Skyshark orders to Meranno to examinate the Thing's artificial skinSKYSHARK

Real Name: Elias Schleigal

Identity/Class: Human, unconventional weapons user; German citizen (World War II era)

Occupation: Nazi airplane Pilot, Captain in Luftwaffe

Group Membership: Battle-Axis (Aarkus, Doctor Death, Human Meteor, Spider Queen, Strongman/Percy Van Norton, Volton, Golem/Jacob Goldstein), the Luftwaffe, the Nazi party, an unnamed Axis Team (Brain Drain, Master Man, U-Man)

Affiliations: Slicer

Enemies: Dr. Johann Goldstein, Invaders (Blazing Skull, Captain America, Human Torch, Miss America, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Silver Scorpion, Whizzer), the Liberty Legion (Blue Diamond, Jack Frost, Miss America, Patriot, Red Raven, Thin Man, Whizzer), the Thing (Ben Grimm)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Himmel Hai

Base of Operations: Germany, Holland, Poland, USA, possibly other places

First Appearance: Marvel Two-In-One Annual#1 (1976)
{Edizione Italiana: Fantastici Quattro#200 Editoriale Corno (4 dicembre 1978)}

Powers/Abilities: Skyshark was a skilled air pilot. He was a very cruel man who found pleasure in killing others. He used a modified Stuka, a bombardier, with extra features, knew how to pilot a dirigible, and also used a gun.

Skyshark is surprised from the Liberty LegionHistory:
(Marvel Two-In-One Annual#1 (fb)) - Before 1939, the man who would become Skyshark was a skilled pilot and killer. He joined his two talents when he became Captain and piloted a stuka in the Luftwaffe (the World War II German Air Force). He was cruel, as he shot to every civilian he saw from his airplane. This attracted' the Fuhrer's attention on him, so the Fuhrer named him Himmel Hai (Skyshark) and ordered him to create a squadron to attack the USA country.

(Marvel Two-In-One#20 (fb) - BTS) - Hitler gave a half Vibranium cylinder to Skyshark, with the order to take care of it (and possibly to employ it in any research or weapon created by Brain Drain). Skyshark joined with Brain Drain, Master Man and Meranno the U-Man.

(Marvel Two-In-One Annual#1) - Skyshark set his first air squadron up, and in 1942 attacked New York. Six of the seven planes of the squadron were defeated by the Liberty Legion, and only the plane with Skyshark and Slicer managed to flee. Skyshark revealed to his passenger, Slicer, that the airplane squadron had merely been intended to unnerve the Americans by demonstrating Germany's ability to strike at their country.
   They faked a flight towards the inner land but they actually turned in the direction of the sea and reached a wide fog cloud hiding a floating platform of an aircraft carrier where they landed.

(Marvel Two-In-One Annual#1 - BTS) - Inside the platform Skyshark showed Slicer the giant flying swastika-craft designed by Brain Drain and assembled from stolen American war materials. Later, Skyshark and Slicer left for a mission. They had to capture an American genius and steal his plans for a gyroscope. When they arrived on the place Skyshark saw the Thin Man's plane and, understanding he could not capture the scientist, reverted to the secondary plan and shot the scientist with the plane's guns. He was sorry that he had no time to fly over the farm a second time and kill the scientist's daughter, too. However, when Skyshark tried to battle against Thin Man's plan, he soon understood that the other airplane was faster than his stuka, and so he fled, producing a smoke cloud. He was unaware that the scientist was only wounded.

A not-wanted passenger (Marvel Two-In-One#20) - Skyshark, Master Man, and U-Man were in the floating platform. Brain Drain was forced by the Thing to turn back from a mission on the flying giant Swastika and the two landed on the aircraft carrier. The Axis agents then attacked the Thing. Skyshark didn't enter very much in the fight, because he had to defend the half Vibranium cylinder, but he was hit by the Thing and lost the half cylinder. He then helped his allies shooting at the Thing, with little success. The axis agents had almost beaten the Thing when they were attacked by the Liberty Legion and then defeated by the heroes. Skyshark abandoned his comrades to make good his escape, and Slicer slipped aboard Skyshark's plane. They were pursued by Thin Man on his plane and when Skyshark found that Slicer was aboard, he told him that the extra weight would slow the plane, and jettisoned Slicer from the plane. Then the Nazi used his smoke cloud again and avoided Thin Man's pursuit.

(Invaders II#2) - The night of June 22nd, 1942, Skyshark piloted a dirigible on Los Angeles. The dirigible was hidden by a huge cloud of fog that covered the Hollywood hill. On the Hollywood Hill, he let Doctor Death, Strongman, Jacob Goldstein, and the Spider Queen get off to accomplish to the first parts of the Mojave Project; his orders was to wait for three hours.

(Invaders II#2 - BTS) - Skyshark transported his allies and the hostages to their secret base under the Desert of Mojave.

(Invaders II#4) - Skyshark attended the Doctor Death's explanation of the Mojave Project: it's purpose was to create an earthquake and free a toxic gas to create chaos and destruction on the American territory. When the captive Invaders tried to free themselves from the tubes where they were contained, Skyshark intervened, but Doctor Death's sedative gas easily resolved the problem.

    Later Captain America freed the Invaders, and Skyshark tried to help the Battle-Axis to stop them. He saw Dr. Johann Goldstein who was trying to stop Doctor Death from activating the Oscillotron, so he shot at Goldstein, wounding him to the left arm. Eventually, the Invaders destroyed the Oscillotron, and the Battle-Axis surrendered.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema and Grainger/Tartag/Roussos.

If you think that the Thing's presence in 1942 was not part of Earth-616 Timeline read the comments under the Slicer profile.

Skyshark's first name was revealed in Liberty Legion's entry in OHOTMU A-Z HC#6.

Profile by Spidermay


Skyshark has no known connections to

Skyshark's airplaneSkyshark's Stuka

    The Skyshark's airplane was a Stuka, a bombardier, similar to the other airplanes of his squadron, but his airplane showed a couple of unconventional features more than the normal Stukas.

    All the Stukas of the squadron had a shark face painted on the plane's muzzle. Skyshark's Stuka didn't have any bomb under it and had the usual pair of shotguns on the wings. It also had a smoke-device, capable of producing a dense artificial smoke cloud in order to help the escape. The plane also had an ejecting device for the navigator's seat (and probably for the pilot, too).

    Skyshark probably used the same artificial fog in the dirigible he used at Los Angeles when he was the pilot for the Battle-Axis.

--Marvel Two-In-One Annual#1 (Marvel Two-In-One#20


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