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Real Name: Eve

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: None, former prostitute, student

Group Membership: Chicago Morlocks (Angel Dust, Cell, Litterbug, Postman, Shatter, Trader)

Affiliations: Animax (Blake Schiel), Bliss, Crazy Maisie
formerly Ricky

Enemies: Callisto, Dr. Metellus, the Police, Ricky, Sentinels, Slater, X-Men (Prestige/Rachel Summers, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Storm/Ororo Munroe)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Robert Kelly Correctional Facility / "The Box", New York;
                                  formerly Chicago, Illinois

First Appearance: Morlocks I#1 (June 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Electrical generation. Eve could generate small bursts, or enough energy to kill a man and short circuit computer systems. However, she could not fully control her power, and often shorted out her own neural synapses, leaving Eve unconscious or dazed for a few moments.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White


(Morlocks I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The young woman who would become known as Electric Eve was already addicted to heroin while still in school, in an abusive relationship with loverboy Ricky she was forced to sleep with other men for money which caused her to be kicked out of her parental home.

(Morlocks I#1 (fb) - BTS) - While performing sexual favors for one of Ricky's clients, Eve manifested her mutant abilities which caused her to electrocute the client. Scared, Eve fled and joined Postman's Morlocks. Her experiences had left her cold, cynical and bitter towards everyone else.

(Morlocks I#1) - Electric Eve was one of the Morlocks sent to raid a convenience store for food. On their way back Eve and the others encountered the young mutant Cell, whose powers had just surfaced, and protected him from the police. Eve's powers briefly incapacitated her during the battle. Later, she coldly informed Cell they hadn't fought to save him, but to protect their turf. Postman then revealed that each Morlock was going to fulfill a last wish, before disappearing into the tunnels forever.

(Morlocks I#2) - Eve and Angel Dust fought, leading to an incident in which Angel Dust believed she had seriously harmed Shatter (it was a pre-existing injury). When Trader confronted her, Eve said she was just trying to toughen her up. Once Shatter's wish to be reunited with his dog, Hank, was fulfilled, it was Eve's turn. She falsely claimed her ex-boyfriend Ricky had stolen her her grandmother's diamond ring, and wanted it back. After the Morlocks took out Ricky's guards, Eve confronted him alone, let out all of her rage at his cruelty, then powered up and stepped into his hot tub, blowing out all the lights in the building, frying Ricky and nearly killing herself as well. As Trader helped her out of the water, Eve told Trader that revenge wasn't hollow, he'd enjoy it as much as she did. Postman was furious at being made an accessory to murder, but there was no time to argue as several Sentinels arrived, blasting Shatter's arm off.

(Morlocks I#3) - The Morlocks fled back to their tunnels, where Postman proceeded to chastise Eve for her actions. Eve reminded him he'd given no "conditions" on their last request. Trader stood up for Eve, telling Postman he had a similar wish, to get the guy who outed him as a mutant. Just then the police arrived, and one cop fired his gun at Eve, Trader jumped between them, taking the fatal bullet for her. Enraged, Eve let loose with all she had, electrocuting several cops, and her rage only grew as they attacked Angel Dust and the wounded Shatter, causing her to kill those cops as well. After Postman, in a fit of rage, erased the remaining policemen's minds, Eve went over to Trader's body. Remorseful, she stated that they would do things Postman's way from now on. After accompanying the Morlocks on Postman's wish to see his comatose wife, Eve went with the others to fulfill Angel's last wish, to see her parents again. Angel was saddened by the fact they could only spend seven minutes above ground before the Sentinels sensed them, and Eve hugged her in an attempt to comfort her, stating she wished there was something she could do. Litterbug responded that there was; they could take out Sentinel Command. Eve commented that Litterbug seemed to know a lot about Sentinels, and he stated he'd helped build them.

(Morlocks I#4) - Eve and Angel attacked Litterbug, blaming him for all their misery, but a healed Shatter stopped them, saying they all needed to work together, like family. The plan was set into motion, and Eve captured a Sentinel by overriding it's system with her power, while the others snuck aboard and re-programmed it. They used the Sentinel as a "Trojan Horse" to get into the Sentinel base, then burst out. In the ensuing battle, Eve fried the main controls, and all the connected Sentinels with it. As Eve and the others fled, Cell stayed behind, sacrificing himself to make sure Dr. Metellus would never harm anyone again. Eve hot-wired a van to get the group out of Chicago, but Angel refused to go; like Cell, she was tired of running, and wanted to be with her family as long as she could. As the van left Chicago, Eve asked Postman if there were any other like them out there, Postman commented he hoped not.

(X-Men: Gold II#23 - BTS) - Electric Eve eventually ended up in New York's Robert Kelly Correctional Facility also known as "The Box" where she became part of a prison-crew alongside Animax, Bliss and their alpha superhumanly strong Crazy Maisie.

(X-Men: Gold II#23 - BTS) - Electric Eve's crew came to blows with fellow inmate Callisto, former leader of the Morlocks who tried establishing herself as the alpha of The Box. Crazy Maisie, however, severely injured the woman causing her to spend the following month in the infirmary.

(X-Men: Gold II#23) - Learning the X-Men had been imprisoned in the same prison for assaulting the NYPD (under the influence of Mesmero), Eve's crew was eager to attack them. While on the population exercise yard, Eve and her crew made their move intimidating Prestige, Shadowcat and Storm while Callisto looked on.

(X-Men: Gold II#24) - Crazy Maisie attacked Shadowcat while Bliss took on Storm, leaving Eve and Animax to take on Prestige. But just as quickly as the fight started it also ended as Prestige immediately defeated Eve and Animax, calling them unpowered d-listers. At the same time the other X-Men also bested Crazy Maisie and Bliss after which the prison guards arrived. Warden Cashman ordered all of them to be incarcerated in solitary for three days.

Comments: Created by Geoff Johns, Shawn Martinborough and Gregory Wright.

X-Men: Gold update by MarvellousLuke.

Profile by Darc_Light

Electric Eve has no known connections to


 A foul-mouthed, unscrupulous pimp and drug dealer. He got the young Eve hooked on heroin and claimed he loved her while selling her as a prostitute. She stepped into his hot tub fully charged and fried the turkey as he reached for a gun. He was apparently quite a successful criminal, with a high-rise apartment, hired thugs and numerous prostitutes.

--Morlocks I#2 (d)

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Morlocks I#1, p12, pan1 (main image)
Morlocks I#2, p5, pan1 (powers)
Morlocks I#2, p16, pan2 (Ricky)
X-Men: Gold II#24, p1, pan1 (in prison)

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