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Real Name: Eve (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human, citizen of Atlantis pre-Cataclysmic era (circa 50,000 BC; see comments)

Occupation: Princess of Atlantis

Group Membership: Royal Family of Atlantis

Affiliations: Tanir, Tuk

Enemies: Acidal, Soothsayer, Witches of Endor

Known Relatives: Acidal (uncle)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Atlantis of 50,000 BC

First Appearance: Captain America Comics#2/4 (April, 1941)

Powers/Abilities: Princess Eve didn't possess any known superhuman powers or any abilities significant above those of her era.

Height: 5'6" (by approximation)
Weight: 115 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown

(Captain America Comics#2/4 (fb) - BTS) - Princess Eve ruled over Atlantis until she was secretly driven out by her wicked uncle who usurped her throne. During her asylum, Eve wandered a seemingly abandoned valley when she was caught off guard by the mists of sleep and was captured by the Witches of Endor.

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(Captain America Comics#2/4) - After the Witches took her prisoner, they planned to scar her with an acid liquid to ensure Eve would stay with them, or even join them. Fearful of the fate that was about to befall her, she screamed out. The noise attracted other recent prisoners of the Witches: Tuk the cave boy and his companion Tanir the Cro-Magnon. They banded together to free Eve from her ordeal. After successfully dealing with the Witches of Endor, the group used the villains' vapor masks to leave their base and escape the valley without succumbing again to the mists of sleep. While en route, Eve explained how she was exiled from Atlantis, with Tuk and Tanir promising to restore her to her rightful place on the throne.

(Captain America Comics#3/4) - Donning a simple disguise, Eve went en route to Atlantis, escorted by Tuk and Tanir. The false King and his court magician, however, saw their approach through a crystal ball and closed the northern gate in the hopes of denying her access. After seeing the gate close, Eve chose to enter a secret tunnel system that would lead them to within the inner castle's walls. After doing so, she came face-to-face with her uncle, the false king, who pulled his dagger, ready to kill the princess as he feared the people of Atlantis would see that their rightful heir was still alive. He was defeated through the combined efforts of Tuk and Tanir. When the Princess revealed her true identity to the Atlantean guard, the false King was taken captive and locked up in the dungeon for his treachery. Princess Eve, newly restored to her throne, offered the wealth of Atlantis to Tuk and Tanir for their help. However, they declined as they were still searching for the alleged island of the Gods: Attilan.

Comments: Created by Al Gabriele and unknown (possibly Pierce Rice (pencils), Arthur Cazeneuve (inks); see comments)

    Although not that interesting to begin with, Princess Eve is one of the few characters worthy of more than one appearance during the comics of the 1940s. A true rarity.

    Before MARVEL UNIVERSE (short lived, seven issue marvel series from 1998) was canceled, I had plans to reintroduce Tuk the Caveboy. -- Roger Stern.

    Atlantis, even in the Marvel Universe, has an established history of 20,000 BC, and possibly even 30,000 BC in modern chronology. An Atlantis in 50,000 BC might either be an unrelated Atlantis or may indicate that Atlantis was a pre-existing nation/land tens of millennia before it came into prominence shortly before the Great Cataclysm. Personally, it makes perfect sense to me that the reason Atlantis was so advanced was that the people had access to the technology of one of the Elder Races; the problem with that would be that Atlantis was considered a land of barbarians as late as 18,500...but perhaps there had been a violent revolution that had caused the people to shun their technology for a period of years, decades, centuries, etc.; and then they reclaimed it again well before the Great Cataclysm.
    The same holds true for Attilan, as the Inhumans were specifically shown to have been created approximately 23,000 BC.
    Further, there's the Lost Lemuria associated with Thongor, stories of which allegedly took place in 500,000 BC! If there was an elder Lemuria, why not elder Atlantis and/or Attilan.

A few further comments courtesy of Wolfram Bane:

Here's how the Golden Age Captain America Omnibus HC credits the Tuk stories in Cap Comics #1-5 (information courtesy of Jeph York):

#1 - by Jack Kirby
#2 - art by Al Gabriele* & unknown
#3 - art by Mac Raboy*
#4 - art by unknown with Al Gabriele*
#5 - title page pencils by Jack Kirby, title page inks by Joe Simon, pencils by Al Avison*, inks by Al Gabriele* 

* It was not industry standard in the Golden Age of comics to provide detailed credits for each strip. The artists worked with an ever-changing studio of assistants and secondary artists, while writers often did not sign their name to their work. The stories in this volume were produced by the Simon & Kirby studio and may have included varying levels of work by the creators cited as well as others:

Al Avison, Fred Bell, Martin Burstein, Reed Crandall, Howard Ferguson, Harry Fisk, Al Gabriele, Fred Guardineer, Ernie Hart, Chu Hing, William Clayton King, Bernard Klein, Mort Meskin, George Roussos, Gustav Schrotter, Syd Shores & C.A. Winter

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Princess Eve has no known connections to:

    It is unrevealed whether Eve's Atlantis is the same city/land/nation associated with Kamuu, etc.


Inhabitants: Acidal, Atlantean guard, Eve, soothsayer

    The city of Atlantis was ruled by the beautiful Princess Eve until her uncle managed to secretly banish her and usurp the throne for himself. According to the Atlantean guard, the people of Atlantis suffered greatly following Eve's disappearance. Thanks to the help of Tuk the Caveboy and Tanir the Cro-Magnon, Eve was eventually restored to her rightful place on the throne.

Note: Whether this city of Atlantis has any connection to the current Atlantis in the Marvel Universe is unrevealed. But it is rather remarkable to see such a well developed city in 50,000 BC with buildings like skyscrapers and its people wearing distinctively modern clothing, armory and weaponry.

--Captain America Comics#2/4, Captain America Comics#3/4



Atlantean guard

    The Atlantean guard served whoever sat on the throne of Atlantis. As such they battled Tuk the Caveboy and Tanir the Cro-Magnon when they attacked the false King Acidal, uncle to the banished princess Eve. Only after Princess Eve revealed her true identity did the Guard recognize their true queen and take Acidal prisoner.


--Captain America Comics#3/4




    As the uncle of Atlantis' reigning ruler, Princess Eve, the nobleman Acidal devised an unspecified scheme that managed to banished Eve from Atlantis, allowing him to usurp the throne himself. Acidal, however, was well aware of the danger of being overthrown if the Atlantean people would see the Princess alive again. Ever so guarded, Acidal had a court magician supply him with daily updates on possible threats against him and Atlantis. When the court magician saw the banished Princess approach the city with two strangers, Acidal panicked. Ordering that the northern gate be closed, Acidal hoped to deny the Princess access to the city, but was unaware of a secret tunnel system beneath Atlantis. As such, Acidal was surprised to see Eve, with her entourage Tuk the Caveboy and Tanir, within the castle. Acidal tried to murder Eve with a dagger but was defeated by the combined efforts of Tuk and Tanir. When Eve revealed her true identity to the Atlantean guard, Acidal was taken captive and locked up in the dungeon for his treachery.

--Captain America Comics#2/4 BTS, Captain America Comics#3/4

Note: The Captain America Official Index of the Marvel Universe identifies him as "the Usurper," in quotes, indicating it is an unofficial term.
He was named Acidal in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Hardcover #14 (2010).


    The Soothsayer was the court's magician. Using a crystal ball, he could see all that was happening outside of Atlantis' borders. He was tasked with giving Acidal (princess Eve's uncle, the false/usurper king) daily updates about what he could see in the crystal. As such, he saw the banished Eve approach Atlantis with two strangers (Tuk & Tanir). Following the Sayer's advice, Acidal blocked the Northern entrance. However, the Soothsayer still saw the Princess enter a hidden cave but couldn't determine where it would lead.


--Captain America Comics#3/4



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Captain America Comics#3, p53, pan2 (main image)
Captain America Comics#3, p52, pan2 (closeup)
Captain America Comics#2, p52, pan6 (captured by the witches)
Captain America Comics#2, p53, pan1 (Atlantis)
Captain America Comics#3, p53, pan1 (atlantean guard)
Captain America Comics#3, p50, pan3 (false king)
Captain America Comics#3, p49, pan1 (soothsayer)

Captain America Comics#2/4 (April, 1941) - Al Gabriele and unknown (possibly Pierce Rice (pencils), Arthur Cazeneuve (inks); see comments)
Captain America Comics#3/4 (May, 1941) - Possibly Jack Kirby & Joe Simon (co-writers), Mac Raboy (art)

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