
    In X-Men Legacy#254, they tell Rogue that they found Rachel unconscious, which fits with her waking up with them there, but Rachel is also unconscious when Rogue encounters, it would make sense that Rachel only briefly woke up and then lapsed back into unconsciousness, or perhaps due to her weakness from Friendless' assault, she feigned unconscious until she was strong enough (and/or was needed).
    Or, perhaps there's some other explanation I'm not seeing?

    When Rogue was confronted by Glitter, Rogue had a strong imprint of Mystique in her mind. This Mystique assessed that Glitter was stronger than Rogue, enhanced by drugs or bionics. Mystique offered to take over, as she was a more skilled combatant than Rogue, but Rogue refused.

    X-Men Legacy#254 described the location as "Vector, Spinward 30/715, Distance 3.2 Standard Units" - I don't know exactly what that means, but spinward means moving in the same direction of the space station's rotation...

    I don't recall a resolution to returning Gul Damar to Shi'ar space, but it seemed like they were saying it was so big that it's gravity might have been a problem with it being in Earth orbit?
    I don't know...I'm a surgeon, not an astronomer, engineer, etc.

    I suspect Redhand had a pattern of betraying his partners for money, but that Glitter and the other might be willing to eventually get past that and again work with him for their collective goal of profit.

    Glitter is an interesting and capable character. I would very much like to see her again. Maybe she could establish that relationship with Havok (Alex Summers).

    This profile was completed 10/17/2020, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

Glitter should be distinguished from:

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