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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Unrevealed, former criminal

Group Membership: Morlocks (Brute, Erg, Hump, Marrow/Sarah, Masque, unrevealed others);
formerly gang on Utopia (Dragoness/Tamara Kurtz, Erg, Litterbug, Masque, Random/Marshall Evan Stone III, Toad/Mortimer Toynbee), Morlocks (Bouncer, Litterbug, Masque, Skids/Sally Blevins), Masque's X-Men

Affiliations: Animax (Blake Schiel), Blindfold (Ruth Aldine), Crazy Maisie, Electric Eve, Magneto (Max Eisenhardt), Morlocks (Delphi, Qwerty), Sun Girl (Selah Burke), Velocidad (Gabriel Cohuelo)

Enemies: Caliban, Callisto, Evolutionaries, Homines Verendi, Leech, Lights (No-Girl/Martha Johansson, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Primal/Teon Macik, Hope Summers, Transonic/Laurie Tromette, Velocidad/Gabriel Cohuelo, Zero/Kenji Uedo), Marauders, New X-Men (Dust/Sooraya Qadir, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Surge/Noriko Ashida, Trance/Hope Abbott), Reavers, Shadow King, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Skids/Sally Blevins and unrevealed others), X-Men (Banshee/Sean Cassidy, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Irma Cuckoo, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Forge, Jean Grey, Hepzibah, Prestige/Rachel Summers, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Warpath/James Proudstar)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Jean Grey, Storm

Base of Operations: Rio Verde, Arizona;
                                  formerly Robert Kelly Correctional Facility / "The Box", New York;
                                  formerly Madripoor, South-East Asia;
                                  formerly Utopia (X-Men base), California;
                                  formerly the Morlock Alley and surrounding tunnels beneath Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men I#261 (May, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Bliss has the ability to extend her jaws like a serpent, revealing a second head atop a long, thick tongue. A bite from this head delivers a mild anesthetic, which renders the victim unconscious for several minutes. Her bite has even proven effective on Colossus' armored form. It's unclear if Bliss' heads each have an individual brain, but since she was knocked unconscious by a blow to her second (tongue-mounted) head it's possible that is her true head, the outer being only a shell. Bliss probably keeps this second head coiled inside some sort of cavity or pouch in her chest until needed. Both Bliss' heads possess teeth, but how she eats is anyone's guess (she possibly uses her inner mouth, as it completely blocks off her throat in the larger head.) As Jean Grey, Bliss' second head had full red hair, as Storm, she was bald, her true form is unclear, as Masque horribly mutilated everyone he touched.

Height: 5'6" (by approximation)
Weight: 115 lbs. (by approximation
Eyes: Brown (possibly changed by Masque)
Hair: Unrevealed (changed by Masque), currently white, formerly red


(Uncanny X-Men I#261 (fb) - BTS) - Bliss was a member of the Morlocks who managed to escape the Marauders during the Mutant Massacre. At some point shortly after the Massacre, Bliss became a loyal follower of Masque in his attempts to wrest control of the Morlocks from Callisto. Masque sought revenge on the beautiful and successful Callisto and gain access to the X-Men's advanced tech. To do so Masque used his powers to alter a number of his Morlocks into X-Men Doppelgangers, Bliss was transformed into a double for Jean Grey. Bliss and the doppelgangers were send to infiltrate the X-Mansion and capture the X-Men.

(Uncanny X-Men I#261) - Bliss, disguised as Jean Grey, aided in infiltrating the X-Mansion only to find the school reduced to ruins (destroyed by Mr Sinister during Inferno). The group lay in wait and when original X-Men Jean Grey suddenly arrived at the ruins they jumped at the chance to capture the X-Man. Jean managed to fend of most Morlocks, shocked the bizarre creatures carried the faces of her friends. But when Bliss suddenly appeared in her Jean Grey guise she was distracted long enough for Bliss to strike, using her second head to bite Jean, rendering her unconscious. Masque's mutant teleporter Bouncer then teleported Bliss, Jean and the doppelganges back to the tunnels beneath Salem Center.

(Uncanny X-Men I#262) - Having witnessed Jean's capture from beneath the X-Mansion ruins Forge and Banshee tracked Bliss and the other "X-Men" to the tunnels beneath Salem Center, and found them standing over Jean Grey. When Forge spied on them he witnessed Bliss revealing her true nature, horrified by what he saw he was ready to kill the Morlocks. Banshee managed to calm Forge down as he wanted answers, however they ended up scaring the "X-Men" off, rescuing Jean in the process. The three X-Men fled back to the X-Mansion, however, determined to stop the X-Men, Masque ordered his minion Bouncer to teleport them back to the tunnels.

(Uncanny X-Men I#262 - BTS) - Bliss assisted Masque in capturing Callisto and her lover Peter Nicholas, (The amnesiac Colossus) in Peter's Soho apartment. Once back in the tunnels, Masque altered Jean, turning her arms into hundreds of purple tentacles, as for Banshee, Masque erased his mouth, effectively nullifying his sonic powers. Forge, Banshee and Jean managed to escape again, with Forge killing the Storm double in the process. Meanwhile, Masque decided to have some fun with Callisto and Peter.

(Uncanny X-Men I#263 - BTS) - Masque used her abilities to turn Bliss into Storm.

(Uncanny X-Men I#263) - Masque tortured Peter when he tried to defend Callisto, warping his eyes into huge, insect-like orbs and twisting his left arm into a fly-like limb. Enraged, Callisto tried to jump him, but Bliss (now Masque's "new" Storm) leapt to his defense, biting Callisto and taking her out. Masque then altered Peter into Colossus' form, unaware that he actually was Colossus, and returned the still groggy Callisto to her original appearance. He then declared a "hunt", with the Morlocks hunting down Callisto and Peter, warning Cal that if they found them, he'd kill Peter. Bliss joined in the "hunt", sticking close to Masque's side to protect him. When the Morlocks caught up with their prey, Callisto broke "Angel's" neck, and Bliss put her under yet again, as Masque stabbed Peter to punish her. Fortunately, Peter's body remembered that he was Colossus, if he himself didn't, and the knife couldn't inflict damage. Forge, Sean and Jean suddenly burst in, and, as Forge covered them, the heroes fled with Peter and Callisto, only to run into Masque and Bliss. Bliss immediately used her abilities to bite all of the X-Men, even Peter in his armored form. Bliss finally met her match when she tried to bite Forge, getting a mouthful of Cybernetic hand and being knocked out cold. The X-Men then threatened to kill Masque who then ordered Bouncer to teleport them home where Forge eventually returned Jean and Banshee to normal.

(House of M#8 - BTS) - The Scarlet Witch caused millions of mutants to lose their powers by casting a reality altering spell. The event, known as M-Day, reduced the number of gene active mutants to a mere 300 worldwide. Bliss was one of the select who kept her mutant powers.

(Uncanny X-Men I#490 (fb) - BTS) - Many of the Morlocks that had returned to the tunnels, including a fair share of depowered ones, grew to believe in the prophecies of the deceased mutant Qwerty. These prophecies were collected and bound in a book. Most of the Morlocks followed the depowered Delphi, who functioned as head of a religious movement that believed a new age of mutants was coming. Bliss, however, chose to once again follow Masque, along with Erg, Litterbug and Skids in trying to help the prophecies come true. They put together a plot that would supposedly bring Magneto to their head.

(Uncanny X-Men I#487) - Their plans involved the capture of Leech, who was staying with Caliban. Bliss and the others set explosive charges in the tunnels in preparation to overtake Caliban and Leech. Caliban was wounded in the explosion, allowing the gang to captured Leech. Masque then needlessly reformed Caliban's flesh. Leech was outfitted with a collar that removed his powers. However, Bliss felt they were being needlessly cruel.

(Uncanny X-Men I#488) - Ordered by Masque, Bliss drained some of her paralyzing poisons into a tube that Masque attached to a bomb. Skids placed this explosive on a moving subway train. The bomb went off, disabling both the cart as the passengers. Erg then used his powers to absorb the electrical power from the metro's railway which he used to melt the car's wheels to the track. Now that their captives had no place to go, Masque climbed aboard the vehicle and hideously deformed the passengers.

(Uncanny X-Men I#489) - Bliss listened as Skids questioned Masque's senseless cruelty and he angrily accused her of betrayal. Unbeknownst to the Morlocks, the agents of the Office of National Emergency had tracked down the rogue Morlocks and prepared an attack. They, however, were no match for Masque's team as most of the agents were killed in the subsequent battle. Masque left Skids behind in the wreckage, where she was later found by the X-Men, who were aided by Caliban. Skids then revealed she was an agent of SHIELD that had gone undercover in Masque's gang.

(Uncanny X-Men I#490) - When Masque's gang found out the X-Men were following them, they attacked Warpath and Hepzibah. Erg tried to shoot his electrical beam at Hepzibah, who was saved by Warpath and managed to escape. Although Masque's gang figured out how to track them down again, Bliss bit Hepzibah in the shoulder, successfully rendering her unconcsciouss while her team members defeated Warpath. The gang then moved on to set off an explosion that killed many of their fellow Morlocks, which allowed them to capture Skids, Storm and Caliban as well.

(Uncanny X-Men I#491) - Trapping the X-Men in wooden coffins, Bliss watched as Masque taunted his captives. Masque revealed that he had placed a bomb in an old cathedral, precisely above their present location. Although trapped in the coffin, Storm managed to summon lightning through the metal pipes of the building which allowed herself and the other heroes to go free. During the fight, Warpath swiftly defeated Bliss with a punch just before the roof collapsed. Masque's plot was derailed with the Morlocks' defeat. Though, in a surprise twist, Skids later delivered Qwerty's book to Magneto.

(X-Men: Worlds Apart#2) - The Shadow King possessed a group of Morlocks including Erg, Bliss, Litterbug and Masque, using their hatred of beautiful people to goad them into attacking Cyclops when he arrived in the Morlock tunnels. Cyclops defeated the Morlocks but the distraction allowed the Shadow King to get in Cyclops's brain, exploiting his doubts and fears, leading him to plot his lover Emma Frost's death.

(Nation X#1/3 - BTS) - With only a handful of gene active mutants left in the world following the Scarlet Witch's global depowering, Bliss decided she was safest with her own kind. That's why she went to live on Utopia, the former Asteroid M now floating in San Francisco bay which functioned as the X-Men's home. Bliss quickly gravitated towards fellow residents with a questionable reputation; Dragoness, Litterbug and Toad forming a gang of sorts.

(Nation X#1/3 (fb) - BTS) - Toad had requested a meeting with Cyclops, but even after a week without receiving a response Toad decided he had to make a stand to get noticed. To get some respect he and his gang choose to take control of the water rationing on Utopia, figuring Cyclops now had to listen to his demands.

(Nation X#1/3) - Bliss, Dragoness, Litterbug and Toad were met by Iceman, Madison Jeffries, Surge and Prodigy who wondered what was going on. But while Toad explained his reasons Iceman refused to take the mutants serious and started to badmouth them. Unable to take any more comments Litterbug leaped towards Iceman in an effort to attack him but fell down before he could land a hit, Iceman had lowered the temperature Bliss and the others fell down due to hypothermia. Thinking them dealt with Iceman left the space while Prodigy and the others wondered if they just needed some reassurance.

(X-Men III#12) - Toad's gang (now with the addition of Masque) witnessed the arrival of the Evolutionaries on Utopia. When Bliss asked what was happening Toad decided they had to investigate. Toad whilst a member of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants had met the Evolutionaries but was made to forget the event.

(X-Men III#13) - While Dragoness and Litterbug attacked the X-Club (Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries, Dr. Kavito Rao), Bliss joined Toad and Masque breaking into Cerebro. Cerebro was occupied by Irma Cuckoo who was in the middle of informing Emma Frost of the ongoing battle between the X-Men and the Evolutionaries. Toad's gang interrupted the telepath and explained he wished to know everything about the Evolutionaries after which Bliss bit the telepath in her neck.

(X-Men III#14 - BTS) - Masque used his powers to deform part of Irma Cuckoo's face.

(X-Men III#14) - Toad once again threatened the telepath to reveal the secret of the Evolutionaries, but before she could a group of New X-Men (Dust, Pixie, Surge, Trance) appeared to save their friend. Bliss was hit with an electrical charge courtesy of Surge who ordered them to leave the telepath alone. Bliss and Masque fought the New X-Men while Toad focussed his attention on the telepath. Irma Cuckoo finally succumbed to the pressure and unleashed a telepathic blast which caused all present on Utopia to see what had transpired when the Evolutionaries first contacted the X-Men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

(Generation Hope I#15 - BTS) - Bliss formed a new gang with Dragoness, Litterbug, Erg and Random.

(Generation Hope I#15) - Bliss and her new gang approached the Lights (the first few mutants discovered following M-Day). Dragoness demanded to know why the Lights warranted such special treatment seeing as they were just a bunch of new mutants. Bliss' group desired a place at the X-Men's table since they felt they had been fighting for mutantkind long before the Lights were even born. A fight between the two groups broke out when Transonic and Dragoness got into a fight after she said it was because they were terrorists and nothing more than schoolyard bullies. During the fight Bliss was attacked by Martha Johansson who she then in turn bit. But since Martha Johansson was connected to Kenji at the time he sensed her trouble and quickly knocked Bliss unconscious. The fight was eventually brought to an end when Hope took over Kenji's powers, capturing their foes within her malleable body. Hope then released all of the fighters, ordering them to walk away.

(Generation Hope I#16) - As Bliss' team debated what they should do next, they noticed Hope walking by. Random, still upset about the way their last encounter ended, wanted to fight Hope. However, Erg held him back, reminding his fellow mutant that they were still recovering from their previous fight with Hope and the Lights.

(Generation Hope I#16 - BTS) - Hope eventually left with Kenji, who then used his power over Martha Johansson to take control of all residents of Utopia, who he ordered to attack Hope.

(Generation Hope I#17) - Controlled by Kenji, Bliss and the other Utopia residents attacked Hope but were stopped by the Lights. Hope eventually rescued the telepathic Martha Johansson, who then went on to kill Kenji, returning everyone afflicted by their mental tampering to normal.

(New Warriors V#2 - BTS) - Bliss returned to the Morlock tunnels where she joined up with Marrow and Erg.

(New Warriors V#1 - BTS) - The Morlocks came under attack by the Evolutionaries.

(New Warriors V#2) - As Sun Girl, who had found her way into the Morlock tunnels, fought the Evolutionaries, Erg and Bliss tried to escape with wounded Morlocks.

(Uncanny X-Men III#23) - After the Phoenix Five had undone the Scarlet Witch's "no more mutants" spell and mutants started to reappear on Earth, Madripoor became somewhat of a mutant utopia. Bliss, like so many of her kind, traveled to the island state to make a new life for herself.

(X-Men: Gold II#23 - BTS) - Bliss eventually ended up in New York's Robert Kelly Correctional Facility also known as "The Box" where she became part of a prison-crew alongside Animax, Electric Eve and their alpha superhumanly strong Crazy Maisie.

(X-Men: Gold II#23 - BTS) - Bliss's crew came to blows with fellow inmate Callisto, former leader of the Morlocks who tried establishing herself as the alpha of The Box. Crazy Maisie, however, severely injured the woman causing her to spend the following month in the infirmary.

(X-Men: Gold II#23) - Learning the X-Men had been imprisoned in the same prison for assaulting the NYPD (under the influence of Mesmero), Bliss's crew was eager to attack them. While on the population exercise yard, Bliss and her crew made their move intimidating Prestige, Shadowcat and Storm while Callisto looked on.

(X-Men: Gold II#24) - Crazy Maisie attacked Shadowcat while Bliss took on Storm, leaving Eve and Animax to take on Prestige. But just as quickly as the fight started it also ended as Prestige immediately defeated Eve and Animax, calling them unpowered d-listers. At the same time the other X-Men also bested Crazy Maisie and Bliss after which the prison guards arrived. Warden Cashman ordered all of them to be incarcerated in solitary for three days.

(Uncanny X-Men V#11/3) - Bliss was released (or escaped) from New York's Robert Kelly Correctional Facility and returned to the Morlock tunnels.

(Uncanny X-Men V#11/3) - With the world believing the X-Men to be dead (secretly brought to Nate Grey's pocket dimension) anti-mutant violence sparked once again. As such Bliss was joined by former X-Men students Blindfold and Velocidad seeking refuge in the Morlock tunnels. However, during this period Blindfold experienced multiple visions of futures where she met a painful and brutal death until she finally decided to leave the tunnels although Bliss warned her for the dangers outside of the tunnels Blindfold nonetheless left and committed suicide to end her life on her own terms.

(Marauders I#19 - BTS) - Bliss came to live in Masque's new home in Rio Verde, Arizona.

(Marauders I#19) - Madripoor's Lowtown came under attack by Homo Verendi's Reavers, in an effort to clean the streets of Lowtown as billionaire Chen Zhao had been buying up the streets. Explicitly instructed not to engage, the heroic Marauders searched for ways to stop the Reavers nonetheless, as such Callisto reached out to Bliss, Brute, Hump, Marrow and Masque for help. Believing the Reavers would destroy the new hospital Masque now worked, he and the Marauders agreed to help. Bliss and the Morlocks joined Callisto to Madripoor, traveling by Krakoan-gate after which they immediately opposed the cyborg warriors, Bliss used her extended serpent-like head to strike down several Reavers. The Morlocks quickly gained the upper hand, causing the Reavers to escape Lowtown after which the mutants celebrated their victory in a local hotel and bar. Bliss and the others were surprised to learn the locals now called the place Mutietown instead of Lowtown.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Marc Silvestri, Dan Green.

Uncanny X-Men I#487-491 update by Chadman, X-Men: Worlds Apart, Nation X, X-Men III, Generation Hope, New Warriors, X-Men Gold, Uncanny X-Men, Marauders update by Marvellousluke

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